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Found 2 results

  1. OMW - Mar 20, 2010 - Manifesting Essence Troy Tolley, Channel (aka CocteauBoy) Notes from Geraldine (who originally posted this session): Normally, extraneous comments are removed from a transcript; however, since they were an integral part of this workshop, they were left in. This transcript is considered "unfinished" as it clearly shows at the end of each participant's personalized assessment that more would come with the finished transcript. [CocteauBoy] So I'm just going to turn this over to Michael then... I would have loved to do this live through the video chat, but I orally channel with my eyes closed and wouldn't know what the hell would be going on in the chat [CocteauBoy] Take a few deep breaths, relax, assume a sense of resonance among all of us and with Michael and I'll bring in Michael now! [CocteauBoy] Once they start the chat, they will be setting up the subject with an introduction about the whole idea of manifesting essence, so during that time, make note of your questions, but hold them until they ask for them. [CocteauBoy] Then there will be a round of Q&A on the subject in general before going into the details for each of you. [CocteauBoy] ****************WORKSHOP BEGINS HERE******************* [CocteauBoy] Have a great session, everyone! [Michael Entity]: Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin our discussion with you on the subject of interest: Manifesting Essence We will, first, define what we mean by "manifesting essence." Manifesting Essence is active awareness and expression of the Personality to a degree that includes and implements the animating force that is the soul (or Essence). There are two ways that this can happen: consciously and unconsciously. The unconscious way may seem in conflict with "active awareness," but it is not. For many who unconsciously manifest essence, there is still an active awareness of themselves as being "more than" the current moment, current personality, current situation, etc. This awareness, in itself, allows many to manifest Essence to some degree. This does not mean that this same person acknowledged the soul/Essence, or understands that force to any degree that is useful. This allows for Essence to participate in the life, even if one chooses a path of Atheist or Existentialist, Satanist, or any superstitious, mythological, religious worship. Essence participates in the life ONLY as a flowing resource until the Personality begins to consider its existence beyond itself and the moment. When a Personality does not reach that point, then the lifetime is left entirely up to the Personality for creation, navigation, and processing, until after the death of that Personality, at which point Essence can then access all of the material gathered by the Personality. Infant, Baby, Mature and Old Souls have an easier time at this manifesting of essence than Young, which is the Soul Age that emphasizes rejection of existence beyond the self and the moment. This does not mean that a Young Soul cannot, or does not, manifest essence, but that it is part of the point of that soul age to explore that emphasis, which is inherently exclusive of Essence. Regardless of that emphasis, there will be AT LEAST ONE lifetime within EACH Soul Age that manifests Essence 100% before moving into the next Soul Age. This is most often experienced in the 7th Levels of the Soul Ages, and if it happens previous to that, then all subsequent Personalities on any Level within that Soul Age will have a greater ease in Manifesting Essence. As the soul grows in soul age, of course, the manifestations become "easier and easier." This is because the Role learns from each Personality what did and did not work in terms of allowing access and expression within the lifetime. The Essence Role then takes more elaborate care in designing Personalities, and setting up Agreements, Karma, life circumstances, imprinting, etc., in a way that is most successful for keeping the Personality aware of itself beyond itself and the moment. Manifesting Essence IS NOT a sustained state. At least not in the sense that most would think it to be. To the degree that a Personality "manifests essence" is the degree to which that Personality has embraced access to its wholeness beyond the self and moment. In the same way that a fragment might be 5th Level Old, but "manifesting mature," so can the Personality have reached a degree of Essence Manifestation, but fluctuate in those degrees. Therefore, each Personality will have its degree to which it HAS Manifested Essence, a degree to which it manages to reach on average, and a degree to which it IS manifesting. We have outlined the 7 Spheres of Awareness in previous chats with our students, and it would be helpful to review that material as it is parallel to what we are sharing today, but our emphasis today is on the degree of MANIFESTATION of ESSENCE, which is a different part of the picture. The Sphere to which one has gained Awareness contributes to the capacity for the Personality to Manifest Essence. You will be directed to that material after this workshop for elaboration. There are many ways we can delineate the degrees to which one can manifest Essence, but the shortcut to understanding the degree to which you are manifesting essence is to evaluate the degree to which you LIKE YOURSELF. This may seem highly simplistic, but the truth is rarely complicated. The degree to which you like yourself is proportional to how much you live as your soul. Your soul likes you. We use the word "like" because it is that personal. It is that intimate. We could say that your Soul loves you, and it would be true, but that is much more likely to be rejected, dismissed, or experienced as out of reach than the more intimate and personal world of "like." Therefore, it goes naturally as an equation that the degree to which your Essence is present, the degree of self-like is present. We point out here that we are not speaking of prideful, defensive, or reactionary forms of LIKE. We are not speaking of those moments that the Personality is trying to establish itself as likable by pointing out to itself a weak means of proving how much it is liked. We are speaking of those moments, periods of time, and states that you simply do not mind who you are, where you are, and there is a peace, kindness, and enthusiasm about it. We say "do not mind" because LIKING yourself does not exclude your potential, your ideals, your intentions for improvement and evolution, etc. As we work with you today, rather than describing your Manifesting Essence in terms of degrees, we will describe them in terms of percentages. This is to help support the awareness of the self as WHOLE. The percentage to which one likes oneself, manifests Essence, is the percentage of Wholeness that is experienced. For simplistic purposes, we will say that Wholeness is experienced as confidence, trust, and kindness. Those three terms are relative to the Intellectual, Moving, and Emotional states the Personality. And those are relative to your states of sense of self-esteem, sense of control, and sense of meaning or value. To clarify: Wholeness = confidence/emotional/self-esteem; trust/moving/control; kindness/intellectual/value Not only does each Role have different ways of Manifesting within a lifetime, but the Personality/Overleaves can make an impact on how that manifestation is experienced and expressed. What we will do in a moment then is walk through with each of you to discuss with you our interpretation of what we see for you in terms of your manifesting your Essence within this lifetime through the current Personality. Before we do that, we will now open for questions about what we have shared so far. QUESTIONS? [NicSweeney] nope [Martha] not me [Geraldine] No -- you've made sense so far -- I liked the use of "like" versus love [NicSweeney] this is very helpful! [Diane_H] no questions [Mari] ditto for me as well [Geraldine] I was able to apply it backwards through memory lane -- it makes sense [Karine] no question [NicSweeney] so much sense...and great validation that I am growing! [Geraldine] How much you like yourself is also the criteria for finishing 4th IM in positive [NicSweeney] I'm on my way! [Michael Entity]: As this is intended to be a "workshop," we will now pose to you a question for you. Take a moment to ponder it, knowing that your answer may change upon further reflection outside of this class. WORKSHOP QUESTION [do not answer yet]: Without being distracted by your worst days, or your best days, and keeping your evaluation limited to the most meaningful time frame from your current moment (adulthood, for example), ON AVERAGE, what percentage would you describe yourself as manifesting Essence? Your percentage would be your sense of Wholeness as it is experienced as a combination of Trust, Confidence, and Kindness. Trust is your capacity to extrapolate from your past successful experiences the strength for your next steps. Confidence is your capacity to inspire yourself with accurate observations, internally and externally. Kindness is your capacity to evaluate, express, and accurately comprehend the meaning and value of any moment, event, person, relationship, etc. [annh] I have my moments [annh] 40% [Geraldine] I would give myself much higher numbers after listening to the opening statements than I would have before. [annh] but even 20% would be ok [Martha] I'd say mine is a lot higher in the past year or two [Martha] than earlier [annh] me, too, Martha [Michael Entity]: It is not necessary for you to share your percentages, yet. We wish to give you all of the factors to consider before you evaluate. [Geraldine] I just would never have defined intellectual through kindness and emotional through "accurate observations" [Michael Entity]: We would describe the percentage range as: (this percentage range may be described differently for different soul ages) From 0% that looks like self-loathing, to 20% that looks like self-criticism, to 40% that looks like self-interest, to 60% that looks like self-expression, to 80% that looks like self-healing, to %100 that looks like selflessness. We will clarify "Self-interest" as that state in which one "knows better" and seeks to correct, transform, or accept the choices made in life. "Self-expression" is that state in which one is comfortable in one's own skin and does not feel shame in his or her presence to any meaningful degree. "Self-healing" is that state in which mistakes, failures, disappointments, anger, frustrations, are experienced as PART of life, and one is not consumed by any one of these things, therefore living in a state of self-protection is unnecessary, and every act, choice, experience is a healing. "Selflessness" is that state in which one loses all sense of self-defense and unnecessary fear, which frees all awareness to be inclusive of all bodies, rather than protective of one or more (such as the physical, emotional, or intellectual bodies). Using this spectrum, you may have a better sense of your average. Any questions? [NicSweeney] nope [Geraldine] nope -- still makin' sense [Mari] still ditto [Diane_H] Earlier you said Young souls are more likely to reject essence, but even then not all of them are in total self-loathing. [Martha] I'm good [Michael Entity]: When we speak of the lack of defense and self-protection, by the way, we do not mean those instances when it is necessary. Life will always include the scathing factors that may require your protection. [Karine] can the percentages vary depending on the situation one find themselve in? [Michael Entity]: Correct, Diane, and we would describe the percentage range differently for that Soul Age for that reason. [Diane_H] Oh, I see. [Karine] or is a person always manifesting the same percentage in any given moment? [Michael Entity]: Karine, percentages will fluctuate as often as your moods. [Karine] alright, makes sense [Michael Entity]: They will also find that they escalate or drop in various contexts, as well. One may drop to 0% when confronted with intimacy, but escalate to 100% when in the presence of children, for instance. [Geraldine] I'm definitely doing a whole lot better than I was a few years ago [Karine] me too! I think I went from 0% to about 40% on average [Karine] in the course of about 6 years... [Geraldine] you must have transitioned solidly out of your 3rd IM!! [Michael Entity]: Understanding where and how and why you fluctuate gives you keen awareness of those areas that you have agreed are most useful to you and your soul, and those that areas you still seek to make useful for both you and your soul. [Karine] well, I'm not sure I did, but I'm working on it... [Michael Entity]: The areas in which you are the lowest percentage of manifestation are those areas you still have not figured out how to Trust, be Confident, and be Kind. [Karine] in other words, the better you get at something, the more you manifest Essence while doing it? [Michael Entity]: Not necessarily. One might be terrible at managing children, for instance, but being around children brings out the full presence of Essence for the experience because the Personality chooses to Trust, feels Confident, and is Kind. One might be utterly uninformed and incapable of playing in an orchestra, but the process of learning from the very beginning has Essence manifested fully. [Karine] so it depends on how you see things [Mari] can you have say, a higher percentage of one or both and lag on the third, or do all 3 have to be about equal? [Michael Entity]: Karine, perception is a vital component to the manifestation of Essence. Mari, in terms of Trust, Confidence, and kindness, the variations among them are rarely far apart in terms of contributing to manifestation of Essence. It could be said that there are degrees of trust, confidence, and kindness, but in the context of Manifesting Essence, even 1 degree is enough to contribute to that manifestation. In most cases, one either trusts, or does not; one is either confident, or not; one is kind, or not. And if one is Kind, then one is Confident, is Trusting. It is a network of energies/states that tend to amplify and strengthen with any emphasis on any part. It is much the same with your own Overleaves: the movement of one Overleaf into the Positive Pole tends to draw others into that state. [annh] I am going to have to ask, then, what is kindness, in these terms? [annh] What is a definition or definition of kindness in this context? [Michael Entity]: As stated before: Kindness is your capacity to evaluate, express, and accurately comprehend the meaning and value of any moment, event, person, relationship, etc. [annh] How do we, personality discern accurateness? [Michael Entity]: A real-world example might be when one has lost the necessity for comparisons of the current body to one that may be desired, or to standards set by a society. It is that capacity to know that there is a difference, but that those differences do not devalue one or the other. [annh] This means then, the most loving and compassionate interpretation of another's expression. [Michael Entity]: If we were to put this in the most simplistic of terms, we would say that it is the degree to which one can truly appreciate differences without hierarchy of value. Ann, yes, it would apply in those instances, as well. This does not mean that one has to completely translate someone else's expression as "loving" when it was not loving, but that the expression has no bearing on your sense of value and meaning. [Geraldine] acceptance of others [Michael Entity]: Kindness INCLUDES the capacity for you to allow room for YOUR interpretation and experience of something AND your Essence's, which means that you do not force a loving stance upon yourself before you are capable of loving and accepting. [annh] As a small child I recall telling my mother that Al Capone, the mobster, didn't think he was a bad person. She was shocked. But I knew what I meant [Michael Entity]: Ann, your example would be accurate, and it would also showcase how one does not have to choose between one value and another, but can recognize both and make choices from there. Kindness is not the same thing as approval. Kindness does not think in such terms. We realize that time is limited for our next round of discussion, so we will be providing more details to you individually outside of the chat included with the transcript, depending on how much we can get through within 30 minutes. As this time is running beyond what was expected, if any of you must depart, we will include everything we would have said to you here, in the final transcript, as well. Otherwise, we will begin our interpretation of each of you in terms of Manifesting your Essence. [annh] I'm here [Martha] got all day:) [Michael Entity]: We will work through each of you as you are listed in this chat room list. [Mari] I can stay too [Michael Entity]: We will begin with Ann: [annh] yessir! [annh] or sirs and mesdames [Michael Entity]: We would say that your average is at 30%, with your highest point within this lifetime being at 85%, and your most accommodating context being when you share moments of laughter. The context that your "favorite" for your Personality are those moments of shared INSIGHT. In all instances of Manifestation, the higher percentages have all been in moments that would be described as SHARED. Your Personality is designed to want and need others, and this has caused its own challenges and rewards across various contexts of your life, but it is fair to say that the more you enjoy the company of others, the more your Essence is present. [annh] jeez, an extrovert [Michael Entity]: The greatest complication or obstacle that contributes to your not manifesting Essence is the confusion that being alone generates for such a Personality that is designed to crave others. It has been interpreted that "being alone" means "something is wrong," and therefore contributes to your lack of trust, confidence, and kindness states. [annh] Yes. That makes sense [Michael Entity]: Your greatest key to bringing a sense of wholeness across the board would be in your continued embrace of your aloneness as being more than a sanctuary or escape, and that your disappointment in others is far less than a defining factor for your value in life. We know that these are factors you already know and explore. [annh] you mean that I have "decided" that others are "boring?" [Michael Entity]: Of course you have. [Geraldine] lol [Diane_H] [Martha] hee hee [Michael Entity]: We have more to say that will be included in the transcript, but will move on to Diane. [annh] I know there's more. It just kicked me in the gut. [annh] lol [Michael Entity]: We see your average as being at 25% until recently, which has spiked you to your highest point so far at 68%. Your most accommodating context appears to be when "people watching," which tends to generate a compassion and empathy for even the most unlikely of people. The context that is your "favorite" for your Personality are those moments in which you are able to guide another. In all instances of Manifestation it appears that the theme has been in those moments when you felt you "made a difference," either energetically or obviously. [Diane_H] When did I start averaging higher? Last year? [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed so that it strips all elements of superficiality from an exchange and this has left you dealing with a particularly sensitive and vulnerable Personality, causing you to sometimes ignore false representations as as way to feel safe within your own self-images. [Diane_H] You mean my own false representations or others'? [Michael Entity]: Therefore, your greatest complication or obstacle that contributes to your not manifesting Essence is how you deal with dishonesty and doubt. Your greatest key to bringing a sense of wholeness across the board would be in your "speaking up," or communication, in general. This would help move you into more consistent average percentages relative to Self-expression. [Diane_H] That's also where I feel the greatest fear. [Michael Entity]: In response to your question: both. We would include as your "false representations" the lack of communication or speaking up when you had wished you would have, or differently, at least. We have more to say, and will include that in the transcript. We will now speak to Geraldine. We see your average as being at 19% for most of this life, with a recent sustained spike to an average between 60 and 89%. In that time, you have peaked at 100% on random occasions. We will contain our assessment to the more recent averages then. Your most accommodating context for your manifestation of Essence is in writing. This is because one of the greatest obstacles that contributed to your maintaining a lower percentage of manifestation in the past was your quick mind that could not back track. Writing moves you into the 60% range and this slowing down of the mind, and the capacity to correct directions of such a quick mind, has allowed for Essence to be more present than ever, rather than being crowded out by constant value judgments. [Geraldine] -- you've got me pegged [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed for quick assessment, snap judgments, and keen awareness. This allowed for the Personality to quickly learn that it was "right" most of the time. Upon discovering that you could be "wrong," however, the Personality plowed forward with its momentum, which was not altered until the past 5 years or so. [Geraldine] LOL [Michael Entity]: This "plowing forward" could only be maintained by constant consumption of information that must be processed, assessed, evaluated, organized, judged, etc. Because "that is what you do." One of your Personality's favorite means of manifesting Essence is when it can "correct" someone. The capacity to do so has continued to be refined, and this has allowed for greater percentages of Essence to manifest. [Geraldine] oh kerist, what a pain in the patooty [Michael Entity]: Your greatest obstacle then has been in the investment of "being right." Freeing yourself from this has opened you to new worlds on a multitude of levels. The greatest key to your bringing Essence in across the board would be in your capacity for allowing paradox and contradiction. [Geraldine nods] --- this has been growing by leaps and bounds [Michael Entity]: We have more to say and will include that in the transcript. We will speak to Karine now. We see you, Karine, as having an average of 44% so far, with your highest peak being at the 60% area. [Karine] cool, I've put a lot of work into this! [Michael Entity]: Keep in mind that averages can drop tremendously when the 4th Internal Monad is undertaken. We say this because numbers post-4th Internal Monad are lower often because of that. Your most accommodating context for manifesting Essence so far has been in those moments when you ACCEPT. There are experiences and events and people that you appear to have had to "let go," and simply allow them to be what they are, and this is where Essence has been most present. [Karine] sounds similar to my Life Task [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed in this lifetime for Affection, so there will always be a search for what resonates between yourself and another, or between you and your experiences. Affection is that which helps nurture a common ground. This also contributed to your confusion about "who you are." This sense of not knowing who you are because of your establishing common ground between yourself and others then would be one of your greatest obstacles to manifesting Essence. Eventually it was understood that your capacity for finding, creating, nurturing common ground does not mean you are betraying yourself, but that it is simply a strength. Therefore, one of your keys to helping include Essence in more of your Personality is in your capacity to feel comfortable saying NO. This awareness might serve you greatly over your 4th Internal Monad as it begins in a couple of years. [Karine] this is so true, but so difficult... I'm such a people pleaser [Michael Entity]: We have more to say and will include this in the transcript. [Karine] thanks for the insight [Michael Entity]: Next we will speak to Mari. We see your average as being at 45%, with your highest peak being around 80%. Your most accommodating context for manifesting your Essence is in LEARNING. If you feel that you are learning, you feel alive. [Mari] true [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed for absorbing knowledge and experiences in this lifetime, and so it was that you launched yourself into many directions and into many situations that left you wounded and confused. The fact that your Personality "can handle" all of this allowed you to push yourself too far in many instances, and this closed down a lot of your capacity for understanding. However, you continue to pursue experiences and knowledge, but no room was left for comprehension, and your consumption of experience and knowledge was left as superficial and constantly slipping off of the top, so to speak, of your coffers. Therefore, your greatest obstacle to manifesting Essence is in your not resting. This has moved your life into circumstances that forced "rest" to the extent that it could, and even this has been resisted. [Mari] omg yes... [Michael Entity]: The key to your manifesting Essence across the board, and allowing for your digestion of the past and for integration of your rest, is to LISTEN. You simply do not listen. You "hear," but you do not comprehend what is being heard, and that is the difference. When we say that you would want to Listen, we mean that you often drown yourself out by what you want, what you do not have, what you want to say, what you did not say, what you could be doing, what you could have been doing, what you should be doing, etc. and you do not stop to simply listen to where you are, who is with you, and what life has to say. You have the capacity to listen perfectly well, but have learned to "tune out life" as it just started to hurt too much. Remembering and embracing this life can be done through your strength of learning and listening again. We have more to say, and will include this in the transcript. We will speak to Martha now. We see you, Martha, as manifesting in a way that we would have to say is more accurate to describe as split emphases. An average that sustains in the 20% range and an average that sustains in the 60% range. [Martha] that does not surprise me [Michael Entity]: This is because you live two separate lives in many ways. Your private life sustains the higher percentage, but your public life drops drastically. You have manifested at 100% in rare occassions. Your most accommodating context for manifesting Essence is CREATIVITY. Your Personality is designed to create. When you feel something utterly original has been created, or is in the process of being created, your Essence is manifesting to a great degree. This, however, has led you into tangents of reality that are created entirely "in your head" and this has become your reality in many ways over the years to the point that it has become one of your greatest obstacles to manifesting Essence. The key for your manifesting Essence across the board is through DISCIPLINE, or Structure. We mean this in terms of self-discipline, and self-structure. [Martha] yes I know [Michael Entity]: If this structure and discipline is generated externally, it serves only to contribute to your generating more internal worlds for escape. [Martha] oh, that is VERY true [Martha] lol [Michael Entity]: And this is why you resist that self-discipline and self-structuring. You have equated it with pain and loss of self, loss of identity, restriction of creativity. However, as we have said before to our students, True Freedom can only be experienced within structure. The same could be said of True Creativity. Creation requires Form. When it is left without form, it becomes consuming. Destructive. Efforts to embrace structure, order, and some discipline in regard to your creativity would impact you across all of your contexts for manifesting Essence. We will close with our speaking to Nicholas. [Geraldine] Would you also add to the transcript portion anything that Troy might learn from this Workshop as it applies to himself? [Michael Entity]: We will share this with him, and he can share that with you. We see you, Nicholas, as manifesting Essence at an average of 50%, but that average has raised from an average of 20% if we had been asked 5 years ago, or so. You have peaked in manifestation at around 80% on several occasions. Your most accommodating context for manifesting essence has been in RELATIONSHIPS. [NicSweeney] LOL! [NicSweeney] tis true:-) [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed for relationships, intimacy, and physical presence, and this launched you into a world of naivety that left you disoriented and hurt as the years passed exploring what you are so capable of exploring. What started out as innocence moved into naivety and then into jadedness. This is simply because it was presumed that others would naturally understand you, embrace you, feel intimacy and presence to the capacity that you were naturally capable. [NicSweeney] this brings tears... [Michael Entity]: Therefore your greatest obstacle to manifesting Essence has been in your defense and protection of your innocence as righteousness and false confidence. [NicSweeney] would you define innocence? [Michael Entity]: The key to your manifesting Essence across the board is in your asking for help, asking for understanding, asking for comfort, etc. In short, ASKING. It has always been presumed that those qualities in life should already be present and in abundance, and it has been a painful process to realize that they are not always offered so freely. However, that does not mean they are not there. We define innocence here as child-like awe. Your return to innocence, which has begun, finds you experiencing things as "new again." [NicSweeney] yes [Michael Entity]: Innocence always experiences everything as new, no matter how many times it is experienced. There is an awe, an appreciation, a playful sense of reflection in everything. And the world is experienced as inherently harmless. We think that we have shared enough with each of you today to help in your understanding how, where, why, and what manifesting Essence means for you. We will conclude here. Goodbye.
  2. So I have a rather complicated economic situation. I have a crazy big debt that I can’t see be paid off any time soon, if ever, and although I have a good job with a good salary – my budget for spending is insanely limited. It is what it is. My life is organised according to that, but yes – there’s just so much I can do for pleasure or fun, and every purchase/expense is on a strict as-needed basis. My flatmate’s situation is just the opposite. Of course, we just share a flat and not a life, but sometimes it would be fun to do more things together, like travel for example, or go and have a bite somewhere, or go to a gig or the theatre. But more often than not – I simply can’t afford to. Earlier this year I inherited my flatmate’s old bike because she had two. (You know, in Scandinavia you bike. Sweden is no exception.) I have never been a biking aficionado, but I must say it has changed over the months. The network of our bike routs is like a network of small highways. In a city of this size, it really is the best means of transportation. And it’s healthy, eco-friendly and simply nice ? ? So for soon a year I’ve been biking, but this bike’s days are counted. Like beyond-repair-counted… Since I am not dependent upon the bike, I decided that this is not an expense that will be my priority. It makes life easier and I will miss it greatly – but I’ll need to manage without it. I haven’t mentioned it at all. But we were to an exhibition last Saturday and we were biking together, so she saw the state of it I guess. Yesterday, my dear flatmate and Entity Mate announced that she has a gift for the both of us. Not a Christmas gift, or any special-occasion gift. Simply a gift because she found a great deal, and as she said “because she appreciates me so much” – she has bought us both NEW BIKES!!! I’m not even going into how touched and touched and touched I am by her generosity and kindness (but that’s how she is, how we both are trying to be to each other). But you know – I am just so TOUCHED!!! ? ? ? It also takes a human to make such gesture without being condescending or patronising. Simply because you wish to make the other person happy, and you can - so you do it! I am amazed and so grateful and (did I mention?) so touched! So below – a pic of our new bikies! Mine is the cream coloured. They haven’t arrived yet. Will be here next week! I decided to provide fancy-schmancy helmets for us! That will be my surprise gift for the both of us! I’m going for the Argyle one, and the Día de Muertos patterned will go with her black bike (and image ? ).
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