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Found 10 results

  1. [Excerpt from MMW: The Health of Your Moving Center] [MEntity] If you think of the Polarities of the Center as the "skin" of the Center where one Pole or the other comes to the surface, and your state of relationship to the Body and your levels of Self-confidence as the blood, then the very deepest core of your Moving Center issues would be your PRIMARY SHAME. The bones. Where you are in your dance with Shame affect everything "above" that. Everyone has access to each Primary Shame, but the Primary Body Type tends to be the key to one's Primary Shame. LUNAR - Intelligence - the shame of not being smart enough JOVIAL - Indulgences - the shame of giving in to the pleasures of life and the body MARTIAL - Demand - the shame of requiring more than what is obvious or offered SOLAR - Needs - the shame of needing more than one will admit or ask for MERCURIAL - Desperations - the shame of expressing what is important for your healing SATURNIAN - Talents - the shame of not being important or unique enough VENUSIAN - Appearances - the shame of not looking or being as you are expected, or expect, to look Matching your Primary Body Type to your Primary Shame can shed light on some of the deepest wounding that you may carry that alters the quality of function for the Moving Center. If you do not find this at the deepest core of you, it means you have worked hard on this and have transformed it, or you are not looking deeply enough. If you have worked hard on this, you probably recognize it. These are universal obstacles built into the Body Types. They are what might best be understood as unique "pockets" in the Body Type that collect experiences quite specific to that Body Type and there comes a point in the life where that pocket gets heavy, and/or must be sorted through and emptied. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Advanced Body Types] [MEntity] In addition to a Primary Shame, each Body Type has a Primary Joy or Primary Delight. This Primary Joy tends to be dynamically tied to the Shame so that if the Joy is blocked or not pursued, the Shame takes over and eventually eclipses all efforts toward Primary Joy. The Body will tend to lock into the Shame as a way to earn or seek Joy, but Shame will always mute Joy. PRIMARY JOY OF BODY TYPES: LUNAR - USEFULNESS JOVIAL - SPECIALIZATION MARTIAL - SEX SOLAR - WANDERLUST MERCURIAL - DEBATE SATURN - IMPLEMENTATION VENUS - AFFECTION
  2. KurtisM

    Body Type Polarities

    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Advanced Body Types] [MEntity] We understand the topic to be a focus on further exploration of Body Types. We will respond to the request for details of the Polarities for each element or facet of a Body Type as it manifests in Appearance, Nature, and Health. LUNAR APPEARANCE: -Pallid +Luminous NATURE: -Childish +Unattached HEALTH: -Resignation +Sensitivity SATURNIAN APPEARANCE: -Gaunt +Rugged NATURE: -Perfectionist +Just HEALTH: -Extremism +Durability MERCURIAL APPEARANCE: -Nervous +Agile NATURE: -Slippery +Witty HEALTH: -Short-Circuiting +Grounded JOVIAL APPEARANCE: -Overwhelming +Grandeur NATURE: -Indulgent +Joyful HEALTH: -Asphyxiation +Vitality MARTIAL APPEARANCE: -Compulsive +Alive NATURE: -Irrational +Dedicated HEALTH: -Burning +Perpetual VENUSIAN APPEARANCE: -Sloppy +Voluptuous NATURE: -Evasive +Sensual HEALTH: -Weak +Elegant SOLAR APPEARANCE: -Ethereal +Radiant NATURE: -Clueless +Innocent HEALTH: -Disintegration +Spirited Some of these terms may seem out of context when describing the Polarity of an element, but we must choose terms that are broader and more symbolic than anything detailed or specific. This is because each element is not merely polarized, but molecularly polarized. In other words, each pole has its polarities, as well. For example, we chose Extremism as the Negative Pole of Health for Saturn because this captures the effects of over- or under-stimulation of the anterior pituitary. In other cases our terms are symbolic in ways that represent how a Body Type LOOKS, not only in literal appearance, but in experiential engagement. For example, the Appearance of Mercury as -Nervous or +Agile captures the range of experiential engagement in and with that Body Type. How a Body Type LOOKS is often how it is remembered.
  3. KurtisM

    Lunar Nature: Cultivate Awe

    [Excerpt from private session posted as Body type information and influence of tertiary CF] <ViP1> Please give me my mix of body types with percentages, together which of them correspond to Appearance, Nature and Health. And, if there is any information specific to my body types that could shed light on why I easily fall into pessimism and despair when faced with challenges, I would appreciate some specific focus on that (and how to improve on it, to be more RESILIENT and POSITIVE, specifically, in the face of challenges where I cannot immediately see a solution.) <MEntity> The Body Type mix would appear to be Lunar/Venus/Mercury at approximately 15%/60%/25% respectively, as Nature/Appearance/Health respectively. Part the contribution to your sense of pessimism and despair is in the way that the Lunar element processes experiences. This would not be a CAUSE of the pessimism and despair, and you are not a victim of this body type Nature, but the way this body type processes can often be experienced as such. This body type processes experiences from an immature angle on events. This immaturity is not an insult, but rather a reference to this body type holding to a child-like processing of events. It is sensitive, does not like conflict, is more inspired by awe than effort. It is a constant movement of emotion and perception that can be as cyclical as the literal waxing and waning of the moon. When this body type is not understood, or is in a part of the adult, it can become distracting because of this childlike immaturity and sensitivity to conflict, pain, and effort. In addition to this, there is the Stubbornness that is the Tertiary Chief Negative Feature and this is how you protect the body, or your sense of threat to any physical well-being. Stubbornness here was developed to protect the body and its physical world from change, unwanted change, changes toward the unknown. The Lunar and Venusian bodies love comforts, crave comforts, familiarity, and Stubbornness works here to do its best to secure this. Because Stubbornness is a neutral Chief Feature, it can "slide" to any other Chief Feature as a way to help protect against change and the unknown. Often this is done by sliding to Martyrdom and Self-Destruction. This means there would wish to be control over your environment and space as a means of protection or a resignation into sacrifice against your own wishes, letting someone else take priority over your own sense of value. Keep in mind that you are not a victim of this design as we describe it. We only describe how you have learned to handle challenges and fears, and how they are processed. We describe these things to our students because much of what is thought to be protective and important to uphold, or as routine in defenses, can be altered toward much more efficient and rewarding effects through conscious awareness. So the first thing we can suggest for your move toward more resilience and positive responses is to KNOW that you are not locked into any initial despair or negative response. Allow room for the initial despair and negative response because this has great momentum and cannot be broken by mere rejection of those feelings. Instead, you introduce alongside those feelings and thoughts another option. "Yes, I feel despair and overwhelm, but I can include kindness, patience, and resilience, too." These are not mutually exclusive. The truth is that you have been resilient, positive, kind, patient. You may not notice it, or give it credit, or see its subtle effects, but these are a part of you, too. So the effort to include them alongside despair and negativity is only a matter of shifting more value toward their subtle presence and effect. When you cannot see an immediate solution, this slight shift, this reminder, this value given back to the resilience and patience and kindness necessary for the process of getting to that solution can make the process much more gentle and meaningful and clear. When you cannot see the solution, see the kindness. As for how to nurture healthy states for these bodies: For the Nature/Lunar, you would to well to free yourself to be more childlike in play, so that levity can come to be a strength of this body, instead of only the immaturity and sensitivity. For example, the more freedom a child has to play, and subsequently to make mistakes, get hurt, and recover, the more likely he can manage those scenarios that are far more grave in importance. Allow room for your metaphorical skinned knees, your mistakes, flaws, and cravings for play. There is some validity to the concept of the "child within," and this body type knows it well. He is kept secret, hidden, quieted, and then reveals himself in tantrum or self-destructive behaviors. We mentioned that this body type prefers awe to effort. Cultivate your awe. Even now, let the vibrancy of your environment come alive to you, the textures, temperatures, people, surfaces, colors, your tongue, your shoulders, etc. bring your consciousness to these things to give them back their vibrancy, their vividry. Bring yourself to tears for the awe that is life, that is your history, that is your possibilities. This is the healing and nurturing of anyone, but particularly to the Lunar Body Type.
  4. KurtisM

    Lunar/Nature Body Type

    [Excerpt from a private session originally posted by ViP in December 2013.] ViP1: My first question today relates to my Lunar/Nature body type. In a previous exchange, you shared this: 'There is some validity to the concept of the "child within," and this body type knows it well. He is kept secret, hidden, quieted, and then reveals himself in tantrum or self-destructive behaviors.' I think my Lunar/Nature body type is one of my biggest challenges in being positive and active. Could you describe more about this 'inner child' and how I can make 'him' a real part of my life, so 'he' does not have to be hidden, but can develop and be part of my life in a healthy way? MEntity: At the heart of the Lunar Body Type is a struggle with (and strength of) control and power. For those with more active body types, the control is expressed over others, while the more passive body type such as Lunar, expresses this as resistance to others. Lunar Body Types "hate" to be forced into, manipulated, victimized, told what to do, etc. However, the Lunar Body Type "loves" to have something to bump up against, to orbit around, to serve this need for resistance. This can turn into a nightmare of push/pull that can feel as if one is torn apart, or it can be understood as a dynamic that is invigorating, revealing, and full of mysterious discoveries. So to let the energies of this Body Type unleashed into full flow and health is to let yourself have your resistances, have your push/pull events, have your person, persons, or events against which you bump up against as a way to define yourself. These are not "bad" things. They are not always fun or easy, but they are PART of the dynamic of who you are. The "kid in you" loves to rebel. Loves to feel the security of an orbit, the sense of light from other sources being shined upon you, because you have a "dark side" that is always yours. No one will take that from you. No one will define that for you. It is untouched by anyone but you. So there is some amount of thrill, joy, and revelation gained from the exposure you allow as a large part of your life. Like the Moon, it can be easy to be caught in the gravity of another person, another person's life, and then this gives you something to rebel against, to stand against, to express and experience power and control. This may sound like a terrible set up that can be painful and bewildering, and it can be, but it does not have to be. For most evolving Lunar Body Types there is a process of going from static orbit, to rebellious retaliation and reaction, to profound appreciation and trust. The Lunar Body Type in its healthiest arc of development is like a microcosmic cycle of growth through dependency, rebellion, independence, then peace (trust). So to bring the healthiest angle of the Lunar Body Type into your days, it can be meaningful to first accept that you gain something from those who are more active in their expression of control and power because this helps you to cultivate your own. Then accept this power and control as something that is not static, and it is not something you will probably ever exert over someone else, but you DO HAVE IT. And it is yours. You may not change anyone else, but you get to use it for yourself. Once the Lunar Body Type owns his sense of power and control, then the process of independence and peace begins. The difference between dependency and rebellion, and independence and peace, is that one is an unconscious process of accessing power and control, while the other is conscious. The first two are reaction, and the latter are response. And no matter how resistant or pulled you may feel, it can be helpful to remember that you were never lost in any of it. There was always a consistent "you" involved that is like that symbolic "dark side" of the Moon, untouched, pure, and raw. You were never lost. You simply found all of you. That wholeness is the foundation for that peace that would continue to grow.
  5. KurtisM

    Lunar Body Type - Health

    [Excerpt from My Body Types (Venusian/Mercurial/Lunar)] [Karine] What is my body type, and what are the ways to keep it healthy? MEntity: First, we think your Body Type is approximately 40% Lunar, 40% Venus, and 20% Mercury. Your Appearance Body Type is Venus, Your Health Body Type is Lunar, and Nature Body Type is Mercury. Of course, all of these will blur boundaries, so the concept here is one in which a context is "ruled" by a particular body type, but not exclusive of effects from the others. For instance, looking to Lunar for understanding your Health is a good start, but you may also find relevant insight from Venus or Mercury. In terms of your Health, monitoring the type and amount of fuel being processed for the body is a good idea, since Lunar is sensitive to how fuel is processed; thus the Pancreas is its primary portal of symptoms when it is unhealthy, showing up as potential "sugar issues," or diabetes at one end of the spectrum, and issues of chronic fatigue, exhaustion on the other end. This means that the monitoring of sugar intake, as well as caloric intake, relative to your body weight and lifestyle, are great methods for helping this Body Type stay alert, alive, and healthy.
  6. KurtisM

    Venusian Health- Calcium & Calm

    [Excerpt from Diet and Body Types] [DianeHB] I would like some suggestions for keeping xxx's and my body types healthy. We both have Lunar/Venus/Mercury body types, in that order. MEntity: In terms of your Body Types, specifically, we can say that the fragment known as "xxx" would do well to consider his Lunar Body type a consideration, in terms of the Pancreas and the processing of Sugars, or his levels of energy in general, while you might do well to consider the Venusian influence related to the Parathyroid, and concern for your bones, Calcium absorption, and nervousness and anxiety. In those concerns, understanding how the body processes Sugars, and how the body absorbs Calcium, may be helpful for any long term concerns. Keep in mind that the body does not do as well absorbing calcium FROM calcium, any more than the body actually benefits from the protein from protein paradigm. Looking for sources that encourage the body to develop these on their own from the building materials of various foods is far more helpful than quick fixes or inaccurate body math.
  7. [This was originally posted as a private blog in January 2016. The originator wishes to remain anonymous.] [Q] I'd like to know my body types and their %. [MEntity] We see your Body Types as 50% Mercurial, 35% Lunar, and 15% Solar. [Q] Those seem pretty fitting. Does body type affect accessing instinctive center? [MEntity] Body Type does have some effect in terms of its correlative state, and Lunar is correlated with Instinctive. This means that Lunar Body Types often defer to Instinctive states more often than other Body Types. This means that Lunar can often be run by Instinctive reactions and defenses much more quickly and readily than other Body Types, depending on the degree of consciousness managing the body, but the greater the consciousness, the more likely that regular access to the Instinctive Center is informative, rather than reactionary. This is one of the reasons the Lunar Body Type can be of the most "immature" but also of the most elegant in its use of energy. The challenge you will have is in differentiating between reaction and impulse. They can seem very similar to the Lunar Body Type. Reaction is defensive, however, and Impulse is curious. The Lunar Body Type depends greatly upon body memory. When events and experiences happen to the Lunar Body, they are like objects thrown into soft putty. They "stay" for a long time and are carried for a long time. To access and organize this in a meaningful and encouraging way would mean to always ask if you are reacting or if you are active. This is the difference between +Atomic and -Anatomic, the poles of the Instinctive Center. Atomic is when one's navigation and choice are not dictated by stimulation, while anatomic is entirely dependent upon stimulation for what to choose. For the most part, nothing more is necessary in terms of managing the Instinctive Center. That is why it is Instinctive. It functions on its own. It has an intelligence that is ancient. However, the BODY that is "hosting" it can sometimes take that ancient intelligence and distort it. So the considerations we mentioned above are the most direct ways to alleviate that distortion. [Questioner] How does both Mercurial and Lunar being negative affect me? [MEntity] Think of "negative" as meaning "receptive." The Negative Types are receivers of energy, rather than emitters of energy. So they can be quite sensitive.
  8. KurtisM

    Lunar Body Type in Health

    [From Lunar Body Type Health by DianeHB] [DianeHB] Can you tell me about how the Health aspect of the Lunar Body Type works? Like what you gave for Saturn at the last Open Floor. [MEntity] Lunar Health is about the fuel of the body. In its most basic form, it would be in terms of diet. In its more subtle forms, it would be in terms of how the body processes emotions and thoughts. If there is any extreme for this body type, it can have difficulty in managing the input. [DianeHB] Oh, like eating disorders or emotional eating? [MEntity] This Body Type, then, tends to bring a bit more conscious awareness to the diet and to the sensitivity levels regarding feelings and thoughts. They can be emotional eaters, and tend to avoid emotions, or they can be rejecting and extremely picky or indecisive, not knowing what they want, but being abundantly clear about what they do not want, and being quite sensitive to relationships in much the same way.
  9. KurtisM

    Lunar Nature's Psychology

    [Excerpt from a Private Session from 4/9/2012] [Q] What does it mean to process things as a Lunar Nature? [MEntity] We might say that the processes of a Lunar psychology can tend to show up as deeply emotional on the inside, but constrained in its impact on the outside, generating a sense of necessity for secrecy and wariness, and always aimed at protecting its sense of innocence. This Body Type is usually chosen for more Ordinal forms of Inspirational exchanges, such as expressing kindness to a person who needs it, or helping one on one.
  10. KurtisM

    Lunar Appearance+Shame- Childishness

    [Excerpt from 5/22/2016 by Juni] [Juni] How do I keep my Lunar Appearance Body Type healthy? [MEntity] To help keep this healthy, your Lunar would need to be allowed to be childish. We use that term specifically. Not child-like, but actually childish, immature, and startlingly pouty. We do not say this to be humorous or to even suggest that these describe you, but the Lunar body type cannot be pushed to "grow up" before it is ready. In the context of appearance, it would mean losing any shame over any "childish" behaviors that you may call yourself out on, or someone else may shame you over. You still have the maturity and wisdom at your core, but the Lunar needs to have its tantrums. Often, the Lunar Body Type tries to compensate for this inclination by intellectually fragmenting the self, compartmentalizing, and focusing mostly on reason and intellect. But no matter how "together" the Lunar, the inner baby will need its space. There are ways to allow this without it undermining your strengths and appearance, and that is the challenge of the Lunar.
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