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Found 4 results

  1. This question was originally posted by Jon on 10/26/07. There seem to be two main theories as to how the universe works. Some say that we create the universe with our consciousness & belief. Others believe that the universe follows certain laws which we have no control over, and that everything is predetermined. I have personally experienced manifesting (seeing is believing), but I also know that Gravity existed long before anyone believed in it (and I don't become weightless if I stop believing in gravity). My question is: Are there universal laws which our beliefs do not affect? • If so, is choice just about how we navigate these laws or is there still some aspect of creation involved? • If not, then why do these "Laws" seem constant throughout the universe (even in places we did not know existed until recently? RESPONSE FROM MENTITY: Your questions correspond to the concepts of the three spheres of Truth: Personal, Community/Global, and Universal. Personal Truths are those truths that are flexible and varying among fragments, such as the preferences for certain temperatures, or the preferences for certain flavors, or the preferences for certain spiritualities, etc. These Personal Truths may change over time, or remain fixed, but they only have bearing on the individual who has developed these Truths. Community/Global Truths are those truths that exist in place for a particular group of consciousness and/or for a planet, such as the experience of what is called "gravity," or the Sun, or the measurement of time and space, or the reality of photosynthesis, etc. These Truths exist with or without Personal Truths supporting them. For instance, a Personal Truth may be that the Sun revolves around your Earth, but it will remain a Global Truth that the Earth, in fact, revolves around the Sun. Universal Truths exist across all forms of existence, regardless of planetary system or plane. Universal Truths are concepts such as Truth, itself, Love, and Energy. These exist with or without the Individual's belief in them; with or without a Global emphasis or realization in them; and exist beyond your current concepts of existence. No matter "where you go or what you know," Truth, Love, and Energy will exist. In light of that, and in a more direct response to your question, it is a universal truth that your universe is created by consciousness, but that your experience of the universe is created by your beliefs and intentions. Your universe as created by consciousness does not mean that you are generating your entire universe from the individual stance of one lifetime and one personality, but that your consciousness is part of the consciousness that created the general "laws" that are in place for this particular universe before "you" got there. Once "you" are present within that creation, then it is a matter of creativity and navigation within the playing field that is already in place. In other words, yes, Gravity is a global truth, but creativity and navigation have allowed for freedom within that important truth, giving flight to humans beyond the "law" (or more accurately, the "theory") of Gravity. In the same way that a wall might be in place on a path, so are global truths and universal truths able to be encountered, either as obstacles that halt navigation, or as tools themselves for a greater, creative navigation. Another example may be that of "manifestation," which is not a magical tool, but one of harnessing elements already in place within your playing field of reality and creating or navigating in a way that brings to you what you intend. While certain parts of your universe are in place for the sake of structure and embrace, it will never be the case that you are limited by those structures or embraces; you are only limited by your individual beliefs, creativity, and efforts, at least in terms of navigation and experience. Other than simple structures and embraces in place, there is nothing predetermined beyond that. To understand this, consider that a car is a structure and embrace for obvious reasons, but this does not limit your choices or navigation in any meaningful way, but, in fact, may be the very means through which your choices and navigation are enhanced.
  2. BACKSTORY: The term, Cynosure (pronounced SIGN O SURE), came through unexpectedly in response to a personal question in a group event. This was a new term that was also very familiar in its meaning. We then followed up with some additional channeling added to an episode of TLEtv. Below is a synopsis of what we had learned before the Michael Speaks transcribed here. CYNOSURES - Our North Stars of Existence This new concept revealed to us recently is a great example of how the questions of students over time help shape and reveal the depths and nuances of this teaching and keep it alive. You never know what might come from a question worded a certain way or asked again in a new context. So keep your curiosity high with Michael. Michael says we have only barely scratched the surface of what there is to learn. The following is an edited version of the original reveal of the concept of Cynosure. First, the definition of a Cynosure is - NOUN - “a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration” FROM MICHAEL: All fragments set up a group of cynosures that can become anchor points, memory triggers, comfort sources across lifetimes. There are three tiers to these cynosures: the cosmic, the worldly, and the personal. Cynosures are objects in nature or as a result of creativity, or particular people, who act as contact points between your current consciousness and all other versions of your consciousness across time and space relative to that object. Cosmic cynosures are not usually implemented until there is off-planet travel, but even planet-bound older souls will know a cosmic cynosure in the form of a teaching such as ours. Worldly Cynosures can be such things as a geographical location or natural wonder or long-standing creation that endures time are cynosures, such as constellations, the Grand Canyon, or The Pyramids. In the Personal tier, there are objects such as musical instruments, or tools, or even fashions that act as Cynosures for a set of Personalities or lifetimes that link together over time and space. People can act as Cynosures, as well. Think of these as navigational elements of the soul. They tend to become more obvious or noted in lifetimes or periods of time when one needs to re-center oneself and align with a greater direction that is part of a greater pattern. They are your "North Star," so to speak. If you have recognized a cynosure in your life, it means you are likely manifesting Essence or working on it, and connecting to parts of you that exist across time and space and dimensions who aim for the same thing: Home. This aiming for home is not as an escape or as some distant place to reach, but as a reclaiming and remembering of the part of you, that is part of the wholeness of existence. The part of you that you bring with you wherever, however, and whenever you are. ADDITIONAL CHANNELING: Cynosures can be recognized by 3 distinct symptoms: +they trigger a sense of remembering something/recognition; +they tend to invoke awe, enthusiasm, or persistent curiosity +they tend to be true forever and not lose value in meaning over time -troy *** May 23, 2021 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. Today we are asked to elaborate on the concept of Cynosures. Cynosures is not a new concept but it happens that we were able to respond to a question that allowed us to refine the concept. It should be noted for those who are curious that this was not a "new word" through Troy. This word would have had to have been in his bank of consciousness "somewhere" for us to use it. There are many words and images and input that a body takes in that is never accessed or made consciously relevant. If this word had not been available in our channel, another word would have been chosen that would approximate it, such as "beacon," but we have used that term for other elements and prefer the more meaningful "cynosure." It has been asked if Cynosure is different from instances of resonance to past lives, or objects and people who inspire. They are different. Cynosures are about awe, admiration, and attention that is specifically determined to be relevant. Other instances of resonance are based on what has become meaningful and relevant due to experiences that are processed and evolution that is gained. Or they are assigned inherently in mathematical relevance, such as Essence Twins or Entity Mates. These are instances of Recognition and Resonance due to either inherent meaning and relevance or cumulative meaning and relevance. A Cynosure is chosen. Cynosures can overlap with instances of Recognition and Resonance, but they are specifically chosen. For example: If an Essence wishes to explore the art of expression through music, a guitar or piano may be chosen as a Cynosure before birth and this becomes a "north star" for triggering curiosity, awe, and meaning in anything related to guitars or pianos. If a Personality has had a particularly meaningful moment of truth, love, or beauty, that Personality may "bookmark" those particular colors of the sunset as a Cynosure, or sink into the movement of the music or singing that defines the moment and assign this as a Cynosure. All subsequent lifetimes may then feel this moment of awe, admiration, and attention...when the same or similar sounds are heard. If there is a moment of awe, admiration, and attention given to a teaching that has altered your life in some meaningful way, then the concepts of that teaching can become a Cynosure for future lives. If a concept that is a Cynosure is approached, it triggers the very real experience of "remembering" the concepts but finally having words to form around them. Students of any teaching, such as ours, assign that teaching as a Cynosure. To help us better deliver and clarify the concept of Cynosures, we will open the floor to your questions. See your moderator for how to participate, if you are unfamiliar. ****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN**** Yes, Maureen Maureen: Are our Trues Cynosures? MEntity: They are close to being Cynosures. The difference is that those factors that contribute to your "Trues" in a single lifetime are more customized to the Life Task and dynamic of the Personality for that lifetime. Those activities that support your Pillars for the Life Task may be cynosures, but they may also be relevant only a certain set of Personalities across lifetimes. Once a Cynosure has been chosen, it is true and meaningful to ALL Personalities. Let us clarify: If an Essence chooses a Cynosure for a Personality, such as the guitar, then all subsequent lifetimes will also find the guitar to trigger awe, admiration, and attention. Even if a much later lifetime hears guitar or sees a guitar, there would be a sense of great admiration that may or may not be relevant to the lifetime. However, when a Life Task is chosen, Essence looks across various lifetimes where similar tasks have been approached through similar circumstances in similar Overleaves, and sets up a range of activities that would help support the Personality in its successful fulfillment of the Life Task. Some of these may be cynosures, but they are not automatically cynosures. Did this answer your question, Maureen? Maureen: Yes. Thank you. MEntity: NEXT, Luciana Luciana: Is it possible that a person doesn't have Cynosures? MEntity: No. By the time one is an older soul, one would have hundreds. If there is no recognition of a Cynosure in one's life, it is likely a matter of A ) lack of mobility or access to experiences, people, or perspectives; or B ) lack of trust in the self to honor that which triggers curiosity, excitement, and awe; or C ) because one has a fairly specific Cynosure set up for the life that has not been recognized, yet. NEXT, Ro. Ro: In a way you responded to my question: Can our Enlightenment or Muse Position be Cynosures? How different is the dynamic? Also, can you give us an example of Cynosures from other sentient species (whales/dolphins/off-planet species)? MEntity: Healer, Enlightenment, and Muse Positions can be Cynosures because they are not hidden behind a layer of potential obscuring that would make it difficult to remember. For example, a Love Position may be your Love Position across multiple lifetimes, but in a lifetime where that person is born to be an "asshole," you may not see or feel that admiration, awe, and attention that defines a Cynosure. But Healer, Enlightenment, and Muse Positions tend to be with no layers of obscurity. They are what they are. They trigger awe, admiration, and your attention quite immediately, regardless of how they are presented. Cetaceans have collections of musical notes that tend to be Cynosures. Some parts of the ocean or shores are also Cynosures. Some weather patterns or temperatures in currents can be Cynosures. Caretakers have similar Cynosures to Humans, but with far more Cosmic Cynosures, such as the ecosystem of a planet or the movement of planets in a system. NEXT, Amanda AmandaV: Since 0 isn't an option and we can potentially have hundreds… what's the average number of cynosures for humans? Is there a distinct difference among different soul ages? MEntity: Infant Souls average 1; Baby Souls average about 3; Young Souls average around 21; Mature Souls average around 75; and Old Souls average around 150. NEXT, Ludmila ludmila: Do concurrent lives share the same cynosures chosen during the current life? Like a bleed-through. MEntity: Yes. It is one of the only factors that crosses those distinct lines of existence. FINAL QUESTION: NEXT - Uma Uma: Michael, can we have an update on the IS manifestation, and how you see the pandemic unfolding from your perspective? MEntity: We see all Infinite Soul Hosts as active and taking on the trajectory that would allow for Manifestation. We cannot see if Manifestation is imminent, but these Hosts are likely to make some relevant and meaningful contribution on a scale that goes beyond the obvious even if there is no Manifestation. The only factors we have found that shifts the Manifestation into something more imminent are: an acknowledged mutation of the virus that would spread and kill faster; a war between two (or more) major forces; or the collapse of the internet/electricity networks. These conditions would bring about Manifestation because they are disruptions that would require great focus of direction for recovery. We can see these possibilities because they are extreme but that does not mean they are likely. The other paths to Manifestation are set in far less dramatic scenarios that may be more subtle in effect. We can say that if one of the identified Host becomes central to a major event, it is likely that all Hosts would Manifest within days of that event. We cannot predict this. As for the pandemic: it is not over. It is in a lull and that lull may help gain footing, but it is not over until it is over for the planet. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  3. Excerpt from a private session on May 15, 2018. Jeroen: I have been deeply desiring to manifest Essence more in my life and often invite my Essence in. How do you think I am doing with manifesting Essence? MEntity: There are 4 key considerations one can make when assessing how aligned one is with Essence: One is that you to some significant degree know that YOU ARE SAFE. This does not mean you walk blindly through dark alleys and count on blind faith for protection. It means that you accept that, regardless of what happens, there is more to happen. Knowing there is more to happen means knowing there are more possibilities, directions, paths, forms, probabilities, opportunities, and continued existence. Knowing You Are Safe does not mean that you will not hurt or be hurt or harmed. It means you know there is more after that and that you will be there. Two is that you LIKE LIFE. You do not always have to like your life, but you LIKE LIFE. You like Existing. There is a sense of euphoric and terrifying thrill in mystery of your existence and you like existing. Three is that you LIKE OTHERS. You may not always like everyone, but you LIKE OTHERS. You do not avoid them or hate them or condemn them or turn "the world" into a monolithic population. You are able to allow yourself to be angry, frustrated, disappointed, loved, rejected, etc. and still LIKE OTHERS. And finally, you are CURIOUS. You want to know what comes next. You want to see if you can create what comes next. You do not mind not knowing but you want to know. You do not draw conclusions and condemnations about life, you, others. You stack knowledge and experience and are open to adding more. These four keys can help you to determine not only how embracing you are of Essence, but also in what area you may be struggling the most. You may Like Others but do not Like Life, for example. It can be helpful to rate your degree of alignment with each of the symptoms above by using a 5 star rating system with 1 star being least present and 5 stars being most present. Add these up and then use that number to divide 4. For example, if the tally adds up to 15, then the equation is (15 / 4) * 20. This will give you a percentage that can give you an idea of your general degree of Manifestation. ### end of excerpt You may discuss this content within the original post. See Intellection Centers, Objective Truth.
  4. Janet


    This question was originally posted by Jon on 11/11/07. Could you describe the process of manifesting, especially including any "landmarks" (experiences which show you that you are on the right track). I am more interested in the overall process (how it works) than I am in any particular technique. For example, are things actually created by your intentions, or are things already in existence pulled to you? Are there some things which cannot be manifested? For example, I have found that I can usually manifest an experience pretty easily, but I cannot specify the exact people involved (unless they are trying for the same experience of course). I have also found that I am able to quickly manifest smaller things which I am ready for in that moment, as opposed to a grand fantasy. For example, I have been unsuccessful in manifesting a long term relationship for myself because I am unable to receive it (fear of becoming trapped). However, I have been able to quickly and easily manifest unavailable girls to help me practice my relationship skills (and wear down the block). The easiest by far, are things like office supplies (e.g. "I need a pen"), where I see the results in under a minute. RESPONSE FROM MENTITY: We will first define Manifestation as "the process by which an individual brings into personal existence (creates or attracts) that which is desired (wanted or needed)." The process of Manifesting could be described as passing through 7 Phases, ALL of which call upon three criteria at every step of the way: ENERGY (Harmony): Always remaining intimate with and connected to that which you Desire and trusting the patterns that come from the process TRUTH: Always telling the truth about where you are in the process toward getting what you Desire LOVE: Always finding the perspective that allows room for all parts of your process, the faltering and the successes Re-Evaluation Phase: This is the initial phase of clarifying exactly what it is that you wish to manifest. This is marked by a sense of inspiration and enthusiasm. Discrimination Phase: This is the secondary phase of coming up against, and navigating the obstacles between you and that which you desire. This is marked by apparent set-backs, disappointments, delays, etc. Submission Phase: This is the tertiary phase that can only come into effect if the secondary phase has been successfully maneuvered, which means having been able to allow the obstacles to be seen as a way to clarify direction, not as a deterrent. This phase is marked by a renewed commitment and trust in the process. Acceptance Phase: This is the fourth phase that now brings to light the questions of whether this is truly what you want/need (desire). This is marked by issues related to your potential for giving up against the threat of not getting what you want/need, or allowing the clarity, while broadening your acceptance of the form your desire might take. Growth Phase: This is the 5th phase that creates meaning from the process, however long, short, difficult, or easy the process has been. It is marked by a sense of regeneration, rejuvenation, and redirection as you continue toward your evolving picture of what you desire. Dominance Phase: This is the phase where you finally own what it is that you have desired. This is marked by tangible evidence that you have what you wanted or needed. Flow Phase: This is a neutral phase that can be inserted at any point in the process as a means for rest from the efforts and focus, or as means to relax into the having of what was wanted/needed. It is marked by a sense of presence, but detachment from the process. In response to your questions beyond the symptoms and process of Manifesting: You asked "....are things actually created by your intentions, or are things already in existence pulled to you?" We respond that it is both. If it is already in existence, it can be attracted to you, and if it is not, it can be created by your intentions. "Created" does not necessarily mean that it was materialized from "thin air," but that in your process of manifesting, the people and things needing to be alignment will do so as a means to get to you what you desire. You asked "Are there some things which cannot be manifested?" We respond to this by saying no, there is nothing you cannot manifest, however, this must be understood that there are degrees of manifestation capabilities. In other words, something that is already in existence and within reach is "easy" to manifest, while absolute original creations (and by this we include those things that you may have belief issues against) are more complex to manifest. We also point out that more original the concept, the more proportional the time and energy required of its manifestation, in most cases.
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