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Found 6 results

  1. [Excerpt from MMW: The Health of Your Moving Center] [MEntity] If you think of the Polarities of the Center as the "skin" of the Center where one Pole or the other comes to the surface, and your state of relationship to the Body and your levels of Self-confidence as the blood, then the very deepest core of your Moving Center issues would be your PRIMARY SHAME. The bones. Where you are in your dance with Shame affect everything "above" that. Everyone has access to each Primary Shame, but the Primary Body Type tends to be the key to one's Primary Shame. LUNAR - Intelligence - the shame of not being smart enough JOVIAL - Indulgences - the shame of giving in to the pleasures of life and the body MARTIAL - Demand - the shame of requiring more than what is obvious or offered SOLAR - Needs - the shame of needing more than one will admit or ask for MERCURIAL - Desperations - the shame of expressing what is important for your healing SATURNIAN - Talents - the shame of not being important or unique enough VENUSIAN - Appearances - the shame of not looking or being as you are expected, or expect, to look Matching your Primary Body Type to your Primary Shame can shed light on some of the deepest wounding that you may carry that alters the quality of function for the Moving Center. If you do not find this at the deepest core of you, it means you have worked hard on this and have transformed it, or you are not looking deeply enough. If you have worked hard on this, you probably recognize it. These are universal obstacles built into the Body Types. They are what might best be understood as unique "pockets" in the Body Type that collect experiences quite specific to that Body Type and there comes a point in the life where that pocket gets heavy, and/or must be sorted through and emptied. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Advanced Body Types] [MEntity] In addition to a Primary Shame, each Body Type has a Primary Joy or Primary Delight. This Primary Joy tends to be dynamically tied to the Shame so that if the Joy is blocked or not pursued, the Shame takes over and eventually eclipses all efforts toward Primary Joy. The Body will tend to lock into the Shame as a way to earn or seek Joy, but Shame will always mute Joy. PRIMARY JOY OF BODY TYPES: LUNAR - USEFULNESS JOVIAL - SPECIALIZATION MARTIAL - SEX SOLAR - WANDERLUST MERCURIAL - DEBATE SATURN - IMPLEMENTATION VENUS - AFFECTION
  2. KurtisM

    Body Type Polarities

    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Advanced Body Types] [MEntity] We understand the topic to be a focus on further exploration of Body Types. We will respond to the request for details of the Polarities for each element or facet of a Body Type as it manifests in Appearance, Nature, and Health. LUNAR APPEARANCE: -Pallid +Luminous NATURE: -Childish +Unattached HEALTH: -Resignation +Sensitivity SATURNIAN APPEARANCE: -Gaunt +Rugged NATURE: -Perfectionist +Just HEALTH: -Extremism +Durability MERCURIAL APPEARANCE: -Nervous +Agile NATURE: -Slippery +Witty HEALTH: -Short-Circuiting +Grounded JOVIAL APPEARANCE: -Overwhelming +Grandeur NATURE: -Indulgent +Joyful HEALTH: -Asphyxiation +Vitality MARTIAL APPEARANCE: -Compulsive +Alive NATURE: -Irrational +Dedicated HEALTH: -Burning +Perpetual VENUSIAN APPEARANCE: -Sloppy +Voluptuous NATURE: -Evasive +Sensual HEALTH: -Weak +Elegant SOLAR APPEARANCE: -Ethereal +Radiant NATURE: -Clueless +Innocent HEALTH: -Disintegration +Spirited Some of these terms may seem out of context when describing the Polarity of an element, but we must choose terms that are broader and more symbolic than anything detailed or specific. This is because each element is not merely polarized, but molecularly polarized. In other words, each pole has its polarities, as well. For example, we chose Extremism as the Negative Pole of Health for Saturn because this captures the effects of over- or under-stimulation of the anterior pituitary. In other cases our terms are symbolic in ways that represent how a Body Type LOOKS, not only in literal appearance, but in experiential engagement. For example, the Appearance of Mercury as -Nervous or +Agile captures the range of experiential engagement in and with that Body Type. How a Body Type LOOKS is often how it is remembered.
  3. KurtisM

    Martial Body Type - Appearance

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - January 4, 2015] [Brian] Hi Michael, I'd like an elaboration of the Martial Body Type Appearance, with some celebrities (male and female) that might show it off well. MEntity: The Martial Body Type in terms of Appearances will almost always have skin pigmentation in the form of freckles or similar. The more a body has freckles, the more it has Martial. The greater the combination that is red hair and light skin, the greater the Martial. Many "albino" individuals have high Martial, while mixed with Neptune or Uranus. Martial pigmentation is not limited to those with lighter skin, of course, but the key is in the differentiation between the base skin color and the pigmentation that are "freckles" or spots. Red undertones to skin color and hair is Martial, with the redder the more Martial. Examples might be Mick Hucknall, Julianne Moore, Olivia Munn, Michael Fassbender, Amy Adams, Robert Redford, Seth Green, Debra Messing, and with Martial Appearance bleeding into Nature there is Russell Crowe.
  4. KurtisM

    Martial Body Type - Health

    [Excerpt from POF - Cat Update and Lunar/Venusian/Martial Body Types] Juni: I was told my body types are Lunar, Venusian and Martial. Which of these are appearance, nature and health and how do I keep them healthy? MEntity: As for your Body Types, we see the Lunar as Appearance, Venusian as Nature, and Martial as Health. Of course, these blur across the categories so that Lunar and Venusian are actually Appearance, and Venusian Martial are Nature and Martial Lunar are Health, but those are the primary correlations. ... The Martial Health would mean exercise. The Martial body needs to move, to get motion in through and out of the body. There must be some routine of circuitry made with all of the vitality that is basic to the body, such as movement, food, water. [Juni] I dance a lot, and I know I feel much better when I do. MEntity: Yes.
  5. KurtisM

    Martial Body Type in Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - November 2, 2014] [Kurtis] Hey Michael, like last time with Saturnian body type health, would you please elaborate on the martial body type health? Thanks. [MEntity] Martial Body Type Health corresponds to the Adrenals of the body. This means that the Martial Body Type can be greatly affected by its capacity for management of stress. In fact, while stress is a factor for all body types, in the Martial Body Type, it is far more immediately converted into effects. Various forms of Catecholamines are released on a regular basis in response or reaction to experiences. This range of hormones are responses and reactions to stress. These tend to have the Martial Body Type health in a constant state of fight or flight, regarding experiences. Hormones that manage various minerals and water content of the body are connected to the Adrenals, and have direct effect upon the individual's blood pressure. Other effects from the Adrenals are reflected in the metabolism, as well as the differentiating processes between the male bodies and female bodies in Androgens. When this is balanced, the Martial Body Type is long-suffering, enduring, and can manage to navigate some of the most debilitating obstacles of health and existence. When this is imbalanced, it can show up as extreme lethargy, constant stress and anxiety, hyper-agitation and over-reaction, along with extremes of anger, temper, and depression. In some extremes, there can come to be a developed hatred and self-loathing for the body as it is represented by its gender, and this can lead to self-mutilation and rejection of the gender. Overall, the Martial Body Type is all about the physical manifestation of all energy that passes through that body, whether in thought or emotion.
  6. Membership Gratitude Event - January 11, 2017 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Janet: In my Monroe Institute class last month, I met people from all walks of life. Most were well-educated, and all were pursuing a spiritual path. There were an enormous number of different beliefs supporting individual paths, and I learned about some approaches that interested me as well as some approaches that I would never choose to investigate. Janet: One woman had an amazing variety of conspiracy theories to ‘explain’ to the rest of us as ‘truth’. It’s been awhile since we had a fringe question, so I’d like to ask you about one of her more popular bits of information: Janet: Is it true that humans are already present on Mars, that one or more governments from Earth actually established bases on the planet years ago? MEntity: No Janet: ha ha — thank you! MEntity: There are significant paradigm shifts within a sentient species when it is no longer planet-bound. It cannot be hidden and the impact is fairly dramatic. We have never seen this shift hidden. There are attempts at travel that are often hidden, but when there is successful off-planet living to the extent of practical living, it is nearly impossible to hide. MEntity: There are elements of exploration and experimentation that are hidden, but sustaining practical life off-planet will either be a slow evolution or require intervention. MEntity: The technology is simply not available at this point to any extent that is practical. MEntity: NEXT, we will respond to Pat. Pat24: Good evening Michael!!! Pat24: So except all levels of being a bunny-hugger, I have a great passion for interspecies communication. By that I do not necessarily mean the telepathic way of communication that many Animal Talkers are using. For me it is about a step in the evolvement of the Human Society where the Non-Human Person is recognised as their own entity with affinity and equality that is not based on kinship. It is also about understanding that there is a “conversation” going on between humans and other species, but today’s humans have no education in the “languages”. (I’m waiting for the day when “Interspecies Communication” will be a mandatory subject in schools…) Pat24: My question here is: Is my Essence somehow involved in projects that are connected to future relations between Humans and other Animal Kingdoms? And if so, could you briefly say what is the goal, with whom are we working, what is the status? MEntity: It is vital for any surviving Sentient Species to, eventually, return to the organic structure that is inherent in any planetary dynamic of consciousness. There is a living structure of which you are a part and when you remove yourself from that structure, it is the equivalent of a blocked artery in a body, or a "closed" Chakra, or slow amputation of a limb, with Humans being the limb. MEntity: There is a period of growth in a Sentient Species where it is "natural" to distance from that which has always nurtured the species, much the way a teenager must distance herself from caretakers to learn her strengths and weaknesses and then return with greater understanding of the self. MEntity: The Young Soul phase of evolution is the most distant Humans will ever be from that dynamic structure of life. MEntity: During that phase there are vital turning points that lead to either the collapse /extinction of the species and a necessary Karmically-loaded relocation to bodies that can help heal and avoid this from happening again, or the species rapidly accelerates in its return to the dynamic structure of life and takes a new stewardship role in its Maturity. MEntity: What you describe is true: that your species need not learn any language or skills in communication with non-humans beyond the communication already established and working, but is ignored. There is no need for psychic bonding, affectionate exchanges, domestication, no need to even understand other creatures beyond what they establish as their own design for living. Kinship is not necessary, but recognition of self-defined personhood is vital. MEntity: All other levels of communication that might come would be built from the acceptance of the premise that other species can already clearly and definitively communicate pain and pleasure at the very least, and suffering and joy from the more complex species. MEntity: Your Essence, along with many of our students, are working privately or publicly in getting to that place in this lifetime or the next lifetime. Pat24: It explains a lot for me. Thank you M!!! MEntity: Many of our students are contributing to a wave of education, inspiration, and practical application of what we describe as Affinity, which is the only term that can describe what "saves" a Sentient Species from the weight of their own distancing from the Life Structure. MEntity: We can describe these tiers and the process in a dedicated discussion with us. You are not just fragments of a living structure that is made of souls, but are bodies existing within a construct that is part of a planetary consciousness, and this must be understood for the species to survive. MEntity: NEXT Maureen: I hope this isn’t a karma generating question … ;-) Maureen: I know of some Michael Students who not only passively and naively support Trump (as in leave it up to “The Universe”) they also voted for him and seem quite sure and even fervent about their choice. I know all is choice but it seems so incongruent to me that anyone could be a Michael Student, or claim to be a Michael Channel, and could support Trump or his administration in any way, shape, or form. How can anyone who is seeking to learn about the expansiveness and inclusiveness of Truth, Love and Energy vote for or support someone who is and will potentially harm so many people? Your comments please. MEntity: This question does not risk Karma. MEntity: We have students who have beaten their children. We have students who have stolen. We have students who harm animals. We have students who have exploited and manipulated. We have students who lie and deceive. We have students who can compartmentalize as a personal means of defense or need that is a priority over compassion. MEntity: Being a student means exactly that: they are students. They are learning. MEntity: Some of you learn faster than others, or learn different things at different times. There will always be a "better" student and a struggling student. MEntity: There will always be some blind spot or evaded topic that a student's Personality prefers not to evolve or touch because this would threaten their world of convenience, sanctuary, familiarity, bonding, etc. MEntity: If we were to refer to our students as students only when they are comprehending our teaching, we would have few to no students. Maureen: :) MEntity: To respond more directly to your question, however, this is a matter of selective reality. MEntity: We could say that it is selective reception, but in many cases nothing is received. This is not entirely unfamiliar to many of our students in various ways. A reality is constructed to avoid the topic or considerations that are too distracting, too inconvenient, too contrary to local social or intimate climate, etc. MEntity: There will always be students who find a way to contradict or counter basic elements of our teaching despite the apparent study and dedication because there will always be students who have parts of themselves prioritizing preservation over evolution. MEntity: We are not excusing the power of choice as it affects others in a lifetime. When the consequences of a student's self-preservation have impact well beyond the personal circle of reality, it is fair and healthy for other students to respond to this in ways that are as loving as possible, but also as clear as possible in establishing the boundaries that may be violated. MEntity: Love does not ignore reality. MEntity: By "reality" here we mean that which is the more inclusive common ground over the less inclusive. MEntity: In other words, when you know someone has ignored your reality as a means to shore up and preserve their own, Love does not simply "look the other way," but works to include even those who ignore your reality, while making it clear that you do not disappear because someone ignores your reality. Maureen: As you have said... Peace isn't always pretty and it's often messy. :) MEntity: For our students who know there is contradiction and countering of our teaching in effect from another student, we can only suggest that you put into effect what YOU have learned. This can be one of the most surprising moments for a student because you may find that you are still learning, as well, and this is just another opportunity to practice the arts of Truth, Love, and Beauty. MEntity: We can say more on this subject, of course, but we must conclude here for tonight. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
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