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Found 5 results

  1. NOTE FROM CONNOR: Thank you everyone for your patience. I never use software for the transcription. Feeding the audio into transcription software would result in dozens of mistakes because Troy's audio was a bit choppy during this session. There were a lot of dropped or partially cut off words which I had to reconstruct using context clues and by repeating the sound byte over and over to catch syllables of missing words. This is actually the most time-consuming part of transcribing - I could have skipped the detail work and typed all of this up within a day, but such a transcript would have been riddled with gaps. In almost every case, I was able to figure out the problem spots, but sometimes, wherever in the transcript it says [UNINTELLIGIBLE] or [AUDIO LOST], I was unable to determine what was said. So if anyone else made their own audio recording of the event and is able to determine what was said in those instances, please let me know in the comments or by TLE direct message and I will make the edits. *** *** *** *** Michael Speaks in TLEvr on Loneliness, Depression, and Anxiety 13th August, 2022 Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: Okay. Hello to each of you. We are here now. Our delivery may start off slow, as this subject is heavy for Troy, and it may take more effort to move through that density. But we are here now. Hello to each of you. We have been asked to speak on the subjects of loneliness, depression, and anxiety, and offer any insights that we may have from a metaphysical perspective. And by ‘metaphysical perspective’ what we can offer is something deeper, more insidious, below the surface of the more acute and local causes for these experiences. There will always be more acute and local causes for these experiences, and be lonely for obvious reasons because of the distance between yourself and others, be depressed because of lack of fulfillment, sense of contribution, or anxiety over a lack of control. Underneath all of this, we can say that there are Sentient-wide causes that are being tapped into, and you do bring in loneliness, anxiety, and depression. LONELINESS MEntity: This first layer of Sentient-wide patterns, if you will, traces back to what we have referred to as the Great Wounding. We’ll speak about this, but we know that it will not seem to be something that one can really use to help themselves. We offer it as a baseline understanding of this pattern throughout all of Humanity. The Great Wounding traces back to your first experience of being displaced as a species. Though only a fraction of our Sentience was a part of that displacement, your transfer from Sirius to Earth cascades through the entire collective or Sentient species. To be disrupted in life is already something you are familiar with how it has an effect on you. To be disrupted as an entire species, to the extent that you must completely leave your home and make a new life somewhere else – you may be able to understand how this has resonated, carried forward, throughout the species for eons because of this deep, profound wounding of not being wanted. It does not matter that there was another species to come forward – in fact, several species to come forward, helping this process of displacement so that you were safe. That matters, but the initial wounding of not being wanted as a species in your own home created profound scars in the core of your being. So at the core of loneliness, the very baseline metaphysical level of loneliness, is this that is being tapped. That you were not wanted as a species in your own home. Your own habitat. Your original bodies. Everything was taken away. NOTE FROM CONNOR: There was a thirty-second silence here which everyone felt, and when Michael resumed speaking, it was clear that Troy had been weeping. On rare occasions, Troy (not Michael) will laugh or cry while in trance. This usually happens as a result of Troy "peeking in" to some extent on whatever Michael is saying. MEntity: We may have to navigate emotional reactions in the body of our channel. Not all species experience loneliness. It is a foreign concept. Many Sentient species have never felt the depth of displacement that your species has. But all Sentient species will go through a period of distancing from themselves and their sense of affection during the Baby and Young Soul stages of development for the species collectively. So for the period of time that your species has been evolving through the Young Soul Age, everything at the core of this displacement, wounding, is exacerbated. There have always been times when people felt lonely. There have always been times when people felt depressed. There have always been times when people felt anxiety in your species. But your Baby and Young Soul stages brought this front and center as a core identity. It was built upon and perpetuated in your societies, your cultures, your religions, and your politics to such an extent that it is not even recognized as a force that shapes you. Built into your religions, built into your politics, governments, society, through the Baby and Young Soul stages of your development of your species is the deep desire for another force, for an outside force, to save you. Rescue you. Take care of you. So on top of the deep wounding from the displacement the Baby and Young Soul stages brought into near-personification in creating gods, governments, politics, where each of you are hoping someone else does something to show that you matter. In religion this is obvious by the creation of gods who are watching out for you or punishing, and so forth. Politics, or governments that need to watch out for people, and dole out punishments. But for those of you who are older souls, you did not find yourselves exempt from the indoctrination of need for Other, or someone to care enough to make your life better, rescue you, save you. This is often played out in dynamics between yourself and your parents. The dynamic that you share with your parents has a profound impact on the individual life personifying this deeper wounding. The relationship with your parents, your caretakers, matters in how you feel in terms of your connection to others because so much emphasis is on the responsibility of something or someone else to take care of you. This is not a bad thing. It is just information. It is just insight. Because we suspect that many of you are not consciously aware of how much this dictates how close you feel to others. If you have suffered any form of wounding and distancing between a caretaker or parent, it stays with you in ways that are not easily healed by maturity. There has to be a conscious effort, a conscious awareness, that allows you to meet others as equals. Not as saviors. Not as replacements for a home world, sense of home, replacements for a parent. It may not seem obvious to you that this is something that might affect how you relate to others. It does. This is played out even more cruelly – we do not use that word lightly – there is a cruelty to this in the position that is placed upon yourself to be chosen by those whom you choose. There are many instances where our students, surrounded by love, surrounded by caring, surrounding by nurturing, still feel lonely because the person they chose did not choose them. There is a dangerous dynamic evolved out of the Baby and Young Soul stages regarding this preoccupation with being chosen – being chosen more specifically by those whom you choose. It does not matter if a stranger comes up and is nice to you. It does not matter if people around you, family, care about you. It does not matter if you are surrounded by a community who continually remind you of how much you are wanted and welcomed. When that one person you chose does not choose you, loneliness comes to the front. Loneliness begins to define you. We share all of this with you because these are what we would consider metaphysical elements of this experience of loneliness that is at the deepest core of who you are in a way that you may not have explored. By exploring this, looking at this more closely, you may be able to free yourself from that dynamic with your conscious effort, conscious choice. It does not you will, might, change this dynamic, but it does mean that you have more tools to work with helping yourself. As we continue to explore the other subjects of depression and anxiety, we’ll have a wide range of options that help you to dynamically change these experiences into something that passes, or something that you may have that does not have you, that is not your identity, that no longer has to be at the core of who you are. It is okay, for instance, to feel sad. And to feel angry. Feel happy. Feel lonely. To feel depressed. And anxious. But when those become the core identity of who you are and something you must carry as a weight, that is when these tools may come in handy to help move it a little bit out from you to have a more whole sense of yourself in that one moment. So our point is that we may not be able to offer insights that will free you entirely of loneliness, but at least it does not have to be at the core of who you are as an identity, making your choices, shaping the way you determine your value. DEPRESSION MEntity: Depression builds on loneliness. The core of depression is cognitive dissonance. We are sharing with you many things that are obvious that may not have been obvious in the context of how we are sharing it today. Each of you suffer from cognitive dissonance, compartmentalization of your emotional bodies, because you have to. Your world, your cultures, your societies, and your access to more and more of this forces you to fragment yourself into various parts that must handle different things, or processes, so that by the time some of you have taken on what you can, you are literally left in the corner of who you are with all of the rest of you scattered about, disconnected, trying to manage all of the input that has been taken in. Cognitive dissonance keeps you from having a full perception of reality. It filters reality. It is a protective device. It allows you to participate in your society’s economic systems, shutting down the part of you that knows it steals life force from you to participate in it. It steals your creative force that steals your passion that it exhausts you. In order to participate in your world, you have to be able to function. And the way that you function is by breaking apart yourself so that you can go to work. Then there is the part of you that can play. Then there is the part of you that can love. Having all of these parts usually functions fairly seamlessly and can be a way for you to be a multifaceted individual who can move around these facets. When the facets become distanced from each other, this is when depression can start to come in. When you are so fragmented that you have basically left yourself alone from yourself. The core of depression we have shared with you that is helplessness. And helplessness then moves into anger. Then anger moves into rage. And when that rage has no place to go, it turns into depression. This is all about being fragmented to such an extent that you do not know how or where all of the pieces are. How to bring them back together. How to be whole again. As we said before, there are acute causes for depression, and local causes. Maybe incidents and specific events that cause depression. What we are speaking about is the depression that leaves you broken for quite some time and becomes a part of your identity. In other words, it is normal for all of you to feel depressed at some point. It is simply a form of processing. When it becomes identity to the extent that you must navigate around it for an extended period of time, this is the depression that we are speaking about. The fragmenting we are speaking about. Then this can lead to your anxiety. ANXIETY MEntity: Anxiety is built on depression and loneliness. It is a combination of loneliness and depression. Anxiety is born of depression and its fragmenting. Anxiety comes when there are too many fragments to keep track of to the point that all sense of control is lost. Panic sets in. The sense of holding yourself together, even if it is this one shard left of who you are, is at the core of anxiety. It is your attempt to just remain in existence. Yes, it could be about controlling circumstances around you, or caused by a triggering effect of an event. But if anxiety has come to be a part of the force that is your identity, you must navigate regularly because you are holding onto everything possible to simply exist. Holding onto the last part of yourself. The good news is there are solutions all around you for helping to navigate this. To recover. To heal. It may take effort. It may take conscious willingness. It may take time. The solutions are fairly simple. And they start [UNINTELLIGIBLE] either you are more identified with anxiety [UNINTELLIGIBLE] it all starts, or the Great Wounding of the loneliness. So what we suggest in terms of dealing with this and transforming it at the core is to start with addressing the part of you that is waiting to be chosen by that whom you have chosen. Instead of limiting your sense of emotional/intellectual fulfillment to a very specific individual or circumstance or position, it is time for you to claim your right to be here. Be here. Be in your body. Be on this planet. Be in this time. You are not visitors. You are creators. One of the things that gets stripped from you, as you grow in a society and culture that has nurtured such loneliness, depression, and anxiety; is your right to be here. To be exactly You. One of the first places for you to start bringing that sense of integrity to your existence is to begin to give that to others. And we are not speaking only of other people. We are speaking about the plants around you. Bugs around you. Material that was made from resources around you. Air around you. The weather. You are so deeply connected to this world and to everything that is manifested in it, but so disconnected from it because you feel no right to exist here, or no right to be here. This distance nurtures that core of loneliness and that wounding. So our first suggestion is to look at the plants. Look at the animals. Look at your relationship to the space around you. How you use water. How you bathe. How you take care of yourself. How you think about the existence of anything else. This may seem silly, but if you stop and think about it, we suspect each of you could very easily identify how you deny the existence, or not acknowledge the existence, of a wide swath of that which does not exist because you are waiting for your right to exist. We are inviting you to take it all in. When you look at a plant, it is not something that is simply there. It is a living organism. When you interact with an animal, you may find yourself feeling affectionate. You may like how it makes you feel, but it is an individual in existence; not for you, but for itself. Being with you is part of the gift of that experience. Try to shift your dynamic in how you exchange with the environment around you in a way that acknowledges the existence of other things and people on their own terms. That plant is being as “plant” as it can be. We are using plants as an example because they are often fairly readily available for you to practice in acknowledging your connection to something other than yourself, has no capacity to choose you, that you can still acknowledge having a right to existence alongside you. The validity of its existence. Its brilliance of existence. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] full spectrum. Because when you do this, it starts to get a little bit easier for you to do that for yourself. You can begin to collect the parts of yourself that you separated from you because you thought that they needed to be fragmented away from you to protect you. They are You. They exist. Safe. Part of your wholeness. It is you that goes to work; not a part of you that goes to work. We know you cannot change the systemic issues of society and culture and religion on your own or overnight. That is not the goal here. The goal is for you to reclaim and celebrate your core right to exist on your terms and then to build from there as best you can. Existence is not something that you must earn. And the love in your life, your fulfillment, is not something that is a reward for being good, being a certain way. We are offering a reminder to you. That is all we can do. We will open the floor now for questions. We will do our best to respond to them with meaningful insight where we can. Moonfeather: Hello? MEntity: Hello. Moonfeather: I just want to say “Thank You” for what you said about connecting to the environment. I’m gonna cry because this is what I’ve been doing for the last year since I’ve got my house. I’m just spending time trying to connect with my piece of land, with my house, with my pets, with my trees, planting new things. I’m trying to deal with what’s growing, the critters that come around, and the birds, and it’s been really healing for me. And I find that when I go out and try to be with people, it just feels like I’m putting on an act and I feel a pressure to be a certain way, to sort of be happy when I’m really like a low-key kind of person that kinda comes in, like, more on a low-key level. And I feel like I have to be on, you know, when I go out in public, an act, like I have to be, like, “put on a happy face” kind of thing. But I have been finding just so much, I don’t know, realness in just being by myself with my land and my house and I just want to thank you for mentioning that because it’s just been so important in my life right now, so, thanks. MEntity: Yes. You are recollecting all the parts of you that you’ve left across time. This has been… [AUDIO LOST] The inclination to put on a happy face for others is not because you want to be fake. It is because you care about others. It is not a violation of who you are to want to present yourself in a way that you think might make others feel good. That is all the motivation that is there. It is not about having to change who you are. It is actually revealing who you are. You like caring, like to be a presence that brings something more than distraction or discomfort. So in your way, your sense of or need to put on a happy face is just your way of saying that you care about the person that you are with. So you must then decide whether that is more important to you or if you can find a balance that will assess a person who may or may not need for you to be in a position to offer them happiness, to remind them someone cares. To have that in your “Arsenal of Care,” if you will, you need it. So rather than having to choose one way or the other, we suggest that you be yourself, and have your happiness in your pocket for those moments where you feel like someone might need it. Otherwise, there is no need for you to carry that burden. Does this make sense? Moonfeather: Yeah. I think I just need time when I’m with people to assess them. And I’m pretty quick at assessing them. So it just takes a little bit, like thirty seconds, but I don’t always get that, but it’s nice for me to have that little bit of buffer when I meet somebody because I can pretty much tune into… If I need to… I know what you’re saying. I just need a few seconds when I meet them. Yes, thank you. MEntity: You make the choice your own because you feel pressured into it. It is not your job to heal everyone. It is your strength. It is not your job. Moonfeather: (laughing) I’m a Server! MEntity: Yes, that is why we are clarifying the differentiation. It is a strength, but it is not a job. Moonfeather: Okay. Yes. MEntity: It is there when necessary, but not as a way to protect yourself. Not as a way to distance yourself. That is not healing. We will take the next question. Kasia: Hi Michael. I have a question about a recent response that you gave to Christian about a feeling of being done, and an openness… So, it was an openness to death and a readiness for death. And I wanted to ask you how that compares to depression. I ask this because I’ve been feeling it recently, and it’s been a really strange and almost scary thing. Because it’s not related to suicide, it’s not related to wanting to end the life, but it is a feeling of completeness that is kind of scary to face in the middle of a lifetime. And then I’m wondering if that’s related to depression where it’s a negative, or if it is actually just a feeling of “Okay, well I think I did everything I wanted to do, and maybe this is a good time to exit.” So I wanted your thoughts on that and any kind of feedback you can provide to help get through that for anybody else who might be experiencing something similar. MEntity: The older your soul gets, and with information that may come from a teacher such as ourselves, you can become quite intuitively aware when you are nearing an exit point. And many of our students just passed through a period of time where their exit points, one of their exit points, deaths, had been scheduled and was up for examination. This is intuitively navigated. It is not something that we can point out or say “Here is when your next one is.” Exit points come up regularly and are assessed as to whether they are going to be used or not. For the older soul, this can sometimes be sensed. It can cause an assessment process that affirms or denies the level of fulfillment with the life. That is one layer that could have been at work here. The other layer is that your world is currently in a position where mortality is in the face of every single one of you. There is not much happening in the world that is not threatening your existence. You are reminded daily of worst-case scenarios. You have a pandemic. You have a climate crisis. You have war. You have civil unrest. All of these things are going to contribute to your assessment. Whether there is an exit period or not, or whether this is a life you want to continue or not; when there is so much weight leaning towards this point of “What more can I do?” in this kind of circumstance, what more can I accomplish or experience compared to what I had planned to experience. This assessment is going to leave you feeling out whether you cannot complete the overall general trajectory of the life and how comfortable you would be with being done if you had to go. If you died from the pandemic or died from war or died from climate catastrophe. So those two factors probably played a big part in this experience for some of you. We saw this happening on quite a wide scale for our students all through the beginning of this year in particular because of those two factors. There were quite a few of you assessing your exit points, quite a few of you assessing your mortality in the face of overwhelming threats, and then for some of you it was the combination. So could depression be a part of this? Of course. Our response to your question would be that this assessment is separate from that. Someone who was not even depressed may have experienced it. Does this answer your question? Kasia: Yes, that does. Thank you because, like I said, it was scary and I guess it made me wonder whether you said that depression is something you can go through but not to take on as an identity, and the depth of this was just so intense that, I mean, like I said, it was unique and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that. So thank you for clarifying that. That made it a lot more clear to understand what was at play. MEntity: Yes. Old Souls learn through Terror. When you come across a new experience such as assessing your own death as a Personality and saying, “Oh, yes, I could be dead,” can be quite terrifying. Especially if it is hooked into depression, or depression is the context with which you explore this, because it may feel as if something is happening to you, but what is happening is simply that you are that aware, yourself. You can consciously make this assessment. It is quite helpful to know this because it may happen again, and the next time you will know that this is an assessment period. This is what happened to you and most of our students. That the assessment revealed to you “Yes, I could go now,” would be done. The fact that you are on the other side of that, if someone goes to the other side of that, it is because they are not done. They have plenty more to do and there is a part of you who found a creative path forward. We would say that most of you who do make it to the other side of this will tend to find a sudden burst of creativity, enthusiasm, energy that helps to move you into the patterns that have been revealed moving forward. So we would suggest nurturing those as best you can and exploring those because they came up for a reason. They came up as a response to your assessment, and you found your path forward. You are here to stay. Kasia: Thank you. And I just wanted to say for anyone else who did experience it, it was surprisingly… The intuitive level of it was really… There was a deep sense of knowing that everything was going to be okay. Which, even despite the terror, was helpful and very calming in its own way. But yes, thank you for all of that. MEntity: Next question. Sharvari: Hi Michael. I was just wondering what kind of advice you had on coping with depression in an immediate environment that is toxic? Or especially one that you can’t really escape or change in any way with the tools that you have at your disposal? MEntity: Yes, that is a challenge. You are surrounded by influences that are repeatedly causing what we described earlier as the acute effects, or local effects. All you can do is to navigate this as best you can and to rely on your resilience. Resilience is the core, must become the core, of who you are in those circumstances. There must be the choice, if it can be made at some point, to change the environments for your well-being. Of course, while you are in those circumstances where you cannot leave, you must contend with the forces that are lingering experiences. You must rely on your resilience. So rather than letting depression become the core identity, it can be helpful for you to claim your resilience as your core identity. You will do this. You can get through the next day. You can handle it. You can make the choices that do not protect yourself in ways that are emotional and intellectual at the very least. That input from others is not in some way destroying your sense of who you are. This is difficult. We do not in any way mean to minimize those kinds of circumstances. It will depend on your resilience. Your capacity to uphold the right to your whole self, your identity, on your own terms in the face of circumstances or people trying to take that away. We do not know of any easy way through that, other than your resilience. Every day is something that must be taken on as an individual experience processed. Every day you must get through to the next day. We know that is not a solution. We know that is not an answer that is particularly helpful. But it is a reminder that you can do it, that you matter, and the strength, the force, helps you to do it. In addition to this, if it’s possible, seek external help. That is so vital. We have said before that in many circumstances of depression, it is something that requires intervention. This cannot be done if someone does not know. So from the depths of your depression, you must find that moment, that strength to reach out and ask for help, if you can find it, because that intervention may be necessary. We would have to assess specifics of any individual’s situation that you are describing for a response. But in general, your resilience, the strength of learning your identity, and seeking help are the three things that we can suggest in general. Sharvari: Sure, I guess I was asking because… Going through something like this over time really wears you down and makes you really tired. I can personally feel that this is going to affect me in the long run. I can tell that right now because I’ve done that before. So, I don’t quite know how to get through that part of… Like, I know that my behavior right now – being resilient, you know, putting one foot in front of the other – is necessary, but I can also tell that there is so much that is happening to me that is really gonna need a lot of unpacking in the future, and that’s not a very encouraging thought. MEntity: Yes, you bring up a very valid point in terms of processing. They’re quite difficult to process what you are being bombarded with in a way that is meaningful while you are in it. That is valid, if we heard you correctly, that there is a lot that will have to be unpacked after the circumstances. This is important to understand that it is okay for you to let that be the case. It is okay for you to get to the other side before you do your unpacking. You do not have to figure it out. You only need to figure out the next day, now. You only need to figure out what drinks are required right now. Unpacking is something that will come later AND will come with a strength that you have that is freer than the strength that you have now. Did we understand your comment? Sharvari: Yes. And thank you. That actually helps a lot. Yeah, letting it be, and just, you know, putting it on another date, and also a comment about how you will have more thoughts later than you do now. MEntity: Yes. Sharvari: So, thank you so much. MEntity: Yes. Imagine a tree has fallen. It’s heavy enough that it is weighing you down, but light enough for you to keep pushing it up. You must hold it. Keep it from crushing you. While you are in those circumstances, you simply must rely on your strength and resilience. You can figure out why the tree fell later. We are throwing out an analogy to help you understand with more clarity what we described. While you are in it, your strength and resilience are the most important. After the tree is no longer having to be held up, after the depression and the circumstances and the people have removed themselves, then you can best process what happened. We will take the next question now. We have focus for one or two more before we wrap up. Christian: Hello Michael. This is Christian. I know we have talked about this subject quite a bit over the years in my efforts to heal from lots of different things. First of all, a lot of the things that you said, it starts to make a lot more sense now, on the other side of a lot of this. I guess the main question that I kind of have is… It was described to me by my therapist as being that part of depression is located with sadness because I made the comment to her that it feels like the depression will never leave. Like it will always be there. She said part of that is because it’s tied with sadness, and obviously if you’re not feeling sad because something sad happened, in her eyes that would be a very serious issue that we would need to address. I’m just wondering if, is it just that we can minimize it? Or is it that we can eliminate it? Or is it just that there’s more work to be done? I’m just curious as to, can we get to a point where it’s just “not there” for those of us who have had it as part of that personality? MEntity: Yes, it’s possible. It is possible to eliminate it altogether without avoiding it. By that, we mean it may occur again, but it can be regenerated entirely so that it is like an experience that is quite distant from you that is not hovering or an undercurrent. It is possible. However, it is not easy. And especially as you described for those who have had this as a part of their pattern for most of their existence, it would be quite difficult to let it go to transform it, because there is some level of affection for it. We do not mean that in some twisted way, that you “like to feel bad,” but it does become a part of an identity in a way that develops an affection in the same way that one you may know who is quite difficult, annoying, even quite challenging, but you love them. You love them anyway. Each of you have come into your existence with the core of your intentions to love. It is not a lighthearted, whimsical thing you take on as individual fragments. Your intent is to love. This extends to the worst parts of you. Parts of you that are the most challenging and difficult, and the most annoying and debilitating. And so you may find yourself with a certain amount of affection for the part of yourself that you least [AUDIO LOST] to identify with. So if you start to recognize this as an affection, it’s your willingness to accept. It’s your willingness to love. It is no longer something that is fought, moved, something to allow. Then it is no longer something to protect yourself from. It is a thing you understand. Does this make sense? Christian: Yes. And it also makes me laugh a little bit because at one point I was writing up a blog post talking a little bit about this. And I got a vision in my head, as I was talking about depression, of sitting in this room and looking over, and on a dog bed that was way too small for it, was a giant black dog that was Depression. And with what you just said, that just really made me kind of laugh. So I do see what you’re talking about. I understand that. Thank you. MEntity: This is a positive thing. This is a healing thing. Because if you cannot transform it, if you cannot free yourself from it, you might as well love it. This is because, if you can love it, it loses its disruptive power over you. It becomes not about it defining or controlling your identity, but more about being a part of you that you have to navigate. So we say this is a positive thing because it is one of the solutions for these challenging experiences that come to you and shape you. And sometimes you cannot, will not, reject those parts of you because for many, many years, however debilitating they were, it is very difficult to reject the thing, however ugly that protected you. And by protecting, we do not mean that they were effective, or that they actually protected you, but the dynamic is often a relationship of protection developed as a response to threat. Though it is seen as a protector, you develop a relationship with that part of you in a way that at times you can only love. Next question, and final question. ConnorB: Oh good. Hello Michael. MEntity: Hello. ConnorB: So, since you brought up Sirius… So, if I were… I’ll put it to you this way. If I were writing the Human story, the Great Wounding you were talking about, from the displacement, it wouldn’t fully heal until Humans at some point go back to Sirius. Maybe that’s right, maybe that’s wrong, but either way, it’s going to happen at some point. Would you mind giving us a little glimpse of what that looks like? MEntity: It looks like what you are experiencing in your world now. You are shifting out of a paradigm that is shaped entirely around displacement, looking for a savior, being chosen, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] …and so forth, which has exacerbated the Great Wounding. What is happening as you shift into the Mature Soul Age is that you are reclaiming maturity as an individual. It’s a consciousness that it can exist anywhere in its own space, in its own time, its own right. Do you see this playing out on an individual, even a generational level, where there is a refusal to participate in the systems that have been in place for quite some time? It does not matter if they are being mocked, accused of laziness, or accused of fragility. They are holding their own. They are stepping up and reclaiming their right to exist how they exist and in a way that they seek to exist. So the healing of the Great Wounding comes when you are no longer looking for someone else to make your life better. Work with others to make your life better. Stand with others to make your life better. But you are not looking for someone else to make your life better. You are not participating in systems that are imposed on you. You are creating systems that care about everyone involved. So, over time, and this will take time. It will take collapse of some sort, in some way, to bring this overhaul of your societies and your governments and religions, but healing will come because enough have decided you are worth existing in your own right. You do not have to return home. You simply need to become home. That is what we are seeing in many of our own students and students of others who begin to bring to the dynamic through the conversations in your world right now. You are asking what it looks like? This is the beginning of what it looks like. You are on your way back home, and it was always with you. We will bring our exchange with you to a close now. And we did our best to address a rather difficult and broad concept that has many ways of showing up for you in your individual lives. We do not imply that what we have shared is in any way helpful for relieving your experiences, but it is there for you to examine and see if it does. It is simply another angle of insight, another layer of insight that can always be something useful. With that, we will head out, and goodbye. Bye. Various Students: Thank you, Michael. Bye, Auf Wiedersehen, etc. Troy: Are my hands gone? Various Students: No. Nope. They’re there. Troy: Oh, I guess I was so idle, my controller went to sleep so my hands like all got vibrated. Hey everybody! Kasia: Thank you, Troy, that resonated! Troy: Oh, hey Raul! Raul: Hello. Troy: Alright, how depressed are we? Who cried? Kerrin: I gave up sugar and I don’t have depression anymore. Cyprus: I cried the whole time. Troy: You cried? Cyprus: I cried out loud. Like, ugly cried. Troy: If you’re on PC, wiggle your head if you cried. I cried! I rarely cry. I’m so sorry – I disrupted the channeling because there was something, I don’t remember what it was, but it hit me and I was like “Ohhh lord, what…?!” Get back out of the way. Kasia: Feeling that we’re unwanted in our home, I think. Troy: Oh yes. Kasia: That’s when I noticed, like, “Yeah, that’s gonna hit.” Troy: IT DID! Oh my god. That’s what it was. Something like that.
  2. March 7, 2002 Troy Tolley, Channel Racism [M_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We understand the topic tonight to be “Racism.” We can begin by stating that we believe Racism, as it is understood, is simply a subcategory of a larger categorical rejection of, abuse of, neglect of, or dismissal of a particular group. We believe Racism is included along with Sexism, Species-ism, and other minor “-isms” within the larger context of “Classism.” Classism exists across the board, so to speak, and is included even within the sub-groups who claim to be victims of any particular “-ism.” To understand Racism, one must first understand Classism. Classism is not particular to any Soul Age as it might be guessed to be of Young Soul origin. It is not. Classism exists even within the gentler Old Soul communities, as well. We will define Classism as “the inherent need for identity that creates the illusion of division within social constructs.” Classism in not linked to particular Soul Ages because it is actually linked to particular Overleaves, which can be used in any lifetime by any Soul Age or Essence. Classism tends to be rooted in the interesting dynamic within a society as it is defined by the predominant Centering. In nearly all cases, the Classism moves in this direction: Intellect over Emotional over Moving. Inherent within Races, there ARE certain genetic inclinations that make that particular Race more potentially Moving, Intellectual, or Emotional in Centering. Naturally, the darker the pigmentation of skin, the more inclined that Race is toward Moving. The lack of pigmentation tends an inclination toward Intellect. This is NOT a rule, but an INCLINATION. We do not say, nor do we mean to imply, that there is a rule to define Centering based on skin color. In nearly all cases of Slavery and Racism within your history, the basis has almost entirely been based in differing Centers. When Centers are the same, the Classism moves to division based next on the PART. So, even within a society of intellectually centered Caucasians, the Emotional PARTs will usually take dominance over the Moving PARTs. This seemingly “natural” hierarchy is NOT VALID, of course, but is based in the vague longing toward “perfection.” Inherent in all fragments is that “longing”, however vague or clear. This longing is from the sense of separation and the apparent struggle to rise beyond that that seems to epitomize that separation: the Physical Plane. The Physical Plane is the most “separated” you will EVER be from anything; even internally there is the greatest rift you will ever experience as the division between “you” and Essence. If there could ever be an “original sin” identified, we believe it would be more accurate to identify the unconscious misinterpretation of the Physical Plane as a trap that must be risen above. By extension, this misinterpretation has manifested in many divisive ways. ALL “-isms” are a means to gain that illusory rise above what is most symbolic of what has trapped you here. If you examine your films, literature, history, you will find that most forms of SERIOUS praise and awards are given to those of intellectual stature. Frivolous forms of praise and awards are given to the more emotional categories of entertainment, charity, and the more moving centered sports. As we said that Classism is not exclusive to any Soul Age, we CAN say that the Mature Soul Age does the greatest work in alleviating as much of this as is possible within a Sentient Species. As can be seen in your world today, more and more methods of honoring all forms of Centering are coming forth and being taken far more seriously. With all of this being said, we must make it clear that Classism IS NOT a result of Centering, but a result of Fear, or Chief Feature. This fear is simply justified through the tool of Centering. The Exalted Chief Features will almost always be the dominant oppressor over the Ordinal Chief Features, many times despite the Centering. We will continue now with your questions for us. Otherwise, this is a strong foundation for beginning to understand the dynamics behind divisions within Class, Race, Gender, etc. QUESTIONS? [sam-nemo] What is the origin of races? How did they begin? I read a story in the Urantia book. [M_Entity] The origins of races is a grand topic, but we can say that we agree that the species eventually used by what is our Sentience began approximately 8 million years ago in what is now known as East Africa. [sam-nemo] To shorten the topic, did they pop up at one time or were they affected by genetic manipulation or alien experiments? [M_Entity] The varying Races had their development in part due to nomadic movement across lands, but more due to the genetic splicing effects when our Sentience moved to this planet. To respond to your question “in short,” we believe the “genetic manipulation” had more to do with varying Races than anything. Approximately 6 million years ago, the most dramatic divisions began. This was based on the genetic splicing and the care that the “aliens” had in creating the most effective and practical genetic bodies for the varying locations seeded. [MaryBV] How much of racism is based on bad past life experiences with or as part of a culture/people? [M_Entity] We would have to say that ANTI-racism is more indicative of past life experiences with or as part of a culture/people. Racism in its truest form is based in LACK of experiences. [Val] Please expand on the word “trapped” in your explanation and Exalted chief features, what is your meaning is? [M_Entity] We meant the word “trapped” literally, as in a confining and unchosen/unwanted condition of which there is great difficulty in escaping. The Exalted Chief Features are Greed, Arrogance, and Impatience. Because “you” exist primarily as “spirit,” the confines of the Physical Plane from the very beginning are quite uncomfortable and the challenges inherent to the Physical Plane are quite a shock to Essence. This affects the lifetimes in ways that are conscious and unconscious, leading nearly all extant to seek a vague sense of “somewhere else,” or “home,” be that in another person, a career, another location, or even another life, etc. This seeking eventually finds a balance and turns into “spirituality,” and eventually, as well, you realize you have never actually left “home.” [JNelson] Why would genetics predispose certain people towards certain overleaves? [M_Entity] Overleaves ARE genetic. Personality, while affected by environment, education, conditioning, is primarily based in genetics, in the same way a Body is. There is, literally, a gene that predisposes a Personality toward Intellect, as there is also a gene that predisposes a Personality toward Moving. We remind you that we say PREDISPOSES. This is overridden or flowed with as the life unfolds and choices and reactions are experienced. The Personality, even as it is defined by our system, is a biological description. In some parallels where genetic identification and manipulation is more accurate and acceptable, Personalities can be altered or at least identified and described quite early in a child’s life. This can and will be abused, of course, but as its more practical uses are found in some parallels it is a form of healing and/or preparation for a child’s life. [JNelson] So do fragments incarnate into specific bodies simply because they’re programmed with the desired overleaves already or would the fragment reprogram the overleaves itself upon incarnation? [M_Entity] The Overleaves are chosen first, as the Soul ages, and then the closest parental genetic pool is chosen to create the body. In early incarnations, predominate Essence dynamics usually determines the body a Soul uses, based on an already-defined Personality developing. For instance, a female body is 100% Female Energy (or Creative Energy) when a Soul is not using it. An Essence with predominantly Creative Energy in its ratio will be inclined to have female bodies in their earlier lives. Later, the Essence will more consciously choose against this as a means to learn balance and other various lessons. Eventually, the Energy Ratio can be used effectively regardless of the body’s gender. Infant Souls do not discriminate their choices of bodies as they would simply rather be born as soon as possible to escape the discomfort of being dead. Eventually, as the lessons of survival teach, they learn to choose and create more and more consciously. As the Soul learns, the creation of a lifetime and a body becomes an art form. If there are no more questions, we will say good night.
  3. November 4, 2004 Troy Tolley, Channel MICHAEL SPEAKS Online – Open Floor [Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We realize that there is a great deal of dismay following your most recent United States of America election for 2004 presidency. This is to be expected when observing the surface of the events, but when the emotional and intellectual reactions clear, there will be more clarity and certainty than presently anticipated. Currently the United States is predominantly Mature Soul as an average soul age, but Young Soul perceptions are the predominant perception, even among the majority of Mature Souls. It is a confusing time for the United States as it transits from the Young Soul values and perception and into the Mature Soul values and perceptions. Most of the Mature Souls in the United States are 1st Level to 3rd Level Mature and this does not make for strong stances for Mature Soul values. With approximately 90 million Young Souls and 100 million 1st through 3rd-Level Mature Souls dominating your country, it could be said that nearly 200 million fragments are contributing to the paradigm of the Young Soul. This number is more than the number of counted voters in your most recent election, from what we can determine at this point. If every Old Soul and every 4th Level Mature to 7th Level Mature Soul were to have contributed to the vote, that number would only be approximately 40.5 million fragments. If you factor in the Baby Soul population, the older fragments with the higher perspectives are vastly outnumbered. We share these “statistics” with you as a means to put into perspective how the United States is growing, progressing, and maturing in its own natural way. We have stated before, but will state again, that one of the catalysts for final implementation of Mature Soul values and perspective is THROUGH the medium of Young Soul events. It is naturally, the “only way”. From our perspective, it is important to note that more Mature Souls voted in this election than did Young Souls. But with the inclination to support familiar Young Soul values, it could be said that nearly half of the counted votes were collected from “young souls”. The impact of electing the current president will most likely be the final catalyst for the implementation of a Mature Soul paradigm. The Mature Souls who voted for the current president of the United States are eager for something dramatic to change the paradigm to which that country subscribes. From the Personality level the votes were cast as a means to uphold the familiar, but on an Essence Level, the votes were cast as the most potentially-combustible and permanent path of change available in your time. The contrast between “now” and the time of what would be your next election may be quite striking and, in the end, quite beneficial. We will open the floor to your questions now. [Questioner] also aren’t many of the “older” souls still children, and not of voting age? [Michael_Entity] Of the 40+ million fragments we would refer to as “older souls”, it is valid that approximately 25 million of these fragments are under the legal voting age. [Questioner] What can you see happening in the next 4 years that would be beneficial? In other words, can you be more specific? [Michael_Entity] We do not (and cannot) predict, but we can see the probabilities that appear to be more or less likely to manifest. The term “beneficial” is subjective, but we will use it in the context of events contributing to the stability of Mature Soul perception. In that context, there are two major events of high probability that will contribute to that change: 1. the assassination or dramatic unseating of your current president; and 2. the revelation and factual reveal that both elections of the current president of the United States were a result of conspiracy We do not wish to “add fire” to the concept of “conspiracy”, but part of your dismay and intuitive repulsion to the recent election is not rooted simply in disappointment. Your inner perception of this event will more than likely be vindicated within the next 4 years. The “benefit” then of this election will most likely be the complete overhaul of an outdated voting and political system. When your voting system and methods have been changed and implemented, you will then know you live in a Mature Soul world. [Questioner] Can Michael suggest ways that we can stay in positive poles and avoid getting caught up in Maya and our Chief Features (fears) on an individual level during this difficult time? [Michael_Entity] If you wish to stay in the positive poles of your overleaves, we suggest considering this time frame as no different from any other time frame in your life. It is not the first time you have been disappointed, betrayed, or appalled. That is simply a part of life and this time is no more difficult than any other. Most of the “difficulty” that is being experienced at this time by older fragments is an exaggerated emotional extrapolation from the speculation or expectations of the resulted events, but not from the reality of the events. In other words, where the early Mature Souls are living through outdated Young Soul perspectives, the older souls are living through outdated Mature Soul perceptions, tending to over-dramatize events as a means of alleviating boredom and rediscovering purpose. Therefore, within the context of this specific disappointment and dismay (the election), and the resulting drama that may begin to unfold from this, we suggest a conscious examination of your specific Soul Age. We suggest gently examining your True Soul Age and implementing your own paradigm in ways that you are capable of living. It could easily be said that if the older fragments do not implement their own soul age, it does nothing to help the evolution of perspective among other fragments. In other words, “be yourself”. Find ways to BE more fully who you are. If you are confused about what it means to “be yourself”, this phrase always means being who you WANT to be at that moment. There is no way you CANNOT “be yourself”, but being conscious of the process and expression can help navigate you through your personal world more peacefully and with more fulfillment. [Questioner] Regarding the emphasis placed on “moral values” among voters, and the alarming growth of Christian fundamentalism since the 1990s (which is equally repugnant to liberal Christians like myself, and non-Christians), this [moral value] seems to have a broader appeal than just among Baby souls looking for religious structure: is that true, and what would be the reasons for it among other soul ages? [Michael_Entity] There are several reasons that may apply here: One is that most organized religions are not “spiritual”, but more a means of competition, territorialism, division, and gain. Christianity marked the full implementation of the Young Soul age on your planet, so it is not surprising that Christianity is the primary religion of a Young Soul country. “Christian Moral Values” is simply a Young Soul means of justifying the methods of protecting the comforts of gained territory, wealth, security, etc. Another reason for the appeal among various soul ages is that it is simply the popular religion of the United States. Along with iPods and AOL, most fragments in a Young Soul paradigm find the most popular to be the most appealing, regardless of the quality, resonance, or practicality. All soul ages are susceptible to that appeal when living in the Young Soul paradigm. And finally, of course, there are legitimate levels of spirituality found by any soul age in any distorted religions of your time frame. All religions were initiated or built upon a legitimate spiritual tenet. SIDE NOTE: It may be of interest to you to note that Religion is a Young Soul construct using the ingredients of Baby Soul myths. It is many times thought that Religion is a Baby Soul construct, but that has never been the case. Religion is highly appealing to Baby Souls, but it is the Young Souls who manage that business. We have yet to see a more powerfully marketed, unquestioningly-purchased, and ultimately pointless product on your planet. This is not to say that value is not ultimately extracted from the experience, but we have seen more detours in personal and global evolution due to the freely-accepted oppression of religion than from any other context in your history. [Questioner] Will fundamentalism continue to grow, or will there be greater tolerance for things like gay marriage? [Michael_Entity] Religion, Politics, and Commercialism will continue to collapse and rebuild itself in a way that accounts for diversity, not conformity. That is the key difference between where your world is moving and from where it is coming. It is already happening without being truly noticed, but it is happening. The implementation of hundreds of television channels, for instance, is a Mature Soul paradigm. The “death” of subsidized radio and a restricted music industry is another. The internet is yet another. When diversity becomes the foundation of Politics, Spirituality, and marketing, you are in a Mature Soul paradigm. In more specific response to your question: There is an irony in the current election result and the revival of religious fundamentalism: many Mature Soul personalities may soon, suddenly, discover that they simply do not fit into the very world they sought to sustain. Consider a teenager who has taken great steps to rebel against the obvious future of his responsibility as an adult; so, too has the Mature Soul rebelled within the comfortable paradigm of the Young Soul. But as with the teenager, the Mature Soul will simply find it exhausting to maintain a paradigm from which it is inherently alien and eventually embrace its growth. [Questioner] Is the Diebold company part of the conspiracy? [Michael_Entity] Of course it is. [Questioner] sequoia? [Michael_Entity] Of course it is. We do not wish to convey that all parties involved within those services are part of “a conspiracy”, but there are a handful of fragments with an agenda that is as obvious to us as it is to you. There is an 89% probability of this fraudulence being validated publicly, though actions taken as a result of this may be less-obvious until much later. We will conclude with the next question. [Questioner] The fraudulence of which you speak: Is this part of the so-called 10-year program designed to hypnotize people to vote against their own best interest? [Michael_Entity] No. We know of no such program in which “hypnotism” is involved. The fraudulence of which we speak is simple misrepresentation. If all votes were counted accurately, you would not have your current president. We will conclude with a statement: It is important that you consider choosing for your emphasis to be on the greater patterns of your planet’s evolution in Soul Age. While it may be exciting to speculate wildly about the dramatic possibilities, it is also as exciting to consider the beauty and innocence that IS your fellow sentience. As the Mature Souls must eventually let go of their Young Soul paradigm, so does the older soul have to eventually let go of the Mature Soul paradigm (at least, internally). Consider that there is an irony in your distaste and repulsion at this time: it is a clue to your next (and possibly last) step toward Agape. How do you love the unlovable? How do you love those who hate? How do you perceive innocence in the midst of violence? How do you extract possibilities in the midst of restriction? This current event is not just about your planet’s evolution through an average soul age, but about your own Soul Age that is under self-scrutiny at this time. Can you love? Can you rediscover trust in a way that includes the soul of another beyond his False Personality? We do not ask these questions as a means to convey “new age” clichés, but as a valid response to many of your feelings at this time. Beauty is defined by us as “the recognition of patterns”. Chaos is “the lack of recognition of patterns.” You live in an intelligent universe within an intelligent design that allows for both Beauty and Chaos, both of which are simply a matter of perspective. The Older Soul is capable of acknowledging Chaos, while perceiving Beauty. Regardless of any physical, emotional, or intellectual circumstance, the choice will always be yours. We will conclude here. Good night to all of you. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Based on our recent chat with Michael, I thought it was interesting to explore further the numbers Michael shared. United States’ population is approximately 303,000,000 (according to Michael). Soul Age Demographics: 17,450,000 Old (about 6%) 123,000,000 Mature (about 41%) 90,000,000 Young (about 30%) 67,850,000 Baby (about 22%) 5,000,000 Infant (about 1%) Total Counted Votes Soul Age Demographic Breakdown: – 15,000,000 Mature/Old (older souls) 13% of the votes – 45,000,000 Early Mature 39% of the votes – 30,000,000 Young 26% of the votes – 25,000,000 Baby 22% of the votes An extremely minor number of Infant Souls voted. This accounts for about 38-39% of the population of the United States. 51% of the votes for Bush = 40,500,000 Mature (about 99% Early Mature) 9,000,000 Young (about 99% Early Young) 10,000,000 Baby (about 99% Early Baby) 48% of the votes for Kerry = 15,000,000 Late Mature/Old (older souls) 4,500,000 Early Mature 21,000,000 Young (about 1% Early Young) 15,000,000 Baby (about .5% Early Baby) Michael explained to me while I looked at these numbers that far more late-level Baby and Young Souls (in this case, 5th level to 7th level) voted democratically than did early Mature. They explained that this is because those in the latter levels of a Soul Age are more likely to intuitively anticipate the most useful future environment for their growth, but the earlier levels of a Soul Age are more inclined toward what has become familiar and comfortable. So it looks like the votes were affected not by Soul Age, but by Soul Age LEVELS! I had never considered that before! Michael went on to explain that they believe over 2,000,000 votes were discarded, uncounted, or rendered unacceptable and that over half of those were for invalid reasons and in “key states.”
  4. Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: January 12, 2017 Date: February 15, 2017 Excerpt from two separate private sessions, as linked above. ----------------------------------------------- MICHAEL It is vital for any surviving Sentient Species to, eventually, return to the organic structure that is inherent in any planetary dynamic of consciousness. There is a living structure of which you are a part and when you remove yourself from that structure, it is the equivalent of a blocked artery in a body, or a "closed" Chakra, or slow amputation of a limb, with Humans being the limb. There is a period of growth in a Sentient Species where it is "natural" to distance from that, which has always nurtured the species, much the way a teenager must distance herself from caretakers to learn her strengths and weaknesses and then return with greater understanding of the self. The Young Soul phase of evolution is the most distant Humans will ever be from that dynamic structure of life. During that phase, there are vital turning points that lead to either the collapse/extinction of the species and a necessary Karmically-loaded relocation to bodies that can help heal and avoid this from happening again, or the species rapidly accelerates in its return to the dynamic structure of life and takes a new stewardship role in its Maturity. What you describe is true: that your species need not learn any language or skills in communication with non-humans beyond the communication already established and working, but is ignored. There is no need for psychic bonding, affectionate exchanges, domestication, no need to even understand other creatures, beyond what they establish as their own design for living. Kinship is not necessary, but recognition of self-defined personhood is vital. All other levels of communication that might come, would be built from the acceptance of the premise that other species can already clearly and definitively communicate pain and pleasure at the very least, and suffering and joy from the more complex species. Your Essence, along with many of our students, are working privately or publicly in getting to that place in this lifetime or the next lifetime. Many of our students are contributing to a wave of education, inspiration, and practical application of what we describe as Affinity, which is the only term that can describe what "saves" a Sentient Species from the weight of their own distancing from the Life Structure. You are not just fragments of a living structure that is made of souls, but are bodies existing within a construct that is part of a planetary consciousness, and this must be understood for the species to survive. AFFINITY is a higher function and one that is accessible to nearly everyone, though it is rarely nurtured beyond the first tier. The First Tier is that of immediate recognition of SIMILARITY. There is little thinking involved. There is knowing. Nearly every Personality can see Similarity between himself or herself and nearly any other creature on the planet. The Second Tier is that of CURIOSITY. This is yet another Tier that is quite common among Humans in their Affinity for non-Human animals. Curiosity is the desire to learn more about that which is so similar, but different. The Third Tier is that of KINDREDNESS. This is when the Similarity and Curiosity come together in a way that recognizes Kindredness. This is the Tier when one no longer consciously or subconsciously differentiates value and worth based in species You can see these Tiers of Affinity at work among Humans who are eager to relate to animals and sees the deep similarities that clearly indicate feeling, thought, existence on their own terms, but that recognition is usually locked only to those species deemed socially acceptable to value. SIMILARITY is seen everywhere as marketing, children’s books and television, etc. are utilizing animals for teaching, relating, selling, humour, etc. CURIOSITY is seen everywhere as animal documentaries and animal companions, and even in the misguided visits to zoos and films with animal "actors." And KINDREDNESS is when you cross the line from defining oneself as merely a separate species, but as an Earthling with multitudes of animal brothers and sisters. As Affinity is a higher function, it is always available, but relatively few have moved Affinity into Kindredness. Because of fairly definite impending food shortages due to climate change and an inability to sustain farming in the current form, many of you are laying the groundwork and creating the network of support for when familiar foods begin to reduce in availability. This dramatic shift is likely within the next 20 years. That is why we mention that the current life is directly involved and can feel the urgency. If enough people cannot be moved into the more sustainable realm of consuming, then it may take a lifetime or two to recover. This is not a prediction or a doomsday scenario, but is a practical concern based on current patterns that have yet to be diverted toward more sustainable and pleasant paths.
  5. 10Q - Feb 10, 2016 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. MikeClev: Hello :) This question is about the topic of Generational Karma. Could you describe how being in this "Mature" Age affects that era? How will being in an "Old" Age be different? Thanks. MEntity: During an Age, it tends to be the case that all events funnel into the securing of that Age into the populace. During this Mature Age, it is a process of breaking down barriers, emotional rawness, intensity, expanding boundaries while also strengthening any that have been ignored. It is about bringing about an awareness of collectivity, consensus, negotiation, compromise, and cooperation. Events tend to force the idea that "we are in this together, whether we like it, or not." This will be met with great resistance by those who prefer their own paths that do not account for the consequences upon others. The Mature Age, then, tends to be marked by an escalating intensity that is emotional in nature and brings the population to a turning point that finds a way to soothe those in desperate fear for their individual paths while still gaining collective momentum of empowerment. If this soothing of the younger souls is not addressed, then the turning point can be quite disastrous, but the turning point will come, regardless. At some point during an Age, the turning point comes, either with resistance/pain or with surrender/pleasure. The Old Age would be marked by a building upon or up from the turning point of the Mature Age and aim for how to implement collective responsibility and freedom. It tends to be an Age where true anarchy is in effect to some degree that allows order to rise up from chaos. If the momentum continues as we can see it, this will have been well under way with the advent of digital technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality, as "the world" shifts from geographical and national differentiations to a world organized by ideas and philosophies. All boundaries and privacy issues will have long been resolved, and life will not be limited to locality. The Internet is a precursor to the Old Age. There will be those who rise and fight against this by claiming that the quality of life is reduced by emphasizing digital interaction, but this will be met by the Old Age in the same way one might feared that the telephone would remove the necessity for actual contact, or that the use of digital music somehow cannot carry the experience of an actual concert. It will always be true that actual contact is important, but to expand beyond boundaries of geography and locality to form "nations" based in ideas and philosophies rather than territories is a natural progression. We can continue elaborating, but we know there are other questions. MikeClev: Thank you :) Evelin: Hello, Michael! Michael, you told me: "If we were to put a number to what is knowable and what is known in terms of Astronomy and Space, on a scale of 1 to 100, Humans are at 2." On the same 1 to 100 scale, what would be the number of what is known to Humans about 1) our Solar system 2) (how) the Sun (works), 3) what influences Earth's tectonics? MEntity: In terms of the Solar System, we would put the knowledge at 5. In terms of how the Sun works, we would put this at 6. In terms of Tectonics, we would put this at 10. Evelin: Lovely... room for growth! Thank you. MEntity: Very much so. Colleen: Hi Michael. What was the motive for the murder of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968? Who was behind it? MEntity: This was fairly straight-forward and not as mysterious in motivation. This was motivated by a group who felt betrayed by America and this was their attempt to make a point, to send a message, to try to get across the anger and desperation that was unfolding in the politics and conflicts that were affecting them. The fragment known to have committed the assassination was fairly forthright and open about his motivations, and we do not see these as scripted by force or by manipulation, other than in terms of how a group can bring influence when sharing in an emotion and pain. Colleen: So Sirhan Sirhan was part of the conspiracy. He claims he has no memory of the event. MEntity: The group has long since disbanded or members dead, but that anger that fueled this group exists even into today. This is not uncommon for those who are fueled by "crimes of passion," and this is included in that. Colleen: Was he the only shooter? MEntity: Once the buildup of intensity, anger, hatred, frustration, fear, etc. is released and has landed in some catastrophic way, the mind is suddenly with a void that was once filled with this singular objective. AnnH: Wow. MEntity: That is then either experienced as loss of memory, or is retroactively filled with a narrative that is fantasy or shaped from input of others. The fragment in question was not the only one. Three were moving in for the best opportunity. Depending on various parallels, each of these three or a combination caused the death. AnnH: So this happened in a number of parallels? MEntity: More that it generated various parallels. So, technically, yes. AnnH: OK Colleen: Thanks. PeterK: I am considering the field of virtual reality as a possible career direction, particularly in combination with data visualization and mobile devices. What advances in virtual reality are humans likely to achieve over the next ten years? MEntity: If there is no collapse, this industry is set to exponentially grow beyond what is in the general imagination at this time. Augmented and Virtual Reality is one of the "great solutions" that not only help to resolve the issues of resources and climate change, but also to herald a radical shift toward the Resource-based Economy. In ten years, if the patterns remain as we can see them now, your hardware will move from external and clunky to integrated, wearable, and neurologically powered. CLARIFICATION: this is not to say it will reach that state within the 10 years, but that it will be ever clearer that it is moving in that direction and feasible. It is a viable career. PeterK: Thank you very much. AnnH: This is personal which I hope can be enlarged into general. The topic could be Dreaming of the Dead. I have often dreamed of my late Task Companion parents who died in 2000 and 2004. In the past few years, I have dreamed of them often as being separated/divorced and having no contact with each other. Very different than their recent incarnated relationship. Recently in dreams it seems my mother has rejected all of her just past family. How do I go about understanding and resolving the choices and changes that those who I’ve known in this life have made now that they are no longer incarnate? What is up with these dreams of the dead? AnnH: Added: My dreaming self has been hurt by my mother's rejection. It's rather tedious. MEntity: In response to the first question: you are already working on that resolution, but the only missing element is your ACTIVE imagination. Currently, your passive imagination is playing out various scenarios, anxieties, fears, upturned memories, etc. These are rising up because they may be speaking to old, forgotten, or fantasy wounds that you can heal or fix by using your active imagination. Your active imagination requires you to correct your memories, to actively pull up clarification, or to actively replay the scenarios with different, preferred outcomes. For example: If you dream that your mother rejects you and this is painful, it may speak to when you actually did feel rejected, however subconscious or conscious that experience might have been, or it may speak to your grief of missing her but not having any way to truly hear from her to console you as you need mothering. AnnH: Or both :) MEntity: This is your passive imagination helping to bring to the surface that which your active imagination can heal. Using your active imagination is no less significant than your passive imagination. Imagine her presence, her best moments of loving, your moments of joy, your memories of touch and kindness and understanding when she was not at her best, and/or own your current need for mothering by taking care of yourself with obvious nurturing and kindness instead of neglect or escape. In short, you have control over the impact of experiences such as this by understanding that your passive imagination informs you, and your active imagination can help you. AnnH: Yes, thank you. MEntity: We must conclude here for today. We know this is a new format of exchange with you, and it brings with it potential for rather intimate exchanges with us. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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