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Found 11 results

  1. KurtisM


    *This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions. OBSERVATION MODE One in Observation relates to others through seeing+observing all of his relationship or experience, and then choosing how to further relate through the other Modes. Observation grows intimacy through truly seeing and being seen, not being locked into, or locking others into, any preferred/expected versions of you or them, and it’s important for Observation Mode to feel he’s gaining clarity from his experiences/pursuits. When in -Surveillance, he feels distant, removed and disconnected, feeling as though he’s going through the motions or watching it all go by as if from behind a glass wall or two-way mirror- rendering him invisible, or removed from himself, his relationship or the world-at-large. He no longer feels a part of the life he lives, simply watching it, others and himself with a sense of isolation, lack, high scrutiny or yearning apathy. Watching things pass can, of course, create strong sentiments about missed opportunities, lack of nurturing, feelings of ineffectiveness and not being a part. Observation can use any other Mode to Remain in Surveillance or Bring Clarity- Reserve would help to step back emotionally to see the bigger picture, ranging from protecting his emotions, to building up the relationship/experience's meaning incrementally. // Passion would allow him to dive in to what or who inspires him/is inspired by him, ranging from identifying with/as something/someone- to learning about+becoming more of himself through the relationship/experience. Caution would help to refine thoughts+expression, ranging from aversion+over-analysis, to choosing a deliberate way/context of expressing himself. // Power would help him to be present/seen, heard/acknowledged and take back some control, ranging from oppression to authority. Perseverance would help to never give up+keep trying, ranging from bumping up against obstacles, to navigating with/through/around those obstacles. // Aggression would help to see his part in the dynamic, ranging from feeling spread across multiple directions of focus that demand his attention, to seeing he initiates action by where he focuses his observation. When in +Clarity the “fog lifts” and he truly feels like an involved participant in life rather than a spectator of it; able to clearly see who he and others are and where he’s going. It could be said Clarity observes+relates up-close- truly experiencing life and all its flavors. Observation is attracted to how much he resonates you- how well you look past his surface+personas and make known you see+accept him in his entirety. He’s most wounded then, when someone he thought saw him in his entirety no longer is, or someone he craves+longs to see him is unable/unwilling to; to heal, it helps him not to push others to see him, but to look past the surface he sees as defining another, and see their innocence+limitations more clearly instead. -------------------------- SOURCE MATERIAL: Healing Relationships- Observation~ Truly Seeing vs Seeing only the Surface Modes and Goals- Observation~ Connection & Resonance Medium of Attraction- Observation~ Watching, Perceiving, Experiencing, Participating How Observation evolves Intimacy Surveillance Tidbit: Disconnection Member: Maureen- Observation(Slide to Reserve/Passion/Power) Member: Ingun- Observation(Slide to Passion in Depth) Member: GeraldineB- E&P Profile(Slide to Passion) Member: ClaireC- CF Report(Slide to Passion) Member: AlG- Essence Report(Slide to Passion) Member: NickF- Essence Report(Slide to Passion/Aggression) Member: BrianW- Observation Mode's Wounding
  2. KurtisM


    *This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions. AGGRESSION MODE One in Aggression relates to others by actively initiating many directions of focus and being able to manage all those cohesively. Aggression is all about igniting something. Aggression grows intimacy through how well you “keep up” with him, without faulting/taming/slowing him down for his constant changes of focus+direction, or movement+activity, and it’s important for Aggression Mode to be able to manage and organize his experiences. When in -Belligerence, he tries to plow forward through the use of force- often for self-satisfying purposes- and at the expense of the impact of his actions on those around. He simply flails about from one interest, project, or relationship to the next when the last grows tedious/difficult or in an attempt to cater to and cover all bases at once(all parts involved in a direction). Belligerence over-thinks, loses patience and only focuses on the limitations of time. It’s much like the theatrical hands of a loud talker- there may be a purpose, but no co-ordination- only constant distraction. To move from Belligerence to Dynamism, Aggression must Persist. While this might just mean "keep trying", and focusing action into a decision or next step- picking things back up, so to speak- Aggression also benefits from initiating new perspectives/directions that sustain enthusiasm for doing something- such as letting a daunting project become a mini-project part of a larger one, or revitalizing a stale relationship by doing something new in it. Both are also forms of Persistence. When in +Dynamism, he becomes aware of all that his actions initiate, able to manage(direct) those forces in action together. All parts of a relationship/scenario are juggled cohesively: much like what happens when conducting a symphony. He is aware of how it all plays together: aware of its dynamics. Aggression is most attracted to your entirety- to what's become of you through your experiences. He's most wounded when you/he is no longer whole, but fragmented, divided and scattered within and without; to heal, it helps him to recover a sense of integrity, and bring all the parts of himself back together, integrally, so that they function to return a sense of initiative+direction. ------ SOURCE MATERIAL: Healing Relationships- Aggression~ Totality vs Divided Modes and Goals- Aggression~ Create Consistency Medium of Attraction- Aggression~ What's Become of it All, Totality, Dynamics, Causal Truth How Aggression evolves Intimacy Aggression & Persistence Member: Maureen- Father in Aggression
  3. KurtisM

    Emotional Center: Linked to Mode

    [Excerpt from OMW: You and Your Centers] MEntity: The EMOTIONAL CENTER has as its Basic Functions the regulation of your intimacy, empathy, and sensitivity. In its simplest description for this exchange, we can say that is how one navigates between MEANINGFUL and MEANINGLESS. This is everyone's way of infusing or extracting meaning from his or her path/experiences in life. It is directly linked to the MODE. No matter what your Mode, in terms of Axis, it is your EMOTIONS that create or destroy your sense of meaning from your experiences. One cannot fulfill any range of significance in intimacy, sensitivity, without having infused or extracted Meaning. One cannot implement the Mode in any healthy way without evolving one's range of INSPIRATION. The more one limits his or her sense of Inspiration, the less-likely one can relate to others, to see himself or herself in others, and more importantly, less-likely to recognize others in himself or herself. By "others," we speak of any creature, sentient or non-sentient. In Positive Health, this Center could be described as showing up as GIVING/GENEROUS. In Negative Health, it can show up as RESENTFUL. The means by which the Mode is fulfilled at its best is when approached from this state of Giving/Generosity. The trick here is that no lifetime can be experienced without some experience in giving, but when one begins to keep score, to stand in righteousness, to give when not fully capable of giving, then Resentment begins to step in. So the evolution of Giving is a matter of one's evolution of Meaning. ... we will close on the Emotional Center by stating that the state of your relationships is a fair means of assessing where you are in terms of Health in the Emotional Center.
  4. ckaricai


    Y'all, I get obsessed with things sometimes. I've always been like that. Find a song I like and then I need to hear the whole album, then I need to hear every album by that artist. Read a short story I like, then I have to read every book by the author. It's the same with TV and movies. It's not quite the same with food tho. With food it's more like, find a dish I like, then every time I go to a restaurant that serves that dish, I have to have it at some point just to know which restaurant serves the best version of that dish. My current obsession is The Expanse. I've watched every episode, listened to every podcast, been to the author's website, read every available book, gotten basic bios on all the main actors, and I just bought two expanse related tshirts on a whim because they were on sale. And I can't wait to put them on. Other current obsessions are podcasts in general (I'm addicted to them), knitting/crocheting/weaving (had to take a break because of serious carpel tunnel but I keep thinking of new projects to start), and Steven Universe. I keep checking the interwebs for new episodes to watch them before they air, and there is going to be an actual album that I can't wait to buy. If I were into cosplay I'd be working on a Smokey Quartz costume on the side. I've wondered if this is a passion mode thing or if it's just a me thing. Anyone else in passion mode experience this kind of thing where you find something you like and you feel the need to devour everything about it ever? Anyone have current obsessions regardless of your mode?
  5. December 3, 2011 OMW: Year Review MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here now. The workshop requested today is that of consciously reviewing your year of experiences so that you may carry with you into the next year that which is of benefit to you, and release that which is not. This process of Review happens on a Personality Level almost-yearly, but almost always subconsciously, and not with a great deal of comprehension. There are various levels of Reviews that happen, as signified by some of the planetary Returns in your Astrology, such as the Jupiter and Saturn Returns, and also by any collective Instinctive Centered Year, or major events and choices in your life. In short, Reviews are happening "all the time" in some form, but it usually takes a major event to truly bring comprehension of that Review. Unless you use your power of Choice to bring a Review into comprehension at will. The Review process that we will discuss today is one based upon your Choice, your willingness. It is a conscious Review. Time periods or recurring events (such as holidays) are excellent markers for taking a moment to Review, and the end/beginning of a year is usually quite significant to most. We will define "Review" here as: the process of awareness, integration and comprehension of experiences. Awareness is the Intellectual recall of experience. Integration is the extraction of meaning from experience, or the Emotional/Inspirational element. And Comprehension is the building from those experiences, or the Action element. What most lifetimes/Personalities tend to do is to leave a trail of experiences that are then gathered up only after the death of the body. The cliche that "people never really change" is based upon this, because most fragments while incarnated in a Personality really do not change in any discernible way, because there is a great lack of Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension of Experiences. Most lifetimes tend to be a series of consumed experiences that do not get fully processed. To put this into perspective: imagine that a lifetime equals 100% Experience. Most fragments, while in a body, are Aware of only 10% at most, Integrate only half of that 10% at most, and Comprehend even less. In other words: 90% of what is gained from a lifetime of Experiences comes AFTER the lifetime ends. A lifetime of experiences over a 70 to 100 year span bringing only 3% Comprehension leaves the Personality at the end of the lifetime feeling quite bewildered with "where the time went," what he or she did with his or her life, etc. If Review were a regular part of the lifetime in Comprehensive ways, or if this were considered a valid and vital part of educational systems, lifetimes would look very different. That being said, it is also a glorious luxury that a Personality is NOT required to Review. YOU get to LIVE. That is all you have to do, if that. It is not your responsibility, nor is it particularly appealing to go into Review on any regular basis during a lifetime. The opportunities are there, and sometimes they are vital (signified most of the time by near-death experiences prompting Review), but they are not required. However, as the Soul Ages, and the Personalities grow more and more conscious during the living of a lifetime, manifesting Essence more and more, the process of Review becomes quite an interesting prospect. YOU want to Review because YOU equals Essence. "You" always equates Essence, but not always consciously, which is the differentiation between "manifesting Essence" and not. Today, then, we will share with you ways that you can Review using tools that are useful as Personality, as well as methods that are used by Essence, usually reserved for after death. Before we go into those, we will first suggest the methods for settling into your Review. You do not have to do these during this workshop. Draw from memory at least 3 significant events of your past year. There are always 3 or more, whether you realize that or not. There a multitude, in fact, but in terms of memory, there should always be available at least 3 with which will come to AWARENESS. Divide your previous year into four sections of three months each (i.e., Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec). To the best of your memory, determine in which section the events occurred. [Martha] event meaning some particular occurrence, or could it be some longer term theme/project etc? MEntity: Martha, "significant" is the key here. It could have been a moment, it could have been a project, it could have been a word, it could have been a day, etc. The degree of significance to you is what is important. By "significant," we mean that it meant something to you that stayed with you in some way. If it was a long-term event of significance, it can be noted as to where it began, but it can also be noted as to which sections it spanned. By just doing these steps, you have worked through the Awareness and Integration elements of Review. The next steps, then, will have more immediate significance and resonance, if this process works for you, as your examples can be worked with. A continuation on the Integration element: The four sections of the year are now labeled by the Overleaf emphasis that the season tends to bring with it. This may be different for those in the different Hemispheres, and whether the climate is rather steady, or not, there will still be these "seasons." For simplistic purposes, we will describe the climates where most of our students are, and this can then be translated appropriately. Jan-Mar=Winter=GOAL Apr-Jun=Spring=MODE Jul-Sep=Summer=ATTITUDE Oct-Dec=Fall=CHIEF FEATURES Obviously, these are not exact to the shifts in Seasons, and in fact there are more "seasons" when technically speaking, but this is a symbolic mapping that need not be confused with more technical differences. [Maureen] Is it your personal Overleaves in effect or is this only the "effect" of the yearly, transiting Overleaves? MEntity: In extreme climates that transcend the more "traditional" shifts in insolation for the year, such as closer to the poles and equator, we would still suggest dividing up your year for Review as suggested, as it is symbolic, as we said, but there are some differences in your process that we will address. There a multitude of ways to define "seasons" on the planet, so we will use this mapping that helps to cover the point of Review, rather than as a way to describing shifting temperatures and cycles of the planet, itself. In your identifying where in your "seasons" your significant events occurred, you have gained insight into which of your Overleaves was being activated as a primary process for that event. If your significant event occurred in Jan-Mar, it is directly and most-significantly linked to your GOAL. If your significant event occurred in Apr-Jun, it is directly, and most-significantly, linked to your MODE. And so on. To expand upon these: GOAL = the state or quality that every action in your life is aimed at comprehending. MODE = the method through which you access inspiration, and use that for developing Relationships. ATTITUDE = the means through which you communicate/express yourself to your world, and interpret the communication and expressions from your world. CHIEF FEATURES = the habits used to protect yourself from presumed dangers and threats to any of the above. All of this falls into the elaboration for Step Three, by the way. [Maureen] So if you went into "action" during the Oct-Dec time period -- would that be in "reaction" to your Chief Features? MEntity: We do not understand your question. [Maureen] If this time period is related to the CFs -- and you "act" or create at that time -- is this related to the Cfs? MEntity: No. When we get into examples, this may be clearer. Before we continue, we will take one of you as an example for how to utilize step three, and help you walk through the assessment. Who will volunteer? Just one, for now. [Maureen] me? MEntity: Yes, Maureen. [Maureen] do you want me to give you what I have? MEntity: Share one significant event and in what time frame it occurred. [Maureen] OBSERVATION, PASSION/RESERVE, REALIST, CFs (STUBBORNNESS, SELF-DEP, IMPATIENCE): People “insisting/wanting” to pay me Apr-Jun($), Jul-Aug(barter), Oct-Dec($). MEntity: So that we are clear: these are the same events of significance, occurring at different points in the year? [Maureen] yes - similar events / so the "same' – yes MEntity: This would then count as ONE significant event, even if it is cycles or repetition, and we would go with where it began: in the realm of your MODE. However, it will still "mean something" that it occurred in these other seasons, and we can address that. The arcing of significance, though, would be in that this is a Significant Event regarding Inspiration, your Mode, and Relationships. Our walkthrough with you will lead to step FOUR) Comprehension. What will lead to Comprehension, is the full Integration from step THREE, which is making sense of what this means to you. In this case, having the symbolic context of your Mode, Inspiration, and Relationships, it seems almost "too obvious" that this Significant Event is a process that is inviting you to relate in ways that bring the circuit of Inspiration to a wholeness in your Relationships regarding your services. It was an opportunity for you to Comprehend that your services have value that, while difficult to quantify, CAN be quantified in a way that helps that Comprehension. Therein lies the Comprehension, or Step Four: you are PART of the equation of value, not the entire equation, in a Relationship, in any terms of exchange. In terms of your own Mode of Observation, then, it would mean that this Significant Event should be glaring, obvious, and clear, and if it is rejected, you are not seeing clearly, or refusing to see clearly what is so obvious. [Maureen] I can see it – lol MEntity: Yes, you can. And by using this Review, you can then build from the Experience in a way that changes you, rather than hints at possibilities that you refuse, deny, or resist. Does all of this make sense to you? [Maureen] yes it does MEntity: Another example from another student is requested. Yes, Janet. Share as Maureen shared. [Janet] I participated in a dance competition in June, first in many years. I did not do well for a variety of reasons. But it haunts me now. I'm in Power mode. Might be my self-dep that alters my impressions of it now. MEntity: What part of June? The closer to July, the more one would want to consider the next" season" as well; in this case, the Attitude. [Janet] Mid-June. But I am Stoic. MEntity: NOTE: Any Significant Event that resides on the cusp of a "season" would do well to consider the context next to it. [Janet] And goal of Dominance to complete the sequence... MEntity: A fair span of consideration for a cusp is 3 days before the next context. In assessing your Significant Event, Janet, one would consider the event in context: in your case, in the context of Power Mode. Keeping in mind that "MODE = the method through which you access inspiration, and use that for developing Relationships," and that Power Mode is about relating through your degree of PRESENCE, we can begin to extract the significance of this event, or Integrate it. In this case, you went on full display, not only for others to see, but for you to see, just how PRESENT you are with yourself. Were you fully merged into the movements of your dance? Were you present with yourself *as a dancer*, or were you distracted by your past performances as a dancer, or your future assessment as a dancer? [Janet] Oh bingo MEntity: This is significant to you because it let you see where you are in your use of that Mode, in your use of Power, in your willingness to Be Present (in relationships). [Janet] So if you do not or cannot make full use of your mode, you may miss opportunities? Is this a way of evaluating how to approach future events? MEntity: And therein lies your Comprehension, or Step Four. That you fall into Oppression of yourself to protect yourself from the presence and power of others, rather than stand in your own Authority and confidence with whatever, however, and wherever you are with yourself NOW. [Janet] Very valid. And in retrospect all my previous good showings at comps made full use of Power mode. I see it now. MEntity: You will always make "full use" of your Mode. It is your Mode. It is functioning in one way or another, be it in Authority, or in Oppression. The key here is in your Conscious Review: continue to condemn your performance and lose all useful meaning (Integration) from it, or retroactively allow THAT PERFORMANCE to be OKAY. Take back your Authority, and bring yourself back to you (Presence), by understanding that it was its own performance, and not a defining moment the wipe out all other performances, past, future, or present. [Janet] A most helpful Review. Thank you. [Maureen] So is that how the CFs come into "play" -- at the end of the year? As we look back we "assign" a "negative" or "positive" reaction/response to our events? MEntity: Maureen, that is valid. The "season" of Chief Features tends to be when most do any kind of Review, but when done without Consciousness, there tends to come only a review of what went wrong, what needs to change, what you will do differently, etc. And then the cycle perpetuates in the new year. [Maureen] and I just saw Janet "shift" -- so if you allow yourself to shift from a "negative" to a "positive" view you can pull your OLs into the positive? MEntity: Yes, Maureen; it is an immediate effect. [Janet] But is it also valid to use what you know about the seasonal impact of the overleaves to prepare yourself for a coming event? MEntity: Janet, because this mapping is based in Review, it tends to be the case that it is only useful in retrospect, rather than in anticipation. [Janet] Ah. But I imagine some awareness won't hurt in the future. MEntity: However, knowing the "seasonal emphasis" can help you to gauge your anticipated events in a way that then allows for more immediate Integration from within the Experience. [Janet] I can see that. MEntity: For instance, had you known about this before your dance, you could have brought a consciousness to your dance that embraced your Power and presence. But that is also a realization that one can make at any time of the year. When your Reviews are only based upon what went wrong, what needs to change, etc, then it tends to be the case that your entire next year begins with Actions/Goals that stem from disappointment, failings, etc, and the stories repeat in many ways then. When you are RELATING, consider your Mode. When you are fulfilling intentions, consider your GOAL. When you are socializing and communicating, consider your ATTITUDE. and so on. What we have shared so far is a symbolic mapping of your Year in Review that helps you to bring Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension. Keep in mind that nearly all of what you have labeled as "significant events" comes with great benefit, if Comprehended. When there is lack of Comprehension, even the best of events can be dismissed. When Comprehension is involved, everything is amazing and beneficial. However, it is not lost on Essence that many events of significance simply cannot be Comprehended while within the confines of time and space, and in those instances, the freedom you give yourself NOT to comprehend (until you can) is a Comprehension in itself. To clarify our mapping of the year, the reason Chief Features are assigned to Fall, is that it is an Assimilative time of year, and therefore brings up the Instinctive Center, which often prompts fears. Assimilation is a process of filtering and organizing experiences, and this often means letting things die for the sake of rebirth, if you will. What we have shared with you is a process that is a crude parallel to how Essence Reviews an entire lifetime, except in far more detail and analysis, but your participation while from "inside" the life adds a level of profundity to afterlife Review that can only come from your participation now. Imagine the difference between walking a path through a grove of fruitful trees carrying a basket for collecting those ripened fruits, and taking time to eat many of them along the way, versus walking through that same path without a basket, and only carrying a few fruits in hand, able to maybe eat part of one along the way. The basket and the eating are your Awareness and Integration, which naturally lead to Comprehension, or a full basket at the end of the life. To continue with our metaphor, it would be similar to handing over whatever fruits are in your arms at the time, but leaving many uncollected. Some fragments "hand over their fruits" as their arms fill, and some just keep piling on top until older fruits drop off, and only recent fruits are then collected, or the other way around. [GeraldineB] What about the ongoing Reviews with Essence, i.e., the 7-year Review? MEntity: Geraldine, in most instances of Review, it is merely an uploading process, if you will, for Essence to sort through. It is not a Comprehension on the level of Personality. [Oscar] Do Scholars collect more due to their more frequent uploading? MEntity: Oscar, in keeping with the metaphor, Scholars come with their very own truck, but again, their collecting and uploading does not equate Comprehension. To share with you more creative, Personality-based Review, one can also use such things as intentional synchronicities, or oracles. Creating a layout for a Tarot Card reading of your year can be helpful. Looking at significant Transits in your Astrology can be helpful. Casting Runes, etc. [Janet] I'm sorry but what is an "intentional synchronicity"? MEntity: Janet, we used that phrase to describe the intent for a system of randomness to act as a representation or reflection of specifics. [Janet] Oh, like tarot cards or the like. MEntity: That is an example, yes. [hanna3175] iching! MEntity: Correct. Intentional Synchronicity. The intentional aspect is important, as it defines the circuit used for symbolic communication. Anything can be used when using Intentional Synchronicity. This is how dreams and omens can become significant to some. It is a valid means of establishing a language between Personality and Essence, or "the universe," etc. [Maureen] The question posed "creates" the answer -- that is why the "question" is so important -- even with you Michael! MEntity: Even the arrangements of toppings on a pizza can be "read," if there is a system defined/intended. Tea Leaf reading is no different from reading toppings on a pizza, for that matter. This process is a use of the Higher Moving Center, or the capacity for extracting Beauty. The ability to recognize patterns from within randomness. It is a skill that requires honesty, however, because it can also lead to "seeing" anything in everything. In conclusion today: By using the map we have described, and the steps for moving through Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension, you can begin your 2012 on a higher cycle, if you choose, rather than as a repeated cycle, or as an extended cycle. By "higher cycle" we simply mean that it continues to build upon what has come, rather than circles back to it. We will work with Troy in sharing in our next Open Monthly Workshop then just how one might start a higher cycle after a Comprehensive Review. NOTE: in your process of Review, we suggest taking your time, playing with various ways of understanding your significant event in terms of how it benefited you, and not simply making note of them and then discarding the process if it is frustrating. It can be daunting, we know, but it is an exercise of a "muscle" that is latent and fairly ignored, so it will not always seem easy or fun, at first. If you find you are not making any sense of your Review, or not getting to your point of Comprehension, as revealed by a sense of relief, "a-ha" moment, or enthusiasm, then set it down and come back to it later. Your life will still be there.
  6. There was a 7 Stages of the Goal NWM done a few years prior that hasn't been thoroughly finished in terms of what each term means for each Goal. I think finishing this off with another session would be a nice addition. In addition, learning about the 7 Stages of the Mode and Attitude would also be fine additions, and can further help flesh out and validate each trait.
  7. KurtisM


    *This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions. PERSEVERANCE MODE One in Perseverance relates through NEVER GIVING UP; taking it one decision after another. Perseverance grows intimacy through seeing the ramifications of his/your actions on the world, the way you move and interact through your body and make your actions count, and it’s important for Perseverance Mode to complete her pursuits in life- to run them through until their end. When in -Unchanging, she feels no sense of movement/progress can be made unless the obstacle in the way of her path is pushed through, cleared away, or knocked down, and she’ll resist all new experiences until this undertaking is DONE. Unchanging presumes then, that aiming straight is the best solution. To move from Unchanging to Persistence, Perseverance must allow for Dynamism in her pursuits/experiences. In other words, the road to completion is not a straight line, but includes all the fluctuations, surprises, changes, diversions and unknowns along the way: the dynamic doesn't impede progress but actually helps supply the resources+fuel to persevere. When in +Persistence, she allows those obstacles to contribute to her path, and can navigate with/through or around them, while knowing that she, her pursuits, and the obstacles on them can, and will change, evolve and alter in their meaning/course/direction along the way. Persistence is then open, to all the fluctuations+changes+experiences that can help fuel her drive. Perseverance is most attracted to your physicality/physical presence, or tangibility- your physical expression and mannerisms, or how you hold yourself+interact with confidence. He's most wounded when anything physically meaningful changes in the relationship- your, or her indiscretion, cheating, ill health, lack of productivity etc.; to heal, it helps if you or she does something about this, and takes action so that the direction taken can be rebuilt. -------------------------- SOURCE MATERIAL: Healing Relationships- Perseverance~ Physical Presence Modes and Goals- Perseverance~ Seek Consistency Medium of Attraction- Perseverance~ Physicality, Sex Life, Make Actions Count Understanding your OLs (Member: Bobby)- Unchanging vs Persistence Perseverance Mode Elaboration Persistence & Aggression Member: Luciana- Perseverance vs Passion Member: PPLD- Past Life in Old Soul Perseverance
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    *This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions. POWER MODE One in Power relates to others by freeing her thoughts/beliefs/expression as a means to feel PRESENT, seen, heard, acknowledged, or to return some sense of control. This is cardinal expression- confidence, empowerment, exchanging, and personal expression. Power grows intimacy through how much of her can be present, permitted, allowed- by herself or from others without shame/silencing, and it’s important for Power Mode to display herself as she is now, and prove her intentions behind pursuing something. When in -Oppression, she relies on others to feel her sense of power/presence, either feeling insecure in her beliefs, lacking confidence and unseen, so restricting your expression and seeking to falsely reason+oppress your beliefs so she can enforce her own- silencing you; or by shrinking in the shadows of any force/presence she deems has more power over her, not expressing herself at all- self-silencing. These are both prompted by her feeling diminished, invisible and insignificant. This is a form of Presence that is DISEMPOWERING, as she tries to impose her thoughts/ideas/expression onto herself, or other people and experiences. To move from Oppression to Authority, Power must bring Deliberation to her thoughts+expression. For Oppression-of-Others that would mean owning how she's interpreted other's expressions/presence as having deliberately affected her when they actually didn't- or with Self-Oppression, choosing one way/context of expressing/being herself, rather than not at all. When in +Authority she manages the impact of her thoughts and expression on others+herself in more honest, considerate and responsible ways, feeling secure, confident and comprehensive in her beliefs+expression of self in her experience/relationship. She owns her choices as hers, thus returning herself to a mindset more aligned, effective and honest in thought+expression. She is not her own Oppressor- and is without need to Oppress others with her own thoughts/beliefs/expression. This is a form of Presence that is EMPOWERING. Power is most attracted to your personally validated philosophies, beliefs and viewpoints. She's most wounded when there is dishonesty, deceit or some form of contradiction to what you expressed as true and then acted upon differently, forming trust issues; to heal, it helps her to realize another's expression of their truths can never hurt her sense of trust in herself. -------------------------- SOURCE MATERIAL: Healing Relationships- Power~ Truths, Trust & Lies Modes and Goals- Power~ Prove Intentions Medium of Attraction- Power~ Validated Beliefs, Confidence, One's Context/Place How Power evolves Intimacy Power in Old Souls Power Mode Elaboration Member: Diane- CF Report April 2010 Energy Report June 2010 Energy Report April 2013 Energy Report June 2013 Energy Report
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    *This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions. CAUTION MODE One in Caution relates to others by refining what he thinks, and how he expresses himself outwards. This is a focus on how others are, what forms they take in the relationship. Caution grows intimacy through his sense of safety and building confidence/inner security, when he’s with you, letting in bits of you at a time, and it’s important for Caution Mode to reveal himself at a personal pace and clarify his intentions when pursuing something. When in -Phobia, he forms an irrational/extreme aversion toward something/someone, seeking only to recoil, distance from or destroy that trigger because he feels a lack of ability to refine his thoughts/expression around it, or even an analysis-paralysis. He overanalyzes and overthinks to the point where it becomes difficult to refine any interpretations he makes. He refuses to take responsibility for anything he's created in/expressed or anyone he’s allowed into his life that doesn't represent his intentions. To move from Phobia to Deliberation, Caution must return Authority over his thoughts, and own(take responsibility for) the results and impact of his thinking on himself and others, thus allowing for the presence of new, more healthy thoughts. When in +Deliberation, he can slow his processing and take a conscious, careful, intentional consideration for how he relates, navigates, nurtures and understands his experience/relationship. He is very deliberate and conscious about what thoughts/expressions he chooses that will help in relating or reaching his goal/intention- deliberately expressing parts of himself or allowing pieces of others in at a time. Caution is most attracted to knowing your motivations so as to safely eliminate his boundaries. He's most wounded when he feels paralyzed and unsafe as there's no one to "let his guard down" with; to heal, it helps to display who he is and what he believes now to attract others to share the same and to discover their motivations that would let him know he's safe. -------------------------- SOURCE MATERIAL: Healing Relationships- Caution~ Safety & Developing Inner Security Modes and Goals- Caution~ Clarify Intentions Medium of Attraction- Caution~ Intention, Safety, Integration, Motivation Caution in Old Souls Phobia and CFs May 2011 Energy Report April 2015 Energy Report April 2016 Energy Report
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    *This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions. PASSION MODE One in Passion relates to others through emotionally expanding his energy into and merging with his experiences and relationships; it’s about creating meaning in those and absorbing that created passion, love, energy, as a part of his identity, as a reflection+representation of who he is. Passion grows intimacy through moving away from expecting you to represent+behave like him(co-dependency), to learning more about you+himself through each other(co-creation), and it’s important for Passion Mode to feel he’s creating meaning in pursuing something. When in -Identification, he takes things personally, attaching to+losing himself in whatever experiences, beliefs, relationships, career, obligations etc. matter to him. These are no longer just people or things, but become symbols of his passion, representatives of him that define him: that he presumes ARE him. He may even be attached to idealized, craved, feared or rejected versions of himself. Identification constantly monitors how other people/things/events are expected to be extensions of him that must personally fulfill him or his relationship/goal, and validate his interests, wishes, and beliefs. So there can be high standards of behavior and conditions over how that behavior must be controlled around him, that if not complied to, may lead to implosion, explosion or shock. He may even feel certain conditions must be in place for him to be himself or find inspiration. Many in Passion will feel they have lost their passion, and become overwhelmed, empty and numb- but the truth is it is simply released into and identified with fears, worries, concerns etc. rather than creativity, intuition, integrity, productive efforts etc. This passion remains only as potential. To move from Identifying to Self-Realizing, Passion must use some Restraint to step back, and look at the whole picture, rather than just the moment that isn't complying to his standards of behavior. He must realize no one can define or take away from him and his potential, unless he deems them to, and that he has a CHOICE in how to relate to others and fulfill his intentions/goals. When in +Self-Realization, he learns about himself through everything, becoming more of who he is (growing into new, but never leaving out old, versions/layers of himself) through BEING what inspires him of his own potential and "feeds his soul". He knows that every experience can be a reflection that teaches him about himself. “What does this say/mean about me?” ”Where am I in this?” “How does this represent/reflect me?” Self-Realization regularly assesses how+whether he and his choices are truly representing and meaningfully reflecting his values, and desires for integrity+honesty in his relationships, goals and intentions. Passion is most attracted to the no holds-barred boundlessness of ideals+standards shared in a relationship, and to allowing room for the changes+fluctuations that living can bring to it. He's most wounded when he or you suddenly demands/expects standards of behavior to be met for a relationship to be meaningful; to heal, it helps to see if a relationship's past is truly unhealthy or if unnecessary+unhelpful restrictions are being imposed on a healthy one. -------------------------- SOURCE MATERIAL: Healing Relationships- Passion~ Behavioral Conditions vs Transcendence Modes and Goals- Passion~ Creation of Meaning Medium of Attraction- Passion~ Loss of Boundaries, Psychic Life, Representation, Reflection How Passion evolves Intimacy Understanding your OLs (Member: Luciana)- Passion & the Goal of Acceptance Member: Dawn- Essence Themes Member: Dawn- CF Report Member: Geraldine- E&P Profile Member: DianeHB- Passion Mode Stress Member: Brian- Passion in the 4th IM Member: Luciana- Perseverance vs Passion March 2002 Energy Report April 2009 Energy Report June 2009 Energy Report April 2012 Energy Report June 2012 Energy Report April 2014 Energy Report May 2014 Energy Report April 2017 Energy Report
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    *This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions. RESERVE MODE One in Reserve relates to others as acutely aware of her feelings, and the energy flowing behind them, but quite selective of what emotions she chooses to share, release or use. This is ordinal inspiration- contained, measured, elegant, refined energy. Reserve grows intimacy through processing it gradually, in layers of reveal, or “sips” at a time, rather than through diving in all at once, and It’s important for Reserve Mode to see that there’s meaning to be found in pursuing something. When in -Inhibition, internal struggles can form when she can’t anticipate or see meaning is possible in pursuing an experience or relationship. This can leave her feeling overwhelmed/exhausted, intending only to protect, repress, ignore or reject her emotions/energy, and inhibiting her output to the point of near-invisibility- which may lead to automatic-pilot type interactions. To move from Inhibition to Restraint, Reserve must Self-Realize, bringing out the potential she wishes for in the relationship, experience or pursuit by BEING and CREATING that within herself. When in +Restraint, she finds strength in building up this reserved energy so as to use, release or share it for those moments/contexts where it may be more relevant, necessary or efficient. She allocates her emotions then, so as to reveal only what is needed for herself, or for another to see and not feel overwhelmed- reserving the rest for a later time/place. Restraint is a sense of control+choice in how to experience+manage feelings+inspirations. And when it is seen there is meaning to be found in a relationship/experience, she will grow that meaning/feeling incrementally. It’s all about a slow, but steady, measured processing. Reserve is most attracted to exploring your past/history- or what you have been. She's most wounded when there is suddenly nothing more of the past to meaningfully explore; to heal, it helps her to remember that it is the present moment that creates the past, and the meaning of that is grown, developed and nurtured through what she chooses now. -------------------------- SOURCE MATERIAL: Healing Relationships- Reserve~ History of Essence Modes and Goals- Reserve~ Meaning to Pursuing Medium of Attraction- Reserve~ The Past, One's Soul, Relevance, Overwhelm How Reserve evolves Intimacy Member: Ingun- Restraint is Choice Reserve Mode Elaboration
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