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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to each of you. We are here, now. Today we are asked to speak on the subject of cancer. We will begin by clarifying that our perception is not one of a practical and local doctor, and our information shared here is to be considered along with any acute perceptions within the Physical Plane that may prove helpful in navigating and understanding cancer. What we will address today is the broader phenomenon of cancer, and not the variations of named cancers. The types of cancers known are usually indicative of starting points, but all cancer is fairly similar in dynamic. Cancer is considered a disease because of its impact on the body and its seeming effect of turning against the host in a way that is lethal. However, cancer is grossly misunderstood as being only a disease, when it is, in fact, a defense. Cancer is understood as shortening the life or causing the death, and this is true to some extent, but it is the body's overcompensatory method of extending life. It may seem contradictory because of the prognosis for many cancers, but the cancer, ironically, does more to extend the life than it does to end it. Cancer is a response to extreme trauma in the body. This trauma comes in 3 primary forms: practical carcinogens, stress, and diet. Practical carcinogens are those known (and unknown) environmental elements that cause trauma in the body in a way that prompts cancerous growth. This would include such things as certain chemicals, pollutions, radiation, etc. These are causes in many cases, but more often than not they are triggers for activation of cancer that was long in the works before that trigger. This is why one smoker can develop cancer while another does not. In cases where the carcinogen is a "true cause," then the ratio of activation of cancer is fairly predictable. In other cases these carcinogens are merely triggers for activation of cancer more directly caused by the other two forms of trauma. Though it could be said that stress and diet fall under the umbrella of "carcinogen" in many ways, we differentiate these from the practical carcinogens because they are often far more insidious and accepted, though there is an argument that could say the same for pollutions and toxins in the environment. However one might navigate the world of toxic waste and pollution, it is much more difficult to note the degree of trauma one is causing from stress and diet. In other words, you can live as healthy as you can, live in the best of environments and close to nature, but if your diet and stress is not addressed, you are at risk for cancer. Along with higher exposure to practical carcinogens, the higher and more chronic the stress, and the more empty of nutrition the diet, the ratio for cancers increase in that population. Chronic stress and chronic intake of unhealthy foods traumatize the body in ways that are only very minimally understood. We know there is information that speaks to these concepts in terms of choice for health, but they are far more serious than that. They are at the core of what, eventually, kicks the body into an instinctive survival mode that resorts to cancer as its last effort to survive. By "chronic stress" we include self-condemnation , worry, anxiety, self-loathing, hatred, distrust, resentment, denial, delusion, depression, etc. By "chronic stress" we mean that these and similar states are upheld for more than half of your waking state, consciously or subconsciously. This kind of stress destroys the defenses of the bodies. We include the emotional, intellectual, and physical bodies here. We wish to make it very clear that one is not to blame for one's cancer if one has developed it. There is no relevance to blame. If a person were so upset that as he walked he tripped into traffic and was hit by a car, it would be useless to blame him or the car. It is the intersection of two completely separate trajectories that simply must now be dealt with. It is the same with cancer. The trajectory of stress meets with the trajectory of survival. The body wants to live. It is designed to survive. All auto-immune deficiencies, in fact, are efforts to survive, not to turn on the body. There is nothing that body does in any biological sense that is not for the intention to survive. Even aging is included in this, and worth considering discussing at some point as a topic. Stress as a cumulative trauma to the body destroys the defenses over time and cancer can develop as a final effort to survive without those defenses. Diet is the brother to stress, so to speak, and both go hand-in-hand in many ways. The more nutritionally-void the diet, the more likely the consequences can be cancer. The more toxic the diet, the more likely the consequences can be cancer. There is validity to the phrase "eat to live, rather than live to eat." Most modern cultures are lacking in two vital forms of education: how to eat, and how to manage resources. In fact, most are inculcated with diametrically opposed education that diminishes the life force. When the diet is doing more harm than health over time, and there is chronic stress in some form, both of which can be upheld with a great smile and a happy life, can result in cancer. All of this ties back to the Need of Expansion. The relationship of a culture to the Need of Expansion can reveal how at risk a society is for cancer. For many, Expansion is superficially fulfilled. Stimulation, distraction, hoarding, territorialism, etc. These are not the problem. They are part of the spectrum of Expansion. The problem comes in when this Need is not fulfilled to any degree beyond the 3rd Degree. For review, the degrees of expansion are: 1) Physical Tumors/Cancer, 2) Accumulation, 3) Sprawl/Territorial, 4) Conceptual Challenge, 5) Emotional Growth/Maturity, 6) Transformation/Transmutation, and 7) True Prosperity/Gratitude. Every known "cause" of cancer comes from this effort to fulfill the Need of Expansion. From the practical carcinogens of waste and toxins to self-loathing to unconscious eating habits that have no concern for consequences. Expansion is a Need that is often neglected, ignored, shamed, or overcompensated for. Models for those who fulfill Expansion have rarely been of help for education and understanding of this Need. What tends to happen then is the cumulative effects of false Expansion until there is collapse under the weight. And cancer forms. We wish to point out that we speak in broad terms today. We cannot speak to the variations on cancer and the individual or culture and their specific patterns, but we think this overview can be useful. What we speak of today is not to encourage a rise of Expansion to the top of your list for consideration as priority, but that it be included in your spectrum of Needs that you will seek to fulfill, whether you realize it or not. To help simplify the aim away from cancer and toward a true fulfillment of Expansion is to aim toward True Prosperity and Gratitude. True Prosperity is a management of resources in a way that does not dismiss them simply because you could have more or that you need more. Gratitude is the means by which one sustains fuel for enthusiasm and effort. For the older soul, Expansion is the Need to BE HERE. It is that simple. Yes, it is also the Need to grow, expand, evolve, etc, but this is most easily understood in the most intimate of terms when described as your need to BE HERE. You want to be here. You are here. You Are. This Need need not be only fulfilled by reaching false standards set by marketing, or reached through the consuming of foods simply because you can, or through the constant berating of yourself for not being more. If you choose to do so, take the next step upward in the rung of Expansion and challenge your thinking, challenge your notions, challenge your patterns of perception, challenge your habits, challenge your ideas and concepts. Reach beyond those handed down to you and build your infrastructure from active and conscious choice. There will always be risks in the Physical Plane around scathing, harm, and health, no matter what you do, but what you do does matter. This is especially true if already diagnosed with cancer. It is not just a biological reaction to help extend the life. It is an effort to overhaul the entire spectrum of bodies. There are very few who are diagnosed with cancer who are not thrown into a completely new effort to climb the rungs of Expansion toward Gratitude. For most who are diagnosed and move into remission or complete elimination of cancer, it is rarely due to treatments and remedies and far more to do with that successful overhaul. Treatments and remedies support that process, but cannot replace it. Many forms can be "cut out" or "cut down," but the risk of return is much higher if that overhaul is not completed. Sometimes there is a point of no return, but that overhaul is still vital for how the life will transition into Review. This was a particularly uncomfortable topic for our channel and we will close the discussion today without questions and answers. If there is interest, we can continue our conversation with you on this topic in further exchanges. We must conclude here for today, however. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  2. OMW - Mar 15, 2014 - The Nine Needs Channel: Troy Tolley Previously Posted Article on The Nine Needs [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin discussion with you regarding the chosen topic. One of the reasons the Nine Needs is a fairly important dynamic to understand about yourself, others, and any community or civilization, is that these Nine Needs WILL be fulfilled, in some way, some how, even if destructively. The more conscious one is of these Nine Needs, the more one can direct oneself to more constructive ways of fulfilling those Needs. Needs are a dynamic specific to being incarnated, and having a Personality and Body. These Needs become distracting motivating factors within a lifetime, if not addressed. These Needs will trump all other motivations, if neglected or rejected, and while they may not be obvious, you are always seeking for these to be fulfilled. You are the only one who can fulfill your own Needs, but as you form in groups of 2 fragments or more, there comes a new layer of Needs that are about group fulfillment, and how that group's Needs are fulfilled. And in the same way that these Needs will be fulfilled, even if destructively, on an individual level, so it is also true in groups. There are 7 "degrees" or levels of means for fulfilling a Need. Levels 1-3 are unconscious means for fulfillment. Level 4 is a subconscious means for fulfillment. And Levels 5-7 are conscious. When fulfillment is done unconsciously, it will tend to mean that this is either a neglected or rejected Need. When fulfillment is done subconsciously, it will tend to mean that this Need is not a priority, but is not a distraction, either. When fulfillment is conscious, it simply means that this Need is fulfilled AS NEEDED, but is not necessary for constant struggle for fulfillment due to rejection or neglect. In other words, the more one rejects of neglects a Need, the more pervasive and constant that Need. When we have spoken to our students about these Needs, we have pointed to a hierarchy of tiers that describe a set of 3 Primary, 3 Secondary, and 3 Tertiary Needs. That hierarchy tends to be based on a hierarchy of assessment based in priorities. In other words, if someone feels he or she has a strong Need for Freedom, then that would be a Primary Need. For Needs that are not such a priority, they would drop to a lower tier. This is just one way of assessing one's Needs. By order of priority, which can fluctuate depending upon circumstances and agenda. What we will suggest to each of you today is to assess your Needs, not based in tiers of priority, but in order from most unconscious to most conscious. This may be similar to your orders of priority, but may not. Keep in mind that the more unconsciously fulfilled a Need, the more obvious and tangible it can tend to be, and often in more destructive or distracting ways. For example, many fulfill Expansion through physical tumors and cancer. This is a literal symptom, and is not random. If Expansion is rejected or neglected, this is one of the most direct effects. This symptom can also be symbolic, but having just as destructive an effect. For example, gangs in neighborhoods can become a kind of cancer and tumorous growth for a community that has not provided adequate means for teens and families to grow. For your convenience, we will post the basic spectrum for each Need now. SECURITY: +Trust/-Fear 7 Degrees of Security: "security found in" 1. Blind Faith; 2. False Hope; 3. Tradition; 4. Theories; 5. Reliable Sources; 6. Experience and Intuition; 7. Tao (or, full allowance of your magnetic, gravitational, and confident path of impulses) ADVENTURE: +Presence/-Drama 7 Degrees of Adventure: "adventure found in" 1. Destructive, Exaggerated, Reactionary, Manipulative Drama; 2. Glamour/Addictions (losing the self in stimulation); 3. Sensory excitement (defining the self by experiences of a rush); 4. Stimulation of Mind/Learning; 5. Inner Revelations; 6. Essence Contact (finding pleasure in seeing beyond superficial differences); 7. Enlightenment/Total Presence (never losing the sense of self, even among those who cannot see or experience your truth of being) FREEDOM: +Independence/-Noncommittal 7 Degrees of Freedom: "freedom found in"; 1. Destructive Irresponsibility; 2. Aimlessness; 3. Physical Liberation (material stability); 4. Mental Liberation (thinking for oneself); 5. Emotional Liberation (emotions are had, but the emotions do not have you; not being controlled by emotions); 6. Choosing freely (recognizing the power of choice in every instance); 7. Realization of True Unlimited Potential (True Peace with one's choices) EXPANSION: +Prosperity/-Cancer 7 Degrees of Expansion: "expansion manifested in" 1. Physical Tumors/Cancerous Growth (literal or figurative); 2. Random Accumulation (hoarding; entropy of your spacel clutter); 3. Sprawling (accumulations affect other people); 4. Idea Stretching (challenges are allowed that expand your awareness); 5. Emotional Growth (time is embraced as a way of organizing and processing experiences); 6. Transformations/Transmutations (experiences are used to make a difference); 7. True Prosperity/Total Appreciation (Meaning is embraced as the point of Growth and experience, rather than attached to all of the "things" that helped you grow and expand) POWER: +Authority/-Authoritarian 7 Degrees of Power: "power manifested in" 1. Crushing Opposition (destroying your designated enemy); 2. Oppressing self/Others (restricting choices and actions); 3. Controlling Self/Others (using guilt, manipulation, regret, shame, rules, etc.); 4. Guiding Self/Others (seeing and sharing solutions); 5. Consciously Choosing (owning the results of choice); 6. Building Spirit/Morale (choosing encouragement); 7. Personal Spiritual Power (full permission to choose without fear of a "wrong" choice) EXPRESSION: +Creativity/-Lies 7 Levels of Expression: "Expression through" 1. Total Destruction, Meltdown, Breakdown; 2. Acting Destructively (publicizing one's destruction, meltdown, or breakdown in hopes of being seen or heard) ; 3. Infamy (being defined by destructive behaviors); 4. Work Projects (crafts, collaborations, career, etc); 5. Entertaining (bringing laughter and levity); 6. Art (authentic originality, honesty and innocence in expression); 7. Renaissance (expansion or transformation of standards and assumptions) ACCEPTANCE: +Openness/-Manipulation 7 Degrees of Acceptance: "Acceptance found in" 1. Ingratiation (groveling, apologizing, losing oneself to the expectations of another); 2. Pleasing Others (programmed by presumed or obvious expectations of others); 3. Tolerance (feigned acceptance while hiding prejudices); 4. Conditional Love (upholding Acceptance based in mutual benefit); 5. Causal Love (recognition of the impact of another or the self in ways that understand the greater benefits that override any pain); 6. Unconditional Love (allowing one to be as one is); 7. True Agape (fully empathizing with another; true affection) COMMUNITY: +Sharing/-Indiscrimination (or Communion) 7 Degrees of Community: "Community experienced through" 1. Desperate Contact (longing, aching, pining, loneliness); 2. Intense Neediness (pushing oneself on others, ignoring all social cues, forcing others to tend to you, narcissism); 3. Fraternizing (bonding only with those who share in familiar experiences or history); 4. Socializing (expanding beyond the comforts of familiarity); 5. [MEntity] Mutual Closeness (kindness); 6. Intimacy/Communion (inclusion); 7. Unity (full embrace of differences as facets of a whole) And, finally: EXCHANGE: +Wisdom/-Gossip 7 Degrees of Exchange: "exchange satisfied through" 1. Slander/Provocation; 2. Venting (sharing of anger or frustration); 3. Idle Chatter (small talk); 4. Trade/Barter; 5. Mutual Profit (benefit exceeds what was exchanged); 6. Understanding (grasping different or opposing perspectives); 7. Teaching/Learning (living as example, or allowing others to inspire) We know we have shared these in various forms over the years, but we share them again, here, so that we can elaborate a bit in ways that may be more relevant to this context of exploring your Needs. What we suggest for each of you to do, then, is to look as honestly as you can at these Needs, and list them from the most unconscious to the most conscious in terms of how you see these are fulfilled in your life. You do not have to do this here. Take your time and look at these over the next few weeks for a full and accurate assessment. However, at this time, if you feel inclined, we invite you to share any concerns or questions that might help your assessments. QUESTIONS [GeraldineB] When are Needs "chosen" and are they changeable over a lifetime in terms of importance? [MEntity] Needs are built into every lifetime and Personality. These are built in as a way to draw fragments toward experiences and relationships. Needs are a form of inherent magnetism that is essential to the whole experience of what is considered to be "life." The complete set of Nine Needs is a defining factor of Sentience, and the more complex an organism, creature, or species, the more of these Needs are in place. However, for non-sentient Species, it is rare that all Nine are in place. So your Needs are ALWAYS active. However, their place in terms of priority or consciousness does fluctuate over a lifetime, depending upon the Personality and its experiences. Needs are not "chosen," then, by the Personality. [GeraldineB] OK -- I understand [ClaireC] I'm having a lot of trouble assessing my most "unconscious" needs. Are they unconscious because they are being fulfilled, or because they are not being fulfilled? [MEntity] The best way to assess the level of consciousness relative to a Need is to look at the symptoms described by the 7 degrees. If you note more familiarity with the lower 3, it is likely being fulfilled unconsciously. As we said: Needs are ALWAYS fulfilled. So it is merely a matter of fulfillment in terms of unconscious (reactionary and destructive), subconscious (auto pilot, comfortable), or conscious (through active choice and sometimes challenging). Next, Maureen. [Maureen] I have my assessment finished. I think I should wait until we can share (what we have individually) as a group. [MEntity] Is that a question? [Maureen] No [Maureen] I'll pass [Janet] At the moment, I don't have any need listed below level 4 based on the symptoms you gave. Is this perhaps associated with having completed the 5th IM? Also, it seems that the needs I've listed at the lowest levels are those that I seem to be 'working' on lately, though I haven't noticed this until now. Is that how the needs bubble up for attention? [MEntity] Yes, and Yes. [Janet] Easy answer! Thanks! [MEntity] The more conscious one tends to be, the more one tends to manifest Essence and True Personality, and this means the more one will tend to fulfill Needs from the conscious tier. This is not always true, but often is true. [Maureen] I have a similar assessment too, Janet. I only have one at Level 4+. [MEntity] The pattern tends to be that the more one is fulfilling one's Needs consciously, the more one tends to be Manifesting Essence and True Personality. However, Manifesting Essence and True Personality is not a guarantee that one is fulfilling Needs consciously. That is because, for many, consciousness must come first, and then be applied to the Needs. This is why we think it of benefit to understand these Needs and how they function as a permanent factor in your life. These are not complicated or dependent upon anything but your effort and choice for fulfillment, and can be a rather rapid means of cascading consciousness to all parts of your life so that True Personality and Essence can Manifest. If you find that your Needs are being fulfilled from 4+, this does not mean they will not drop to below that point any longer. [Janet] Is level 7 fairly rare? [MEntity] However, the more one can sustain fulfillment at 5+, the less-likely one will succumb to any lower fulfillment for any length of time before returning to consciousness. Janet, not rare, but often not "as fun." Many hold off on the final degree because it is often a point of no return, stripping all lower levels of any excitement or submersion. [DianeHB] Why is that? [MEntity] For instance, if one were to sustain the 7th degree of Exchange, it is often simply not as fulfilling to Slander someone, or to tolerate Small Talk. Only the range between 5 and 7 remain of interest. That is not to say one cannot fall below that, but it is simply an empty experience or feels "wrong", "icky," or "gross." Does this make sense? [DianeHB] Yes [Maureen] This is making so much sense Michael [MEntity] What we suggest for each of you as a follow up to this discussion is to share your assessments in your discussion thread, and explore further. We must conclude here for today.
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