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  1. Michael Speaks - November 26, 2016 - Chaos, Consciousness, and Current Events Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Bobby: Glad you could find us again :) We never left you. Today we are asked to speak on the nature of chaos and what it means for you to navigate chaos. We know that Troy has asked this because of recent political events in his country, but we will speak to this topic on broader terms than shifts in power. First, we will describe Chaos as unseen, unexpected, and unpredictable patterns that are easily altered by influences. This is different from Randomness and Accidents. Randomness and Accidents can happen within Chaos or Order. Randomness and Accidents do not always lead to Chaos. This is an important differentiation because Order does not preclude Accident or Randomness. When it is said that "there are no accidents," or that "randomness does not exist," these refer to the perspective outside of or beyond locality. Accidents and Randomness do happen, but these are local experiences, not higher truths. However, Chaos is a Universal Truth that permeates all known Universes. Chaos is everything that is beyond one's understanding, perspective, and predictability. The Universe is sustained by an awesome Order. This may seem contradictory to Chaos, but it is not. Chaos and Order describe the same things, but from different positions of perspective. Order exists with or without our understanding, perspective, and prediction, and Chaos is the process through which we comprehend that awesome Order. Chaos is the fuel of consciousness. Order arises from the evolution of consciousness. Repetition and Routine are antithesis to consciousness. During your incarnations you will always walk a fine line between Randomness/Accident and Repetition/Routine. A fine line between Chaos and Order. If your life leans too far toward one or the other, there is struggle. Too much Chaos is too much fuel. Nothing has a chance to make sense, to be understood, to be learned. Too much Order is too much conclusion. One of the greatest struggles we have seen in any advanced civilization is the struggle of what to do with so much Order. Order is often either heightened to such a degree that Chaos is profoundly minimized and any threat to that Order is policed and punished, or Order reaches a certain plateau of sedation that prompts members of that civilization to crave and create a dive into Chaos. You can see both examples of this around your world. This is true on an individual level, as well. If your life begins to lean too much toward Order, you fall asleep. You either end up struggling to maintain this Order at any cost, or you throw it out the window, so to speak, for the deep craving for Chaos. What you see happening around you in your world right now is the result of large pockets of collective consciousness deeply craving Chaos to counter the sedation of Order, and large pockets of collective consciousness entrenching themselves even further into Order that will police and punish any threat to that Order. Each Soul Age is a dance between the imbalances between Chaos and Order. The Infant Soul is born from Order and thrives in Chaos. The Baby Soul is born from Chaos and thrives on Order. The Young Soul is born from Order and thrives in Chaos. The Mature Soul is the first Soul Age to recognize the value in both and begins the conscious effort to allow Chaos while nurturing Order. The Old Soul fully embraces the value in both, but learns to call upon or allow each as necessary, but more likely finds little to differentiate the two in terms of personal preference. Both are understood to exist as universal and valid, having always been the undulating spiral path of consciousness. The Old Soul sees Chaos and Order as Fractals. In more useful terms, what we mean by Fractals is that when one is looking closely at chaotic patterns, it is understood that it is not always clear how this contributes to larger patterns or order. It is also understood that any interjection will alter the patterns so action and inaction have consequences in the larger pattern. What you are seeing happening the world at the moment is an example of every one of the above. Every Soul Age dance between Chaos and Order is heightened and amplified and clarified and distinct. Because of the current Paradigm, the dance that is most obvious is the union of Baby and Young Souls competing with the new Paradigm being rooted by Mature Souls. Baby Souls thrive on and defend Order. The Young Souls thrive on and generate Chaos. The Baby Souls flock to the Young Souls for comfort because Young Souls seem to embody Order, but the Young Soul actively exploits the Baby Soul need for comfort and then profits from the chaos of their uncertainty. The above describes the paradigm of the past 2000 years or so. The Mature Soul Paradigm will, eventually, break this cycle of codependency between Baby and Young and provide a world where Chaos and Order are embraced, but not pushed to extremes or limitations. You are witnessing a scramble on the collective stage of consciousness to figure out how to interject new ideas and paths that can accommodate Baby and Young as legitimate positions of perspective and experiences without codependency that tends toward extremes. Maureen: Yes!!! As most of our students are Old Souls, our "job" is to help remind you of your capacity to see events as part of the cosmic Fractals that are existence. This is easy to teach, but not so easy to learn. The most important elements to remember when shifting to your Old Soul perspective are: ONE - you do not have to understand the bigger picture. Yet. You are an experiential point of consciousness in a fraction of time and space. It is not your responsibility to comprehend patterns on any universal scale. These matter to your Essence, but they do not matter to you. TWO - pay attention to what matters now, and what matters to you. The higher patterns that are Fractals are made up of your choices. They are made up of your actions. Every major or minor action or inaction is an interjection into that higher pattern. It is never helpful to opt out of participation because of a higher pattern or bigger picture. THREE - embrace Chaos as fuel, and Order as what you do with that fuel. By the time one has reached the Old Soul Age, whether known to the species or not, it is clear that consciousness is dependent upon a fine balance between Chaos and Order. This Universe is an awesome Order of Chaos. This is true in terms of spirituality and in terms of neurology. Your point of consciousness in a body arises from the processes of the brain that require a fine balance between Chaos and Order. When something is true, it tends to be true on all levels, and this is true of the nature of Chaos and Order as it exists in limited systems and unlimited systems. Even our sorting and access of the Akashic Records is a practice in this. So while your world may lean toward exciting Chaos, while some are entrenched in Order, and all of this contributes to the greater Fractals of existence, it matters what you do, what you do NOW, because you are not outside of the patterns. You are the pattern. You may dismiss some actions that can be taken, some new path of thinking, some different way of being, some activity that may be seem too unfamiliar or complicated, or some behavior that seems pointless to address, but what you choose to do or not to do matters. And this is why we say that you are are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn, not as a novel and catchy phrase, but because of moments like this in your life, in history. We will open the floor to a few questions at this point: QUEUE IS NOW OPEN. PaulyBoy: This is a copy paste, I think Kurtle had to leave early: PaulyBoy: "I'd like to ask about what major convergence(or divergence) nexuses have occurred to this point and contributed to current events today. I understand there are a lot, but I'd be asking about the most specific or relevant contributing to this chaos vs order "dichotomy"." PaulyBoy: I'm asking because of that recent convergence from 1770 AD where US wasnt founded PaulyBoy: I'm just kind of wondering if there are more or others involved since we're heading into the 2020 potential IS PaulyBoy: (Since that is a copy paste for someone else, I won't necessarily ask followup questions. Thanks!) The Chaos vs Order dichotomy is not unique to this Parallel or Timeline. It is true everywhere and every "when." The only difference is in how it plays out in its various extremes in one direction or the other, or when each cannibalizes the other, so to speak, or each are amplified to oppose the other. So there are no Convergence or Divergences that particularly contributed to the current dynamic in that regard. NEXT, Bobby. Bobby: Speaking of Chaos, are there still "wild cards" lingering from our recent election cycle and if so, how might they potentially contribute to either Chaos or Order? We see 3 "wild card" scenarios yet to be "dealt," and these appear to be within the time window between now and the end of March of 2017. One directly involves disruption of the United States' Presidential process; one is a natural or forced disaster that alters trajectories due to its magnitude; one is a complete unknown that is dependent upon whether patterns move toward one extreme or the other by March. From what we can see, all or none of these may come into play. The more extreme the divide between Chaos and Order, the more likely each would play out. As these are "wild cards," we cannot say if they would contribute more Order or more Chaos, but we can say that the prompting of these are specifically to help bring balance, not amplify extremes. NEXT, Juni. Juni: You have mentioned in the past that each Age takes roughly half the time of the previous one ,(e.g., Baby 4000 yrs, Young 2000,) is this also true of the transitions in general. Related to that, you mentioned things are happening faster and evolution going at a quicker rate than ever before, is this also true of this transition or is it unique, due to social media or other influences? Is it sped up, this time around? It is true of the transitions, in general, if we understood your question correctly. The more consciousness knows, the easier it is to know more. This contributes to what would be perceived as an acceleration or increased speed of evolution of consciousness. More fragments incarnating know more, and it is much easier for you to learn collectively, even if up against great set backs and challenges. In terms of Social Media and the Information Glut, this is an example of the fine line that consciousness walks between Chaos and Order. Currently, the bombardment of information comes at such a pace that it is a lot of fuel for consciousness, but when the input crosses a threshold that can no longer bring Order to the Chaos, then this input turns into addiction or shut down. In other words, this amount of access to information does "speed things up," but because it has not been learned how to manage this amount of input, it merely speeds one toward a crash. Too much Chaos begets more Chaos. The crash forces Order by slowing down and sorting the Chaos. However, on "the bright side," solutions come fast, as well. Many will crash, but many will adapt and find ways to sort the information to help others process more appropriately. So while the chaotic acceleration may lead faster to a crash, it is also what helps lead many to faster solutions. In the past, these extremes took a long time to create and undo. The creation and undoing can happen faster now. But as with any process that becomes condensed, its intensity rises, as well. NEXT, Maureen. Maureen: I think, as many others do, that we are headed for really difficult times unless many people, pivotal people, do some things that NEED to be done. The problem, for me and many of my friends who are Older Souls, is that we feel powerless to help in any way that feels consequential. I have been a pivotal person in other lifetimes so I know what that feels like. In this lifetime I am not pivotal or at least not in the way that I have any political power. I do know we all have personal power and I do speak up and act when I can. Is that enough? Is personal power and just genuinely helping others where and how we can going to be enough? Is it enough? We know it is not an easy position to be in when among millions or billions and trying to make a difference, but we can only say that you do make a difference, no matter what you choose to do or not to do. You cannot do more than you can do, but you can do all that you can do. If there is more that you can do and you are not doing it, then you can consider the question of "enough." You must determine this on your own. There is no standard for how much is enough. We can only say that "enough" is either when the necessity for action has ceased, or you have exhausted your possible contributions. If you are concerned about "enough," it is fair to examine where you may not be doing something when you know you can. It will still be your choice to do or not to do, but if the question of "enough" is meaningful, this must be considered. Keep in mind that what you do matters in many ways that are not always obvious: What you do matters to you. What you do matters to those close to you. What you do matters to your evolution. What you do matters in time. What you do matters in space. What you do matters now. And keep in mind that you are not the only one doing it. Maureen: I felt relief when you said that last point. The more visible you are in terms of encouraging paths that you know bring well-being and healing and recovery, the more you find the network to support you. Final question: PAUL PaulyBoy: Hi Michael PaulyBoy: You have said in a previous chat or two that the world in a few decades may not look like anything we would "recognize" very well. I'm not sure if this is politically (nations etc.) and/or environmental. Can you give us some possible ways the world might "look" in the coming decades that would not be "recognizable" to us very much from this point? PaulyBoy: Not predictions, of course, just some possibilities. Thanks! ... I feel like there is sooooo much going on, and with probabilities and choices., so I'm just curious on what a few possible scenarios might look like, if you have time. Thanks! PaulyBoy: I'm trying to find the exact "not recognize" session quote to reference, but I'm out of time. Thank you! There are 10 scenarios that come up as highest probabilities from this point that lead to an "unrecognizable" future, 7 of which are not appealing. We can cover these in further exchanges. The top 3 include the decline of power in the United States and its move toward isolationism while China rises in power and aligns with Russia; a complete overhaul of government that leads to global unification represented by a complex, but profoundly enriching kind of global democracy, acceleration of technology, and implementation of a resource-based economy; and a global catastrophe due to collision with an object. These are high probabilities within 50 to 100 years. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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