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Found 3 results

  1. BACKSTORY: The term, Cynosure (pronounced SIGN O SURE), came through unexpectedly in response to a personal question in a group event. This was a new term that was also very familiar in its meaning. We then followed up with some additional channeling added to an episode of TLEtv. Below is a synopsis of what we had learned before the Michael Speaks transcribed here. CYNOSURES - Our North Stars of Existence This new concept revealed to us recently is a great example of how the questions of students over time help shape and reveal the depths and nuances of this teaching and keep it alive. You never know what might come from a question worded a certain way or asked again in a new context. So keep your curiosity high with Michael. Michael says we have only barely scratched the surface of what there is to learn. The following is an edited version of the original reveal of the concept of Cynosure. First, the definition of a Cynosure is - NOUN - “a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration” FROM MICHAEL: All fragments set up a group of cynosures that can become anchor points, memory triggers, comfort sources across lifetimes. There are three tiers to these cynosures: the cosmic, the worldly, and the personal. Cynosures are objects in nature or as a result of creativity, or particular people, who act as contact points between your current consciousness and all other versions of your consciousness across time and space relative to that object. Cosmic cynosures are not usually implemented until there is off-planet travel, but even planet-bound older souls will know a cosmic cynosure in the form of a teaching such as ours. Worldly Cynosures can be such things as a geographical location or natural wonder or long-standing creation that endures time are cynosures, such as constellations, the Grand Canyon, or The Pyramids. In the Personal tier, there are objects such as musical instruments, or tools, or even fashions that act as Cynosures for a set of Personalities or lifetimes that link together over time and space. People can act as Cynosures, as well. Think of these as navigational elements of the soul. They tend to become more obvious or noted in lifetimes or periods of time when one needs to re-center oneself and align with a greater direction that is part of a greater pattern. They are your "North Star," so to speak. If you have recognized a cynosure in your life, it means you are likely manifesting Essence or working on it, and connecting to parts of you that exist across time and space and dimensions who aim for the same thing: Home. This aiming for home is not as an escape or as some distant place to reach, but as a reclaiming and remembering of the part of you, that is part of the wholeness of existence. The part of you that you bring with you wherever, however, and whenever you are. ADDITIONAL CHANNELING: Cynosures can be recognized by 3 distinct symptoms: +they trigger a sense of remembering something/recognition; +they tend to invoke awe, enthusiasm, or persistent curiosity +they tend to be true forever and not lose value in meaning over time -troy *** May 23, 2021 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. Today we are asked to elaborate on the concept of Cynosures. Cynosures is not a new concept but it happens that we were able to respond to a question that allowed us to refine the concept. It should be noted for those who are curious that this was not a "new word" through Troy. This word would have had to have been in his bank of consciousness "somewhere" for us to use it. There are many words and images and input that a body takes in that is never accessed or made consciously relevant. If this word had not been available in our channel, another word would have been chosen that would approximate it, such as "beacon," but we have used that term for other elements and prefer the more meaningful "cynosure." It has been asked if Cynosure is different from instances of resonance to past lives, or objects and people who inspire. They are different. Cynosures are about awe, admiration, and attention that is specifically determined to be relevant. Other instances of resonance are based on what has become meaningful and relevant due to experiences that are processed and evolution that is gained. Or they are assigned inherently in mathematical relevance, such as Essence Twins or Entity Mates. These are instances of Recognition and Resonance due to either inherent meaning and relevance or cumulative meaning and relevance. A Cynosure is chosen. Cynosures can overlap with instances of Recognition and Resonance, but they are specifically chosen. For example: If an Essence wishes to explore the art of expression through music, a guitar or piano may be chosen as a Cynosure before birth and this becomes a "north star" for triggering curiosity, awe, and meaning in anything related to guitars or pianos. If a Personality has had a particularly meaningful moment of truth, love, or beauty, that Personality may "bookmark" those particular colors of the sunset as a Cynosure, or sink into the movement of the music or singing that defines the moment and assign this as a Cynosure. All subsequent lifetimes may then feel this moment of awe, admiration, and attention...when the same or similar sounds are heard. If there is a moment of awe, admiration, and attention given to a teaching that has altered your life in some meaningful way, then the concepts of that teaching can become a Cynosure for future lives. If a concept that is a Cynosure is approached, it triggers the very real experience of "remembering" the concepts but finally having words to form around them. Students of any teaching, such as ours, assign that teaching as a Cynosure. To help us better deliver and clarify the concept of Cynosures, we will open the floor to your questions. See your moderator for how to participate, if you are unfamiliar. ****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN**** Yes, Maureen Maureen: Are our Trues Cynosures? MEntity: They are close to being Cynosures. The difference is that those factors that contribute to your "Trues" in a single lifetime are more customized to the Life Task and dynamic of the Personality for that lifetime. Those activities that support your Pillars for the Life Task may be cynosures, but they may also be relevant only a certain set of Personalities across lifetimes. Once a Cynosure has been chosen, it is true and meaningful to ALL Personalities. Let us clarify: If an Essence chooses a Cynosure for a Personality, such as the guitar, then all subsequent lifetimes will also find the guitar to trigger awe, admiration, and attention. Even if a much later lifetime hears guitar or sees a guitar, there would be a sense of great admiration that may or may not be relevant to the lifetime. However, when a Life Task is chosen, Essence looks across various lifetimes where similar tasks have been approached through similar circumstances in similar Overleaves, and sets up a range of activities that would help support the Personality in its successful fulfillment of the Life Task. Some of these may be cynosures, but they are not automatically cynosures. Did this answer your question, Maureen? Maureen: Yes. Thank you. MEntity: NEXT, Luciana Luciana: Is it possible that a person doesn't have Cynosures? MEntity: No. By the time one is an older soul, one would have hundreds. If there is no recognition of a Cynosure in one's life, it is likely a matter of A ) lack of mobility or access to experiences, people, or perspectives; or B ) lack of trust in the self to honor that which triggers curiosity, excitement, and awe; or C ) because one has a fairly specific Cynosure set up for the life that has not been recognized, yet. NEXT, Ro. Ro: In a way you responded to my question: Can our Enlightenment or Muse Position be Cynosures? How different is the dynamic? Also, can you give us an example of Cynosures from other sentient species (whales/dolphins/off-planet species)? MEntity: Healer, Enlightenment, and Muse Positions can be Cynosures because they are not hidden behind a layer of potential obscuring that would make it difficult to remember. For example, a Love Position may be your Love Position across multiple lifetimes, but in a lifetime where that person is born to be an "asshole," you may not see or feel that admiration, awe, and attention that defines a Cynosure. But Healer, Enlightenment, and Muse Positions tend to be with no layers of obscurity. They are what they are. They trigger awe, admiration, and your attention quite immediately, regardless of how they are presented. Cetaceans have collections of musical notes that tend to be Cynosures. Some parts of the ocean or shores are also Cynosures. Some weather patterns or temperatures in currents can be Cynosures. Caretakers have similar Cynosures to Humans, but with far more Cosmic Cynosures, such as the ecosystem of a planet or the movement of planets in a system. NEXT, Amanda AmandaV: Since 0 isn't an option and we can potentially have hundreds… what's the average number of cynosures for humans? Is there a distinct difference among different soul ages? MEntity: Infant Souls average 1; Baby Souls average about 3; Young Souls average around 21; Mature Souls average around 75; and Old Souls average around 150. NEXT, Ludmila ludmila: Do concurrent lives share the same cynosures chosen during the current life? Like a bleed-through. MEntity: Yes. It is one of the only factors that crosses those distinct lines of existence. FINAL QUESTION: NEXT - Uma Uma: Michael, can we have an update on the IS manifestation, and how you see the pandemic unfolding from your perspective? MEntity: We see all Infinite Soul Hosts as active and taking on the trajectory that would allow for Manifestation. We cannot see if Manifestation is imminent, but these Hosts are likely to make some relevant and meaningful contribution on a scale that goes beyond the obvious even if there is no Manifestation. The only factors we have found that shifts the Manifestation into something more imminent are: an acknowledged mutation of the virus that would spread and kill faster; a war between two (or more) major forces; or the collapse of the internet/electricity networks. These conditions would bring about Manifestation because they are disruptions that would require great focus of direction for recovery. We can see these possibilities because they are extreme but that does not mean they are likely. The other paths to Manifestation are set in far less dramatic scenarios that may be more subtle in effect. We can say that if one of the identified Host becomes central to a major event, it is likely that all Hosts would Manifest within days of that event. We cannot predict this. As for the pandemic: it is not over. It is in a lull and that lull may help gain footing, but it is not over until it is over for the planet. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  2. India, Maharashtra, Mumbai 29 July 2020 I actually hadn't looked at our numbers until I sat down to write this post. We have 1.53 million cases, which is about 1/16th of the total cases worldwide. We also have a great recovery rate with 988,000 recoveries and around 34,000 deaths. A few people I know have caught the disease, but they have all recovered successfully from it. The closest one to me was the family who live in the apartment directly above mine, where three out of the four members were affected (all asymptomatic). They only found out because the mom is a senior air hostess (stewardess/flight attendant for those of you in the US) with Air India and was involved in bringing Indians back from abroad as part of a large-scale government initiative. She was required to be tested before and after each trip, and that's how they found out she was a carrier. Thankfully, both she and her kids (who I grew up with) have successfully finished their quarantine without developing symptoms. The municipal corporation sent a whole team out to our building to test everyone a couple of weeks ago, and no one else here seems to have it. Mumbai was the epicentre of the pandemic in India for the longest time. Now the cluster of cases has moved to Pune, which is a city about 300 kilometres inland from Mumbai. We're still in lockdown all over the country, despite the so-called 'Unlock 1.0' that the government had announced. We can now order in from restaurants, have 10% of the staff in any office come to work, but the local train service is still suspended for anyone who is not an essential worker. If you live in Mumbai, no trains means you can't get anywhere at all. The local trains are, quite rightly, called the lifeline of the city as they are the sole means of cheap, fast public transport in this pretzel of a metropolis. The central government has taken the opportunity to revise the whole public schooling system and turn it on its head. It remains to be seen whether the new format and curriculum benefits students at all. There is also the inauguration of a massive fucking temple happening up north. Even through the pandemic, life in India is going on as usual. I only have one set of grandparents living, and they stay in the building next to us, which is a blessing. We make lunch and dinner for them every day and ferry it across, since they're both 85+ years of age. My parents are over 60 themselves. My father, who is an accountant, had opened the doors of his firm and begun work with a skeletal staff. But after his receptionist got COVID, I put on my Priest-coloured Power Mode pants and told him flatly that he was no longer allowed to go to work. He has been working from home again since then. The money situation is tight since none of the bills he is owed are getting paid, but he is paying his staff 75% of their salaries. It is quite possible that he may have to shut shop after the pandemic. Thankfully, he has savings and my mom is retiring with a great pension in six months. I have gained an unhealthy amount of weight around my tummy, which is straight-up giving me body image issues. Despite @Connor's efforts to convince me to the contrary, I feel fat and there's nothing I can do about it. Going for a run is out of the question at the moment since we are in the thick of the monsoon and the roads are littered with slippery moss. I have been helping clean the house though, which is no less than cardio on account of the fact that my mom is a hoarder. Apart from that, I've also been feeling low for no reason. I suppose that's to be expected We're waiting to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi next month, which is sort of like Christmas for us. Even though there won't be people visiting this year, I take comfort in the fact that everything else will be the same. My grandfather will lord over everyone for two days to make sure every ritual goes perfectly, my brother will pick fights with my grandma, my mom will complain about being overworked, my dad will hang around with nothing to do, and I will be the one conducting all the rituals under my grandpa's direction like a good girl. I'll try to post some pictures here after the festival. Hanging in there like everyone else, Sharvari
  3. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. There are very few experiences that every student extant is experiencing at the same time in similar ways. In your lifetimes, this is the first time that all of our students are in a shared experience, both personally and globally. This could be said of the human race as a whole, as well. This may be the first globally-shared experience in human history. There have always been major events that, eventually or indirectly, reach much of humanity, but we know of no globally-shared experience of intensity that was shared in real-time on such a scale as this pandemic. Even World Wars did not reach as pervasively into so many lives as this pandemic at the moment. You are in a Mature Soul world now. If the trajectory continues, this is the first of many events that "bring the world together." We know that many of our students are distressed and concerned. This is normal and natural as there is reason to be distressed and concerned. This is a real and pressing threat that cannot/should not be ignored. Your fears are natural and normal. It is important to remember that while Love can heal and evolve and help you through many things, legitimate fear is never rejected by Love. There is a difference between unwarranted and useless fear that paralyzes you and legitimate fear that informs you of danger. The difference between Love and Fear is that Love includes Fear. The more useless and unwarranted your fears, the more difficult it is to tap into Love, but Love will never reject fear. Love understands Fear. Love knows when it is useful to be aware of danger. We bring this up because a solution to such a thing as a pandemic is not to ignore danger and simply Love the pandemic away. That will not work. So if you want to focus on Love and "Light" and these positive perspectives of this event, it can only be Love if you consider the legitimate fears. There are many positive changes being generated from the response to this pandemic. This is not because the pandemic showed up to teach you anything. It is because you are in the process of putting into effect what you have learned. Mature Souls who have been on the sidelines of humanity and outside of the structures of power are stepping into positions of power and out of the shadows to help humanity through this. We see a major shift in power over the next 20 years because of this. Mature Souls are owning their power rather than conceding it to the outdated Young Soul paradigms of power. Innovations in structural overhaul and integrity for vital systems that are shared among all classes in the population are likely to be a priority for some time to come. Concepts and practical implementations regarding economy, resources, and security are at a Turning Point that look more likely to bring Breakthrough over Breakdown Improved infrastructure of vital communication systems are likely to be prioritized during and after this pandemic as the reality of their fragility is considered and witnessed. Delivery systems are likely to be expanded upon in ways that seek to serve more directly those who are housebound, ill, disabled, etc. This is an example of a minor and marginalized part of society that is eclipsed by "able-ism." With so many dependent upon these delivery systems over time, it suddenly makes sense to improve on these for those who will continue to be dependent upon them. We point out these random scenarios of high probability because it can help reduce the stress and concern from being bombarded with dread and reports of bad behavior or bad news. There are a multitude of great changes coming that are beautiful. This does not remove the reality of the threat, but can help you see your fellow humanity as including humans who will do their best along with you. These are not predictions, but a glimpse of what we see happening around you. Rather than ignore the reality of the threat and the danger and use "Love" to avoid reality, we suggest that our students embrace the reality of the situation, but also the whole of that reality in that you are not alone in wanting to make the world a better place. Yes, there will be those who exploit an event like this, but there are others who are taking advantage in ways that bring long-awaited benefits and change. We think this is one of the most important things we can convey to you at the moment as this is an historic and pivotal event in humanity and most of the parallels that we see rise from this favor many of the greatest Mature and Old Soul ideals. We will open the floor to questions now. ****JANET/DIANE**** DianeHB: In previous sessions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, you have brought to light some possible scenarios that our current path of trajectory could devolve into. A few of these scenarios you have mentioned include: "cascading catastrophic collapse," the creation of an environment where there is a "100% probability of IS manifestation by December," a path where our economy becomes resource-based, and a possibility that if at least 75% of the global population practices true social distancing than it would be likely, at our earliest, the pandemic could level out by May. DianeHB: Can you clarify and flesh out the paths of trajectory that have the highest probabilities of occurring? Of the scenarios that you have shared with us, what are the probabilities of each scenario taking place in our current trajectory? Could you also indicate higher or lower probabilities of each trajectory by continent if they aren't the same globally? MEntity: Using the differentiated paths above, probabilities at the moment are: Cascading catastrophic collapse = 68% probability; Infinite Soul Manifestation by December = 59%; Resource-based Economy = 97%; Self-disciplined social distancing/Pandemic relief by May = 18%; we will add Enforced social-distancing/Pandemic relief by July, 49%. As this is a global pandemic, these numbers are global, though they may play out in varying paces and ways around the world. DianeHB: What are the current chances of breakthrough vs breakdown? Does breakdown correspond to the Cascading catastrophic collapse/Infinite Soul trajectories? MEntity: Collapse/Infinite Soul paths are Breakdown probabilities. Resource-based Economy paths are Breakthroughs. The timing of the pandemic and how relief comes are independent of whether there is breakdown or breakthrough. It will not matter if this is brief or long-term. What matters is that there is follow-through to actions that benefit humanity. The probabilities are much higher for Breakthrough at the moment. DianeHB: That's good to hear. MEntity: The probabilities for Resource-based Economy are so high that a Breakdown would only delay that, not stop it. Next question DianeHB: There are indications that the US Federal Government may be heading toward a national lockdown. DianeHB: 1. Could Michael comment on whether a U.S. nationwide lockdown is likely and could help us move faster to relief? Based on your 49% probability for enforced social-distancing, seems like that is necessary to bring relief. DianeHB: 2. Are there people in power in our government somewhere who are comprehending the situation now and beginning to respond appropriately? DianeHB: 3. What is the probability that we will now begin to see effective action towards testing and other measures to restrain further "peaks" of pandemic prior to availability of a vaccine, perhaps 18 months away? MEntity: Nationwide lockdown is likely and even two days in this state would make a major difference if truly implemented. We doubt it would be thoroughly implemented, but most would likely participate. 2 weeks would be minimal for truly gaining the most control and footing. DianeHB: How soon do you see this happening? Within the week? Or more? MEntity: There are many contemplating this enforced lockdown, but are considering how to make this appealing for the most effectiveness. Some are contemplating it for exploitative reasons, but most are considering it to be something that is unavoidable. There are people in your government who are comprehending the situation and acting accordingly, but many who are not. The many who are not make it very difficult for those who are. The probability for seeing effective action in testing and restraint look to be on the rise, so we assess that you would see better signs of this over the next couple of weeks. The enforced lockdown is likely within a week or two at the most. If there is not one in place by then, a lockdown would be fairly moot. Next questions DianeHB: Michael, you said this after 9/11 "We will comment for the Mature and Old Souls as to what might be able to be done to "bring some good to the situation". Would you please comment in the same fashion for your students at this time as to what we may do "to bring some good to the situation" during the pandemic and after based on Soul Age and Level. MEntity: To "bring some good" to this pandemic scenario, we can say to return your power back to TIME. One of the main resources that is lost in a Young Soul paradigm is TIME. Energy is prioritized over TIME. You push yourselves to stretch your energy as a resource and neglect the need for time as a resource. Bring some good back to life by giving yourself TIME, not as a gift, but as a right. It is AS important as Energy and when Time is considered with balance to Energy, you gain more of both. When the emphasis is on Energy, even when you have Time, you are not using it. You are focused on where your Energy must go next, or should be going. DianeHB: What does it mean to give ourselves time? MEntity: Cherish your time. Time alone, time together, time in this life, time today. Embrace it like money. Embrace it like a good rest. Embrace it like a good meal. Let yourself HAVE it, be in it. When you give yourself Time, it means you make a choice in how to use it, not just carried along by the momentum of energy expended to get through to some distant point in time. If you are working, be there. If you are at home, alone, be there. If you are spending time with us, here, be here. Let your focus be singular for the amount of time you need or want for whatever you want or need. Make the time to contact loved ones you rarely speak to. Make the time to watch a tv show you had put off. Make the time to read a book. Make the time to create projects or art. Etc. The Mature Soul world is full of emphasis on both Time and Energy because these are the main ingredients for the most effective and beneficial choices. You cannot do more than you can. You do not have more time than you have. You manage energy and you manage time. You never choose one over the other because to do so means making choices that leave a part of you behind. And no one, not even a part of yourself, is left behind in a Mature Soul world. This is the good that you can bring to your world through this: remember to bring yourself along in everything you do. We can take one more question. DianeHB: Without going into providing specific medical advice, is there anything we can do to help support our body's defenses if/when we become infected or prior to getting the virus? Would it be similar to general advice for improving health and the immune system? MEntity: All benefits to the immune system can be helpful, as well as reduction of stress. Stress reduction can come by focusing on the use of your time in ways that please you OR to focus on allowing yourself to be present and kind when you must do what you do not wish to do. Ironically, your best defenses are distance at the moment, but the use of that distance to reconnect with yourself and others is one of the ways to help set your body up for its best defenses. We will conclude here for today, but will have much more to say as this event unfolds. We will be here with you. You are not alone. When we say that "we are here, now" we mean that we are always here with you, but we snap into focus for your "now" when we speak with you through our channels. But we are here, always. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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