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Found 2 results

  1. Seeing as how this year is a big Turning Point year, I'm deciding to look at times of Nexus Branching or Merging throughout the year to see any patterns. If you want to see the direct writings from Troy, just click on the links below. *(Also look at this for a more direct look at how parallels occur: http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/290-more-parallel-and-timeline-background-information/#comment-523 Energy Shifts are most likely Interference and Amplitudes leading to or away from convergences and divergences.) 2015 4th QUARTER- EMPHASIZES SCHOLAR and HIGHER MOVING CENTER ENERGY OCTOBER 2015- Emphasizes Stubbornness>Greed Oct 9-11- ENERGY SHIFT-ENERGY SURGE- A surge of anxiety/panic/worry, or enthusiasm/ideas/excitement. It can be used however one chooses. Oct 18- DIVERGENCE- An initial wave of branching parallels related to shifts in power among countries. NOVEMBER 2015 Nov 3- ENERGY SHIFT-ENERGY SURGE/DRAIN- A day that brings either a surge of enthusiasm or irritation, but if not harnessed, may quickly become exhaustion+frustration. Nov 22-23- DIVERGENCE- A branching based on those focused on the balance between fantasy+illusion and practical reality- or extremes of focus on those. DECEMBER 2015 Dec 18- ENERGY SHIFT- HIGHER MOVING SURGE- A day that may mark a "big change" that will carry through 2016 on some level, and/or an obvious insight into the momentum of 2016 on the planet. Dec 25-28- DIVERGENCE- A branching of parallels between anticipated and dreaded versions of the future. 2016- EMPHASIZES SERVER and MOVING CENTER ENERGY JANUARY 2016- Emphasizes Discrimination Jan 10-15- CONVERGENCE- Parallels reunite, with some being those where some fragments died, and others being where those same fragments are/were recently alive. Most who die over the next 3 months are in their final closure of all parallels. (Probably means that they're dying before the turning point.) Jan 20-25- ENERGY SHIFT-RELIEF- A time of needed relief, rest, communion, creativity etc. FEBRUARY 2016 Feb 6-9- ENERGY SHIFT-COMPLETIONS/BEGINNINGS- Revolves around the end of something, and the beginning of another. This can be a time of relief/enthusiasm/refreshing perspective+energy, or dread/sadness/overwhelm- the difference in experience depends on whether one cares too much+wants to control more, cares too little+resents/resigns from the responsibility of caring, or wants to learn how to better care. Feb 8-17- MAJOR DIVERGENCE- A Global Shift that divides those parts of self/community/globe, more interested in humanitarian+peaceful paths vs. turbulent+disruptive paths vs. the same as things are. MARCH 2016 Mar 17- ENERGY SHIFT-PHOBIA- Shift into Caution begins. People look towards and experience their unwarranted fears/reactions and their actions based on that. Mar 19- MINI DIVERGENCE- Dependent on whether events happen, that are generated by a high-profile event/person representing the force of a population/collective. If this occurs, the effects would be in terms of narrowing paths forward. APRIL 2016- Emphasizes Caution Apr 16-19- ENERGY SHIFT-POWER STRUGGLE- Related to a shift in power on a larger-scale. On more personal levels- a time when adjustments are needed to determine where one's center of power is, and how to move forward with that. Apr 22-29- MAJOR DIVERGENCE- Dependent on whether a shift in power as above occurs, and would reflect this shift. Closes down several potential(unformed) parallels. MAY 2016 May 7-9- ENERGY SHIFT-ENERGY SURGE- A time when anxiety/shock/worry/dread or excitement/enthusiasm/surprise/pleasure may amplify. May 30- MINI DIVERGENCE- Brings intense emphasis to a major event in one's life, or locally, or for one's country/the planet. JUNE 2016 Jun 1-3- ENERGY SHIFT-ENERGY REDUCTION- A plummet in energy occurs so people can step out from a negative spiral and reset. It emphasizes moving away from a greater collective pattern and generating a new, more appealing pattern. Jun 20- ENERGY SHIFT-ENERGY SURGE- Shift towards Cynicism, leading to a rise in agitation/sensitivity or excitement in moving forward. JULY 2016- Emphasizes Cynicism Jul 3-7- ENERGY SHIFT-ENERGY REDUCTION- Plummet in energy resulting from trying to keep it together and focus on the positive. A time to pause, exhale, slow down, catch up to oneself etc. Jul 19- ENERGY SHIFT-ENERGY SURGE- A shift towards convictions+common ground causes, personally+collectively. Jul 29- DIVERGENCE- A focus on branching off parts of self interested in an escalation of conflict to greater war. AUGUST 2016 Aug 2- ENERGY SHIFT-TENTATIVE RELIEF- Brings a sense of possibility+perspective, and some may feel the need to "snap out of it" and shift in perspectives, but feel it as daunting due to Denigration. Aug 13- ENERGY SHIFT-KARMIC CLARITY- 2016 is a year of collective karma for what must be balanced/healed/corrected. This time helps to bring people out and up to the edges of chaos to gain a clearer sense of what needs to be done. Aug 27- ENERGY SHIFT-CONSCIOUS CREATION- A time of returning responsibility to one's creation of the future, and to unhook from heavy/personal patterns. Some may gain a well-needed sense of PERSPECTIVE & ATTITUDE for how to move forward. SEPTEMBER 2016 Sep 9-11- ENERGY SHIFT-POWER VS POSSIBILITY- Likely shows up as a power struggle between sustaining optimism+possibility, or being torn between the weight of destruction and construction. A time to step back and remind oneself of beauty/possibility/pleasure. Sep 26- BREAKTHROUGH NEXUS- As 2016 is a year of Turning Points, this is a time when that acceleration moves to either BREAKDOWN or BREAKTHROUGH, or a feeling of freeing release, followed by a return to recreating oneself+refreshing one's perspective. This may be subtle or obvious, but long-term in effect. OCTOBER 2016- Emphasizes Self-Destruction Oct 15- ENERGY SHIFT- BRACING FOR IMPACT- A tense, stressful, fight or flight time for knowing one is ready for the drop from the "top of the roller coaster". Either hang on for dear life and "enjoy" the ride, or scream in terror+panic and add to the noise.
  2. May 6, 2007 Troy Tolley, Channel MICHAEL SPEAKS Online – Open Floor [Michael Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin with a few comments about the “energy report” for the month of May and what those weeks ahead may entail for most of you. As some of you already know, you are in an arc of emphasis highlighting the energy of the MODE, which comes into emphasis in the months of April through June. We have described this year’s Mode as being OBSERVATION; therefore, emphasis will seem to be themed in what that description suggests. As the Mode describes how one RELATES, it could be said that the emphasis at this time is in observing how one relates to one’s goals, one another, within oneself, etc. We have seen a great surge of self-awareness and aliveness move through our students since April has begun, and this energy is related to this use of Observation as a powerful tool of Clarity, rather than as a form of division in Surveillance. That is not to say that some of you will not feel the sense of division from that which you observe, so if you find you feel disconnected from those things that would otherwise bring to you a sense of life, it may be that you have moved into more of a self-protective process of observation until you feel “safe” to touch again. This is natural. For the first few weeks of this arc of energy, the emphasis appeared to us to have had an emphasis on OWNING your part of the equation of relationships. Furthermore, it was a process of owning with conviction and commitment that which you were discovering to be who you are NOW, in relation to yourself and your choices. We now find that the emphasis may be shifting into an exploration of MEANING and TRUTH within your relationships. Moving away from the HELL YEAH! of April as your exclamation of commitment and conviction, you may now be moving into more of a WHAT THE HELL??? scenario of exploration. By this phrase we mean it in two ways: the playful tossing up of the hands to go forth with what may not “make sense” at the moment, and in meaning the more perplexed confusion that comes from the contradiction between what you thought was true vs what has come to be known as true. This spectrum within WHAT THE HELL??? comes from the exploration of Meaning and Truth within whatever is the focus for your RELATING during the month of May and possibly into June. Many of you search for meaning and truth within this life, in general, and this gets played out in the microcosmic level, if you will, within your relationships. However, as your soul matures, so does your realizations regarding Meaning and Truth. And as with the realization that will one day be found by all of you about life, the same will be found in regard to your relationships at some point: THERE IS NO MEANING TO BE FOUND. This threshold of realization can be one of the most terrifying crossroads for any Essence and particularly for the Personality within a lifetime that finally grasps this Universal Truth. MEANING DOES NOT EXIST AS SOMETHING TO BE FOUND. MEANING IS SOMETHING THAT ONE MUST CREATE. Note that we have not said that there is NO meaning, simply that it cannot be FOUND; it must be CREATED. Only insofar as you are participating in the creation of meaning in your life and in your relationships will you experience the discovery. Many of you tend to find that your relationships must come with a built-in significance that is unveiled and discovered as one assumes past lives are involved, Essence Contact, Cadre and Entity resonance, or Agreements, but this is simply not the case. In every moment one has to create meaning between who you are and to that which you are relating. Beyond that, everything else is simply information, static facts. The profound resonance one may find with another is NOT the meaning that will be the foundation of the relationship. That attraction is only the memory of other meanings, other facts, and the initiator of contact, but it is NOT the meaning. This holds true for those relationships that are not pleasant, as well, or that are anticipated with dread. The meaning you “find” within those instances are as created by you as any of your most profound joys between you and another. The longer you wait for meaning to be revealed to you, the longer you will remain asleep and in the negative poles of your Overleaves. We call this “meaninglessness” of life a Universal Truth because that is what it is, and it is True, with or without your approval. However, as with any Universal Truth, it is not a truth that can be told to you, or given to you, and then made true for you; it must be sensed, searched for, evolved, and then comprehended. By this we mean that you must eventually feel you have had the proof you need for this truth to be a Truth. For most of you, we believe you have found the proof of meaninglessness in many of your daily activities and long-term goals, as well as within your most beloved relationships and repulsive enemies. You SENSE this meaninglessness as a Truth because part of you is beginning to suspect that meaning is not inherent, it is created. It is yours. You have seen the proof of this in your fluctuating feelings and commitments to those things to which you relate. One day you may feel inspired and in awe of the one beside you in bed, and the next day you may feel repulsed and agitated with a sense that feels overwhelming to ponder. //ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (I was fascinated by this as I read it and asked Michael for more information): It should be noted that there are 3 Arcs of Meaning to be created within a life and within relationships. A FOUNDATIONAL ARC exists as the primary meaning across which all effort ranging from basic nurturing to ultimate agape within that relationship or life is motivated. The Foundational Arc is the arc to which one must always remain close as the shorter arcs fluctuate. The Foundational Arc is what remains even when the life is completed or a relationship appears to have ended. If one were to think of the Foundational Arc as the full potential meaning that one creates for the life or relationship, it would not be amiss. Within the Foundational Arc is the CONTEXTUAL ARC, which gives variation of meaning within the larger arc, relative to specific experiences for the day, month, year, etc. The Contextual Arc can sometimes seem to conflict with the Foundational Arc, but understanding the meaning you have created within these specific experiences can help you to understand who you are, more than it is to be used to determine the fate of a relationship or life. Thinking of the Foundational Arc as the rainbow of potential within the life or relationship, then the Contextual Arcs are the colors through which that Foundation is explored. Within the Contextual Arcs are the MOOD ARCS, which give clever expression to the flow of one's overall tone of intellectual, emotional, physical states at any given time, which is much like the HUE for the COLOR that is the current Contextual Arc. Mood Arcs are often THE meaning that one is most aware of and can often destroy the meaning that was created as a foundation. To know of your Mood Arcs can save your life or relationship. Foundational Arcs are THE MEANING I CREATE AS POTENTIAL FOR THIS LIFE OR RELATIONSHIP. Contextual Arcs are THE MEANING I CREATE FROM THE EXPERIENCES I AM HAVING WITHIN THIS LIFE OR RELATIONSHIP. Mood Arcs are THE MEANING I CREATE ABOUT MYSELF IN RELATION TO THE EXPERIENCES I AM HAVING RIGHT NOW. // end additional information It is over the month of May and June that you may see more of this proof of meaninglessness that then, ironically, opens your entire world to a new level of absolute meaning. The meaning you create within your life and within your relationships is the direct expression of your consciousness and Essence at any given time. In other words, the meaning you create is the path for your soul to enter into the world around and beyond you and to bring back the experiences to help support in that meaning. So as you struggle with the meaning you see and feel around you, you may find the WHAT THE HELL??? phrase to be of use to you. This will allow you the levity to create the meaning you feel is relevant to you in the moment, or to allow room for the shifts in meaning that do tend to happen as you shift in consciousness and Essence Manifestation. We will now open the floor to any questions. [H2OSprtlvr] Are you able to tell us what is it that caused the algae bloom in the Pacific ocean to be very acidic and to kill all the sea life that consumed it? Was it a chemical reaction to man made stuff in the ocean or just a unique type of algae created somehow? [Michael Entity] The acidic levels for the algae are part of a natural cycle that simply has not been documented before. There are other factors affecting the algae that are “man-made” in source, but this particular rise in acid is merely a cyclical event. Many cycles associated with weather, oceanic realms, and life on your planet in general have very little understanding, often leading to the modern equivalence to that of the gods being angry during an eclipse. [Ann] This past nexus seemed particularly intense. Is there any way of telling if an individual split off a parallel or if it was intense energies only? [Michael Entity] All of you “spun off” parallels. We have yet to see any of our students who did not. [H2OSprtlvr] I like the parallel I'm currently in. ;-) [Michael Entity] One of the ways in which one can tell when a parallel has spun off during a nexus is in that sense of direction, clarity, and momentum that may not have been present before the nexus. This is due to the fact of “your” now being able to focus on what “you” want, and other versions of you having gone on to focus on other paths. For the first few weeks (and sometimes months) beyond a major nexus, a fragment can feel a great sense of progress and confidence, until new layers of decisions begin to be build, leading to new potentials that will then lead to pivotal choices, leading to more convergences or divergences of realities. [alomarsmom] You have told us that the odds were against Bush completing his term, can you update those odds. Also likely causes for the early ending? [Michael Entity] Our perception remains the same: that a higher percentage of probabilities still has this fragment not completing his term. This is not a prediction, it is simply a standing potential that has a great amount of emphasis. Rising in probability is the extension of the term in an unprecedented way, leading to that extension being the context of his fall; and alongside all of the probabilities there is the possibility of simply completing his term, but with some major “exit” as his means of ending that term. The highest probability for his term ending prematurely still stands as assassination, but charges of crimes against humanity close behind that. [carrotwax] There are a lot of us that were involved in the Alexandrian mystery school. Could Michael bring back an exercise or lesson from that time that would likely be beneficial for the group to remember and practice now? [Michael Entity] Although we cannot possibly answer for all who were involved, we have found a consistent thrill and sense of vague confusion as to why one would be so intrigued by this experience, but many of you relished in the breaking of glass as a practice in purging. The sound of glass shattering, especially in response to one's own actions, is a slightly disturbing delight. The actual practice from the time you refer to as the “Alexandrian Mystery School” was one that involved imbuing glass objects with whatever was thought to need to be purged and then smashing this glass in a special room that enhanced the experience even further. This would be particularly beneficial to many of you who who live in a personal world that is created as so fragile and contained to the point of making as little an imprint as possible around you, all the while craving to leave a great impact in some way. This dichotomy within can be bridged by the shattering-glass exercise. [Lightspring] Could you suggest exercises or information that would aid with the ability to let go of expectation(s)? [Michael Entity] Yes: to allow yourself the freedom of expectations. This is the only means you have for learning to navigate your expectations. To “let go” of expectation is about as useful as giving up your legs; yes, it can be done, but mobility is not enhanced by doing so. Embracing your expectations is to embrace your inner map. However, the expectations that are often felt to be so compelling are simply not the truth of that inner map. To allow the embrace of those expectations can often then reveal the truth of this, and allow for more appropriate desires to lead the way. Expectation is neutral. Your ability to use the tool of expectation is a spectrum. There is a negative form of expectation and a positive form. To expect that the sun will rise can be seen to be quite natural. To expect a loved one to conform to your ideals is quite another end of the spectrum. In this case, it could then be said that TRUST is the positive pole of Expectation and DEMAND is the negative pole. To demand that the sun rise as you will it in the middle of the night is as fruitless as forcing upon another your ideals. To trust that your loved one can find his or her own path of expression and truth despite your ideals is as beautiful an expectation as one that allows the sun to rise on its own. If there is pain involved in your experience of expectation, it is quite likely that it is in the realm of DEMANDS. In this case, one must do the work of exploring WHY one would have such demands and then allow room for a shift of attention. In most cases of DEMAND, or painful expectation, one is in a self-karmic cycle of punishment, either upon the self or upon another. There is a perpetual investment in the Demand until there is vindication. To understand that this is a cycle of punishment will often allow room for the true inner map to be found and a new peaceful navigation to be found. To understand that this is a cycle of punishment is to surrender to the truth that “you will never be right.” When Expectations are painful, when they are DEMANDS, you can never be right. You can only impose your will, if that, but you will never be right. To grasp the reality that there may be more to you than being right can be a disturbing buoy to free oneself from. But there is so much more to you. Demands lead to unfulfilled expectations, which is a root of anger, which is a form of punishment. It is quite obvious to most of you as to where you are Demanding and where you are Trusting. Free yourselves to navigate more gently, softly, and you will find your expectations have clues, motivations, and magnetism within them that are a part of your true inner map. NOTE: We use the statement “you will never be right” as it relates to this particular experience, not as an implication that there is actually a wrong or right. [H2OSprtlvr] It is very exciting that scientist found another planet similar to earth in another solar system. Are there fragments on this new found planet similar to us and do they know about our planet? [Michael Entity] Not yet. There are no sentient inhabitants as of this time that we can see, but there does appear to be plans for populations. Good night to all of you. We will conclude here.
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