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Found 4 results

  1. Channel: Troy Tolley April 10, 2011 Michael Speaks: Nine Realities MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here. We will begin with the requested topic of "9 Realities." First we will define "reality" here as "realm or dimension of experience." The term "reality" is always used literally in terms of a dimension that is apparently separate from another, but these realities often overlap or exist one within another, and there is nothing static about them. Each of you, regardless of where you "exist" as you know reality, will exist 9 versions of that Reality, and so it might be more accurate to call these "dimensions;" you exist within 9 Dimensions of any given Reality, so to speak. However, your Primary Reality is usually dictated by which of these Dimensions your focus is present, at any given time, or within any given space. There are actually, technically, only 3 Realities, but each of these has 3 Dimensions, or angles, from which that Reality is experienced, and so it is fair to describe these in terms of 9, as each is an exploration of a facet of the self. When we use a system of 9, we are usually describing a part of our teaching that is interpreting one's exploration of facets of the self. That system of 9 is usually built from a stack of 3's. As we discuss with you these variations on Reality and their corresponding Dimensions, we are describing a major part of the structure that is responsible for generating alternate universes, or parallel realities. Parallel Realities converge and diverge based upon the degree to which these 9 Realities are in harmony within the self, within your community, and within your species. As Parallel Realities "spin off" or branch off from the SELF, from COMMUNITIES, and from the Species. For today, we will speak in more direct emphases on the Self as it relates to these Dimensions, but from that, one may extrapolate how this spreads to the community and global levels. As we explore these Dimensions and Realities, we suggest not assigning to them any numerical value, at least in terms of progression, because these are more like Facets, and not steps. The first Reality and its 3 Dimensions we will discuss is the Physical Reality. This is the most-solid of all Realities, of course, and is an anchor for playing out and exploring all other Realities. All other Realities must be out of sync for a Physical Reality NOT to be shared. Each Reality's Dimensions are a form of positive, negative, and neutral (or assimilative) experiences/Dimensions of that Reality. Each Reality is polarized by Positive and Negative attributes that could be described in terms of WANTS and NEEDS. We remind you that "positive" and "negative" are never used in our teaching to indicate anything more than a difference between broader focus and acute focus, or Cardinal and Ordinal, or creative and focused, etc. The Poles describe the spectrum, and the greatest understanding that can from the use of the Poles as a form of navigation is that the more one moves toward the Positive Pole, the more that BOTH Poles are included. That is because the Positive is Inclusive and the Negative is Exclusive, both for very practical functions. Each Reality will then have a ground for resolution, or Assimilation, where Positive and Negative play out. For your Physical Reality, the Negative Reality, or the DIMENSION OF NEEDS is described by your CRAVINGS. For your Physical Reality, the Positive Reality, or the DIMENSION OF PHYSICAL WANTS is described by your DESIRES. For your Physical Reality, your Assimilative Reality, or the DIMENSION OF RESOLVE is in your PHYSICAL HEALTH. These 3 Dimensions are three very different versions of Physical Reality. In other words, every fragment will have a Dimension of Reality that is dictated/created by his Cravings, and one dictated/created by his Desires, and both of these are reflected in his Health. There will never NOT be those 3 Dimensions of Physical Reality for any fragment. Physical Reality, then, can become a powerful factor for with whom one shares his or her Physical Space and Time, as shared Dimensions of Craving, Health, and Desires become important factors for sharing that space and time harmoniously. If one shares Physical Space and Time with any other, then there are AT LEAST shared Cravings and/or Desires, and how these are managed is played out in the collective Health. The next bundle of Dimensions that create Reality could be called the Emotional Reality. Fragments standing in the same room at the same time may have very different Emotional Realities. Again, this Reality is explored through Positive, Negative, and Neutral facets that exist at all times. Again, this Reality is polarized by Wants and Needs. In this case, the Dimension of Want would be your INTENTIONAL DIMENSION, and the Dimension of Need would be your DIMENSION OF LONGING. These Dimensions are then played out, or resolved, in the DIMENSION OF PERCEPTION/RELATIONSHIPS. It could be said that the Assimilative, or meeting ground for the Polar Dimensions of each Reality are always reflected in the Health, so that in the Emotional Reality it is played out in the Health of Relationships, or Perception. There is never a fragment who exists without each an Intentional, a Longing, and a Relationship Dimension to his or her Emotional Reality. The next Reality then is the Intellectual Reality. Again, this Reality is polarized by Dimensions of Want and Need, which are played out or resolved. The Intellectual Reality includes the Dimension of Ideals, the Dimension of Explanations, and resolved in the Dimension of Comprehension or Insight, which might be more accurately described as the Dimension of Philosophy. There will always be for each fragment a Dimension of Intellectual Reality that is generated from the Ideal, one that is generated from the Explained, and one that is the meeting ground of both of these in the Health of one's Personal Philosophy. We will elaborate by defining some of the terms we used: Desire is that which is Wanted Physically, and is usually motivated by Pleasure. Cravings are that which are Physically Needed, and usually motivated by Survival, or Healing. Intention is that which is brought to any relationship to generate that which is Wanted Emotionally, and is usually motivated by The creation of Meaning. Longing in that which is brought to any relationship that which is Needed Emotionally, and is usually motivated by the lack of Meaning, or fulfillment. Ideals describe the reality generated from what is Wanted Intellectually, and usually motivated by Affection, or collective improvements. Explanations describe the reality that is generated from what is Needed Intellectually, and is usually motivated by Momentum, or that which is presumed to be known. It may also be described as motivated by one's Prejudices. To the degree that one's Physical Reality and its Dimensions are healthy is the easily measured by the consistency and nature to which that fragment LAUGHS. To the degree that one's Emotional Reality and its Dimensions are healthy is easily measured by the degree to which that fragment is HAPPY. To the degree that one's Intellectual Reality and its Dimensions are healthy is easily measured by the degree to which one is at PEACE, or PEACEFUL. We will pause here for questions that may be relevant to the topic. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN ************** [Brian_W_] Regarding the emotional dimension, you mentioned that it has the Negative, Positive, and Neutral Poles. Is there a technique similar to the "hands-across" technique to be able to bring the dimensional pole into the positive? MEntity: No, because the term "pole" here is used to describe the 3 Dimensions of each Reality that are rather static and existing at all times, so there is no need for moving from one to the other, but that each would be tended to, understood, and regarded as valid Realities for you. [Brian_W_] Okay, I misunderstood how "pole" was applied here. Thank you MEntity: The same could be said of every Overleaf, as well. Each Pole and its resolution exist at all times, and while an emphasis might be in one Pole or another, each Pole will continue to exist for each person and each overleaf. So while one may move toward the Positive Pole of an Overleaf, this merely means that he is now INCLUDING the entire spectrum of that Overleaf. The same could be said of the Dimensions of Reality: the more one focuses on his Positive Dimension, the more the Negative is managed and healthy. For instance, if one tends to his Wants, it is almost always the case that his Needs are then already taken care of. Or, in a more specific example, if one would like to focus on his Dimension of Desire, he will be including his Dimension of Craving. Or, if one were to focus on his Dimension of Ideals, he would automatically be including his Dimension of Explanations. However, if one were to be focused on the Dimension of Cravings, it is very difficult to tend to the Dimension of Desire. To the degree that you, as an individual, tend to your "higher" Dimensions, or your Positive Pole Dimensions, the greater the Laughter, Happiness, and Peace your experience of Reality becomes. However, this often means emphasizing the Negative Poles, or the "lower" Dimensions of Reality, first, which can then lead to the "higher." Regardless of where one's emphasis or focus is, these 9 Realities or Dimensions will exist, and either be aligned with others' or not. [Oscar] Do the three Realities have any correlation to the Centering, e.g. Moving, Emotional, Intellectual? MEntity: Only in terminology, for convenience. However, your Centering would exist within each of these Dimensions. [Geraldine] This might apply more to alternate or parallel realities. I know many who are going through memory loss, and not all for the same apparent reasons. As one goes through major mindset changes of any of the three Realities, does this alter one's current reality enough to "forget" parts of one's previous realities? Or, secondarily, is this part of the cause of memory loss? MEntity: Memory is quite directly linked to and affected by the management of these Dimensions and Realities, because the Personality's memory is biological, and when a parallel is generated, it is because the Intellectual and Emotional Dimensions have moved into such a polarized state that they branch off a Physical Dimensions, which means a new body, so to speak. In either case of Divergence or Convergence, this "new" copy is always different enough to affect the line of (or lack of) memory. However, even within a given set of Realities, or 9 Dimensions, the memory can be affected by the various ways one manages his or her Dimensions. Every fragment will tend to have an emphasis of Dimension in each Reality, so that either the Wants or Desires are active in the consciousness for creation. If one has been emphasizing Cravings, Longings, and Explanations or Prejudices, he will alter his memory of that time when he has moved his emphases into Desire, Intentions, and Ideals. Because the Negative Poles are so acute in focus, when the focus shifts into a broadness, that which was so important or distracting or demanding might be completely lost to memory or even become romanticized to a great degree. It is not that the linear history is lost, in this case, but that the pleasure, meaning, and affection have been extracted and the symbols are no longer necessary. [Geraldine] In fact that happened to me when I finished my 5th IM. MEntity: On a more practical level, if one is having problems remembering where he has placed his keys, or remembering a phone number, this would simply be a matter of blood flow to the brain and its exercise by the user. We will continue, then. The information shared here can be used in practical ways when one looks at his life through these dimensions, and when others are seen as potentially having very different Realities and Dimensions than those that are yours, or of importance to you. Understanding that the DECISIONS you make to fulfill your Desires leads to moments of CHOICE that either build upon your Reality, branch off your Reality, or join with other Realities. Understanding that the DECISIONS you make to fulfill your Cravings leads to CHOICES that create, branch, or merge Realities, can help you to tend to those smaller steps that lead to larger, pivotal experiences. DECISIONS are the steps to CHOICES, and Choices generate your Realities. And by "generate," we mean Build Upon, Branch, or Merge. Understanding that you can be in a group of people who are in the same room at that same time may not mean that each of you are in the same Intellectual or Emotional Reality, despite your shared Physical Reality. The greater your Peace and Happiness, the greater your capacity to adapt to and embrace variations of Realities, however. We are using "peace" and "happiness" to describe the confidence and trust that is within an individual or group, regardless of influences or factors, and not to describe a romanticized, syrupy, or "new agey" conclusive state. In other words, the greater your capacity to embrace all of YOUR OWN DIMENSIONS, the greater your capacity to embrace others', instead of shooting yourself into another parallel, to speak in humorous terms. These Dimensions, then, can be explored through other aspects of our Teaching, such as what have come to be understood as "the Nine Needs," or "The Nine Pillars," etc. Look to the health of your Body, your Heart/relationships, and your Mind/Philosophies for indications as to which Reality Set is important for your focus. ALL Realities and Dimensions are benefited by the attention given to any one Dimension that is most discordant. We will conclude here, and regardless of where and when you are in Reality, we will meet up with you again. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
  2. OMW - Oct 18, 2014 - You and Your Realities Note: Michael Speaks: Your 9 Realities is referenced in this session and may assist in following the content of this workshop. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We will discuss with you the concept of "reality" and what this means to you, personally. In the broadest sense of the term, "reality" is a term that describes one's experience. Much of what happens, when it happens, etc. is of little relevance to what you think, feel, and do with what happens and when. We have spoken with some length about the 9 Realities and how these are navigated and shared. We will not revisit that material as an overview, except where relevant. But we can suggest that a personal review of that material would help to add some depth to what we discuss today. When we shared that information, we shared it more as a map than as something specific to an individual. Today we will work with each of you to get a better sense of your personal reality and what it means to have that personal reality. As our first relevant reference to the original material, we will say that each of you exist within and as a Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual Reality. While incarnating, the most persistently-shared of Realities is the Physical. If you are sharing the same space, you are sharing the same Physical Reality. No one is NOT sharing in the same Physical Reality if you can see that person, hear him or her, or have other sensory input from that individual. Spiritual Reality is the synthesis of the Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual Realities. If you exist, you share in a Spiritual Reality with everyone else who exists. So this densest of Realities and least-dense of Realities are in many ways a Yin/Yang in the universe, or "two sides of the same coin." At your densest, you share reality with everyone. At your least-dense, you share reality with everyone. No matter how much you wish not to share the Physical Plane with some of your fellow Humans, you do, and you must contend with them. No matter how much you may wish not to be evolving toward the same direction alongside those sharing in Sentience, you are intrinsically a part of that collective, and you must contend with that. However, your Emotional and Intellectual Realities are of the most personal, unique, and differentiated of "spaces" that you own as individual fragments. And so by "Personal Reality" we refer to your Emotional and Intellectual Realities. You can be in the same room with 200 other fragments and you cannot NOT share in that Physical Reality. But you can have the most unique, personal, and differentiated emotions and thoughts while in that shared space. Your Emotional and Intellectual Realities shape most of what you collect as what you consider "experiences." What you feel and think about everything shapes its value to you. Throughout most of life, and for most who are alive, imprinting teaches that an individual is at the mercy of his or her feelings and thoughts. "I was just raised this way." or "That's how I was taught." or "You can't change how you feel." etc. Most imprinting within cultures come from Young and Baby Soul mindsets that tell you that you are not in control of your emotions and thoughts, because as long as you do not have control over your own emotions and thoughts, you are much easier to control. This is far from the truth, of course, and each of you are completely in control of your emotions and intellect. Or, at least, have the capacity to control these. Much of what has been described as "creating one's reality" is based on this truth. You always have a choice in how you feel and think. Even when there are chemical imbalances and disorders, there is choice. In much the same way that a legless man can eventually run a race, or wheel a race, or play basketball, or create art, etc. so can those with chemical imbalances and disorders work to expand on possibilities. Physical obstacles are valid, and they do have effect, and they do change the degree of difficulty for the individual, but there are degrees of obstacles and successes and inherent strengths in nearly every aspect of life. But your Personal Reality is shaped by how you think and feel about everything, including how you think and feel about how you think and feel. Choice is key here. Choice is either active or passive. You either create reality or allow it. Both are valid forms of choice. For instance, when you may wish to "put on a brave face" if you are starting a new job and need to focus on your skills and contributions. This may not remove your anxiety, but it helps, and your choice makes a difference. This is an active/creative choice. But if you are hit by a loss or upsetting news, you may feel sad and fall into grief. You may let yourself do this, and this is healthy. This would be an example of a more passive/allowance. You know you must process something, and you allow for that process. Because most of you were imprinted with the idea that you are controlled by your emotions and thoughts, or at least that you cannot legitimately change or transform these in an instant, you develop what we will refer to as "triggers." How often one is triggered can be an indication for how asleep one is. However, this may not be an overall indication, but may be clear that one is asleep in one part of the life, and quite awake in another part of the life. If you are triggered into reactionary states that are not specific to the necessity for survival, you are asleep to some extent. So, in terms of your Personal Reality and your capacity to choose how you think and feel, you are, to some degree either more asleep or more awake in the life. What we will share today is a way for you to see where you are in that range between being asleep and being awake. This range is cyclical in its process, in that for say, the deepest of sleep has its deeper sleep and then its own version of waking up, before moving into the next range of wakefulness, which will have its own deeper sleep and waking up, and so on. These are no different from the Polarities we speak of in much of our teaching, and how those work. The reason we are emphasizing your focus on the range between being asleep and being awake is because the more awake one is, the more one can choose one's emotions and thoughts in a way that creates reality to a higher level of fulfillment for you. This range of sleep to waking is relative to Soul Age, so while this map can be applied to each Soul Age, an Infant Soul can be "totally awake," but within the context of that Soul Age, which means that a "totally awake" Old Soul will look very different. Each of these states will be familiar to most of you, and will have been experienced in some form or another throughout the life. Each state will have its set of triggers so in considering your triggers, you can see not only which state of wakefulness you may be in, but how asleep you are within that state. Within the format here, we will emphasize wording to be more relevant to the older soul, but if the subject is of interest for further elaboration, we may word things differently to describe the states for Infant, Baby, and Young. We can do that in another exchange with you. 7 Points of Sleeping/Waking We will use a bit of geometry to help describe these 7 States of Sleeping/Waking. Imagine the most asleep one can be as represented by a POINT. We will build from there. As a single point of consciousness, the sleep is defined by self-preservation. The triggers usually dealt with here are all about THREATS. Whether real or imagined, Threats will trigger the person who is experiencing himself or herself as a single point of consciousness. The reactions will be all about self-preservation. This person will not wake up until he or she feels safe, or that he or she will SURVIVE. Keep in mind that no matter how awake a person is, he or she can be knocked into a sleep of self-preservation as a means of aiming for survival against threat. This can come when there is a terminal illness or an environmental catastrophe or car accident, etc. You are reduced to a point of consciousness that only seeks to survive. So as we speak to you of these states and triggers, keep in mind that you will never be sustaining wakefulness in only one state. You will move about the map of wakefulness and sleep. But understanding this map can help you to make more conscious choices toward wakefulness. So the person who has been reduced to a point of consciousness can help himself or herself toward wakefulness by either choosing to trust, or creating a sense of safety and comfort. This person's personal reality can shift from feeling and thinking that experiences are only threats, to thinking and feeling that the experiences can be of use in some future. And this moves the state into what we will refer to as a LINEAR STATE. The Linear State is self-conscious. This state is all about how one is contributing, what one is contributing, and the value that one is to life. Triggers for this state are time and the future. Fragments in this state shape their personal reality by aiming for the future and being sensitive to how time is used. The more one is triggered by the passing of time and worry for the future, the more likely one is asleep here. The more one consciously creates meaning from the moment, the more one creates a future to one's liking. The more one creates meaning in the moment, the more one moves toward the next state of wakefulness, which is all about having. We will refer to this third state as a TRIANGULAR STATE. The Triangular State is one of self-permission. This state is all about the self-permission to pursue goals, to aim higher, to have what one desires, to allow pleasure, to have fun, etc. Triggers for this state are anything competitive, anyone interfering or imposing restrictions, or even shaming or guilting one for his or her ambitions. Or lack thereof. The person who is asleep here tends to be pushy, provocative, deceitful, opportunistic, etc. As the person awakes here, there is a sense of choice in the matter of how one feels and thinks as one pursues desires. Having is not about taking, but about sharing, and this helps to move that person into the next state of wakefulness. This state is the first state that begins to consider one's part in a collective consciousness. This state would be the SQUARE STATE. This Square State is a state of collective harmony. This is a state that aims for stabilization, solutions, problem-solving, and networking. Triggers for this state are anything chaotic, out of order, discordant, challenging to the senses. The more asleep one is here, the more one wishes to ignore differences, impose political correctness, ignore "the news," ignore politics, remove oneself from conflict or debate, etc. The more one is asleep here, the more one wishes to presume that everyone should just get along at all cost, and to ensure a false stability. As one awakens here, one begins to cherish differences and to celebrate those, enjoying debate as a means of gaining knowledge and insight. The Personality Reality is experienced as expanding because of these differences, even if wrought from conflict or debate, which leads to the next state of wakefulness. We will refer to this next state as a CONICAL STATE. The conical state is an emphasis on Collective Awareness. Or being aware of each other, not just in terms of differences, but in terms of those differences being vital tools for teaching and learning. Differences are then owned and shared freely as a means of invitation, teaching, and sharing. Triggers for this state are any forms of inconsideration or dismissal of boundaries. Many of our students sustain wakefulness in the square and conical states, with their personal realities entirely shaped by how differences are experienced, both in terms of triggers and the aim for more conscious choice in the matters. The more one consciously owns his or her differences and allows these to be models of invitation for others to learn from, and embraces the differences of others as invitations to learn, even if these come in the form of "stupidity," inconsideration, or crossing of boundaries, it is the learning that will matter here, and this will help one to move into the next state. This next state is what we will describe as a SPIRAL STATE. This state is all about collective evolution. This state recognizes that we are all in this together, and that all parts contribute to the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every element of reality, whether your own or of others, is contributing to the trajectory of evolution, however meandering, slow, or accelerated. Triggers for this state are indifference and resignation. If one is asleep here, then apathy, indifference, and resignation can "set this person off" in an instant, hating humanity and humans for not participating collectively and actively toward a common evolution. A large group of our students sustain wakefulness here to a great degree. The more one wakes up here, the more one begins to see all realities as contributing to the evolution of humanity, and that one reality is not better than another, just different. It is not indifference to recognize this. This can be difficult to sustain in wakefulness because it feels like permission and condoning for fragments to be ever asleep. But the more one can practice this allowance for differences, not just in culture, race, religions, sexualities, or other tangibilities, but in terms of perception, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, ideas, insights, etc., then the more one begins to wake up into the final state: The SPHERICAL STATE. We will refer to this as a "final" state because if one can sustain any wakefulness here, it is inherently inclusive of all other states. It has no sleep. It is utterly awake. It is at peace. It is wholeness. It is no longer triggered. We have very few students who can sustain this state. GeraldineB: A coma would seem to help for that state MEntity: Some who are asleep in the Square State may think he or she is here, but is often simply denying or avoiding chaos and conflicts as a means to pretend to be awake. Geraldine, your humor is not lost on us. So before we conclude today, we will pose these questions to each of you: ONE) on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being completely lacking control, how much choice do you feel you have in your range of emotions and thoughts? TWO) in which state do you feel you are most awake, and in which state do you feel you are most triggered? Are they the same? You do not have to answer here, but can think about this and answer where this transcript will post. For all of you here, we can offer up to each of you that you are not without triggers, you are not fully awake, nor are you utterly asleep. Janet: Are the answers to TWO likely to be states that are next to each other on the scale you provided? Or not necessarily? MEntity: It is important to note that the aim is not for you to wake up, but that waking up is a natural process that occurs the more one owns responsibility for personal reality. Janet, not necessarily, but often. There may be elements of the life where one state is dominant, while the rest of the life is at a different state overall. Janet: I see that certainly. Thank you. GeraldineB: I see a lot of parallels between FEAR and Sleeping/Waking -- is this another way of describing how fear functions? MEntity: Oh, of course. When fear is utilized as information, sleep is not necessarily in effect, but if fear is reactionary and habitual, sleep is synonymous here. GeraldineB: I suppose I "should" have tied it to the triggers MEntity: Yes. Triggers described here are directly related to fears. But, again, if used as information for how one can make a more wakeful choice, then it can immediately transmutate. To conclude for today, we will say that each of you are a walking set of realities from the most-shared to the most exclusive. Your most-exclusive realities are your personal reality, and you have full control over these, based on your willingness to make choices both passively and actively, creatively or with allowance. The more you recognize your triggers and associate these to a state of wakefulness, the more easily you can shift your personal reality into a state of fulfillment over a state of defense. Bobby: So you're not going to tell us who of your students has reached the sphere state then, right? I had to ask MEntity: We may no longer share in your Physical Reality, but we will always share in your Spiritual Reality, and this how our friendships with you can continue. GeraldineB: Probably someone in China we've never heard of -- they do have non-American students MEntity: Regardless of our apparent distance, we are your friends. Bobby: We get by with a little help from our friends Janet: MEntity: For those who have reached a Spherical State, it cannot be sustained. It is experienced for stretches of time, but like Love, allows for a full range of experience. Each of you here have reached this at one point in your life, and many of our students have, but very few can sustain it. Those who do so can sustain it for one day to maybe a week before fluctuating. The key effect of this state is that when one falls back into another state, that state is not seen as conclusive or that one is trapped there. One now knows there is more, and allows the current state to be fully alive. That is the nature of the sleeping/waking cycle. None of you can stay awake for long in any literal sense without harming the self, and this is true in a more metaphysical sense, as well. Embrace your sleep as part of your wholeness and the Spherical State becomes easier and easier to access. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here. Goodbye, for now.
  3. Michael Speaks -- "Imagination, and What is it for?" December 11, 2011 Troy Tolley, Channel Start: 12:57 PM 12/11/2011 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here. We have always enjoyed that our students are rather "rowdy." It is a good match with us, despite our seemingly stolid approach to sharing our teaching. We understand the subject to be IMAGINATION, and What It Is For. We will share what we can on this, and aim for it to be useful in understanding this often-misunderstood process. Though we have shared some in the past about Imagination, we have not shared enough with which to build upon in this exchange, so we will speak to this subject anew. Imagination is a powerful tool of Sentience that exists in every known scenario while in a body. There are no circumstances of great pleasure or great suffering that does not allow for Imagination. Imagination exists as a kind of frequency into which all Sentience can tune, if you will, but also generate. Imagination exists as a result of Sentience, and Sentience exists as a result of Imagination. Everything exists as a result of Imagination. And Imagination exists as a result of everything. In short, Imagination IS Tao. If any one of you wondered what Tao "is like," it is that part of you that Imagines. If you wondered what your "spark" was like at the core of your Essence, it is Imagination. And by extension, your Imagination is Essence, as well. And by further extension, your Imagination is YOU. We share this rather amorphous and aphorismic introduction because it is valid that Imagination permeates everything, and emits from everything, in ways that literally help to perpetuate the universe. This is one of the reasons many teachings teach that the world is "illusion." Therefore, in terms of Imagination then, every existing thing is "illusion." Therefore, it is silly to presume that because it is Imagination that it must therefore be ignored, transcended, avoided, denied, etc., because one does so, one only trades one "illusion" for another. Trading one illusion for another that is "better" is like keeping chlorine on one side of the pool. The only way that life gets "better," particularly while in the Physical Plane, is through participation. All other paths are stalling, which are valid, but stalled. "Participation" means tending to that which was Imagined, or taking responsibility. Imagination is used to FORM, INTERPRET, EXPERIENCE, and COMPREHEND, which are Imagination in Motion, Intellect, Emotion, and Assimilation, respectively. In the same way that Imagination is TAO, it is also CHOICE. Therefore, one could say that Imagination is used for Forming Choice, Interpreting Choice, Experiencing Choice, or Comprehending Choice, while Choice, itself, has its influence on each, i.e., you can Choose how to Form a Choice. Imagination is generated from three natural resources within your existence: The Past, Present, and Future. "The Now" is the whole that is the sum of the parts - Past, Present, and Future, and "the Now" is different from the Present (for this discussion, at least). The use of Memory (the past) to form, interpret, experience, or comprehend the Past, Present, or Future is REPRODUCTIVE imagination. Reproductive Imagination is Sensory-based, and usually relative and relevant to the Body, or Moving Center. It could be said, then, that Reproductive Imagination arises from, and/or influences Action, Form, Memory, and the Goal. Reproductive Imagination ranges in use from memory to crafts to recognition to procreation to routine and to the nurturing of the Body. A reason Goals are associated with Reproductive Imagination is because scenarios must be formed, interpreted, and experienced over and over again for a Goal to be pursued. The use of The Present to Form, Interpret, Experience, or Comprehend the Past, Present, or Future is CREATIVE Imagination. Creative Imagination arises from, and/or influences Inspiration (emotion), Experience, Perception, and the Mode. Creative Imagination ranges in use from ideas, to art, to problem solving, possibilities, and healing. A reason Modes are associated with Creative Imagination is because Inspiration is always formed, interpreted, and experienced through Relationships, within and without. The use of the Future to Form, Interpret, Experience, or Comprehend to Past, Present, or Future is INVOLUNTARY Imagination. Involuntary Imagination arises from, and/or influences Expression (intellect), Interpretation, Beliefs (philosophies), and the Attitude. Involuntary Creativity ranges in use across fear, defense, reaction, illness, pathologies, depression, dreams, anticipation, anxiousness. A reason Attitudes are associated with Involuntary Imagination is because one's Expression is naturally formed, interpreted, and experienced because of one's Philosophies (beliefs), within and without. Though these are nicely organized in ways that align with the Axes, they are not static associations in such a way that one could relate a Role to one of these forms of Imagination. In other words, all Sages and Artisans are not locked to, or rooted in the Involuntary Imagination. That being said, there is truth to the tendency for use of certain types of Imagination, which can be approximated not only by the Role, but by the dominance of an Axis in one's Overleaves. The Overleaves, and the use of them over many lifetimes, expands every fragment's capacity for use of all forms of Imagination, though all forms were there from "the beginning," as it is a frequency that is stored or accessed through the Instinctive Center. This frequency is one's indirect line to the Akashic Plane, as it is the frequency that is used to update/upload to your Essence, through your Essence, and to its own Causal Body for the updating of records. Each of these can be positive or negative in their uses to the individual. And each will inherently trigger and overlap the others. This information acts as a kind of map for how to understand from what angle you are drawing your Imagination, and what parts of you it may be generating from, or influencing, so that you give rise to ever greater spectrum of choices for how, who, where, and why you are. You DO "create" your "reality" in the most fundamental and personal sense, even if not all of "reality" is your personal creation. Your Imagination uses your memory, perceptions, and beliefs. And, your memory, perceptions, and beliefs use Imagination to form, interpret, experience, and comprehend your Reality. ***FLOOR IS NOW OPEN FOR QUESTIONS*** Maureen: If a person wishes to have a different outcome in “whatever” – how might they use their Imagination to make this happen MEntity: One would first want to assess to what degree one has control over the outcome of that "whatever" in terms of Form, Interpretation, Experience, or Comprehension, and this would most likely come from the Creative Imagination. If one cannot control an actual outcome (form), one may still have the capacity for controlling the interpretation of that outcome to best suit his needs or wants; or he may be able to control his experience so that disappointment can be minimized, or joy can be generated; or control his comprehension so that sense can be made of the results. We will say, however, that "wishing" for a different outcome would have far less effect than actual participation in the process. Maureen: perhaps I am thinking of the use of Visualization as it relates to Imagination MEntity: Understanding from where that "wishing" is generated can also help. Is it a result of Reproductive Imagination? Is he trying to recreate? Is it a result of Creative Imagination? Is he trying to visualize and hold an intention? Is it a result of Involuntary Imagination, generated from fear and defense against the alternative outcomes? Knowing from where it comes can sometimes help to point to other resources. For instance, if it is Creative, then the outcome may require other people to help, and Relationships can be explored for even more Imagination. For more Inspiration, etc. As Emotions are also how one experiences Time, Creative Imagination may also point to the fact that it is a matter of patience, as well. carolyn: Is the frequency stored/accessed through instinctive centre, the same as the essence frequency, and does this frequency work through seven levels, of the three types of imagination. MEntity: The Frequency that we offer as insight into your Essence is Essence's particular "vibration point" from within Sentience as it is relative to your Sentience. In other words: all of Sentience is its own spectrum from 1 - 100. Human Sentience may be at 30 in that spectrum, for example. That point of 30 within the full spectrum of 100 is then delineated into its own spectrum from 1 - 100. Imagination then could be said to be the equivalent of all Sentience, and Humans are one point in that spectrum of Imagination. Your Frequency describes your Essence's speed at which Imagination is accessed or generated. To answer your question: yes, the Frequency that is your Sentience, and the specific Frequency with which your Essence participates within that, are stored/accessed in the Instinctive Center. While we have no delineated process of 7 Levels for how Frequency uses Imagination, our information on the 7 Methods of Choice can shed light on that process, indirectly. Kathryn41: How much impact are we able to effect on the physical plane reality as a result of 'imagination' as individuals, or is this a co-imagined reality and we are only really able to effect 'big' changes with a more collective agreement of that imagined reality MEntity: The level of impact one has on shared reality is the extent to which one actively participates in it. Your Physical reality, at least in terms of FORM, are results of Actions (Goals). Physical reality is dense, so working together in time and space is important, as results that land here can remain here for a very long time and space. The more removed one is from that process, the more confined the time and space, and the less influence on the greater, collective time and space. Your Emotional reality, at least in terms of Experience, are results of Perception (Mode). The more present and active one is in relationships, the more impact and influence there is. Kathryn41: So this is why young souls are so often able to effect big changes, because many at this soul level are very actively involved/participating in the shared 'reality'? MEntity: Your Intellectual reality, at least in terms of Interpretation, are results of Beliefs (Attitude). The more present and clear one is in his philosophies about life, the more influence and impact he tends to have on those for himself. That would be valid, Kathryn. All fragments exist within all of these "realities" (there are 9, all together), but tend to pick and choose, based on many factors, where the impact and influence will most likely be. Keep in mind, however, that "thoughts are things," so the work that one does on his Involuntary Imagination, the more it contributes to the capacity for soothing others from their own fears, prejudices, reactions, etc. Involuntary Imagination tends toward fear, reaction, and protection, and this is a good thing in situations where danger is actually present, but when it is simply a difference in philosophies, for instance, then fear, reaction, and protection are often exacerbating, contributing to a reality that is often unwanted. So one does have influence and impact to some degree across all of the realities and through all of the paths of Imagination. EVERYTHING counts, if you will. [Bobby] You've stated before that I used imaginative access to my own Instinctive Center when I briefly heard (phonetically) "Siffin". Is this indicative of the fact that I am Moving Centered and how I tend to use imagination? If this is too personal of a question then feel free to skip it. I can ask it in a different session. MEntity: That is a valid indication, as it could be said to be the Reproductive Imagination. We realize we have shared a collection of terms that may have to be organized in a way that our students can then make more sense of them, and begin to build a better understanding of this profound tool. But this is a start. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you.
  4. MMW - March 17, 2018 - Reality Check Hello to everyone. We are here, now. We can begin. We have been asked to help in assessing what one describes as a "Reality Check." In traditional terms, "reality" refers to the state of things as they actually exist, without idealistic or pessimistic notions imposed. However, "reality" can fulfill the criteria for definition and still have its variations in state. Though we have elaborated in previous exchanges with our students about the 9 Realities, today we will focus on a different angle of the concept. Regardless of how many Realities there may be, it could be said that you are constantly assessing the very basic 3 Realities that are: PERSONAL REALITY, IMPERSONAL REALITY, and COLLECTIVE REALITY, or put another way Private Reality, Public Reality, and Shared Reality. When one wishes to do a "Reality Check," it is a comparison between how you experience a reality vs that same reality without your interpretation. Your personal experience of a reality is valid, but it can be helpful to see the state of reality without your interpretation because this increases your capacity to choose. In most cases, this "reality check" is the difference between how one THINKS or FEELS about REALITY vs The Truth. Sometimes these are the same things, sometimes they are not. Today we will do two forms of Reality Check. First, we will invite a Reality Check on your 3 Dimensions of Reality: Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual. We will do so by asking you key questions that help you to simply take stock in the core values of these Realities. This form of Reality Check is not a challenge to your Reality, but a simple sort of inventory. Next, we would invite you to describe your feelings/thoughts about your Private, Public, and/or Shared Realities and offer feedback that may or may not be closer to the Truth, helping to improve your capacity to choose. The first set of Reality Checks must come from a no-judgment zone, so to speak. When you read the questions, let yourself have your answer. Own these answers. Let yourself know the truth about the state of your reality. The responses may be practical and obvious, or may be sensitive and moving, or may be sad and painful, etc. The Feelings and Thoughts about your answers can co-exist with the Truth of your answers. REALITY CHECK - Physical Dimension - WHAT DO YOU MOST NEED RIGHT NOW? WHAT DO YOU MOST WANT RIGHT NOW? What you most NEED is that which you know would improve your health and well-being. What you most WANT is that which would improve your sense of satisfaction and participation. REALITY CHECK - Emotional Dimension - It can be helpful to remember and identify who is active in your Circles of Acceptance as a means of Emotional Reality Check. One can often blur the lines between the rings of Acceptance and assume some should be or could be closer to you than they can be, and vice versa. Identifying your First, Second , and Third Circles of Acceptance members can greatly relieve you from the stress of presuming intimacy with circles beyond this. Your FIRST CIRCLE of Acceptance can only ever be populated by 1 to 3 individuals. This is the most intimate and closest person/s to you where there is love and trust and the most contact. Your SECOND CIRCLE of Acceptance can only ever have up to 7 people and these are your closest friends/family/loved ones who are very similar to your First Circle, but cannot or do not have the same availability and access on a regular basis as those in your First Circle. The Second Circle require a great deal of on-going care to sustain and nurture the relationships so there is regular contact, even if not as regular as the First Circle. The THIRD CIRCLE of Acceptance can have up to 36 people and these are people with whom you share mutual interests and admiration and respect and with whom you feel close, but are not necessarily in any regular contact. Those in the Third Circle are born of bonding that time and space does not alter. In your Emotional Reality Check, you would want to focus on your First Circle and take stock in that 1 to 3 people who are deeply integrated into your life right now. You can further this reality check by looking at your Second and Third, if you so choose. Identifying and mapping those people in your life to know where they are in your Circles of Acceptance can help you to feel better about the reality of your closeness or distance and the bonds that are in place. REALITY CHECK - Intellectual Dimension - The easiest way to do an Intellectual Reality Check is to ask yourself: WHAT DO I MOST HOPE FOR RIGHT NOW? and WHAT IS HOLDING ME BACK THE MOST RIGHT NOW? Again, these questions are to be met with honesty and integrity and vulnerability. They are only to give you a picture of the ingredients of each Reality, not to give you a solution or challenge. When you take stock this way for each of the Realities listed above, it helps you to see what and who and how you are working with what you have. This can improve your capacity to choose. NEXT, to address the next round of Reality Checks, we will ask these questions below. Answer these offline but have your answers ready for when we discuss these more intimately with you. PRIVATE REALITY CHECK: How do I feel about myself right now? OR What do I think about myself right now? PUBLIC REALITY CHECK: How do I feel about my relationships right now? OR What do I think about my relationships right now? SHARED REALITY CHECK: How do I feel about the world right now? What do I think about the world right now? Answer these for yourselves offline for now. Answer these as honestly and with as much integrity as possible. Do not overthink or overfeel these responses. Do not talk yourself out of initial thoughts or feelings, unless it is a valid shift toward greater honesty and integrity by doing so. DISCUSSION - What we will do now is invite each of you to choose from any one of the REALITY CHECKS that you feel could use some feedback from us. Choose only one from either the first set or the second set. We will determine if we can respond to more after the initial round of responses. We suggest using your usual method of adding yourself to a queue for us to call upon in order. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN Uma: 1. NEED-more patience, insight, understanding, comprehension Uma: WANT-more money to expand my horizons and capacity to give back Uma: I had them reversed at first Uma: I'm feeling pretty good about my Private Reality and my Shared Reality, but Shared presents challenges. Even though my sister is a fuckface fan, I love her and am not letting that interfere with the love. I feel I am dealing with 'my slice of the turd' but is not easy. I haven't been able to find a way to break through her brainwashing from fox. Today I realized I will have to respond differently when the topic comes up. I have tried to stop wanting her to change and tried to find ways to change how I respond. It's disconcerting because she has a big disconnect between what she says she believes and her political votes/alignment and I can’t seem to bridge that gap. Any suggestions? Responding to UMA - You cannot bridge that gap. You cannot. This is not said to defeat your efforts, but to improve them. Bridges cannot be built entirely from one side. You can only build to certain point and keep the invitation open for when the other wishes to complete the bridge. That may never come. Uma: I came to that conclusion but thought it was self-defeating so have been trying different ways. Uma: So, keep opening the door but not pushing through? However, it can be helpful to understand that for most fragments who are blindly aligned with "fuckface" it is due to deep wounding that "fuckface" exploits. That wounding is related to powerlessness and a deep need for parenting. This wounding of powerlessness tends to cause one to nestle up to those who are most willing to be bullies. There is a twisted sense of powerfulness then granted to those who align with the bully and this is superficially quite satisfying. Uma: O that's a great insight! thank you. Our parenting was sorely lacking. Uma: And we are doing a Love Monad and many of the childhood issues resurface to be healed, which I have been working on. That alignment for the addictive satisfaction of powerfulness can even go entirely against the very core of an individual's values. And yes, as has been said by Emmanuel, you cannot push people into the Garden of Eden. You can only get there first, and open the gate to invite them in. NEXT, Brian Brian: So I've got a bit of overlap between my Physical and Intellectual dimensions. For the Physical dimensions, I have "patience and kindness" towards myself as what I most need, and "a romantic and sexual relationship with [name omitted]" as what I most want. In the Intellectual dimension, I have under most hoping for: "sex, companionship, romantic love, [name omitted], continued stability at work" and what is holding me back right now as "fear of rejection and lacking social skills, experience, money, her lack of mutual interest beyond friendship, and my own stubbornness." In terms of my private reality, I'm feeling much healthier and calmer after making the choice to split from my family, and while I recognize I have a lot of work to do to heal and learn healthier approaches and attitudes, I'm feeling much more confident in my ability to use my resources to get to that healthier state. Admittedly, part of me is doing the "but I've gone through so much, I want results now, where is my reward?" hence why I'm trying to invite myself to have patience with myself. Your Reality Checks, in general, are an exploration of your challenges with "punishment/reward" systems and entitlement. Punishment/Rewards Systems and Entitlement are systems of the Emotionally Immature. Many who are Intellectually and Physically Mature are not Emotionally Mature and these systems of Deserving and Entitlement are deeply dependant upon for emotional satisfaction. You have only relatively recently embraced the truth of your emotional immaturity and this means that part of the work of "growing up" is seeing how and where you still depend upon systems of Reward/Punishment/Entitlement. You see this more clearly than ever, and you are navigating these realizations as healthily as possible. But it is still a healthy reality check to remind yourself that you do not deserve another person. You do not deserve affection. You do not deserve sex. You are not being punished. You are not entitled to any of the above. The experiences you seek are simply a part of life and they require mutual agreement that is not based in any way on deserving or punishment. Relationships of friendship and/or sex are nurtured and built, not plotted and conquered. If you are pursuing something with someone who is not mutually interested, it is 100 percent OK to let yourself have what is mutually meaningful and turn in other directions for the things you still seek to mutually nurture with another. It is not a loss. It is not a failure. It is not punishment. It is simply how life works and owning that reality is part of the maturing process. We are commenting on the Reality Check, in general. We are not assessing the potential or lack of potential in any relationship mentioned. We must leave that up to you. Brian: Understood, I am aware of the emotional immaturity, just tryin to play catch up at this point You are doing Good Work. NEXT, Maureen. Maureen: Somewhat to my surprise… I can see that I either have what I want and need in/through my Personal and Public Realities or I’m handling the stresses in my life fairly well at this time in my life… with the love and support of those in my first two Circles of Acceptance and of course surrender helps greatly at this time. It's glaringly obvious (to me) that "my" overarching problem at this time, even with all my private/personal stresses, is my Shared Reality in the world with Trump, Putin, his administration, the gulf between his supporters and the sane world… and so on. I so want the world to be in a better place than it is at this time. Do you have a question? Maureen: I guess how can I better "handle" what is going on in the world at this time. In terms of Shared Reality, it can be helpful for all our students to remember this single most meaningful Truth that has always been the Truth in every challenging wave in the world: DISRUPTION and CORRUPTION can never rise without activating REVELATION and EVOLUTION. Never. There has never been a period in Sentient history where Disruption and Corruption remained. Ever. The Greater Good always rises through the powers of Revelation and Evolution. Always. Knowing this does not make the reality of Disruption and Corruption easier, but it helps for you to know that it is impossible for it to last because of the safety net of Greater Good that is truer than the disruptions and corruptions. Maureen: All birth is "painful". Maureen: ...until it isn't. Keeping yourself in touch with the Reality Check of the Greater Good that is inherent in most fragments at any given time can help you to keep your trust and love for humanity in focus. You are an awesome species who has risen up and through the worst of the worst of those who act out in their wounding and powerlessness. Maureen: Yes, I can see that. Thank you. In other words, remind yourself and expose yourself to the reality of those who are acting on behalf of the Greater Good. They exist. They are not always as loud and obnoxious or public, but they exist. NEXT, Diane. Diane: Public Reality Check: I am struggling with resentment toward my manager for being a crappy communicator and poor leader, and not being interested in his department in general. I resent having to manage him, because I'm taking on more responsibilities now where I need more communication that he's not giving me. It's affecting my ability to do my job well. I can see his innocence, but I also see that his personality is unsuited to the job. I'm wondering if I should look elsewhere to find the kind of relationship I'm looking for or work with what I have. At the same time, I wonder if I'm falling into my "replace and restart" pattern again. My longer-term goal is to have my own business, but I'm looking at a 2-year timeline to being able to support myself on blog income. Diane, your Reality Check is all about your look at how you are policing others as you have always policed yourself. This is not to say that your assessment of the incompetence is invalid, but that you move beyond the assessment and make it personal. You have learned how to make your personal disappointments into opportunities for empowerment, choice, learning, and constructive action, and now you seek to learn how to apply this in your relationships of disappointment. There are ways for you to address the incompetence, work around it, work with it, work against it, or however you feel works best, but the key to relieving you from the stress of it is in your not taking it personally. And by "not taking it personally" we mean that you let this be about HIM as one thing and YOU as another. They are not the same things. Diane: Yes, I'm taking it too personally but I'm not sure how to separate myself. Patterns can be addictive and there is a bit of satisfaction in the policing of others whose disappointments can then be used for prompting change, but what you want to do is move away from using disappointment as a prompt for change, and move toward choice as a prompt for change. We may require more direct communication on this matter, of course, but our feedback here is a start. NEXT, Claire. Claire: Private Reality Check: How do I feel or think about myself right now? Claire: Although still a work-in-progress, I feel pretty good about myself right now. I think I've done Good Work so far, but need to practice some of my theories in real circumstances to see if my beliefs about the changes in me and my desires for the future are real and practical. I'm still sorting out what I really want or need versus what I think I want/need. Claire: Public Reality Check: How do I feel/think about my relationships right now? Claire: I feel very good about my new friendships. I think they're reciprocal and that people enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. However, I am still longing for a one-on-one relationship with a suitable man with whom my need for physical proximity can be met. What is still holding me back is opportunity and expressing my interest because of a lingering fear of vulnerability. I've recently decided to Surrender to whatever/whoever might or might not come into my life. I'm not sure how that resolve will play out.... Claire: Can you comment on the accuracy of my self-assessment and any insights to get me past my fear of vulnerability? Overall, we see your Reality Checks as fair and accurate and honest. You are quite clear on your value and meaning and worth as an individual, but also quite clear on your desire to share this with another. The time it takes to find and nurture such a relationship is not meant to be a challenge, but is simply the nature of the Physical Plane and even more so the nature of having standards and clear intentions. This is a Truth that can help many who seek something they wish to be most fulfilling: The time it takes to get to what you want only matters to you until you get there. Once you arrive, the time it took is moot. So it can be helpful to fill your time with as many other playfully fulfilling things as possible so that your time is not spent only waiting or enduring. Claire: That's kinda how I view Surrender... If you do so, then when you finally reach that thing of fulfillment, you will not lose all of that time, but you will have a history to share with your love. NEXT, Luciana. Luciana: 1) It seems to me that what I need and what I want is the same thing. At least I can not tell. I feel like I need to feel included. For some reason I always stay in debt if I am included in a group. Iso seems to be always at risk because in many groups I was questioned in my attitudes. especially when I began to expose my problems. I think what would improve would be if I managed not to be as preoccupied with what I say will be received. by other people. Luciana: 2) First Cycle of Acceptance: I notice that there is often misunderstanding between myself and the people close to me. It seems like I assume they'll think the worst of me. In the sense of thinking that I could not get the things I want. Luciana: second: I do not think it is very different from the first cycle. Luciana: I do not think I really feel close to 36 people. I've always been somewhat isolated. Luciana: What I most hope is to be able to expand my relationships. Because the financial part is already more or less stable. What holds me back is the fact that sometimes I think that liking or loving a person is not enough to get along with. I've had misunderstandings with people close to me that I never stopped to like and even then the coexistence became impossible. Luciana: I've always been a little isolated person Luciana: To be honest I do not know what to think about myself. I had an idea about myself, but she does not seem to fit anymore. I'm doing things I thought I would never do. This is a good thing. but I do not know how to define myself anymore. Luciana: I do not have many relationships. I'm getting better, I think, but I'm not sure I'd ever know what the best way to do it would be. Sometimes I do not see a problem in talking about a subject ... but it's endangering conflict. The reaction of the other person is unexpected Luciana: As for the world I do not see myself in a position to improve the world .. If I'm honest I have to say it .. I barely account for my life .. Your Reality Checks are all about the difference between who you FEAR YOU ARE and who you ARE. You have been navigating for far too long based on who you fear you are, and you have lost all sense of who you are. You will need to do the work of sorting out the difference between who you fear you are and who you are. This means that you cannot base actions, feelings, and thoughts on your fears. You simply must stop. You do not have to know who you are. You do not have to figure that out. But you must stop fearing who you might be. You are not close to yourself or to others ONLY because you relate through the pain of who you fear you might be, and you have never given yourself a chance to know who you are. We can work with you more on this path over time, but this is your Reality Check for now. Who you are is not the same as who you fear you might be. For all of you, it will do you well to explore the various sets of Reality Checks and do so once or twice a year. This can be a way to help you launch your next steps with relief, clarity, and confidence. Reality Checks will not change reality, but they can help you improve your capacity to navigate, create, and choose your way through Reality. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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