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  1. OMW - Jun 15, 2013 - Getting The Most Out of Your Platform Channel: Troy Tolley BRIDGE TO REMEMBERING MEntity: Hello to everyone. We are here, now. We will begin our discussion with you regarding the concept, function, and application of the Platform. [Bobby] how do we really know it's you? [GeraldineB] Hello, Michael - have been thinking a lot about you lately [Bobby] I'm just kidding, proceed MEntity: We regard that as a valid question. We are asked this by Troy on a regular basis. Our response can only be that identity is already difficult to pinpoint with any staticity within a closed system, and even more difficult to do so from outside of that dense and temporal systems. Staticity: Any static force must act instantaneously, since any finite speed of propagation would destroy the force's staticity There are unique consistencies to every fragment and form of consciousness that are known to all of us, inherently, even from within the densest forms of our consciousness. In most cases, that consistency can only be experienced as a "knowing," or a kind of remembering that is difficult to reject, from within the denser planes. We think the questioning of the validity of our presence and identity is valuable for sustaining sensitivity to that state of remembering. It is also how you grow to remember who you are, as well, from beyond the beautiful limitations of your current form. This is not unrelated to the subject requested for discussion. It is part of the point of the Platform: a bridge to remembering. The concept of a Platform is brought to incarnations as a means for Essence to gain from the lifetime the intentions for birthing that lifetime. For most of one's incarnations, the Personality rules each lifetime, including the various parallel versions. The Personality is asleep more often than not. This is not a "bad thing." It is expected, and inherent within the denser planes. Regardless of the intentions for a lifetime, the Personality will create that lifetime from its choices, which may or may not be in alignment with the original intentions of Essence. This is an exciting part of the incarnational process for Essence. It is a microcosmic reflection of how Tao experiences each of its Essences. Your lifetimes are "fragments" of your Essence, as each Essence is a fragment of Tao. However, regardless of all of the newness and experimentation brought to Essence from each Personality's process of choice and awakening, the Platform ensures that the intentions of Essence can extract from those experiences anything that contributes to the greater intention, without interfering with the lifetime or Personality. The Platforms are broad enough to "catch in its net" a great deal that supports the greater intentions. [GeraldineB] Question: Then why does there need to be a Review at 7-year intervals? MEntity: Along with the Platforms come the built-in cycles of Review. Those are built in based upon the life span of the species, as well as its astronomical and astrological dynamics. Even if a Personality has completely rejected the notion and existence of Essence, the general 7 year cycle for access to the Instinctive Center will allow Essence to be updated, and to contribute to the life, if it feels this is necessary, or if it is requested (even subconsciously or unconsciously). The experiences gained and collected through the Platforms cannot be accessed between those Reviews, unless the Personality allows for it. For the younger souls, and for those who reject Essence, those Reviews tend to be rather dramatic, because it is a fairly massive "upload" and calibration period. The Platform and Reviews, then, work together, and are often the only access Essence has to the lifetime of a Personality. Keep in mind that we differentiate these levels of the self as a means of simplicity, but in the larger context, they are not experienced as so divided and independent. Over the course of incarnations, there begins to grow a consistency of awareness that starts with the questioning of "who am I; why am I here?" Those questions can only come when Essence is present, Manifested. Those questions come because in the earlier states of Manifestation, it is bewildering for Essence to finally "see" through "your" eyes, through the eyes of its creation. A new dynamic of consciousness is birthed in those moments. Once the conduit of consistency has formed from those moments, the Soul Age is shifting toward Mature. By the time one is an Old Soul, it is quite difficult NOT to have that dynamic conduit between the Personality and Essence. Reviews are no longer dependent upon biology, astronomy, or astrology, or death. Access to the experiences of the life comes to be freely available, along with calibration and collaboration. This is not to say that Manifestation is consistent, sustained, welcomed, or easy for the older soul, but that it is relatively more so. Platforms come on a fairly regular basis in cycles that last between May of one year to April of the next. This cycle is based on precedence set long ago in the species relative to the seasons. There is a Platform for each of you based in 100-year cycles, as well, and one for the entire species/Design, as well. [Bobby] why that cycle, Michael? MEntity: This is based upon the general cycle of Review that the species moves through as a whole. Every 100 years there tends to be a collective Review on a grand scale. This is due in large part to the average lifespan of the bodies over eons, sometimes spanning much longer, sometimes far fewer in years. 100 worked well as a means for large groups to incarnate, live, gain experiences, die, and contribute to Review. As our students have come to be aware of Platforms, and for those who comprehend the concept, they help to bridge between Essence and Personality on a scale that can bring about full Manifestation more consistently than any other single concept in our teaching. Every part of our teaching contributes to that full Manifestation, if used as a tool for living, choice, and consciousness, but when one actively notes the Platform for a cycle, notices the patterns, and contributes to the understanding of those patterns, the conduit between Essence and Personality can grow in ways that even understanding the concept of Essence cannot. This tends to be because the Platform includes the mundane elements of life, and not just the internal workings of the self. Noting the Platform helps bring to the life an acute, curious, and willing awareness that tends to enjoy the process of the patterns that can contribute to the Platform. In addition to this, because of the conscious awareness brought to one's patterns, choices, and experience, the feedback to Essence is on-going and alive, which naturally fuels the Personality in a way that it is not fueled when rejecting of Essence. The Platform you received from us tells you a part of your story, not just as potential for Personality, but as intention from Essence. Even if only one experience in your Platform Cycle were to contribute to a Platform, it is valued and cherished by Essence. The ecstasy for Essence when a Personality openly invites Essence to the life is already fairly profound, and never "gets old," but then the willingness of Personality to grasp the general patterns of intentions through the Platform, is enthusiastically blissful. Essence loves to be loved, accepted, and included, as much as "you" do. Though you and Essence are the same, the experience is similar to when you stop for a moment to truly accept yourself. You are the one doing the accepting of yourself, but that does not diminish the power of doing so. As you have seen through our discussions with you regarding polarities, Love in its simplest description is merely inclusion. The greater the circle and depth of inclusion, the greater the practice and experience of Love. We offer all of this information and insight to you today before taking your questions because your questions may take on a new light, new depth and meaning, when understanding just what these Platforms mean for Essence and you. QUESTIONS and ANSWERS [Maureen] Michael, interestingly, I am going through my second (and may be my last) Saturn Return and my 2013/14 Platform is RETURN. I see teeth as being representative of Saturn (for instance in dreams). In “real” life a dental bridge (Platform) in my mouth has just recently failed and I am having to get more dental implants. One side of the bridge was not “supported” at all. Is this just a coincidence or is the symbology to be noted and incorporated (a pun…) into this period of RETURN? If this symbology is relevant -- what is this communicating to me? MEntity: Maureen, the symbology and significance would be yours to determine, and these are not necessarily messages as much as they are reflections of a process. In other words, teeth would not necessarily be the same important symbolism to another who is in a Saturn Return, or a Platform of Return. [Maureen] I even had a picture fall off a wall with a "failed" bridge. Maybe I'm just skittery these days. LOL MEntity: The Personality tends to develop symbolism as a means of packaging concepts, and these can then be used for communication, not only with others, but within. [GeraldineB] (teeth and bridges? snort. . .Michael is getting funny again) MEntity: We think your system of symbols and their use for communication is fully functional and intact, with the emphasis on "bridges" and the Platform of Return all contributing to the extraction of experiences regarding a peace in ownership of the wholeness of the self. As reflections of the process, these seem to indicate that your attention is being brought to the areas of the life that have been taken for granted, have been ruled by presumption, even prejudices. Even the oldest of souls "nods off" in life, and presumes he or she has no more to learn, no more to offer, or that things are going to stay where they are because that is where they have been. But pictures can fall. Teeth can loosen. Surgeries can require revisits. And none of these are about failures. They are about caring, tending, and the patience that is required for revisits to that which one thought was already set. Does this make sense to you, Maureen? [Maureen] I felt a burst of love and realization with that Michael. . .and some tears [Janet] My platform is True Realization. I have been trying to practice what you call vividry on frequent occasions. It's often useful for bringing me back to what's really important in my life. On several occasions, my intent to really focus hasn't worked. It can be a lovely day, and I try to take it in, but for some reason it feels like I'm outside looking in and nothing seems fully colored in, so to speak. Nothing seems real. It has occurred to me that perhaps this is because what I'm seeing ISN'T real, but it's somewhat frustrating because it makes me feel like I'm observing rather than participating in my life at that moment. Is this in any way related to my platform? MEntity: Yes, Janet, it is related. (Note from GLB -- I SO wanted to just leave that answer "as is" and type NEXT) MEntity: When one wishes to truly grasp a concept, there tends to be a necessity for contrast, experimentation, and degrees, which then allow for the truth to be known, not just speculated or forced. In your case, your efforts for moments of Vividry are resulting in your realizing: One - they cannot be forced; Two - that sometimes you miss the point. What we mean by the latter is that your moment of vividry may not open you to the sunlight, color, and texture of the exterior of you, but it put you directly in touch with your inner landscape that is just as important for bringing vividry. Sometimes when one cannot bring oneself into the vividry of the external world, there are internal landscapes drawing your attention. In your case, Janet, there are tears that have been withheld, ignored, or dismissed. These are as important to the inner landscape as the rain is to the outer. [Janet] Hmmm. I'm pretty stoic as a rule. But this makes some sense and I will consider this. MEntity: In those moments where you find your vividry turning you inward, let yourself go there, bring that vividry within, and turn your feelings, thoughts, and energy into symbolic landscapes of beauty. [Bobby] In my Platform, in the last sentence, you stated "There may be some surprising moments of harmony over this Cycle that are remembered for lifetimes to come." I found this statement very intriguing. Would you elaborate on what you meant by this a little more, especially the part linking to future lifetimes? MEntity: Many students begin their search across lifetimes for the resonances that may be the cause of pain, Karma, etc, but what truly link together lifetimes is the resonance, the harmonies. In fact, once a Karma is balanced, or a pattern of struggle that activates a Past Life is completed, these unlink those lifetimes, if you will. But those links of harmony and resonance are binding, permanent, and become that which Essence uses for wholeness in the reunion in higher planes. Over this Platform Cycle, there would tend to come more noticeable moments of harmony and resonance that come, in general, but it is those moments of harmony and resonance that are brought from those moments when they would otherwise have difficulty being nurtured that you may find the surprise, and those would be memorable. [Bobby] Has there been one of these yet that I can reflect back on? MEntity: This is when the power of choice is truly brought to light. If you cannot answer that for yourself, then there probably has not. [Bobby] lol, ok MEntity: Keep in mind that there is a difference between using choice to pacify a situation, to divert a situation, and when choice is used for nurturing harmony and resonance within, or between yourself and another. The surprise factor might come in the form of, "oh my. that worked!" "Worked" referring to a return to, or a creation of, a state of harmony and resonance. [GeraldineB] The only Question I have at this time would be: Is it possible to have a 100 Year Platform as a report where it wouldn't be prohibitively expensive due to being too time consuming for Troy? And, would it include all incarnations and concurrents for that period? The theme or pattern of their life tasks as it were. MEntity: We have provided these in general form through Troy as "uber platforms." If details were to be explored regarding the various lifetimes contributing to the Uber Platform, it could include the lifetimes contributing to that cycle, their Life Tasks, but the year-by-year detail of each Personality's Platform Cycles would be tedious, though not impossible. [GeraldineB] Oh -- so 100-year Platform is a year by year rather than an overarching view? MEntity: They are not year-by-year in terms of uber platform, but there are year-by-year Platforms within those that tend to contribute to the uber platform. All of you are in a new Uber Platform as of the general vicinity of the year 2000, as is the whole of incarnating Sentience, having moved from an Uber Platform of Debt to an Uber Platform of Choice. [GeraldineB] And, boy oh boy, are the Choices becoming "interesting" MEntity: In closing for this subject, we can suggest that as each of you move forward in your Platform Cycle, that you move gently, lightly, and without concern. It is not a description of prediction or obligation. It is an invitation, if anything, and always open, never demanding or obligatory. Are there any further questions before we close? Do each of you feel more intimate with your Platform than before this exploration on the subject? [Maureen] yes [GeraldineB] I do [Bobby] yes, I'm looking forward to working with it MEntity: Good day to each of you, then. We will conclude here. [Bobby] Thank you, Michael. And by the way, I really knew it was you all along MEntity: Goodbye. Another Note from GLB: As you can see, this was a very relaxed session; so, I decided to leave in most of the humor. Now. The real reason for this note: I will be following the idea of Uber Platform/100 Year Report down with Troy. At this point, ALL reports will be tested out in advance of offering them. SCR was the latest whose scope was envisioned on such a large scale that it became too time-consuming and if priced according to the time would have to have been priced in excess of $500. The Essence Reports started out similarly, but did finally stabilize into a do-able timeframe after doing enough of them. But, let's see what I can work out with Troy as I know the interest would be there; however, since we've just started a 100 Year Platform (well, 2000) there may not be all that much to report, too. I'll keep you all apprised. Also, when this gets posted, Maureen has some Astrology information to add in a comment, which I will insert into this about Saturn's return being about Return and in 7-year cycles (hence, the Review cycle for earthlings. (Note from Kasia: the Astrology information from Maureen is below.) Comment from Maureen: From Wikipedia: "In Astrology a Saturn return is an astrological transit that occurs when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at moment of a person’s birth. While the planet may not reach the exact spot until the person is 29 or 30 years old, the influence of the Saturn return is considered to start in the person's late twenties, notably the age of 27. Psychologically, the first Saturn return is seen as the time of reaching full adulthood, and being faced, perhaps for the first time, with adult challenges and responsibilities. The phenomenon is described by Western astrologers as influencing a person's life development at roughly 29.5 year intervals, though the planetary influence may be felt for a few years before the exact conjunction, and variable orbits of the planets can also make the time period longer or shorter. These intervals or "returns" coincide with the approximate time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the sun, roughly 29.5 years. Western astrologers believe that, as Saturn "returns" to the degree in its orbit occupied at the time of birth, a person crosses over a major threshold and enters the next stage of life. With the first Saturn return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood. With the second return, maturity. And with the third and usually final return, a person enters wise old age. These periods are estimated to occur at roughly the ages of 27-31, 56-60 and 84-90. A fourth return occurs for very few people - those who live to see the age of 114-118."
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