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Found 2 results

  1. Janet

    More about Wild Cards

    This material was originally obtained in a POF and published on May 20, 2012. Today I followed up on info from my last POF, when I discovered that I am the last cast on the first side of my entity, and the second of only two Artisans in my cadence. All other positions in my cadence are filled by Wild Card Priests from the next cadence. While much of this info applies to those Wild Cards, it is of interest to me since I have reason to suspect that one of my daughters is a 6th-cast Artisan wild card.
 Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can respond to your questions as you pose them. Janet: In my last POF session, you told me that my essence was last cast on the first side of my entity, with only two Artisans in my cadence. The following positions in the cadence are managed by wild card Priests from the next cadence. Can you tell me more about the dynamics of this arrangement? Does my cadence have a task or theme that involves only the two Artisans, and/or do we combine forces with the next cadence of Priests toward a specific task or theme? Is there any “job” assigned to one or both cadences that is associated with overlapping two “sides” of the entity? Naturally I’m curious about the impact on my essence but I am also seeking general info about how things “work” as far as the structure of the entity and the connection between the two “sides”. I realize the answer may be lengthy, so you need not answer any of these questions specifically but provide whatever info you deem useful toward explaining the dynamics in the time allotted. MEntity: First, we will say that our response here will be limited to the current understanding of the structure of the entity, but may either find itself expanded upon or replaced altogether as the "new" models unfold. Understanding this, we can say that the "wild cards" exist precisely for the point of completing a Cadence. There are no incomplete Cadences, even if there are "empty" Positions, because these "empty" Positions are fulfilled by the following fragments. Their fulfillment of two Positions renders them as "Wild Cards." This is because they are bi-directional in their pursuit of experiences, and you "never know" which direction that fragment may take at any given time. They can sometimes be understood as "flickering" in and out of directions, confusing even those whom have known them a long time. This "bi-directional" pursuit is, in part, because of the Casting fluctuation that is in place. A first-cast Cadence (Server-Cast) can find itself navigating with that inherent Casting, but also the fulfilled Casting. A first-Cast fragment may be fulfilling the Casting Position of any Position between Two and Seven. No fragment will ever have to fulfill a First-Cast Position, and the Seventh-Cast will never have to be a Wild Card. You will never find a King-Cast Wild Card, then. The math behind the shifting of Fragments clarifies why, but it is also that there is no complementary Position for any King Position. We have explained that the fragments merely shift forward sequentially in the Positions, and that can be the case, but if there is a complementary Position available to a Wild Card, it will tend to lock onto that. For instance, if the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Positions are vacant, then the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Positions following will tend to fulfill those vacant Positions of that "incomplete" Cadence, but it will not always be that the 1st Cast fulfills the 4th; it may gravitate toward the 6th. The complementary being the completion of 7. The 2nd might gravitate toward the 5th. The 3rd to the 4th. The 4th may then be left to fulfill the 7th, which is often the case so that its inherent neutrality allows for the Sevenness, but if a 3rd Position had been available, it may have vied for that. Janet: And if there were a 6th-cast wild card? Would it have a preference since the complementary 1st position is not available? MEntity: That would be correct. If those Positions of complementary mathematics are available, they will be preferred, while the secondary preference would be the Position that shares the same Axis. Janet: But are you saying they are not locked into those positions permanently but may change? MEntity: As these are "wild cards," these Positions and preferences are always "up for grabs." For an incarnation, for a single Personality, the bi-Casting tends to be sustained, and this can change between lives. Because Casting is a matter of impact in how the Essence functions while incarnated, then it is either one or the other at work in the lifetime at any given time, and not a kind of blended effect. The shift in use of one over the other can be quite distinct in the Wild Card. In terms of how this functions within the Entity, there is far more fluidity up through the Astral, but by the Causal, the Position that has been the most fulfilling/fulfilled will tend to be settled upon. The impact of being a Wild Card is far-reaching in that this fragment may now also be a "surrogate" Essence Twin for another fragment, and be a part of different group of Traveling Companions. This is why there may tend to be a Position that is preferred, so as to help nurture those mathematical relationships into some stability. So if a fragment is 50th-Cast and is fulfilling a 6th Position that would have been the 48th-Cast, it would now be a part of that additional Cadence (traveling companions) that span the Cadre as every 48th and 50th Positions are linked. Or rather, to be clear, all 48th Positions are linked, and all 50th Positions are linked. This is further complicated (only in terms of the current model) in that there is also a sequential count that binds fragments, i.e. there is no 48th and 49th POSITION, but there would be a 48th and 49th Raw Number (sequential count). Raw Number and Position are often not the same thing, particularly in an Entity with Wild Cards. How this works with you, then, is that your incarnations may have a hard time wrangling in these Wild Cards for Tasks, and even when you did, it may be difficult to sustain a shared direction for any length of time because they may be, literally, of two minds, and this can be difficult to adapt to at times. This is not to say that the Wild Cards cannot focus on the Task, because that would be entirely inaccurate, but more that even as they focus, they can seem to be of a completely different mindset that is somehow upheld even as the work is being done, and this is not always easy to navigate. For those with Cadences "full" of Wild Cards, trying to gather in any lifetime might be like herding cats, if you will. Janet: I'm used to herding cats! MEntity: This is probably a part of why. The fragments who are in their "own" inherent Position of Casting can often find a pattern of having to "hold down the fort," be the more solid and practical and stable, even when dealing with fragments outside of their Cadence. And regardless of Role. For those fragments, there is usually profound relief and exhilaration when they feel they can break free from that, even for just a bit, and "let their hair down," "be themselves," instead of "the adult" or the observer or the "sane one," etc, all the time. It is tremendously important for non-Wild Card fragments in a Cadence of Wild Cards to have their "crazy time." We will continue this exploration in further exchanges with you, Janet.
  2. The following material was originally obtained in a POF and posted on April 15, 2012. Note: I am in Cadre 2 Entity 6. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here. We can respond to your questions now. Janet: Hello Michael! Here are my questions for today: #1. In advance of the Michael gathering at the end of this month, I would like to know my raw number if possible. #2. I would like to know about the other members of my cadence. As much as time will allow, would you provide information on my Cadence (Row) mates as far as if they are incarnate or not, locations, probabilities of meeting this incarnation, and a task/theme for the cadence? MEntity: Until there is a consistent way of conveying the details of Positions and Sequential numbers, we must give you two different numbers: If we are seeing your information correctly, your "raw" number in sequence would appear to have you at 373, or the last fragment cast on the "first side" of the Entity. This would, however, be the equivalent of the 30th Position in terms of the current model, if you want to use that as reference. This is because the current model only accounts for 343 Positions on a "side," but when there are 373 fragments on a "side," then the count repeats from the start, at least in terms of this current mapping. That would make the 373rd fragment resonant with a Position that is 30 beyond the 343, thus the 30th Position. This also makes your Cadence a Sage Cadence. It also makes your Cadence incomplete beyond the second Position in your Cadence, making your Cadence of Artisans with only two Artisans native to that Cadence, but the Positions that are "empty" to be managed by the following several Priests. Or "Wild Cards." If we are seeing this information clearly, the Server-Cast Artisan from your Cadence appears to be working with the rebuilding of Haiti at the moment through a beautification program of some sort that helps bring "spirit" back to the community, and goes beyond the priority return of basic shelter, food, and health. The rest of your Cadence is "empty," if you will, of Artisans, but is managed by Priest Wild Cards who are at the start of the following Cadence, which is on the "second side," as currently described. We realize this is rather convoluted, but it where we are with what we have to use when describing these concepts that are not fully understood, yet. Janet: What does it mean that the wild cards "manage" the empty spots? MEntity: Through this channel, we describe the Wild Cards as those fragments who follow in sequence an "incomplete" Cadence, or count of 7, of a Role. If a count of Artisans ends at 4, then the 5th, 6th, and 7th Positions of that Cadence cannot actually be empty, so they are managed by the equivalent count at the start of the next grouping. To "manage" those Positions beyond their own, they must learn to accommodate a wildly varying array of energies, and this is managed in different ways by different Roles. Janet: so the next cadence is also "incomplete" but contains 3rd through 7th castings? MEntity: No, there is never a Server Position missing, and since a count as a beginning, it is only Positions beyond 1 that can be "missing." Janet: It is not totally clear but I will pursue at another time since my time is about up. Thank you! MEntity: There is a "reason" for this, which we can get into in another exchange, as the force of Server Energy is vital for the incarnational process and momentum, so these Positions cannot be spared. Janet, think of it this way: You have 7 seats on a bus for 7 Artisans, but only 2 Artisans show up. 5 of those seats are now empty. That is the last of the Artisans getting on the bus. In the next row is another set of 7 Seats that are reserved for Priests. All 7 of those Priests show up and take their respective seats. Janet: The Artisans were probably busy with a project and forgot to notice it was time to get on the bus. MEntity: Those empty seats create an imbalance in the Entity, or in the bus. They begin to act as a kind of vacuum for any seats following those seats in count. Or as a distraction, in some ways. So the first 5 Priests are affected by that distraction, or that vacuum, and they will get up out of their seat and move to the other empty seats, freely. This affects their dynamic within the Entity and in their incarnations, which is what we have referred to as "wild cards," since they are difficult to define, describe, or pin down as one thing or another. We can explore this further another time, then, but that is a start. ******* (I'm having a very hard time dispelling the image of that bus with the priests climbing back and forth between the empty seats!)
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