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  1. NOTE FROM CONNOR: There was a lot of background noise through peoples' mics which happened during this session. Whenever unexpected noises occur, Troy automatically emerges from trance to assess whether or not the noise is a threat, and Michael had to re-establish their connection through Troy numerous times throughout the session. Consequently, the delivery of material was a bit choppy at times, but every time Michael was interrupted, they were always able to come back and finish whatever sentence they started, so the disruptions to Michael's delivery are nearly impossible to spot in the transcript. Troy is a skilled channel. *** *** *** *** Michael Speaks in TLEvr on Seed Memories 9th April, 2022 Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: Okay. We are here, now. Hello to each of you. Bear with us as we move through and get our flow of communication. Today we’ve been asked to speak on the subject of Memory Seeds, or what has been referred to as Memory Seeds. This is not a part of our teaching inherently, but it is a part of the dynamic of incarnations. And so it is relevant to our teachings, especially when students begin recognizing the validity of potential in seed memories, what it may imply for a lifetime, feel it is relevant to elaborate on the concept so that our students may get the most out of it and understand how they work. First, we will define a Seed Memory as an energetic, almost literal, seed that is carried with you into a lifetime in your Instinctive Center from Essence. Your Essence plants these seeds either in collaboration with the Personality as it was being designed, or on its own for the Personality to discover after being born. It could be said that there are multiple Memory Seeds for individuals, but what we will focus on today are three primary Seeds that tend to be the most obvious and relevant, at least in terms of your interest at the moment. The first Seed that begins to sprout – we will continue with the metaphor – the first Seed that begins to sprout, in particular for the Old Soul, is the Seed of Remembering Yourself. This becomes an important Seed to sprout within the lifetime because as you progress in your Soul Age, it becomes more and more vital in a lifetime to remember yourselves sooner. And so your first Seed is to Remember Yourself. You could call this the Seed of Essence. You will BE your Essence, regardless of whether you remember or not, but for those who recognize the Seed, feel its growth within you and begin to pay attention, this Seed tends to feel like and be recognized as a sense of needing to Go Home. A sense of not being from here. A sense of not belonging. This Seed is planted as a direct link to your Essence, and because of that Seed being a direct energetic link to your Essence, it tends to grow in a way that feels as if you must find your way back. Back Home. And so, for our students, many of you may recognize that this first Seed tends to ignite or begin to grow from the 2nd Internal Monad. This awareness of self and its place in your surroundings happens sooner for the older soul because this Seed is planted, the Seed of Essence. It is there for younger souls, as well, but they tend to not recognize this until much later, and in a different way. We can elaborate on the various Soul Ages and how they interact with these Seeds of Memories, Memory Seeds, in another exchange, but for today we will be focusing on how the Old Soul recognizes and nurtures these Memory Seeds. The second Seed that tends to be of recognition within the lifetime for the older soul is the Seed that triggers or sprouts into your awareness your goal for the lifetime. This tends to happen around the 3rd Internal Monad, and this is when it becomes potentially clearer to you what you are trying to do in general. What is motivating you. And if you look to your Goal, this is insight into what that second Seed is. There was a point, at some point, more than likely during your teenage years, when you realized what your motivation was. What your challenge was. That you need to grow, that you need to accept, that you need to take charge, that you need to flow, that you need to find something to focus your energy on with devotion. We are describing various ways that the Goals may have been triggered. But each of you will have, whether consciously or subconsciously, recognize this Seed and begin to nurture it as a focal point for nearly everything that you experience. Your Goal is a part of everything you experience. The more you are nurturing that Seed that was planted, the more aware and fulfilling that Goal can be regardless of its challenges. Before we move to the third Seed, we will ask for feedback if our students here recognize these first two Seeds in their lives. Various Attendees: Yes. MEntity: Do you feel that there were distinct shifts in your awareness at a certain point in recognizing these Seeds? Or do you feel that your experience was something that accumulated and you became aware of it over time? Cary: The second Seed for me was a distinct moment. I remember it vividly. Kerrin: Probably a cumulative shift for me. MEntity: These are the two ways that these Seeds unfold: Cumulatively and Turning Points. We point this out so that you are not distracted with finding that point in your past. It may be obvious to you when this shifted. It may not be. But at this point in your life, these first two Seeds probably sprouted and have grown quite a lot into your awareness. The third Seed is probably the Seed that is of most interest in terms of the topic today because it is linked to your creativity, your Life Tasks, and your 4th Internal Monads. This third Seed is related to what you came here to experience. What you came here to do. It is the closest thing to saying what you came here with as a purpose. We do not prefer that word, but it is close enough for us to use. The reason we do not prefer the word ‘purpose’ is because it implies that it must be fulfilled, or it must be in some way providing meaning to your life. You do not have to do anything with this third Seed, and the life can still be fulfilling and meaningful. But if you do have these Seeds triggered, they tend to show up as an idea about what you would like to do with your life, and in many cases, points to a very specific way to fulfill this, and your mind will tend to come back to it regulalar – regulalarly – We are having trouble with our channel’s tongue today. (laughter from attendees) MEntity: You will come back to it regularly as something that you feel you do not have time for, will get back to, circumstances must be aligned in a certain way to fulfill, that it will take work to do. For our channel, this is writing a book. And whether this channel writes a book or not, fulfillment, or the Seed, is represented in this. It is represented in the writing of a book. Writing a book is not necessarily what needs to be done to nurture and grow that Memory Seed, but the information is in that symbolism of writing a book. For some of you, it is creating music. For some of you, it is falling in love. For some of you, it is raising a family. Whatever it is for you that you feel distracted by, needing and wanting to fulfill, this is your Seed of Purpose. Your Seed of Fulfillment. Your Seed of Meaning. However you would like to describe this Seed that is planted as a way to bring about a meeting ground, or a result of the meeting ground of your Personality and Essence. This third Seed is what you and your Essence could create together, could bring into this life or out of this life together. This is why it occurs around the 4th Internal Monad and is related to your Life Task, because you cannot even begin to sprout this Seed without: First: Remembering your Essence. Second: Working on your Goal. Third: Manifesting Essence. What we would suggest as part of this exchange with you is to ask each of you if you have identified what you think might be an indication of that Seed Memory for yourselves. You may not have sprouted yours, yet. You may not have triggered it. It is planted, but the sprouting of this third Seed can happen anywhere between, within a range of time in your life, after or during the 4th Internal Monad. In addition to this desire to create or do in your life that you keep coming back to, we suggest looking beyond that specific thing at the core or the essence of what it is that the Seed represents. For example, Troy wants to write a book. It is the thing that keeps calling to him over and over, and may or may not eventually occur. We know it does, but he does not. But it is not the book that is important. That is the symbol. It is the communication of ideas, the relaying of ideas, the coordination of ideas and the way that others can receive them that is the Seed. And in that understanding, one can see that this Seed has been growing for this channel for some time. The book is just the idea. And this is true for all of you, as well. You may have been distracted with one version of this Seed and how it might grow. Look beyond this to all of the ways that it might already be growing. And so we will open the floor now to questions and comments about your own self-examination in light of these Memory Seeds and continue the conversation from there. (long silence) Kerrin: Don’t all speak at once. Moonfeather: Oh, I think that – is it me? I have resonance with nothing that you said. I can’t think of any Seed, one, two, or three, in my life, that you have just mentioned. So, I just want to say I’m, I don’t know, I don’t feel anything about what you’re talking about right now. That’s it. (chuckles) Sorry. I have no resonance. No memories of anything. No feeling of Seeds. Nothing’s growing. MEntity: Let us rephrase, or have you look at this from another perspective to see if there is validity for you. Moonfeather: Okay. MEntity: Our first question would be: do you recognize these elements in your life Now? Do you feel a sense of yourself and who you are as Essence? Moonfeather: Um. I guess not. MEntity: You do not recognize the validity of your Role in Essence? NOTE FROM CONNOR: Moonfeather’s Role in Essence is Server. Moonfeather: I feel like I haven’t been doing anything. I’ve just been kind of existing, which I’ve been enjoying. Just being. Just existing. It’s been nice. Not having to serve, not having to do. Just wanting to Be. So, that’s been nice. I like that. Kerrin: Maybe you planted a relaxation seed. Moonfeather: I bowed out for a while. I’m just existing. Kerrin: I want her seed. MEntity: What did you think it meant to remember yourself? What it would be? Moonfeather: That I would feel an urge to be doing something. An urge to fulfill something. An urge to grow towards something. An urge to, you know… Something meaningful. MEntity: No. Moonfeather: Okay. MEntity: Each of you have your own agenda for the lifetime, and with the level of fulfillment and joy and contentment that you are describing, could you deny that you are remembering yourself? Moonfeather: No, I can’t deny that. MEntity: This is who you are. This is what you came to do. Is that not enough? Moonfeather: Woohoo! This is pretty good. It is pretty nice, I have to say. MEntity: How long did it take for you to listen to yourself? Moonfeather: Uh, fifty-three years? Fifty-five. Fifty-five years. MEntity: It does not matter when you begin to listen or when you begin to bear the fruit, so to speak, from the Seeds that were planted for this life. You are there now. And in your case, this would have been described as an accumulative remembering or growth of your Seed to the point where you could no longer deny the growth of them, and now are sitting below the shade of the trees that have grown from the Seeds that you have brought into this life. We did not mean in any way to imply that these Seeds indicate some great ambition or drive or distraction. This is not what these Seeds are about. However it is fulfilled for you, relative to what the Seed is, and if your Seed was to find a way to create this life in a state that allowed you the greatest experience of the moment, then that is what your Seed was. Do you understand? Moonfeather: Yeah, yep, I’m crying now, so, I feel it. I feel it. Thank you. That’s good. MEntity: We remind you all that you are here to experience this life. That is all. Cary: Uh, okay, I’m next. Alright. My question is: do these Seeds correspond to chakras or anything like that? Is there any way to recognize intuitively that a Seed has been activated other than what you already said? I’m just trying to see if there’s patterns. MEntity: Did you ask if they correlate to the chakras? Cary: Mmhmm. Yes. MEntity: They correlate to the chakras only to the extent that those chakras might be relevant to what the Seed is. There does tend to need to be, for these first three Seeds to grow, a maturing, so to speak, of the Moving, Emotional, and Intellectual Centers at the very least for these to be recognized. And so, to the extent that one is not emotionally mature, one may miss out on a Seed, or not recognize a Seed. To the extent that one is not intellectually mature, they might miss out on a Seed, and so on. To the extent that these chakras, or Centers, might be neglected, also relates to lack of fulfillment of a Seed, or a lack of memory or recognition. However, we will say that lack of recognition does not always mean that they are not being fulfilled or growing, as was demonstrated by Moonfeather. Cary: Okay. MEntity: Recognition is not necessary for these Seeds to be growing, but in this exchange with you today about this topic, having the awareness to now look for them can help you to bring that recognition. And in that recognition there can be found an embrace of this life in a way that might have been missed without that recognition. Cary: Gotcha. Okay. Thank you. MEntity: Next. Kasia: Um, so my question is: do the Seeds change at all? So, like in Moonfeather’s case, because she fulfilled the Seed that she had set out to, or for anybody - I’m just saying Moonfeather as the example for today - is it something that you would then dive deeper into the third Seed that you are exploring for this life? Or does it get replaced by a different one? I guess I’m curious what happens if you actually accomplish your goal? MEntity: Because these Seeds tend to get about more of a state than a completed, or a conclusive position, they tend to be in some form of growth throughout the entire life. Seeds either remain dormant, or they sprout, or they grow. And sometimes they bear fruit. We are continuing with that description, that symbolic description. When they bear fruit, the tree does not die. The plant does not die. But there will be cycles that can bring, bear more fruit relative to that Seed. But more often than not, as one nurtures and grows these Seeds within a lifetime, they will move to nurture another Seed, and there are more Seeds than the three that we have described. There are Seeds that are relative to your Internal Monads beyond the 4th Internal Monad. There are Seeds that are relative to specific relationships that can be triggered and nurtured in how you relate to others. So, we are not going into all those various Seeds, but to answer your question, they are not replaced, but you do take on the nurturing of more that are already planted. And then, depending on how many Seeds are nurtured, how many are growing, how many are bearing fruit, determine the level of fulfillment and contentment you feel at the end of the life. Does this answer your question? Kasia: Yes. Now, if you don’t fulfill this, or if you don’t grow them, is there a level of discontentment that you experience? Something that’s kind of always there? MEntity: Yes. There can be a sense that something is missing. (background audio disruption from someone’s mic) Kasia: Okay. (more audio disruption) MEntity: And that is probably the most significant description we can give for our Old Soul students who are not nurturing a Seed that might have been brought into this life, may be ready to be nurtured, or that has sprouted but it has been neglected, that something is missing. (more audio disruption) MEntity: It is not necessarily that the life is not fulfilling. The feeling that something is missing remains. Does this make sense? Kasia: Thank you. Yes. MikeM: Okay, next up is Kerrin. Wait a minute, Kerrin did you…? Can you raise your hand again? I think I may have- Kerrin: No, you have it. MikeM: Okay. Kerrin: My question is: could your Role and Casting conflict with your Seed? Make it harder to, or make it more challenging to grow it? MEntity: If we could chuckle, we would. Because, yes. It is not that it is in conflict, but that some Seeds are brought into a life as a particularly challenging plant to grow, so to speak. Some Seeds require more than other Seeds for their care, nurturing. All of the elements that are required for the nurturing and growth of a Seed will be a part of the life. There will never be a Seed that cannot be grown and nurtured. Kerrin: Okay. MEntity: The effort, the awareness, and the patience, and the creativity, and so forth, that might be required for a Seed to move beyond a sprout and into bearing fruit, may take time, patience, work for it to grow into creativity that the Personality may not be bored with. Essence will be on board, but sometimes the challenge is also on an Essence level, if an Essence is particularly Moving/Action oriented, for instance, then a lifetime that has a Seed that is focused on, is engaging from fast pace of life, may be difficult, but it is possible. So, to answer your question, yes they can be challenging, but they are never in conflict. Kerrin: Okay. MEntity: And the greater challenge tends to be with the Personality, not with the Essence. We see many of our students fully aware of their prompt, their desires, their leaning towards nurturing of a Seed that was brought into this life. The response is the equivalent of saying, “Maybe tomorrow.” Next. MikeM: Next up, we have Connor. ConnorB: Oh, lovely. Here we are. MEntity: We agree. ConnorB: Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. I think you answered my question already, but to use one of my past lives (Adam from 19th Century Pennsylvania) as an example, I once asked you what one of my past lives is up to now, and you said he runs a ranch where he raises mythological creatures, and adopts those creatures out to his friends, and his friends carry those creatures into their lifetimes as, in your words, “symbolic triggers for awakening.” I adopted one of those creatures. You were also talking about Yasuke, the African samurai, who, in his afterlife, is currently creating animated light paintings which he gives to his friends, and they carry those paintings into their lives to help them remember their life plans. So, what I was wondering is if those are also types of Seed Memories. They sound remarkably similar to what you are describing. MEntity: Yes, those are related directly to the third Seed we are describing. They are almost always a symbolic object that is carried in to represent that Seed. For instance, as we were describing for our channel, it is the book. A book was brought in as the Seed. So the book becomes the focus, and the most literal aim. It is not necessary for this to be the literal aim, but it is the symbol, and it can be what is aiming for. For those who bring in such things as a mythological creature, it is the symbolism in that mythological creature that may be relevant to the need that is to be nurtured. Or a painting. The imagery in the painting that might come to life in a dream, or in a creative memory, or in a story, would be part of the Seed that will be nurtured. So yes. All of you brought a Seed Memory that is symbolized by some object that was carried here from the Astral. (loud audio disruption) MEntity: There is audio disrupting our focus. We would like to point this out. Did this answer your question? ConnorB: Yes. MEntity: Now, for each of you who would like to know what that symbol was, what that object was, this is up to you to explore on your own. We cannot point that out in particular. But it likely shows up as a favorite object, or a favorite thing, or something that makes you feel something in a way that other things do not. And it is almost always an object, or represented by something that exists separate from you. So, for instance, those who came into the life with the Seed of the mythological creature, they may have a love for unicorns, or a love for dragons, or a love for phoenixes. It can also be the love for an animal. We say love to describe the strong affection for that object, but it can be described as a ‘like,’ a strong like as well. (audio disruption in background) MikeM: Next up, we have Bobby. BobbyK: (speaking inaudibly) MEntity: Cannot…hear…audio… NOTE FROM CONNOR: The transcription does not do justice to how funny Michael sounded as they said this. MikeM: Hold on, Bobby. Something happened. Okay, Bobby, you should be able to go now. BobbyK: Can you hear me now? Can I be heard? Various Attendees: Yes. BobbyK: Oh, okay. This question was addressed a little bit in Kasia’s question. Since you started out by defining what the first three Seeds are, does that imply that there is a finite number of Seeds? Or is there an endless possibility of Seeds? MEntity: Technically, an endless possibility. Generally, most do not come into a life with more than 36, and a minimum of 7. Does this answer your question? BobbyK: Yes. Thank you. MEntity: Next question or comment. MikeM: Okay, next up is Faye. Faye: My question sort of goes back to Kerrin’s question, kind of. She asked about difficulty, but I want to ask about intensity. If Seeds could come to life or grow with different intensities and what might cause these intensities to be greater or less for the Personality that may be experiencing them? MEntity: Yes, there can be. The analogy or metaphor of the Seeds is relevant because Seeds can grow into trees, can grow into vines, can grow into an invasive bamboo or kudzu type plant. These can become what you would describe as intense. Difficult to manage. This is not negative so much as it is a learning curve or an inherent challenge for the Seed that was brought into this life to grow. So, while most will grow a plant that is stationary and grows upward, so to speak, some will choose to grow a ground cover or a vine or a plant that propagates in a way that requires more management. And pruning, so to speak. And so, for those who have Seeds that are growing in a way that becomes intense, that become something that is obviously fulfilling, but also quite intense, as you described it, there may be a necessity for the equivalent of pruning. Slowing down. Stepping back. Taking a break. Trimming, so to speak. So yes, there are some Seeds that come with intensity because of how they grow in the life. Did this answer your question? Faye: Yes it does. Thank you. MikeM: Thank you, Faye. Next up, Cary. Cary: Okay, my question is kind of related to Connor’s question. In my twenties, I experienced a lot of déjà-vu and synchronicities, and I’m wondering if experiences of déjà-vu and synchronicities have anything to do with your Seeds being activated? MEntity: Yes. Cary: And how would you be able to tell which Seed it is when those things happen? Or does it not matter? MEntity: It does. The side effect of remembering is déjà-vu in many cases. The side effect of remembering is synchronicity in many cases. And the fact that these symptoms are showing as a side effect of remembering means that you are likely working on nurturing the Seeds that came with you. And so it is not necessary to know in particular what it is that you are doing because you are already doing it or you would not have these waves of déjà-vu and synchronicity. Cary: So those moments, then, are they implanted - like, are they planned before you’re born? Or do these develop as you go through life when you experience those moments of synchronicity and déjà-vu? MEntity: The moments are not planned in particular, but they do indicate that things are aligning in a way that is a part of a plan. They do not necessarily have to be planned in advance, but the feeling that you get, and the obvious pattern is recognized, is because of the alignment that is in keeping with an original plan. The Life Plan. Cary: So some Seeds are planned before you’re born and some Seeds are planned after? MEntity: No. All Seeds that we are describing come into the life. Cary: Okay. I think I’m getting the bigger picture. Thank you. MEntity: Next. MikeM: Okay, next up we have Kasia again. Kasia: I’m trying to figure out what the best way is to figure out what your Seeds are, because now when the number goes up to potentially 36, and then there’s this idea of intensities and some being stronger than others. Is there a way, like, are they prioritized? Or can you be working on all 36 at the same time? Even for the people who aren’t at this session necessarily today, to help you figure it out on your own, is there a process, how you can do that, to map it out - that’s kind of where I’m going with that question. MEntity: We understand. The first three Seeds that we have described are the three Seeds that most of you will have come into your awareness without even being brought to your attention from a teacher such as us. There will always be, for the older soul, this feeling of Home. There will always be this awareness of the challenges that come with the Goal. There will always be the sense that you want to do something with this life on your terms. Those three Seeds will always be in your awareness. All other Seeds, they do progress from each other. You cannot nurture the third Seed without having first nurtured the first and the second. After the third Seed has come into your awareness in a way that is being nurtured, all other Seeds then can be activated and come to life, so to speak, and begin sprouting. But these are minor Seeds, and they will be specific experiences or certain relationships or certain tasks or certain projects. They will not necessarily be things that you must seek out and identify. They will already be an inclination for you. The more you feel as if your third Seed, or your Life Task, your sense of manifesting Essence, is intact, more likely all of those other Seeds will get activated if they are there and eventually nurtured. So these first three Seeds are all that are necessary for you to be aware of, if you choose to be aware of these, because the recognition of those three is what makes the life force available for all other Seeds. (audio disruption in the background) MEntity: Does this make sense? Kasia: Yes. And I don’t know if this is the right format, but would this be something that you can identify for each of us who are present here? If others are interested? Or is this something that the work is really, I mean, it’s always on us, but…? MEntity: Identify what? Kasia: The third Seed, for example. Is that being this key to moving beyond and potentially opening up other areas? MEntity: We can only suggest that, as we did before… (loud audio disruption) MEntity: The audio distraction has not been addressed. We can only suggest, as we did before, that you put together the thing, the object that may have come into your awareness that you love, such as an idea or an object that continues to stand out for you in this life, and then look to what that symbolically means to you. In addition to that, what does it seem keeps coming back to you as an idea for fulfillment in this life? So this object keeps coming to your attention, if there are any, in addition to your returning desire for what you would like to fulfill in this life, give you an idea of what that third Seed is. What that is for each of you must be determined on your own. We cannot do this because it would turn into an assignment, and it is not an assignment. It is an invitation. And the creative process of unpacking these memories is part of what makes the life its own unique experience. We cannot do that for you. Kasia: I understand. And thank you, because I figured that was probably going to be the case. But I figured I’d ask. MEntity: We do what we can. We cannot do everything. We’re here to remind you of the tools that you have, and to help you remember anything that we think helps return you your sense of self as an entire Being - not just a floating fragment of consciousness alone in the world. Are there further questions? MikeM: There’s currently nobody in the queue. ConnorB: (speaking inaudibly) MikeM: If you have a question, please make sure you raise your hand. I don’t know who that is. ConnorB: Oh. Heh. That was me. If there’s nobody else? MikeM: Go ahead, Connor, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you. ConnorB: No worries. Well, if there’s nobody else, and we’re at the end… Michael, how was your day? MEntity: How was our day? ConnorB: Yes, how was your day? Kerrin: Do they have days? MEntity: We do not have days, but we will say that it has been, is, and will be delightful. MikeM: We have a last-minute question from Diane. Let me get that onboard. DianeHB: (speaking inaudibly) MikeM: Diane you have…can you…? Let’s see… DianeHB: Is my mic on? MikeM: Not yet, sorry about that. Just waiting for you to unmute. Okay, go ahead. DianeHB: Michael, I was wondering about the… Tex, you’re echoing. I was wondering about the relationship between inspiration, the things that we are inspired by, that inspires us, and if they - I would think that they help draw us to grow these Seeds. I was wondering if you could say something about that? MEntity: Yes, they are directly related to these Seeds, especially the third Seed, but all Seeds. And that anything that inspires you is reflecting potential and that is the entire nature of the Seeds that you bring into this life. These Memory Seeds are full of potential. And so, when you see or hear or experience something that is inspiring, it is reflecting potential that you carried into this life. That can be a part of, not directly, a Seed, but you are focused on that moment or over an arc of time. Some of you may find that you are inspired by different things at different parts of your life, and that inspiration is related to a Seed that might be growing at the time. So yes, inspiration is highly reflective of what Seed, or what kind of Seed, or what is being grown from those Seed Memories. DianeHB: Cool, thank you. MEntity: We know our delivery today was a little choppy. We had distractions that we had to work around that pulled Troy out of focus for us, but we have shared with you the basic ideas about these concepts of Seed Memories. What we will leave you with is that these Seed Memories are yours. They are not given to you, imposed on you. They are not things that need to be grown. They do not require fulfillment. They are there to grow if you choose to do so. And if you choose to do so, they are there for you to grow however you decide to grow them. However you learn to grow them. And as was discussed, some of you may have more pruning and trimming to do, and some of you may require more water, so to speak, some of you may require more light. We realize we have spoken quite symbolically in relation to these Seeds, but we find that to be relevant, as these Seeds tend to be brought into this life using symbolism, some symbolic object, that you carried in from the Astral. We can suggest for all of you, if you would like to explore what that symbolic object is, if you cannot figure it out by your own personal awareness of things that draw your attention in this life, simply invite that awareness from a dream to see if you can bring it up that way. Ask your Essence to show you the object, your most current Seed that is being grown and its symbolic representation, just as an experiment to see if a specific memory comes up in your dreams. Otherwise, you can do so in your conscious awareness by looking at what is drawing your attention and fascinating you. Or, as Diane pointed out, inspiring you. With that, we will close our session today with you. Good day to each of you. Goodbye. Everyone: Thank you Michael, Thank you Troy, etc. Troy: (emerging from trance) WHEW!!! Something about it felt way off. What was going on out here? Kerrin: There was a demon in the background.
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