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Found 7 results

  1. NOTE FROM CONNOR: Thank you everyone for your patience. I never use software for the transcription. Feeding the audio into transcription software would result in dozens of mistakes because Troy's audio was a bit choppy during this session. There were a lot of dropped or partially cut off words which I had to reconstruct using context clues and by repeating the sound byte over and over to catch syllables of missing words. This is actually the most time-consuming part of transcribing - I could have skipped the detail work and typed all of this up within a day, but such a transcript would have been riddled with gaps. In almost every case, I was able to figure out the problem spots, but sometimes, wherever in the transcript it says [UNINTELLIGIBLE] or [AUDIO LOST], I was unable to determine what was said. So if anyone else made their own audio recording of the event and is able to determine what was said in those instances, please let me know in the comments or by TLE direct message and I will make the edits. *** *** *** *** Michael Speaks in TLEvr on Loneliness, Depression, and Anxiety 13th August, 2022 Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: Okay. Hello to each of you. We are here now. Our delivery may start off slow, as this subject is heavy for Troy, and it may take more effort to move through that density. But we are here now. Hello to each of you. We have been asked to speak on the subjects of loneliness, depression, and anxiety, and offer any insights that we may have from a metaphysical perspective. And by ‘metaphysical perspective’ what we can offer is something deeper, more insidious, below the surface of the more acute and local causes for these experiences. There will always be more acute and local causes for these experiences, and be lonely for obvious reasons because of the distance between yourself and others, be depressed because of lack of fulfillment, sense of contribution, or anxiety over a lack of control. Underneath all of this, we can say that there are Sentient-wide causes that are being tapped into, and you do bring in loneliness, anxiety, and depression. LONELINESS MEntity: This first layer of Sentient-wide patterns, if you will, traces back to what we have referred to as the Great Wounding. We’ll speak about this, but we know that it will not seem to be something that one can really use to help themselves. We offer it as a baseline understanding of this pattern throughout all of Humanity. The Great Wounding traces back to your first experience of being displaced as a species. Though only a fraction of our Sentience was a part of that displacement, your transfer from Sirius to Earth cascades through the entire collective or Sentient species. To be disrupted in life is already something you are familiar with how it has an effect on you. To be disrupted as an entire species, to the extent that you must completely leave your home and make a new life somewhere else – you may be able to understand how this has resonated, carried forward, throughout the species for eons because of this deep, profound wounding of not being wanted. It does not matter that there was another species to come forward – in fact, several species to come forward, helping this process of displacement so that you were safe. That matters, but the initial wounding of not being wanted as a species in your own home created profound scars in the core of your being. So at the core of loneliness, the very baseline metaphysical level of loneliness, is this that is being tapped. That you were not wanted as a species in your own home. Your own habitat. Your original bodies. Everything was taken away. NOTE FROM CONNOR: There was a thirty-second silence here which everyone felt, and when Michael resumed speaking, it was clear that Troy had been weeping. On rare occasions, Troy (not Michael) will laugh or cry while in trance. This usually happens as a result of Troy "peeking in" to some extent on whatever Michael is saying. MEntity: We may have to navigate emotional reactions in the body of our channel. Not all species experience loneliness. It is a foreign concept. Many Sentient species have never felt the depth of displacement that your species has. But all Sentient species will go through a period of distancing from themselves and their sense of affection during the Baby and Young Soul stages of development for the species collectively. So for the period of time that your species has been evolving through the Young Soul Age, everything at the core of this displacement, wounding, is exacerbated. There have always been times when people felt lonely. There have always been times when people felt depressed. There have always been times when people felt anxiety in your species. But your Baby and Young Soul stages brought this front and center as a core identity. It was built upon and perpetuated in your societies, your cultures, your religions, and your politics to such an extent that it is not even recognized as a force that shapes you. Built into your religions, built into your politics, governments, society, through the Baby and Young Soul stages of your development of your species is the deep desire for another force, for an outside force, to save you. Rescue you. Take care of you. So on top of the deep wounding from the displacement the Baby and Young Soul stages brought into near-personification in creating gods, governments, politics, where each of you are hoping someone else does something to show that you matter. In religion this is obvious by the creation of gods who are watching out for you or punishing, and so forth. Politics, or governments that need to watch out for people, and dole out punishments. But for those of you who are older souls, you did not find yourselves exempt from the indoctrination of need for Other, or someone to care enough to make your life better, rescue you, save you. This is often played out in dynamics between yourself and your parents. The dynamic that you share with your parents has a profound impact on the individual life personifying this deeper wounding. The relationship with your parents, your caretakers, matters in how you feel in terms of your connection to others because so much emphasis is on the responsibility of something or someone else to take care of you. This is not a bad thing. It is just information. It is just insight. Because we suspect that many of you are not consciously aware of how much this dictates how close you feel to others. If you have suffered any form of wounding and distancing between a caretaker or parent, it stays with you in ways that are not easily healed by maturity. There has to be a conscious effort, a conscious awareness, that allows you to meet others as equals. Not as saviors. Not as replacements for a home world, sense of home, replacements for a parent. It may not seem obvious to you that this is something that might affect how you relate to others. It does. This is played out even more cruelly – we do not use that word lightly – there is a cruelty to this in the position that is placed upon yourself to be chosen by those whom you choose. There are many instances where our students, surrounded by love, surrounded by caring, surrounding by nurturing, still feel lonely because the person they chose did not choose them. There is a dangerous dynamic evolved out of the Baby and Young Soul stages regarding this preoccupation with being chosen – being chosen more specifically by those whom you choose. It does not matter if a stranger comes up and is nice to you. It does not matter if people around you, family, care about you. It does not matter if you are surrounded by a community who continually remind you of how much you are wanted and welcomed. When that one person you chose does not choose you, loneliness comes to the front. Loneliness begins to define you. We share all of this with you because these are what we would consider metaphysical elements of this experience of loneliness that is at the deepest core of who you are in a way that you may not have explored. By exploring this, looking at this more closely, you may be able to free yourself from that dynamic with your conscious effort, conscious choice. It does not you will, might, change this dynamic, but it does mean that you have more tools to work with helping yourself. As we continue to explore the other subjects of depression and anxiety, we’ll have a wide range of options that help you to dynamically change these experiences into something that passes, or something that you may have that does not have you, that is not your identity, that no longer has to be at the core of who you are. It is okay, for instance, to feel sad. And to feel angry. Feel happy. Feel lonely. To feel depressed. And anxious. But when those become the core identity of who you are and something you must carry as a weight, that is when these tools may come in handy to help move it a little bit out from you to have a more whole sense of yourself in that one moment. So our point is that we may not be able to offer insights that will free you entirely of loneliness, but at least it does not have to be at the core of who you are as an identity, making your choices, shaping the way you determine your value. DEPRESSION MEntity: Depression builds on loneliness. The core of depression is cognitive dissonance. We are sharing with you many things that are obvious that may not have been obvious in the context of how we are sharing it today. Each of you suffer from cognitive dissonance, compartmentalization of your emotional bodies, because you have to. Your world, your cultures, your societies, and your access to more and more of this forces you to fragment yourself into various parts that must handle different things, or processes, so that by the time some of you have taken on what you can, you are literally left in the corner of who you are with all of the rest of you scattered about, disconnected, trying to manage all of the input that has been taken in. Cognitive dissonance keeps you from having a full perception of reality. It filters reality. It is a protective device. It allows you to participate in your society’s economic systems, shutting down the part of you that knows it steals life force from you to participate in it. It steals your creative force that steals your passion that it exhausts you. In order to participate in your world, you have to be able to function. And the way that you function is by breaking apart yourself so that you can go to work. Then there is the part of you that can play. Then there is the part of you that can love. Having all of these parts usually functions fairly seamlessly and can be a way for you to be a multifaceted individual who can move around these facets. When the facets become distanced from each other, this is when depression can start to come in. When you are so fragmented that you have basically left yourself alone from yourself. The core of depression we have shared with you that is helplessness. And helplessness then moves into anger. Then anger moves into rage. And when that rage has no place to go, it turns into depression. This is all about being fragmented to such an extent that you do not know how or where all of the pieces are. How to bring them back together. How to be whole again. As we said before, there are acute causes for depression, and local causes. Maybe incidents and specific events that cause depression. What we are speaking about is the depression that leaves you broken for quite some time and becomes a part of your identity. In other words, it is normal for all of you to feel depressed at some point. It is simply a form of processing. When it becomes identity to the extent that you must navigate around it for an extended period of time, this is the depression that we are speaking about. The fragmenting we are speaking about. Then this can lead to your anxiety. ANXIETY MEntity: Anxiety is built on depression and loneliness. It is a combination of loneliness and depression. Anxiety is born of depression and its fragmenting. Anxiety comes when there are too many fragments to keep track of to the point that all sense of control is lost. Panic sets in. The sense of holding yourself together, even if it is this one shard left of who you are, is at the core of anxiety. It is your attempt to just remain in existence. Yes, it could be about controlling circumstances around you, or caused by a triggering effect of an event. But if anxiety has come to be a part of the force that is your identity, you must navigate regularly because you are holding onto everything possible to simply exist. Holding onto the last part of yourself. The good news is there are solutions all around you for helping to navigate this. To recover. To heal. It may take effort. It may take conscious willingness. It may take time. The solutions are fairly simple. And they start [UNINTELLIGIBLE] either you are more identified with anxiety [UNINTELLIGIBLE] it all starts, or the Great Wounding of the loneliness. So what we suggest in terms of dealing with this and transforming it at the core is to start with addressing the part of you that is waiting to be chosen by that whom you have chosen. Instead of limiting your sense of emotional/intellectual fulfillment to a very specific individual or circumstance or position, it is time for you to claim your right to be here. Be here. Be in your body. Be on this planet. Be in this time. You are not visitors. You are creators. One of the things that gets stripped from you, as you grow in a society and culture that has nurtured such loneliness, depression, and anxiety; is your right to be here. To be exactly You. One of the first places for you to start bringing that sense of integrity to your existence is to begin to give that to others. And we are not speaking only of other people. We are speaking about the plants around you. Bugs around you. Material that was made from resources around you. Air around you. The weather. You are so deeply connected to this world and to everything that is manifested in it, but so disconnected from it because you feel no right to exist here, or no right to be here. This distance nurtures that core of loneliness and that wounding. So our first suggestion is to look at the plants. Look at the animals. Look at your relationship to the space around you. How you use water. How you bathe. How you take care of yourself. How you think about the existence of anything else. This may seem silly, but if you stop and think about it, we suspect each of you could very easily identify how you deny the existence, or not acknowledge the existence, of a wide swath of that which does not exist because you are waiting for your right to exist. We are inviting you to take it all in. When you look at a plant, it is not something that is simply there. It is a living organism. When you interact with an animal, you may find yourself feeling affectionate. You may like how it makes you feel, but it is an individual in existence; not for you, but for itself. Being with you is part of the gift of that experience. Try to shift your dynamic in how you exchange with the environment around you in a way that acknowledges the existence of other things and people on their own terms. That plant is being as “plant” as it can be. We are using plants as an example because they are often fairly readily available for you to practice in acknowledging your connection to something other than yourself, has no capacity to choose you, that you can still acknowledge having a right to existence alongside you. The validity of its existence. Its brilliance of existence. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] full spectrum. Because when you do this, it starts to get a little bit easier for you to do that for yourself. You can begin to collect the parts of yourself that you separated from you because you thought that they needed to be fragmented away from you to protect you. They are You. They exist. Safe. Part of your wholeness. It is you that goes to work; not a part of you that goes to work. We know you cannot change the systemic issues of society and culture and religion on your own or overnight. That is not the goal here. The goal is for you to reclaim and celebrate your core right to exist on your terms and then to build from there as best you can. Existence is not something that you must earn. And the love in your life, your fulfillment, is not something that is a reward for being good, being a certain way. We are offering a reminder to you. That is all we can do. We will open the floor now for questions. We will do our best to respond to them with meaningful insight where we can. Moonfeather: Hello? MEntity: Hello. Moonfeather: I just want to say “Thank You” for what you said about connecting to the environment. I’m gonna cry because this is what I’ve been doing for the last year since I’ve got my house. I’m just spending time trying to connect with my piece of land, with my house, with my pets, with my trees, planting new things. I’m trying to deal with what’s growing, the critters that come around, and the birds, and it’s been really healing for me. And I find that when I go out and try to be with people, it just feels like I’m putting on an act and I feel a pressure to be a certain way, to sort of be happy when I’m really like a low-key kind of person that kinda comes in, like, more on a low-key level. And I feel like I have to be on, you know, when I go out in public, an act, like I have to be, like, “put on a happy face” kind of thing. But I have been finding just so much, I don’t know, realness in just being by myself with my land and my house and I just want to thank you for mentioning that because it’s just been so important in my life right now, so, thanks. MEntity: Yes. You are recollecting all the parts of you that you’ve left across time. This has been… [AUDIO LOST] The inclination to put on a happy face for others is not because you want to be fake. It is because you care about others. It is not a violation of who you are to want to present yourself in a way that you think might make others feel good. That is all the motivation that is there. It is not about having to change who you are. It is actually revealing who you are. You like caring, like to be a presence that brings something more than distraction or discomfort. So in your way, your sense of or need to put on a happy face is just your way of saying that you care about the person that you are with. So you must then decide whether that is more important to you or if you can find a balance that will assess a person who may or may not need for you to be in a position to offer them happiness, to remind them someone cares. To have that in your “Arsenal of Care,” if you will, you need it. So rather than having to choose one way or the other, we suggest that you be yourself, and have your happiness in your pocket for those moments where you feel like someone might need it. Otherwise, there is no need for you to carry that burden. Does this make sense? Moonfeather: Yeah. I think I just need time when I’m with people to assess them. And I’m pretty quick at assessing them. So it just takes a little bit, like thirty seconds, but I don’t always get that, but it’s nice for me to have that little bit of buffer when I meet somebody because I can pretty much tune into… If I need to… I know what you’re saying. I just need a few seconds when I meet them. Yes, thank you. MEntity: You make the choice your own because you feel pressured into it. It is not your job to heal everyone. It is your strength. It is not your job. Moonfeather: (laughing) I’m a Server! MEntity: Yes, that is why we are clarifying the differentiation. It is a strength, but it is not a job. Moonfeather: Okay. Yes. MEntity: It is there when necessary, but not as a way to protect yourself. Not as a way to distance yourself. That is not healing. We will take the next question. Kasia: Hi Michael. I have a question about a recent response that you gave to Christian about a feeling of being done, and an openness… So, it was an openness to death and a readiness for death. And I wanted to ask you how that compares to depression. I ask this because I’ve been feeling it recently, and it’s been a really strange and almost scary thing. Because it’s not related to suicide, it’s not related to wanting to end the life, but it is a feeling of completeness that is kind of scary to face in the middle of a lifetime. And then I’m wondering if that’s related to depression where it’s a negative, or if it is actually just a feeling of “Okay, well I think I did everything I wanted to do, and maybe this is a good time to exit.” So I wanted your thoughts on that and any kind of feedback you can provide to help get through that for anybody else who might be experiencing something similar. MEntity: The older your soul gets, and with information that may come from a teacher such as ourselves, you can become quite intuitively aware when you are nearing an exit point. And many of our students just passed through a period of time where their exit points, one of their exit points, deaths, had been scheduled and was up for examination. This is intuitively navigated. It is not something that we can point out or say “Here is when your next one is.” Exit points come up regularly and are assessed as to whether they are going to be used or not. For the older soul, this can sometimes be sensed. It can cause an assessment process that affirms or denies the level of fulfillment with the life. That is one layer that could have been at work here. The other layer is that your world is currently in a position where mortality is in the face of every single one of you. There is not much happening in the world that is not threatening your existence. You are reminded daily of worst-case scenarios. You have a pandemic. You have a climate crisis. You have war. You have civil unrest. All of these things are going to contribute to your assessment. Whether there is an exit period or not, or whether this is a life you want to continue or not; when there is so much weight leaning towards this point of “What more can I do?” in this kind of circumstance, what more can I accomplish or experience compared to what I had planned to experience. This assessment is going to leave you feeling out whether you cannot complete the overall general trajectory of the life and how comfortable you would be with being done if you had to go. If you died from the pandemic or died from war or died from climate catastrophe. So those two factors probably played a big part in this experience for some of you. We saw this happening on quite a wide scale for our students all through the beginning of this year in particular because of those two factors. There were quite a few of you assessing your exit points, quite a few of you assessing your mortality in the face of overwhelming threats, and then for some of you it was the combination. So could depression be a part of this? Of course. Our response to your question would be that this assessment is separate from that. Someone who was not even depressed may have experienced it. Does this answer your question? Kasia: Yes, that does. Thank you because, like I said, it was scary and I guess it made me wonder whether you said that depression is something you can go through but not to take on as an identity, and the depth of this was just so intense that, I mean, like I said, it was unique and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that. So thank you for clarifying that. That made it a lot more clear to understand what was at play. MEntity: Yes. Old Souls learn through Terror. When you come across a new experience such as assessing your own death as a Personality and saying, “Oh, yes, I could be dead,” can be quite terrifying. Especially if it is hooked into depression, or depression is the context with which you explore this, because it may feel as if something is happening to you, but what is happening is simply that you are that aware, yourself. You can consciously make this assessment. It is quite helpful to know this because it may happen again, and the next time you will know that this is an assessment period. This is what happened to you and most of our students. That the assessment revealed to you “Yes, I could go now,” would be done. The fact that you are on the other side of that, if someone goes to the other side of that, it is because they are not done. They have plenty more to do and there is a part of you who found a creative path forward. We would say that most of you who do make it to the other side of this will tend to find a sudden burst of creativity, enthusiasm, energy that helps to move you into the patterns that have been revealed moving forward. So we would suggest nurturing those as best you can and exploring those because they came up for a reason. They came up as a response to your assessment, and you found your path forward. You are here to stay. Kasia: Thank you. And I just wanted to say for anyone else who did experience it, it was surprisingly… The intuitive level of it was really… There was a deep sense of knowing that everything was going to be okay. Which, even despite the terror, was helpful and very calming in its own way. But yes, thank you for all of that. MEntity: Next question. Sharvari: Hi Michael. I was just wondering what kind of advice you had on coping with depression in an immediate environment that is toxic? Or especially one that you can’t really escape or change in any way with the tools that you have at your disposal? MEntity: Yes, that is a challenge. You are surrounded by influences that are repeatedly causing what we described earlier as the acute effects, or local effects. All you can do is to navigate this as best you can and to rely on your resilience. Resilience is the core, must become the core, of who you are in those circumstances. There must be the choice, if it can be made at some point, to change the environments for your well-being. Of course, while you are in those circumstances where you cannot leave, you must contend with the forces that are lingering experiences. You must rely on your resilience. So rather than letting depression become the core identity, it can be helpful for you to claim your resilience as your core identity. You will do this. You can get through the next day. You can handle it. You can make the choices that do not protect yourself in ways that are emotional and intellectual at the very least. That input from others is not in some way destroying your sense of who you are. This is difficult. We do not in any way mean to minimize those kinds of circumstances. It will depend on your resilience. Your capacity to uphold the right to your whole self, your identity, on your own terms in the face of circumstances or people trying to take that away. We do not know of any easy way through that, other than your resilience. Every day is something that must be taken on as an individual experience processed. Every day you must get through to the next day. We know that is not a solution. We know that is not an answer that is particularly helpful. But it is a reminder that you can do it, that you matter, and the strength, the force, helps you to do it. In addition to this, if it’s possible, seek external help. That is so vital. We have said before that in many circumstances of depression, it is something that requires intervention. This cannot be done if someone does not know. So from the depths of your depression, you must find that moment, that strength to reach out and ask for help, if you can find it, because that intervention may be necessary. We would have to assess specifics of any individual’s situation that you are describing for a response. But in general, your resilience, the strength of learning your identity, and seeking help are the three things that we can suggest in general. Sharvari: Sure, I guess I was asking because… Going through something like this over time really wears you down and makes you really tired. I can personally feel that this is going to affect me in the long run. I can tell that right now because I’ve done that before. So, I don’t quite know how to get through that part of… Like, I know that my behavior right now – being resilient, you know, putting one foot in front of the other – is necessary, but I can also tell that there is so much that is happening to me that is really gonna need a lot of unpacking in the future, and that’s not a very encouraging thought. MEntity: Yes, you bring up a very valid point in terms of processing. They’re quite difficult to process what you are being bombarded with in a way that is meaningful while you are in it. That is valid, if we heard you correctly, that there is a lot that will have to be unpacked after the circumstances. This is important to understand that it is okay for you to let that be the case. It is okay for you to get to the other side before you do your unpacking. You do not have to figure it out. You only need to figure out the next day, now. You only need to figure out what drinks are required right now. Unpacking is something that will come later AND will come with a strength that you have that is freer than the strength that you have now. Did we understand your comment? Sharvari: Yes. And thank you. That actually helps a lot. Yeah, letting it be, and just, you know, putting it on another date, and also a comment about how you will have more thoughts later than you do now. MEntity: Yes. Sharvari: So, thank you so much. MEntity: Yes. Imagine a tree has fallen. It’s heavy enough that it is weighing you down, but light enough for you to keep pushing it up. You must hold it. Keep it from crushing you. While you are in those circumstances, you simply must rely on your strength and resilience. You can figure out why the tree fell later. We are throwing out an analogy to help you understand with more clarity what we described. While you are in it, your strength and resilience are the most important. After the tree is no longer having to be held up, after the depression and the circumstances and the people have removed themselves, then you can best process what happened. We will take the next question now. We have focus for one or two more before we wrap up. Christian: Hello Michael. This is Christian. I know we have talked about this subject quite a bit over the years in my efforts to heal from lots of different things. First of all, a lot of the things that you said, it starts to make a lot more sense now, on the other side of a lot of this. I guess the main question that I kind of have is… It was described to me by my therapist as being that part of depression is located with sadness because I made the comment to her that it feels like the depression will never leave. Like it will always be there. She said part of that is because it’s tied with sadness, and obviously if you’re not feeling sad because something sad happened, in her eyes that would be a very serious issue that we would need to address. I’m just wondering if, is it just that we can minimize it? Or is it that we can eliminate it? Or is it just that there’s more work to be done? I’m just curious as to, can we get to a point where it’s just “not there” for those of us who have had it as part of that personality? MEntity: Yes, it’s possible. It is possible to eliminate it altogether without avoiding it. By that, we mean it may occur again, but it can be regenerated entirely so that it is like an experience that is quite distant from you that is not hovering or an undercurrent. It is possible. However, it is not easy. And especially as you described for those who have had this as a part of their pattern for most of their existence, it would be quite difficult to let it go to transform it, because there is some level of affection for it. We do not mean that in some twisted way, that you “like to feel bad,” but it does become a part of an identity in a way that develops an affection in the same way that one you may know who is quite difficult, annoying, even quite challenging, but you love them. You love them anyway. Each of you have come into your existence with the core of your intentions to love. It is not a lighthearted, whimsical thing you take on as individual fragments. Your intent is to love. This extends to the worst parts of you. Parts of you that are the most challenging and difficult, and the most annoying and debilitating. And so you may find yourself with a certain amount of affection for the part of yourself that you least [AUDIO LOST] to identify with. So if you start to recognize this as an affection, it’s your willingness to accept. It’s your willingness to love. It is no longer something that is fought, moved, something to allow. Then it is no longer something to protect yourself from. It is a thing you understand. Does this make sense? Christian: Yes. And it also makes me laugh a little bit because at one point I was writing up a blog post talking a little bit about this. And I got a vision in my head, as I was talking about depression, of sitting in this room and looking over, and on a dog bed that was way too small for it, was a giant black dog that was Depression. And with what you just said, that just really made me kind of laugh. So I do see what you’re talking about. I understand that. Thank you. MEntity: This is a positive thing. This is a healing thing. Because if you cannot transform it, if you cannot free yourself from it, you might as well love it. This is because, if you can love it, it loses its disruptive power over you. It becomes not about it defining or controlling your identity, but more about being a part of you that you have to navigate. So we say this is a positive thing because it is one of the solutions for these challenging experiences that come to you and shape you. And sometimes you cannot, will not, reject those parts of you because for many, many years, however debilitating they were, it is very difficult to reject the thing, however ugly that protected you. And by protecting, we do not mean that they were effective, or that they actually protected you, but the dynamic is often a relationship of protection developed as a response to threat. Though it is seen as a protector, you develop a relationship with that part of you in a way that at times you can only love. Next question, and final question. ConnorB: Oh good. Hello Michael. MEntity: Hello. ConnorB: So, since you brought up Sirius… So, if I were… I’ll put it to you this way. If I were writing the Human story, the Great Wounding you were talking about, from the displacement, it wouldn’t fully heal until Humans at some point go back to Sirius. Maybe that’s right, maybe that’s wrong, but either way, it’s going to happen at some point. Would you mind giving us a little glimpse of what that looks like? MEntity: It looks like what you are experiencing in your world now. You are shifting out of a paradigm that is shaped entirely around displacement, looking for a savior, being chosen, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] …and so forth, which has exacerbated the Great Wounding. What is happening as you shift into the Mature Soul Age is that you are reclaiming maturity as an individual. It’s a consciousness that it can exist anywhere in its own space, in its own time, its own right. Do you see this playing out on an individual, even a generational level, where there is a refusal to participate in the systems that have been in place for quite some time? It does not matter if they are being mocked, accused of laziness, or accused of fragility. They are holding their own. They are stepping up and reclaiming their right to exist how they exist and in a way that they seek to exist. So the healing of the Great Wounding comes when you are no longer looking for someone else to make your life better. Work with others to make your life better. Stand with others to make your life better. But you are not looking for someone else to make your life better. You are not participating in systems that are imposed on you. You are creating systems that care about everyone involved. So, over time, and this will take time. It will take collapse of some sort, in some way, to bring this overhaul of your societies and your governments and religions, but healing will come because enough have decided you are worth existing in your own right. You do not have to return home. You simply need to become home. That is what we are seeing in many of our own students and students of others who begin to bring to the dynamic through the conversations in your world right now. You are asking what it looks like? This is the beginning of what it looks like. You are on your way back home, and it was always with you. We will bring our exchange with you to a close now. And we did our best to address a rather difficult and broad concept that has many ways of showing up for you in your individual lives. We do not imply that what we have shared is in any way helpful for relieving your experiences, but it is there for you to examine and see if it does. It is simply another angle of insight, another layer of insight that can always be something useful. With that, we will head out, and goodbye. Bye. Various Students: Thank you, Michael. Bye, Auf Wiedersehen, etc. Troy: Are my hands gone? Various Students: No. Nope. They’re there. Troy: Oh, I guess I was so idle, my controller went to sleep so my hands like all got vibrated. Hey everybody! Kasia: Thank you, Troy, that resonated! Troy: Oh, hey Raul! Raul: Hello. Troy: Alright, how depressed are we? Who cried? Kerrin: I gave up sugar and I don’t have depression anymore. Cyprus: I cried the whole time. Troy: You cried? Cyprus: I cried out loud. Like, ugly cried. Troy: If you’re on PC, wiggle your head if you cried. I cried! I rarely cry. I’m so sorry – I disrupted the channeling because there was something, I don’t remember what it was, but it hit me and I was like “Ohhh lord, what…?!” Get back out of the way. Kasia: Feeling that we’re unwanted in our home, I think. Troy: Oh yes. Kasia: That’s when I noticed, like, “Yeah, that’s gonna hit.” Troy: IT DID! Oh my god. That’s what it was. Something like that.
  2. Ask Michael Live Chat December 7, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley ViP2: How do neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, etc (and drugs which influence neurotransmitter production and handling in the brain, such as Prozac) fit into the spectrum of choice that is available to an individual? For example, if an individual is depressed and feels like there is only a small range of choices available to improve that situation, is taking such a drug a "useful" way to increase the available spectrum of choices? I suppose taking the drug is a choice in itself but I'm curious as to how one's mental condition, which appears to depend partially on neurotransmitter activity, influences or establishes the range of choices available in a given situation. MEntity: In response to the first part of the question: Though this topic is far more complex than the mere minutes we have here to respond, we will say that the primary effects that these neurotransmitters have is not so much on the range of choice, but on the AGREEABLE vs. DISAGREEABLE range of choice. When these neurotransmitters are in a healthy state, there is a tendency to be in a more agreeable state, which makes the range of choice accessible, but not necessarily indicative of a "good or bad" choice, as much as an agreeable choice. When these neurotransmitters are in an unhealthy state, there is a tendency to be in a more disagreeable state, which makes the range of choice seem more inaccessible, even if they are not, because any choice will tend to be opposed. Unhealthy states of neurotransmitters tend to incline one to reject, deny, or battle against options, even if the range is vast, while healthy states of these neurotransmitters tend to incline one to experiment, allow, and accept options of choice, even if the range is quite limited. In terms of influence, choice is still there, of course, even if it may not seem to be so. There is a difference between neurological processes that affect one's mood around the options of choice, and neurological processes that actually reduce the capacity to choose. When there are neurological influences that reduce the capacity to choose, then there is either self-karma taken on, or choices made for this individual become consequences for those who make the choices, not the one who is compromised. The latter would be similar to, say, how a baby or infant might require care, and how its capacity to choose is truly limited. Any choice on that baby's behalf is of consequence to only the one making the choice. We can alway speak more on this subject, but this is our response for now. ClaireC: Hello, Michael. In a similar, health-related vein, is there any validity to homeopathic medicine and the claims made by its practitioners? MEntity: Yes. ClaireC: Could you elaborate? MEntity: In most instances where homeopathic remedies have little effect, they are simply administered or taken incorrectly. One of the benefits of homeopathic remedies is that one cannot be made sick from them if there is a misdiagnosis or poor administration. But, as a whole, the claims and treatments of homeopathy are valid. This is a holistic means of treatment, best used for chronic issues and issues that require long-term treatment, while allopathic (or "western") medicine is best for emergencies. ClaireC: How does the mechanism work? MEntity: One of the ways in which one can validate the legitimacy of homeopathic remedies is that they work on non-human, non-sentient creatures. One does not have to "believe" in their effectiveness. They simply work. Veterinarians have turned to this source of treatment for many chronic ailments of animals. ClaireC: Any examples? MEntity: The means by which most homeopathic remedies work is through a kind of intense "stamping" of a molecular structure into the "memory" of water. There will come to be a better word/phrase for describing how this works, but the long and crude description is that the "essence" of molecular structure is stacked in the water in a way that is almost holographic, though not quite. Because it can be "stacked," the remedy may seem to be quite diluted when viewed through current technology, when, in fact, it is actually highly potent and concentrated. Examples for non-human animals can be seen documented for a number of ailments, from skin conditions to ear inflammations to digestive issues to neurological compromises, etc. Because there is no regulation of any significance for homeopathic remedies, and because the intake of dosage is so unfamiliar, many do not receive quality benefits, but if care is given in the selection of a professional, as well as in how one is using the remedies, profound benefit can come. ckaricai: Thanks, My question: The recent events in Ferguson, MO sparked protests all around the country. More people are opening up to the fact that people of color in this country experience a different America and it seems like emotions surrounding this fact are high for everyone...What can we do, rather what can older souls do--other than protest--to help move this country towards more racial harmony? MEntity: One of the first things that can be done by older souls is to stop pretending that one can understand the entirety and complexity of the subject. Not even those who are directly involved and directly affected can do so. It is an ancient wounding, and while current wounding can be addressed, the ancient wounding cannot. At least, not in any superficial satisfactory way. ckaricai: That seems pretty bleak MEntity: Ancient wounding of a people is valid. It is carried forward in the biological constructs of the Instinctive Center of any considered to be of that people. Even as the Essence brings forth its own Instinctive Center data, it is mixed in with the biology of the "race." While "race" is a social construct, and not a valid biological construct, those social constructs still carry an influence in terms of procreation and lineage. In other words, there is validity to "ancestral memory." However, the older the soul, the less dependency upon ancestral memory. The younger the soul, the more defined one is by ancestral memory. ckaricai: ...How then would african americans as a group move past that collective ancestral memory? MEntity: This is also true in terms of species, which is why there is an ancient wounding among all Humans regarding their place in the cosmos, related to the original relocation from Sirius. Our pointing to the fact that no one can truly comprehend the profundity and complexity of the ancient wounding is not meant to imply or sound bleak. It is meant to point to the fact that many speak AS IF they completely comprehend it, and offer opinions, ideas, and facts that speak only to a fraction of the pain. And this can tend to add to the pain. For the older soul, this inclination to presume a full understanding can be much easier to relieve than for the younger souls. As for the whole of the people in question, one of the ways for this to be healed is to allow for diversity within the whole of the people. ckaricai: I understand. Thanks for your answer. MEntity: One of the greatest internal setbacks of any oppressed group is the negative effects of solidarity. Solidarity is important and effective, but not if it is used as a means for not allowing variations in advancement and growth from within the group. Imagine a group of people seeking to escape a fire. In one scenario, everyone is linked, and shoulder-to-shoulder so that no one can get through the door. In another scenario, some will will get through the door before others, and some may have to wait a moment. This is a crude comparison, but it is simple in that it speaks to the necessity for moving beyond solidarity and into the active nurturing of diversity. ckaricai: That makes a lot of sense. MEntity: Again, this is not a full response, as the scenario is far more complex than this, but it is our best response to the questions in this format for now. MikeClev: Is there currently any other Sentience living in or visiting our Solar System (other than Earth's Humans, Cetaceans and a few Gorillas)? And, is there any NON-sentient life in our Solar System other than on Earth, for instance, on Mars MEntity: There is a great deal of non-sentient life in this system, but not sentient. There was Sentient life on Venus that has long-since cycled off, and there have been stations on Mars and Earth's Moon by non-Solar System sentience, but not as native species. Most of the species in this system would be classified along the lines of "extremophiles." MikeClev: If so, have signs of stations on the moon and mars been seen and recognised by scientists? MEntity: Oh, yes. Though they are not fully understood and debate continues, there are those who know without question that intelligent life has created structures beyond the Earth. Maureen: Is there any relationship, at all, between The Nine Needs and the Chakras / Centers? If so, what are they? I do understand that our time is limited today. If there is no relationship, I’ll pass on this question. Note: I know the numbers aren’t complementary (9 Needs vs. 7 Chakra/Centers) but as I have reviewed The Nine Needs I’m often left wondering if there is a connection as they’re both dependent on choices made that effect the fulfilment of the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Bodies. MEntity: First, think of the Nine Needs as being fulfilled through the use of the Seven Chakras/Centers. Any single Need can be fulfilled through the use of any combination of Centers/Chakras. Think of the Nine Needs as results, where as the Seven Centers/Chakras are functions. Maureen: That helps. MEntity: Results and functions can always find some correlation, even if the systems are different. But to draw strict correlations between the Centers and the Needs would be like drawing some significance from one set of directions to the grocery store over a different set of directions. The path to the grocery store is a matter of function/navigation. The grocery store is the point/result. Maureen: I see. Thanks Michael. MEntity: Correlations can be drawn between the grocery store and a path taken, but also between the grocery store and a different path. This is true of the Nine Needs and Seven "paths," as well. GeraldineB: I'm asking a Q on behalf of Kurtis who couldn't attend: Hey Michael, I'd like to ask for elaboration on the Jovial Body Appearance, and any celebrities that would show it off well, thanks :) MEntity: The Jovial Body Type, in terms of Appearance, is one that embodies density of intellect and expression. This body type is designed to carry and store a wide range of ideas, feelings, stories, anecdotes, memories, wisdom, and so has a great deal of "space" among its cells that show up as either loosely packed or densely packed. Those that are loosely packed, so to speak, are those that are quite fleshy, fat, round, and what many associate with "jovial." So while one version may be like "santa claus," the loosely packed, another may be like the "dumb bodybuilder." This is not to say that Santa is wise or that bodybuilders are dumb, but the stereotypes are there. There are origins of a "Santa" that was valid, but the the modern version is simply a result of clever marketing. In terms of more specific "celebrity" versions, there is John Goodman, and then there is Arnold Schwarzenegger. We must conclude here for today. As usual, there is more to say about each of these questions, but we abbreviate our responses to accommodate this format. These more abbreviated responses can be helpful in that they prompt incremental steps in contemplation and comprehension so that a topic can be fully explored with some base knowledge, if that topic is of interest for further exploration. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  3. ckaricai

    Sirius was home to some

    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: February 2008] [Question] would entity 7, cadre one…be from the Pleiades then? [Michael Entity] Many from your Cadre (and Energy Ring) are familiar with the various species that could be considered a part of the “Pleiades,” but this was not a home for you. Most who began off-planet would call the system related to “Sirius” to be home, but it would not surprise us if there are connections drawn to Cassiopeia and Pleiades, as these were strongly related to your reasons for moving to Earth in the first place. The “Pleiadians” would have preferred for your species to have simply been destroyed and your transport to a safe planet “out of the way” was the only alternative to your extinction. Pleiadians now, bitterly, work on repairing the Karma incurred from that interference. Many from Cassiopeia who were part of what would be akin to an animal rights network were responsible for protecting you and transporting you, though we will add here that several other systems were involved in that process. The network that saved your species is represented by several minorities across several systems and species, but Pleiadians were a primary force of interruption to your development within your native star system. Those who are strongly drawn to those labeled as “Pleiadians” are part of the healing between the species and probably find this information to be surprising, as the draw of the Karmic Ribbons are inherently laced with fascination and intrigue. [Question] when you say, species, do you mean, “humanoid?” [Michael Entity] Most are humanoid, yes. Many are not. The most familiar to you would be those labeled as “bigfoot” (the primary race responsible for saving your species) and, of course, the large-headed, small-bodied, big-eyed typical “alien” that ranges from terrifying to fascinating, all of which would be humanoid.
  4. November 18, 1999 Troy Tolley, Channel Open Floor (some additional channeling added for clarity) [Michael_Entity] We are here. Hello to all of you. One moment. We will begin first by responding to any questions about the Energy Report. If there are no questions, we are working with an Open Floor format tonight. This means you may ask any questions of significance to you. We remind you this format is limited in terms of accessing personal information, but we may respond to the capacity that we are capable in each instance. It is suggested your questions keep in mind other students involved. The moderator may begin calling on the queue. [ksh] Could Michael tell me if big sugar and simple starch intakes affects my body? [Michael_Entity] Yes, of course this affects your body. [ksh] In what way. Am I more sensitive than others are? [Michael_Entity] It is sometimes an examination method through food that allows the body to accommodate more of your energy fluctuations as they arise. In some instances the body is INFLUENCED by external stimuli that then affects the more subtle emotional and energetic qualities of the Personality; in other cases, the body SEEKS stimulants that allow the body expression of the internal energetic fluctuations. For instance, those with higher Frequencies tend to crave more Caffeine as a means to bypass the societal imprinting that suppresses their naturally “high” Frequency. Caffeine allows the imprinting that inhibits Frequency to be bypassed. It is the same with extremes in sugar cravings, starch addictions, and other food-related swings. In your case, you seek these foods as a way to process some emotional elements as they come up. Most of your cravings are linked to socializing issues and lack of fulfillment of the Community and Exchange need. [MaryBV] Please help me understand the nature of my relationship with my boss and his wife. Why do I feel compelled to stay in this relationship? [Michael_Entity] As we mentioned, we may be limited in our responses of the personal nature. That being understood, one moment. There are some elements not able to be covered in a format such as this, but we do see strong Agreements with the male. There are some obstacles unexpected and being accommodated, but the Agreement seems to be primarily with the male. The Agreements appear to be about exchange of healing or information that is capable of expanding choices. [MaryBV] Sorry, didn’t mean to zap you with a biggie. Thanks. [Michael_Entity]: You are compelled because this appears to be the third attempt over lifetimes at fulfilling this Agreement and it is going to be fulfilled if you can help it. The fragment with which you share this Agreement wants the experience of a revelation. It is you that have agreed to help bring this. [scholar7thlevel] I have a male female energy ratio of 82M/18F, will this impede my spiritual growth very much? [Michael_Entity] That is not possible. No. It simply means you will have the experience of seeking “spirituality” from a more linear approach, while surrounding yourself with experiences, people, events that continuously offer opportunities for balance. When a M/F ratio is more than 60 in either direction, it is going to be part of the task of Essence to find balance. In seeking that balance, you may choose Overleaves that heighten more creativity, seek relationships that are chaotic, find yourself in unstructured situations that require you to surrender, etc. How you respond to these events begins to allow the Essence more experiential data with which to draw from in further events. Eventually, regardless of M/F ratio, an Essence is easily accessing either angle. [Barry] Regarding the recent crash of Egyptian flight 909, was a crew member responsible for crashing the plane on purpose? If so, why? [Michael_Entity] The fragment in question, a Server, appears to have been in deep despair, but he did not do this as only a result of his choice for eliminating his single life. We will elaborate: When a fragment steps outside of the normally accepted roles and lifts society to a place of obvious great change, even if seen as rebellious, they may be called a Saint. When a fragment does the same thing but in ways that appear to be devastating, chaotic, and without obvious reason, they may be considered pointless and crazy. In this case, the Server “knew” his mission privately. Though fought against internally, the act was too compelling and “right” for him to reject it. Being in Submission, this was important, even if not understood by the Personality completely. The Server appears to have considered the state of his sanity, but the compulsion was greater than the need for intellectual understanding. All fragments aboard the plane had an exit point synchronized. The Server was consciously acting on an internal knowing. Two factors were involved in this knowing; one was his sense of trust in his ‘visions’ and the other was his observed “proof”. Upon investigation, it might be revealed that certain passengers, if having survived, would have been sources of great destruction. The Server in his own way confirmed this. This helped him justify and make sense of the haunting visions of what he “knew” he was going to do in the first place. We can also validate that certain fragments involved in this flight would have changed the course of many futures greatly in ways that the Server “knew” was not wanted on a mass level. The fragments that want to impose these choices on humanity will have other parallels to explore this option, but you will not see their plans unfold “here”. [Barry] How does his ending his life in this way (with the associated loss of lives) lift society to a place of great change? [Michael_Entity] We did not say that ending his life was a way to lift society, though in this case it may be said it was a way to “protect”. We were pointing out the differences in perceptions around certain rebellious acts in history and how they were interpreted. His act will most likely never make sense to the general public. This, then, is dismissed as pointless and crazy. [Barry] Was it significant that there was a large group of Egyptian military on board? [Michael_Entity] Yes. [DavidMP] Is the human race really a result of ancient extraterrestrial breeding, as is suggested by the scholar Zecharia Sitchin, and if so, what are some of the details regarding this? [Michael_Entity] Yes, it is true. Since we have covered this in several instances, we will have Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] forward the information to you. In brief: Your Sentience originally began its cycle in what is known as the Sirius System. In fact, a small portion of you had your first lifetimes off planet. Because your actions as Sentience developed became intriguing, it became popular to have you as “pets”. An Infant Soul primate is not particularly a good pet, especially in the hands of Young and Baby Souls. When violence became obviously a factor in reaction to be caged and held, it was determined you were a menace. As laws were being passed to insure the removal of your species through extermination, the Older Souls rallied in an animal rights movement to “save” you. It was clear to the Older Souls you were Sentient. With genetic sampling, and an “out-of-the-way” planet, Earth, you were allowed to continue uninterrupted in your evolution. This was done for the Cetaceans as well, so it was not unheard of. [DavidMP] Will these extraterrestrials most likely come back into our lives? [Michael_Entity] The primary Race involved in your rescue has always been involved with your species. They are highly telepathic and though capable of using a mental block in perceiving them physically, they have been spotted on occasion. They are known as your “Bigfoot”. [nemo999] I made an appointment for a past life regression, what should I look for? [Michael_Entity] Lifetimes usually resonate in groups, like chords being struck. We would suggest using your daily symptoms as a means to determine what to recall. By this we mean addressing any “nagging” behavior, any decorative or creative expressions that seems to be from other times, or an illness. In your case, we would suggest seeking lives that contribute to your vague anger and sense of separation from your environment. We remind you that we do not see “past life recall” as necessary or particularly meaningful. It is certainly your choice and many results can occur from the seeking. Most past lives will “show up” for you when appropriate without the need for imposed extraction. Most who seek the therapeutic approach to extracting past lives simply to feel a forum of permission that will allow more validation of what is recalled. This then is actually a valid approach. [nemo999] my thought is in regard to choosing paths to take. [Michael_Entity] Yes, in terms of helping you make decisions about ‘future” paths, it is still suggested that release of unprocessed anger be undertaken first. We only suggest this as we were asked, otherwise it is your choice. If you are seeking a context with which to explore, the anger is a good angle with which to approach. It is also helpful to simply “see what comes up”. [Luna2ne] Does Dick Hein has a message for us at this time? (our recently departed scholar friend?) [Michael_Entity] We do not convey messages from the dead. This fragment will contact those with whom the Personality feels a message might be meaningful. [kath821] Concerning this fellow Michael student, Dick Hein, what, if anything, can you share with us to explain the motivations and benefits or disadvantages of what happened with him? Is this self-karmic? [Michael_Entity] Yes, this was a personally meaningful self-karma. This fragment faced few fears in this life, even with all of his capacity for intellectualizing it. It was considered a great leap to “commit” to the study in a way that the Personality perceived as “the truth”. In this commitment, all that had been feared and passed over could be said to have been symbolized in this one personal crossing. What the fragment sought, he will find. His answers may be surprising, but the satisfaction and knowledge gained from this event was ‘worth it’. The self-karma here was about overcoming fear. [kath821] I'm sorry, was this self karmic in completion (his death) or self karmic in creation? [Michael_Entity] Self-Karma only exists within the life. This means certain issues are either carried over from another life or created DURING the life that seek resolution; either way, it is within the life that it is addressed. When Self-Karma is “carried over” from another life, it is rarely resolved as an extension of the original imbalance. It must then be recreated again and balanced from there. This makes the actual death scenario a particularly immune event from Self-Karma, even if the death is used to balance a self-karma. It is not possible yet within your species to be resurrected with any meaning enough to resolve an internal conflict over the method of death. Conflict that may be created because of a death is simply the Negative Pole or incompletion of the 6th or 7th Internal Monad and will be addressed in that context in the next life. Did this help your question? [kath821] Can you say if it was essence driven or personality drive, this exit? Yes it does thank you. [Michael_Entity] This was allowed by Essence, but certainly a conscious choice of the Personality. [MaryBV] I have a strong feeling that many of us knew each other in Atlantis. Are we together again to finish what we started there? [Michael_Entity] Some of you were there, yes, but we think your tasks may be newer than those approached in Atlantis. Most Atlantean-linked tasks have been played out. They may be similar, but we would have to look at each configuration individually. [TCB] Is there anything that you would like me to know at this time, that I may not currently aware of? [Michael_Entity] This is a question that might find its response meaningful to most of you: “that you are safe”. This is one of the most challenging of concepts for you to “know”. When we say “safe” we do not mean this superficially, though it can be applied on that level if needed. We simply remind you to take note of your choices, your personal decisions, remember that not all things are appropriate to “leave to the universe”. It is your choices that shape your universe and as long as you are making choices and decisions, you are safe in your life. When meeting new people, taking on new challenges, many of you “throw it up to the Universe” or say “we’ll just see what happens”. This is relinquishing of your right to create safely what it is you want, though that is a valid choice if chosen consciously. We bring this up only as we see this as one of the most challenging concepts, not to be sentimental. We will end here. Goodnight to all of you.
  5. DanielaS

    Ask Michael: February 2015

    ASK Michael Live Chat February 1, 2015 Channel: Troy Tolley JeanAU: Hi Michael fragments of your Entity perform the same work, that is channeling? Are you involved in other activities, if so would you mind telling us what they are. Also do you feel any individuality. MEntity: Hello, Jean. All of our fragments are involved in channeling, but in different tiers that help us to accomplish this. In addition to those various tiers, we are also involved in any number of activities and explorations. "Life" as a Causal Entity is as diverse as life as a Physical fragment. In terms of our work through channeling, we have the first tier that works on holding our grounding or Anchoring. These are the fragments who hold our place in time and space relative to our students. Then we have a tier that works on our Cording, or the links that branch out from our fragments to other fragments. These are sustained with students and channels. Then we have a tier that manages our Agreements. Then we have a Tier that handles all Akashic Record research. Then we have our tier that does the work of Communication. Then we have our tier where we sustain our own ideals and vision and aim for evolution, or our Application tier. Then we have our Learning Tier, where we study with our own teachers. All of these Tiers: GROUNDING, CORDING, AGREEMENTS, AKASHIC, COMMUNICATION, APPLICATION, LEARNING, contribute to the dynamic that you experience as "channeling." This is also the case for us in our incarnations as Transcendental Soul. Fragments from among our entity rotate through these tiers. As for other activities, we have everything that would be familiar to you as "travel," "vacations," study, dreaming, bonding, arts, etc. No sense of individuality is ever lost, it is only enhanced to a degree very difficult to comprehend while Physical. It is as difficult to comprehend as it is to comprehend that "you" are a conglomeration of cohesive cells and atoms and microbes that contribute to all of who "YOU" are. We are, at once, completely whole as an Entity, but acutely aware of ourselves as parts within parts. No lifetime or Personality is lost. It is embraced and integrated. Never lost. JeanAU: That mAKES ME FEEL BETTER JeanAU: I believe we were sloth-like in the beginning on Sirius - over millions of years can you give us an idea of how we looked at various stages? MEntity: The species that was "sloth-like" started as large, lumbering, vegetarian, quadrupedal about the size of what you know as Elephants. These evolved into smaller and smaller versions rather rapidly over time, relatively speaking, and because of fruitarian/vegetarian diet, and the change in plant life over time, the species evolved into greater and greater use of the forelegs into forearms, moving from lumbering and into climbing. By the time of our transfer, we were still not entirely bipedal, and quite like Chimpanzees might be seen today, so our splicing with primates was the easiest. Because of the splicing from one species to another, the evolution of Human will always have a "missing link." Maureen: (Question via Rolf) What happens when someone releases a part, or parts, of their body post mortem for reuse? There are reports that organ recipients take over personality traits of the donor. If one is aware that the physical body is the manifestation of spiritual energy it would seem natural that something like an “energetic signature” would persist like a "psychic fingerprint". Maureen: What does this mean for the donor after death and what does this mean for the recipient? MEntity: We have always told you that the Personality is genetic. It is not merely "energetic." It is in the cells of the body. It is a series of switches, so to speak, that are on or off in combinations that are the base Personality. In addition to this, we have always said that the body is a local storehouse for memories, wounding, healing, etc. This is because memory is not local to the brain, though the brain manages it. In addition to this, there is imprinting, which is also not merely "energetic," but a kind of behavior modification that reaches into cellular levels. So an organ that remains alive and moved to a new body will retain whatever memories, programming, and imprinting. This retention is easily overridden, but can take as long as 7 years. Depending on the recipient, whatever has come along with the organ can be integrated, overridden, or ignored. However one would prefer to describe this phenomenon, it is very similar to how a Walk-in process is fulfilled. Except, in reverse. Rather than an Essence walking into a body, a body is walking into an Essence. So to speak. This is a topic that can be explored in a multitude of directions. Do you have further questions for now? Maureen: No, that was perfect Michael. JanaK: Hello Michael, could you please comment on validity/feasibility of pranic nutrition as described and allegedly practised by Henri Monfort, Prahlad Jani, (pratially?) Jasmuheen, and many others? I keep hearing about it and though I know it defies all we have been told about nutrition, the people I hear about it from don't give me impression of lying JanaK: Prahlad Jani was also medically observed in a hospital and confirmed not to eat of even drink for I don't know how long. I know Troy thinks it's bullcrap :) Can you see if these claims are valid and how is it possible if they are? Are they lying? MEntity: Troy's lack of "belief" is well-founded, from what we can see. We know of no humans living without food who can live longer than the usual time frame for the body that lives with no food. No credible proof of this has been offered within the very simple range that would be necessary to exemplify this. Humans do not photosynthesize for their primary nutritional purposes, and no Physical body simply lives off of "spirit energy." It is true that there is a life force that animates the body and is the difference between "living and dead," but that force is not unidirectional. It is part of a circuit. And while there is nourishment from spirit, and light is vital to Humans, neither of these can keep a body alive. Of course these fragments are lying. Either to themselves, to others, or both. In the observations that we know of, foods are still being eaten, however small in quantity. It is true that one can live off of very small quantities of food and extend the life beyond a breaking point if there were no food, but that quality of life force would diminish greatly, and require tremendous relinquishing of participation in life. Bodies are affected by beliefs, this is true, but the will to live does not trump the nature of Physical reality. If that were the case, the delusional man who truly believes he can fly would not crash, or the sheer number of individuals consciously or subconsciously terrified of crashing during a flight would bring down that aircraft. We know that many things are possible, and that the universe is never conclusive, however static its momentum, but if there are Humans who are living with no food and sustaining a healthy and active life by choice to feast only on light and breath, we know of no one. In most cases where this belief is upheld, there is delusion, escapism, and extreme variations on Arrogance at work. JanaK: Interesting, as the people claiming it seem quite humble MEntity: The greatest of arrogance is wrapped in self-deprecation. If you feel you resonate to the claims, it is because there is truth to the possibility, as there are many organisms who can live in such a way. They are not Human, however. If one were to begin training the body to live on minimal food, it would still not be because he were living on light or breath. He would merely be living on minimal food. brian: Hi Michael. I was wondering if you could comment on how the three types of centering affects relationships and how exchanges are processed and interpreted (or misinterpreted) ? MEntity: As with all Overleaves, it is more about the Poles than about the actual Overleaves, in terms of how these work together or work against each other. A Moving-Centered individual partnered with an Intellectual can work very well together from their Positive Poles, while two Emotionally-Centered individuals in the Negative Poles might destroy their relationship. In terms of Centering, this is even more flexible in that when one is in the Positive Poles, there is far more flexibility, as well, so that one is not habitual in Centering. Centering is not static. It can move through all Centers. One can move through all Centers. If you have two Sentimental Emotional fragments together who cannot let go of the past, then each will simply drag their "baggage" around with them and into the relationship, for example, and often presume the other person must do the work of either trumping their own baggage, or the work of relieving them of that baggage. Or two "Reasonable" Intellectuals who constantly justify their behaviors and/or choices without reaching any Insight about the choices and behaviors of the other. That being said, when there are two fragments in a relationship coming from two different Centers, the third Center would tend to be the common ground for help in either bringing resolution, excitement, breaks from patterns and habits, etc. So if an Emotional and Intellectual are in a relationship, some of their greatest common ground might come from the Moving. What that means is different for different fragments. For some, it might mean something as simple as DOING things together. Not just thinking and feeling. Many Intellectual/Emotional pairs can fall into ruts, routine, or second-guessing if there is no action to explore. For others it might mean creating something tangible together as representation of the relationship. So you would want to look to Productivity, or finding a new solution, direction, pattern, anything that might bring a different result. We cannot delineate all combinations here today, but we think this is a start. Bobby: Regarding the last paragraph in January's Energy Report "What Dreams May Come" would you provide some additional detail as far as what you had in mind on that last sentence: Tracking your dreams over January and through March may provide you with some bizarrely wonderful entertainment, at worst, and profound symbolic and prophetic patterns at best MEntity: We were being fairly literal here. The dreams might be entertaining, which is likely the case if you find waking state references that were from your day, or they may be prophetic in that they describe one of three scenarios: highly probable, highly improbable, or test probabilities. Some of which may come true. Does this address your question? Bobby: Um, ok, I was just testing the waters there MEntity: We understand. We were simplistically rather literal in that instance. DavidB: I noticed that Entity 1/2 has by far the most fragments planning to attend the first TLE gathering in September and that Entity 1/7 has the second largest group of fragments planning to attend. I've also noticed that some in 1/7 (perhaps more than usual?) seem to have their ETs in 1/2 and vice versa (including myself). I remember it being said that most fragments in Entity 7 of one Cadre usually have Essence Twins in the Entity 7s of other Cadres. Is there a unique tie between 1/2 and 1/7 to account for these apparent phenomena, or am I seeing something that isn't there? MEntity: A bout half of Entity 7 is paired with other Entity 7s, particularly of the next Cadre. This leaves about 600 paired across its own Cadre. Entity 2 is not more unique in its twinning with Entity 7, but it happens that 2 and 7 have tended to have a push/pull, love/hate, go/stay type of dynamic between the members when incarnated. Entity 7 is quite keen on completing external monads with as many members as possible from other entities, and entity 2, having been quite an eager and outgoing bunch, tend to be available quite often. In that sense, there is a kind of unique "Heart Linking" in high numbers between fragments of those two entities. Kurt: Hi Michael, Attitudes appear in social situations, so I was wondering if you could talk about how Spiritualists appear/act in socializing. MEntity: In the positive pole, Spiritualists will tend to be listeners and hear you out, no matter what you are saying. They will tend to be open-minded, and give you the space to share your truth, without feeling compelled to agree with it or challenge it. They do not feel you are asking of them to believe anything, and they do tend to trust that you would do the same for them. In the negative pole, Spiritualists may tend to use you as a launching pad for sharing anything that might add an "oohh or an aahhh" to the exchange. The sharing is far more conclusive and sometimes even competitive in terms of challenging beliefs. In other words, they can tend to stretch the truth just to hear you react in awe, or to drown out your own beliefs if they are not interesting to them. In social situations, look for the Spiritualist to be the most indecisive, or the most decisive if in the negative pole. In the positive pole, they would help make the decision, but will not impose one. There are more symptoms of the Spiritualist in social scenarios, but this is a bit of an idea. We will conclude here for today.
  6. MICHAEL SPEAKS 030809 Open Floor [Michael Entity] Hello to each of you. We are here. We will begin with the question from Toni. [QUESTION] Hello Michael, could you please elaborate on why different sets Overleaves such as the Public Set, Private Set, and the True Set. Thank you! [Michael Entity] Most of our channels have not questioned the discrepancies to any extent that helps to make sense of the variations in sets of Overleaves among channels. Most of our channels presume the discrepancies are a matter of accuracy vs inaccuracy, and some are quick to defend accuracy (which immediately affects accuracy). A few of our channels have explored the variations enough to ask the right questions and we responded with information to help in validating and differentiating the various sets that might come through a channel. While it is often the case that the channeling is simply inaccurate, some of the channeling is "inaccurate" "for a reason." For instance, the student does not need or want to know his True Overleaves, which are the Overleaves on file in the Akashic Records. We refer to these as True because they are valid whether the public or private perception agrees, or not. What a student may want or need at a given time is his/her Public Overleaves, which describe how his/her general behavior is interpreted by those around him/her. What a student may need or want is his/her Private Overleaves, which describe how the individual wishes to see himself/herself. These sets of Overleaves would still be considered valid by us because they are relevant to a great degree, even if different from those Overleaves on record. So these three sets are valid and they cater to the various preferred approaches to learning. Beyond the need of the student, a channel may simply default to being very good at reading Public Overleaves, or Private Overleaves, and leave a student with those, even when thinking these are True Overleaves. Channels who use tools for divining Overleaves, such as Tarot, pendulums, Astrology, photos, or questionnaires, are more prone to defaulting to Public or Private sets of Overleaves for the student. [QUESTION] Could you say then they are different lens that pull focus then, variations of a theme so to speak? [Michael Entity] Yes, if accurate, the Public/Private sets are simply variations on a theme. [QUESTION] Ok, does working with your True Overleaves overwhelm most? [Michael Entity] When a fragment prefers to work with his True Overleaves, he/she is more inclined to create clearer pathways for Essence to manifest, but the True/Public/Private are all in effect at all times. [QUESTION] as in context with your current environment? [Michael Entity] Yes, the Private and Public sets are contextual. There will always be your Public set, if you engage in the world, and there will always be the Private set, if you are self-conscious/aware. The True Overleaves do not change, but the Public/Private change depending on contexts/relationships. The True Overleaves would be like the "hub" of who you are, while the Private and Public are variations, sub-personalities, or facets. For many of our older students, the Public, Private, and True sets are the same. The more conscious the fragment, the more likely he/she is consistent in who he/she "is." Keep in mind that the Public and Private set are symbolic, and not literal. They are interpretations, whereas the True set are being read from what is on record, though it could be argued that those, too, are merely our own interpretations from a broader perspective of you. The True Overleaves describe what your Essence has on record, whereas the Public and Private are what Personalities interpret. [QUESTION] While you've said many times that the essences within the first two humanoid Energy Rings have been ensouling into the physical plane for 6 million years, it's hard to grapple with that number when the human form we use has only been around for perhaps 60,000 years. You've also said that these essences started out incarnating elsewhere, on Sirius. Is this time gap due to this earlier start and then waiting to adapt to the new humanoid form found on this planet? Also, what was the average soul age of those who did begin incarnating on earth from the first two Energy Rings? [Michael Entity] It is not accurate that the human form you recognize as your evolutionary ancestors is merely 60,000 years old, but more that evidence has only been found (and publicly-made) that can be understood and evaluated within a limited time frame. There are anomalies that we see may eventually find substantial positions within your scientific history at some point. For now, those anomalies are set aside. However, it is accurate that there was a long "gap" between the shift from Sirius System and bodies to your current planet and bodies. Bodies had to be found that were similar to the original bodies and then manipulated to a point where Sentience could be sustained. There will always be that "missing link" in your evolutionary theories due to this transfer and manipulation. The average soul age of those who started in Sirius and then moved to the Milky Way were Infant. The only reason your species became endangered in Sirius was because of the gaining of Sentience. Once Sentience sets into a species, behaviors change rather drastically. [COMMENT] I thought Sirius was part of the Milky Way [Michael Entity] You are correct. We will clarify that with "a move from the Dog-Star/Sirius System to the Solar System." [QUESTION] So, it's not uncommon for a newly sentient species to become endangered? [Michael Entity] It depends on the dominant Sentience already in place. [QUESTION] Are the Pleiadians going to help us on earth? Are they already? [Michael Entity] In the case of the shift from Sirius system to the Solar System, most of the reigning sentience were early Young at the time. Those that are considered "Pleiadians" were instrumental in forcing your sentience to move to a safer location. They preferred your being made extinct, but the animal rights networks fought for your protection and transference. Part of their telepathic contact now is to help remedy that sentient faux pas, though they still feel a repulsion toward your species to a great extent. The same situation may happen between your sentience and Gorillas as they grow in sentient numbers. The realization of their intelligence and sentience could lead to a rather amazing relationship, along with a strong rooting of the Maturity of your species, or potentially to another round of mass slavery. One of the "worst" things any sentience can do in the scheme of things is to destroy or interfere with another sentience. We would think that humans inherently understood this by now, but that remains to be seen as a realization among the masses. The Mature Soul paradigm may bring about that empathy and awareness. [COMMENT] Gorillas are so endangered, it's highly likely that they will fail to achieve the numbers they need to remain here. [Michael Entity] Gorillas will continue their ensoulment, even if not in all parallels. There will be at least one parallel for this to happen. [QUESTION] There is a theory that inflammation caused by substances that the organism isn't used to leads to obesity, so that for instance low-fat products and artificial sweeteners actually are fattening. What are your comments? [Michael Entity] We would agree to some extent. Part of the equation is in the chemicals and manipulations of the foods, which literally (and ironically) do cause weight gain, but another part of the equation is in the blind trust that these manipulated or chemical alternatives will "do the work" for the body in maintaining its weight. In short, we see no benefit to using those resources as a means for weight management or loss. [QUESTION] What is the best way to lose weight? [Michael Entity] That question may be best answered on an individual basis, but the simple answer is one that is the most rejected: eat less, move more. It really is that simple. We say "simple" in terms of the actual answer to weight loss/management for many, but we do not mean that it is simple to do so. The degree of simplicity would depend on the individual. For those who are compromised in weight control, loss, diet, or movement, then the answer could be said to Worry Less, Love More. The simple embrace of the reality of your body in space as a representative of yourself at any given moment can do much to free the body to process nutrients and energy far more effectively. Your bodies are not prisons or impositions. We have said this before and will say it again now, that your bodies are your SOUL's idea of what is beautiful. Your temporary social standards do not stand a chance against the beauty that your soul sees in you. We do not say that as some poetic salve. It is simply the truth. [QUESTION] my question relates to earth history; let me type it in here: we are in the 4th world- and; it would seem that is about information; how quickly will we move into a 5th world; can the earth history& sort of be related to the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7; assuming the 3rd world ended with pan, or pan-gaia maybe 750,000 years ago; is the 4th world related to the role of scholar in some way; where we are at; in this 4th cycle does earth move through stages- like roles ? it appears many are becoming verbal - like sage role flowing through all the fragments on earth - it appears; maybe earth follows this sequencing and, advanced math; shows we have a little bit; of all of it, in all of our makeups; does earth have a chart; of some kind - a collective grouping of advanced math of all who choose to be here, in any particular moment of a now? [Michael Entity] We do not use that terminology, but we can translate that to correlate to some degree with the shift from Young (3) to Mature (4) and then to Old (5). In that case, you are barely beginning the "4th." Each shift tends to take half of the time of the previous Age. The previous Age lasted approximately 3000 years, so we suspect the Mature Soul Age would last at least 1500-2000 years, though none of this is on a schedule. There are cycles beyond Soul Age paradigm that can be described and patterns that can be calculated, but that would require a more elaborate response than we have the capability of conveying here. We invite you to explore this further, however, in other formats. The Soul Age cycles we paralleled to your terminology are relative to your species, but there are broader cycles and patterns that include far more than that. To respond more accurately to your question, we would have to understand your terminology, as well, which would require some amount of elaboration on your part. [QUESTION] Hello Michael. Could you please offer your perspective on the current economic crisis, and if the "fixes" offered by President Obama are likely to improve the situation? Do you have any suggestions on how people of limited income can best weather this economic storm? [Michael Entity] The "fixes" being brought into the situation now are only part of the potential solution, and the full solution would have to come from full comprehension across parties and countries, with a unity of support for implementation. At this point, the "fixes" will have an impact, but there are many who are doing their best to sabotage the efforts and deter the implementation. We cannot predict if/when everyone would "get on board" to any effective degree, but we can say that encouraging everyone to do so is like "pulling teeth," or "shouting at windmills" or "yelling into a fan" right now. Our perspective of the economic crisis is that it would most likely not fall into a full depression, but it may be true that "things will get worse before getting better." The greatest solution would be in the move away from a debt-based economy and into a choice-based economy, and the current situation is inspiring a new generation of thinkers and doers who may implement that shift. Most who struggle with limited incomes already have skills in place for navigating through this "tight" economic situation and we would suggest allowing that to be recognized as a strength and not just focus on the inconveniences and fears around this time. In most parallels, the current economic "crisis" is the seed that shifts the economy from debt-based to choice-based, though that implementation would take multiple decades to implement. We only mention this because this is the potential, pivotal point. [COMMENT] debt-based economy is a false economy similar to false personality -- it's a house of cards. [Michael Entity] For most of our students, trusting their resources and taking a stance of helping others when one can, and asking for help when one needs it, are the most effective and abundant forms of navigation through these times. The Young Soul paradigm had an undercurrent of shame and a hailing of pride, but the Mature Soul paradigm finds no shame in giving or receiving when one feels it is necessary. Though most of you are old or mature souls, you have lived your lives in a young soul world, so you may also have to address your shame and pride regarding material well-being, including your health. We can help in that process by discussing your Tertiary Chief Negative Features (your habitual methods for protecting your bodies). We will share this with you in another format. [QUESTION] Our space brothers / and, sisters Ashtar how does that affect US NOW, NESARA [Michael Entity] We do not understand your question. Please rephrase in another way, if you will. [QUESTION] what role will our space brother/sister play in the NOW; and how do you feel about NESARA? [Michael Entity] Currently, there are various ways in which non-human, off-planet species interact with your species. The two most direct interactions are between those species that have your well-being as a priority and are seeking to make the case for your sentience so [it ] can be included in the galactic consciousness, or awareness of other, off-planet species. A percentage of the Crop Circles (a kind of Rorschach Test) are one way of helping to prove your sentience and intelligence, and the telepathic species (known in cryptozoology as "bigfoot" or "yeti") most directly responsible for your safe movement to Earth are regularly checking in on your development. Beyond this, the only other off-planet species interacting with Earth are "tourists." The concept of "Ashtar" is one person's interpretation of the very real galactic security that is in place that is both to help your species and to protect other species from you, or other unruly species. We see "NESARA" as a product of Mature thinking, if we are seeing it clearly, and though it is highly resisted at this point, we do see a refinement and implementation of some variation of this being a natural part of societal evolution for the most part at some point. [QUESTION] Thank you, Michael & Troy. Can you share any thoughts on learning to better allow essence manifestation through music? Similarly, any observations on how to enable/allow essence contact through music as a vehicle for healing/self-healing for the people involved? [Michael Entity] One way to help manifest Essence through music, whether in sharing or in creating, is to understand the PART of your Centering. The PART is how "you" most easily and habitually bring yourself out into the world, into manifestation. Centering can help one to understand how one experiences music, while the Part can help one to understand how this music represents one in the world, whether in creating or sharing tastes. Emotional = fluid, non-linear, vocals as instruments; Intellectual = structure, patterns, lyrics; Moving = beats, rhythms, tribal; Each of these elements will be found in most music, but we are answering the question as to how one can manifest Essence through music, so we delineate here to help explain. For those CREATING music, then this is easier to understand as one emphasizes what one is creating, so the fragment in the Intellectual Part might be more inclined to manifest Essence through compositions that are structured, patterned, and with lyrics. For those SHARING music, this general information can help you to understand how best to manifest your Essence in the music you share with others, so that the fragment who is in the Intellectual Part can share Essence through songs that are catchy and express stories about oneself. When dealing with music as a form of healing, then the CENTERING would be best to consider. So that the Emotionally-Centered fragment does well with listening to fluid, non-linear, and vocalization in music. And so forth. Again, most music will have elements of two or more centers, but listening for what is emphasized can help you to determine your Essence music and your Healing music. This is a highly generalized response to accommodate the format, but it is a start. We will conclude here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye. Note from Janet: Following the original posting of this session, someone asked in comments: Has Michael ever talked about what a "choice-based" economy looks like? Troy responded with a link to a Q&A topic that included the following response from Michael. Since this response does not reference any other session or transcript, it is included here. It is dated 10/24/08. FROM MICHAEL: An economy generated by Choice would be one in which each individual finds that which he or she is best at contributing and then does so because it feels good to do, create, give that thing. This is then reciprocated by the joy others have found in discovering what they feel good about doing, creating, giving. Access to all resources is based on personal need and not on hoarding. No one would tend to take more than is needed because the concept of competition has come to a close. Competition is replaced with Contribution. Natural joy and fulfillment evolves from the emphasis on Giving, and not just on the Consuming. "Laziness" is no longer a concern, because it is comprehended that for one to Give or Contribute, it must come from Choice, not from obligation or expectation. This tends toward a community that sustains inspiration and enthusiasm, while honoring the fluctuating moods and choices of the individual. There are no debts because when one cannot, or chooses not to, give or contribute, he is seen as simply making a choice that will then be replaced with another choice at another time. This economy tends to begin with a leaning toward fields organized within contexts of NEED and WANT, with some amount of overlapping. For instance, foods, sanitation, water supplies, healing, teaching services may fall into the NEEDS contexts, while arts, entertainments, invention, spirituality may fall into the WANTS contexts. Of course, the overlapping occurs when one can see Art as a form of Healing, or Invention as a form of support for Sanitation, etc. The economy of Choice then tends to discover that everything is "needed," and that "want" is a concept of the past when it was assumed that Want was less important than Need. In the evolved economy of Choice, it is quickly discovered that it is rare that one Wants more than one Needs, and that this is a relative concern best left to the individual's choice. While there would still be pros and cons to this kind of economy (such as structure and consistencies), the pros far outweigh the cons in terms of health, happiness, and peace. We have more to say on this.
  7. MICHAEL SPEAKS 021008 Open Floor [Michael Entity] : Hello to all of you. We are here. [QUESTION] : hello Michael I am curious as to places which project more powerful vibrations, any suggestions? [Michael Entity] : In terms of "projecting more powerful vibrations," we would have to say that there are various ways of responding to that question: there are "powerful vibrations" geographically that are relative to Sentience, relative to Cadres (and Entities), relative to Essence, and relative to Personality. The experience of a "powerful vibration" is contextual and based in resonance, more than what is being emitted from a specific location. If one is looking for an experience of a "powerful vibration," it would depend upon which level of resonance one is seeking, such as resonance to Essence, Personality, Cadre, or Sentience? For most, the experience is most tangible when on the level of Personality, but most "powerful" on the level of Essence. By this we mean that within a lifetime, you will go where your Personality chooses to go, regardless of any history beyond this life, and this resonance is tangible: you either hate where you live or love where you live; however, when looking beyond the obvious draw of Personality, there are places that resonate to Essence and this is "powerful," in that it triggers a vibrational harmony among all lifetimes relative to that particular area (or similar area) that Essence has experienced. Both of these levels of resonance would be determined on an individual basis and not something that could be said for any of you as a group, but we will say that much of what resonates on an Essence Level is closely related to the level of your Cadre, as many of your lifetimes are created in clusters together, geographically. In your case, it appears your Cadre could be said to find "powerful vibrations" emitting from such geographical locations in certain areas of what are known as "The United States," particularly in the "midwest" and "north-east" and "north-west;" Greece, Egypt, and Western Asia, but we are speaking in a highly-generalized way here. [RESPONSE] : not generalized Michael right on target thank You [RESPONSE] : Good question and answer! [Michael Entity] : This is a subject that could be explored even further in detail from the levels of what could be called "True Home" as this relates to resonance on Personality and Essence Levels, to the resonance on Cadre and Sentient levels, which then begins to include other star systems. [QUESTION] : Hello, Michael, thank you. I read an amazing book that tied your teachings of Roles, etc. into astrological charts. Great detail was gone into using the Nodes, Saturn etc. and how they reflect the CF's and much more. This work has been an inspiration for me and I wondered if there will be more work on using astrological systems with the Michael Teachings coming to us? Also, do you have any comments on using astrology within this context? Book was by Gina Lake.. [Michael Entity] : Any system beyond our own can often be used for "dovetailing" and cross-references, but we would always encourage caution in trying to superimpose systems upon one another. Though there are connections among all valid teachings, they are still completely different systems. In terms of Astrology, we find little resonance to our teaching beyond a certain degree of overlap regarding the unfolding the life. For the most part, Astrology can dove-tail quite smoothly with the explorations of Karma and Self-Karma, which would include the exploration of the Nodes and in particular, Transits across the Natal Chart. When we say that we find "little resonance," we will clarify here that even that little bit is quite a wide array and can be used as a valid overlapping. Natal Charts in Astrology speak of the potential of Personality, as does the Overleaf system, but the Overleaves as we describe them cannot accurately be superimposed over the planets and houses to any consistent or meaningful degree. To simplify what we mean here is to point out the trying to find a consistent way of overlapping a system of 7 with a system of 12; it is not impossible to find correlations, but only if explored loosely. If the Natal Chart is used alongside the Overleaf system as two different ways of looking at the same picture, then much is gained, but to superimpose them together would cause loss of validity and effectiveness in both areas. As mentioned previously, we find the exploration of the transits to be the most meaningful dovetailing with our teaching, as we have not shared to any great degree our system for mapping your karma, yet, but it is closely aligned with what is considered "astrology." The only valid astrological correlation that is directly linked to our Overleaf system is the Body Type, which is found at the midheaven at the moment of conception (not birth). Casting a Natal chart as relative to conception would give rise to a great deal of insight into the health, well-being, and maintenance of the Body. We do, however, realize that the moment of conception is not an easy detail to validate, but some amount of accuracy can be utilized by retro-fitting your Natal chart to accurately show the corresponding planet that relates to what you've deducted as your Primary Body Type as its corresponding planet sits at the mid-heaven. To summarize a bit here, we would say that Astrology is most aligned with our teaching when exploring the DEVELOPMENTAL aspects of a lifetime, such as Internal Monads, Karma, Self-Karma, but also in areas relative to any part of our teaching couched in a system of 12, such as the Circle of Support. For instance, comprehending the indications of your North and South Nodes can help bring about a deep awareness of your Karmic patterns, internally and externally. Watching the transits of planets across the houses can give an indication of what Karma is being emphasized at any given time. Observing the clusters of planets throughout the Natal chart can give great clues to how you utilize your Support Group. These are simplified examples. Again, this is a subject worth exploring further, but we believe this will be a fair amount of food for thought, so to speak, for now. [RESPONSE] : I will be excited to see the system for mapping our karma! Thank you so much for the insights. The correlating of numbers 7 and 12 makes a lot of sense. Thank you. [QUESTION] : Hello, Michael. I have a question about Support Circles. Since I've rarely had more than 6 people in my life since leaving my parents' house, is it possible to have Support Circle members serially? i.e., not all 12 at one single simultaneous time? Many individuals I've known over a lifetime are long ago and far away, and/or have crossed over. In short, what happens when it's quite obvious that one doesn't have anywhere close to 12 people in their life and rarely has? Oddly enough, connecting to the previous comment - my natal chart doesn't have half of the houses -- it's a very lop-sided chart. [Michael Entity] : Regardless of conscious or physical proximity to a Support Circle, it still exists and affects a life and personality, no matter how consciously or unconsciously it is resisted. When we say that it "affects a life," we do not mean that the energy is imposed upon you, but that it is an inherent network among all of you. You would not exist, otherwise, neither physically or as energy. Support is vital and "built-in" to the universe. How one utilizes a Support Group within any given lifetime is a completely different angle from which to explore the subject. Consider how often your hand is "aware" of the back of your ankle; or how often your torso makes the conscious connection between itself and the soles of your feet. Support Groups can be similar in that conscious use and contact is only a part of the possibilities, but the feet, torso, ankles, head, etc. are still a group; a sort of support group that is connected with or without conscious direction or conscious awareness of the benefit being reaped. We encourage conscious awareness only to the extent that one is interested in alleviating the tiring and exhausting position of pretending that she or he is an island among familiar souls. Even when resisted or when difficult to validate, your Support Circle is in effect on some level, and even when the fragments who could play the positions are ignored or rejected, there will still be the POSITIONS that can be filled by any passing soul (or event, for that matter). For instance, the primary source of intimacy in a life: the Love, Knowledge, and Compassion Positions can be and will be filled in some way, some how, by even the most fleeting of connections. In other words, there will ALWAYS be someone toward which you explore love, or receive love; there will ALWAYS be someone toward which you share knowledge, or receive knowledge; there will ALWAYS be someone toward which you show compassion, or receive compassion. The same can be said of the other Support Positions. They are not always obvious, and they are not always needed on such an obvious level, but when they are necessary, they are filled, even if by a passing stranger who smiles at you, or a tv show that makes you laugh, etc. For a fragment who might be stranded on an island and literally isolated from all contact with other humans, this fragment is still supported, though to a greatly-compromised degree, but supported, nonetheless, from energetic levels that might not be as obvious on the surface. Keep in mind that it is not unusual to have certain areas of the Support Circle dampened precisely as a means of provoking exploration in those areas. For instance, if someone were to see that her Discipline Position were not obvious and not showing up very effectively, it could easily be that this fragment is learning to define a new level of what Discipline means, and the lack of an obvious external support is provoking this exploration so as to better utilize it for a new Soul Level or Age. Support is a circuit and there is a big difference between Support and Dependency. For some fragments who have come to depend on the Support in a way that has begun to compromise responsibility, Support can show up as remaining out of sight so that the fragment can bring back a consciousness to the circuit. [QUESTION] : All choices are valid, but does it make sense to try to make more 'progressive' choices, and how does one identify such choices if it does? [Michael Entity] : We would ask that you define "progressive." [RESPONSE] : that furthers one's progress, development... [Michael Entity] : We have yet to see a choice that does not already do this. There are no choices that regress a personality or essence, but is always "progressive" to some degree and development. The only thing that can bring about an acceleration, however, is a bringing of consciousness/awareness to the process and ultimately this can only be done through Essence Recognition. For every moment of Essence Recognition (within a life or outside of it), evolution occurs, meaning that all that has come to pass is then organized into a pattern that adds to the development of the soul. Essence Recognition is the conscious awareness that expands beyond the limitations of logic, perception, and body to include the truth, love, and energy that exists beyond those limitations. So in answer to your question, we can say that ALL choice is progressive and furthers you, but those choices and experiences are "stored," so to speak, until those moments of Essence Recognition that then puts all of it into the broader contexts of existence. Essence Recognition is often saved for between the lives when the physical life is not such a distraction, hence the afterlife often being referred to as "review," since this is actually the Essence Recognition process, but all of you are capable of this during a lifetime, as well. For those who wish to practice Essence Recognition, one merely needs to actively choose to rise above the level of REACTION as a first step, and actively choose an encompassing view of oneself in relation to the lifetime, making that same choice when regarding others, as well. We do not say, nor do we imply, that one ignore the very human reactions of life, for those are a part of the point of being where you are, but we do say that when one feels inclined, one can choose to suddenly grasp the validity of one's SOUL as part of the experience. In other words, once one has learned to rise beyond Reaction, then one can bring Essence into the experience, grasping even on the most vague of levels that the life is beautiful, a creation, and that even the most repulsive of people around you are also very real beyond what can be seen, being just as beautiful, just as creative and "perfect" for the experience. As one can imagine, this rise above reaction can be very difficult while IN the lifetime, holding out for that recognition until the bodies and personalities are out of the way. But if one is interested in accelerating, then this would be what we suggest: Essence Recognition; the conscious awareness of the truth, love, and beauty of oneself, one's life, and those involved. The way one can identify if one has experienced Essence Recognition is when one feels utterly safe, unthreatened, and though there may be a lack of logic and detail to an experience, somehow one "gets it," and trusts the process. [QUESTION] : I have 2 questions now. I have been curious about the energies of the area that I have moved to. The answers to the first question give me much to think about so....what would be the star system that relates to the Manitou Springs area, (upper southwest area of the USA, at the base of the Pikes Peak region.) Lots of artisans, musicians, hippies here. [Michael Entity] : We would not say that a star system relates to particular geographical areas beyond temporary connections made by those extant at a given time. When we said that star systems were involved as resonant places, we meant this literally and in relation to Cadres and Entities as they began initial lifetimes in those star systems. In terms of the area you describe, it could be said to be primarily an Emotional Vortex, in that it houses several patterns of energy related to Inspiration, manifested in ways that range from the extremes of water-based weather to the balance of the Intellect through minerals and mountains. Another way of putting it might be that this area is Emotionally-Centered, Intellectual Part. The resonance here for many is based on an Essence Level. Beyond this, the broader region is Higher Moving in its effect, bringing to Personalities who need it, a resonance and awareness to the Beauty, Energy, and Patterns of the life. Regardless of Role, it could be said that the area attracts those who wish to rejuvenate their relationship to Inspiration through the process of grasping Patterns, Beauty in the life. Most who come to the area are rising out the ashes of chaos, seeking solace in some kind of peaceful order again. [RESPONSE] : that makes a whole lot of sense and recognition for me. [QUESTION] : would entity 7, cadre one...be from the Pleiades then? [Michael Entity] : Many from your Cadre (and Energy Ring) are familiar with the various species that could be considered a part of the "Pleiades," but this was not a home for you. Most who began off-planet would call the system related to "Sirius" to be home, but it would not surprise us if there are connections drawn to Cassiopeia and Pleiades, as these were strongly related to your reasons for moving to Earth in the first place. The "Pleiadians" would have preferred for your species to have simply been destroyed and your transport to a safe planet "out of the way" was the only alternative to your extinction. Pleiadians now, bitterly, work on repairing the Karma incurred from that interference. [RESPONSE] : wow, that is interesting! [RESPONSE] : hmmmmmmmmm [Michael Entity] : Many from Cassiopeia who were part of what would be akin to an animal rights network were responsible for protecting you and transporting you, though we will add here that several other systems were involved in that process. The network that saved your species is represented by several minorities across several systems and species, but Pleiadians were a primary force of interruption to your development within your native star system. Those who are strongly drawn to those labeled as "Pleiadians" are part of the healing between the species and probably find this information to be surprising, as the draw of the Karmic Ribbons are inherently laced with fascination and intrigue. [QUESTION] : when you say, species, do you mean, "humanoid?" [Michael Entity] : Most are humanoid, yes. Many are not. The most familiar to you would be those labeled as "big foot," (the primary race responsible for saving your species) and, of course, the large-headed, small-bodied, big-eyed typical "alien" that ranges from terrifying to fascinating, all of which would be humanoid. [QUESTION] : Thank you Michael. 2 of your channels mentioned about feeling something ominous might happen this year when they were channeling the year's energy report. 1 of the other channels said that there would be a mass exodus from the physical plane in March of this year. Are you able to give us any more possible details of this ominous feeling they had and could it be tied into the mass exodus in March, and would this give Bush the reason to put into play the Directive 53? Gosh... I hope I got that right. ;-) [Michael Entity] : Our channels are exposed to our process of exploring probabilities when looking at your year ahead and when those probabilities are higher for something uncomfortable, it can feel ominous, even impending. We cannot predict for you when or what will happen, but we can say that there is a rather high probability of 3 disasters or catastrophes that could easily lead to mass exits (3000 or more fragments) from the physical plane, providing just the opportunity needed for those who wish to extend power in politics. When we say that the probability is high, it is above what might be described as 25% probability, which is quite low when put into perspective, but considering that these are always a part of the probabilities of a time frame, usually showing up at about 2%, then you can see why we would call 25% rather high. [QUESTION] : What probable causes could implement the mass exodus? [Michael Entity] : There are 9 scenarios, grouped in threes, with one of the nine showing up, or one scenario from each: 3 related to assaults on United State's government ranging from assaults on landmarks to assaults on political figures; 3 related to "natural disasters" ranging between a biologically contagious outbreak to extremes of elements; and 3 scenarios related to war, ranging from civil to world. ALL of these scenarios are included in the 25%, which helps further to put this information into perspective. Again, these are not predictions, but our interpretation of patterns as we see them unfolding based on momentums. To help put these probabilities into even clearer perspective, consider each probability as being a wall toward which one is driving a car at a certain speed: the scenarios described are the various walls toward which you are now driving at about 25 miles per hour, within a 100 mile strip, so to speak. Scenarios for a smooth transition of presidency into an unprecedented revolution of consciousness across the planet are currently standing at 60%, or 60 miles per hour at 100 miles away from that wall. We will also point out that it is not just momentum and speed (percentage) that factors into the "drive" between a point in time and a wall (probability), but how well one is paying attention (conscious) during that drive. Even at 60 miles per hour, one can easily "hit the brakes," or veer off course, and even at 25 miles per hour, one can hit the wall "before you know it," if no one is paying attention. We will conclude here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
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