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Found 2 results

  1. Michael Speaks Live The 12 Agreements March 28, 2015 Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Today we are asked to speak on the subject of Agreements. This is a subject that has been shared by us from very early on in our communication with students, and though the variations on Agreements broadened in understanding and terminology, presumptions have left the subject locked in some amount of staticity. Before we launch into a "streamlining" of the subject, we will, first, comment on a few misunderstandings and presumptions that have helped to keep the concept of Agreements static. By "misunderstandings" here, we mean that the concept was infused with personal agenda, rather than used as it was offered. We tend not to assign "misunderstanding" to any use of our teaching, because you will use it however you see fit, or not use it, regardless of our clarity of intent. However, sometimes when the infusion of personal agenda is high, all but the actual term is lost. Many of you will find the first of our statements to be review, but we encourage you to look closely at what we offer here because even if the terminology and our statements are familiar, you may consider that you are prone to the use of "Agreements" for an agenda over information. ONE: AGREEMENTS ARE NON-BINDING. They are called "Agreements" for a reason. They are agreements. They can be changed, cancelled, or rejected. TWO: AGREEMENTS ARE NOT PREDICTIONS. We offer windows of time to speak to the potential for Agreements, but this is no different from looking at your own calendar of plans. Those plans can change. THREE: AGREEMENTS ARE NOT GUARANTEES. When we speak to you of Agreements and their basic context, such as "matedness," it is no guarantee of your being mated. The context of the Agreement may be the lead-in, but what is done after that point is up to the Personalities involved. Many Agreements are set with one context, and change into completely different states. FOUR: THERE ARE ONLY 12 AGREEMENTS. No matter how many nuances or variations of description for Agreements, there are only ever 12. And this is what we will discuss in detail today. In the same way that there are "only 7 Roles," the number is moot. The vast range of variation, choice, additional factors, polarities, etc., generate nearly unlimited versions of an Agreement, or a Role, for example. The 12 Agreements correspond to the 12 Support Positions of LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, COMPASSION, MENTOR, BEAUTY, CHILD, HUMOR, DISCIPLINE, ANCHOR, HEALER, ENLIGHTENMENT, MUSE. No matter what we have called your Agreements, they are one of these. The reason we choose different, more varied terms, is because if you are told you have a Mate Agreement, it can be a variation of any one of these 12. Your Mate Agreement might be a HEALER Agreement, or a HUMOR Agreement, or a combination of COMPASSION and BEAUTY. Your Traveling Agreements might be the setting for ENLIGHTENMENT, or DISCIPLINE, or BEAUTY, for example. No matter what the Agreement, one or more of these 12 Agreements is being served. This is why a Mate Agreement is not always about "love." You may have had a Child Agreement, but it serves MUSE Agreements or LOVE Agreements. It is helpful to be as specific as "child" Agreement, but it is never just about having a child. It is helpful to be as specific as a "mate" Agreement, but it is never just about having landed a mate. One of the reasons we have shared the concept of Agreements from the more specific terms is because these are a bit more immediately recognizable. They can be a bit easier for the Personality to grasp. But as your position as a student evolves, you begin to notice that these specific terms are not enough, or not the whole picture. So we can tell you that we see a Mate Agreement, but then this Mate Agreement does not show up, or does show up and is different from what you expected. This is, in some great part, due to the greater context of Agreements at work here. For example, you may have a Mate Agreement window, and this Mate Agreement is serving the BEAUTY Agreement, not the Love Agreement. The Mate Agreement is the gateway into the deeper explorations of your concepts of Beauty, both in yourself and in others, or life. As the Agreement window nears, if you are rejecting of exploring Beauty, or rigid in your perceptions of Beauty, you may miss the Agreement altogether, evade it, or abdicate the Mate Agreement. You may feel ugly, so you keep the Mate away or do not notice when someone would otherwise have caught your eye. Or you stay home when you would need to be out and about to meet. This is why Agreements are so very difficult to predict. ESSENCE makes many of these Agreements, but Personality must carry them out. And if Personality is not on board, no matter how much he or she feels open, Agreements will be evaded or rejected or missed. Think of the 12 Agreements as CORE AGREEMENTS, and the unlimited variations on more specific terms as INVITATIONS. For every CORE, there are three ways that this core can be served. PUBLIC, PRIVATE, and PIVOTAL. In other words, no matter what the "invitation" or specific term, and no matter which core is being served, Agreements can be public, private, and/or pivotal. PUBLIC Agreements are those that tend to be a part of any social dynamic. These Agreements are mostly negotiated by Personality. However, it does not matter how brief or lacking in depth, these are still Agreements and still serve one of the 12 Core Agreements. Helping the elderly lady at the check out lane as she struggles with groceries is an Agreement. Being courteous of others in a theater while sharing in the experience of watching a film is an Agreement. These are PUBLIC Agreements, and they matter as much as any other Agreements. These are sometimes based in Agreements negotiated by Essence, but mostly by Personality as it navigates the day. That smile you offered someone could be fulfilling a Healing Agreement, or a Beauty Agreement. And as you may have guessed, this helps to fill a Support Position for someone, even if only for a moment. For PUBLIC Agreements, you often never know who the person is/was. PRIVATE Agreements, however, are those Agreements that are more intimate. These could also be called PERSONAL Agreements. You do tend to know, or get to know, the individuals involved in any Private Agreements. Most Agreements we address with students are Private. Private Agreements are equally negotiated by Essences and Personalities. While your Essence is negotiating a Mate Agreement with another Essence, "you" may be negotiating a Mate Agreement with the hot guy or gal you just met tonight. As in all matters while extant, Personality will always overrule Essence, so any Agreements Essence may have been negotiating will be on hold until you are done exploring what you set up with the "random hottie." Private Agreements tend to be more of an investment and effort, and require more openness than Public Agreements. PIVOTAL Agreements tend to be wholly orchestrated by Essence, and tend to be life-changing in some way on some level. PIVOTAL Agreements tend to have been set up before birth, but sometimes these are set up during the life. ALL Agreements, whether Public or Private can be turned into Pivotal, however. That random smile can turn into a relationship can turn into a pivotal experience. However, NO Agreement can be Pivotal without Essence involved. In other words, in order for an Agreement to be life-changing, some amount of Essence, consciousness, awakeness, awareness, must be involved. The more one is manifesting Essence, the more Pivotal one's Agreements tend to be. The irony here is that the more Pivotal one's Agreements, the fewer and less-often they show up as Pivotal. One cannot sustain Pivotal Agreements over and over or you would be spinning in circles. So you may have 12 Mate Agreements, but only one of these turns out to have been Pivotal. Our sharing that there are Public, Private/Personal, and Pivotal Agreements that can be in any form of invitation for serving one or more Core Agreements is to help you to see that you are negotiating Agreements on many levels at nearly every turn and layer of your existence. When you ask us if you have any Agreements, know that the answer is already YES. Know that if you know someone in your life in any way that is more than passing, you likely share Agreements. And that brings us to the final note: YES, YOU HAVE AGREEMENTS WITH HIM/HER/THEM. If you are asking, you probably have Agreements. Or, at least, are negotiating on some level. As with all of our teaching, we encourage every student to eventually lose dependency on asking us for information that you can intuit or even guess with fair accuracy on your own. If you have a relationship, you can look to the Core Agreements to see what is standing out the most at any given time. Reading up on the 12 Support Positions can help shed light on these Core Agreements. We will now open the floor to questions. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** ViP: How do Public, Private and Pivotal Agreements relate (if at all) to Agreements of Necessity, Personality, and Essence, that you described previously? (This was in a session on Honoring Agreements, also channelled via Troy.) ViP: Is it "Public"="Necessity", "Private"="Personality" and "Pivotal"="Essence"? (But then, if our student agreements with you are Private, can they still be agreements of Personality?) MEntity: What we shared today could be said to be a broader context on the whole of Agreements. It is a way to understand better how to ask about and understand the entire concept. What we shared in the exchange you reference is a bit more detailed and speaks more to the nuances, but is basically just a different angle that can be correlated. A student can be described as making Private Agreements with us that then become Pivotal, and a student can be described as having made a Private/Personal Agreement with us that turns into an Essence Agreement with us. The three terms we describe are similar enough to correlate. But nuanced enough to make a difference in terms of how one understands the concept of agreements versus honoring agreements. caricai: Hi Michael, does your definition of "mate agreement" include all types of sexual arrangements? For example, would a one night stand, long term relationship, friends with benefits, or a prostitute who has a regular client all count as mate agreements? I guess I'm asking for both your exact definition of mate and how sex fits into this definition, as well as friendship. MEntity: When we speak of a "mate" Agreement, we speak to the potential for intimacy, however that may end up showing up or however that may be invited. All of your examples can have been Mate Agreements because they are potential avenues for intimacy in some way. ckaricai: I think I get it. MEntity: This is not to say that when we mention that you may have a Mate Agreement that you must now worry about whether to hire a prostitute or make a dating profile. We simply mean that all of those scenarios COULD have been the result of a Mate Agreement. ckaricai: You're saying that any relationship that has the potential for long term intimacy development could be a mate agreement? MEntity: The most common forms that Mate Agreements take are in the obvious experimentation for an intimate relationship or explorations of potential friendship. That is correct, Caricai. ckaricai: I understand. Thanks. Janet: If you have a relationship with someone who is known to be in your support circle -- or you are in their support circle -- is it likely that the support circle position is the primary agreement type with that person? MEntity: Janet, it would mean that most agreements, whatever the form, likely serve that Core Agreement that is at the heart of that Position. If you know someone is in a Love Position, then all Agreements, no matter the form, are likely serving the Core Agreement to love and be loved. If your mate is in a Beauty Position, it is likely that, regardless of the mate agreement, it is serving the Core Agreement for exploring Beauty. Janet: So if you were inquiring about the type of agreement a Mate Agreement serves, it might be useful to know if that person is associated with your (or his) support circle as well. MEntity: This can be an important concept to understand because as the soul grows older, the Core Agreements of matedness change. The Old Soul will often tend toward Compassion as a Core Agreement over Love. This is not to say that Love is not involved, of course, but that the Agreement is rooted in Compassion. Janet, that can be helpful to know, but even if one is not in your Circle, one might still play a Position. We limit the "circle" to the approximately 144 fragments who fill the Support Circle (12 fragments for each Position). Often, a mate is not a part of that Circle, but can still play a Position. This is because Positions are always open to anyone, even as you accumulate more permanent fragments in your Circle. Janet: Thank you. I just thought it might be useful as a learning tool to know the connections. MEntity: You would be correct. BrianW: Could you speak on how agreements can be sustained and what factors go into altering or abrogating them once they are firmly established and active in one's life? MEntity: CHOICE BrianW: Somehow I knew that was going to be the reply MEntity: This factor is the underpinning of any Agreement that is sustained. We may add that it must be MUTUAL CHOICE. You cannot "choose" to be mated to someone who does not choose this in return. Beyond choice, 4 dimensions must be kept alive for an Agreement to be sustained, and these correlate to the Axes. It could be said that you must maintain COMMUNICATION (expression/intellect), MUTUALITY (inspiration/emotion), EFFORT (action/moving), and COMPREHENSION (neutral/assimilation). If any one of these begins to fail or be neglected, the Agreement begins to diminish. AnnH: Do these happen in any particular order? MEntity: NOTE: comprehension refers to your understanding the point of your Agreement. No, Ann. AnnH: Examining the concept of support circles and pivotal agreements: would it be helpful for us (as in me) to list those people who have been pivotal to become more conscious of the agreement and support circle position? How does one go about validating and exploring these relationships in a thoughtful way? AnnH: I would amend that to "begin to go about validating..." MEntity: Your suggestion is relevant. Think of anyone who has been pivotal to your life, and you will find some correlation with a Core Agreement/Support Position. Understanding that Core Agreement/Position can then help you to see even more of what may have been missed in the pivoting. Often it is the case that one knows one has changed on the other side of a Pivotal Agreement, and Essence gains from this, but Personality may be too busy with details to grasp the point. Retrospective can greatly help in that Review so that it is not necessary to save for after the life. AnnH: Can you expand on "missed in the pivoting?" MEntity: For example, you have a relationship that "changes your life" and this meant a move, meeting new people, and may even include the breakup or separation from that person. Dealing with the move, establishing new friendships, and recovering from a breakup will not diminish the fact that your life has pivoted, (or that you were pivotal in someone else's life), but you may spend so much time focused on those more mundane elements that you miss the greater contexts. Because Essence is involved, the benefits are usually accessible, even if they are not as delightful for Personality. For example, you may be bitter about the breakup and move and uprooting of your life, but you LEARNED FROM IT and you have greater capacity for self-confidence now that you have seen that you can do such a thing, but that does not always fly with the Personality who is cursing the "asshole" who changed your life. In the end, however, you must own that you changed your life. And you can change it again. AnnH: A follow-up? Brief? MEntity: Yes, Ann? AnnH: So if we don't "sort this out" during the lifetime we do it afterwards? MEntity: Oh yes. However messy. AnnH: I can see a whole course devoted to this stuff. ckaricai: "How to survive your shitty breakup." LOL MEntity: It is 5000 years into our teaching, and the course continues. Good evening to each of you. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now.
  2. I have a question about the Discipline position. I've so far been told of three people who are in my Discipline position. In one case, I am also in theirs. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what Discipline means in this context. I realize that it might be different from how I tend to think about the meaning of the word. In all three cases, each of these people has sometimes made ME want to discipline THEM. Sit them down and tell them "You're not handling me right, get it together!" All three are people I am or have been close friends with. One is a traveling companion with whom I am no longer on speaking terms, but she shows up in my dreams occasionally, watching me from a corner and in one case even from behind a painting, like an old B movie, and this always infuriates me. Another is a cadence mate who is always either my best friend or not accessible to me at all, who exhibits all the characteristics of Artisans without discipline: lots of great ideas but can't manifest them. Whereas I manifest. But I love this person very much and my desire to discipline them over this is loving, not angry. Maybe a little exasperated at this point, but loving. The third is a close friend and entity mate who I just adore and always want to support, and I pretty much get this from them too, which may also be a function of our Sacral link. But when we attempted an artistic collaboration I definitely felt like I wanted to give him a discipline lecture. Better to just be friends! So I guess I'm wondering what other peoples' interpretations and experiences of Discipline position are.
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