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Found 6 results

  1. TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering 2016 Michael Speaks Living AS Essence vs Living FOR Essence [transcript available below video, courtesy of Daniela] TLEGG 2016 Living AS Essence vs Living FOR Essence 2016-10-02 Channeled by Troy Tolley https://youtu.be/4sZJoOaLztk We are here now. Hello to each of you. As usual, give us a few moments to come through more consistently. We understand the topic to be that of Living FOR Essence vs Living AS Essence or, as we heard, however you would like to arrange that phrase. [Laughter] But what we will do is start off with a bit of conversation with you about Living WITHOUT Essence. Because you will always be Living FOR Essence and sometimes Living AS Essence. And most of you are done Living WITHOUT Essence. There is no such thing as truly Living WITHOUT Essence. That is an impossibility. But the Personality can forget to such a profound degree that it is almost as if there is no Essence and it’s difficult to remember that Essence exists in others around that individual. Living WITHOUT Essence is a rejection of any higher part of you, any greater trust in a pattern that may be orchestrated by other parts of you. Rejection of Essence is a way to live. Many do it. Many get by doing so. But when the Essence is rejected it can tend to be quite shallow, superficial, sensitive, defensive, reactionary and navigation is based almost entirely on stimulation. If this feels good I will do this. If it feels bad I will avoid this. So when Essence is rejected you tend to navigate based on those two factors in your life. Most of you are done with this. You will still go for that which is not easy, that does not bring pleasure, because you see a higher picture, a bigger picture, a greater context. So we would like to say that none of you here that we can see live WITHOUT Essence. There is not--, this concept is long in your past. We do not see a rejection of Essence among any of you. However, many of you live FOR Essence, and what we mean by this phrase is that you do the work that is necessary to be alive. You go to work. You search for resources. You feed yourselves. You endure your days. You endure your routines. You move through your years and exist as a physical being. This is Living FOR Essence. You are doing the work of being here, at all. This is a necessity for Personality to sustain its existence in any kind of consistent form. So to live FOR Essence is vital. And you do it. It is not an either/or scenario as Troy might have thought in presenting this idea for a topic. You do not live FOR Essence OR live AS Essence. You will always live FOR Essence because without you Essence cannot be here. Everything you do, and this is quite important for you to comprehend before we move to how you live AS Essence, everything you do is FOR Essence. Everything. All of the most mundane. All of the simple decisions. All of the pleasures. All of the endurance of your routines and getting through. And your illnesses. Your headaches. Your body aches. Your ageing. All of this is FOR Essence because you ARE Essence. You are an extension of Essence. And while it can seem as if you are separate from Essence because you are here doing the dirty work, you will eventually, and we know this from experience and we know this from watching over many of your incarnations, eventually see just how beautiful you have been as a representative of your Essence in your life. There is no one here who is not doing what we refer to as Good Work. Everything you have been doing feeds into what is most important or what can be taken from this life in some meaningful way FOR Essence. Even if you are still trying to figure it out. Or feel as if you’ve hit a wall. Or feel as if you are moving in circles. It does not matter. That is what it is like to live FOR Essence. It may seem boring or it may seem as if there is no purpose or point. But there is. And reminding yourself that you are at the very least a representative of your Essence in all that you are doing is somehow meaningful, even if it only means that it got you to the next day of existence as you, as a representative in another day in this amazingly unique dimension of reality. If you were not taught that there was something else so much more important or some vague purpose that you were trying to land, if you were not taught this in your culture and just woke up to your day as a being in this adventurous, wonderful dimension of sensuality, pain and pleasure, you may be able to wake up and celebrate that day a little bit more before it even gets started. So we encourage you as our students to occasionally wake up and own your day as your own and take a little bit of credit for the hard work you are doing to be here, to hold yourselves together in this form as a sensory unit, a sensory point in time for this vast part of you that exists as Essence. You are unique as a fragment of your Essence. And to wake up into your day owning this and knowing how beautiful this is can change your days and cumulatively help you to feel as if you are living a different kind of pattern than a circle. Now, one of the most profound questions that we know that we could ask of you in terms of giving you a sense of what it is like to live AS your Essence, and for a moment, each of you we invite to receive this question as profoundly as possible. Presuming that we are asking this of you as Essence, as a representative of Essence, with your Essence present in this room, through you as you: What if THIS is all there is? What if THIS is it? And by that we mean, the life that you have is exactly, deeply, profoundly who you are. You are not looking to be someone else, to find another part of you, to rise above who you are, to get out of your way. What if this is IT? Can you love this? If this is IT, can you love this? Can you be this? Can you let yourself be this? The reason we describe this as a profound question is because it helps you to gauge, when you feel the response to that question, how distant you are from Living AS Essence vs Living FOR Essence. You are doing all the hard work of being here, but sometimes you forget to bring in that dimension of Essence that LIKES being here, that owns being here, and is delighted that if it were to end tomorrow, it was worth it. Your presence here at this gathering is one of the ways you live AS Essence. You’ve done the hard work and this is part of the gift that you give yourself. This is one of the ways you give a gift to yourself AS Essence. Living FOR Essence means, as we said before, doing the work of being here. Coming to something such as this where you get to be with those who resonate with you, to sit with us as Teacher and Students. This is Essence. This is the gift of Essence. This is Living AS Essence. You cannot always do both at the same time, and often you will be Living FOR Essence more than Living AS Essence, if you were to determine it using that language. But giving yourself gifts such as this is one of the ways that you live AS Essence. However, it does not always have to cost so much. You can do this without spending any money, or spending any resource other than Choice. Walk outside and look at the colors around you. Look at the faces of others who exist inside this dimension with you. Look at the animals. Look at the plants. Take a walk. Anything that is in addition to the routines and obligations and endurance that you go through to be here FOR Essence. Anything you do in addition to that as a gift is one of the ways you continue to anchor Essence here and live AS Essence. Do you understand? [Response] Yes. If you want to get to a point where you can say if this is it, this is mine. And saying that as Essence. This question does not imply that there is no more or that there is not more to do. It is simply that if you can get to that point to ask that question and embrace that moment and be OK with it, you know you are closer and closer to existing not only as a representative of Essence but as a host for Essence, AS Essence. From here we will take any questions that you might have on this subject and see if we can respond in a way that is meaningful. [Question] If I can phrase my question clearly. I’m very interested in uploading of experience to Essence. If you could speak a little bit about how this process can be enhanced rather than waiting until a later phase when there may be an upload of experience to Essence. How can that be done on a more consistent basis? If you understand my question. Yes, we do. Rather than waiting for the cycles that come around when the uploading, so to speak, inherently occurs, all you have to do is make time for it. This can be done through meditation, through active invitation to connect to Essence, whatever that might mean to you at the moment, and can even be done simply before bed. Just taking a few moments to sit and think about your day and, as cliché as this may seem, if you were to sort each day in terms of gratitude and appreciation, this does more to keep the flow of uploading occurring on a regular basis than anything else you could likely do. It is not empty work to do this. It can change a life, in fact. To add to a day the time it takes for you to find SOMETHING, even if only one thing that you appreciate or have gratitude for. And this does not have to be in a way that is forced. Or simply listing to complete a list or to fulfill a routine. You must do this in a way that matters to you. If there is nothing you are grateful for that day, then so be it. It may be a shitty day. [Laughter] Those happen. [Laughter] So the work of uploading can be done through that simple time that you take to see what it is you are grateful for that day. You do not have to write a list. Just take a moment to think about it, and that creates the circuitry that keeps that flow of information going. Does this sound easy enough? [Response] Yes. It is surprising, now that we are on this side, how little we did this across our incarnations. And it is often surprising to you as well in your Review, how little you paid attention to what mattered in the life because you thought something else should matter more or could matter more or was supposed to matter more. The reason this works is because when you do Review, you do not only look through . . . simply to look over the life. You look for what mattered in the life. You look for what evolved you. You look for what can carry over to another life that matters. And while there is pain and suffering and struggle in a life, it is what you take from that, what you do with it that matters more than the actual experience of the pain. So when you take a moment to extract the gratitude from a day you are doing the same work you are doing in Review, the work of extracting the gratitude and appreciation and what mattered in that life. Next question. [pause] No pressure. We will relax with you. [Laughter] [Question] Can that gratitude and appreciation be for some, say, belief system that isn’t necessarily accurate? Would it include something like that? Rephrase your question. [Question] Well, say for like, someone who was religious or Christian and their appreciation or their standards for appreciation may be toward their God. Would that still apply? To some extent, yes. When it is a programmed function there is little being done. If it can expand beyond what is expected to be appreciated and the individual can identify with meaning that which is appreciated, that it is an actual thing and not an imaginary being, then the effect does matter, does have a way of bringing more of Essence into the life and more of an uploading process for the life. But if they are only showing appreciation for a vague presence that is defined by another as being a part of the life, then the effects are purely for the Personality’s amusement. [Question] This question is going to piggy back Bobby’s because I was kind of thinking the same thing. So, I am usually always appreciative. But actually saying Essence, but I include it all, you know, my guides, my higher self. So basically I answered my own question. So I am, I mean, I don’t have to say, “Thank you, Essence!” But I’m saying thank you to the whole, I guess, to all who watch over me. Would that be the same? Yes. However, we do encourage each of you to occasionally include thanking yourselves. Not just the invisible forces that you represent, that you are a part of that as well. [Question] OK, so I have a question. How can you, if you’re confronted, let’s just say the bulk of your day with others that cannot or do not show their Essence freely, how can you stay in yours? How can you keep your peace when no one else is? By minding your own business. [Laughter] By not hiding. We know there are some whose lives require strategy in terms of feeling safer and creating a sense of safety in manifesting themselves on the terms that they feel they are. And that is simply a part of the work of that lifetime then. However, whatever form it takes as YOU, one thing that can help is that, is to remember that it is not lost, it is not gone, it is not more of a challenge for you to hold that truth of who you are just because others cannot or will not or contradict that. It may be your beautiful gem of a secret that you carry around and only allow glimpses of. That is up to you. That is your choice. Or you can burst it forth and let them deal with it. That is up to you. It is your choice. But unhooking yourself from the others around you as a source of your identity is one of the first steps that you must take to be yourself or to be comfortable in yourself. When you do this, it has more of an effect and an invitation to others to do the same and it is far more helpful and loving than to hide who you are and allow others to remain locked in their illusions. We do not say it is easy though. [Question] Just before this session, we had a nice talk, Michael and I, my fellow Scholar, and we were talking about the neutrality inherent in our design. How we are processing what we observe around us. The ability to see the ugly and the beautiful and somehow just see it for what it is before you, how should I put it, start working with it. Before you internalize it and make it your own. And I’m thinking about . . . the gratitude and appreciation that we express and about what. What I’m heading toward is this. So I really like everyday stuff, somehow. It’s fascinating, you know. I can’t really see anything that is boring or unnecessary because everything is about how I choose to deal with it. And at the same time I’m really seriously allergic to, “Oh my God! . . . .” Well, it’s not! It’s really not, and at the same time when it is not I have the ability to finally get to the point where I can see the VALUE of it. I mean, not feel overly heavy about it, or joyful. It’s not that I regret it but you know sometimes I could be without this shit. At the same time I can see what it brought you. And I’m heading to my question now. So, I wonder if you can see if my Essence reads that as some kind of appreciation and gratitude of what is going on in my life. I do have ups and downs and I swear and curse a lot but at the same time, you know, that’s the journey. But, I don’t feel overly emotional about it. Do you understand what I mean? Yes. [Laughter] First, Scholars tend to inherently have a fascination with this dimension anyway. It is often fascinating. Not always, and not all designs of the personality for a Scholar will find it fascinating. Some find it appalling. [Laughter] But as you begin to live as Essence, you begin to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and no longer is the magic of this dimension some place outside of reach, but in simply running an errand. And communicating to one another across time and space. And hugging one another. And going to work. There is magic in these mundane moments. And the Scholar may have a leg up in the fascination with the mechanics of existence, the mechanics of a day, the workings of existing. But all Essences, all Personalities who are seeking to live AS Essence simply need shift perspective and take a moment and recognize the magic in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary. And your term we will add to the gratitude and appreciation. Because sometimes it does not always feel good and the term VALUE is more appropriate for your list as you assess your day. You may not be particularly grateful. You may not have appreciated a certain experience in terms that feel that those terms are warranted. But you may be able to recognize the value, or to know and trust that you will find the value, you will create the value from that day. Did we respond with relevance to your meandering question? [Laughter] [Response] You did, Michael, thank you. [Question] I have a clarification on Pat’s question. Can you find value in terrible events? Of course. [Question] Do we have to? [Laughter] You do not always have to figure out the value of a terrible event while in it. Or while even in the life that had the terrible event. But there will always be value found in it. And sometimes you do not have the capacity or the strength to do that only as Personality. So to live AS Essence means that you will naturally recognize or create the value in any experience but sometimes, and we say this gently and lovingly, you simply cannot. It is something that will have to wait. And it is only a burden to think that it should be expected of you to grasp the value. If you can, it does work in your interest. It does benefit the life. It does increase your capacity for health and confidence and safety and security in your existence. But sometimes you simply cannot. And it would be irresponsible to expect that of you, of yourself. What happens when you give yourself permission to say, “That sucks and I do not understand why I experienced this or why it is happening,” is that you then start to make room for the time when you can make sense of it. Because you are no longer entangled with it in a way that locks you in a loop, but breaks that loop in a way that you can return to it when you can. When you can see more clearly. When you can stand more firmly. When you can hold more. So, yes value can be found in EVERY terrible event but sometimes it takes a little more than a day to figure that out. Did this answer your question? [Response] Yes. [Question] I’m going to piggyback on that and tie back to something that was discussed yesterday in the 7 Choices. Is it possible when we’re trying to rationalize or make sense of bad things that happen to us or devastating things that happen in the world, we were just saying maybe you can’t understand the value now but at least you’re creating that space? Is it possible right now with the Choices of TO SEE and the Choices of TO KNOW, maybe you can see ENOUGH at this moment but you really can’t see MORE? You can know ENOUGH. You know that it sucks, that it’s shitty or that people shouldn’t have died but you can’t see MORE. But you’re creating that space for yourself that eventually you will see and know MORE? Yes. It is the difference between pulling the blinds on the window or keeping them open so that you can still see when something goes by that will matter. If you pull the blinds, then you have no more options to see beyond what you have seen. Keeping the blinds open, so to speak, allows you to at least keep the window clear for when or if some clarity comes. Do you understand? [Response] Yes. Yes, sometimes you cannot see much from the window but it is better to keep the blinds open so that you can invite more information than it is to close it and refuse it. [Question] Since you have the ability to review as you are going during a lifetime, are there scenarios where you’re finished and there’s really not much left to review once you’re on the Astral plane? Like really be conscious of the Review of the entire lifetime before you die. Let us rephrase the question to see if we are understanding correctly. You are asking if you have done Review through the lifetime and you reach the Astral plane, what’s left? [Question] No. I’m saying, can you be so thorough and so aware during the lifetime and review as you go that once you do go to the Astral plane that you’ve already completed your Review? No. There will still be a Review. However, when you have spent a great deal of the life keeping that circuit alive so that the information from the life, the extraction of the experiences and meaning, value, gratitude, appreciation are there already sorted, then the experience on the other side in the Astral is one of rejoicing in higher proportion to reviewing. However, reviewing will always be a part of the process. [Question] It’s more like a highlight reel? Very much so. [Laughter] [Question] My point would be if you do the work more consciously and be aware of it and have my Personality participate in that. Your processes of Review have great variation in how they come about. And as you are older souls they often are hilarious because the Old soul has, regardless of the Personality struggles within the lifetime, the membrane difference between Personality and Essence is so fine, so thin that upon death it is often very quickly if not before death your humor shifts to its natural morbid state. [Laughter] And you look back over the life and see the hilarity in even the worst of your adventures. [Laughter] We dare say that some of you with the most struggles have the most in your audience for Reviews of your life. [Laughter] [Response] So it’s like a group event. So-and-so died and it’s going to be fun let’s go! That is not inaccurate. [Laughter] It is different for each fragment, of course. But many of you are old friends and quite often look forward to the mess that was a life and its beauty. Let us ask you, and you can answer this however you choose, all at once or individually, but as you sit here with us, how confident and comfortable do you feel you are in being not just the representative of your Essence but that you simply ARE now your Essence at this moment? This is IT. [Various responses.] That would make us cry if we had eyeballs. [Laughter] Your biology responds to truth through tears but since we do not have that capacity we will just say that it would if we could, but we still have a response that is moving to us. And to describe it in Causal terms may take another session. [Laughter] We invite you to remember what was discussed here and to carry that forward through your days here that are a gift to you and a gift from you. And we will speak to you again in your tomorrow. We will conclude here for today. Good evening to each of you. Good-bye.
  2. Troy Tolley channels the entity known as "Michael" (from Messages from Michael) on the topic of LIVING AS ESSENCE vs LIVING FOR ESSENCE for the TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering 2016 [FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE]
  3. Troy Tolley channels the entity known as "Michael" (from Messages from Michael) on the topic of LOVING THE UNLOVABLE for the TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering 2016 [FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE]
  4. Troy

    The 7 Choices

    Troy Tolley channeling the Michael Entity of The Michael Teachings on the subject of the 7 Choices that shape and define a lifetime. This recording was at Lifebridge Sanctuary for the TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering of 2016.  [FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE]
  5. Here is the first of 3 video recordings from the TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering. The channeling is pretty choppy because it was the first full-body channeling done in quite some time, but here it is in all of its chubby glory. THE 7 CHOICES: Michael describes the 7 Choices that shape and define a lifetime. TRANSCRIPT COURTESY of Daniela! Thank you!! TLEGG 2016 The 7 Choices 2016-10-01 Channeled through Voice by Troy Tolley MEntity: OK. We are here now. And hello to each of you. Give us a few moments to strengthen our delivery through Troy. We understand tonight we will talk to you about the topic of the 7 Choices. Troy asked us if there was any definitive choice made in the life that in some ways ended up defining the life. And we said, yes of course and there are 7 of these choices that can be made during the life that tend to help define it. And by define it we mean on your own terms and in terms of how conscious and awake you are as you live the life and how you experience the Review of the life. These choices that we will share with you have already been made by your Essence. They are built into a life in what we’ll call a passive level of choice. They will stay intact as a choice that defines the life but in a passive way. What happens as you grow into your life is that you move toward pivotal moments where you, consciously or sometimes unconsciously, make a more active choice and begin to build upon that particular choice in ways that then become definitive. So as we share with you what these 7 Choices are, keep in mind that they are already intact and that your process, your evolution through your life is when you ACTIVELY build upon those choices. In addition to understanding this PASSIVE/ACTIVE dynamic of these choices is the fact that they are choices that continue to be made. It is not a singular, pivotal choice. They are more like an architectural structure that you build within the life based on the choices that are made that continue to keep those choices active and built upon. So the first choice that you make may not come as a surprise, but that is TO LIVE. Of course you can see how this is built into your life already if you are alive. This choice was made by Essence to live. But there comes a point in your life early or later where you actively chose to live as a Personality. And embrace the life. And to own the life. And to build upon the life. Often this comes in two different ways and this is true for the next 6 choices as well. But each of you tend to choose to live FOR or AGAINST life. And the other dynamic that we can say is a part of this is that you choose to live ENOUGH or to live MORE. These may seem simplistic but they are definitive in your life. When you choose to live FOR something it is a very different life than when you choose to live AGAINST something, AGAINST someone, AGAINST life. When you choose to live ENOUGH it is very different than the life that is lived MORE. Taking on more experiences, seeking out more experiences. This choice is made on a regular basis in some way, in some form, ACTIVELY or PASSIVELY, FOR or AGAINST, ENOUGH or MORE and this tends to define the baseline quality of the life. We can circle back to these for more information as we work our way through. The next choice that you make that helps define the life is TO CARE. Do you care enough or do you try to care more? This is a definitive choice that you make in your life. Do you minimize the necessity to care or do you expand in the challenges of what you care for? This includes yourself, your body, your health, your friends, your loved ones and so forth and you can see if you were to look at this and examine your life as partially defined in how much you care you can see that it is part of the infrastructure of the quality of your life. We would like to add that there is no such thing as caring too much. Often when an individual feels as if he or she cares too much they simply do not have control over the circumstances with which they would like to make better. And it is a process to learn how to navigate this. But it will never serve you in any kind of expansive way to reduce your capacity to care simply because you cannot make the changes immediately or as quickly as you would like. Allow yourselves to care too much, if you choose. The next choice that you make that helps define your life is the choice TO DO. There may be more clever terms that you can come up with for this action in your life but the simple choice to do ENOUGH or to do MORE makes a difference in how the life is defined. Do you do ENOUGH or do you do MORE? The next choice that defines the life is your choice TO TRUST. Each of you trust ENOUGH and it is built into each of you to naturally trust. When you trust ENOUGH, you can sit in a chair without worrying about its legs breaking. This is a base level of trust. You can walk on the ground without fear or worry or distrust in that ground. There are certain elements of life that you inherently trust because Trust is based in experience, as we have described in differentiating Trust from Faith. Trust is based in experience and the more you fulfill the first few choices that define the life, the more capable you are of trusting MORE because you are living more. Doing more. Caring more. And this allows you to trust MORE because your experiences can be counted on, they can be referenced. The next choice that you make is your choice of DEGREE OF INTEGRITY that is fulfilled. This one is a little bit more complex to describe in convenient terms but conveying through Troy we will try to describe that this is the DEGREE OF HONESTY you have about your life. The degree that you’re willing to tell the truth about your life. The degree to which you express the truth and honesty and the degree to which there is a consistency between your inner truths and your outer expression of those truths. Do you tell just ENOUGH of the truth? Are you just honest ENOUGH? Or do you look for deeper truths, broader truths as a means to define the life with integrity? This tends to be where our older soul students are. The first few choices are always still a factor with which you are concerned and doing your dance between ACTIVE and PASSIVE choice-making and building. But when you are an Old Soul you tend to be more and more concerned with how honest you are living your life and this can be painful because many of our students are born into scenarios where they are surrounded by conflicting truths that throw you into turmoil over your own truths and how to express those and to build that integrity into your life and to uphold that in a way that feels beneficial instead of dangerous. This is a struggle. This is part of the gamble of being born and taking the risks as an Old Soul among other soul ages. You will always feel the challenge to the integrity of your truth more than the other soul ages. Do each of you recognize this? This becomes quite a pivotal choice in the life and how you find your way through the life to a point where you feel as if your life is the truth and not that you are the only truth in your life. The next choice is your choice TO SEE. Do you allow yourself to only see ENOUGH? To see to only a certain degree other people? To see only so deep within yourself? Or do you choose to see MORE? Do you allow yourself to see what you do not like to see? Do you allow yourself to see the ugliness alongside the beauty? Do you allow yourself to see the beauty alongside the ugliness? This is yet another difficult dance for the Old Soul. You have seen all the ugliness and you have seen all the beauty. You know the capacity for beauty in a life and it is very difficult for you to sometimes reconcile this. And many of our students tend to lean towards only choosing to see the beauty and ignoring the ugly, ignoring the struggles, the pain, the suffering as much as possible. But it is possible to hold these alongside each other and see them as part of the same importance to existence. What you can do to help with anything that you find ugly or challenging or suffering you will do if you can. You do not have to avoid the ugliness in life in order to have a happy life or to have a peaceful life. If you see an area of life that is ugly to you, whether this is in a personal sense or in a global sense, take a moment to consider what you can DO. And allow yourself to SEE more. This is surprisingly definitive to the meaningfulness of a life in Review. When the Personality actively chooses to see more, this feeds the soul more than you could possibly comprehend while you are Personality, while you are in this more restrictive dimension. And the next choice that you make and one of the most, we will not say most important, but one of the broader choices that you will make is how much you allow yourself TO KNOW. Do you only allow yourself to know ENOUGH? Or do you actively seek to know MORE? This may seem like an obvious one for the Old Soul. You all are quite interested in knowing more. But look at where you are looking to know more in your life and where you are NOT willing to know more. And by this we mean as an extension of the seeing, sometimes you decide to not know another person because you refuse to see the ugliness in that person. You do not seek to know more about a struggle in another’s life because you have chosen not to see more of that individual or event or state. So the more you make the active choice to know more than you know and to know there is always more to know even when you think you know it all or know better, which we know many of our students find themselves proudly or quietly assuming, there is always more to know. These 7 Choices that you make across the lifetime are part of what you do in Review, how you organize the Review of your lifetime to see how much can be extracted from it that evolves the Essence and builds upon the knowledge of your Entity and your Cadre. So understanding these 7 Choices is not just an abstract concept to consider. Look at those 7 Choices in any experience where you feel challenged, where you feel recoil, withdrawing, and see which one of these may need to have some attention toward the ACTIVE and MORE side of the equation. Do each of you relate to these and understand how they play out? Do they seem to you to be no-brainers? In looking at these they were probably familiar to you already in some way. We’ll take a few question because we know Troy is going to need some time to return to comfort in bringing us through for a longer period of time in this form. So we will open the floor to some question if you have any, before heading out. [Question] Could you make a little clearer distinction between the 6th Choice TO SEE more and the 7th, the Choice TO KNOW more? MEntity: They are distinctly different. To help you understand the difference we will choose to replace the word SEE with EXPOSE. When you EXPOSE yourself more to input from life it does not necessarily mean that you want to know anything more about it. You may willingly or accidentally “expose” yourself to, say a condition of another person or a struggle of another person or a people, and as soon as you see it close down and not want to know more. Do you understand? When you see it, it’s an invitation to know more. Just seeing something is enough to help you acknowledge its existence but this has nothing to do with the work that is needed to be done to know more about it. You can SEE Troy channeling but to KNOW more about what this is all about takes a little more effort. But some will choose never to SEE this. You have chosen to SEE this, and so now you have seen it and now that is a part of the structure of your life that has some amount of meaning. And then you have the work of knowing more by asking us questions such as, “What the hell do you mean?” [Question] I have a question. And I’m almost afraid to ask, but the problem I have is that the more I see and know sometimes the more it hurts. And I hate to see and know things that hurt so bad. So how do you navigate around that? MEntity: You do not. It hurts. It hurts because you care and that is Good Work. You can become incapacitated by that hurt. You can become debilitated. You can become paralyzed by that hurt, but it is up to you to make that a temporary condition. You must look to see what you can do. If you cannot do anything, then you must do the work of acknowledging your limits. But the avoidance of hurt is not the goal of this life. Hurt is an invitation-- we do not seek to be so poetic-- but it is an invitation to love and you cannot always do more than that. And when you try to avoid hurt or you close down to the pain, let yourself do so. But you can only learn how to navigate this and transform it by making the active choice to do so. By learning what needs to be done, what you can do if anything. And if you cannot do anything all you can do is offer the most comprehensive version of your capacity to love as possible. But yes, life sometimes is painful. We remember. [Question] You said that this is a structure for Reviewing the life to learn what to extract from it and that’s something that is done during Review. Is that something we can focus on during the life? MEntity: Yes, that is part of why we are sharing it. Because you can start now. The more Review that is done within the life, the more Essence is involved in the life. What we’ve described to you, and this may derail Troy’s intention for tomorrow’s topic, but as you ACTIVELY make the choices that we described, you are zippering up, so to speak, the gap between you and Essence. So the more you actively make the choices that we described, the more you are bringing Essence into the life as a part of it. And when Essence is a part of an experience there is immediate Review, there is immediate upload, so to speak, to a bank of sorting, and the bank for the Entity. So, the more you are living as Essence, the more this occurs and when you are on the other side of this life, so to speak, Review is more of a rejoicing than a sorting. Did this make sense? [Question] Do each of the 7 Choices in some way directly or indirectly link up with one of the 7 Roles? MEntity: There’s always a correlation, yes, in some way and we did offer these up in an order that could be in the sequence that we tend to talk about the Roles, from Server to King. That’s the last question. MEntity: Then it appears that we will meet with you again tomorrow. Your tomorrow. And with that we will head out. Good evening to each of you.
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