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Found 3 results

  1. From a private session on 4/21/2015 DianeHB: Tex would like to know why lack of sexual activity is a hallmark of Transcendental Souls. (Note: that was from the library article "Transcendental Soul Elaboration") MEntity: We should clarify that if we used that phrase “lack of sexual activity” it did not mean lack of sex or lack of sexual feelings. But the Transcendental Soul tends to truly grasp the nature of the Higher Moving Center and prefers to use that energy for social change. The Transcendental Soul will tend to find ways to satiate the lower energies involved, by surrounding himself or herself with stimulation that is invigorating, tantalizing, and provocative, much like stoking a fire. That fire then is used in other ways, but the “stoking” is not avoided. However, because there is still a Human Body involved, this can go terribly awry and into repression and fetishes and waves of indulgence. DianeHB: I pulled the phrase "lack of sexual activity" from an earlier transcript by Troy. This makes a lot of sense. MEntity: The life of Gandhi is a modern exploration of how sexual energy is understood (and misunderstood) by the Transcendental Soul. The divide between the demands and nature of the body vs. Entity can be a lifelong dance between satisfying the profane and fueling the sacred. DianeHB: I'll have to look into Gandhi's sex life. MEntity: The Old Soul already gets a glimpse of this as he or she manifests Essence and there is a confusion between the profundity of intimacy and the stimulation of the body. Intimacy often satisfies the nature of sexual energy, and is no longer necessary to express in terms of sexual stimulation. This does not remove the need and want for sexual stimulation, so it can be confusing. Many who seek intimacy learn to do so only through sexual stimulation, which is then presumed to equate intimacy, but it does not. For those who finally experience True Intimacy, it can be surprising how quickly the necessity for sexual stimulation drops in that relationship. Many see this as a sign of lacking intimacy and then proceed to destroy the very thing they wanted for so long, returning to the familiarity of stimulation. ### end of excerpt You may discuss this content via its original blog entry. See Sexuality of Transcendental Souls.
  2. June 17, 2007 Troy Tolley, Channel MICHAEL SPEAKS – E-mail Alternative Version In the beginning of June, we had a humpback mother whale and her baby swim up the Carquinez Strait (which I can see from my condo's balcony), into the Sacramento river, all the way to the Port of Sacramento. They were the only wild whales that received antibiotics for very bad injuries they received from possibly a keel of a sailboat. They got named Delta & Dawn. Are the Michaels able to find out how well they are doing now, if they are safe, well, and healthy? MEntity: It appears to us that the whales in question are doing well. Although there was disorientation involved to some degree, the main intent of the whales was for fun exploration of an area that has a reputation among whales as being mysterious, fantastic, and full of kind humans with the best interest of whales at heart. The wounds on the whale were sensed to be fairly fatal in the long run, due to infection, so while the “trip” was to be for fun and exploration, there was also the hope that the kind humans could help. Indeed, they did with the antibiotics, allowing for the whales to have validation of this potential among humans and the reports are spreading. We would not be surprised to find more whales exploring this same passage within the next 20 years. It is always assumed these creatures are lost, but it is often not the case. However, the same is assumed of your species while out on the open ocean. Why would you be there? It’s not your natural habitat or home. You must be lost. Often the interaction between whales and boats is from the same concern that humans have for whales in strange territories: they are hoping to redirect you home. Does brushing your skin with a boar bristle brush, brushing in the direction of your heart, really help the lymphatic system? MEntity: While it is not necessary to use the hairs of a dead animal as bristles, any medium-strength bristle brush (synthetic or otherwise) used to brush the skin is beneficial for the lymphatic system, the skin, and the blood. It is not necessary for the direction to be toward the heart, but this can add to the effect in a mental way that is valid as a ritual. I would like to know Michael's opinion on my problem of determining how far one needs to go to know that they are walking the walk rather than talking the talk. I want to live up to my beliefs, but it seems impossible to do 100%. How much is enough not to be a hypocrite? MEntity: “Beliefs” is a word that represents all the things that you presume to be possible or true, and seek to implement within your Being as foundations, but you do not have the experience or comprehension to turn those beliefs into knowledge. When you KNOW something, you implement it 100%. When you BELIEVE something, you may or may not implement the entirety of the belief. Older Souls in particular have a difficult time implementing beliefs until there is a sense of solid knowledge. Until you gain knowledge, all you have is a theory, not a truth. The lack of ability to implement a belief is not a matter of hypocrisy, but a matter of integrity that allows room for further investigation, experience, and eventually knowledge. Hypocrisy is only valid as a reference when one imposes beliefs upon others without doing the work of turning those personal beliefs into knowledge. It is called hypocrisy because there is always a discrepancy between the imposition and the behavior of the hypocrite, with the hypocrite using imposition as his or her way of avoiding knowledge, while enforcing false validation of his or her own beliefs. What is a transcendent soul (not the transcendental soul level)? My understanding is it is the same as what is called in India a Bodhisattva. MEntity: A Transcendental Soul is an Entity that takes on the task of incarnating within the Physical Plane as a means to help prepare for the manifestation of the Infinite Soul. The entire Entity does not incarnate, but one fragment from the Entity incarnates with full access to the entirety of the Entity's knowledge and experience. The fragment speaks and lives on behalf of the Entity. Although it could be said that there are parallels between the description of a bodhisattva and Transcendental Souls, Transcendental Souls are not resisting or avoiding any form of “enlightenment” as a means to remain physical. Most fragments or Entities or Cadres, by the time they reach what might be called a “state of enlightenment,” realize at that point that there is no “state of enlightenment,” as there is always more to learn, experience, and explore. Enlightenment is not a conclusive state. In addition to this difference between bodhisattva and Transcendental Souls, the Transcendental Soul is only concerned with INVITING fragments into a direction that is in alignment with the Logos that is to be brought to bear, but does not have a sense of compulsion to “save humanity.” In most cases of a “bodhisattva,” it is a single fragment who has egocentrically taken on this title as a means to exploit a position with a closed group, but certainly not as a benefit to humanity. We know of no fragment extant who uses the title or nickname of “Bodhi” to be without extreme indulgence in False Personality. In what time frame and location area were the most of us Michael students incarnate & interacting at the same time? MEntity: Nearly all of our students (approximately 100,000 of you) were incarnated within the areas known as The Nile River in Egypt and Mesopotamia between the years of 2500 and 1700 BCE before the invasion by the Hyksos, which ruined what we often refer to as one of our “Golden Ages” with our students. How best can we deal with others, when we find ourselves to be in opposition with their lifestyles and belief systems, to the point of some having physical and emotional pain over it? And, is ignoring their choices, to let them be who they are, somehow reflect that we are encouraging those choices by attending something that they are attached to? (We have been discussing certain celebrities, and the choices they make involving fundamental religions and cults.) MEntity: How one deals with one who is determined as being in opposition to one’s personal lifestyle and belief systems is a matter of choice and part of the experience of being Sentient. Soul Age plays a great part in how one deals with those who represent opposition to one's personal lifestyle and beliefs. Infant Souls would not have an inclination to be concerned with differences in lifestyles and beliefs, as they are more concerned with their own survival and superstitions; in fact, any oppositions would simply be seen as mythical forces representing demons of a sort that should be avoided at all costs. Baby Souls are the most violent and dominant against those in opposition to their lifestyles and beliefs, generally seeking any method possible to impose their own world over those around them. Young Souls are usually not concerned with whether others share in their beliefs and lifestyle, since they presume they are inherently “right” in how they view the world, anyway. They know “the truth” and there is a smug conclusiveness about their behavior, which in itself can be dominating and imposing. Mature Souls are very concerned about shared perceptions of reality and supporting those of which are beneficial to all. When there is a belief or lifestyle presented in the world that is in opposition to the benefit of all, this often creates a literal, physical pain within the Mature Soul. This pain comes from the personal history (within the life, or past lives) that knows the pain of oppression, rejection, and imposition. The process of taking stances against beliefs or lifestyles that are in opposition to the benefit of all is a process of healing one's own personal wounds, while increasing one's circle of compassion in a tangible way. Old Souls within your world at this time are still manifesting a great deal of the self through Mature Soul contexts, so you will find many Old Souls still working through Mature Soul stances, not only because many Old Souls are manifesting at the Mature Soul Age, but also because this helps the process of the Mature Soul world to take root permanently. Part of the point of being an Old Soul is in use of the ability to manifest from any previous Soul Age as a means to relate to all aspects of the world. The dominant energy in the world for most at this time is the Mature Soul context, so many Old Souls will find themselves still very passionate about issues in which they would otherwise find neutrality (not indifference, but neutrality). So in speaking about Old Souls, it makes sense to speak of them in terms of the Mature Soul at this time, which means that most will be contributing to any movement that is linked to the benefit of all. As long as the world is moving in the direction of Maturity, the active stance one takes on issues that inhibit compassion and freedom for all is quite important in terms of rooting Maturity in the world. No one is obligated to take a stance or to contribute to this rooting of Maturity, of course, but the contribution to this Maturity does accelerate for all, the more actively the species invests in those beliefs and lifestyles that benefit all. This stance is not a confusing issue for the Mature Soul, but for the Old Soul, it can be confusing as he or she stands in support of the lifestyles and beliefs that support the benefit of all, but still feels a sense of higher perspective that trusts that all lifestyles and beliefs are valid, even if destructive, and will eventually be of benefit to all, anyway. The Mature Soul still knows how important it is to invest in the betterment of life on the Physical Plane, while many Old Souls can often forget the importance of that, since they are “leaving soon,” anyway.
  3. Michael Speaks Live Open Floor 9/22/2013 Channel: Troy Tolley [MikeS] Hello Michael, this is my first ever question. [MikeS] In our Young Soul world, the Michael Teachings for all its elegance and internal logic is not a mainstream philosophy. [MikeS] Would it be good work to seek a vehicle by which the Teachings could be introduced into mainstream culture? [MikeS] I don’t mean to ask that the Teachings should be dumbed down but rather that they might be differentiated to meet the particular needs of Young and Mature Soul students and especially children. [MikeS] Perhaps the vehicle for such an undertaking might be though fiction and popular culture? Or am I tilting at windmills? :) [MEntity] What we tend to do is teach our students, those fragments with whom we share Agreements, within parameters of their capacity for utilizing the teaching, and this continues to evolve, but what those students do with the teachings is their choice. That would include any efforts to share that teaching with those whom we do not share Agreements. [MikeS] On the one hand the teachings are so helpful but I guess they are only helpful to those who are ready. [MEntity] Our students can use the teaching to teach their own Agreements, or share their perspectives and philosophies in any way they see fit, or effective. [MEntity] Mike, it is true that there is a point at which one is "ready" for our teaching, and this will not be the same for everyone, and not of any interest to many, but this can be said of any teaching. [MikeS] It is interesting to know that you would have no problems, with the Teachings being used to fulfill other Agreements. [MEntity] We continue to state that your life, and your own implementation of any teachings that you find of resonance and benefit, are far greater in effect for teaching a teaching than the concerns for how to market it. [MEntity] The core of our teaching is in learning how to choose, and choosing how to learn. If we were to place conditions on how that teaching is used or shared, we would be undermining our own teaching of emphasis on choice. [MEntity] However, we can state that as there is a shift in paradigm toward the Mature, which is far more accommodating to the Old, there will come a tendency for the Baby and Young to find interest in all things "spiritual," and this has been growing in effect since the Harmonic Convergence. [MEntity] This is because all Soul Ages have to adapt to a shared paradigm as a way to participate in the world together, so it is becoming important to the Young and Baby Souls to understand the terminology, the lingo, the schools of thought, etc, but for very different reasons than that of the Mature and Old. It is a strategy for competitive edge for the Young, or as a way to enforce insularity for the Baby. [MEntity] If one were to market our teaching as a way to help get rich, build businesses, to positive-think your way into a better life, one could find a way to do so, but it would be a different teaching. [MEntity] However, if one were to wish to share this teaching in a way that sustains its integrity, it would be shared as it is, and with invitation. it cannot be shared very well with urgency. [MEntity] Our teaching cannot save anyone. We cannot claim to make life better. We cannot claim to have all of the answers, or to have a system that is better than any other. We an only invite you to explore with us, and we think that is an effective method for sharing as students, too. Our teaching, however, does lend itself well to fictional representation, and we do have students working on this with us. We look to have another "Michael" novel available within two years that we think our students will enjoy. [Jana_K] Is choosing of Impatience as a CF related to being pressured to do things faster than is one's natural comfortable pace in childhood? Is so, can you elaborate on this please? If not, what IS it typically connected to? I.e. as a reaction to what pattern occurring in childhood? [MEntity] Jana, that can be one of the patterns that develops a defense, yes. It will always be a matter of any lack of control over time. There is no universal symptom or pattern, but the core will always be the same: fear of losing control over time. [MEntity] This can come from the discomfort you describe, to being from the sense of mortality because of the death or loss of someone, to the over-eagerness to achieve. [MEntity] The most definitive pattern could be described in simplistic terms as "I do not have time for this, because of the demands of that." [MEntity] The most definitive pattern could be described in simplistic terms as "I do not have time for this, because of the demands of that." [MEntity] The "this" and "that" can be anything, of course, but there would tend to be difficulty in prioritizing because there would always tend to be something of greater priority and demand. [MEntity] This sense of diminishing time is reflected in the polarities, with Audacity and Intolerance, both of which state that there is simply not enough time for one thing over another. [MEntity] We would have to look at the individual with Impatience to see what patterns may have been specific to that childhood, but it is safe to say that if one has Impatience, there is a keen and sensitive sense of time passing faster than can be comprehended. [MEntity] There is much more to say to this, of course. [tkmppi] Concerning dementia you have said “it is natural for these facilities to degrade over time in the body, so it is simply a part of aging for many bodies.” Could you expand on this (for instance why would so many choose it). [MEntity] If one were to choose to go to the grocery store because one wants to purchase groceries, yet there are long lines involved in the process, it would not be fair to say that this person is choosing to stand in a long line. She is choosing to buy groceries. The long line is not a choice. It is a PART of this particular experience of buying groceries, but does not define what she wishes to do with those groceries, and why she is there. [MEntity] If one were to be born into poverty, an oppressed people, in a war-torn country, it would not always be fair or accurate to say that one chose to be born into those circumstances, because the choice may have actually been to be born with those who would help make the most of the life, and those circumstances were moot compared to that priority. [MEntity] If one develops and ailment that diminishes the quality of life for the body, it is highly unlikely that this ailment was chosen, but that choices made along the way had effects that contributed to the developing ailment. [MEntity] This is not to say that dementia or cancer are not chosen, but usually not in the same way that one would choose a favorite iced cream. [MEntity] The body, for now, comes with a limit in how much energy can pass through it as representation of consciousness/sentience. It, eventually, burns out. That burning out is not a choice. It is simply allowed as a part of the greater choice to have been alive. [MEntity] CHOICE will always have bundled with it ALLOWANCE. [MEntity] For most fragments, the following is true: You choose to live in this world in a body, and you allow room for the limitations. You do choose those limitations, you allow them. You do not choose war. You allow war. You do not choose disease. You allow disease. You do not choose pain, you allow it. [MEntity] This is mostly because one cannot control what happens to the self, but can always control what happens FROM the self. You learn from how you respond to ailments and disease. You do not choose these as lessons, but you learn from them because you can. [MEntity] So it is not a question of why one would "choose" dementia, but a question of what one can learn from it, if one chooses to do so. In general, that "lesson" tends to come as a cumulative effect of refusal to deal with many tangible issues of the life that reflect hopelessness or helplessness, and is a chance to learn to move back into a non-linear state of presence, absolute trust. [MEntity] In general, this is met with a sense that the past is a place of security, and this is explored, first, but quickly found to not be the case, and then the non-linear can begin. [MEntity] It can also come for many who were "strong" in the life, and eventually find that this has worn down the body and psyche to a point where others must now take care of them. [MEntity] It can also come for many who felt no sense of control in the life, and this brings some sense of control back through the obligatory care from those around them. [MEntity] In general, it is a cumulative effect of helplessness, hopelessness, which are allowed in the life because of other choices made. [MEntity] Again, illness and ailment are nuanced, personal, and cannot be summarized easily, so we can always expand upon this subject. For our students, we remind you that most do not actively choose the pain or the illnesses or the struggles in life. They allow them, learn from them, and evolve in the capacity for where choices can be made. [liiona24] Hi Michael, It is my perception that people behave in a more combative manner and really to strike back vindictively. I see this in my personal experience as well as the larger world (navy yard etc).Is this a result of people in general feeling more powerless? Or something else? I am not sure how to respond to people behaving like bullies. [MEntity] Are you describing the "navy yard" man as being in the position of the bully, or as responding to bullying? [liiona24] It seems like he responded in kind, passed it along [liiona24] Like he felt powerless and resorted to a gun and bullied others. [liiona24] What I am speaking about is people being displeased and immediately going into threatening to hurt others in some way. [liiona24] or doing it: Ie keying someone's car etc [liiona24] maybe I have been in a bubble but never have I seen this so much as the last 6 months or so [MEntity] In general, this is not more prominent in the world than usual, and has been far more pervasive in the past. When a destructive characteristic of Sentience begins to wane, it will tend to amplify before it fades. [MEntity] In addition to this, there are cultural levels of imprinting that are not serving the Moving Center in healthy ways. This is the imprinting of immediacy. [MEntity] The space between thought/feeling and action is presumed to be capable of satisfaction as immediately as possible. [MEntity] This can lead to a culture of reactionism, without rationale. [MEntity] For groups whose culture is rooted more in the Moving Center/Part, it is often plagued by violence and reactionary assaults, or Frustration/Freneticism. [MEntity] How you choose to respond to this is your choice, of course, but we can suggest that you first understand that this is not a growing problem, that it is a waning, but amplified issue, and that the culture of immediacy and/or Moving Center can tend to generate this as a form of "problem solving." [MEntity] From there, we can suggest that any act of violence, harm, or abuse is a matter of forgetfulness. We do not trivialize the scenarios by saying this. It is a forgetfulness on a profound level. [MEntity] Essence, the self, consequence, life, the future, the past, etc. are completely forgotten. [MEntity] You cannot do the remembering for that person. [MEntity] But you can do the remembering for yourself. [MEntity] Remember that there is more than the scenario, that there is more at all. [MEntity] When one feels the weight of negative or destructive and harmful events in the world, it can be difficult to do the work of remembering, and your Essence, self, quality of life, joy, are tossed to make room for the forgetting (which, literally, takes up more "space" within). [MEntity] Hold on to your own remembering as a way to anchor it in the world for others. [MEntity] By "remembering" we mean that you do not fragment yourself as a way to navigate the uglier experiences of life. [MEntity] We know we cannot solve the issues of bullying or reactionary violence stemming from helplessness or those with mental disturbances, but we can do our best to help you remember that there is more than this. [Maureen] Who is Mother Meera? It has been said that she is an Infinite Soul. Is she an IS or is she “simply” a healer or an enlightened being or something else? From Wikipedia: “Mother Meera receives thousands of visitors of all religions for darshan which she conducts in total silence. [Maureen] . Her darshan consists of a ritual, where she will touch a person's head, and then looks into their eyes. During this process, she reportedly 'unties knots' in the person's subtle system and permeates them with light.” [MEntity] This fragment is not hosting the Infinite Souls, but is a Transcendent Old Server (not Transcendental). The method for healing described is utterly honest in its point: that she is doing absolutely nothing; "you are." This can cause many to attribute the effect of healing to having been sourced from the fragment, but it is only themselves doing what could be done by looking in a mirror, or giving oneself the same authority over the body that is given to her. [Maureen] Michael - what do you mean by a Transcendent Old Soul? [MEntity] Many fragments learn how to transcend beyond any limitations or combinations of intellect, emotion, and action, but some choose to use this in a way that serves a larger, more public Task. [Maureen] Has her Essence "cycled off" and then "come back"? [MEntity] Transcendent Souls tend to be those fragments who are not defined or constrained by any limitations of emotion, intellect, or action, having the capacity to sustain a holistic form of Centering so that the spectrum of self is accepted. [MEntity] No, this Essence has not cycled off. [Maureen] Is this what might be considered Enlightened? [MEntity] Not exactly. "Enlightened" is relative. She is enlightened relative to many who seek her, but not enlightened relative to many more. The same can be said of you. [MEntity] Enlightenment is a process of integrating a philosophical structure that works for you. Once you are "enlightened," that enlightenment is now foundation for more enlightenment. [MEntity] We must conclude here for today, though we know there are more questions in the queue. Good evening to each of you.
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