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Found 12 results

  1. Hey All, Hey @Troy, I am posting this here because I do not know where else to do so. I feel like Support tickets do not really do a lot to get an answer that is satisfying. I have purchased a 1Q Session in January for 50 dollars. That really is a lot of money for me as I am a student in a pandemic. I´ve heard through word of mouth that these e-mail sessions take months on end to be answered. So what I'm asking is: What is the state of the backlog right now? Should I just cancel this session and book a live-session? I would just like to get in touch with you Troy and get some honest information, because my money is gone and it's hard not to get frustrated when there is no communication. With love, Mary
  2. Troy

    Vegan Gaymer on Mixer

    Balancing my True Work with my True Play!  Come chat with me here!
  3. ORIGINALLY POSTED: April 20, 2015 Caricai asks: "I'm wondering if working with so much causal plane energy over the years has influenced any psychic ability or made you sensitive to other people's energy even when you aren't channeling. And if electronics go haywire on you on a regular basis. I guess, I'm also asking about how your own energy has been changed if at all from working with Michael. "I'm also wondering what you feel when you become fatigued after channeling for a while, how many hours a day you spend channeling, and what you do to recenter yourself?"
  4. February 13, 2005 Troy Tolley, Channel MICHAEL SPEAKS Online — Open Floor [M Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. You may begin adding yourselves to the queue of questions and we will respond to you in that order. [sandt1222] Thank you. I still have a lot of questions of the basics. Tonight I would like to ask about the significance of the student groups who study together and the channel they choose. [M Entity] Channels through whom we work, (and channels who claim to work with us, but do not actually channel us) are all in some kind of Agreement with the students who are attracted to them. Some channels and teachers have Karma among their students, and the dynamic of their attraction to each other is based on that Karmic structure. Those who are attracted to Troy's channeling of us are in some way linked to the exploration of Perfect Imperfection; or put another way, “absolute comprehension, compassion, and acceptance of Self and Other.” For other channels, a student may be attracted to Empowerment themes, Relationship themes, Reality Dynamic themes, etc. It could then be said that each valid channel attracts three kinds of relationships: Monads, Agreements, and Karma. These Monads, Agreements, and Karma would be among the students as well as between channel and student. [See definitions at the bottom of this transcript for Monads, Agreements, and Karma.] [CearaQC] Greetings. Many books and websites speak about channeling one's higher self/oversoul. Do you have any advice and/or techniques to share with us on how this is accomplished? [M Entity] Yes. Through this channel, we have shared a great deal on that very concept. Troy will include those documents along with the transcript from this chat for your convenience. It is a collection of 3 sessions exploring that very topic and while we could briefly comment on it here, we believe a broader study of the topic as already explored would benefit you more appropriately. [NOTE FROM TROY: The series to which Michael refers was “Conscious Connection to Essence, Parts 1, 2, 3.” I am not really sure those transcripts will answer the question posed by Kara, so I am not sure why Michael suggested them. Unless they are seeking to emphasize a connection to Essence is the foundation for “channeling” your higher self, oversoul?] [BradburySE] I feel like I’m starting to notice the effect of this more and more lately in people around me and I'd like to see if my perceptions are valid. I would like to ask about the nature of sub-personalities. Are they something all of us have and carry within us; parts of our current personalities? Or are they negative influences that exist independent of a fragment? Are they parts of past-life personalities, or some astral fragment? [M Entity] Specifically-defined, a Sub-Personality is one facet of the Whole Personality that is usually unconsciously designated for specific management of specific feelings, situations, relationships, etc. Sub-Personalities are in communication with “each other,” which is the difference between a Whole Personality and a Personality challenged by Schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Disorder. Sub-Personalities are generated by the current Personality's experiences of the current lifetime. They are not independent of the Personality, as in “possession” of some sort, or some random “astral fragment.” To the extent that a Past Life is affecting the current Personality, then the Sub-Personalities MAY be a result of how the current Personality is managing that input, but this would still mean the Sub-Personalities are generated from within the structure of the current Personality, of course. Any “negative influences” or “astral fragments” affecting an individual's Personality behavior would not be considered in the same context as Sub-Personalities, but as rare and altogether different scenarios. Sub-Personalities can become nuisances and quite controlling of their particular psychological territory, but some can be quite beneficial and freeing of internal resources for challenges and growth. [BradburySE] Then someone in “whole personality” should surely remember what he or she said when a sub-personality was in control; is that right? [M Entity] You can identify when you are dealing with a Sub-Personality as you find yourself behaving in a seemingly automated manner within very specific circumstances. If a Sub-Personality is “cut off” from memory, it is no longer an issue of Sub-Personality, but of Multiple Personality Disorder, or Schizophrenia. Multiple Personality Disorder is the result of Sub-Personalities becoming disengaged from the Primary Personality Core, and each assumes it is the Core. Schizophrenia is the result of a specific Emotional element of the Personality being disengaged and assigned to a Sub-Personality to manage it. [Tibtyc] Greetings Michael. It seems to me that a lot of irritation, friction and strife between humans stems from differences in soul-age. Different ages have a hard time understanding, or just tolerating each other. Sometimes I think young and old should try to keep separate (as in the Indian caste system). Or at least that *I* should stay away from people whose valuations (probably soul age) are different from mine. But most of the time I mix & mingle, using lot of my energy to criticize, admonish, trying to correct what I see as “follies of youth,” in a collective, cultural sense. Maybe this is a mistake. What is a good attitude of one soul age to another, especially towards younger souls? Should one criticize? [M Entity] As with the progression of any maturation, the “older” will always be in the position of responsibility for understanding, teaching, redirecting, guiding, empathizing, and accepting the “younger.” So it is in Soul Age. The Older the soul, the more responsibility and capability there is within that soul to comprehend the previous soul ages. This does not mean one must condone or participate in the antics of the younger soul ages, but one can find peace, adaptability, and trust in those younger soul ages. In the same way that a parent must sometimes surrender to the power struggles of a teenager, so must the older soul surrender to the chaos of the Young and Baby Souls. Note that we use the word “surrender,” not “resign.” Surrender includes understanding and patience and trust, while resignation is the choice to abdicate all responsibility. We must also note that it can be quite tempting to stereotype the Soul Ages because of generalizations and media hype. It is assumed that only Baby and Young Souls, for instance, are responsible for the chaos in your world, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The apathy of an Old Soul does far more harm to your planet and people than any bomb from a Young Soul. The need to segregate one's consciousness from the rest of one's species as a means to uphold a false sense of spirituality or evolution is far more regressive than the zealousness of a Baby Soul. We make these statements as fact, not as judgments. As with every other aspect of life, a fragment may choose to do whatever he or she feels is most appropriate in all circumstances. In short, a “good attitude” toward younger souls is in the ability to see the innocence of their experimentation, chaos, and cruelty. Reaching into and resonating with the innocence of another Being is one of the most powerful means to transform the ripples of effect from those Beings' choices in your world. [Tibtyc] Should i take the part about “segregation” as referring to me? [M Entity] We do not specifically refer to you, though we are responding to the question as you stated it in terms of segregation based on a caste system. [flimflamdamn] So trying to connect with that innocence in another can help? [M Entity] Yes, Leela. That is what we said, but more specifically, we stated that it would “transform the effects on your world,” as in, “your personal experience” of the world. Changing your experience of the world is one of the most powerful means of creating your world in a “better way.” [Tibtyc] My understanding is that caste originally had to do with Age. [Annsge] (Think “Caste” had more to do with Essence Role) [M Entity] The caste system was originated and propagated only as a means of socio-political control, not as an extension of any mystical or spiritually-relevant systems; regardless of how that system can retrospectively be interpreted. [flimflamdamn] I know that I almost always ask about current events, so I'm sorry if this question is in any way redundant. But here goes: [M Entity] We do not require qualification of your questions, nor an apology. But you know this. [flimflamdamn] The government of my country seems to be more and more dangerous, both domestically and abroad. And so many of my fellow Americans seem to be asleep, self-obsessed, and ignorant of the rest of the world, just buying the whole program that's being sold to them. I and many people I know feel that our spirits have been broken, that we no longer live in a democracy, and we are frightened of our environmental and political future, not just here but all over the world. Right now, everything seems so status-quo, and the most destructive, selfish people seem to be getting their way in everything — I sense a future of diminished choice and degraded lives. What are the strongest probabilities this year, in this respect, and/or in terms of global or national events that affect us all? I should say I FEAR a future of diminished choice. [M Entity] In terms of “diminished choice,” we are assuming you refer to the privileged level of choices afforded the American lifestyle? [flimflamdamn] no…more like, the choice to control one's reproduction, the choice to live in a healthy environment, the choice to be part of a peaceful rather than war and fear-driven nation; not the choice to drive a Hummer or live in a McMansion; the choice to send one's kids to school, to be able to live rather than survive – that is what I refer to. [M Entity] The choice to “control one's reproduction, live in a healthy environment, and to be part of a peaceful nation” are still quite local to the United States' established privileges. [flimflamdamn] well then, perhaps that is what I am asking about. [upstaate] unfair distribution of the nations wealth? [flimflamdamn] Hard-fought freedoms [M Entity] If that is the case, we see no specific blows in the lack of choice afforded the United States' people in the year ahead. We suggest that the dynamic of division within the United States is not one-sided. The chief features of the older souls are as strong a contributor to the divisions and turbulence and fear as any younger soul. Consider the structure of a school: Physical Age would determine the levels of responsibility afforded the different groups of people participating in that school. Physical Age would determine the levels of (or circles of) choice allowed the different groups of people participating in that school. Physical Age would determine the available wisdom accessible to the different groups of people participating in that school. Consider that the “adults” are the Older souls and that they have resigned to levels of simple criticism, superiority, and other methods of huffing in disgust at the children. The population of children (younger souls), of course, outnumbers the population of the adults (older souls), so it is valid that there is very little that can be done to herd the mass of children into order by the adult standards. [flimflamdamn] but lately the children seem to be running things…and they seem bent on destruction. [M Entity] There are only two methods that an older soul can regain a sense of peace in that environment: through RESTRICTIONS or through FREEDOMS. [Tibtyc] Adults stand aside and just watch… [M Entity] Restrictions would require a great deal of energy that is usually not interesting to an older soul to expend. However, if that choice were to be made, it would mean a grand implementation of order to remove the ability of the young to make their own choices. [flimflamdamn] sounds disagreeable [M Entity] In fact, most literal adults use this method to train and grow literal children. The effects of that restriction, of course, are only to directly benefit one group of people, the adults (or older souls). The other choice is through the method of FREEDOMS. This means that the older souls, or adults, OFFER alternatives, educate those who are interested, and create paths that can help funnel the energy of the younger. [freyaisissuz] sounds like the Super Nanny's [Tibtyc] Choice, and not Laws… [M Entity] This then gives peace to the adults because now the experience of the personal world can begin to be filled with accomplishment, meaning, and support for the choice toward peace. This also diminishes the destructive effects of the younger souls because it only takes one fragment out of 1,000 fragments to change the minds, hearts, and actions of that 1,000. [upstaate] can you give us examples of the RESTRICTIONS? [M Entity] Examples of Restrictions might be: Lockdowns; Public Humiliation; Broad Judgments and Punishments; Removal of Services; Apathy; Callousness; Resignation; Force. Of course, the globe and life are not as simple as a school, but we use that analogy as a means of simplifying. [flimflamdamn] How does this apply to the very real dangers of what our leaders are doing, secretly and explicitly? [M Entity] Leela, this applies in a very real way. Rather than brooding about and condemning the children of your world, much can be done to funnel that energy into creating choices and paths for those who CAN support your vision of a peaceful world. The world is currently in no better or worse position environmentally, politically, socially, or politically than 10,000 years ago or before. There are simply more people, more choices, and more exposure. There is a tendency for the older soul to generate the worst visions of reality when there is an overwhelming diet of exposure to tragedies in the world. Those tragedies will exist with or without your consent and approval. We do not suggest one disengage from the reality of tragedies in your world, but we do suggest that you are not the parents of the world and that the children will eventually learn. You did. [flimflamdamn] thank you. This does help. I still fear the children who have nukes…but this does help. [M Entity] The horrors that each of you imposed on the freedoms of other fragments across your lifetimes are as much a part of this world as the current horrors being explored among other souls. Use your energy and your ability to choose a way to input into the world what you most want from it. Simply condemning the world to tragedy and impending loss is more telling of how you perceive your own life than as an accurate perception of your shared world. Leela, people do not “have to learn through horror.” People CHOOSE to learn through horror. It is quite popular. As soul ages become more condensed and exponentially accelerating in growth, so do the apparent horrors seem to match, as this is a very quick way to learn. Consider the deflection of a child’s hand from fire through your verbal restriction and intervention. Nothing was learned except that the adult is afraid of the orange light. A child who touches the flame will rarely, if ever, intentionally touch a flame again. [kittlekats41] My question is a follow up to Shannon's: are there a ‘usual’ or ‘reasonable’ number of sub-personalities each of us assume in a life, or does this vary based on soul age, levels and Overleaves too much to give an average? [M Entity] Most fragments generate at least 12 Sub-Personalities as an internal kind of support group. There would then be an internal facet who deals with Love, Knowledge, Compassion, Humor, Discipline, Anchor, Healer, Muse, Enlightenment, Child, Beauty, and Mentor. Each is actually assigned a name and a gender, internally and unconsciously. As a fragment begins to rely on their EXTERNAL Support Group, so does the sense of Wholeness and levels of consciousness/awareness begin cohesion. We are describing the classic picture of most Personality’s system of Sub-Personalities, but this is by no means a rule. We will conclude with the final question. [Annsge] Are there times when the sub-personality is perceived as negative by the Personality? If so, what can be done about it? [M Entity] A Sub-Personality is considered “negative” if the Core Personality is rendered helpless to the fearful choices and patterns of that Sub-Personality. The Core Personality will ALWAYS be able to override the Sub-Personality, but a “negative” Sub-Personality can be quite daunting and rooted. [Annsge] Is the Chief Feature a factor in this? [M Entity] Yes, Ann, the Chief Feature (when fear and division are involved) is always involved. Some means by which the Core Personality can override the patterns, fears, and momentum of a negative Sub-Personality are: ASKING FOR HELP — one should never underestimate the ability of an external resource to help one through difficulties. NAMING and GUIDING — one can consciously name the Sub-Personality and humorously begin to see how it has come to be in control, then use internal compassion as a means to educate that facet of self toward new ways of choosing. CORE CONSCIOUSNESS — this would be a deliberate, yet gentle, awareness of what AREAS of the life tend to be ruled by a Sub-Personality’s pattern and consciously examining those contexts, rather than waiting until the Sub-Personality has already risen to control. As a final note, we wish to clarify that these Sub-Personalities are NOT separate from you, nor are they “to blame” for your poor behavior. They are simply FACETS of you, in the same way that your Hand and Foot are still your Body. The more coordination and communication among your Body Parts, the more gracefully you live. The more coordination and communication among your Personality Facets, the more gracefully you live. We will conclude here. Goodnight to each of you. Definitions: Monad: A single unit of experience comprised of two polarized parts that eventually create inherent lessons and resolutions. There are internal and external Monads. Agreement: A casual commitment to share a specific experience usually made on a non-physical level of communication. Karma: The attempt to resolve a previous interference of someone’s choices that resulted in some kind of intensity.
  5. Troy

    TROY TURNS 50!

    That's right! The first half of my century in this life comes to a close and the second half of my century begins! 50! Woo hoo! I love this life and all of you! LIVE STREAM AT 12pm Eastern via Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/cocteauboy
  6. A question from PPLD:   So I understand how Michael find a fragment they are asked about, when a name or relationship or at least a context is provided. I also understand that when unpacking Overleaves, you as a channel are working with a “language” that you speak fluently.   What I find absolutely fascinating however and want to ask about is how you obtain a concrete name for e.g. a previous incarnation someone has had?   I’m thinking about it in connection to the latest session we had, when Michael found Vygotsky and Sturluson as my friends’ previous incarnations. Although both persons are definitely of historic significance, they fall under a rather narrow field of knowledge. These are not names that are easy to create an association to.   How does it work Troy? What are the steps that you and Michael need to take, in order to narrow down this kind of transmission so you have the intended person, name etc?  
  7. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks -- July 2001] [MaryBV] I am wondering Michael if you have any words of wisdom to help Troy with his current situation? [Michael_Enitity] He is surrounded by Karma, both philanthropic and traditionally karmic (difficult), mixed with his own self-karmic explorations. It is part of his life to have these events. His sense of “safety” comes from the balance of philanthropy to difficult karma. This Sage created a Personality that is capable of tremendous “blows” as a means to move more quickly through the more difficult 6th Level. His current situation is based on Philanthropic Karma as will reveal itself as it unfolds. We would suggest more physical action involved with the days as they pass, rather than a sense of waiting for the worst. This will do much in creating the avenues for change that could be more acceptable to our channel. We are working with him, along with his own guides, on levels that cannot be addressed in this forum. Far clearer communication is available to Troy on that level.
  8. Hello, all, I'm Krissi -- and just about the only thing I remember from my long-ago session, is that I'm a Sage. I still need to figure out what that means, and how to apply it to my life! Backstory -- I've known @Troy since 2008. Troy and I became internet-friends through the (now retired) social video conversation site, "Seesmic." Even from a distance, through an often pixelated Seesmic video cam, on a social site not many ever knew about (but a site to those who knew it, loved deeply,) I felt an instant draw to Troy, a fascination with his talents, discovered many shared ideas/ideals, & was pretty much his "biggest fan," (as many of you are, too!) from the very beginning... even before I knew about Michael, TLE, "Troy the Channeler," or the greater MT community. @Troy & I met in-person in early 2009, and I had the delight of being introduced to @Cyprus at my surprise birthday party in Aug of the same year, (...if you've ever watched Troy's fun birthday video called "Pauxtograohy/Fauxtography" you've actually met me, too!) I saw Troy whenever I was traveling to NYC, or whenever our schedules allowed, and eventually met @Bobby Keating in December 2011. In April 2012 I moved from Florida (where I'd lived for 12 years,) to Manhattan, and eventually met @Nick at Troy's bday party in Jan/Feb 2013 -- along with many of the group's real-life friends throughout the 4 years I lived in NYC. Words cannot express how much acceptance, love, and safety I felt during a 4-year span of my life that was difficult, albeit living in the best city in Earth. ...I guess what I'm trying to convey is that I've been on the fringe of TLE/The Michael Teachings, for a very long time, but have never really taken the opportunity to PARTICIPATE in the COMMUNITY. I know bits and pieces, but I'm not learned. I've been on all of the versions of the website/community, but I've never participated until now... ...so here I am. Where I Am Now -- As I've gone through another disruptive cycle of change over the last year, after ending a physically and psychologically abusive long-term relationship, in being "forced" to move away from NYC, to Albuquerque, NM where I presently reside, & after recognizing that I'm honestly scared sh*tless, feeling rutterless, & adrift, I've arrived at your proverbial doorstep; here I am, with a completely open mind, to receive help for myself, to learn how to help myself more effectively, for companionship, social connectibility, & a space to share my journey with you. On that note, I have many interests, strong beliefs, and a drive to learn everything about everything in life. Perhaps I will share details about myself in another post, but... ...I hear Sages talk a lot (I like discussions in groups AND with individuals,) & I think I've just proven that point ? Cheers - I hope to connect with all of you sooner rather than later °• Krissi
  9. TROY'S DIAGNOSIS Well... the results are in. Based on my screening, I am, indeed, Diabetic. Using their scale, if 4 is healthy, and 6 is pre-diabetic, my results were 10.1. This translates in glucose numbers to mean that my average reading would be around 275, and things get really bad, even life-threatening, at 300. So this is a huge wake up call. This diagnosis explains so much of why I have been losing more and more of my foothold on my schedule, focus, energy. The headaches, dizziness, fatigue, forgetfulness, fogginess, ocular migraines, and other serious distractions from my work weren't just my imagination or subconscious excuses or procrastination. Who knows how many times I was near fatal numbers?! That's scary. So, now I know. And I can do something to fix this. I will be meeting with my drx soon for a full consultation. She's excellent and will not be pushing me to take medications. She is very pro-diet and exercise as control and reversal of Diabetes. Meanwhile, the "good" news is that I already have a huge advantage being vegan. When I found out I may be diabetic, I looked at my diet and lifestyle and the two major factors that needed to be changed were my intake of Coke and my need to move more. So even before the diagnosis I cut out soda, and I had already started going to the gym. At my screening I was told that I had already lost over 15 pounds since my last weigh-in and that was in fewer than 30 days. It is amazing how deadly a sugary and sedentary life can be even when you think you are doing everything else right. Now that I know for sure I am diabetic, I will be even more mindful in cutting out the deadly and increasing the healthy. I've been educating myself about creating HCLF meals (High *Complex* Carbs, Low Fat) because carbs have even less to do with diabetes than fat does. So I'm cutting out all oils, and increasing my daily fruit, root vegetable, legume, and whole grain intake. These additional changes are good for anyone, but now that it's a matter of life and death, I'm taking it very seriously. I've been taking my Vitamin D3 and B12, as well! So... if you have lost count, I now carry two life-threatening diagnoses around with me. I guess when you sign up for work that takes you beyond this plane of existence every day, you get to live with one foot in the grave at all times... a foot in the living and and a foot with the dead at all times. It's one of the job hazards you never hear about in channeling! The AC1 test (diabetes screening) is a look at your blood glucose average over the past 3 months, so when I get tested again it will include the months I've made these greater changes and we'll see how much things have improved. Thank you to everyone who has treated me so kindly and patiently on my path to knowing what has been contributing to my derailing so often. This has been affecting me for years with increasingly distracting symptoms and I had no idea. And yes, I already have deficits in the areas of business, time, and energy management, so this illness was not doing any of us any favors. Wish me luck. I'll keep you in the loop. Your Sweetie, Troy PS - I'm going to include for my future reference the two Q&A I could find from Michael on Diabetes. If you have more, or find more, please feel free to add. MICHAEL ON... DIABETES QUESTION: The focus of my studies have turned towards the etiology of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. What is the greatest misconception that Western medicine has in regards to the cause(s) of and in addressing these two conditions. Of particular interest is insight regarding mothers and infants (while in the womb and shortly after birth), as a project I am working with focuses on this window of time. FROM MICHAEL: What “Western Medicine” has as a misconception in regard to “obesity” and Diabetes is the same misconception that underlies a great deal of Allopathic thought: that every valid physical symptom or syndrome has a physical cause, and that chronic issues can be solved through allopathic remedies alone. Allopathic medicine is a complement to homeopathic medicine, which is a far more relevant approach to such chronic issues as diabetes and obesity. We would first suggest complementing your “Western” education with research done in the realm of homeopathy for these issues. The combination of allopathic and homeopathic is always much healthier as an approach to healing, particularly in terms of chronic issues. Beyond that, we would suggest that obesity and diabetes are rooted in issues related to the overload of responsibility on the body versus value gained in the life. When a Personality (i.e. Body) is overwhelmed with responsibilities that drain the life of value, then starvation or addiction occurs. This is why there is no consistency to the growing data regarding these syndromes. Value has to be returned to the life, whether this is done in psychological and then physical ways, or in physical and then psychological ways; the path does not matter. If your studies are moving in strictly Allopathic directions, we would suggest that it be precluded that a cure will not be found in that path, alone. Only management of symptoms will be found through allopathic means. That there is a chance of a cure or true healing for anything other than trauma and emergency treatments using strict, allopathic methods is one of the greatest misconceptions “Western Medicine” has. To effect beneficial change, with an aim for prevention or true healing in a Mother/Child (or anyone) in terms of obesity and diabetes, management of symptoms is valuable, and can help move the Personalities into a greater sense of value for the life and the self, allowing room for support from outside of “Western medicines.” ****** [Excerpt from TT: 2016-02-07 Ask Michael Session] Question: Hi Michael. My question is about type 2 diabetes. I'm going to assume the metaphysical cause has to do with either anger or fear...but I'd like some insight into what would be a physical and/or metaphysical cure. whatever insight you can offer in the time alloted would be great. Michael: There is some validity to your assessment that anger and fear can be involved, but it is more about the process by which one avoids intensity that can contribute to the condition. Whether it is feeling lonely, angry, frustrated, conflicted, challenged, fearful, unloved, etc. diabetes in its various stages usually reflects how the person processes those experiences. In most cases there is an effort to glaze over them, to mask them, to make them more acceptable and presentable, and especially if they are obstacles to attention or affection or approval. At the heart of diabetes is a need to sustain a false bridge over the depths of one's feelings so as to accommodate the need for attention or affection. By "attention" we mean any acknowledgment in any form, and this includes the negative. Diabetes is reversible in most cases, but does require a strict management of conscious choice, action, and diet. For most, it is "easier" to manage the masking of pain in medicinal ways than in rewiring the psyche. We can explore this in further exchanges, but this is a brief synopsis. *****
  10. TWO NEW SERVICES HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE ROSTER OF SESSION OPTIONS! SEPTEMBER SPECIAL EXPERIMENT! This is an experimental, limited-time run of services focused on mapping out our lives. These services will run through September, and then evaluated to see if they should stay, be improved, or be removed. 5 PAST LIVES - SESSION ID - 5LIVES - 180 Minutes - VIA EMAIL - [you *do not* need to attend a chat] - 180 minutes dedicated to extracting 5 lifetimes themed in your choice of focus. **DESCRIBE YOUR REQUESTED THEME IN YOUR ORDERING PROCESS** EXAMPLE IDEAS: 5 most-recent past lives? 5 of your Essence's "favorite" past lives? 5 lives with greatest turning points? 5 of your most-famous lives? 5 most challenging lives? 5 longest lives? 5 shortest lives? 5 lives with the most creative, inspiring, or physical contributions to humanity? Multiple sessions can be used for mapping out your entire history of lives, 5 lives at a time. **NOTICE** you are welcome to attend the live delivery in the chat room, but due to the nature of focus necessary for such a session, there will be very little discussion (if any) and a lot of pauses and a lot of waiting. This is why 3 hours are set aside so that the pressure of time is not a factor. FEE: $150 ONE FUTURE LIFE - SESSION ID - FUTURELIFE - VIA LIVE CHAT - 60 minutes of live discussion about a relevant future life. This is not a prediction of a future life, but a look at one lifetime that actually exists in the future of your moment right now. The trajectory from this moment can always change which future you end up in, but because this future life resonates with you now, there may be something of meaning to you here. **NOTE** due to the nature of such a session, there may be lots of pauses as the focus is very different for this kind of access to your records. Please expect to be patient during your session. FEE: $100 To schedule your 5 Past Lives and/or 1 Future Life sessions, go to the Services Calendar and look under the FOCUSED TOPIC section. Happy Exploration!! Troy
  11. WHEN A SAGE GOES SILENT I feel like I have been lying low for so long, but this year has been rough in a lot of ways, and even more so for those I love and adore. Many from this community are struggling and coping and keeping their spirits up in the face of very difficult challenges. So when I'm struggling with something that is nowhere near the challenges of someone else, I tend to just be quiet. That's not to be noble or anything, but just so I can focus on getting through my own stuff so I can return to being more helpful to others. I've been more quiet than usual for a number of reasons that range from being very intimate to being very broad about the apparent state of humanity. When Michael said this year is a Turning Point, I really didn't know it would be so clear that we are headed toward a breakthrough or a breakdown. So many around me are working through their Turning Point. This is a rough year for too many. MY HEALTH I live in such a confusing state regarding my health. As most of you know, I live with a terminal illness, yet I am "perfectly healthy" with no symptoms, signs, or effects from it. But because my work requires such sensitivity, any little thing can throw me off from my standard of quality of channeling, and I've been living with a few persistent issues that have really interfered with my life. I have a shoulder "impingement" caused from sleeping on it all wonky for so many years, so I live with excruciating pain where my shoulder is slightly separated from its socket. It's ridiculously stupid. I couldn't be all fancy and injure myself in sports or even playing, but no... sleeping. I have regular headaches and weird ocular migraines that, literally, blind me. So annoying and disorienting. And then there is the big one... I have been having stomach/intestinal issues that had me very worried (I won't go into details), so my Drx scheduled a colonoscopy. However "routine" this procedure is, it's actually quite dangerous and risky, but I didn't know that before my appointment. For those of you who have had one, you know the drill. You don't eat for two days and on the first of those days you drink a gallon of a chemical that purges your system like nothing ever has. I was told by others that this was the worst part of the procedure and that the actual procedure was not that big a deal. So imagine my pleasant surprise when the preparation wasn't really all that bad. Sure I got a headache and was shaky from not eating, but the preparation was not as horrible as I had expected. YAY! But then I had the procedure. I was told I would really enjoy the anesthetic because it really knocks you out and feels pleasant, but I was concerned because my body has a high resistance to pain killers/anesthetics. But I turned on my side, they released the anesthetic, and I was out. Annnndd... then I woke up in total shock. Apparently, I had some sort of reaction to the anesthetic and they had to put a tube down my throat to keep me breathing and wake me up. I was given a secondary anesthetic that doesn't put you to sleep, but helps numb the pain from the procedure. Imagine my shock of waking up with an oxygen mask and totally in the middle of an anal probe. To make matters more shocking, the actual video screen of my deepest self was on display in front my face. I thought it was a horror film. Anyway, I kept my cool and endured and the procedure finished and I was wheeled to recovery. I was in so much pain, and I did not feel well, but I was glad it was over. I was also glad to know that they found nothing of any obvious significance, but there were two biopsies that will show results in a few days. Almost immediately after my procedure, I had a severe cold that then turned into what seemed like pneumonia very fast. I could barely breathe and could barely talk or walk, so I had planned to go to the emergency intake at my clinic today, but last night I started to feel a little better. And today I feel much better. I don't know what I had or what I have, but it seems to be passing. Since I almost died from pneumonia, I was very stressed and anxious because I never want to go through that again. I'm still fatigued, shaky, and aching from the cough and congestion, but I think it's passing. I'll see what tomorrow brings and go from there. That's sometimes all we can do. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME ROOM TO HEAL For those of you affected by any of these ups and downs, thank you for your patience, kindness, and understanding. I will always work hard to catch up and make up for any effects of my life. It means the world to me that you extend your compassion and give me that room to take care of myself so I can better take care of my work with Michael. I love you guys and I know others are going through WAAAYyyyyy more than this, so my heart is with you, too.
  12. ORIGINALLY POSTED: March 27, 2015 ViP asks what my weakness is as a channel based on Michael's mapping of strengths and weaknesses relative to Overleaves, and asks if I receive additional information that doesn't get through.
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