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Found 7 results

  1. Michael Speaks 071110 Current Events and Reality MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here. We will first speak to the question of "current events" as they may be relevant to fragments who are not directly involved, often aware of such events only through public media. Some media/current events stand out strongly to you, and some are missed completely, while others may come to your attention to generate no strong sense at all beyond a prompt for consideration. What we have to say today in response to this subject could go under a general subject heading that might be called "how reality works," as reality is quite subjective, quite relative, and rarely without interpretation. There IS a "reality" that is independent from your observations and interpretations, but it is rare that any experience of reality is completely free from the personal filters that "create reality" from those experiences. When we speak of "parallel realities," we often speak in terms that are scientific and related to quantum physics, but there are times that we speak of "parallel realities" in the sense that one group's or one person's reality is quite different from another group's or another person's, yet all exist intermingling within the same space. This is often the case among groups or among people who are, each, invested in a conclusive interpretation of reality that is not truly open to any other interpretation. In that regard, one can be acquainted with someone who is almost literally "from another reality." The older the soul becomes, the more inclusive and flexible the interpretive sphere of reality becomes. However, that flexibility of reality can become a rather ironic, painful, and isolating experience for those who do not "create a reality" with anyone, but allows room for the reality of many others' interpretations. This can begin to feel as if one is living behind a one-way mirror, always seeing others’ realities, but no one ever truly seeing one’s own. It begins to feel as if you are never truly seen, but merely a prop or reflection within the reality of someone else. That is simply the nature of reality, so to speak, for the older soul as a minority among younger soul ages. In that respect, it is near-vital for the older soul to find other older souls with whom reality can be shared, not so much for the validation of one's reality, but for the value of experience in being SEEN, HEARD, TOUCHED, etc. Fragments are drawn to each other to share reality either for the sake of Recruitment, or for the sake of Intimacy. It could be said then that, in this context, Recruitment is the Negative Pole of Resonance, while Intimacy is the Positive Pole. And to this end, "current events" are filtered as a form of Recruitment or as a form of Intimacy, as well. Your news, media, politics, and "reality" in general around you either serves as Recruitment for securing your Conclusive Reality, or for generating Intimacy within your Potential Reality. Recruitment emphasizes quantity and numbers of others for securing what one has deemed "true," while Intimacy emphasizes quality and exchange for exploring what one has deemed possible. Recruitment proselytizes; Intimacy shares. Recruitment has no room for questions, exploration, challenge, or possibility, while Intimacy generates space for questions, exploration, challenges, and possibilities. Understanding this, one can begin to observe oneself in how one interprets the news: Do you gravitate toward news that anchors your prejudices about reality, or do you gravitate toward news that challenges your prejudices? Keep in mind that "bad news" does not mean that it is anchoring or recruiting; often one gravitates toward "bad news" precisely because it challenges the prejudices that reality should only provide "good news," be positive, and uplifting. The manifested older souls gravitate toward "bad news," or exasperating, depressing, upsetting news because it helps the older soul to sustain a sense of spectrum about the universe. The manifested older soul knows that reality is a spectrum, not a slice. This older soul has embraced his Mature nature and knows that life can be dramatic, ugly, dangerous, upsetting, and sad. The older soul that avoids "bad news" as a means to sustain a sense that reality is wondrous, beautiful, and full of possibility is a disconnected or fragmented old soul, nurturing a rather fragile reality that can often be shattered with a mere few words that contradict his or her strain to uphold a slice of reality. This older soul has crippled himself or herself. This is the monk who has determined that “city life” is violating, dangerous, and overwhelming because he has spent his years upholding a contrived version of the world in isolation on a mountaintop. This is the addict who requires a constant stream of false stimulation to keep up the good feeling that is lost without that stimulation. This is the new age student with good intentions who manipulates information, observations, and resources as a means to escape into, and sustain, a more fantastical version of the world. The older soul who can accept that “bad news” and ugliness are only part of the spectrum, and that “good news” and beauty are only part of the spectrum, and that there is a lot of life in between that, is the older soul who has moved toward wholeness. To emphasize one extreme or the other is Recruitment. Keep in mind that any move to a Positive Pole is only done by "entering" through the Negative Pole, so that even as one moves toward Intimacy, it will require some amount of Recruitment. And that is why we do not see one Pole as being "better than" another in any part of our system, but more a description of a process, a spectrum, a circle, a sphere. For example, when one has felt the isolation inherent in being a minority Soul Age, it may take Recruitment to establish a common ground that can then lead to the expansion, questions, and exploration that is Intimacy. We clarify this move from negative to positive so that you do not presume that if you recognize Recruitment in your gravitation toward people or the news, that you are "bad," or doing something "wrong." You are simply nearer to that point in your progress and experience of Resonance. Recruitment often helps one to discover if there is a valid common ground at all. However, to remain in Recruitment as a foundation for your reality and relationships is to nurture delusion, fragility, and in some extreme cases a move into fundamentalism, and into psychological disturbances that include such diagnoses as sociopath and schizophrenic. To wrap up our initial responses to this subject, we will say that if the older soul finds he or she is more depressed, overwhelmed, and upset by what is reported by the media as news and current events, then that older soul would simply want to balance that out with an active interest in other news that portrays the more dominant news on the planet, which is "good" or "neutral." As we respond to your specific questions, we may be able to help elaborate upon how certain events trigger more responses within one’s self than other certain events. We will also seek to shed insight upon some of the current events that you may ask about that are perplexing, so that one can see how events can "mean" very different things within different contexts. [Question] South Africa has, at least for my whole life, been a country in the midst of constant fear and political upheaval. As we are a country of people with such vastly different socio-economic, educational and cultural back grounds, it often feels like there will forever be strife, disharmony and fear. The 2010 World Cup has been a break from this though. In the last month we have experienced the most profound Inspiration, Joy, Unity and Patriotism. It was the first time in my memory I felt like we where unified, and there was hope for a more tranquil life. Even the crime stats were down during this period. Was this just a fleeting thing, or should this be seen as an example of what is possible? Or just a reminder of what we may never permanently achieve? I honestly wish that the whole world could have experienced this Group Consciousness. [MEntity] We would say that this example is one that exemplifies Recruitment over Intimacy. Keep in mind that Intimacy is only gained after Recruitment, but Recruitment is fragile, a distraction, and often short-lived or in need of great defense. For this event to move from Recruitment to Intimacy, it would require that the passion remain beyond the illusion of bonds generated by representation in a sports team. The demographic of South Africa is quite Moving Center-centric, if you will, so it is not surprising that one way toward Intimacy might be through the Physical symbolism of a sports game or team. In our perspective, this is fairly important to keep in mind because a Moving-Centered demographic can just as easily "bond" through war, genocide, and other physical plane tragedies that then act as reasons for unity. The fact that a sports event is preferred is something one might call a “good sign.” With that in mind, we can say that this Young Soul culture's sense of unity as generated from a game is indicative of a maturing population that would rather bond over playful competitiveness than over painful competitiveness; bond over games, instead of wars. [Question] Is moving-centered common to a particular soul-aged culture? [MEntity] Centering tends to become a trend, but is never a static state. Centering can tend to become a genetic inclination, a cultural inclination, and a soul age inclination that has collective momentum, but is not static. Centering as related to a Soul Age, Genetics, Ethnicity, Culture, demographic, etc is quite dependent on what is happening in the world at the time. For instance, Young Souls TEND to prefer Moving Center AT THIS POINT, but have not always leaned in that direction. A more elaborate example: "Black" culture and genetics, in general (and relevant to South Africa) are inclined toward the Moving Center, AT THIS TIME, but have only moved toward that inclination since the late 1960s after a long period of time when Mature Souls with Emotional Centering chose that ethnicity, culture, and genetics for exploration. Once the Mature Souls with Emotional Centering moved into civil riots that paved the way for civil rights and freedom in The United States, this generated a new wave of interest from fragments who found the emphasis on the Moving Center for the bodies went well with this new territory of freedom for exploration, thus attracting a large numbers of Young Souls who now find this still-developing freedom to be exciting to burst through. When we say "genetics" in this case, by the way, we are speaking of trends that become associated with certain cultures, ethnicities, and skin colors, but are not specifically linked in any biologically-consistent way. Some Centering inclinations do eventually become genetically-linked, such as the emphasis of strength on Intellect often having to be drawn from a pool of genetics that include poor eyesight. This tendency can be seen in Eastern Asian cultures and genetics. [Question] What more can one "DO" in the world to help – i.e., an Older Soul in Observation - how do you make a difference? [MEntity] If your question is in relation to the potential presented by the unity over the sports game in South Africa, one can only do so much if one is not a part of that particular geography and culture. What one can "do" from afar is to remain educated about the politics and potential of that area, and then to find or create a means of communication and interaction with those who are involved in that area. This communication and interaction can then provide anything from a source of support to a source of inspiration to a source of tangible help. Beyond finding a way to actually be a part of the dynamic of that culture, however remotely, one can most often only choose to trust. In choosing to trust, one has given some amount of recognition to the Essences involved in certain troubled areas, allowing for those Essences to experience and learn whatever it is they seek to learn and experience. This response from us is not an encouragement for ignoring or dismissing the plight of a demographic that is “out of sight, out of mind,” but to help encourage a capacity to differentiate between when one can do something vs when one cannot. Trust is a form of Doing, so there is always something one can DO, but Trust is also a form of Being, and Having, so all fragments can participate in Trust. Trusting a population over which you have no control, particularly when that population has no direct bearing on your daily life, is a form of Essence Recognition, and Essence Recognition is the only true form of evolution available to any fragment extant. Evolution of any one fragment is an evolution of your species' collective consciousness, and then this potential evolution becomes available to any population. [Question] From what was said in the opening remarks, I can see how it might be difficult for the skeptic or cynic to see the "good news" of their reality, whereas it is more difficult for the idealist to see the "bad news" of their reality. Sliding from an idealist point of view, I've begun to slide towards cynicism when learning and analyzing the current events of the world, as well as seeing the directions that vectors of current events may lead in the coming decades, namely new wars, famines, and a great deal of hardship for many. I suppose it could be said just another century on Planet Earth. [MEntity] It is true that certain Attitudes may be inclined toward "good" over "bad" news, or vice versa, but this would only be true from the Negative Poles of the Attitude. Though done in different ways, from the Negative Poles the Exalted Attitudes will tend to deny the "bad news" of reality, whereas the Ordinal Attitudes will tend to deny the "good news" of reality. It is not that these ends of the spectrum of news or life are "difficult" for the Attitudes to see, but that it is easier not to see them. What we mean is that the Exalted Attitudes "enter" reality through negative poles that tend to emphasize a lack of details, hence things are more beautiful, naturally. The Ordinal Attitudes tend to "enter" reality through negative poles that emphasize details, hence things are a bit "uglier" or pixelated, if you will. Again, we remind you that for one to move to the Positive, one must enter through the Negative, so these inclinations are “natural.” This is why we say that is it "easier," not because it is difficult to move beyond the negative, but that it takes effort. It takes no effort to rest in a Negative Pole. The Negative Pole is the starting gate. For the Exalted Attitudes to become whole in perspective, they must often experience SHOCK to move beyond the Negative Pole. For the Ordinal Attitudes to become whole in perspective, they must often experience SURPRISE to move beyond the Negative Pole. [Question] Somehow I get a feeling the world is in for a dose of both shock and surprise. How would you differentiate between the two, in this sense? [MEntity] We realize those terms may sound similar, but they are not: Shock is like a wall that halts one's perspective, whereas Surprise is like an invitation to go beyond the wall. The Ordinal Attitudes are not easily Shocked, but are quite intrigued by Surprise. The Exalted Attitudes are not easily Surprised, but can destroy walls of isolating, insular, or delusional perspective when Shocked. [Question] and the Neutral Attitude of Pragmatism? [MEntity] As usual, the Assimilative Attitude/Overleaf would tend toward whichever is more relevant to the experience. In other words, in the context of Relationships, a Pragmatist may require Shock, whereas in the context of Career, a Pragmatist may require Surprise. [QUESTION] How might we try to find peace and compassion with ourselves, our peers, and the world, rather than focusing on fear and despair, even when it feels like the world either is, or is about to, burn around us? [MEntity] We will say that the key to wholeness for the older soul in terms of interpretation, perspective, and possibility is to always ask WHAT IS THE TRUTH. Speculation IS NOT the truth, on any Level. If it is NOT the truth, then fear, panic, defense are completely useless and unwarranted. So while one might speculate that the current events may indicate leading toward disastrous futures, it is important to realize that this is SPECULATION, and that your center of power is only Now, which is not just a concept, but a point in time and space that is precise. That precise point of Now allows one to emphasize making the choices, actions, and feelings that can help steer reality in directions one prefers. [Question] Isn't truth relative to the perspective of the person who sees something as their truth? In which case, searching for truth is like searching for a moving and constantly changing target? [MEntity] That is why we said that speculation is never the truth on any level. Speculation is Speculation. Reality and truth are what you choose for it to be. However, what is true for you must be explored in terms of what is valid personally, globally, and/or universally for it to be a whole truth. For instance: it may be a Personal Truth that you are concerned about the future of the planet based on what you see occurring around you. The TRUTH is that you are concerned, the rest is interpretation; speculation. The future of the planet is not involved in any way beyond the speculations that prompt your concerns. The future of the planet as you see it is still only one of billions of possibilities. So what one can do in that situation is to ask: A) am I using the news as a means of Recruitment? In other words, am I only emphasizing certain things in life that confirm what I've already decided is true? B) How can I use this concern to effectively address that which I am concerned about? It is true that "reality and truth are what you choose for it to be," but as older souls, it becomes important to validate those truths against the reality and truths that are independent from your preferences, interpretations, and prejudices. So while you may feel it is true that the world is headed toward demise, it would be helpful to explore all of the educational materials that not only address the problems, but suggest solutions, so that your perspective is not a conclusion, but a piece of a process. Simply deciding what is true and real does not make it true or real to any significant degree beyond yourself. This is why people are drawn to either rest in the Recruitment reflected in news or through other people so as to sustain what has been decided as true and real, or they move beyond this into Intimacy so that they can expand beyond prejudices, preferences, and interpretations. "Reality" is only as "real" as one concludes/defends it, or explores/expands it. AN EXPERIMENT: We can suggest to all of our students as an experiment on reality to play with the idea that you may be "wrong" about what you know is true. In other words, encourage yourselves to move beyond what you have concluded or found familiar, and stretch into the "what if's" of your world. For instance, if you are dissatisfied with your work environment and have concluded that you are surrounded by Younger Souls who simply do not "get you," you can experiment with "what if" questions that seed changes in your experience of that reality. Such as "what if... I let it be okay that they do not get me?" "What if... it is I who does not get them?" "What if... I not let their interpretation of me decide my experience of my day?" Or if one is bombarded with news of the British Petroleum oil geyser that clearly implies a long-term consequence, and one puts into perspective the history of unconscious dependence on limited resources, instead of one allowing this to be the conclusion about reality, one instills alongside one's concerns the "what if" experiment: "What if... this event helps change everything for the better of the world in terms of resources and responsibilities?” "What if... this is only indicative of one business model and mistake?" "What if... necessity is the fuel of invention, and I trust that someone, somewhere, is on this with a solution that may shorten the impact of this event?" The reason we suggest this experiment is because you already do this, but most often in the direction of demise. "What if... this is the end of the world?" All of you play the "what if..." experiment, but it is only when those "what if's" are interpreted as conclusive, or when they are limited to one end of the spectrum of possibilities that one has lost wholeness of perspective. Challenge your default "what if's" and see what happens. [INTERJECTION] To which degree should this be taken? I mean, I could declare the world to be a donut, but know it not to be true. [MEntity] If one wants to experiment with "what if... the world is a donut?" we would be curious as to what you found in your results. Our point, in general, is that only what you currently experience, and what is currently happening around you, however you interpret it, is "the truth" on some level. Everything else is speculation and possibility. [Question] So many people (including many Michael students) are talking about a shift coming for “2012” with “big changes”. Every news event is another "portent". This seems to me to be antithetical to the very idea “all is choice” – what would be served by a massive, instant jump in “awareness” or consciousness level or whatever. Wouldn’t this kind of thing take away the opportunity for younger souls to work through their growth naturally. It seems like magical thinking to me, that somehow the planet will leap up to be more in tune with older souls. Is that the attraction to the idea? [MEntity] Every Soul Age has its own ideas about any "leap forward" in consciousness, if that concept is even on the radar for them. That the world would leap forward into sync with older souls might be an attraction to older souls, but certainly not to younger souls. 2012 as a period of accelerated shift is appealing to Old Souls for various reasons, but mostly as a means to fulfill a longing for Resonance with the whole of the world in a way that has been impossible for all of that Soul Age. You are a minority, and however fulfilling it is for each of you to find one another, to bond here, to know that others exist like you, it is naturally painful to also know that you are so "not like" anyone else in so many ways. The irony in this longing for Resonance that is prompting many older souls to find the 2012 projections appealing, is that the Old Soul feels this way, even when surrounded by the most like-minded and intimate of souls. This feeling is simply part of the process of Essence evolving beyond the Physical Plane. As the profundity of realization by Essence that it is part of an Entity, the profundity of isolation that a Personality can feel becomes awesome and terrifying. It might be thought that as one grows older in soul age that the profundity of death and evolution becomes embraced, but it is often quite the opposite. It becomes terrifying for the first time in a way that is indicative of true comprehension by the current Personality that it is one of many, and finite. Once that terror is processed, Cycling Off is fairly close in reincarnational terms. The Old Soul that has truly processed this terror is neither flippant about death, nor dismissive, but deeply compassionate about its spectrum of impact. We elaborate upon this because it helps to put into perspective that it is not your minority status of Soul Age that lends you a sense of isolation or lack of feeling intimate with your world; it is only you who does that, and even in the most accommodating of cultures and worlds, you can feel this way. This elaboration can also help lend insight into why the Old Soul might find it appealing to focus on some fantastical portal or scheduled shift that promises that the world might "catch up" to their perspective, or lend relief to their isolation and private misery. When the Old Soul realizes that no world shift, acceleration of consciousness, or global ascension will relieve him or her from the responsibility for his own presence, perspective, and power, then he or she is once again free. This Old Soul would be free from overwhelming emphasis on isolation, loneliness, and terror, and move to simply allow those experiences as a part of the spectrum of life. That being said, shift does happen, but it is almost always long-term, gradual, propagated, and not sudden, obvious, scheduled, or imposed. When a group "shift" of consciousness is sudden, it is almost always short-term and specific to a group of souls who intend to exit that lifetime shortly after that shift. For instance, much of Cadre 9 "shifted" at once in various soul ages/levels during the event known as "9/11." We are fairly certain that some groups will impose various make-shift "shifts" upon others within December of 2012 in some way, and many will use those fabricated shifts as points that prompt personal acceleration, be it material, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, but we know of nothing "magical" on the horizon beyond the sheer magic that is already life. The loss of a job, a car crash, a terminal illness, a fulfilling relationship, a leap in career, and even a good mood can be one's "2012" or shift that accelerates one into new perspectives and levels of consciousness, but these cannot, and are not, scheduled on any global or cosmic calendar. [Question] At the risk of getting a causal plane ruler slap to the Earth knuckles, here goes: I get the feeling like there is some major event pending for the early November 2010 time frame. Would Michael care to comment on what has the largest probability, perhaps geopolitical wise, and how that would affect us around that time frame? [MEntity] The most-significant probability that we can see for that period of time would be the likely death of a rather prominent political figure. That is not a prediction, but merely a response that describes a higher probability based on current patterns. [Question] from the US or otherwise? [MEntity] Yes, a United States politician, or at least involving one prominently. In other words, if the leader of North Korea were to die, it might be that a prominent United States politician is presumed directly involved. [Question] natural or unnatural? [MEntity] Natural or Unnatural are not details within the probabilities available to us at this time. [Question] Current potential outcome of the gulf disaster, given what we know at this stage? [MEntity] The highest probabilities we can see for that situation are that it acts as a catalyst for implementing alternative energy resources in one vein; is a reworking of laws for corporations in another vein; and a prompting for key members of the next generation to "never let this happen again." All of these “veins” appear to have high potential for combining ideals that are a part of the Vector toward a Resource-based Economy/World, while accommodating/bridging from the outdated ideas of a Debt-based Economy/World. In terms of planetary impact, it is rather minor, though that is in a grand context and is not stated to minimize the painful or direct impact it has on those currently affected. We simply state that the world will move on, adapt, and eventually find this to be another blunder in history. [Question] given that it was an accident (or was it), how do you "never let it happen again"? [MEntity] It does appear to have been an “accident”, and how a generation might "never let it happen again" would include moving beyond resources that would ever generate this kind of "accident." The greatest solution we can see as taking priority in the probabilities ahead that would keep the world moving toward a Resource-based Economy would be the combination of all ideas for alternative or complementary power sources that are marketable and currently viable, allowing for individuals, households, and complexes to choose from wind, water, and solar. There is not a single alternative that stands as the solution, but the combination and appropriate implementation of one or more alternatives, relative to geographic compatibilities. We must conclude here. Our channel is done. Goodbye.
  2. Juni


    Kitten is hilariously drawn. Less than a ten minute watch, and ultimately illustrates the benefits of risk and Trust.
  3. [Excerpt from Private Session originally posted on October 25, 2004. This session has not been re-posted to the current site for discussion.] [HeidiH] How can I become more confident? [MEntity] The key to your confidence can be found in the exploration of your ideas about Strength and Trust. At some point in your life you have decided two things: “strength can harm” and “trust must be earned”. Additionally, you have determined that “confidence” is the result of the combination of “strength” and “trust”. Being wary of both “strength” and “trust”, the result is your sensing a lack of “confidence”. Displays of strength and trust are as enticing to you as they are terrifying. You envy the confidence of others, yet you also condemn your own ability to express it. You diminish displaying your own levels of strength and trust because you never want to harm another person and you do not wish to invite potential harm, either. It is impossible for you NOT to have some sort of strength or trust in life, but you have eventually found ways of displaying your strength and trust in ways that are distorted or disguised. Your strength has been distorted into “endurance” and your skills of trust have been distorted into “invisibility”. Both qualities are valid and useful, but when combined for you, instead of experiencing confidence, you experience SEPARATION. The more separated you feel from others, the more you use endurance and invisibility, which, of course, perpetuates the cycle. The key, then, to your bringing more confidence into your expression is through PRESENCE. Being more present in the moment of your experiences may be an easier task to accomplish than trying to express your concepts of confidence. Being Present is also a quality of combining Strength and Trust. Instead of battling the issue of whether you are experiencing Confidence, you can approach a less-threatening concept of being Present, and still get the same results. In your case, being Present can be accomplished by randomly practicing Vividry, taking a class or course focused on speaking publicly, and exercising. Vividry is the practice of gently bringing to your conscious awareness exactly where you are at any moment. Feel your presence in space, see your hands, relax your face, tongue, shoulders, and notice the colors, sounds, temperature, and textures of a few moments. Experience the vivid awareness of those few moments and delight in the experience of being a part of your reality. Allow the vividry to bring a smile to your face. You too often disengage from your physical expression of your Being and condense your experiences into a small perspective that could be said to be limited to your facial region. In other words, it could be said that you are “living in your head.” Vividry will help bring your consciousness into all parts of your body, which is going to eventually shine as confidence. We would also suggest taking a course or class in speaking publicly, including considering classes in Improvisation. Learning how to organize thoughts, presentations, and spontaneous interactions within a safe group would greatly increase your ability to experience Presence and Confidence in daily life. And finally, we suggest that at your own pace, within a context that is interesting to you, we would suggest some form of physical routine of exercise, such as Yoga, Treadmill, Tai Chi, etc. Having these tangible approaches to being more Present will naturally provide you with the Confidence you wish to experience.
  4. OMW - Mar 20, 2010 - Manifesting Essence Troy Tolley, Channel (aka CocteauBoy) Notes from Geraldine (who originally posted this session): Normally, extraneous comments are removed from a transcript; however, since they were an integral part of this workshop, they were left in. This transcript is considered "unfinished" as it clearly shows at the end of each participant's personalized assessment that more would come with the finished transcript. [CocteauBoy] So I'm just going to turn this over to Michael then... I would have loved to do this live through the video chat, but I orally channel with my eyes closed and wouldn't know what the hell would be going on in the chat [CocteauBoy] Take a few deep breaths, relax, assume a sense of resonance among all of us and with Michael and I'll bring in Michael now! [CocteauBoy] Once they start the chat, they will be setting up the subject with an introduction about the whole idea of manifesting essence, so during that time, make note of your questions, but hold them until they ask for them. [CocteauBoy] Then there will be a round of Q&A on the subject in general before going into the details for each of you. [CocteauBoy] ****************WORKSHOP BEGINS HERE******************* [CocteauBoy] Have a great session, everyone! [Michael Entity]: Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin our discussion with you on the subject of interest: Manifesting Essence We will, first, define what we mean by "manifesting essence." Manifesting Essence is active awareness and expression of the Personality to a degree that includes and implements the animating force that is the soul (or Essence). There are two ways that this can happen: consciously and unconsciously. The unconscious way may seem in conflict with "active awareness," but it is not. For many who unconsciously manifest essence, there is still an active awareness of themselves as being "more than" the current moment, current personality, current situation, etc. This awareness, in itself, allows many to manifest Essence to some degree. This does not mean that this same person acknowledged the soul/Essence, or understands that force to any degree that is useful. This allows for Essence to participate in the life, even if one chooses a path of Atheist or Existentialist, Satanist, or any superstitious, mythological, religious worship. Essence participates in the life ONLY as a flowing resource until the Personality begins to consider its existence beyond itself and the moment. When a Personality does not reach that point, then the lifetime is left entirely up to the Personality for creation, navigation, and processing, until after the death of that Personality, at which point Essence can then access all of the material gathered by the Personality. Infant, Baby, Mature and Old Souls have an easier time at this manifesting of essence than Young, which is the Soul Age that emphasizes rejection of existence beyond the self and the moment. This does not mean that a Young Soul cannot, or does not, manifest essence, but that it is part of the point of that soul age to explore that emphasis, which is inherently exclusive of Essence. Regardless of that emphasis, there will be AT LEAST ONE lifetime within EACH Soul Age that manifests Essence 100% before moving into the next Soul Age. This is most often experienced in the 7th Levels of the Soul Ages, and if it happens previous to that, then all subsequent Personalities on any Level within that Soul Age will have a greater ease in Manifesting Essence. As the soul grows in soul age, of course, the manifestations become "easier and easier." This is because the Role learns from each Personality what did and did not work in terms of allowing access and expression within the lifetime. The Essence Role then takes more elaborate care in designing Personalities, and setting up Agreements, Karma, life circumstances, imprinting, etc., in a way that is most successful for keeping the Personality aware of itself beyond itself and the moment. Manifesting Essence IS NOT a sustained state. At least not in the sense that most would think it to be. To the degree that a Personality "manifests essence" is the degree to which that Personality has embraced access to its wholeness beyond the self and moment. In the same way that a fragment might be 5th Level Old, but "manifesting mature," so can the Personality have reached a degree of Essence Manifestation, but fluctuate in those degrees. Therefore, each Personality will have its degree to which it HAS Manifested Essence, a degree to which it manages to reach on average, and a degree to which it IS manifesting. We have outlined the 7 Spheres of Awareness in previous chats with our students, and it would be helpful to review that material as it is parallel to what we are sharing today, but our emphasis today is on the degree of MANIFESTATION of ESSENCE, which is a different part of the picture. The Sphere to which one has gained Awareness contributes to the capacity for the Personality to Manifest Essence. You will be directed to that material after this workshop for elaboration. There are many ways we can delineate the degrees to which one can manifest Essence, but the shortcut to understanding the degree to which you are manifesting essence is to evaluate the degree to which you LIKE YOURSELF. This may seem highly simplistic, but the truth is rarely complicated. The degree to which you like yourself is proportional to how much you live as your soul. Your soul likes you. We use the word "like" because it is that personal. It is that intimate. We could say that your Soul loves you, and it would be true, but that is much more likely to be rejected, dismissed, or experienced as out of reach than the more intimate and personal world of "like." Therefore, it goes naturally as an equation that the degree to which your Essence is present, the degree of self-like is present. We point out here that we are not speaking of prideful, defensive, or reactionary forms of LIKE. We are not speaking of those moments that the Personality is trying to establish itself as likable by pointing out to itself a weak means of proving how much it is liked. We are speaking of those moments, periods of time, and states that you simply do not mind who you are, where you are, and there is a peace, kindness, and enthusiasm about it. We say "do not mind" because LIKING yourself does not exclude your potential, your ideals, your intentions for improvement and evolution, etc. As we work with you today, rather than describing your Manifesting Essence in terms of degrees, we will describe them in terms of percentages. This is to help support the awareness of the self as WHOLE. The percentage to which one likes oneself, manifests Essence, is the percentage of Wholeness that is experienced. For simplistic purposes, we will say that Wholeness is experienced as confidence, trust, and kindness. Those three terms are relative to the Intellectual, Moving, and Emotional states the Personality. And those are relative to your states of sense of self-esteem, sense of control, and sense of meaning or value. To clarify: Wholeness = confidence/emotional/self-esteem; trust/moving/control; kindness/intellectual/value Not only does each Role have different ways of Manifesting within a lifetime, but the Personality/Overleaves can make an impact on how that manifestation is experienced and expressed. What we will do in a moment then is walk through with each of you to discuss with you our interpretation of what we see for you in terms of your manifesting your Essence within this lifetime through the current Personality. Before we do that, we will now open for questions about what we have shared so far. QUESTIONS? [NicSweeney] nope [Martha] not me [Geraldine] No -- you've made sense so far -- I liked the use of "like" versus love [NicSweeney] this is very helpful! [Diane_H] no questions [Mari] ditto for me as well [Geraldine] I was able to apply it backwards through memory lane -- it makes sense [Karine] no question [NicSweeney] so much sense...and great validation that I am growing! [Geraldine] How much you like yourself is also the criteria for finishing 4th IM in positive [NicSweeney] I'm on my way! [Michael Entity]: As this is intended to be a "workshop," we will now pose to you a question for you. Take a moment to ponder it, knowing that your answer may change upon further reflection outside of this class. WORKSHOP QUESTION [do not answer yet]: Without being distracted by your worst days, or your best days, and keeping your evaluation limited to the most meaningful time frame from your current moment (adulthood, for example), ON AVERAGE, what percentage would you describe yourself as manifesting Essence? Your percentage would be your sense of Wholeness as it is experienced as a combination of Trust, Confidence, and Kindness. Trust is your capacity to extrapolate from your past successful experiences the strength for your next steps. Confidence is your capacity to inspire yourself with accurate observations, internally and externally. Kindness is your capacity to evaluate, express, and accurately comprehend the meaning and value of any moment, event, person, relationship, etc. [annh] I have my moments [annh] 40% [Geraldine] I would give myself much higher numbers after listening to the opening statements than I would have before. [annh] but even 20% would be ok [Martha] I'd say mine is a lot higher in the past year or two [Martha] than earlier [annh] me, too, Martha [Michael Entity]: It is not necessary for you to share your percentages, yet. We wish to give you all of the factors to consider before you evaluate. [Geraldine] I just would never have defined intellectual through kindness and emotional through "accurate observations" [Michael Entity]: We would describe the percentage range as: (this percentage range may be described differently for different soul ages) From 0% that looks like self-loathing, to 20% that looks like self-criticism, to 40% that looks like self-interest, to 60% that looks like self-expression, to 80% that looks like self-healing, to %100 that looks like selflessness. We will clarify "Self-interest" as that state in which one "knows better" and seeks to correct, transform, or accept the choices made in life. "Self-expression" is that state in which one is comfortable in one's own skin and does not feel shame in his or her presence to any meaningful degree. "Self-healing" is that state in which mistakes, failures, disappointments, anger, frustrations, are experienced as PART of life, and one is not consumed by any one of these things, therefore living in a state of self-protection is unnecessary, and every act, choice, experience is a healing. "Selflessness" is that state in which one loses all sense of self-defense and unnecessary fear, which frees all awareness to be inclusive of all bodies, rather than protective of one or more (such as the physical, emotional, or intellectual bodies). Using this spectrum, you may have a better sense of your average. Any questions? [NicSweeney] nope [Geraldine] nope -- still makin' sense [Mari] still ditto [Diane_H] Earlier you said Young souls are more likely to reject essence, but even then not all of them are in total self-loathing. [Martha] I'm good [Michael Entity]: When we speak of the lack of defense and self-protection, by the way, we do not mean those instances when it is necessary. Life will always include the scathing factors that may require your protection. [Karine] can the percentages vary depending on the situation one find themselve in? [Michael Entity]: Correct, Diane, and we would describe the percentage range differently for that Soul Age for that reason. [Diane_H] Oh, I see. [Karine] or is a person always manifesting the same percentage in any given moment? [Michael Entity]: Karine, percentages will fluctuate as often as your moods. [Karine] alright, makes sense [Michael Entity]: They will also find that they escalate or drop in various contexts, as well. One may drop to 0% when confronted with intimacy, but escalate to 100% when in the presence of children, for instance. [Geraldine] I'm definitely doing a whole lot better than I was a few years ago [Karine] me too! I think I went from 0% to about 40% on average [Karine] in the course of about 6 years... [Geraldine] you must have transitioned solidly out of your 3rd IM!! [Michael Entity]: Understanding where and how and why you fluctuate gives you keen awareness of those areas that you have agreed are most useful to you and your soul, and those that areas you still seek to make useful for both you and your soul. [Karine] well, I'm not sure I did, but I'm working on it... [Michael Entity]: The areas in which you are the lowest percentage of manifestation are those areas you still have not figured out how to Trust, be Confident, and be Kind. [Karine] in other words, the better you get at something, the more you manifest Essence while doing it? [Michael Entity]: Not necessarily. One might be terrible at managing children, for instance, but being around children brings out the full presence of Essence for the experience because the Personality chooses to Trust, feels Confident, and is Kind. One might be utterly uninformed and incapable of playing in an orchestra, but the process of learning from the very beginning has Essence manifested fully. [Karine] so it depends on how you see things [Mari] can you have say, a higher percentage of one or both and lag on the third, or do all 3 have to be about equal? [Michael Entity]: Karine, perception is a vital component to the manifestation of Essence. Mari, in terms of Trust, Confidence, and kindness, the variations among them are rarely far apart in terms of contributing to manifestation of Essence. It could be said that there are degrees of trust, confidence, and kindness, but in the context of Manifesting Essence, even 1 degree is enough to contribute to that manifestation. In most cases, one either trusts, or does not; one is either confident, or not; one is kind, or not. And if one is Kind, then one is Confident, is Trusting. It is a network of energies/states that tend to amplify and strengthen with any emphasis on any part. It is much the same with your own Overleaves: the movement of one Overleaf into the Positive Pole tends to draw others into that state. [annh] I am going to have to ask, then, what is kindness, in these terms? [annh] What is a definition or definition of kindness in this context? [Michael Entity]: As stated before: Kindness is your capacity to evaluate, express, and accurately comprehend the meaning and value of any moment, event, person, relationship, etc. [annh] How do we, personality discern accurateness? [Michael Entity]: A real-world example might be when one has lost the necessity for comparisons of the current body to one that may be desired, or to standards set by a society. It is that capacity to know that there is a difference, but that those differences do not devalue one or the other. [annh] This means then, the most loving and compassionate interpretation of another's expression. [Michael Entity]: If we were to put this in the most simplistic of terms, we would say that it is the degree to which one can truly appreciate differences without hierarchy of value. Ann, yes, it would apply in those instances, as well. This does not mean that one has to completely translate someone else's expression as "loving" when it was not loving, but that the expression has no bearing on your sense of value and meaning. [Geraldine] acceptance of others [Michael Entity]: Kindness INCLUDES the capacity for you to allow room for YOUR interpretation and experience of something AND your Essence's, which means that you do not force a loving stance upon yourself before you are capable of loving and accepting. [annh] As a small child I recall telling my mother that Al Capone, the mobster, didn't think he was a bad person. She was shocked. But I knew what I meant [Michael Entity]: Ann, your example would be accurate, and it would also showcase how one does not have to choose between one value and another, but can recognize both and make choices from there. Kindness is not the same thing as approval. Kindness does not think in such terms. We realize that time is limited for our next round of discussion, so we will be providing more details to you individually outside of the chat included with the transcript, depending on how much we can get through within 30 minutes. As this time is running beyond what was expected, if any of you must depart, we will include everything we would have said to you here, in the final transcript, as well. Otherwise, we will begin our interpretation of each of you in terms of Manifesting your Essence. [annh] I'm here [Martha] got all day:) [Michael Entity]: We will work through each of you as you are listed in this chat room list. [Mari] I can stay too [Michael Entity]: We will begin with Ann: [annh] yessir! [annh] or sirs and mesdames [Michael Entity]: We would say that your average is at 30%, with your highest point within this lifetime being at 85%, and your most accommodating context being when you share moments of laughter. The context that your "favorite" for your Personality are those moments of shared INSIGHT. In all instances of Manifestation, the higher percentages have all been in moments that would be described as SHARED. Your Personality is designed to want and need others, and this has caused its own challenges and rewards across various contexts of your life, but it is fair to say that the more you enjoy the company of others, the more your Essence is present. [annh] jeez, an extrovert [Michael Entity]: The greatest complication or obstacle that contributes to your not manifesting Essence is the confusion that being alone generates for such a Personality that is designed to crave others. It has been interpreted that "being alone" means "something is wrong," and therefore contributes to your lack of trust, confidence, and kindness states. [annh] Yes. That makes sense [Michael Entity]: Your greatest key to bringing a sense of wholeness across the board would be in your continued embrace of your aloneness as being more than a sanctuary or escape, and that your disappointment in others is far less than a defining factor for your value in life. We know that these are factors you already know and explore. [annh] you mean that I have "decided" that others are "boring?" [Michael Entity]: Of course you have. [Geraldine] lol [Diane_H] [Martha] hee hee [Michael Entity]: We have more to say that will be included in the transcript, but will move on to Diane. [annh] I know there's more. It just kicked me in the gut. [annh] lol [Michael Entity]: We see your average as being at 25% until recently, which has spiked you to your highest point so far at 68%. Your most accommodating context appears to be when "people watching," which tends to generate a compassion and empathy for even the most unlikely of people. The context that is your "favorite" for your Personality are those moments in which you are able to guide another. In all instances of Manifestation it appears that the theme has been in those moments when you felt you "made a difference," either energetically or obviously. [Diane_H] When did I start averaging higher? Last year? [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed so that it strips all elements of superficiality from an exchange and this has left you dealing with a particularly sensitive and vulnerable Personality, causing you to sometimes ignore false representations as as way to feel safe within your own self-images. [Diane_H] You mean my own false representations or others'? [Michael Entity]: Therefore, your greatest complication or obstacle that contributes to your not manifesting Essence is how you deal with dishonesty and doubt. Your greatest key to bringing a sense of wholeness across the board would be in your "speaking up," or communication, in general. This would help move you into more consistent average percentages relative to Self-expression. [Diane_H] That's also where I feel the greatest fear. [Michael Entity]: In response to your question: both. We would include as your "false representations" the lack of communication or speaking up when you had wished you would have, or differently, at least. We have more to say, and will include that in the transcript. We will now speak to Geraldine. We see your average as being at 19% for most of this life, with a recent sustained spike to an average between 60 and 89%. In that time, you have peaked at 100% on random occasions. We will contain our assessment to the more recent averages then. Your most accommodating context for your manifestation of Essence is in writing. This is because one of the greatest obstacles that contributed to your maintaining a lower percentage of manifestation in the past was your quick mind that could not back track. Writing moves you into the 60% range and this slowing down of the mind, and the capacity to correct directions of such a quick mind, has allowed for Essence to be more present than ever, rather than being crowded out by constant value judgments. [Geraldine] -- you've got me pegged [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed for quick assessment, snap judgments, and keen awareness. This allowed for the Personality to quickly learn that it was "right" most of the time. Upon discovering that you could be "wrong," however, the Personality plowed forward with its momentum, which was not altered until the past 5 years or so. [Geraldine] LOL [Michael Entity]: This "plowing forward" could only be maintained by constant consumption of information that must be processed, assessed, evaluated, organized, judged, etc. Because "that is what you do." One of your Personality's favorite means of manifesting Essence is when it can "correct" someone. The capacity to do so has continued to be refined, and this has allowed for greater percentages of Essence to manifest. [Geraldine] oh kerist, what a pain in the patooty [Michael Entity]: Your greatest obstacle then has been in the investment of "being right." Freeing yourself from this has opened you to new worlds on a multitude of levels. The greatest key to your bringing Essence in across the board would be in your capacity for allowing paradox and contradiction. [Geraldine nods] --- this has been growing by leaps and bounds [Michael Entity]: We have more to say and will include that in the transcript. We will speak to Karine now. We see you, Karine, as having an average of 44% so far, with your highest peak being at the 60% area. [Karine] cool, I've put a lot of work into this! [Michael Entity]: Keep in mind that averages can drop tremendously when the 4th Internal Monad is undertaken. We say this because numbers post-4th Internal Monad are lower often because of that. Your most accommodating context for manifesting Essence so far has been in those moments when you ACCEPT. There are experiences and events and people that you appear to have had to "let go," and simply allow them to be what they are, and this is where Essence has been most present. [Karine] sounds similar to my Life Task [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed in this lifetime for Affection, so there will always be a search for what resonates between yourself and another, or between you and your experiences. Affection is that which helps nurture a common ground. This also contributed to your confusion about "who you are." This sense of not knowing who you are because of your establishing common ground between yourself and others then would be one of your greatest obstacles to manifesting Essence. Eventually it was understood that your capacity for finding, creating, nurturing common ground does not mean you are betraying yourself, but that it is simply a strength. Therefore, one of your keys to helping include Essence in more of your Personality is in your capacity to feel comfortable saying NO. This awareness might serve you greatly over your 4th Internal Monad as it begins in a couple of years. [Karine] this is so true, but so difficult... I'm such a people pleaser [Michael Entity]: We have more to say and will include this in the transcript. [Karine] thanks for the insight [Michael Entity]: Next we will speak to Mari. We see your average as being at 45%, with your highest peak being around 80%. Your most accommodating context for manifesting your Essence is in LEARNING. If you feel that you are learning, you feel alive. [Mari] true [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed for absorbing knowledge and experiences in this lifetime, and so it was that you launched yourself into many directions and into many situations that left you wounded and confused. The fact that your Personality "can handle" all of this allowed you to push yourself too far in many instances, and this closed down a lot of your capacity for understanding. However, you continue to pursue experiences and knowledge, but no room was left for comprehension, and your consumption of experience and knowledge was left as superficial and constantly slipping off of the top, so to speak, of your coffers. Therefore, your greatest obstacle to manifesting Essence is in your not resting. This has moved your life into circumstances that forced "rest" to the extent that it could, and even this has been resisted. [Mari] omg yes... [Michael Entity]: The key to your manifesting Essence across the board, and allowing for your digestion of the past and for integration of your rest, is to LISTEN. You simply do not listen. You "hear," but you do not comprehend what is being heard, and that is the difference. When we say that you would want to Listen, we mean that you often drown yourself out by what you want, what you do not have, what you want to say, what you did not say, what you could be doing, what you could have been doing, what you should be doing, etc. and you do not stop to simply listen to where you are, who is with you, and what life has to say. You have the capacity to listen perfectly well, but have learned to "tune out life" as it just started to hurt too much. Remembering and embracing this life can be done through your strength of learning and listening again. We have more to say, and will include this in the transcript. We will speak to Martha now. We see you, Martha, as manifesting in a way that we would have to say is more accurate to describe as split emphases. An average that sustains in the 20% range and an average that sustains in the 60% range. [Martha] that does not surprise me [Michael Entity]: This is because you live two separate lives in many ways. Your private life sustains the higher percentage, but your public life drops drastically. You have manifested at 100% in rare occassions. Your most accommodating context for manifesting Essence is CREATIVITY. Your Personality is designed to create. When you feel something utterly original has been created, or is in the process of being created, your Essence is manifesting to a great degree. This, however, has led you into tangents of reality that are created entirely "in your head" and this has become your reality in many ways over the years to the point that it has become one of your greatest obstacles to manifesting Essence. The key for your manifesting Essence across the board is through DISCIPLINE, or Structure. We mean this in terms of self-discipline, and self-structure. [Martha] yes I know [Michael Entity]: If this structure and discipline is generated externally, it serves only to contribute to your generating more internal worlds for escape. [Martha] oh, that is VERY true [Martha] lol [Michael Entity]: And this is why you resist that self-discipline and self-structuring. You have equated it with pain and loss of self, loss of identity, restriction of creativity. However, as we have said before to our students, True Freedom can only be experienced within structure. The same could be said of True Creativity. Creation requires Form. When it is left without form, it becomes consuming. Destructive. Efforts to embrace structure, order, and some discipline in regard to your creativity would impact you across all of your contexts for manifesting Essence. We will close with our speaking to Nicholas. [Geraldine] Would you also add to the transcript portion anything that Troy might learn from this Workshop as it applies to himself? [Michael Entity]: We will share this with him, and he can share that with you. We see you, Nicholas, as manifesting Essence at an average of 50%, but that average has raised from an average of 20% if we had been asked 5 years ago, or so. You have peaked in manifestation at around 80% on several occasions. Your most accommodating context for manifesting essence has been in RELATIONSHIPS. [NicSweeney] LOL! [NicSweeney] tis true:-) [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed for relationships, intimacy, and physical presence, and this launched you into a world of naivety that left you disoriented and hurt as the years passed exploring what you are so capable of exploring. What started out as innocence moved into naivety and then into jadedness. This is simply because it was presumed that others would naturally understand you, embrace you, feel intimacy and presence to the capacity that you were naturally capable. [NicSweeney] this brings tears... [Michael Entity]: Therefore your greatest obstacle to manifesting Essence has been in your defense and protection of your innocence as righteousness and false confidence. [NicSweeney] would you define innocence? [Michael Entity]: The key to your manifesting Essence across the board is in your asking for help, asking for understanding, asking for comfort, etc. In short, ASKING. It has always been presumed that those qualities in life should already be present and in abundance, and it has been a painful process to realize that they are not always offered so freely. However, that does not mean they are not there. We define innocence here as child-like awe. Your return to innocence, which has begun, finds you experiencing things as "new again." [NicSweeney] yes [Michael Entity]: Innocence always experiences everything as new, no matter how many times it is experienced. There is an awe, an appreciation, a playful sense of reflection in everything. And the world is experienced as inherently harmless. We think that we have shared enough with each of you today to help in your understanding how, where, why, and what manifesting Essence means for you. We will conclude here. Goodbye.
  5. August 3, 2003 Troy Tolley, Channel MICHAEL SPEAKS (Online) – Energy Report with Q&A [MichaelEntity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin with the Energy Report as requested: It appears the more intense energy of June and July is waning as a lull is settling in. This comes after a great deal of physical and mental activity during June and July. As many of you already know the months of June and July brought with them a great deal of Clarity and Implementation. Most of our students dealt with some form of serious change during those months with some form of revelation being implemented. As we had mentioned in our previous report, it is not unusual to implement a serious change, but the difference was in the fact that so many of you participated in such an investment. After June’s and July’s activities and shifts, August should bring about some relief, some “down time”, a short break. For most of our students (especially those in the United States) calmness is moving through the collective consciousness, and while this is an opportunity to simply relax, most will find this calm to be unsettling and distrustful. Because this year is rooted in the energies of the Moving Center, it may be difficult for you to simply relax and peacefully go about the routines of your life right now. A momentum is in place and calmness may be difficult to settle into, even if only briefly. Even for those who are quite sedentary, you may be associated with another fragment who will keep you restless along with him or her. Our suggestion for the next 3 weeks or so is to take advantage of the calm, to make a decision that for at least one of the weeks, you will trust your life; you will simply do the routines of your day, and know that you are safe. For those who have made a major change in July or June, then August can be seen as a Maintenance month, continuing the implementation of your changes, getting comfortable after some of your personal shifts. In light of the opportunity to choose Calmness over the next three weeks or so, we will not complicate matters by elaborating the Energy Report too much. We already know that many of you will choose to follow your restlessness and that is as valid a choice as choosing to rest. We will help in your ability to consciously make your choice by stating that if you find you are choosing restlessness, or if you seem to not be able to relax even when you try, that you can help generate peace for even a few hours at a time by simply reminding yourself that YOU ARE SAFE. In most cases restlessness is due to some form of control issues, and if you let your guard down for “one second” things will “fall apart”. Many times those who are restless don’t even know what it is they worry about, but in many situations that worry is simply rooted in feeling unsafe. Those who “worry” to the point of being unable to relax are the same children who were usually punished in some way for behaviors deemed unacceptable. “Worry” and restlessness are only for superficial appearances then. As long as you are worried, or as long as you are restless, then even if you are judged, rejected, or reprimanded (internally or from external sources), at least your worry and restlessness will show you tried. This is not to diminish the very real worries of life, or the restlessness of certain experiences and bodily/hormonal fluctuations, but when a fragment feels he or she CANNOT choose against these things, it may be rooted in that lack of feeling safe. For those who choose to access and experiment with the energies available over the next few weeks, you can experiment with how often you can look at your life and say with trust and truth that you are safe. While the past couple of months helped support serious changes among most of you, this month’s energy can lend support in your reacquainting yourself with the “groove” of your life from the stance of Trust. We will now take questions from those who have them. QUESTIONS [infoloon] I thought virtually all children in this culture were punished for behaviors deemed unacceptable? [MichaelEntity] And the act of “worrying” is as pervasive. [Whillo333] Is the unsafe feeling from the unstable political and economic status of “the world” and the “fear” that seems to permeate society now? [MichaelEntity] It is actually rare that any older soul (Late Mature through Old) ever feels completely safe within the lifetime. Regardless of the state of any culture, society, country, or planet for that matter, the Older Souls have known many tragedies and have experienced many struggles these souls know all-too-well how easily a life can shift and change. Over many lifetimes the Essence gains experiences in managing these shifts and perils of the physical plane, but each lifetime also brings a new Personality that has never experienced death or struggle. [pitcoozer] That is a revelation – re: late mature and old souls .. and feeling safe. [MichaelEntity]This is a strange dichotomy that will eventually resolve itself as the Personality learns to access and trust what it considers its Essence. [pitcoozer] Explains a lot – the trust is like the candle blowing in the wind .. [Whillo333] Thank you. As an old soul, your comments are very meaningful to me. [MichaelEntity] As that dichotomy resolves itself, the Personality, while still being “new”, will not only find access to the memories of hardship and deaths, but also to the reality of the immortality of its Essence. [pitcoozer] Yes – alleviates the fear of death itself, and increases the zest for living and being .. [MichaelEntity] As we have said many times, but will say again, it is the Personality that “controls” the lifetime, not the Essence. While Essence can offer an overall theme to the lifetime, it is the choices and decisions of Personality that create the path of a lifetime. As each choice is made, Essence can “spin off” versions of that lifetime into “parallels”, allowing thousands of versions of the Personality to fulfill itself. [Whillo333] Can the 2 be at odds throughout the lifetime? [MichaelEntity] There will always be AT LEAST one parallel that will find resonance and recognition of Essence, following the original intent of the lifetime. There will almost always be at least one lifetime that completely rejects the notion of a soul and creates its own path. [Whillo333] In which case, what happens to the soul? [MichaelEntity] So, in answer to the original question, the sense of unsafety we speak of is that which is inherently a part of any life, especially of the older soul. Eventually, and as part of any final cycle of lives, the Personality and Essence become “One”, and a kind of “telescoping” of all lifetimes occurs, with all Personalities across time finally experiencing a sense of Home. In answer to your question, Whillo, the soul observes that lifetime/parallel and learns. [freyaisissuz] Wil’s que: Wil was channeled as having a secondary channeling agreement with Michael. A definition from Michael about a “secondary agreement” and how it differs from primary would help validate the contract for him and others. [MichaelEntity] Different channels will create different ways of describing our Agreements with us. Those who use “secondary” to describe an Agreement with us would usually be describing the seeking of direct contact with us for personal reasons, along with the ability to offer that contact to personal circles of friends or family. A “secondary” Agreement would not include any pull to “go public”, while a Primary Agreement may not only involve publicity, but the use of the Agreement as a source of income. [schleiv] How can we learn to trust the action of just letting your day go by. How do you know its right to just let it flow? At times I feel this, when doing my art but later, I think I could have been much more productive, where does the trust begin and the uncertainty end? [MichaelEntity] As with most distrust, it comes from speculation, not valid perception. Trust begins when you can learn to differentiate and choose between Speculation and Valid Perception. When you are in the middle of your day, trusting, flowing, and generally feeling synchronized with your life and Essence, it can safely be said that you are in a state of Trust. At the end of that same day, upon reinterpretation, you may then find yourself speculating, extracting upon retrospect all of the things you could or should have done; therein lays the source of your distrust and worry. Whether in speculation before or after an experience, you will always find ways that you could or should have done something. The ability to learn and evolve comes with a “double-edged sword”, meaning that along with that ability to evolve, you also have the ability to extract possibilities/probabilities that could/would have worked better or differently. [emberton@…] Thanks Michael, here is my question: If we find ourselves permeated by worry and fear-of-letting-go during this period, what method(s) or technologies do you recommend to facilitate a break in this pattern, beyond what has been mentioned previously? [MichaelEntity] We only suggest making the attempt to consciously choose Trust and to do so with the knowledge of why you may have difficulty doing so. There is no other way to truly make the choice. The most profound method of choosing Trust/Safety is in the simple act of STOPPING. By this we mean to literally stop moving, stop fidgeting, stop thinking about anything distracting, even for one minute or 30 seconds, and stating with as much gentleness as possible… “I AM SAFE. THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAN ME AND MY CHOICES RIGHT NOW. I AM SAFE.” Taking 30 seconds to feel safe and to choose trust can have a calming effect on the body and mind for at least an hour or so. We suggest stating the words once, gently and with as much truth as you can, and HEAR THEM. Repeating them over and over may create a reaction from your Instinctive Center that something is wrong and requires trying to override reality. So state the words calmly, plainly, sweetly to you, and listen to how they sound. It would do you well to understand that the words being stated will not change your life. Instead, they will be words that invite a new perception, which can then change your experiences of your life. Taking those moments to invite the perception, allowing more conscious and loving interpretations of the lifetime, lead to more conscious and loving choices. [H2OSprtlvr] Do you suggest that August is a good month to review personal fears such as with interpersonal relationships? All fears, I suppose. [MichaelEntity] Any Month is always a “good month” for any introspection. In your case, it may actually be a “good time” to give yourself a break from your constant internal scrutiny. While we are not suggesting you choose against your own inclinations, we will say that some of your solutions you seek can be found by not “looking so closely” at the matter at hand. You are submerged in an experience that could be benefited from a bit of distancing from it. The past few months were for such close scrutiny and clarity. August could be used to say, “Why did I ever think anything was ever wrong?” This does not mean you have to dismiss any responsibilities you feel inclined to work through, but it can help you make clearer, gentler decisions and Choices. Modern lives are not wrought with Survival as many of your past lives have been, but are wrought with “Improvement”. The greatest “improvement” you can make on any life or relationship is in freeing yourself from assuming there is some conclusive improvement to be reached. You will ALWAYS “improve” and we have yet to have seen any end to our potential evolution. We quote the word “improve” because of its being a misnomer. There is only Evolution. “Improvement” is relative. Relationships, internally and externally, will ALWAYS Evolve, which may be seen as an Improvement or not. [Anla899] What are ways to synchronize personality and Essence on a day to day basis? [MichaelEntity] There are three very simple and effective ways of synchronizing Essence with Personality: Writing to Essence, Talking to Essence, or Meditating to Essence. [Anla899] How do we do those? [MichaelEntity] Most fragments assume that Essence “knows all” about the lifetime being lived, but that is not the case. Essence only “knows” what YOU inform it of, which is why some lives can seem to spiral out of control, reaching a point where crisis is the only time the Personality seeks to contact its soul. Essence can only experience your life THROUGH you. There are moments within the life called “Instinctive Review” wherein the Personality “uploads” the experiences of the life to-date and Essence can then help to direct the life, if the Personality will allow it. Otherwise, it is up to Personality to keep the lines of communication clear and up-to-date. Keeping any form of a journal, whether daily or weekly or monthly can help keep Personality and Essence in contact and more united. For journaling, simply write about your life, stating clearly what it is you seek to change, stating clearly about areas in which you believe you would like help from Essence. Keep a log of your dreams and observe the changes you are recording by looking at patterns in your days, your choices, and reactions, dreams, etc. Keeping a journal is like remaining gently conscious of what it is you want, need, and keeping Essence included in that. Some of you may benefit from simply speaking out loud to Essence, treating this part of you as an actual “invisible friend” who is humorous and caring. State to your Essence occasionally how you feel your life is going, asking for help, or giving gratitude when it is felt. This can be done as ritualistically as prayer or as playfully as making comments throughout your day. And finally, some may be inclined to use Meditation for continual contact with Essence. We say Meditation as it includes any practice of focus whether through calming of the body and turning inward, or through running, exercising, doing a puzzle, etc. In those instances of Meditation, however you choose to meditate, remember to invite your Essence to access your Instinctive Center where all experiences are stored. These three methods can keep Essence continually updated and your life continually synchronized, instead of having to go through startling revelations during the scheduled Instinctive Reviews. [Additional information: Michael explained later that the reason for writing, speaking, or meditation, rather than just random inner dialogue, is not only due to the fact that those three methods engage all of the Lower Centers, but that they also help refine what it is you wish to communicate, rather than all of the random worries, fears, anxiousness, etc.] [schleiv] how often are those reviews? [MichaelEntity] Val, the Reviews are approximately every 7 years, with the major reviews around the ages of 28 and a 56.
  6. Our Geraldine [memorial profile]

    History of Michael and Their Teachings

    This material was obtained in a Michael Speaks session on March 25, 2012. Note from Janet: I found this session hidden in my 'Geraldine' archives. Although it is a Michael Speaks session, it was originally posted in the TLE Fringe section, for reasons that will become obvious when you read it. As more and more 'fringe' material hits the site with barely a blink among TLE students, I think this session rightfully belongs among the other Michael Speaks sessions. March 25, 2012 History of Michael and their Teachings Channel: Troy Tolley [MEntity] To begin with, we will speak to you about the origin and nature of your Agreements with us, and then move into the history. We think our connection is clear enough now to move forward. Most of our students were in Agreement to be our students long before our Cycling off. These Agreements were made among our Essences, but forged by our relationships within the Physical Plane as our Personalities interacted. Many of you have been our children, parents, best friends, loved ones, and yes, even our intimate mates, when we were incarnating. Over our 6 million years of incarnating, we have shared many lives with many fragments, just as you have. No Entity, Cadre, or Energy Ring sustains its incarnations with only its own fragments. Though the pool of options are vast from within your own Energy Ring, it makes sense that a great number of fragments from within an Energy Ring would find bonds with those outside of that, for various reasons, both personal and cosmic. On a personal level, these are forged by the choices of Personality and its attraction to various other fragments and Personalities that it comes across while incarnating. On a cosmic level, for lack of a better phrase, these relationships are vital for the uniting that will come for Energy Rings with other Energy Rings. Though bonds come to be formed in many ways across Cadres, Entities, and Energy Rings, there does tend to be a pattern. Some of this patterning is mathematical in nature as a base for the bonding, such as those relationships and resonances among Essence Twins. The Essence Twins across Entities tend to help to twin Entities within a Cadre, with the 7th Entity tending to twin with the 7th Entity of other Cadres. If one were to simplistically visualize an Energy Ring, then, it could be described like 12 spokes in a wheel, with each "spoke" being a Cadre of 7 Entities, and the 7th Entities in the innermost of the ring. This is not how they "look," but it is helpful for the context of visualizing the bonds. So the inner circle would be the 7th Entities acting as a gravity for each "spoke" Cadres. This would look much like an Astrology wheel. Or a clock. Those bonds from within an Energy Ring tend to be generated in origin by Casting, and the mathematical resonance that is caused by this. Beyond the Energy Rings, the bonding become "personal." It takes the power of Choice to generate those bonds. From within an Energy Ring, then, there will tend to grow a patterning of choice from across the lifetimes of those members that begins to forge bonds outside of the Energy Ring. This is not to say that there are not cosmic bonds already in place, but that they are trumped by the bonds generated by choice. This lends a beauty to the process of our bonding that is of profound joy to each involved, and is a balance for the more mathematical gravity that is built in to our reunions. Though there is an awesome order to the universe and to our bonding, it is balanced by an awesome freedom that is sustained by our capacity for choice. And so it is that grander relationships, such as ours, are generated, and then used as a basis for reunions on higher planes. Mathematical bonding will help complete the reuniting in those high planes, but the momentum of our choices will have done most of the work. In the case of the relationship between our students and this entity, we have become a force that will be a cause for our Energy Rings to unite in the high planes. This kind of resonance is generated in a number of ways that play out across Energy Rings as Entities act as teachers, guides, inspiration, support, etc. And the circuits are set so that what is emitted from one is received by another, and then emitted to another. The students become the teachers, for example. So your entities will, eventually, be a resource for other fragments in Energy Rings beyond your own. Most of our bonding started to come during our Late Mature and Old cycles while we were still incarnating. We shifted into Old Soul around 150,000 years ago. Or rather, our first fragment did so. Over the next 145,000 years or so, we evolved toward cycling off. The depth of our relationship with many of you was established over that time. This began during a rather terrifying period on the planet when an off-planet species caused quite a bit of devastation and fear, forcing many of us into hiding for a while. For about 5000 years, our species had to work together to rebuild, and this was helped by an Infinite Soul manifestation around which our students and we bonded. [MW] aliens were after us? [MEntity] No. They did not acknowledge us. We were not seen as anything significant, at least in terms of sentience and the capacity to feel. The mining was the priority. This destroyed a great deal of our modern society at the time, which was well beyond what yours is now. [MW] Sounds like the root of a lot of our science fiction [MEntity] We had not built our civilizations up from materials that were so resistant to decomposition, so once we were "wiped out," what materials were left behind (as much was taken in the sweeps for clearing out paths for mining), easily moved back into nature. Over the next 70,000 years or so, our incarnations were rather close together with those of you whom had bonded with us during the initial shift of our Entity into Old Soul. Over that 70,000 years or so, we were sporadic in our bonding, building upon it when we could, based on how our paths might cross as we tended to our own paths. From about 70,000 years ago, then, we began to plan more carefully. Our relationships began to become important, and meaningful, and our Essences would include each other in the Life Plans. This is when we determined that we were good teachers, and that you were eager learners. The next Infinite Soul manifestation inspired us, as Old Souls, to move into paths that focused on the building of schooling systems, and teaching methods that could be shared. We had our own teachers by this point, working with us in ways that are similar to how we work with you. Our teachers worked with us primarily in dreams. This is a period of time that we see most modern scientists mark as a kind of significant shift in humanity, as schooling became quite stabilized by this time, and this encouraged migration. When people are educated, curiosity returns, and curiosity leads to creativity, and creativity can lead to travels, and this expanded our species again beyond the clusters that had come to be established after the mining. Of course, the current interpretation of the past is hilariously reduced to a primitive man that did, in fact, exist, but alongside a man much more closely resembling yourselves now, than not. We use the word "hilariously" intentionally. As we do find this rather humorous, since we had worked so hard to reestablish and expand our species, only to then have our descendents, so to speak, remove us from the equation. [BW] Where is the proof of that though? Something we can dig up from that era that throws off everything we know that says we lived in caves and were just learning to tame fire. [MEntity] "Proof" has been found in numerous ways, and by numerous people, but these are set aside as anomalies that are disorienting and upsetting, particularly in terms of the politics of archeology and funding. It is often the case that the established timeline and presumptions must be upheld at all costs. Beyond this, much of our version of modern civilization was designed and built from a very close relationship with nature, and intentionally camouflaging. We are confident that the timeline and proof of our species origins will come to be clarified. It has been lost and regained several times. Trying to find proof of civilizations within the first few feet of accessible earth is not exactly going to provide much. More sophisticated tools of scanning and penetration might need to come to pass before proof can be found preserved. But it is there. Even if as a needle in the haystack, so to speak. We worked out our teaching methods and concepts, then, over those lifetimes share with our students along the way to our cycling off. We established at the core of our philosophy a kind of passive invitation that would cater to the learning speed and style of the student, rather than one that is actively imposed. Your questions became the source of our teaching. Your curiosity became the direction of our subjects. And this continues today. Returning to the subject of proof, we can only only say that it is difficult to use a sampling of evidence from your planet that is the equivalent of using only the crumbs from a cupcake to extrapolate everything about the events of a birthday party. It will not reveal whether it was a lone person in sadness eating the cupcake while watching tv, or whether it was a vast and happy celebration with hundreds of attendees. And so while this is a crude analogy, it is still fair, as what is being used for interpreting your history is limited only to what is allowed, and what is found. There is not only much more to be found, but much more to be allowed. We will pause here and open the floor to your questions: QUEUE IS NOW OPEN. [BA] Was gold the reason for the mining by the extraterrestrials [MEntity] BA, it was part of the reason, but from what we can see, the element that was mined is long gone, and depleted. There are probably pockets in the planet where this currently unknown element is, but it does not appear to have been found. [MW] Did our caretaker species not have the ability to help us when these aliens came? It sounds like the basis for a lot of the more fearful science fiction. [MEntity] As we have shared about our history in the past, the caretaker species, for lack of a better phrasing, leaves for thousands of years before returning. They did return, but about 75,000 years too late. This is one of the reasons their visits are more frequent over the past 75,000 years. At least in terms of monitoring, not necessarily in obvious ways that would interfere. The mining was done by a permanently-traveling species that is outside of the known primary circle of species who have sustained contact over the millions of years that there have been species. That species is known, but is elusive. [MW] The Borg? [MEntity] Earth is enough "out of the way" that it was ideal for our transfer, but also makes it vulnerable to those less-informed species. The concept of the "borg" comes from a different memory of a species, as the mining species was not an assimilative species. [JK] I understand what you said about the proofs of a developed civilisation 100k BC being like crumbs from a party. But still, could you just give us an example of one anomaly that has been discovered in modern times (and known of now) and what is it remains of, how was it used etc? [MEntity] It is difficult to reference many examples, as they are in seclusion and our referencing them would be useless, but an example may be something like in the ruins of Puma Punku, which is a direct beneficiary of technologies that were in place long before that. This would be an example that is difficult to hide, but even more difficult to explain, based on current establishments of timeline and intelligence of the species. The pyramids of Egypt and various other locations, are another obvious example, that are forced into story lines and historic contexts that are often completely unrelated. Passing them off as grandiose tombs is absurd. The examples are numerous, but these are rather obvious examples that put into perspective how something can be "right under your nose," and still managed to be packaged nicely into a paradigm that is prefabricated for acceptability. Beyond this, there are a number of tools and parts of machinery that have been documented and set aside as anomalies that "could not" or should not have existed in the currently accepted timelines. At the height of our civilization before the mining, we had come to use light in a way that is only now being explored by Humans again. We were able to construct great spaces and interactive machines that were generated by structured light. This may have seemed fantastical to most only 20 years ago, but the possibilities are returning again in recent years, as the use of light is being used for interactivity with devices, no longer depended upon solid interfaces. This may eventually come to be as useful as it was in the past, so that homes are built from them, with walls just as solid as any material walls, but made from light. We are using limited terminology here, but it works. As you can imagine, when a civilization is destroyed that is built from light, not much remains. This will be another crude analogy, but this Internet is entirely generated from the equivalent of light. Shut it down, and that world is "gone." It is not gone, but its understanding and acknowledgement in the future would be entirely dependent upon someone figuring out what a server is, and how the data is stored and extracted, and how that could then be extrapolated to be an entire world of information, games, interactivity, communication, education, pleasure, etc. History now has only found fragments of a server, so to speak, which are like those crumbs of a cupcake we mentioned, and it is nearly impossible to fathom what those fragments mean in terms of the actual vastness of what it generated as The Internet. [JK] i have to imagine and guess a lot and have lots more to ask but it will have to wait for another day :) [JK] and yes it makes sense, the analogy [MG] I have noticed there is a lot discomfort with some students related to the inconclusively of much of our true history. I’m guessing it’s the science vs faith issue. If our history can’t be proven through science, at this time, what would Michael suggest that would help us move, more freely, from faith to trust? [MEntity] That is rather easy: Even within a single lifetime, what is considered scientifically conclusive is shifted or altered as new discoveries are included in the picture. The origins of your species continue to go farther and farther back. It was not so long ago that the timeline was even more comically recent. We encourage trust in the scientific data, but true trust is in the fact that this will change, and that valid science is never conclusive. It was not long ago that your world was flat. And it was not. The perspective and the gathering of data must continue to grow, and the egos interpreting these must continue to retreat in favor of the evidence suggesting that humans have been around much longer, and much more intelligently, and in far more diversity, than has been presumed. We do not suggest that any of you believe us, as that will not matter one bit. Belief is not required. Your origins will not change any more than your world was forced to be flat simply because it was believed to have been so. To bring balance to your sense of trust and perspective is to simply acknowledge the current scientific understanding alongside the fact of its continuing to shift and grow. You do not have to consider your origins as being any more than what is currently accepted. Consider our perspective to be a grand possibility that has little evidence, and that your science has a grand conclusion that is based in little evidence. To go to either extreme is a disservice to your intelligence. Find your own balance between possibility and evidence; that is the way of science. True Intelligence is never conclusive. And Trust is based on evidence. And the evidence is there that what is scientifically true changes on a regular basis, and is only as exact as its collection of data, and the minds of those interpreting it. The beauty of valid scientific intelligence is that it embraces being wrong, and then goes beyond that. Only when conclusions begin to be drawn does it become dangerous, but that is most often the imposition of religion and politics, not science. [GB] Michael, would you define what you mean by two different levels of culture living alongside? i.e., a civilized human species and a primitive species, such as H. rhodesiensis. Was there an awareness of one another? [MEntity] There have always been several branches of Human over the years, most of which were not sentient. It was only upon about 5000 years ago that most of those branches were obliterated by a massive impact. The sentient branch of Human has always been aware of the non-sentient branches, but lived among them in much the same way Humans currently live alongside other primates. However, when the exodus of Mature and Old Souls happened after the meteor impact, and then the subsequent rise of "races" from the rebuilding, the Baby and Young interpreted these variations among the same sentience as levels of status, and slavery arose from there. When the distinctions were obvious in such a way that encouraged a careful and respectful space for each branch of the species, it was easy to exist alongside each other. Branches of the species had died out, but the "races" were now being interpreted as being different species, and with the Baby and Young interpretation of these differences taking foothold, a plan to exploit those differences came into your history in a way that did not exist before. Luckily, Humans are not as vicious and as warring as they have come to be understood in the recent paradigm of understanding, which is a Young Soul interpretation. As the Old and Mature Souls have returned in great numbers over the past 5000 years or so, the foothold of the Young and Baby has been lifted slowly, but surely. For the duration of any sentient species, it is never left without care from another species, or from within its own species, if there is a dominant number of Infant, Baby, or Young Souls. However, the momentum generated after the meteor impact that left Baby and Young Souls running things has taken some time to get back into balance. This would be similar to the adults of a household leaving toddlers and teens in charge. It would be fair to expect a few disasters and messes upon returning. The past 5000 years or so has been the "messiest" in Human history, as generated from within Humanity, at least. Many of our students stuck it out, though, and continued to incarnate throughout this period. It has not been easy. We think we have answered your question, and then some. We will conclude here for today. We enjoy what has come of our Agreements. We enjoy sharing how those came to be. Goodnight to each of you.
  7. INTRO: When we share a Platform for a given period time, we are speaking about the higher perspective of patterns that are contributing to an intention of Essence. It is much like looking at your life from above, from a “platform.” Often the Personality does not participate in, or contribute to, the Platform that Essence sees as interesting for exploration, and that is a valid choice; however, if Personality would like to manifest Essence and bring more consciousness into the patterns of a year, and into the awareness raised during important choice-making processes, having a general idea about the Platform can help. Think of the Platform as the interests of Essence, regardless of what choices Personality may make. The Platform is not intended to, and cannot, interfere with the choices made by Personality, and Essence will still collect a great deal of input for the Platform theme, even if Personality completely rejects the Platform theme. If Personality chooses to be on board with the Platform of Essence, then the journey can often be even more interesting, fulfilling, and inspiring. YOUR PLATFORM for 2017 - 2018: TRUST DESCRIPTION: We see your Platform for the 2017-2018 cycle to be that of TRUST. Essence is looking to extract from experiences, relationships, and events an exploration of where you are in your range of natural and developed and damaged trust. PATTERN: Trust has taken quite a few blows over the past 3 years and Essence will be checking in on all areas of trust over this cycle. This may show up as your having an even more sensitive and higher perspective of how you determine if someone is trustworthy, allowing room for permanent trust, conditional trust, experimental trust, defensive distrust, and intelligent distrust. You may find yourself questioning on a regular basis the status of various relationships and directions in a new way that is more about an assessment than a judgment. INSIGHT: As this cycle begins to reveal itself more obviously, it can be quite helpful for you to hold off on any conclusions regarding trust, and only use this cycle for understanding your range of trust and any emphasis that might be a pattern. You do not need to do anything with this information. Simply knowing one's personal patterns of trust can help one to determine if there is any necessity for correction and update or if there can be a renewed and conscious confidence in your capacity to determine the quality and presences of trust. KEY PHRASE: THE QUESTION IS HOW DO I TRUST, NOT SHOULD I TRUST.
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