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  1. This session has been retrieved from the old Yahoo group. August 3, 2000 Otterly Blue (= Troy Tolley) Channeling Open Forum MEntity: We are here. One moment. We realize tonight will be an Open Floor. We have been asked for a suggestion of topic, as well. Though we do not prescribe to you what it is you are in "most need" of hearing or discussing, we do have suggestions for discussion. In this case, we suggest discussing your year to date, the experiences that have accumulated, and your act of comprehension around what you believe may have been a theme for you. There is a great deal "beginning" at this time, but part of a healthy motion forward in the life is in the comprehension of what has come to pass, if that is your choice. That topic and Validation alternatively appear to be energetically appropriate tonight, though many topics unmentioned could be discussed. We will take your questions then, based on individual themes from some of you that may have realized them. So we will ask you a question: Who here has recognized a theme in their life closing, while the "new themes" are beginning? Most of you will be able to identify the NEW, those stand out more prominently and capture your attention, but it is in comprehending the passing theme that much of your success in the new themes can be gained. As a means to help you identify your passing theme, usually your NEW theme is indicative in some way of what you have gained or learned from the past that is now going to be applied on a new level. If you have questions, we will take them and evolve the exchange based on that. Otherwise we will speak more generally as a means for all to apply. <debo> I have felt my theme was around "yearning" and it has been so grueling. How does this tie in with a yearly Platform of Co-creation? Is this my new theme? MEntity: Though your Platforms are definitely involved, they are far larger contexts. Platforms are for Essence, not necessarily Personality, to utilize. Are you asking if "yearning" is ending, or beginning? <debo> Ending MEntity: What you call "yearning" appears to be more like the lace tying various themes together. This "yearning" is your distraction, not your theme. Once you have decided that "what you do not have" is not the issue, you will stop yearning. Your Platform of Co-Creativity is indicative of your Essence seeking attainable equality in relationships, not seeking them as resources to make up for feelings of lack. Your themes appear to be shifting on a daily personal level from "not having" to "having," in that arena, and examining what the "yearning" has been about. Anytime there is "yearning," it is an indication that you are not listening internally. Stillness is important for you now, not the frenetic search. We suggest a "mantra" for you, stating gently at several points in the day: "STOP!" With trust and firmness, remind yourself to slow down your mind and intake of your environment. Otherwise, your momentum will "zoom" you right past that which you have sought and so importantly learned about. To tie this into the topic, it is in your comprehension that you are NOT lacking, even as you search, that your freedom can be gained. Your choice to gather consciousness about all of this is yours and not a requirement from us. You will survive, regardless. <TheGlenn> I am most interested in defining what is causing this "new beginning" on a general basis. I have felt this myself, but am wondering what would cause others to feel the same energy. Is it galactic related, or timeline related, or what? MEntity: In our terminology and system, we would respond to this with reference to this year being Instinctive Centered; that is always a clearing, a letting go, and renewal time. This year also held, as part of its launch, one of the longest windows of time for a Parallel Shift. That shift allowed a great deal of communication on Essence Levels, not only within, but between yourselves and other fragments. More Vectors and Sequences were instilled and being fulfilled as a result. Many of you have actually taken on the Task of actual Good Work, looking at your lives closely, looking at the dynamics of your choices, have made important decisions with trust, and are now beginning to see the momentum from that energy. This timing is simply relative to a common denominator among the Human sentience. This is not particularly a galactic or any other calendar-based phenomenon, though correlations may be able to be seen in some astrological examinations. In terms of history, next year holds far more "historical goodies." This year has allowed many of you, despite the intensity of the work invested, to actually get onto something that might allow you to have certain foundation. As you leave the Century of Debt and enter the Century of Choice, your foundations, securities, relationships, anything that is of physical plane substantiality, are of utmost importance to get into place. This will allow the freedom to "play" with far more choices available. Many of you have lived with the limitations of Choice because of the common World Truth that things were limited. A new mindset is setting in, and far more sharing, support, interaction, stability, and community will allow more strength for the individual's footing on the physical plane. This is why we have been encouraging ASKING for help, if it is desired. "Help" is there. And in your asking, you find your strengths that are available to someone else. <MaryBV> I have noticed this year that there seem to be many people from entity 01/cadre 01 who are members of the Trueview list. Recently, I had a dream about a "She-Hulk" convention where we were incarnating in groups (Anne, Terri, myself and others). Could Michael comment on this and is there some purpose to the gathering of this entity on this list? I feel that somehow Otterly had an agreement to provide a forum for this gathering. MEntity: There is validity here. Cadre One, Entity One originally had the Agreements with the fragment known as Terri, another of our channels, but this was "passed on" to Otterly on an Essence level since it fit into his "scheme of things" anyway. This did not abdicate any of the Agreements from that point on, once the forum was there for exchange. The reason for your dreaming of the incarnating as a group is in the simple fact that a great deal of your Entity were in highly opposing sides of a few recent wars in history, creating an apparent "rift" through it. Though many from your Entity are Old Souls, there are still a great deal of Warriors with "grudges" and karma to manage. Those of you gathering on the TV2K list are without this particular "burden." Yours is a more philanthropic karmic atmosphere, if there is any Karma shared at all. Most of what is shared is the encouragement of recognizing Support Group positions in each other, or encouraging this to be felt in the individual life. The more creative portions of Entity One (Artisan influenced) are involved in TrueView, as the more aggressive, thrusting, protective (Warrior influences) are handling their processes more individualistically. Terri's continued Agreements with this process involve contact with us, along with playing a Support Position of Compassion. Your own Agreements, Mary, involve resolving conflicting concepts, distilling them to a commonality. This fuels your curiosity. <KellyGirl> It would seem that I am moving into a theme of truth and responsibility. I am feeling some blockage in particular areas (mostly financially) regarding responsibility. Although I am frustrated by the lack of flow, it would also seem that this is an opportunity to transform old beliefs about money and my deserving it. Would this be an accurate reflection? If so, would continuing the process of release remove the blockage to flow? MEntity: As long as you equate "responsibility" with doing things you do not enjoy, you will miss the point. As long as you equate "truth" with discovering things you do not care to hear, you are missing the point. We would say you are accurate in your assessment, but the "lens" with which you see it is slightly outdated. For you, and many others, the idea of "responsibility" has been a curse, a heavy burden against the freedom of "having." What appears to be more your task to comprehend is that you love yourself. It has never truly occurred to you that all you have been doing has been because, all along, you already believed you WERE worth it. It is in comprehending, deeply realizing this truth that you will find your enthusiasm to continue. Comprehend how much you have GIVEN to you, not how much you have "lost," and you will see the math is in your favor. Take some time with that, examine it from your heart center. Therein lies a great amount of energy ready to Flow. We will remind all here, at this point, that our suggestions are simply that. We do not require anything. If you choose to "sleep" through a life, it is never a loss. If you choose to "remain awake," it can be tragic, beautiful, full of freedom or pain, but your steps are larger in effect. There is no correct or preferred path. <Hector22> Might I ask about any agreements I may have with this group? All are from a different cadre, it seems, yet I feel a great affinity for most of its members. MEntity: Your Cadre is far more into world change, politics, and the support of Mature Soul transitioning on the planet. In the same way some "classes" in a High School have a straying Freshman "hanging out" with the Seniors, so are several of you from your Cadre in connection with Cadre One. We used that analogy as a simple reference, not an indication of intellect or experience. It is, for this lifetime, at least, a simple situation of preference, difference in focus for your personal agendas, and how you wanted to move into the latter part of your life. Your pursuits are not as 'worldly,' therefore it follows that you would "hang out" with the "kookier" crowd examining more spiritual and metaphysical issues. Over the course of time, many from your particular Cadre will spend in-depth lives with the "previous" Cadre, since this allows the teachers from that Cadre to have Students. Cadre One (in its group of 12) sought a great deal of teaching from Cadre 12 (from the previous group of 12), etc. An Agreement you have at this time is in acting as a grounding force for the channel known as Terri so her own Tasks can be accomplished without the distractions of Personality's Needs. This will take some time, but is possible. Though it appears this is intended humorously, it is indeed valid. There are far more dynamic Agreements involved between many of you on your TrueView list, but this forum is not conducive to covering them all. <Anne> Hello Michael, can you tell me which wars in particular caused the rift in Cadre one Entity one? MEntity: The theme has lasted through the World Wars, One and Two, and into Vietnam. There are several late level Mature Souls in Entity One still tending to lessons of breaking down emotional barriers. Even some of your early Old are distracted with this. Those of you seeming to have more of a focus on community and support have grasped your lessons of emotional isolation and are seeking your Entity Mates. We will add that the wars themselves did not cause the rift, but rather the creative placements of many of your Entity members on "opposing" sides. Many of the more Warrior-influenced thought this would be a great theme to explore and bring to the Cadre. Entity One has an overall theme in focusing on the evolution of the "fine arts," but this is being accomplished by those who have known the graphic brutality of Physical existence. Those of you who have already grasped the concept of brutality are, in the case of your grouping on the TV2K list, focusing on the "fine art" of community and support. <Dewliet> Good evening. I shared some basic Michael Teachings information with my father, and I'd like to ask Michael a question on my father's behalf: Where did the Tao "come from?" Some of my TV2K listmates offered answers to this question, but I'm interested in Michael's perspective. Thank you. MEntity: We are seeking this answer, ourselves. In our search, we have discovered that beyond what we call "the Tao" are still larger concepts. We believe we are all "gods in the making" so to speak, with the option at any point (after many Grand Cycles; a process we have not delved into yet with our students) to create your own Universe with its own fragments of "you." We do know that Universes are ordered in groups of twelve, placed similarly to cubes upon cubes. These groups of twelve are facets of the Tao, similar to the Support Group Positions. Within each are all the parallels of that Universe's growth and creativity, organized similarly. Though we only have "glimpses" of comprehension of this topic, we do know there are literally billions of Universes, each with its own physics and nature and definitions of sentience, etc. To answer your question as to where the Tao "came from," we believe it is highly probable that it came from a similar process, as we all are experiencing. There is no end that we know of, and for that matter, no conclusive experience of evidence of a "beginning," at this point. <Dewliet> Evolved from some type of devic origin? I guess you have to be a mid-causal entity to grasp the concept of infinity! MEntity: No, this is not valid. Even we have our challenge with the concept. As far as an evolution from some Devic Origin, this is only true insofar as a Grand Cycle of our own Sentience, not necessarily the same path as "our" version of Tao. As far as the Tao's path before fragmenting and creating the Universe as we know it, we do not know. <nemo999> As far as the list and how I got here, I am curious along with everyone else, where are we going? MEntity: The evolution of your "list" has moved into what we call the Stability Stage. This stage can last indefinitely. It is a plateau and foundation that is synchronized for many of you who are creating the same in your own lives. This will allow you a forum for putting into practice, sharing insights, exchanging feelings and thoughts, etc., with other Older Souls without the vagueness of Astral travel. Most of you involved with the list have as at least the first or second tier of your Primary Needs, the Need for Community. This is one way for that to be fulfilled. In your case "Nemo," a Need of Acceptance and the study of this, can be fulfilled "there." If the "list" were to be broken down into its Primary Needs fulfilling many of you and keeping your attention, they would be ACCEPTANCE, EXCHANGE, and COMMUNITY. Secondarily, they are Adventure, Freedom, and Expression. Where you are "going" with the list is in bringing more of those NEEDS into the physical lives of each person through physical contact. This then will fulfill the final three NEEDS. Expansion, Security, and Power. <bwatson> Note: lost a posed question from Barry about the personality, John Edwards, who acts as a TV medium for supposedly speaking to the dead. MEntity: These abilities are valid for those within the circle of his Agreements. This circle is rather large, but as this circle is moved through, so will the "abilities" seem to wane and falter. We will close here. Goodnight.
  2. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: June 2011] [Oscar] Hey Mikeys =) I would like to know if the Universe is finite or infinite. And if it's finite, what is beyond it(s borders)? And beyond the borders of that, etc. [MEntity] We are still exploring this question, ourselves, but what we know is: from “within” a universe, it is infinite in terms of experiences and perceptions, much the way one might experience the inside of a mirrored sphere; that universes must be finite beyond experiences and perceptions that we can comprehend, because we know there are completely separate universes “stacked” around our own; that while there is a definitive, Physical, or densest, component to the universe, the degree to which it grows finer is still unknown to us; that, so far, we can compare the universe to the same spectrum that makes up any single consciousness: while there are physical counterparts, the emotional and intellectual dynamics that are in place to generate those physical counterparts are very difficult to quantify, and therefore, so are the borders of a universe, as we also do not know how to show the edges of a thought or an emotion. To be more direct: we think the universe is finite, but exists within an infinity. Or put another way: what we know of as “the universe,” even in our delineation of all of its layers and planes, is but a counterpart of an even greater whole that we have yet to comprehend.
  3. ckaricai

    Dark matter and dark energy

    Originally posted to eTLE by Hjrtur _____________________________ I have been searching for Michael material on dark energy and dark matter and have not found much, just some vague references. I would wish it was called invisible rather than dark. I think dark is rather misleading, like implying something sinister ;-) Is this where all the other planes of existence resides and our souls live? I have been fascinated by this and other discoveries science have made these last decades. It's like the gap between the spiritual, philosophical and material is closing as science progress.
  4. Michael Speaks -- June 12, 2011 Open Floor Questions and Answers Channel: Troy Tolley [MEntity] We will respond now to the question from Nicholas. [NicholasBabylove] what is the "easiest" way we older souls can create/allow more money into our lives? Is the lack of money even though we have tons of intelligence/talents/skills just something we choose to deal with...and we tend to leave it at that? I know it's different for each of us, but I'd like some kind of suggestion that might touch on all oldies generally... or, the oldie students... [MEntity] The concept of having to funnel one's talents and skills into something that can be monetarily valuable is not complicated or difficult for the older soul to implement, but when those talents and skills must conform to a younger paradigm, it can be complicated and difficult. The older soul would benefit from fully embracing whatever older soul talents and skills he or she may have, and then complementing that with younger soul packaging. The gift inside is what matters, if you will, but packaging is important in the current paradigm. Some of the most useless and detrimental products and services are eagerly purchased in the current paradigm, due to packaging. So our first suggestion is to give great priority to "packaging," as the talents and skills are natural, and while they require their own kind of nurturing, it is the packaging that is often neglected. This neglect of packaging is because the older the soul grows, the more integrity the Personalities tend to have. And for the older soul, the skew between "Presentation" and "Content" can seem great, when it comes to catering to a younger paradigm. But it is key. To sanctimoniously neglect your younger soul skills for packaging and presentation would be similar to a teacher in grade school refusing to "talk down" to her students. It does not have to mean a degradation of content, nor a skew away from integrity, but a matter of translation. We do not speak to you in a way that we speak to each other, for instance. We must package our teaching in a way that allows you to grow with what we share. And so it is for the older soul to realize: that what you have to give, to share, to use for profit or nourishment, must be translated through a medium that can allow for reception. After Packaging would be Paralleling, if you will. By this we mean that you will find your niche receivers that have no need for a translation of what you have to give, and this can be done alongside the packaging, so that both facets of you are fulfilled. One does not have to replace the other. The third consideration is Practicality. You must feed and clothe yourself along the way toward gaining your footing with what you truly prefer to use as your means of income. Working the jobs that you do not like would do well to be seen as simply a part of the dynamic ways that you provide love for yourself and your life. Again, one does not have to replace the other. It is okay to be mundane. The lack of money in the older souls' lives is not a matter of any lessons needing to be learned, but a result of choices that prefer minimalism over the demands of complexity. Most older souls have learned how to work the system, so to speak, of the Physical Plane in a way that never leaves them in true danger, but allows them to "get by" as they tend to more important experiential matters. Many older souls would "trade the world" for the intimacy, friendship, love, honesty, kindness, peace, etc that life offers. Older souls can be wealthy, and often quite easily, but those factors mentioned above would probably need to be considered more seriously, and then the final concern: letting people do with your talents and skills what they will. For instance, the packaging of some old soul concepts, such as "The Secret," gained great notoriety and profit, but we could say that most gained nothing from the information. Not because the information was invalid, though it was severely compromised, but because people will do with what you offer what they will. We must have the same concept intact for us to share with you: we would say that only 25% of our active students actually "hear" us in a way that is truly meaningful, and even fewer apply the teachings in a way that proves meaningful results. But this cannot be a reason for us not to share. True sharing, whether with a price or for "free," is never without profit. So our sharing with you our teaching is as much for US, as it is for you; this means whatever you do with what we share, we still gain. And so it is with your talents and skills: you would want to share those with the intent of True Sharing, in that you own the vital element that is the pleasure you gain from it. True Sharing is mutually beneficial. However, the only one in the equation of sharing that you have control over is you, and so to set the standard for sharing to be that you actually enjoy it, then the sharing is True. [Bobby2] From your perspective, what exactly was the "Ark of the Covenant" as mentioned in our Old Testament? Was it some piece of advanced technology? If so, what were its capabilities? Does it still exist? [MEntity] We think that this is a reference to an energy source that was not fully understood by most, and because of its rather dangerous effects upon those in proximity, it was guarded quite well. We would not call it "advanced" technology, though from the current understanding of Earth history, it would seem so. [Bobby2] Was it nuclear? [MEntity] We do not think it still exists, as it was either an energy source that collapsed and dissipated over time, or was returned to the non-terrestrials who originally offered it. Its capabilities were equivalent to nuclear energy, but without the concern that nuclear energy presents in terms of toxic wastes and heats. However, a kind of radiation was a concern to those within proximity. [Oscar] Hey Mikeys =) I would like to know if the Universe is finite or infinite. And if it's finite, what is beyond it(s borders)? And beyond the borders of that, etc. [MEntity] We are still exploring this question, ourselves, but what we know is: from "within" a universe, it is infinite in terms of experiences and perceptions, much the way one might experience the inside of a mirrored sphere; that universes must be finite beyond experiences and perceptions that we can comprehend, because we know there are completely separate universes "stacked" around our own; that while there is a definitive, Physical, or densest, component to the universe, the degree to which it grows finer is still unknown to us; that, so far, we can compare the universe to the same spectrum that makes up any single consciousness: while there are physical counterparts, the emotional and intellectual dynamics that are in place to generate those physical counterparts are very difficult to quantify, and therefore, so are the borders of a universe, as we also do not know how to show the edges of a thought or an emotion. To be more direct: we think the universe is finite, but exists within an infinity. Or put another way: what we know of as "the universe," even in our delineation of all of its layers and planes, is but a counterpart of an even greater whole that we have yet to comprehend. [Martha] At Claymont, JP said something about the first 100 cadres or entities, and the last 100, would stay here for the duration of our species’ incarnations. Not every single fragment or entity within each 100, but that the first and last 100 had committed to staying around. Do you agree? And if so can you elaborate on it? [MEntity] We would agree. Though this does not mean a limitation to the incarnational process of the Physical Plane, but includes all lower planes. Those of us from "the beginning" and "the end" of the count for Sentience to this Design will be supporting, teaching, and even incarnating "somewhere" within the Physical, Astral, or Causal Planes. We will be "here" even as the last of Human Sentience completes its last life. [Brian_W] In a previous time it was mentioned that "Imagination is the highest frequency owned by a physical fragment and its use is entirely misunderstood by many, at least in terms of its use for “extra-sensory” perceptions." Could you please comment on how we may better use and understand our own imaginations and dreams, differentiate them from delusion, and use them to create new options for choices in this world / parallel? [MEntity] The key to the refinement and use of Imagination as a valid resource for creating new options and choices is through the process of Validation. Imagination will include a spectrum from the greatest potential to the greatest delusion. Validation is the process of measuring a new feeling, thought, or action against an established feeling, thought, or action. Internal Validation is vital for helping one to build his or her Personal Philosophies (truths), Relationships (loves), and Health (energy). External Validation is vital for helping one to share his or her Personal Truths, Relationships, and Health/Energy. True Validation is when both the Inner and Outer Validations coincide. Because Imagination is unlimited, the use of it can be a wonderful and dangerous process. We will say that as long as your Imagination must be kept to yourself in order to be "true," then it is probably leaning toward Delusion, and away from Potential. We will say that as long as the majority of feedback from your outer world is contradictory to your Imagination, then it is, at least, still potential, which includes potentially delusional. One can see why this can be "tricky," as one fragment full of potential may have surrounded itself with fragments who challenge the Imagination, in general, and this can lead to questioning or rejecting one's Imagination, while another fragment might be completely delusional and supported by many. However, we can say that the more one finds his or her footing in validating the Imagination, both internally and externally, the more one moves away from delusion. We will say that a safe equation might be that one who has not validated the potential of the Imagination within, will either find oneself surrounded by rejection of the potential, or support for the delusional. We must conclude our time through Troy here.
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