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Found 11 results

  1. I am wanting to learn and make Chinese Vegan food. It is one of my Vegan food cooking goals. I have made Dan Dan noodles (my favourite), including the recipe for Szechuan Chilli Oil (next level depth and deliciousness), which we will eat tomorrow. I am familiar with Italian Vegan food cooking, but learning Chinese Vegan food cooking is another world which I am very excited about. And I resonate more with China, Japan and Korea in general than I do with Europe. And cooking is the next best thing to travelling, which even though a lot more people are now vaccinated, we are still paying a mortgage ahead of travelling internationally. I was also following Liziqi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_Jx2pB7OZg . I hope that Liziqi can return to making her inspiring gardening and cooking shows for Youtube, which has been interrupted by some political strife with her employer? Thanks @ckaricai for introducing me to her show. I am using non Vegan cook Shannon Martinez' "Vegan with bite" cookbook, and she develops very sophisticated/complex flavour profiles so that Vegans do not miss out on a deep umami flavour profile commonly associated with carnist food. So I am wanting to make Mapo Tofu. In Aotearoa/NZ a lot of chinese sauces/pastes that are Vegan and high quality are the brand Lee Kum Kee. I have asked my local Vegan cooking groups what they use for douchi/fermented black bean paste, and where they find it. I ask here because I know that there is a lot of Vegan and non Vegan cooking talent in TLE spanning multiple cultures, which is why I am asking which brands of Vegan douchi/fermented black bean paste you may use, because, I may find it here, but under another or a different name than what I might be expecting. Here is the recipe for Mapo Tofu that I am using. Also some Helenium flowers from my garden (my favourite flower that I have grown the first time this year). They almost look like chrysanthemums. Thanks in advance.
  2. So New Zealand has announced a Zero Carbon Act, proposed by James Shaw Green Party Climate Change Minister, to set carbon emission targets for New Zealand's Agriculture, Transport and Energy Industries. The trouble is, his Zero Carbon Act has no legal enforcement. For those of you who are not aware, New Zealand's main industry responsible for methane emissions is animal agriculture by a huge margin. Going VEGAN in New Zealand, will more than halve New Zealand's total greenhouse gas emissions. I am VEGAN. I wrote this as a press release, which has not been released in any of the news websites I emailed it to. Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon Emissions Act) Amendment Bill critique press release By Anna Dobson https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/petitions/document/PET_87778/petition-of-phillip-clarke-declare-climate-change-a-national?fbclid=IwAR3GuGf4ehoMr2dbUKxtpMXtrvOniPftd2BUKUgZrsftAU2XlU38dPgtDd8 There are 33 days left to sign the petition Sign Petition: NZ, Declare a Climate Emergency. 6129 people have signed and we need 16,000 people minimum to sign before June 30 2019. We are asking people to Declare a Climate Emergency as Guardians of Aotearoa, so our MPs will Declare a Climate Emergency and make the Climate Change Response Amendment Bill 2019 a coordinated new independent piece of legislation that requires amendments to the CMA, RMA and EEZ-CS Act so that the Agriculture, Energy and Transport Industries of Aotearoa are obliged to comply with legislation demanding that they limit their carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide emissions in their existing business activities, and in future activities proposed by permit/consent applicant/applications. All industrial short lived and long lived greenhouse gas emissions from the Agriculture, Energy and Transport industries will comply with enforceable carbon emission targets, and those industries greenhouse gas emissions targets are accountable to, and audited by, an independent regulatory authority with powers to penalise industries that fail to limit their emissions, and with powers to halt trading, fine and prosecute, industries that continue to flout carbon emission targets established in an RMA + CMA + EEZ-CS coordinated independent new zero carbon emission law, rather than the non legally binding Zero Carbon Act 2019 proposed by James Shaw. The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon Act) Amendment Bill proposed by James Shaw fails to go far enough in making the industries whom are responsible for, on an industrial scale, emitting most methane and nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide, respectively, Agriculture, Energy and Transport, legally obliged, and legally accountable, to achieving their proposed limited emission targets. There is no independent Greenhouse Emission Target Regulatory Authority charged with enforcing legal compliance and prosecuting, non compliant industries, named in this new Zero Carbon Act 2019.There is no legislative requirement in James Shaw’s proposed Act, which makes Agriculture, Energy or Transport obliged to comply with emission targets proposed in The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon Act) Amendment Bill. The lack of legal compulsion in this proposed Act in obliging industrial compliance with limiting and achieving, each industries emission targets is obscenely conspicuous and is a failure of duty of care to tangata whenua, making this proposed Act hopeless. See excerpt below from http://www.legislation.govt.nz/bill/government/2019/0136/11.0/LMS183736.html Subpart 5—Effect of 2050 target and emissions budgets 5ZJEffect of failure to meet 2050 target and emissions budgets (1) No remedy or relief is available for failure to meet the 2050 target or an emissions budget, and the 2050 target and emissions budgets are not enforceable in a court of law, except as set out in this section. (2) If the 2050 target or an emissions budget is not met, a court may make a declaration to that effect, together with an award of costs. (3) If a declaration is made and becomes final after all appeals or rights of appeal expire or are disposed of, the Minister must, as soon as practicable, present to the House of Representatives a document that— (a) brings the declaration to the attention of the House of Representatives; and (b) contains advice on the Government’s response to the declaration. 5ZK2050 target and emissions budget are permissive considerations (1) A person or body may, if they think fit, take the 2050 target or an emissions budget into account in the exercise or performance of a public function, power, or duty conferred on that person or body by or under law (subject to other requirements that apply by or under law). (2) However, a failure by any person or body to take the 2050 target, an emissions budget, or guidance issued undersection 5ZL into account does not invalidate anything done by that person or body. We endorse the Climate Change Response Group Generation Zero’s submissionhttp://zerocarbonact.nz/assets/Uploads/Generation-Zero-Zero-Carbon-Bill-consultation-submission-July-2018.pdf Following excerpt from http://zerocarbonact.nz/assets/Uploads/Generation-Zero-Zero-Carbon-Bill-consultation-submission-July-2018.pdf Please sign and share this petition https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/petitions/document/PET_87778/petition-of-phillip-clarke-declare-climate-change-a-national?fbclid=IwAR3GuGf4ehoMr2dbUKxtpMXtrvOniPftd2BUKUgZrsftAU2XlU38dPgtDd8 to Declare a Climate Emergency in Aotearoa, to support Generation Zero’s Zero Carbon Bill Consultation Submission in favour of the current Climate Change Response Amendment Bill. Ok so if you even read that, thanks you deserve a medal, which is probably why it didn't get a Press Release, now in the intervening week when this petition has garnered as of today, 8200 plus signatures (at 15,000 parliament is required to Declare a National Climate Emergency), the Conservative NZ Political Party has somehow vetoed the rest of us Declaring a Climate Emergency. So, Declaring a Climate Emergency in New Zealand/Aotearoa is now fucked over by the (Farming interests) Conservative Political Party. New Zealand is a major agricultural animal slaughter provider. There is so much we could grow for edibles and industry that is plant based... so much.. Just when I dared to believe things may have been building some momentum in the right direction, this shit hits the fan. I really want to know how this shitfest ends. That is my question to The Michaels, How does this shitfest end? Who survives? And what hellscape are they surviving in? How the fuck are people keeping any sense of galvanised spirit up? Am I right in guessing we are all little divided silos of hope whose lights are faltering and go out at critical times? Whose lights go out when it would have been great if their lights were still on, beaming out to someone else that they are not alone and the light is being carried by someone who is stronger and can continue the vision of a Resource Based Economy where most people are eating and growing a Plant Based (VEGAN) diet? I feel like I am sinking and I beginning to wonder how much I care about a bigger picture if the bigger picture that I am putting my energy into i.e. Going VEGAN, which then means by being VEGAN one mitigates Climate Change, I walk to work as of next week as my house is that close by to work, is being fucked over again and again, by people who do not want to change. People can change, I won't be there to see it on the scale that is necessary to achieve Zero Carbon Emissions. This picture of Greta Thunberg is our collective situation. What are you doing about Climate Change? NON VEGANS, do you realise that Going VEGAN mitigates the major culprit of Climate Change? Agriculture is the main culprit in NZ, causing Climate Change. What are you doing to minimize Climate Change? I will keep asking for signatures to the Sign Petition: NZ, Declare a Climate Emergency - as the issue of Climate Change is beyond critical. Unfortunately none of you can sign it, as only @Miizle and I are New Zealanders. Only New Zealanders' can sign it. Life goes on apparently until it doesn't. First world concerns from a decent left leaning government. Thanks to @Juni for this very sad image of Greta Thunberg drowning.
  3. A trailer for a new documentary that will help change the world to a better place for all Earthlings.
  4. Hunter

    We Make Waves

    A few months ago, I'm thinking like four or five now, I can't really recall, I woke up one morning and decided that I was no longer going to consume animal flesh. It's a lifestyle choice I've been considering for some time and that day, what everyday it was, was when I made that choice. I feel good. Inside and out. I really didn't want to make a big deal of it. The one thing holding me back for so many years was the fear of being made fun of. I'm definitely over that now. And I am glad. I've started a chain reaction. A week after I quit the meats my girlfriend stopped as well. Some of her co-workers have even decreased their intake of meat, especially red meat. Which is good. At least they are becoming MORE aware of the suffering. My brother has been tossing around the idea of going vegan as well. I can see the ripples of my choices effecting others in a positive way. One thing I have noticed though. Once I began making more conscious decisions about my food that same awareness has began to seep into other aspects of my life. We've got everyone recycling all the trash at my work now. And a lot of them are recycling at home too. It's awesome!!! I feel as though I'm more considerate of the individuals and world's around me. It's not enough to go through the motions, I want to KNOW that my impact on the world is a positive one. I also notice animals act differently around me. Especially wild animals, it's as though they sense I am no longer a predator. Be the change you wish to see. Make the waves you want to ride.
  5. A new Vegan/Plant-Based documentary just came out, so I immediately had to watch it. It's one of the few that have made me not just shed tears, but really deeply cry. If you don't know about the cruel, violent and convoluted truth behind Factory Farming and Eating Animals then watch this. But a bit of a warning- there's some raw slaughterhouse footage. To be honest though, if seeing the way we prepare our meat disgusts and horrifies us, then I think the real insight to be gained is to stop, ask why & come to the realization that we don't need to and shouldn't eat it in the first place. Please share this video when/where you can, as that's the only way it will be noticed.
  6. The concept of Choice is at the center of the Michael Teachings, but one thing that is often overlooked is the impact of our choices that go well beyond ourselves in ways that we are taught to ignore. One of those daily choices is our diet. It is the single most powerful choice that we make every day that has a cascading effect across the planet. Many believe that one's diet is a "personal choice," because why should anyone have any say in what you eat, right? But here's the difference: A Personal Choice has little to no effect on others. A Personal Choice does little to no harm to anyone or anything beyond yourself. This is the difference between your "personal choice" to scream FIRE! vs the choice to scream FIRE! in a crowded theater. It's the difference between the personal choice to drive your car vs driving your car on a sidewalk full of pedestrians. It's the difference between choosing a religion and imposing that religion. It's the difference between wanting something and stealing something. Because our dietary choices create supply and demand chains, the world adapts to this and creates a chain of cruelty and destruction or a chain of sustainability and compassion. Our diet impacts everyone and everything on the planet long after we enjoy a flavor. We are in a critical time that asks of us to re-evaluate our relationship to this daily choice. We have nearly total control over our dietary choices and it comes with a vast range of possibilities that can move us away from a destructive relationship with the planet into a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate relationship. Once you Make The Connection, it changes how you see, feel, and experience the world, your body, and your confidence in your part in the equation of our shared life on this planet. VIDEO REMOVED
  7. Although there are other vegan discussions here, I felt this video deserved a topic of its own. "Happy Healthy Vegan", a mid-late mature vegan youtube channel- posted a video mocking AllTime10's "10 Ways Vegans are Ruining the World" with a very informative, helpful and condensed summary of some of the best points veganism has for our future. Since the Ms especially state the 2020 IS will be centered around the consequences of climate change, I see that sharing and taking action on this truth is growing increasingly more important. I will post this on my other social medias too, but I don't have many followers. So perhaps any of you can share it where you are instead. I will also share this with family and friends, even if it hurts their ego- but it might be a bit difficult concerning the imprinting. In any case, I hope this video goes viral or just gets a lot of views. Because it's well-made and well-needed.
  8. Some brilliant work here. Just published today. A society where raping women is the norm, and being a "consensual" is quite deviant. Edit: A very interesting take and angle, but yes, pretty uncomfortable at times. Please consider the subject matter for trigger warnings.
  9. Simon Amstell’s* mockumentary, Carnage, makes veganism funny – and the obvious ethical choice. In Amstell’s utopian 2067, the illegal practice of eating “other animals” is called “carnism”: a barbaric and incomprehensible symptom of an uncivilized society.   *interview with director in direct link 2
  10. http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/baileys-goes-vegan/
  11. Hey there Everyone, I wanted to invite all of you for a discussion about what it means to be Vegan, how it is different from a plant-based diet, and the different reasons we choose to change our lifestyles. I am choosing to start this conversation here because I believe this is a safe-space where we can, hopefully, meet each other with tolerance and non-judgment, recognizing that we are all a PROCESS. What triggered this topic was the recent backlash that an inspirational role model of mine, Fully Raw Kristina, has received for wearing leather shoes during her New Years celebration. Exactly three years ago I started my journey of a vegan diet (which I came to learn over the years is very different from a vegan lifestyle) with the indirect help and support of Kristina through her inspiring videos. I have always been honest about the fact that my Truth is that I transitioned animal meats and animal by-products out of my diet primarily for health reasons because I was suffering from eating disorders for over 7 years (check out my blog with POF sessions from 2013), and secondly for environmental sustainability reasons (as at the time I was undergoing my environmental studies in pursuit of my undergraduate degree) after discovering through facts the impact that an animal-based diet has on our earth and its resources, not to mention climate change. Over the years, this diet has also made me more aware about our choices of steering clear of animal-based products from a more ethical stand point. That being said, I have struggled and still continue to struggle to untangle myself from all non-vegan products. For a long time, my priority was finding the ideal human diet -which consisted of years and years of research, studying books like Dr. Douglas Graham's "80/10/10" diet or Michio Kushi's "Macrobiotic Diet" etc. and experimentation with my own diet through a means of "trial and error". Now, after three years of having stabilized a vegan diet I am realizing that there are always greater depths of awareness to reach...for example, I was not aware that the list of non-vegan clothing extended much further past only leather or fur, and was not acceptable not because it required the death of an animal but rather because the harvesting of the by-product often resulted in unethical treatment or caging of the animals. This list includes: a) silk (because it is made from silkworm larvae), b) cashmere (made from soft undercoats of cashmere goats), c) angora wool (from Angora rabbit), d) alpaca/llama wool (from Camelids), e) down & feathers (90% obtained when birds are slaughtered), f) felt (made from compressed fibers, such as wool or fur), g) wool (from lamb or sheep), h) pearls (because they are produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk, such as an oyster). I felt extremely overwhelmed and slightly hopeless realizing that there are very few "natural" options of vegan clothing material, such as cotton, linen and denim, that do not include highly unnnatural oil or plastic-based materials like polyester, nylon or rayon etc. I felt overwhelmed because as you start looking around your house or the world, it seems impossible to escape all animal by-products, starting from jewelry, shoes, furniture, leather car seats, car tires, carpets made of wool...the list goes on. Like Kristina, I too have leather shoes, belts and old leather jackets that I had bought many years ago, long before I embarked on a plant-based diet. I keep them in my closet or in boxes, unsure of what to do with all of them, and whether throwing them out or giving them away to a non-vegan instantly rids me of any associations with the animal industry and therefore my "guilt". Three months ago I returned to my home country Lithuania afteer living in New York City for 6 years, and I feel like I have been flung into the past in many ways. For one, I am realizing how deeply-imbedded the leather and fur industries are in Eastern-European and post-Soviet cultures. I was shocked to see that one of the jobs that kept popping up through local job search sites, listed under categories of farming & foresty (closest category to my specialization) was fur animal farm care takers...that made it a lot harder to normalize the prevalence of fur fashion in our society. Fur coats or jackets with fur trim are everywhere, and the stores are lined with hundreds and thousands of racks of such products here. I have worn old fur and leather products that I have owned before over the past few years, but I try not to buy new products. However when my parents tried to force me to buy a new jacket because Lithuanian winters are extremely cold (ie. today it is -15 Celsius or 5 degrees F), and there were literally no options without fur trim, I felt trapped in a factory farmhouse and ended up having a panic attack in the middle of the center, refusing to buy anything at all after breaking down in tears. I have a huge black fur coat that has been hanging in my old closet, that stairs at me every day, and each day I choose to freeze rather than wear it because I don't want to go back into the past. What makes it harder is that I can get rid of these products from my closet, but I am currently living with my family of eastern european non-vegans and I find myself trapped and surrounded by it all...But in all honesty, what holds me back is not imprinting from society (as I have shed that during my 4th and 5th internal monads, I would presume) but rather some idealized idea of a primitive life. I associate fur and leather with warrior tribes, with Vikings and gladiators, with native american hunters...my imagination runs wild as I imagine myself as a warrior princess living in the wild....I recognize that my own biggest challenge is SHEDDING THOSE DELUSIONS and acknowledging that it is a very romanticized view of these products, that most of these animal by-products we see in stores are derived in cruel and unethical ways, that these animals are not shown any mercy or compassion, and that the outlook of the humans who take their lives do so without respect or gratitude for their spirit. We are not going back in time- we will never goi back to living the life of an infant soul where survival was our main lesson- and we are not meant to. We can't be Vikings anymore who pillage cities and kill foreigners without comprehending the sacredness and value of life...the warrior-spirit may have stayed with us from those lifetimes and we may feel like we need to to fight all the wrong in this world and to break the system, but we are PEACEFUL WARRIORS now. We no longer have the luxury to turn a blind eye and pretend that we don't know where the meat, the dairy, the leather or the fur is coming from...I have been GUILTY of this. I still sometimes am, but I am trying to bring LIGHT to those blindspots, and move forward even if only step by step. My point is that this world is transitioning, we are all undergoing our own process because we are ALL a PROCESS, life is a process...and we cannot meet each other with shame and guilt- we need to greet each other with ENCOURAGEMENT out of LOVE for each other, for our bodies, for all animals and for the earth itself. As Michael has said, encouragement is the most positive motivator as opposed to positive reinforcement (prize-motivated) or negative reinforcement (punishment-motivated)- the two forms that have been predominated in society for so long. I recognize my own imperfection, my blindspot towards leather (which I have been attached to throughout my life), but I need to be able to FORGIVE MYSELF for my shortcomings and try to move forward in order to become my HIGHEST SELF- to reach my GREATEST POTENTIAL. I am ready to acknowledge that these things bring down my vibration as a spiritual and sentient human being. I have met many young (old soul) vegans here who are embarking on this journey, and each of us has been integrating this lifestyle to different degrees but we never put each other down, judge one another or show intolerance in the form of aggressive fear-based commentary because we respect each others' journey. Just as we have to learn to respect that each soul, no matter how young, needs to go through their own process (just as we were once young souls) we need to respect where each of us are on our journey towards greater compassion. And I believe that is the only way. To be patient with ourselves and with each other.
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