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Found 4 results

  1. I've been wanting to make this post for a while, but a mix of dread, anxiety, depression and procrastination dragged me down in getting there. No matter, I won't put it off any longer. I will post it now. The recent Russian Invasion of Ukraine made me incredibly pissed and disoriented. My body took it badly. The best I can do is try to create stuff that provides a healthy dose of optimism. I have no desire for whatever dumb authoritarian or apathetic future people think we will have, so I'd rather we change that. Hence, why not create an awesome resource and discussion board for Climate Action? Climate Action is a big topic in and of itself, but it is a necessary one, and if we want a brighter future, we all have to participate in climate action. It's inconvenient, but it's a reward in and of itself, not only for us, but for the animals and our Earth. I'm not exactly sure how to organize all the stuff I've compiled in an aesthetic and simple way that does not overwhelm, but I have done my best to do so within the constraints of a TLE Forum. I invite anyone to share articles, videos, films they have found here, and discuss their perspectives and personal choices/changes to make our world a better, brighter place. I have organized everything I've found into 6 Categories for now. They are color coded, though I understand color blind people may not find that useful, I still enjoy the colours breaking everything up into chunks. The articles and videos I share below don't necessarily mean I 100% agree with them, or that you have to. They are merely for the sake of sharing information and building plans and knowledge. --- VEGANISM From, The Vegan Society: "Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." VEGAN VIDEOS Veganism could save the planet. Here's why. Youtube video by activist Earthling Ed, presented as an animated infographic. The Truth About Plant Milks: Displacement of Indigenous People, Destruction & Deforestation. Youtube video by Earthling Ed. Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world). A 2020 video by Youtube Celebrity Mark Rober (he is not vegan just experimental). Here's why we need to rethink veganism. A video by Our Changing Climate. VEGAN ARTICLES Going Vegan and How it Helps the Environment. An article by Happy Cow. Removing the Meat Subsidy: Our Cognitive Dissonance around Animal Agriculture. An article by Colombia Journal. The Causal Relationship between Eating Animals and Viral Epidemics. This is a scientific article relevant to our Pandemic. "The Most Dangerous Single Source of Ocean Plastic No One Wants to Talk About" by Sea Shepherd. Describes fishing and its contribution to plastic waste. VEGAN FILMS Cowspiracy facts and sources. (There are A LOT of sources, but many are very important. I recommend everyone watch the film Cowspiracy on Netflix or Youtube.) Seaspiracy facts and sources. (Seaspiracy was made by the same producers as Cowspiracy.) What is Carnism? with Dr Melanie Joy - This is an Interview, but it's as long as a film so I'm including it here. From a Reddit Poster. --- MOVEMENTS The Venus Project. Our good ol' friend the Resource-based Economy. Prevent Year ZERO. A Manifesto for creating a Vegan World by 2026. --- Another page for Vegan World 2026! 2022 needs to be about Climate Action. An article by Livekindly. Scholars Strategy Network for connecting with Top Researchers in America. They have various articles on Climate Change, Pandemic Response, Environmental Protection etc. SOCIAL & POLITICAL PARTICIPATION How to contact your Elected Representatives (US Focused). Another one for Canadians. - I invite others to share some guides for their own countries! Halla Tomasdottir's TedX Speech on using our Voice, Vote and Wallet for change. How To Turn Climate Anxiety Into Action. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate and Ankur Shah. SOLARPUNK What is Solarpunk? TV Tropes page. How we can make Solarpunk a reality. A Youtube Video by Saint Andrewism and Our Changing Climate. The Fifth Sacred Thing by Jessica Perlstein www.jessicaperlstein.com --- PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION Designing streets for Everyone. An exploration of Universal Design in City Planning. Planned Obsolescence and why it still exists. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate. HOUSING Mixed-use Zoning. Why Sustainable Housing Matters. A video by Our Changing Climate and Aime Maggie. BUILDINGS Timber Buildings by Tomorrow's Build. - Similar Video: Wooden Skyscrapers: Sustainable? by Cambridge University. The new and upcoming Graphene Revolution by Tomorrow's Build. The Race to 3D-Print Our World by Tomorrow's Build. Talks about the challenges and promise of 3D printing. No Waste 3D Printed Housing. TRANSPORTATION Electric Cars are Not Sustainable and they're Terrible. Video by Alan Fisher. Why are US Cities car-based? by Alan Fisher. HEMP Why This Plant Could Save the World. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate discussing the wonders of Hemp. --- VIRTUAL REALITY CBC article on how we can use Virtual Reality for building Climate Awareness and Action. Using Virtual Reality to drive Social Change. - A similar article by Andrea Bomo on Linkedin. Virtual Reality in Healthcare. --- FROM MICHAEL Closing the Gap to Our Sustainable Future and Common Sense. Climate Change Solutions, Vegan lifestyle, Oppression, Revolution. Post by AnnaD. RELEVANT PARALLEL REALITIES Non-merging Parallels (2013) and Sessions on Bundles & Non-Merging Parallels (2021). These links discuss parallels from 1839 where everyone uses AR & VR that we are close to merging into. The Great Depression and a World of Abundance. This discusses parallels from 1930 where the Great Depression was averted, that have experienced great overhaul towards global prosperity. The Cost of Inequality & Need for Environmental Sustainability. This discusses parallels from 1980 where Reagan wasn't elected and focus turned to Environmental Security, which we are close to merging into. --- MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION On Mexico City's sucky Geography. On Japan's Geography. Singapore’s Bold Plan to Build the Farms of the Future by Tomorrow's Build. The time America almost stopped Climate Change by Climate Town. Industry 4.0 and Sustainability. Talks about the Internet of Things, Smart Homes etc. Radical vs Incremental Change. An article by Jenna Schroedel on Citizen lab. To close this post I'll add a bittersweet song by Nikkialiah about Humanity's addiction to violence and apathy. I really like it.
  2. A bit of a prelude: I was in a state of mental distress yesterday because recently I've been short-circuiting trying to manage all the energy+ideas flowing through me. My parents are away right now, so I'm in charge of taking care of the dogs as my sister is also here but she works on the weekends- which hasn't been overly easy as we have a near-2 year old puppy that is very hyper-active and constantly wants to move and play. Because I was already feeling the blunt of self-delegation, I needed to take a break from watching over the dogs and headed downstairs with the door shut for a bit. I was going to sleep off the day, but my parents ended up calling, forcing me to stay awake. I decided I'd just surf youtube for a bit and calm down. I'm glad I did, because I've recently started getting a bunch of ads about creative programs that outlay the traditional models of education and lifestyle (12 years of School+University -> Arduous Career Life+Create a Family -> Retirement). They've reminded me of the changes toward entrepreneurship, digital accessibility and prosumerism that are a part of our Mature Soul Age shift and Resource-based Economy shift. So I ended up getting another one of these ads from Shonda Rhimes, a content creator and producer of Grey's Anatomy, How to get Away with Murder & Scandal- which caught my eye since those are shows my mom has always watched. I usually move away from these ads, because although I find them interesting and useful, I do not have a current plan towards investing in this transition yet & the information is irrelevant to whatever video I'm wanting to watch. I decided to listen though because I guess something about Shonda caught my attention, which led me on a little trip through videos and articles on Shonda Rhimes. One such video on TED Talks relayed the need for us to play & have fun in life in order for us to return a sense of productivity, passion and love. That certainly struck a chord because I was resisting playing with my hyperactive dog because he always wants to play & I want to focus on other things (even thought those things may be keeping me stuck in a rut). Which then led me to another video by Shonda with Cyndi Stivers about the future of storytelling- which again is super enticing to watch. I suspect Shonda Rhimes is in my Mentor and Muse positions- reflecting something like FLEXIBLE CREATIVITY. She definitely seems to have a Priority of Career, with what I think is a Primary Shame of Desperation. I think she's an Artisan-cast Scholar, with a CR of Experimentation and a GJ of Mediation or Integration on the Truth Side of an Entity 4- but you never know. Anyways here's the video: In a bit more depth: the two ladies talk about how virtual reality, freedom of expression, greater interactivity and inter-connectivity do and will play into the evolution of art and storytelling. It makes me even more excited for the possibilities of the future considering all the stuff discussed is what I'm seeing, literally, on Youtube.
  3. I am intrigued by Pokemon Go! and how it's combining both virtual reality (the game) and also getting out in the world. Of course, reports are about finding bodies and thieves finding players and robbing them. But the more positive and long-lasting effect is how people are going out of their houses, walking around, meeting up with people they might have never met in another context. Michael has talked about the new Virtual Generation and many students have asked about this. Could Pokemon Go be the beginning of the shift to virtual experience in a new way?
  4. 10Q - Feb 10, 2016 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. MikeClev: Hello :) This question is about the topic of Generational Karma. Could you describe how being in this "Mature" Age affects that era? How will being in an "Old" Age be different? Thanks. MEntity: During an Age, it tends to be the case that all events funnel into the securing of that Age into the populace. During this Mature Age, it is a process of breaking down barriers, emotional rawness, intensity, expanding boundaries while also strengthening any that have been ignored. It is about bringing about an awareness of collectivity, consensus, negotiation, compromise, and cooperation. Events tend to force the idea that "we are in this together, whether we like it, or not." This will be met with great resistance by those who prefer their own paths that do not account for the consequences upon others. The Mature Age, then, tends to be marked by an escalating intensity that is emotional in nature and brings the population to a turning point that finds a way to soothe those in desperate fear for their individual paths while still gaining collective momentum of empowerment. If this soothing of the younger souls is not addressed, then the turning point can be quite disastrous, but the turning point will come, regardless. At some point during an Age, the turning point comes, either with resistance/pain or with surrender/pleasure. The Old Age would be marked by a building upon or up from the turning point of the Mature Age and aim for how to implement collective responsibility and freedom. It tends to be an Age where true anarchy is in effect to some degree that allows order to rise up from chaos. If the momentum continues as we can see it, this will have been well under way with the advent of digital technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality, as "the world" shifts from geographical and national differentiations to a world organized by ideas and philosophies. All boundaries and privacy issues will have long been resolved, and life will not be limited to locality. The Internet is a precursor to the Old Age. There will be those who rise and fight against this by claiming that the quality of life is reduced by emphasizing digital interaction, but this will be met by the Old Age in the same way one might feared that the telephone would remove the necessity for actual contact, or that the use of digital music somehow cannot carry the experience of an actual concert. It will always be true that actual contact is important, but to expand beyond boundaries of geography and locality to form "nations" based in ideas and philosophies rather than territories is a natural progression. We can continue elaborating, but we know there are other questions. MikeClev: Thank you :) Evelin: Hello, Michael! Michael, you told me: "If we were to put a number to what is knowable and what is known in terms of Astronomy and Space, on a scale of 1 to 100, Humans are at 2." On the same 1 to 100 scale, what would be the number of what is known to Humans about 1) our Solar system 2) (how) the Sun (works), 3) what influences Earth's tectonics? MEntity: In terms of the Solar System, we would put the knowledge at 5. In terms of how the Sun works, we would put this at 6. In terms of Tectonics, we would put this at 10. Evelin: Lovely... room for growth! Thank you. MEntity: Very much so. Colleen: Hi Michael. What was the motive for the murder of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968? Who was behind it? MEntity: This was fairly straight-forward and not as mysterious in motivation. This was motivated by a group who felt betrayed by America and this was their attempt to make a point, to send a message, to try to get across the anger and desperation that was unfolding in the politics and conflicts that were affecting them. The fragment known to have committed the assassination was fairly forthright and open about his motivations, and we do not see these as scripted by force or by manipulation, other than in terms of how a group can bring influence when sharing in an emotion and pain. Colleen: So Sirhan Sirhan was part of the conspiracy. He claims he has no memory of the event. MEntity: The group has long since disbanded or members dead, but that anger that fueled this group exists even into today. This is not uncommon for those who are fueled by "crimes of passion," and this is included in that. Colleen: Was he the only shooter? MEntity: Once the buildup of intensity, anger, hatred, frustration, fear, etc. is released and has landed in some catastrophic way, the mind is suddenly with a void that was once filled with this singular objective. AnnH: Wow. MEntity: That is then either experienced as loss of memory, or is retroactively filled with a narrative that is fantasy or shaped from input of others. The fragment in question was not the only one. Three were moving in for the best opportunity. Depending on various parallels, each of these three or a combination caused the death. AnnH: So this happened in a number of parallels? MEntity: More that it generated various parallels. So, technically, yes. AnnH: OK Colleen: Thanks. PeterK: I am considering the field of virtual reality as a possible career direction, particularly in combination with data visualization and mobile devices. What advances in virtual reality are humans likely to achieve over the next ten years? MEntity: If there is no collapse, this industry is set to exponentially grow beyond what is in the general imagination at this time. Augmented and Virtual Reality is one of the "great solutions" that not only help to resolve the issues of resources and climate change, but also to herald a radical shift toward the Resource-based Economy. In ten years, if the patterns remain as we can see them now, your hardware will move from external and clunky to integrated, wearable, and neurologically powered. CLARIFICATION: this is not to say it will reach that state within the 10 years, but that it will be ever clearer that it is moving in that direction and feasible. It is a viable career. PeterK: Thank you very much. AnnH: This is personal which I hope can be enlarged into general. The topic could be Dreaming of the Dead. I have often dreamed of my late Task Companion parents who died in 2000 and 2004. In the past few years, I have dreamed of them often as being separated/divorced and having no contact with each other. Very different than their recent incarnated relationship. Recently in dreams it seems my mother has rejected all of her just past family. How do I go about understanding and resolving the choices and changes that those who I’ve known in this life have made now that they are no longer incarnate? What is up with these dreams of the dead? AnnH: Added: My dreaming self has been hurt by my mother's rejection. It's rather tedious. MEntity: In response to the first question: you are already working on that resolution, but the only missing element is your ACTIVE imagination. Currently, your passive imagination is playing out various scenarios, anxieties, fears, upturned memories, etc. These are rising up because they may be speaking to old, forgotten, or fantasy wounds that you can heal or fix by using your active imagination. Your active imagination requires you to correct your memories, to actively pull up clarification, or to actively replay the scenarios with different, preferred outcomes. For example: If you dream that your mother rejects you and this is painful, it may speak to when you actually did feel rejected, however subconscious or conscious that experience might have been, or it may speak to your grief of missing her but not having any way to truly hear from her to console you as you need mothering. AnnH: Or both :) MEntity: This is your passive imagination helping to bring to the surface that which your active imagination can heal. Using your active imagination is no less significant than your passive imagination. Imagine her presence, her best moments of loving, your moments of joy, your memories of touch and kindness and understanding when she was not at her best, and/or own your current need for mothering by taking care of yourself with obvious nurturing and kindness instead of neglect or escape. In short, you have control over the impact of experiences such as this by understanding that your passive imagination informs you, and your active imagination can help you. AnnH: Yes, thank you. MEntity: We must conclude here for today. We know this is a new format of exchange with you, and it brings with it potential for rather intimate exchanges with us. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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