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Found 4 results

  1. KurtisM


    [Excerpt from Energy Report: January 2017] MEntity: Priest energy is about inspiring the masses. The Positive Pole is Compassion and the Negative Pole is Zeal. Compassion is the capacity to open one's eyes to suffering and use inspiration to transform and heal this. Zeal is the capacity to close one's eyes to suffering and use inspiration to distract from or compound that suffering.
  2. Michael Speaks Live Chat Year in Review — 2014 December 27, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. When looking at any given period of time in terms of overleaves or patterns, one must always consider that, no matter how tightly the view, or how broad the range, those overleaves or patterns are a part of vast cycles and cannot truly be isolated. But for simplicity, we can look at a given year of time and its patterns, both in advance and in review, to help bring insight to the more immediate state of collective consciousness. Time has vast cycles that cannot truly be segregated, but this is also true of Essence in existence. The current overleaves of you are but description of a cycle of time as Essence, and that cycle of time cannot truly be separated out from any other cycle. But the fact that time cycles cannot be truly separated has no bearing on the fact that those cycles are made of cycles are made of cycles, etc. Decades are made of years are made of months are made of days are made of hours are made of minutes are made of seconds, etc. Those PARTS may add up to greater cycles, but those parts matter. Those PARTS ARE the cycles. Just like your cells ARE your body. The body would not exist without the cells, and your days, your months, your years, are cells in the bodies of time, if you will. 2014 was a particularly challenging year for many of our students and beyond our students. Priest years can tend to be that way. Everything that was or is taken for granted as a pattern, or that has been in momentum for a great period of time while in need of redirection or change, will come to the surface for awareness, redirection, change, or put in more relevant Priest terms: for orientation. In many ways, the Priest years emphasize this alteration of patterns in the most spiritual sense possible. No matter how physical, the patterns brought up are relevant to spirit. When this is done through Compassion, the year has great breakthroughs in patterns that had been blocked. Even if there is resistance or complaint, the changes are toward inclusion and built from empathy. When this is done through Zeal, the year will tend to have waves of mass deaths, illnesses, outbreaks, slaughters, and destruction of any efforts that encourage or support progress and change. This could be said of any year, but in Priest years, these events tend to stand out more. In fact, it is often not a matter of unique events happening relative to what Role the year is, but that the Role helps point out what is catching the attention of fragments at the time. In another year, the very same things that might move you in one will not phase you in another. Knowing the Overleaves for a year may not reveal to you the events of that year, but they can reveal the collective responses and meaning of events of that year. In general, events over 2014 for our students brought a lot of pain for our students. If not directly, then because of the empathy inherent in the Soul Age. Sometimes it may seem a bit "too much," and that the world is disintegrating. But what we see are growing pains, not disintegration. Much like the destructive teen who must outgrow his or her hormonal wash before thinking clearly, so does the world move through its tantrums and stomping and fighting before owning a position of maturity. The Ebola outbreak is yet another example of how the world is smaller and smaller in terms of shared space and connectivity, and this is often not as clearly exemplified than through the potential spread of deadly illnesses. This was not generated as a "lesson," but is another event that took on spiritual significance to many as it brought home the validity of mortality and potential collapse of civilization due to a single event. It has been quite some time since a "reset" of civilization, so when there are legitimate examples of possible scenarios, this plays on the deepest core of Humans' Instinctive Center because it is known that a "reset" is possible and potentially long-overdue. Isolating a part of the world, ignoring it, and presuming one is safe within the bounds of an invisible line of territory is still strong in the psyche of Humans when responding to threats such as this, but these events help to remind individuals that what is taken for granted is precarious. Like illness, the spread of ISIS is another example of the world growing smaller in terms of shared space and spirit. No longer is there a fringe group that can be kept at bay and monitored, but an ideology can spread like a virus, like Ebola, to infect in greater numbers locally, but also "jump" to weaker psyches across borders to act of their own volition, fueled by the ideology. The Internet acts as a kind of neural pathway among Humans, and it can strengthen healthy pathways or strengthen unhealthy pathways. What you "put out there" matters. This is not to say that one should only post sweet nothings, platitudes, doe-eyed kittens or "grumpy cats," but that what you "put out there" matters. This matters, not so much because of what is received or how it is received, but in how these reinforce and reflect your own neural pathways. What you "put out there" reinforces and reflects your pathways. YOUR pathways. Note how often it matters more to you to share what you wish to reinforce than it is for you to consider a challenge to that reinforcement. We point this out because it is relevant to how a year is shaped by the individual. It is not just true via the Internet, but in general. Unless you are directly touched by the major events of a year, they are concepts. You will use them to reinforce and reflect your spirit, your neural pathways, or they will challenge you. "The news," no matter how accurate or inaccurate, is fodder for reinforcing and reflecting or challenging. But we digress. We digress for the sake of pointing out that it is not just ideologies or viruses that can represent the shrinking of a planet and the threats of precariousness to civilization, but how one responds to these events in the world can be revealing in where you are in your own and your collective evolution. In terms of an Intellectual year, it matters what you THINK and EXPRESS about these things in terms of adding to the collective momentum. Because this is where you embrace or reject your part in humanity. The horrors of the world are yours. The beauty of the world is yours. The Nigerian School girls abduction, the disappearance of the Malaysian flight, the expansion of ISIS, the persistence of Ebola, the breakthroughs in US/Cuban relations, the rapid shift in marriage equality and immigration rights, as well as the Israeli conflicts with Hamas and the South Korean Ferry sinking, etc. these reflect the ZEAL or the COMPASSION that this year asked of you, if you will. These events are not happening outside of your reality. They are in your reality. If you were exposed in any way to any "news" that is happening in the world, then it was for you. However distant and conceptual the event, you would have either used it to reinforce, reflect, or challenge your ZEAL or your COMPASSION. We feel that understanding this is far more useful than dissecting these events into terminology. The more something mattered to you, the more it ties into this reflection, reinforcement, or challenge to "the priest in you." One of the reasons Sentience is slow to mature and can take 6 million years is because there is only a short range, acute circles of reflection, reinforcement and challenge to one's spirit. Once there are breakthroughs, either telepathically or technologically, allowing for access to a stream of world events that would otherwise never touch you, leaps in evolution begin. This is a fraction of a fraction of a taste of how the integration process of an Entity works on the Astral. You cannot "turn it off" there. Learning how to manage your intake of world events and your response to these is practice for how you will contribute to the exchanges to come among your Entity. Look back over the events of the year, both in terms of world events and personal events, and see which direction you went in terms of choosing ZEAL over COMPASSION/EMPATHY. Choosing Zeal would mean that you felt your spirit, ideologies, expression, and beliefs were threatened and you may have bristled up in defense with hostility or anger. Choosing Compassion would mean that when you felt your spirit, ideologies, expression, and beliefs were threatened, you remained comfortable in your center and responded as best you could with patience, information, invitation, and empathy. We suspect many of you fell into Zeal and felt quite "riled up" at points over 2014. If that is the case, it is not a failure. It is information about where you are in your evolution, and that means that you found where you remain in need of healing. For many of our students, looking into the blind spots of the life was far more important than reinforcing that which was already secure. As 2015 comes in the week ahead, many of our students will likely begin to feel the shift into the Higher Moving Centered energy that will weave through 2015. In a higher centered year, the default will often rest in the lower center, but will rise into the higher quite often. Though the calming effects of the Scholar will likely be felt alongside the Higher Moving, it is the Higher Moving that will settle in, first. If you feel the latter, it is likely a direct result of not having had many patterns in place that were your own, or that were under your control, so this "stirring up" is a "good thing." For those of you who may launch into blissful optimism, it is likely because you are coming upon the horizon line and finally being able to see a bigger picture again. It is not a sign that your work is done, but that you have some breathing room. We will open the floor now for a few questions. We can take about 3 questions. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN (3 questions) GeraldineB: During this past summer, we had a major convergence of two parallels. What are some specifics we might look for on how the integration is proceeding in both 2014 and 2015? Since there would be personal, community, and global truths emerging out of this – please look at global truths or integration indicators. Will it be part of the “bliss vs depression” scenario? MEntity: The major convergence that you speak of brought with it major polarization between "progress/inclusion" vs "entrenching/exclusion." This polarity is part of the "heart" of the continued shift toward true integration of Mature Soul ideals. If there is no entrenching and exclusion, those who are younger than Mature can "lose themselves." There are far more loving ways that this can play out, but it is playing out fearfully. For instance, there is no threat to any of the younger ideals by allowing progress. The ideals of the younger would continue to work well within their circles of experience. It is only because "the world is smaller" that many of these younger groups are lashing out as a means to sustain definition of themselves by imposing this on "the world." The bliss vs depression is more indicative of one's own integration and resolution between the divided parts within. The bliss comes from the willingness to embrace the struggles of that integration. The depression comes from the distraction of it existing in the first place. In general, the collective truths that must be accepted is that the world includes ALL of you, not some of you. ViP: Hi Michael, I would have expected Fukushima to be one of those global scale events that would have come into focus in 2014, but it didn't, compared to the others that you listed. Is that because Fukushima and its fallout are not as much of a problem as it previously seemed, or it just hasn't become obvious enough yet and hence missed the spotlight in 2014? MEntity: Fukushima's emphasis is likely to come to full scale awareness of any greater impact over 2015, in the Higher Moving-Centered year. In the Intellectually-Centered year, the emphasis tended more toward ideologies, expression, mystery, etc. over environment. In Higher Moving Centered years, "the Earth" and environment tend to come far more acutely into focus. Much has been done to deflect concerns, but 2015 will likely help to point out that there is no way to hide these concerns any further. Kurtis: I was wondering if you could give us a baseline of how the Scholar might operate in its poles (Knowledge and Theory) for this year. Like a "system" of sorts to gauge our progress? MEntity: A Scholar year tends to have a high emphasis on EXPERIENCE as the medium for collective evolution. This means that events tend not to seem so distant and conceptual, but often "hit home" in both figurative and literal terms. In Scholar years, it is difficult to hide from experiences, but for those who try, it will likely be behind a wall of Theory. A Scholar in Knowledge uses the past as a means to understand and expand into the present and future. A Scholar in Theory uses the past as a way to escape or deflect the present and the future. So if one finds he or she is deflecting, ignoring, resisting experiential navigation of the year, resorting to only what is already known, familiar, and presumed true, then one is likely in Theory. If one embraces experience, takes on new challenges, and allows room for risk, he or she is likely trusting in past experiences as a way to help navigate new experiences. We must conclude here for tonight. Good evening to all of you. We will have more to say about 2015 in 2015. Until then, we can say with authentic encouragement for each of you to have and create a happy new year. It may be a simple mark on the calendar, but it does mark a shift of invitation into psychological, spiritual, and physical possibilities again. Goodbye, for now.
  3. KurtisM

    Choosing Zeal or Compassion

    [Extracted from: Michael Speaks: Year in Review 2014) MEntity: Choosing Zeal would mean that you felt your spirit, ideologies, expression, and beliefs were threatened and you may have bristled up in defense with hostility or anger. Choosing Compassion would mean that when you felt your spirit, ideologies, expression, and beliefs were threatened, you remained comfortable in your center and responded as best you could with patience, information, invitation, and empathy.
  4. KurtisM

    Sense of Orientation

    [This material was originally posted by Maureen as a private session transcript on November 4, 2010. Permission was granted for placement in the Study Library.] Maureen: The sense associated with Priests is Orientation. I've never seen a description of this sense anywhere. How does Michael perceive this sense operating in Priest lives and to myself in particular? MEntity: This term was chosen to describe the capacity for the Priest to intuitively sense the appropriate direction for any fragment toward its Higher Good. It is simply a specific use of intuition, often activated by Essence Recognition. When one recognizes the profound validity of an individual beyond his or her present Personality, not only in terms of the current lifetime as it includes a past, present, and future, but including the possibility of a soul, this is Essence Recognition. The Priest has a keen capacity for being a compass, so to speak, for specific directions, or orientations. And those directions or orientations are relative to either the Priest's agenda or the search of the other fragment or group of fragments. All forms of Intuition include all or some of the basic Senses in a synthesis that combines and extends into a "new" or hyper- Sense. Orientation is one example as this combines the sense of Sight and Touch into a unique form of guidance. Orientation is an Active Sense in that it requires Interaction (a form of Touch) to fulfill the Vision (a form of Sight). How the Priest uses this Sense is a matter of Choice, and is played out between the Poles of Compassion and Zeal, with Compassion bringing Orientation through inspiring oneself or another to aim for the Higher Good that is the Vision, and Zeal bringing Orientation through imposing upon oneself or another the aim for the perceived Higher Good. ### end of transcript ### Note: You may comment on the original post. See Priest's Sense — Orientation.
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