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Children and centering some educated guesses


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I saw a Michael session where they mentioned young children specifically that centering is one of the first things you'd be able to tell apart between them. I have a number of friends who have children in additon to a large family. So, I thought I'd give you my educated guesses as to their centering. 


Two of them are I'm almost certain on Moving Centered. One of them who is my cousin, is pretty much Intellectually Centered from what I can tell. Another cousin of mine seems to be Emotionally centered like me. Does anyone else have guesses as far as the children they know?

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Hey Seve.

I dunno much about the current youngsters in my family- but I did notice one of my younger cousins likely developed Moving Center with an Intellectual Part- and she's super Sagey and Mercurial- always expressing and seeking attention and highly independent. She was very strong as a kid. Right now she manifests Late Baby-Early Young.
My other younger cousin who's def Solar-Mercurial is more artistically inclined (Scholar/Artisan quality), and can be incredibly temperamental and childish, but I think her issues stem from the Emotional>Intellectual or Intellectual>Emotional centering because she's more internal and less inclined to have an awareness about her actions+energy to me. She manifests Late Baby-Early Mature and recently started her 3rd IM.

I could be wrong though.

For two of my youngest cousin twins- one is most likely Intellectual because he's ever-vocal, highly curious and loud and "needy". The other I don't know, he's more quiet, could be Emotional or Moving.

I'm Intellectual>Emotional, and when I was a kid I was pretty loud, vocal and very Artisan-y, always wanting STRUCTURE+ORDER. Apparently I threw a tantrum that a light burnt out in a restaurant when I was younger (My Family Ikon likely includes me being a perfectionist.)
I spent my childhood see sawing between Moving and Emotional Part- to some extent I was aware of my actions+energy and my emotional world. But once I chose Emotional as my Part, I started to become a little more quiet and tuned into my processes+thoughts.
That eventually ended up funneling mostly into hobby researching & creative pursuits as I played with my ideas- and homework.
Aw darn now you got me nostalgic XD

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One of my friend's kids seems moving centered to me. He plays basketball and loves sports in general. I'm almost certain one of my younger cousin's is intellectually centered. I think I mentioned him in my OP. He's very talkative and really bright for his age. One time when we were watching a hockey game on tiv he was describing to me what was happening on screen.

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