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Thinking and Destiny, by Harold W. Percival

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This is a little-known comprehensive theoretical opus on metaphysics from the 1900's. I read this a few years ago and have since found quite a number of correlations with elements from the Michael Teachings. The book describes in detail subjects such as:


- The nature of animals and how they are parts of humans

- How one can think without creating additional thoughts

- Thinking in a mode of 1 instead of a mode of 2 as humans normally think

- The 7 minds (similar to the 7 roles) that make up a human being

- The 3 aspects or parts of the self (similar in ways to truth, love, energy) 

- A system of 12 that describes the universe

- How entire universes evolve in cycles based on the zodiac or a system of 12

- A step-by-step guide to achieving conscious immortality

- The nature of ghosts and spirits 

- A geometric explanation of how thoughts function

- Axes describing nature versus mind, consciousness versus unconsciousness


I would speculate that H.W. Percival was a (possibly scholar-cast) scholar and it shows up as the book is very, very information-dense. This author also did monthly publications in the early 1900's as part of a magazine called "The Word" which is also interesting to read. It's available for free reading online at the website:




"The Word" articles:




This would be a great book to read if you have like 1.5-2 weeks of free time and desire some really detailed information on the subject of metaphysical explorations with an original and uncompromising perspective.

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