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20170318 MMW: Transcending Ego

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Oh, also, I discovered while doing astral meditations that music and smells affected how the spaces looked. Like, music made the colors more vivid and smells made the edges more sharp. I don't know why any of that is and I don't know if that would be something other people would experience or if it was just me. 

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MMW - March 18, 2017 - Transcending Ego   Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin.   Today we will discuss the concept of "Transcending Ego." We will discuss what thi

I wholeheartedly recommend the judicious use of psychedelics, if one has access to the drugs and a trusted guide. I have blogs posted on a couple of the experiences I've had over the last few years. I

Well, I'm going to chime in with a plug for meditation, perhaps because it's something I've only recently been able to do. The Monroe Institute course I took taught a methodology for first going into

Maxim [memorial profile]
On 3/20/2017 at 7:21 AM, Troy said:

Besides, I have a weird resistance to drugs. My drug resistance is so high that morphine didn't have much of an effect on me, and I can only take one kind of pain reliever that works, and a trip to the dentist is a nightmare, and I shocked everyone (including myself, god help me) when I woke up in the middle of my colonoscopy!


Welcome to the inner world Troy.  Not wanting unnecessary sedation i opted for a sedation free colonoscopy and looked at the screen to witness the process.

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@ckaricaiThanks for that info. It's good to know you can learn to control it, because on acid it didn't seem controllable--either I was all in or all out. I'll check out the link when I have some time. As for the color/music smells/vision and other sensory mash-ups, that happened to me a lot with acid but never with meditation. I have been meditating since 1970 when I received initiation. From that point on, meditation has taken many different forms, none of which do I have any control over (or so it seems to me). But since 'knowing' Michael, all I have to do is think of my Essence and i go into meditation spontaneously. I haven't thought of directing it or taking an active part in that process, I just let it unfold. One of my perceptions is that the minute my mind recognizes what is happening, it changes and I'm pulled back into ordinary thought, so I just perceive until I hear my mind say 'what are you perceiving here?' or 'this must be the Higher Intellectual Center' or some other label of the experience. It expands my understanding of what having a quiet mind means.


Another phase/kind of meditation happens when Kundalini is awakened and the Shakti rises through the chakras. When the Shakti arises, everything else is dust and is wiped away. Nothing else has any reality or validity when in the presence of the Shakti. That has been my experience for the last 47 years. The IT that is always changing is always the same. Go figya.

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I haven't tried drugs and don't want to, but intuitively I'd say if you can learn to control your (scary) dreams, you'll learn to direct your trips better, too. Took me a while to get the hang of it in dreams, but once you've got it, you can't lose it.

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On 3/18/2017 at 6:21 PM, Bobby said:

Ego is the part of you that sorts all of your experiences that come as a result of Reactions.



On 3/18/2017 at 6:21 PM, Bobby said:

The meditative state for the EGO could be likened to a person who works very hard finally being able to sit down and enjoy that which he or she has been working so hard for in the first place.


Most Egos do not get this opportunity and spend lives as slaves to the body, so to speak.


Most importantly, the Ego learns that it will not die if it rests.


So two things are happening here: the ego learns that it can enjoy life as a PART of the biology, not just a protector of it, embracing true pleasure over sorting stimulation, and it learns that it will not die from too much pleasure.


There is no need to be specific to a Key Factor when meditating. Simply meditate. Find a meditation that works for you. The benefit will show up in your moments of reaction where you suddenly remember that you have a choice.


So meaningful! My experiences Self-remembering have made me aware of my ego in a way that allows me to remember this, and to let Personality merge with Essence so that I experience WHOLENESS, rather than the awareness of there being three of us: Me, Personality and Essence. Funnily enough when ego relaxes, I experience Me as One. It's a paradox, which makes me confident that it is 'True'.

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I've never used drugs or practiced orthodox meditation, although I have developed my own chakra (center) purification methods. I just use what comes naturally to me. In my own (and very humble? ?) opinion, I've pretty tamed the ego. Of course, it's alway lurking around but I deal with it whenever it's necessary.

Anyway, I equal the ego pretty much with mind and with defence mechanisms by which are the construction blocks of the chief feature. We are born with the mind and we die with it, but it is not our soul. I rather keep it as a good servant and not the boss. The chief feature is fear-based and it is meant to protect us up to certain point when it becomes useless.


Anyway, I've used these methods:

- Dream interpretation. Makes you conscious of the unconscious. Understanding of your own symbolism

- Following synchronicity = guidance.

- Controlling my own thoughts, especially negative patterns and cycles. I used to be depressed in my late teens and early twenties and it would have gone worse without this practice

- Loving the Truth. I rather suffer for a moment than live extended times in a lie. I always trust that the Truth will eventually reveal itself.

- Stepping to the uncomfort-zone. Facing unreasonable fears even when it's scary. A little bit of courage is needed.

- Going through unexpressed emotions. This is extremely purifying.

-Mindfulness. Being present in whatever you do, can throw you into an altered state of consciousness and activate the higher centers.

- Not fearing death/ego death. When the ego dies or even steps aside for a moment, the essence can emerge.

- Realizing that Universal love is the key element of Essence and the Tao. It does not need protection from ego.

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Mm, coming back to this again.

I just love this session.

I am obsessed with transcendence. Not because I believe it is some holy conclusion , but because I strongly value truth.

It is very easy to spot the stressful thoughts and know they are not your own voice.

It is so difficult to navigate the pleasurable thoughts that are protecting you too.

thoughts like “ a ha, i am in the positive poles forever now”

” i am going to self inquire all 24 hours today! I love self inquiry!”

? having sex with this person I dont want to have sex with is exactly what i want to do!”

” Potatoe chips to end the day yet again! Yes!”

” I don’t have a family! The world doesn’t exist! I can just focus on me and what i enjoy”


I am almost certain that the above transcript describes the “ enlightenment” process many describe. When their “ self” dies and they become “ no self”.

When really we just stop identifying with our mind and finally become all of our selves. No longer identified with our fears or our comforts. 

No longer needing to control our impulses, futures, pasts, body. 

Recognizing that we are allowing room for a much larger self to move through us. In reality, that has always been the way it is....yet that permissive mind believes it is the mastermind of it all. 


I bet the concept of choice completely shifts after egoic dissolve.

When reaction is no longer there, Where is choice?

We would just be flexible, responsive, open bliss balls.


terrifying, yet...I want a taste!

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I saw this just now and thought it fit with this session from Michael. 🕉️


"...so it is possible for the ego itself to achieve the experience of freedom from time and space, if it would only allow itself for a short while to relax the intensity of its objective focus. It could still do this and retain its own nature, merely by allowing into its awareness the reality of other actions as a part of its self-image."


The Early Sessions, Book 4
Session 156, Page 41


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