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Michael Speaks - January 27, 2013 - The State of the World


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12:55 PM 1/27/2013

Michael Speaks

"The State of the World"

Channel: Troy Tolley


MEntity:  As the topic in request is that of our perspective of "the state of the planet," we will begin with a review of what we see as the "Overleaves" for the time frame of 2013:


MEntity:  Though we cannot usefully predict anything of any meaningful use, we can describe the general, collective tone and context of themes for a year by assigning a Role. In the same way that we can describe an Essence as being a certain Role, we cannot conclusively describe how that Role will show up, but we can describe fairly consistent symptoms that are inherent in that Role.


MEntity:  Or, rather, characteristics inherent in that Role.


MEntity:  2013 appears to be a year best understood with characteristics described by SAGE.


MEntity:  This means the year would most likely tend toward patterns, issues, and themes of truth, communication, learning/teaching, drama, laughter, playfulness, and innocence. These are quite broad terms, so it is important to understand what we mean by this so that one can validate and benefit from understanding the tone of a year.


MEntity:  On a more collective scale, the themes, patterns, and issues as described by a Role would tend to show up in the dominant theatrics and media and politics and other collective arenas on the planet.


MEntity:  On a personal scale, knowing the Role of the year can help one to find more immediate solutions to challenges between the self and "the world," understand the dynamics of those interactions in the world, and understand your part in the contribution to collective evolution.


MEntity:  It is not that events and exchanges would be created by the energy of the Role, but rather that events would tend to be most easily understood and tended to through the understanding of the Role.


MEntity:  For example: the tragedy that took place in the area known as "Sandy Hook" was directly related to the launch of the Sage year.


MEntity:  This event was not something planned to make any point, of course, but that its unique launch into the spotlight was greatly because of the themes of interest this year. However tragic this scenario may seem to be, in any other year, it may not have gained the same attention or momentum of meaning.


MEntity:  However, in a Sage year, this event's association with children, innocence, and the truth of an issue was regarded as extremely meaningful to those participating in the world.


MEntity:  It's overlap from 2012 helped to highlight the divide generated by Stubbornness, played out by those in Obstinance and those standing up to the Obstinance through Determination.


MEntity:  As the Stubbornness fades from focus over January, the sense of need for Determination will fade, as well, and the work of change would become much easier for addressing the truths that the event brought to consciousness.


MEntity:  The Center is another term we use to help describe a collective tone and theme for a year.


MEntity:  This year appears to be more Intellectually-focused.


MEntity:  This means more expressiveness, more ideas, more philosophical pondering, more emphasis on thinking before acting, more organizing of emotions and actions.


MEntity:  In a year that is Intellectually-Centered and Sage, the trends would tend toward ideas to protect children, enrich communities, enhance schools, and make decisions and choices from thought.


MEntity:  Usually, the first obvious, major event of a year can help exemplify the collective tone and theme of a year. There are many events that could be described as "major" and "obvious," but on a collective scale relative to our students, something like the tragedy of "Sandy Hook" would, clearly, be this example.


MEntity:  This ties into the Goal of the year, as well, which tends toward emphasis in January through March. This year can be described as aiming for FLOW, with some sliding to Acceptance and Discrimination.


MEntity:  The surrender to the necessity for gun control, for example, is Flow working in as a theme, with issues around "freedoms" coming up, and played out in spectrum between those who know that this must be addressed in some meaningful way versus those who are simply in Inertia (the negative pole), locked into their momentum of defense.


MEntity:  There is a near-inevitability for any Mature Soul culture to give up its addiction to weaponry, and it is beginning to take hold in the United States as the Priest who is known as President Obama continues to anchor Mature Soul paradigm as a norm.


MEntity:  The fears rising in response to the idea of gun control come from the experiences of life in a world ruled by Young Souls, and populated with many Baby and Infant. The necessity for weaponry was valid, and remains valid to some extent, of course.


MEntity:  As the planet moves toward a Mature Soul norm, nearly all of the ideals of the Young Soul paradigm begin to fall, such as competition, privacy, and defense. These concepts no longer serve the Mature Soul.


MEntity:  These concepts do not disappear, but find less emphasis and more organic positions in one's life, rather than as front and center as priorities.


MEntity:  There would still be a concept of privacy, competition, and defense in culture of the oldest of souls, but these would tend toward a refinement that may be very difficult for those of you in the current paradigm to even conceive.


MEntity:  For example: the Mature Soul discussions over gun control are not looking to be fulfilled through tactics of defense, competition, or concern for privacy, but with tactics aimed toward collective trust, networks of support, and education.


MEntity:  The Mature Soul paradigm is inclusive of the Young Soul paradigm, so the concern for privacy and the need for defense would tend to be accommodated for those who still require that as a focus, and the mere discussion of gun control satisfies the competitiveness of the younger souls as they fight against any encroachment upon their individuality, even as the approach from Mature Souls is not with this intention.


MEntity:  As the subject of gun control in the United States is quite sensitive, the approach toward it in an Intellectually-Centered year is beneficial, as there would tend to be a support for even the most resistant of individuals to have access to the thinking involved for why this is a beneficial measure for a society.


MEntity:  So as 2013 unfolds, we think our students will begin to see more and more of the effects of anchoring of Mature Soul paradigm, played out specifically through those qualities inherent in descriptions and spectrums of the Sage and Intellect, expanding rather quietly and gently through the Goal of Flow.


MEntity:  Rather than speak to general contexts relative to the state of the planet, we will now open the floor to questions about what we have shared already, and questions relative to the topic, in general.




Diane_and_Tex:  From Tex: There has been a lot of war-like chest-beating between China and Japan, and to a lesser extent other Pacific Rim countries, and India against China. Structurally, the situation is similar to the defense relationships before WWI, an illogical war with no possible positive outcome for anyone. There is no logical reason for what is happening now, either. Populations in Japan and China and the Philippines all feel threatened by each other and want revenge while trading mightily with each other. What are the chances for a stupid war?


MEntity:  "Chest beating" is an apt description of nations shifting from Baby to Young, which is fairly inclusive of all you describe. When the Baby shifts into Young, in the same way that a "tween" shifts into teenhood, there comes a phase of rebellion.


MEntity:  Though precarious on large scales, it is a healthy part of the process of a nation and its peoples to establish their individuality and their collective identity.


MEntity:  However, the dominant Soul Age of the species will tend to influence how the various Soul Ages manifest.


MEntity:  In Infant, Baby, and Young paradigms, war is quite easily launched as a potential solution to differences.


MEntity:  Only when there is Mature Soul anchoring of paradigm is war more often avoided than not.


MEntity:  If the Mature Soul paradigm continues with the anchoring that we see happening, then the "chest beating" would tend to remain only as that, and be used for display when negotiating differences.


MEntity:  As with many teens, the rise of a collective consciousness into Young Soul Age is wrought with internal conflicts over needs, demands, resources, and issues of self-identity, and so it is for a country or nation whose population is awakening to concepts of individuality from within a Baby culture.


MEntity:  We would say that, despite resistances and controversy, one determining factor contributing to stability in other shifting nations is the successful leadership of the United States' current President. If that continues along lines of successful policy changes, bringing more anchoring of a Mature Soul paradigm, then other Soul Ages on the planet would tend to align their behaviors within that paradigm.


MEntity:  War would not be such an easy reaction, but one that is regarded with consequences beyond the satisfaction of assault or retaliation.


Diane_and_Tex:  Tex:  That's my hope


Kathryn41:  Also what are the soul ages of the leaders of China and Japan?


MEntity:  Both the current Prime Minister of Japan, and President of Republic of China appear to be early Young Souls.


Kathryn41:  Is this perspective focused primarily for North America/the US or will this perspective also be evident in other countries? In other words, how do you perceive these overleaves being expressed in other geographic locations, such as the Middle East, the European Union, Asia, etc?etc?


MEntity:  There are a few different sets of overleaves that we deliver through our valid channels to accommodate the circle of students of that channel, or to accommodate the specific requests of that channel. In most cases, our delivery of overleaves is relative to the students who may resonate with the channel. Their reading of that set of overleaves is directly beneficial to their understanding of the overleaves, and then they extrapolate that understanding to their world view. In some cases, such as with this channel, the request is to bypass accommodation of the students, and to hear our own interpretation from a collective, planetary perspective.


MEntity:  In the same way that we have described one as having Personal, Public, and True Overleaves, so are there these similar ways to interpret collective patterns over time. For some students who do not interact much with the world-at-large, the Role on a "personal level" for the year may make more sense to be described to them differently. For those who are quite active in the world, a different Role might make more sense to them as describing the year in a more "public" way. And those overleaves shared from our perspective should be most easily inclusive of both of those.


MEntity:  Sometimes all of these will be the same, of course.


MEntity:  For those channels who deliver more customized sets of overleaves for their students, this tends to be relative to geographic locality, as well, but as some of our channels take to modern options of expansion beyond locality, it is more specific to that circle of Agreements than to locality.


MEntity:  In short, it could be said that some channels receive overleaves for how the world will tend to affect you (personal), while others deliver overleaves describing how you will affect the world (public), while our interpretation, as requested through this channel, is simply describing those patterns happening in the world.


Kathryn41:  Thank you


Bobby:  Are there any changes that can be seen at this time for this year pertaining to the debt based economy also are there any likely major economic upheavals in store this year?


MEntity:  Bobby, we cannot predict such things, and no upheaval tends to be "planned," but we can say that it is a pivotal and precarious year for such things. Three major areas are in need of being addressed "immediately": climate change and the exponentially-escalating effects, income disparities, and government debts, in that order.


MEntity:  We do not see that the year ahead might show any obvious shifts in this regard, but if these three factors are not addressed and secured with support within the next 3 to 4 years, the results would probably tend toward unpleasant.


MEntity:  Contending factors as associated with the above would be the sudden collapse of a currency value among those of more widespread value, and declining viable water supplies. All of these would seem to use to be of high priority for any group concerned with securing stability within the familiar economic dynamics.


MEntity:  The latter two factors would tend to hinge on the combinations of the first three we described.


MEntity:  We list climate change as the priority factor because it will not matter that the second and third factors are addressed, if the species is taken by surprise by the effects of climate to any degree that could be devastating.


MEntity:  The effects of climate on economy is at 72% probability, at this point.


Jana:  I had a different question prepared, but I would like to expand on your answer to Bobby - what can we, individually do, about climate change?


MEntity:  There are two levels of climate change, one of which you have no direct control, and the other as a source of causation that leads to effects. The climate on the planet shifts is great cycles that are not understood from the relatively recent and limited recordings of data, so there would tend to come these shifts, with or without a species causation.


MEntity:  However, these greater cycles can lengthen, shorten, or shift when there are new factors of causation in effect. "Greenhouse" gases would tend to be the greatest causation, at this point, generated from a vast industry generating this factor.


MEntity:  The greatest contribution any individual could do, at this point, is to make conscious choices regarding one's part in generating or supporting this factor. In a society and culture where simply being alive will contribute to certain factors, it would tend to be most effective to educate oneself to how one's most mundane choices may be contributing to these factors, and to make different choices regarding those that can be changed.


Jana:  What would be the most effective things we could change as individuals?


MEntity:  Any reduction of "carbon footprint," however "trendy" this may have come to be marketed, is a valid and effective approach. It has a direct reversal effect of causation by, at least, slowing down the generation of the effect.


MEntity:  There comes with this consideration a great inconvenience in many cases, but we can only say to this that there are far greater inconveniences in accelerated climate change to usurp any that may concern one now.


Martha:  meanwhile we have people who don't believe it's real


Jana:  yes, it all makes sense and we all know it, sometimes it's easy decide based on convenience vs inconvenience, or get discouraged and think it makes a little difference on the grand scale


MEntity:  The climate will change. It always has. We have lived through many. We know. Most natural changes are fairly slow to come, allowing for us to adapt, with very few having been "sudden" in any meaningful sense for the species, but not only is the current acceleration of climate change nearing a point of "sudden," the current modeling for climate change seems to us to be off by 30 to 50 years.


Martha:  as in sooner?


Jana:  So people are kidding themselves


MEntity:  An acceleration of global temperatures by nearly 10 degrees fahrenheit are not unlikely before 2075.


GeraldineB:  they've been saying 3 degrees would be catastrophic


MEntity:  Currently, we can see this as 45% probability and rising, based on current momentum. When we factor in potential of education and implementation of choices that would reverse this, it drops to 10%, relative to 2075, and moves the climate change toward "natural" by 2100, with a rise in temperatures coming over a 300 to 500 year period, if at all, instead.


Jana:  I cannot even imagine 10 deg in such a short timescale. so we can influence it considerably


MEntity:  Yes.


MEntity:  Choice can be seen as quite powerful on a personal level, but part of the evolving soul is to grasp the effects of choice in larger contexts. Choices make a difference in both personal and grand ways.


MEntity:  When one begins to make choices based on effects beyond the personal, one is manifesting Essence, and the older Soul Ages.


Maureen:  So "what's in it for me?" -- becomes "what's in it for others -- or for us?"?


Jana: Would choices such as choosing train over plane, and cycling to work instead of driving make a good difference if enough people did it?


MEntity:  Jana, those choices are valid for having an effect, though in terms of the train, this would tend to depend upon the fuel.


Jana:  of course, I meant electric, but that does necessarily mean clean either


GeraldineB:  Well, the train is going to run its route, no matter whether it has passengers or not


Jana:  that is true as well, but so is plane?  unless they reduce it based on lower demand


MEntity:  Jana, Geraldine, yes: lack of demand affects rate of use.


Kathryn41:  what will create the biggest influence on hindering this massive change?


MEntity:  Kathryn, the biggest hindrance would tend to be lack of comprehension. The scale of climate is difficult to comprehend, but coupling this with its drastic effects on life "as you know it," are difficult to fathom. It is easier to simply eat, take, and do as one has always done, particularly when "everyone else" is, as well.


Kathryn41:  unfortunately, yes. so better education with a 'personal relevance' would have the biggest impact


MEntity:  One of the hallmarks of awakening, whether in Essence or Soul Age, or both, is that the impact of one's choices do not have to have immediate payoff or obvious effects. That equation is of the younger soul ages. The older soul grasps, at least intuitively, the threads of choices that weave together, collectively, to generate impact.


Jana:  Michael, how much does not eating meat make a difference in this matter?


MEntity:  Jana, the industry of enclosing, feeding, watering, and processing of animals as food, and the subsequent disposal of waste from this, is one of the top means of contribution to climate change acceleration.


MEntity:  We did not have to check the Akashic Records to see this as valid in your world today.


Maureen:  🙂 


MEntity:  Its part in the equation of economy, climate, and water supply is integral to their potential demise.


MEntity:  When one begins to make choices based on effects beyond the personal, one is manifesting Essence, and the older Soul Ages.


MEntity:  Jana, those choices are valid for having an effect, though in terms of the train, this would tend to depend upon the fuel.


MEntity:  The last time there was an industry of equivalence on the planet, nearly 1 million years ago, our species was nearly destroyed.


MEntity:  This was not from the same consequences, but that this disconnected type of process for storing, treating, and distributing a food has yet to have had beneficial consequences in the long run, even if contributing greatly to the convenience of a people in the short-term.


MEntity:  By "disconnected" we mean that those processing the foodstuff are disconnected from the care necessary for healthy processes, and the average recipient of the foodstuff is isolated from the entire process. This disconnection and isolation comes with a toll, since "no one is home" to manage the quality and vitality of the foodstuff. And the recipient simply consumes it without question.


MEntity:  This could be said of many industries in terms of consequences on the species, but when that industry then has impact on greater scales that involve ecosystems, other species, and atmospheres, the consequences are potentially far more than we can fairly anticipate for our students.


MEntity:  Your choices in the matter, matter.


Jana:  Thank you for the detailed answer


Maureen:  What does our current paradigm look like as opposed the myriad of others out there? What do those other paradigms look like?


MEntity:  Please clarify "other paradigms."


Maureen:  In your statement you mentioned our current paradigm: "In Infant, Baby, and Young paradigms, war is quite easily launched as a potential solution to differences."


Maureen:  Michael – What did you mean by “There would still be a concept of privacy, competition, and defense in culture of the oldest of souls, but these would tend toward a refinement that may be very difficult for those of you in the current paradigm to even conceive”? Would you give an example of what will be difficult for us Older Souls to conceive?


MEntity:  Maureen, from what we have seen in any older soul paradigm, the concept of competition would tend to be either in playful terms, or in how that competitiveness contributes to the joy and well-being of the others involved. There is no real concept of winning. Games would tend to seem either boring, confusing, or pointless to the younger paradigm of game players. Imagine a football game where there are no teams, no score, and no winners, and you may come close to a glimpse.


MEntity:  This is starting to come into fruition in the world of video games where those games emphasize experience as the priority over the winning or scoring.


Maureen:  I can see that. One of the reasons I don't professional sports so much is that someone "has to lose". It's heartbreaking to watch at times.


MEntity:  Privacy is all but gone in the old soul paradigm, at least in terms of how those from a young paradigm might see it. Body image issues lose all footing, and clothing becomes optional, while resources are no longer used from a base of competition and debt, but availability, so there is no currency or details about oneself that can be exploited in those ways relative to resources.


MEntity:  Ownership of objects tends to be seen more in terms of borrowed, so that there is little attachment to "things."


MEntity:  When one person may lean toward more ownership of things than another, they are considered available within reason to anyone, and expectations or demands to the use of anyone else's objects is minimal, since they are fairly readily available anyway, and when not available, it is not taken personally.


Maureen:  I have "imagined" that in the future Michael - about not "owning" most things - borrowing
even personal things.


MEntity:  There are some hints of this in terms of digital products in your world now, with confusion in place regarding the legalities of control and ownership for such products.


MEntity:  It is a different world of rules regarding ownership when objects can simply be duplicated without effect on the original object. Theft is not only no longer of interest, but no longer of necessity or use.


MEntity:  For now, this paradigm of borrowing is fairly limited to the world of digital products, but is mired in younger soul concepts of profit and ownership. The Priest who was known as "Aaron Swartz" is in a Configuration looking to change this paradigm of competitive ownership.


MEntity:  In terms of defense, the older soul paradigm tends toward dynamics that usurp any necessity for assault and defense in any obvious sense, though there would tend to be tactics in place relative to any known threats. For instance, there would still be concepts of healthy preventions, and remedies, as well as physical weaponry relative to threats.


MEntity:  However, the concept of defense would be relative to threat, not to paranoia, or speculative threat.


Maureen:  So his death may have some meaning then?


MEntity:  Maureen, if those who remain from the Configuration choose to carry forth point of his vision, awareness could come, but the actual changes necessary for implementing his vision would seem to be for another generation.


MEntity:  The "foot is in the door" of this precarious consideration for the future of digital data, so this was Good Work.


MEntity:  We must conclude here for today.


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[Question] Are there any changes that can be seen at this time for this year pertaining to the debt based economy also are there any likely major economic upheavals in store this year?


[MEntity] We cannot predict such things, and no upheaval tends to be "planned," but we can say that it is a pivotal and precarious year for such things. Three major areas are in need of being addressed "immediately": climate change and the exponentially-escalating effects, income disparities, and government debts, in that order.


I've been remembering this channeling a lot in recent months.  I often recall Michael's warning about climate change being the greatest threat to the economy from this session (because @TexB is always afraid of impending economic collapse), and this year the warning has come to fruition with all the hurricanes and wildfires bringing massive damage and upheaval.

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We're witnessing destruction on a massive and heartbreaking scale, everywhere we look these days, and it's quite stressful to see. This is when Application is put to the test, and just being able to focus on that and put the other stuff on a back burner for a while, is very nourishing to me. It ain't easy. That's for sure. Very grateful to Michael, @Troyand the whole TLE Community.?

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I'd reccommend everyone read this transcript. It is very relevant to the world of today, 5 years later.


It looks like we're in the reality where climate change has accelerated significantly, to the point where it has and will affect our economy & where the temperature will keep rising.


Add onto this we also chose the reality where we wanted the Mature Soul Paradigm to accelerate tremendously even if it hurt to process the growing pains.

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