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NEWS: Backlog, Schedule, and The Future

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27 minutes ago, Ingun said:

@Ashley Hill


OMG I found this .... and when there hasn't been a reply to these last two posts I can't help give a note to @Bobby


I suspect they have been but if they haven't anyone with a suspected outstanding session needs to initiate a support ticket.  Those are very actively been monitored and tracked now.


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The way to report missing sessions is via a Support Ticket. Expecting Troy or TeamTLE to find and respond to these issues via comments doesn't work. 


We have been managing support tickets quite nicely for some time now. If you haven't received a session, open a ticket. That doesn't mean you'll get the missing session right now or even this week, but it does mean that your issue will be acknowledged, and TeamTLE will be able to track your issue until it IS resolved. We have gone for some months with fewer than 10 open tickets. That's because the tickets ARE being managed and missing sessions ARE being completed. 


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