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Plataform Luciana: Exploration

Luciana Flora

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DESCRIPTION: This Platform Cycle is one in which your Essence is looking at how you expand or contract your potential range of exploration in this life.


PATTERN: If you choose to participate in this Platform with Essence, we would expect that you may find yourself with increased curiosity, increased enthusiasm, and a sense of possibility that you may have been missing. As you work with this Platform it means that you are working with Essence, and this can change your perception greatly in terms of what you see as worth exploring.


INSIGHT: As you expand your range of exploration, you may find yourself coming upon challenges and blocks to your path, but this is not meant to deter you. Challenges and blocks to a path are always naturally in place and can be navigated through creativity and choice, or be used for insight and information about whether one is truly interested in that path. It can be helpful during this Platform Cycle for you to remember that your choice is as important as your possibilities and potential.



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I'll talk about what I've been meaning to read my platform. Seeing how my life is at the moment makes perfect sense.

In another post where I talked a little about my trajectory I commented on a friend who helped me a lot.

There was a time when I talked to him practically every day. I thought him super wise so I wanted him to guide me.

And I think that this was valid for the time because I felt very lost.

But things are a little different now. And I equero discover things for myself. Even if I make mistakes. Because if I keep asking him or her every step of the way I'll never be independent.

So I guess that's it I want to explore things for myself.

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