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Maureen's 2017 – 2018 Platform: True Focus


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17 hours ago, Maureen said:

Whichever comes into focus for you, it will be helpful to know that you are deeply supported in that endeavor as Essence has made this a Platform.


I like this thought. It's very inspiring.

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@Maureen Any idea of where your focus is aimed? it seems you have a broad range and spectrum of possibility!

19 hours ago, Maureen said:

Wherever you focus will be where all levels of you begin to focus.


So potent!

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One thing you might focus on since you have been interested in the qualities of old level seven is to create a place or discussion where all the information on that topic is.  For all I know there is such a place but I haven't seen it.  I say you because I know you have asked about it and probably know where most of the pieces are, since I don't.

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