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Kerrin's 2017-2018 Platform: True Motivation


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DESCRIPTION: This Platform Cycle is one where Essence is exploring with you what it is that motivates you on a profound and fundamental level, not just on a survival level. Motivation is not just about direction, but about the fuel that moves you in a direction.


PATTERN: As this Platform Cycle unfolds, we would expect that you begin to question your direction as much as your motivation because direction is always lost when motivation is unclear. You may find yourself going back to the roots of what your passions and powers are and recalibrate your intentions so that Motivations create your Directions, rather than your Directions dictating your Motivations.


INSIGHT: As you begin to dismantle your Directions so that you can rebuild them with Motivation, you may feel as if you are starting from zero again, but you are not. It is important to remember that THIS is part of the journey, and not a halt to it.



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31 minutes ago, Maxim said:

@Kerrin I am curious how you are responding to this message.


Well, Maxim, I am still pondering this Platform.  It definitely fits in with what has been going on with my life over the past couple of years, starting a new career (interior design) mid-life, from scratch.  So far my direction is motivated by survival, which for me has been freelancing for other designers.  My desired direction is to create my own design business, slowly- alongside the "pay the rent" work.  But I have struggled with Motivation with that a lot-  not sure what I am doing, if it is the right direction, how to find the time necessary, etc.  As per Michael, part of the problem is that I distrust Passion Mode, but need Passion to create Motivation. So this Platform makes me hopeful in that I can work through some of these issues and set the right intentions.  I like the idea of "re-calibrating" - feels like my GPS will get back on the right road ;-)


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Kerrin,  I  understand your situation completely.  Sometimes what appear to be multiple choices narrow themselves down to very few practical choices in the end.  I am constantly challenged by the "wisdom" of a choice I'm contemplating making and, being in Growth,  fall into Confusion, where I can wallow for months...Choose for the moment, what will fulfill your immediate needs, knowing that you can choose again, and again, as your needs change in the future.  Motivation is closely tied with Inspiration.

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