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Rachel's Platform 2017-2018: HUMOR


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I think it's about time I have more Humor in my life ?


YOUR PLATFORM for 2017 - 2018: HUMOR


DESCRIPTION: This Platform cycle is one that emphasizes your Support Circle, particularly the CLASSMATES QUADRATE of your Support Circle. This would include Discipline and Anchor Positions. Your Essence is looking for how you seek, allow, and receive the support from these positions in your life, whether from within your Strings of Support or beyond it.


PATTERN: As your Platform Cycle unfolds you may find yourself unexpectedly leaning toward levity, toward humor, finding things funnier than usual, and being open to the absurdity of even some challenging events.


INSIGHT: We think this Platform has come into focus for Essence because it is time to be reminded of the levity and light that is available around you and inside you if you are open to it. If you find it difficult to find humor over this cycle, Essence will still look to how you avoid it, miss it, or dismiss it.



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That is too good, Rosario! ? I think this topic should just be turned into the Funny Video thread! We all could use some humor! ?

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