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Note from Janet: This is a list of types of Grand Cycle experiences described in TLE sessions. The list was created in June 2016 so it would not have any cycles discovered since that time. I will try to update it as I find new info. Please note that some sessions may not yet be posted on eTLE. 


Types of species reported in Grand Cycle sessions


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On 5/20/2017 at 2:57 AM, Janet said:

Planetary body (Oscar #1)


Slight correction: I was one of the binary suns (of the planetary system), and my ET was the other one.

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So funny


I found a PDF file a few weeks ago outlining all of these exact species.  I have forgotten where it is now.
In this one, however, there were also descriptions of each species, such as what they did, their intelligence, and the condition of their societies...

Such a fun read. Reassuring to know there's such interesting creatures out there, most of which aren't really interested in us. 
I love the electrical clouds, that can communicate.

I've had a few vivid dreams that correspond with some species.
I meet "aliens" like they are ambassadors, and we shake hands. Or larger ones hold me and we have long talks. 

The pdf mentioned that some species will use the astral - dream plane to see us. 
Either way, I like those dreams.

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On 1/30/2020 at 10:20 AM, Timothy J Sullivan said:

How about AI/Cyborg/ or AI-machine-based? maybe like DATA from Star Trek.  Or computer based like the MATRIX?

Michael has mentioned this type of Sentience in some Fringe sessions. However the list in this topic is solely from TLE members who have received information about previous personal Grand Cycles. 

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This is wildly fascinating. Thank you for all your work on putting this list together!


I have some thoughts and questions regarding grand cycles in general. Is there a good place I could put that question to work to start a dialogue? Thanks!

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