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20170520 MMW: You & Your Goal


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MMW - May 20, 2017 - You & Your Goal


As a reference for previous background information for this workshop, please refer to the following URL:




Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.


Today we are asked to discuss with each of you where you are in the fulfillment of your Goal for the lifetime. Though we have covered the mapping of the Goal and the Pathways of Personality, we will use this time for more intimate discussion that goes beyond the logistics and intellect.


In this more intimate discussion we may or may not reference the logistics, but will address with you your concerns, confusions, comments, experiences, challenges, successes, more in your own terms of daily navigation of the life.


What we will do then is open the floor to your questions about your own or any Goal and any context in which the Goal may be questioned and explored.


We will then work from there as to any "workshopping" may be useful.


First we will ask each of you to respond to the following questions:








Maureen: Do you want us to answer here - or just to ourselves - at this point?


Janet: I could understand my goal better. I do see it in effect on a regular basis. I see its challenges and am aware of a few moments of fulfillment. (I have a goal of Dominance.)

ClaireC: Michael, I feel that I have "hit a wall" in my current exploration of Growth. Am I simply in Re-Evaluation or is it something else?

Bobby: Growth - I understand the negative pole of it better I think because it becomes SO obvious when I slip into Confusion as opposed to experiencing Evolution

Johanne: I say Yes to the three. I have the goal of acceptance

Maureen: I have the Goal of Acceptance.

DianeHB: Flow - I understand it but I'm always learning about its nuances

CongN: I think I understand my goal of flow (sliding to growth and acceptance). It's almost like a goal of no goal, I will just keep exploring things that are of interesting to me and my essence. I have scholar cast, so this part is quite natural. I will say I see it in a regular basis more and more often. The challenge comes with my passion mode and my high male energy. I want to “enforce” my vision while my goal wants to be more passive and flow. How can passion mode work well with the goal of flow? I feel there is a part of me really like the idea of “let it be”, but there is another part that always hoping for a clear sense of direction and move forward like a straight arrow.

CongN: Also I would like to explore in more depth about my other goals of growth and acceptance. The elements are definitely in my life but I might not be paying as much attention.

Janet: The implementation of my goal is changing somewhat. I think that I achieved Dominance in a positive pole in my job, and that made leaving the job more difficult. Now it seems I am to be more focused on 'self-dominance' and that is probably harder.


Or you can answer in this more chaotic way, too.


Janet: lol

Janet: Inner Negative Pole of Dominance = Chaos

DianeHB: LOL


The questions posed help us to see where you are in your relationship to the Goal. What we will do now is open up a queue for you to ask questions. If you posed a question above, presume to ask it again from the queue. Add yourself to the queue with 3 asterisks as usual *** - your questions can be as personal or as broad as you would like, keeping in mind that this is a shared experience and not a private session.




Yes, Cong.


Cong: How am I progressing through the goal so far? I am in passion mode. I want to “enforce” my vision while my goal wants to be more passive and flow. How can passion mode work well with the goal of flow? I feel there is a part of me really like the idea of “let it be”, but there is another part that always hoping for a clear sense of direction and move forward like a straight arrow.


First we will say that while there are ways to map out a Goal, there is no end point to the Goal, so measuring progress is difficult to describe. The spectrum between Positive and Negative will always be there and both Poles will be necessary even as one sustains the Positive Pole (which includes the Negative Pole).


Next we can say that the more one sustains the Positive Pole while allowing room for the Negative Pole, the more one is fulfilling the Goal.


CongN: understood. I also have high frequency. Meaning sometimes I will be impatient if I learn that a goal is endless and limitless.


Next we will say that your drive to enforce a vision is not contrary to your Goal of Flow. It is perfectly viable that one push an agenda and uphold a vision while in the Positive Pole of Flow.


Flow is not inaction.


Flow is not dispassionate.


Passion is not imposition.


Passion is not overeagerness.


Flow is simply choosing the path of least resistance, or creating a path of least resistance.


Passion simply means that your fuel and method for fulfilling the Goal and Relationships is that you learn more about yourself.


In the Negative Poles one can become Identified with Stagnation and then you may find that you deem yourself not learning because you are not moving, losing yourself in the lack of progress.


But once you recognize that lack of progress is not a defining factor, but a part of the ebb and flow of movement, you can learn from those phases of Stagnation and this immediately puts you back in Self-Actualization and Freedom.


CongN: yes I feel that quite strongly sometimes, at work and in my relationships with other people.


Impatience is its own thing and not related to the Goal and Mode.


NEXT, Claire.


ClaireC: Michael, I seem to have hit a wall in exploring Growth. Am I in Re-Evaluation or something else?


You are in Confusion, the Negative Pole. This is because you have been working on closure of a very long phase of Growth in your life that was quite specifically defined by contexts that no longer apply.


To get you into a new cycle of Growth, you have to truly allow for the closure of the previous cycle.


What you have done is try to overlap a launch into a new cycle while working on the closure of the previous.


ClaireC: Any advice as to how to close the previous cycle?


This has moved you into Confusion, which comes because one has either expanded the range of choice so wide that the necessary choices are overwhelming, or because one has reduced one's choices down to directions that are no longer of interest.


ClaireC: Which of these applies to me?


To bring closure to the past cycle you would want to do two things: assess with total honesty whether you are done with guilt, regret, resentment, and to assess with total honesty whether you can build a new cycle of growth based on choice and not from an eagerness to escape the past cycle.


You have "halted" your Growth (which cannot truly be halted) as a means to catch up with yourself, to catch your breath, and to like being with yourself, to like being you.


As you move into a state that feels more like curiosity and comfortable confidence vs overeagerness and pressures of deadlines, you will know that your cycles are shifting forward again.


ClaireC: Alright, thank you, Michael.


And, yes, when in the Negative Pole of Confusion, you are already moving into the Positive Pole of Re-evaluation that is Simplicity because this is how you return to Evolution.


You had to strip your mind and heart of all distractions and return to your center.


ClaireC: It feels that way to me, but now I'm asking myself, what next?


The whole new world open to you was exciting and daunting and tainted by guilt and resentment and escape from panic, but now that time has passed you can return to your center, take a deep breath, and CREATE what is next rather than wait for what is next. This is new to you. It was always presented to you before. Now you must create it, find it, look for it.


NEXT, Bobby.


Bobby: For Growth, I know you've said that Inner Positive = STIMULATION/FRICTION. How I imagine Evolution to feel as an indicator, compared to Confusion, is a sort of lack of Friction. So when I feel that, am I experiencing Evolution or is that an indicator of something else?


Friction is necessary for Evolution, however, when Recognition is included, it is not experienced as painful because there is no Resistance. Recognition is what keeps the Friction from hurting, and this is Evolution.


In other words, when one must struggle or when one is met with a challenge, it is understood as a part of life, not a blow to life.


Challenges and struggles are understood as part of the gamble in life, not a personal affront from life.


They are experienced as invitations to grow, to Evolve, rather than as traps to escape.


Does this make sense to you?


Bobby: Oh yes. Thank you!


We think we missed Janet. NEXT, Janet.


Janet: At one point you said that older souls could add the prefix SELF- to their goal, and that made a lot of sense to me. So, as mentioned above, I think that currently my focus is self-dominance, and it's much harder to see how I'm doing. How can I evaluate my progress? I may just be expecting a target that is as visible as career success and that's not likely if the focus is internal.


Think of Self-Dominance as Self-Direction. When one is in Dominance across the Soul Ages, the focus can be on how to direct others in ways that bring about the best results, but as an Old Soul this art of direction is turned inward and it is a new world to pull together.


Across your lifetimes you would still have had lifetimes at any Soul Age where Self-Direction was explored, but it is in the Old Soul Age that one begins to truly pull all of that experience together and stand in comfortable solitude to be both the guide and the guided.


This means you will see a bigger picture and then you must delegate to yourself in terms of actions across time and space, rather than across people.


For example, having an idea about what you would like to experience, then researching, planning, pulling together resources, assessing resources, allotting them, and then pursuing the idea, etc.


Janet: It’s much harder. I work better with deadlines and now there are no deadlines except those I can set for myself and make myself believe.


It is all on you, for the most part, though if delegation is necessary to outsource, this is still a strength.


Yes, this is one of the final lessons of Dominance. How to listen to yourself the way you expect others to listen to you.


The more you listen to yourself, honor yourself, follow up with yourself, etc, the more you can see the Leadership in fulfillment.


Janet: Thank you!


NEXT, Diane.


DianeHB: Could you describe for each of us the percentage of time we're in the positive pole vs negative pole of our Goals?


BOBBY = 88%; CLAIRE = 79%; CONG = 65%; DIANE = 82%; JANET = 85%; JOHANNE = 90%; MAUREEN = 92%


These assessment will not work as a comparison to each other. They are unique to the conditions of each of your lives.


Each assessment must be unique to conditions of the life or the assessment would be absurd. The challenges to one in Acceptance vs another in Acceptance can be vastly different.


DianeHB: Good to know. I was thinking I spent more time in the negative pole than that.

DianeHB: Based on recent experiences


Yes, recent experiences cannot be the only factor for determining an accurate assessment. We are looking at your lifetime, not the past few weeks or months or even years.


DianeHB: I see


When we can see 65% or higher in our assessment, it is usually because the fragment has been working with Essence, True Personality, Manifesting Essence, and even if this has only begun for some within the past few years, it can drastically change the overall assessment.


DianeHB: Thank, you


NEXT, Johanne.


Johanne: My platform is about: True exchange. Is it a mean chosen by my essence to explore agape (acceptance) in deeper depth?


EVERYTHING about the life will be about exploring Agape and Acceptance. There is not a moment when this is not true.


True Exchange, however, is a means for exploring deeper, yes.


By "deeper" we mean that it will not just be about courtesy and grace, but about true and mutual value fulfillment in your interactions.


Johanne: thanks, it gives me a new understanding of how/why to do this.


Means for looking at what you may be holding back, hiding, conserving, and what you can experiment with revealing, expressing, and offering in ways that bring about greater range of meaningful exchanges.


What we said to Johanne is true for all of you. Your Goal is inherently woven into every layer of fabric of the life.


There is nothing you DO that does not contribute to your exploration, experimentation, progress or rejection of the Goal.


Bobby: [Maureen is also still in the queue]


Yes, Troy's eyeballs are clearly compromised today.


NEXT, Maureen.


Janet: lol


Maureen: I want to clarify that I answered Yes to your questions above, that I do understand where I am at with my Goal, etc., because I am aware of "having" to work on Acceptance around issues, relationships, etc. Acceptance is never totally a "done deal". As Janet stated about her Goal I believe mine, as well, comes down, quite acutely, to Self-Acceptance. To get there, to Self-Acceptance, I have to move through accepting some choices of another, or others, and that hasn't been easy. In my experience, acceptance of others, of other's choices, seems to be inextricably tied to acceptance of self. It's often been a struggle to accept all the nuances a person or a situation to arrive at a state of Acceptance or wholeness for myself that also includes others. It's also been hard to "accept" the choices of another when you haven't been included or "accepted" in their choices. I just realized I'm talking about rejection, from an outside source, and that may be one of the hardest things for someone with the Goal of Acceptance to "accept".


When it comes to Acceptance, one of the final lessons of this Goal is that Acceptance INCLUDES accepting when you determine what is unacceptable. Acceptance is not a path toward mindless permissions and blank checks of credibility to the choices and actions of others. It is a long and often painful process of learning what is acceptable and what is not.


When something or someone is unacceptable it does not mean that you do not accept them.


This may sound like a contradiction, but for those in Acceptance, this can be a rather profound "A HA!"


In extreme instances this can be clearly understood when something like rape, murder, incest, child abduction, abuse, torture, etc are put up for examination of their acceptability.


Acceptance does not ask you to accept these. It asks you to know what Acceptance IS. It does not ask you to break your spirit trying to accept the most harmful of behaviors, experiences, and life.


So Self-Acceptance is the final frontier, so to speak, in determining and accepting your bank of Acceptable vs Unacceptable, and knowing how to appropriately navigate the choices involved around that.


True Self-Acceptance does not force you to accept the truly unacceptable.


Your soul knows what is truly unacceptable.


So as you grow in Soul Age and Manifesting of Essence, this becomes clearer and clearer, not from a superficial position of preferences and pickiness and morality and indignation and righteousness, but from a deep truth that grows from eons of Karma.


Acceptance is not in opposition to Justice.


The Universe is entirely aligned with both Acceptance AND Justice, or Karma would not exist.


Maureen: Sounds like one of the last Paradoxes.


The point is not to accept the choices of others if they are harmful, but to know what to do (or not to do) when the choices and actions of others are harmful. The point is not to depend upon an eventual world of acceptable choices and actions of others to find peace and acceptance of the self, but to find that peace and acceptance in the self by trusting the truth of differences in acceptable and unacceptable.


Maureen: Yes! thank you!


The reason this is not an easy path is because you must sort through all of your own superficial and righteous expectations and conditions that misuse the power of Acceptance, Ingratiating yourself or others to fulfill false criteria for Acceptance, and learn to use this power of Acceptance from a place of Agape.


Does this make sense to all of you?


DianeHB: Yes

CongN: Yes

Bobby: Yes

Johanne: yes thank you

ClaireC: Yes

Maureen: Yes

Janet: Yes


Each of you are doing Good Work regarding the fulfillment of your Goals. This is not a grade or praise, but a fact of assessment.


It will help you continue forward by knowing that you are smarter than you may think, and you are naturally doing what you need to do to continue to higher and higher spirals of fulfillment.


We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.


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