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Luciana's natal chart

Luciana Flora

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STUDENT: Luciana Flora De Freitas



Role: Warrior

Casting: Artisan

Cadre/Entity: 2/5

E-Ratio: 60M/40F

Frequency: 65


Soul Age/Level: Old/2

Manifested Age: Mature to Old


Lifetime#: 319

Grand Cycle#: 10



Role: King

Cadre/Entity: 2/1

Status: male



Role/Gender: Sage/guide

Role/Gender: Sage/female



Goal: Acceptance

Mode: Passion

Attitude: Idealist

Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual

Body Types: Venus/Mercury/Saturnine


Chief Feature 1: Self-deprecation

Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation



 Now My map




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Nice - thanks for sharing. It's interesting to see the natal chart compared to your profile. I'd like to do that too!


 Also, very cool to meet another Artisan-cast Warrior from Cadre 2 - it seems we have lots of similarities beyond that as well =) 


Interesting tidbit which should be taken with a grain of salt -- sometimes I collect profiles of people whose roles have been accounted for and have noticed some patterns. These are just casual observations, not definitive by any means: quite a few Warriors are Scorpio suns while Kings seem to have a significant amount of Virgo influence (lots of Moons).


Whoa, just noticed that our moons are on the same exact degree! And, my Sun is on your Mercury.

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@catkhv I looked at his profile. It really has several similarities. I think that just the fact that we have the same role, cast and cadre is very similar. Nice to meet you.

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MEntity:  This might become obvious when looking at the symbolism, as those Houses below the horizon describe context that are usually already in momentum before consciousness has a chance to build, and therefore must build up from within those contexts


Every time I look at my map, I remember that quote when Michel talked about subpersonalities.

Because there is no planet below the horizon on my map. none.

  I think it's a bit strange that it's as if my essence had not planned at all.

  And the interesting thing is that this happens on the maps of my brother and sister.

My sister has only two planets below the horizon and my brother only has one.

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