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Hello, Troy!


I know that our brains use dreams/dreaming to help us solve problems, entertain us, teach us lessons we otherwise can't learn in a conscious state, and so on - dreams are powerful, we can all agree! On that note...


I'm wondering if you ever find yourself
1) dreaming about a channeling experience, or even,

2) actively channeling/receiving data from MEntity while dreaming, or have ever had 

3) any frightening/upsetting/scary dreams involving channeling or channeling experiences.


Dreams are one of my favorite things about life; I'm always interested in how other's experience sleep, and incorporate it back and forth between their conscious and unconscious-sleep states (how "being awake," or "being asleep," provide returns for the other state.)


...also I'm a nerd, and ask nerdy questions :)


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While there is no way, at least for me to "confirm" my dreams as valid channeling,
From time to time to time, I do get visits and mentorly meetings, tutorials, "guided tours", introductions and handshakes from entities, some faceless, others tangible.

Most of the time I am wandering in worlds and kind of bumping around. Sometimes I feel like I am being observed like a rat in a maze. 
To answer your question, I definitely wake up with a pleasant teacherly voice that lectures me, like in a seminar.  (Never freaky or telling me harmful things)

So these I read as some kind of channeling experience.

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