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Michael Speaks - January 22, 2012 - 2011 Review & 2012 Preview


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Michael Speaks Live

January 22, 2012

Review of 2011 and Preview of 2012

Channel: Troy Tolley


[MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin with some discussion of 2011, its Overleaves, and major events, before discussion of 2012, its Overleaves, and what they may mean.


[MEntity] First, we wish to point out that a "year" does not actually have Overleaves. What we describe is the momentum of collective choices as they seem to be generating effects within a certain range of time.


[MEntity] When that range of time is meaningful, such as the beginning and ending of a year, it is much easier to quantify that collective energy into a force that can be described in Overleaves.


[MEntity] These Overleaves can be given on terms that are regional, planetary, relevant to Soul Age groups, etc.


[MEntity] The set of Overleaves requested of us by Troy are planetary in calculation, with most of the emphasis on how this is relevant to Older Souls, our Students, and any scenarios that may have an effect upon them.


[MEntity] As we have already described in some detail how we calculate a year's Overleaves, what that means, and how they are emphasized in a year, we know that Troy will include a link to those previous discussions. [See bottom of transcript for a quote on "What is an Energy Report and Overleaves for a Year."] Today we will focus more on the details.


[MEntity] In 2011, we saw the momentum of consciousness from 2010 shaping that next year into what could be described as a Moving Centered Priest year.


2011 Overleaves are:





ATTITUDE: PRAGMATIST sliding to Cynic and Skeptic

CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience/Martyrdom

[MEntity] In general, Moving-centered years are not as comfortable to most of our students than, say, an Intellectual year may be.


[MEntity] Moving-centered years tend to be unstable, fluctuate greatly, bring about agitation, disruptions, and movement in ways that are exhausting to the Older Soul.


[MEntity] A Moving-Centered year might be best understood as a moving train that is being pushed by some, pulled by some, and ridden by most.


[MEntity] The Older Souls can tend to be those who desperately wanted to just find a seat, but instead have to stand and hold onto the bars and straps as everything moves.


[MEntity] So a Moving-Centered year does not necessarily mean that a lot has to have happened to or from you, personally, but your energy will still have been used for maintaining your position of stability, even if you "stood still" the entire time.


[MEntity] Most Moving-centered years get launched into the mass consciousness by some sort of literal manifestation in the masses, and 2011 was no exception with its flooding and mudslides in Brazil, and a 9.1 magnitude Earthquake and tsunami of East Japan.


[MEntity] The Role and Centering of a year always tends to "set the mood" for the entire year as a context for the collective approaches to any participation in the world.


[MEntity] The Priest energy, then, was launched by a great out-pouring of compassion and visionary approaches to relief for those impacted by these disasters.


[MEntity] This is not to say that these disasters were "created" by collective consciousness, but it is fair to say that geological and atmospheric events are tied quite closely to the dominant Sentience of any given planet.


[MEntity] Different types of natural disasters tend to be tied to different Centering and combinations of Overleaves, both in how these are collective on global scales, and in regional scales.


[MEntity] As are weather patterns.


[MEntity] As this was a Moving-Centered Priest year, the criticisms of the United States' President, a Priest, was greatly about his not DOING enough, while actually having done quite a great deal, and emphasizing the Moving Center through active murders of dictators who had been in positions of power for many years.


[MEntity] Beyond the United States, a movement known as "Arab Spring" came into force in the world as part of the visionary movement of 2011.


[MEntity] Starting in the United States, but extending around the world, a movement known as "Occupy" also took hold as a part of this collective Moving Centered, Priest force.


[MEntity] The independence of South Sudan was another part of this force.


[MEntity] Moving Centered years can also come with extremes in terms of climate and Earth, and as Moving Centered years have been drawing closer and closer together, sometimes the recovery is difficult before another extreme comes along, such as the droughts of Somalia and the flooding of Thailand over 2011.


[MEntity] Keep in mind that each "season" brings with it an emphasis of the actual Overleaves of the year, with January through March emphasizing the Goal; April through June emphasizing the Mode; July through September emphasizing the Attitude; and the Chief Features of the year being emphasized October through December.


[MEntity] All Overleaves are in effect all year, but tend toward emphasis in those seasons.


[MEntity] As each season moves into emphasis of an Overleaf, it is built upon the previous season's exploration of emphasis.


[MEntity] For instance, the Earthquake of March was part of the emphasis on the Goal of Flow, which is an exploration of how to move with forces that are beyond your control.


[MEntity] A great deal of eruptions and agitations in terms of politics and war found its emphasis launched in April through June, highlighted by the death of Osama bin Laden, as Caution was emphasized.


[MEntity] Caution is the exploration of reaching the Goal, and Relating, by refining one's thoughts. In this case, a major shift in thinking occurred for many, in terms of how to turn the tides, figuratively speaking.


[MEntity] As all Overleaves come with a partner on its Axis, there will be those moments of Power, as displayed by the distracting wedding of Prince William.

[MEntity] We describe this as "distracting," as it was mostly of interest to those who did not wish to align with the uglier explorations of Caution being played out in such chaos, but preferred to turn to those exemplifying a more magical representation of authority.


[MEntity] The Pragmatist energy of the year showed up primarily in science, as major breakthroughs in Organ Transplant, the conclusion of the Space Shuttle Program, the discovery of liquid on Mars, and the launch of a solar-powered craft came between July and September, with September launching the neutral, pragmatic, and surprisingly efficient Occupy movement.


[MEntity] Impatience and Martyrdom culminated in many different ways, but was exemplified by the United States' declaration of the end of the war in Iraq, which was predicated more upon the fear of running out of time, and creating more victims, than from anything else.


[MEntity] This would be an example of the positive poles of those Chief Features, though, and may have shown up as a much more destructive force if these has been in the negative poles.


[MEntity] These were some major events that we see in terms of what Troy has offered up to us, and in terms of what we have seen as exemplifying our system of describing the year in Overleaves, but we know there are many scenarios that could be explored.


[MEntity] For now, we will open the queue to questions regarding 2011, and what we have shared, before moving on to discussion about 2012: QUEUE IS NOW OPEN



[Question] Running out of time? In what way?


[MEntity] Yes, BW. In terms of "running out of time," this seems to have been reflective of the masses wishing for such an unnecessary war to end, as well as the fulfillment of promises that had been made. The ending of this war was along the lines of ripping off a bandage that would hurt even more if torn off slowly from the skin.


[Question] You mentioned that the US was running out of time in regards to Iraq. In what way, and how would the negative poles have manifested?


[MEntity] It is an official declaration that is valid, but mostly in words at this point, premature in terms of accommodating the sense of running out of time, while still remaining with a great deal of recovery to endure.


[MEntity] The Positive Poles are Audacity and Selflessness, of Impatience and Martyrdom, respectively, and this was catered to by the declaration.


[MEntity] Impatience is the fear of missing out, or running out of time, or being controlled by Time, so Audacity in this context, however courageous and strong it may seem, is generated from a need to DO something before it is too late.


[MEntity] Martyrdom is the fear of being controlled by space, or by others, or losing control in any way, so one of the more "positive" ways to assert control is to suddenly be the selfless one, the one doing what others would not do, and taking on the responsibilities of that, both the good and the bad. This may seem noble, but it is motivated by a need to protect oneself from the fear of losing control.


[MEntity] This declaration of the end of this war exemplified how a "positive" effect is at work, even as generated by defense.


[MEntity] We say "positive" in quotes, as the results are often convoluted and confusing when anything "positive" comes from the motivation of a Chief Negative Feature.


[Question] Caution being played out in such chaos, but preferred to turn to those exemplifying a more magical representation of authority. What did you mean by magical representations?


[MEntity] Caution is restrictive and refining, and in terms of a Moving-Centered Year with a visionary Essence of Priest, Caution was playing out in "ugly" ways that required that focused, refined thought for overhauling those who were obstructing the "flow" of the year.


[MEntity] Most of the emphasis, then, has been on how those in power are doing that obstruction, so it was a nice dovetailing of energies when a powerful elite were in a position to provide a different story, a distraction.


[Question] Ah power Controlling through "softer" means....sleight of handing?


[MEntity] Power is the Mode that explores the freeing of thoughts as a means to achieve the Goal, and to Relate, therefore those who were drawn in the direction of the Royal Wedding simply found the distraction of thought to be freeing.


[MEntity] No, there was no "sleight of hand," but more that the event allowed for the emphasis to remain on the same Axis as Caution by focusing on Power, not only exemplified by the Royal Family, but exemplified in a context that was more beautiful and appealing than the Caution that was being played out in uglier ways with dictators.


[MEntity] We will continue on, then, to discussion of 2012 and its Overleaves, along with an Energy Report for January and February.


ROLE: KING (emphasized all year)

CENTER: EMOTIONAL (with INSTINCTIVE) (emphasized all year)

GOAL: GROWTH (emphasized Jan - Mar)

MODE: PASSION (emphasized Apr - Jun)

ATTITUDE: SPIRITUALIST (emphasized Jul - Sep)

CHIEF FEATURES: STUBBORNNESS ] Impatience/Martyrdom (emphasized Oct - Dec)


[MEntity] In an Emotionally-centered year, the tendency is toward a launch that is more unpredictable than usual, which often translates to the individual as a sense of not having words to describe one's feelings about tomorrow, and what it will bring; like a kind of careful floundering in the dark in a way that emphasizes an unknowing.


[MEntity] The shift from the Moving-centered year into the Emotional year may come with some disorientation, as so much "energy" had been used to simply "hold on" through 2011, and it may take some time get your intuitive legs back, if you will.


[MEntity] As the year is Emotionally-Centered, and launched from Growth, there is a great deal of emphasis on the Inspirational Energies as setting the stage for the year.


[MEntity] This is further extended by Passion and Spiritualist later in the year.


[MEntity] As Growth is the Goal that seeks to explore, find, and create Meaningful Experiences, we think that many will begin the year with an emphasis on returning to a sense of importance, meaning, and purpose in the life, instead of simply "getting by," or, as in keeping with last year, simply "hold on."


[MEntity] This importance, meaning, and purpose may not be able to take shape very easily, or be expressed very clearly, as the year is so Inspirationally-based, and the Emotional Center is voiceless and expressionless.


[MEntity] Instead, the Emotions bypass logic, reason, and explanations. It is a function that is fueled by one's capacity for "knowing," trusting, and more technically, Perceiving.


[MEntity] Perception is the capacity to know without needing to understand how you know.


[MEntity] And so it is that each of you may begin this year with a bit of stumbling around in the dark, but "knowing" you feel a necessity to return to that internal trust in your navigation again, even as you are not particularly certain about the direction, shape, or meaning it is to take.


[MEntity] With the King being emphasized, all of this may take on a greater importance than usual, in that this is not just a personal matter, but one that you may find is important in terms of how you show up in the world to others.


[MEntity] How you lead your life. What you want to make of it. What you want to show for it, or leave behind.


[MEntity] The King year can tend to bring to light that core of any individual who wants to take back his or her life in a way that is on his or her own terms, and in this Emotional year with Growth, this would tend toward being in terms of what is most meaningful for you that can be used by others to help them lead their lives.


[MEntity] This is not going to show as so grand for some, but on smaller scales, and tighter circles of intimacy, but for many, this is a rather pivotal year in this context.


[MEntity] We see that most of our students, even as they are stumbling about, so to speak, are working hard to reassert themselves into some kind of position of self-leadership, meaning, and direction, through a return of trust internally.


[MEntity] January, then, could be said to have had a theme described by the phrase: OK, WHERE WAS I?


[MEntity] Most of our students seem to have taken a step away from the internal nurturing that is required for your sense of participation, joy, trust, intuition, and mastery of your life as you have tended to many external demands.


[MEntity] The King energy of this year is generated from a collective sense of the "OK, WHERE WAS I?" in terms of how one feels he or she may have lost track of the self over the past couple of years.


[MEntity] It is not that these past few years have been wasted by any means, but that they have been focused in more external directions that may have ranged from feeling like a necessary detour by some, exhausting for others, and/or even resented by others.


[MEntity] It is not that these past few years have been wasted by any means, but that they have been focused in more external directions that may have ranged from feeling like a necessary detour by some, exhausting for others, and/or even resented by others.


[MEntity] January, then, may have been the first month in a while that brought with it the slowing of time and energy to a point that can now see possibility for that return of nurturing to the self again.


[MEntity] However, because of the momentum from 2011, it may not have come easily, if at all, yet.


[MEntity] We think that most of our students would not feel the full settling of the shift into the Emotional year until next month, near the end of February.


[MEntity] Once there is a bit more clarity as to what is most meaningful to each of you, then would come the return of the sense of intuition, trust, and sight in the dark, if you will.


[MEntity] February moves more fully into Growth, and this may start to be more obvious as more exciting plans, personal experiences, and a sense of evolving comes back for many of you.


[MEntity] February may be described the phrase, "OH, THERE, I AM!"


[MEntity] We think that February 7th might be the shift for most as the Nexus is a Converging Nexus that brings a merging of parallels that originally branched out from 2005.


[MEntity] That Divergence in 2005 appears to have been related to a "what if" kind of shift that explored the ideas of a range of "the worst" to "the best" scenarios relative to, and extending from, important events of that year.


[MEntity] Many of those "versions" of the self, then, may be merging back as each have "returned" from those paths of exploration over time, and have moved the life into nearly the same state as what "you" perceive yours to be "now."


[MEntity] For many of you this might bring a wave of Sentimentality with it, as the Emotional Center takes full effect, and your past is grieved, or reminisced about, or embraced in a new way.


[MEntity] On the other side of this, the experience may be, as we said, one that could be described as "Oh, There I Am (again)."


[MEntity] This may not be obvious, at first, but in the few weeks after, and into March, this may become more obvious as a kind of confidence, stride, and trust comes up from the self and into the life.


[MEntity] Overall, the year ahead appears to be rooted in themes that are all about individuals or groups returning a sense of mastery back to their participation in life, fueled by what inspires them. For some, this will play out as mastery and perceptive evolution, but for others, this may show up as tyrannical, sentimental confusion.


[MEntity] This is most likely going to be played out quite distinctly in United States' Politics.


[MEntity] We have much more to say about the Overleaves for the year, but this is a start. We will now take questions regarding 2012, its Overleaves, what we shared, and any other relevant questions.


[Question] Is the attempt at internet censorship by the music and movie industries and certain U.S. politicians through SOPA and PIPA due in part to the King energy in place this year? They certainly seem to be attempting to impose their will on others in a tyrannical manner.


[MEntity] Oh yes, DB; it is an example of the Tyrannical, Sentimental, and Confused. This appears to have been an example of imposing meaning that is from "the good old days" while not understanding anything about the current state of days.


[MEntity] The intentions were not sinister, as much as they were simply motivated by a disconnect from the present state of technology, people, and the nature of the Mature Soul paradigm, which will continue to increase in its sharing of "intellectual properties" and ideas that can never truly be "owned."


[Question] With the rhetoric of various nations regarding the politics of the Middle East and the nature of the US to economical need to be at a constant state of war, what is the outlook for war in the middle east to break out into a full-scale global war?


[MEntity] The potential for a global scale of war is still rather low, though existent, at what might be described as being a 25% probability.


[MEntity] Not very many fragments are interested in a global war, and for that to be accommodated on any meaningful scale would require a great many of the Mature Souls to exit so that Younger souls could implement it.


[MEntity] As long as there is a means for launching a global war, then there will always be probabilities for it, but, for the moment, they are low probabilities.


[Question] So then the rhetoric is just that then?


[MEntity] Yes, for the most part, there are many "puffed up" scenarios generated from the various fears, but as with any fearful state or projection, it is often generated from thinking that one is doing the best thing for protection from that which is feared.


[Question] Does Michael believe that conscious astral projection training is beneficial for the essence? If so, is it true that arround the time of December the 21st there will be a "massive spiritual awakening"?


[MEntity] Consciousness brought to any endeavor can be described as "beneficial for Essence," but Astral Projection is mostly for the entertainment and exploration of the Personality, as Essence is already "projected," if you wll, and has direct access to the Astral.


[MEntity] Astral Projection is a matter of sustaining a cohesion of consciousness beyond the confines of the body, and when that is practiced (consciously, or unintentionally through dreams), it is profoundly liberating to the Personality, as it is a kind of experiential proof of its existence beyond those confines.


[MEntity] As for a "massive spiritual awakening," we would say that this could be said to be true, if that "awakening" is understood as a shift of a dominant paradigm from Young to Mature, and having started long before December 21st, and continuing long after for approximately 50 to 100 years.


[MEntity] There has never been, and probably never will be, anything that could be described as a "massive awakening," or a specific date to mark a shift in collective growth, except insofar as one might describe it in retrospect, and in terms of a great scale of time.


[MEntity] For instance, it could be said that a "massive awakening" last ocurred over the Harmonic Convergence of 1988 when the official number of Mature Souls within the sentient population actually shifted to be the most dominant Soul Age, but as one can see, the implementation of that shift is still in the works.


[MEntity] With each "important date" that has come since then, there are minor shifts that are valid in ways that are not massive or obvious, but are valid, nonetheless.


[MEntity] December 21st, 2012 has moved to become a kind of anchoring effect of the Mature Soul consciousness and paradigm shift.


[MEntity] Since 1988, the population that has been incarnated has fluctuated over and over between having more Mature and more Young, almost on a yearly basis, but this current year may bring that to a conclusion, with a momentum in place that keeps the population sustained as having mostly Mature Souls at any given time.


[MEntity] In that regard, some may consider this a "massive awakening," or an important shift, but we simply see it as part of the process of evolution that is quite slow, relatively speaking.


[Question] Relatedly, since 2012 has been so hyped up by so many for a while, and from various angles from doomsday to miraculous ascensions, how might the expectations and hype influence the events, or probability of events, for the year (if at all)?


[MEntity] On Personal and Community Levels, the interpretation of events will cater to many of these various angles on the year. The events of a year can mean anything to the individual or group, depending upon their preferred or defaulted processes of growth.


[MEntity] It is not so much that these beliefs and "hype" will generate events as much as the events, which could have happened in any year, may feed into the beliefs and hype. That being said, we do not think 2012 can be moved through without at least one individual or group actively doing their best to impose their idea of what "2012" should bring.


[Question] On a more 'personal level' for some of us - how are a year's overleaves experienced by those who have those particular overleaves themselves, such as a King role in a King year, or an Emotionally centered fragment in an emotionally centered year?


[MEntity] This would depend upon Soul Age. The younger Kings will "eat this up" and excel into positions they have longed for over a great length of time, such as the Young Mitt Romney.


[MEntity] For the older Kings, it can bring about a shift in positions more quietly, but still with the emphasis of a return to their potential for Mastery.


[MEntity] Whatever Role is emphasized in a year, the fragments who are that Role tend to escalate their own participation in the world in some way that emphasizes their positive and/or negative poles as Essence.


[MEntity] For our older students who are Kings, we think this would be a year when confidence is supported for return in them, particularly in terms of how inspired they feel toward their own efforts. Kings have had a very difficult time sustaining a sense of inspiration over the years since 2005.


[MEntity] For those who are Emotionally-Centered in an Emotionally-Centered year, this can range between being hypersensitive and more sentimental than usual, to being highly inspired and perceptive, often fueled by nostalgia.


[MEntity] Nostalgia is the capacity for extracting the most meaningful, important, and beneficial of events from the past as a means to build upon them, whereas Sentimentality is a wish to return to the past, or a state of grieving for the past, and an attachment of meaning to symbolic representations of the past.


[MEntity] That polarity may be heightened for those who are Emotionally-Centered in an Emotionally-centered year.


[MEntity] Of course, these are simplistic examples, but they are fair in their description of possibilities for the Role and Centering in question.


[Question] For a slightly different take on Brian's question, will we possibly be looking at a "Persian Spring" this year?


[MEntity] Yes.


[MEntity] The probability for a "Persian Spring" is rather high, but keep in mind that even the "Arab Spring" is a misnomer to describe a great process that has taken a great amount of time, and if there is to be a "Persian Spring," many more effects from the "Arab Spring" must continue.


[MEntity] But the momentum is in place to help bring about this so-called "Persian Spring," and that may come this year, though we can only speak to the fact that it MAY come this year. We cannot predict it beyond stating that the probability is rather high at 44%.


[MEntity] We will conclude here for today. Good evening to each of you.


[MEntity] Goodbye.





Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year, there is a general energy that can be said to affect the calendar year, at least in terms of your shared reality.


Our Overleaves system can be used to describe any collection of energies, ranging from the dynamics of the actual Personality to the general “mood” of a room, society, fictional character, theme of groups, or a planet’s general atmosphere of consciousness. In addition to this, when a block of time is selected, that time frame can be translated into a description of energies based on what we perceive as the momentum of events, consciousness, and choices that will POTENTIALLY contribute to that period of time. The Overleaves for a year, then, are our interpretation of those events, consciousness, and choices as we see that they are most likely to be brought to bear in your world. The more participating one is in “the world,” the more likely these energies will be of concern, though one’s inactivity does not exempt one from world or local energies, anymore than staying inside can take away the fact of a rainstorm. The rainstorm outside can have as much an effect on one inside as on one who is outside, depending on personal interpretations and experiences of that rainstorm.


The very basic energy, or basic context, of a year can be described in two Overleaves: the Role and the Center. These two basic energies are those that can contribute to your year feeling “comfortable” or “challenged” during the year unfolding, depending on your own Overleaves and your method of participation in “the world.” These two energies are most obvious in the first three months of a year, but their effects will remain steady throughout the year.


It can be said that ALL of the Overleaves we use to describe the year are in effect ALL year, but the particular frames of time described below are the “seasonal” emphasis of those particular Overleaf qualities.


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