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Parallel Universes

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John Roth

This is the kind of thing that happens when parallels (not parallel universes) converge. The different parallels have different versions of similar events. It's possible to spot parallel mergers when you see something that doesn't align with your memory. This normally gets dismissed with "I was confused" or some such excuse, and then fades from your memory so that you remember the new state of affairs as being "always there."


It has nothing to do with the idiotic conspiracy theory at the end of that article. It's always easy to generate fear when the target doesn't actually know the real situation, examining exactly how the author is doing it could be quite instructive.

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I always find this kind of article interesting as it touches on some Michael info but rarely gets it right. Same with the aliens. But I always like it when these subjects are in the mainstream, exposing lots of people to these ideas.

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