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20101002 OMW: Support Circle of 12


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OMW: Support Circle of 12 Workshop — October 2, 2010

Channeled by Troy Tolley (aka CocteauBoy)


Note: It might be useful to read this article, originally posted just a few months before this workshop, prior to the workshop content below: Support Circle of 12


okay, I'll bring in Michael as needed, but for now, I'll be discussing this first part with you guys...


Here are a few vital points to understand about the Support Circle:


ONE — You should understand them FIRST as POSITIONS, not PEOPLE. These POSITIONS are always present in every life, even if the PEOPLE (or other source) aren't present or identified.


TWO — Each grouping creates a quadrate with YOU in the POWER POSITION. For instance, INTIMATES are Love, Knowledge, Compassion, and you are POWER. This is because these are support for YOU. Allowing those Positions to be identified and active in your life is empowering.


Geraldine: Do the people in the Positions change over time? or is it a constant -- one per position, whether met or not?



THREE — ALL POSITIONS except those in the Spirit Guides Quadrate require a PERSON to fulfill them, though it is not uncommon to find substitutes.


FOUR — One Person in your Support Circle should never play more than 2 Positions. Playing 3 or more Positions is stretching/stressing the relationship, and diluting the strengths of that person in your life.


Brian_W: if they do play three or more positions, will they eventually "give up" one of them to make the relationship stronger?


FIVE — One Position from EACH Quadrate is active and present at all times, even if you have not identified it.


SIX — If you cannot identify a person for a Position, or if you don't see that Position active in your life, does not mean that the person is missing, and can sometimes mean that it is not a necessary or obvious form of support.


Brian_W: ie the child position?


CocteauBoy: SEVEN — The process of maturing into acceptance and use of the Support Circle includes, ironically, the lack of necessity for each Position to have an identified person, but that the Position is kept open and alive for ANYONE to play it for you.


Geraldine: bingo!


CocteauBoy: To answer Brian's questions:


AnnH: Can pets be in a position?


CocteauBoy: If a person is demanding, expecting, or offering too many Positions of a person or the self, it can destroy a relationship, challenge it, or eventually lead to refining the Positions that are natural to each.


Brian_W: ah, thank you


The Child Position, like almost everything in The Michael Teachings, isn't so literal. We'll get to this in the definitions in a moment.


To answer Ann: Pets are substitutes for People, but can tend to fulfill some Positions to some extent. Michael says that we can tend to go for substitutes because they offer the good feelings that come with that Position, but not the challenges that actually lead to True Support.


AnnH: ok


CocteauBoy: Any more questions about these 7 Points before going on?


AnnH: Not from me


Martha: no


So let's go into the deeper definitions and meanings of the quadrates.


As we go through these, some of the people from your list will start to stand out. You can make a note next to them in your list, but keep in mind that your notes might change by the time we are done, or over time as you digest all of this.


The INTIMATES QUADRATE = Love, Knowledge, Compassion


Michael says that if these Positions are not identified, the life can be empty, dreadfully isolating, and bring a tremendous loneliness. But remember that IDENTIFYING a Person for a Position is different from the fact that the Position is always present.


When it comes to the Intimates, not only are they always Present, they are ALWAYS fulfilled.


That means, whether you recognize it, or not, there IS someone who Loves you, someone who can offer wisdom/Knowledge, and someone who cares about (has Compassion for) you deeply.


Michael says that the actual Physical Body would eventually die if those three forms of Support were not actively exchanging energy with you, even if you don't acknowledge it.


What Michael says is that we can often block out those who provide these forms of Support because we often wish to choose those people for ourselves, and we tend to choose them based on quite superficial standards.


For instance, your neighbor may truly Love you. Actually, completely, unconditionally accept you for who you are, but that "doesn't count" because you are holding out for the romantic version of it that you crave so deeply.


Brian_W: hehe, okay


No matter what you think, feel, reject, demand, expect, etc, you are Loved, you have a resource of Wisdom, and you have someone who Cares about you beyond the surface of your life.


This is way more important for you to realize than you might think, at first.


 It's really profound.


Brian_W: Troy, quick question. In the formative years, one might be led to believe that these three roles are usually held by the parents of the child. Would this normally be true?


If a person doesn't know about these Positions from the stance of a Teaching like Michael's, they still struggle with, or accept, these Positions in his or her life.


Brian, hold that question... I want to get out what I know about this first quadrate, and then we'll discuss each quadrate as we go.


Brian_W: okay, I'll hold questions


The Love Position is defined by that person who completely accepts you AS YOU ARE. This person has no investment in your being a "better" person, and doesn't have any concern about your past as defining who you are NOW.


To this person, you can do no wrong, in the sense that this person will always be able to see to the innocence beyond even the worst of your behaviour.


Michael says that we would be more amazed than we can imagine if we were to truly see how often and from how many people we are truly loved.


They say that while we might have a hard time truly loving, and truly being loved, when it comes to sustaining it, our lives are peppered with tremendous MOMENTS of loving and being loved.


Even the Love of a passing stranger counts.


LOVE = Inspiration = Emotional = Mode


The KNOWLEDGE POSITION is defined by that person who can be turned to for advice, guidance, insight, perspective, and general sharing of experiences that are relevant to you.


This is a person who knows what you are going through, and has probably gone through it himself or herself, relative to what you need at the moment.


To this person, your life makes sense. Things are obvious to them in ways that aren't obvious to you.


Michael says that we are constantly surrounded by people who "get us," even if we refuse to believe they possibly could.


Brian_W: ha!


Michael says that we can tend to think our personal experiences are uber-unique and that others couldn't possibly understand, but that most of our experiences are universal and that there are millions who can empathize.


When we reject this Position in our lives, we move through it aimlessly, self-absorbed, self-pitying, and again, feeling alone.


That doesn't mean someone isn't out there who "gets us," and has great insight for us, if we were to actually be open to it.


When we reject this Position, we tend to lack the ability to create meaning in our experiences.


KNOWLEDGE = Expression = Intellectual = Attitude


The COMPASSION POSITION is that person who is absolutely neutral in his or her relationship with you, and who can see all navigation factors necessary for you. Being so neutral doesn't mean lacking affection or investment, but that ultimately, this person is not threatened by anything that is necessary for you to know, do, or be.


The Compassion Position sees you holistically, or as a dynamic being that is not separate from your life, your body, your wants, desires, longings, fears, etc.


This Position is also neutral in that even though it is always present, it is never activated until it is sought or asked for. Compassion will never impose itself, and knows that you are ultimately safe, no matter what you do, are, or know.


Compassion is active only in the sense that it is always on "standby" mode, like energy saver appliances, lol.


or I should actually say, non-energy saver appliances.


Either way you look at it, they are always ON, even if idle.


Michael says that when we reject this Position, it can show up as our thinking WE know best about our life, and that we must take care of ourselves on our own, without any help, and even if we crave intervention or help, we don't trust it when it's offered.


Michael says that we usually have no idea just how many people care enough about us to tell us the truth, to help us generate energy, and to help us accept ourselves, which are the things that Compassion helps bring to integration into the life.


COMPASSION = Assimilative - Neutral = Centering


By the way... You = POWER = Action = Moving = Goal


So with what has been shared here, Michael says that you can look within yourself and around your life and see which Positions you reject or block, and that these can lend insight into how you are using your Overleaves, or how your life is affecting your Overleaves (Personality).


For instance, if you look at your Primary Chief Feature, look at its Axis, you can then figure out which Position is rejected or blocked when that Chief Feature is activated.


For instance, for those of us who have Arrogance or Self-deprecation, we can tend to ignore, block, or reject LOVE the most in our lives.


Brian_W: all too true..


CocteauBoy: You can do all kinds of extrapolations from there, too...


Geraldine: Again -- how important is it that we be all of these positions to others' lives? Or is this all from the individual perspective only? It would seem that we could learn to accept these positions if we gave support to others.


For example, because the Primary Chief Feature affects the GOAL, or our experiences of the world, but that same Chief Feature ignores or blocks LOVE, we might find that we have a hard time feeling fulfillment in our ambitions, goals, accomplishments, unless we also feel Loved.


That was an example for Arrogance/Self-deprecation.


Another example might be someone with Self-destruction/Greed as a Primary Chief Feature, and this tends to ignore, block, or reject KNOWLEDGE. That might mean that this person can't really feel fulfilled in his goals, ambitions, experiences of the world because he doesn't even know why he is doing it at all.


 TO ANSWER BRIAN'S earlier question:


Until we have completed the Third Internal Monad (Independence, consciously realizing ourselves as a source and resource), we are still building our Support Circle, and act basically as extensions of our caretakers; we are subject to how those caretakers work with their own Support Positions.


That doesn't mean the POSITIONS aren't there, but that we haven't taken on the task of assigning, or recognizing individuals in them.


And we do that assigning and recognition, with or without realizing we are doing that.


In fact, part of the successful transition out of the Third Internal Monad is the identification of at least the Intimate Quadrate in the life, even if it is later rejected or ignored.


Brian_W: horray!


TO ANSWER GERALDINE'S question: We will never play all Positions to other people. We tend to specialize in 3 Positions (one from each Quadrate) and provide those to a circle of people/fragments over our cycle of lifetimes.


For instance, I (apparently) specialize in the LOVE, HUMOUR, and CHILD Positions.


I meant to say, 3 Positions, one from each of the first three Quadrates, but we can eventually specialize in one of the Positions in the Spirit Guide Quadrate.


Brian_W: I'm curious (if there is time) as to which of those three that each of us here today specialize in


And that's a great question, Geraldine, because the more you understand your strength in what you have to offer, you are better able to be clear with others as to what you bring into their lives.


Brian, that's something that should become more obvious to you as you explore the meanings of each Position.


Just looking at Love, Knowledge, and Compassion, you should get an immediate sense of what you tend to bring to other's lives, even if it's minimal.


Brian_W: true, okay


CocteauBoy: Any questions about these first 3 Positions?


Maureen: If the Compassion position is on "standby" can one BE that position??


CocteauBoy: Today we are going to concentrate on these first three because they are the most important to our sense of vitality, fulfillment, and presence in this life. What you learn from focusing on these three can then be used in the other Quadrates outside of class.


Brian_W: Could you comment on where Essence Twins, Task Companions and Travelling Companions might fit into this?


CocteauBoy: TO MAUREEN: yes, you can be that Position, and you might recognize it in yourself if you tend to mozy about your life, but happen upon others that you know, or don't know, and either recognize in yourself a deep empathy for them, or find that you are good at responding to their cries for help, even if you sometimes do it begrudgingly.


AnnH: Are there primary, secondary, etc. support circle positions?


The "standby" that a person might feel if he or she specializes in Compassion is almost a tangible sense that you could be called upon at any moment to be needed. This Position rarely questions whether he or she is "needed," because that person knows he or she is.


TO BRIAN: Essence Twins and Task Companions always play one or more of the Positions. Traveling Companions often do, but not always.


AnnH: Even if they're discarnate or we have not met them?


CocteauBoy: The reason it's important to think of these as POSITIONS FIRST is because the truth is, EVERY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE (temporarily or permanently; in one lifetime, or across many) plays into at least one of these Positions for you to some degree.


Maureen: So if someone in say.. the Love position dies - do they still "have" that position or is it taken over by someone else?


CocteauBoy: TO ANN's first question: Yes, there are tiers of strength in playing Positions of Support. For instance, I play as my second tier: KNOWLEDGE, MENTOR, and ANCHOR next. Then COMPASSION, BEAUTY, and DISCIPLINE last. A big Hello on that last one.


Martha: lol


CocteauBoy: TO ANN's and MAUREEN's next question:


Brian_W: haha


AnnH: Hollah back on that Discipline one myself, Troy.


The energy exchange that is Love, Knowledge, and Compassion is there, with or without the presence of a person who might play those Positions, or might have played a Position, but is no longer alive, but for the Personality's sake, a physical presence is important to eventually identify for that Position.


If someone played a Position for you in this life, and then is no longer alive, the energy of that support isn't lost, but it does lose its medium of manifestation.


Maureen: Would it feel like abandonment?


Geraldine: not to put too fine a point on this, but from what you said about 3rd IM -- no one who even has a theme with several others for a quadrate still cannot solidify that until ALL four in the quadrate process their 3rd IM and choose these positions?


On a Soul Level, you will still receive and exchange, and the Personality will still feel the benefits of this if that energy is recognized, but the Personality shouldn't block new or alternative sources just because it was so present from a previous person.


TO MAUREEN: whether the loss of a loved one who provided LOVE is interpreted as abandonment, or not, has to be up to the Personality. Not everyone will feel the same way.


TO GERALDINE: It's not that the Positions aren't already there, and that peers aren't available for access and exchange in those Positions, but that we are still building them as a resource for ourselves, and still affected by our caretaker's use of their own Support Circles.


For example...


Our experience of the world, and our access to it, are usually very dependent on our caretakers'/parents' navigation of the world, so we don't always find direct access to our own circles until we develop our independence.


We might have a fellow playmate be in our Love Position and fulfill it just fine for now, but that would be from the pool of people our parents gave us access to.


As we grow older in Soul Age, and choose our parents more carefully, we tend to bring in the stronger support earlier and earlier.


Geraldine: ha -- since I was given up for adoption -- my access to both my ET and eventual TravC was thwarted -- but only until I "found" him when I was 23 :)


Brian_W: Somehow I've got my mom and sister (the one I still talk to) pegged as fulfilling that Love position


Geraldine: Live long enough and you might know many who'll fulfill it :)


Brian_W: hopefully


CocteauBoy: So how many of you can identify a person for each Position of the Intimate Quadrate, even if you would prefer it to be someone else.


Brian_W: I think I got all three of mine filled


AnnH: I can identify more than one in each


Brian_W: although I'm curious, can it be more than one person?


CocteauBoy: TO BRIAN: yes, it can be more than one.


Maureen: I have my one of my sisters (in my entity as well) in 2 positions so.....she's been there since I was 2 years old!


Brian_W: Okay, cool


CocteauBoy: So before going into the rest of the Positions, let me explain something called STRINGS.


Martha: not sure


Geraldine: I cannot identify the Knowledge position


Geraldine: but I may need to redefine my meaning for the word, too


Brian_W: ironically, I've got Geraldine as one of the compassion people


CocteauBoy: STRINGS is a concept that is NOT necessary to fully understand, but it can help us to see our incarnational lives on larger scales.


Geraldine: actually, I see compassion as one of my strengths, Brian


Geraldine: it fits me quite well -- the neutrality, lack of emotional passion, etc


CocteauBoy: TO GERALDINE: Michael says that a good way to help understand the Knowledge Position is to also think of it as the FEEDBACK Position. It would be the person/s that you actually let yourself hear when it comes to insight about your life.


AnnH: Yes, it does.


Martha: Which position is it again that self-destruction blocks?


Geraldine: I'm more apt to "hear" from people online than in r/l


Martha: me too


CocteauBoy: Michael doesn't differentiate between Digital and Analog life since there is still a tangible medium involved.


AnnH: Huh, not me. Much better with the audio.


AnnH: Though it's easier in chats than in posts.


Maureen: Is it possible to have "given over" the knowledge position to channeled teachings??


Geraldine: well, for me, it's listening for a particular clue or piece of data that makes a part of the puzzle solid


CocteauBoy: Self-destruction = Expression Axis = Knowledge


Martha: yup, that sounds right


CocteauBoy: TO MAUREEN: keep that question in mind as we go through the rest of the Position and I think you'll see how the teachings fit in vs a person in Knowledge.


Maureen: thank you


Okay, back to STRINGS...


STRINGS is Michael's way of describing the strength to which someone plays a certain Position for you. That String is determined not only by how well that Essence plays that Position across lifetimes as a preference, but also how often a Position is played by that fragment for your own Essence's Personalities.


The way I've found this to be meaningful is to never presume that just because you've identified someone as playing a Position for you, that it is automatically that person's greatest strength, or preference, in supporting you.


Brian_W: so there are some sort of underlying agreements to these positions then, be it on personality level or essence level?


Michael calls these Strings because it refers to a contiguous sequence of values, or basically, describes how often your support for each other has overlapped.


Although anyone and everyone can play any Position for anyone, there do tend to be those who develop extensive experience in providing you with certain forms of support, and vice versa.


Michael really only recognizes the first 12 Strings.


So that means every person has at least 12 other fragments in each Position who have specialized playing that Position.


TO BRIAN: yes, Agreements are very important part of developing these Circles, and that's all any of us have to go on in our very first lifetime. We make Agreements with each other based on interests, and then build from there across lifetimes.


Knowing who is who in your Strings is not as important as your just recognizing and being open to each Position being fulfilled.


To the degree that you need the Support, and to the degree that you are open to it, you will draw in exactly who/what is needed.


Maureen: Is it possible to see yourself different than others see you? Who is right??


TO MAUREEN: that's a great question... you can't control what someone else needs and wants and expects from you, but you can become clearer in what you know is your strength, and then offer that, even if it is called something else by that person.


The clearer you are about what you can offer, the more likely that person will receive that, instead of expect something else.


We can always do any of the position on a short-term basis, but in long-term Positions, it's important to be clear.


Brian_W: For long-term positions, look to people who have been regularly around you for a few years?


We have already gone beyond our 4pm stopping point, so let me finish with a quick run-through of each of the other Positions/Quadrates, and then give you your "homework."


TO BRIAN, that would be helpful for a starting point, but you may also discover that someone new in your life is also playing a Position.


Some of the Positions don't require long-term presences.


As you'll see as we go through them now.


You can get through an entire lifetime living from the support from each Position in short-term bursts, but some of the Positions need to be fulfilled regularly, like LOVE, while others like Healing might only need to be fulfilled once in a lifetime.


The INSPIRATIONAL QUADRATE = Mentor, Knowledge, Child


MENTOR is defined by that person who most-closely models what you aspire to be, do, or have with your life.


This is usually a person who is doing, or has already done, with his or her life what you wish to do with your own.


MENTOR = Expression = Intellect = Attitude


Brian_W: does this limit itself to career, or other aspirations as well?


Brian, if your career represents what you want to do, be, or have in your life, then yes, otherwise, it could be anything that might be thought of as the ideal.


BEAUTY is defined by that person who is there to point out or represent the good, the bright, and the positive side of things.


This is the Position that helps you to see the patterns within the chaos.


Often, this person is considered beautiful to you, yourself.


"Beautiful" being defined as provoking a higher perspective.


BEAUTY = Assimilative - Neutral = Centering


CHILD POSITION is defined by that person who provokes from you your own capacity to care, nurture, love, etc.


Often that is actually a child, but it can be anyone who tends to bring out of you these qualities, including the want to help them, to guide, etc.


CHILD = Inspiration = Emotion = Mode


You can see from the INSPIRATIONAL Quadrate that each of these Positions have to do with provoking the best possibilities within and without.


These Positions are called upon quite often, whether we realize it, or not, but aren't vital to the lifetime in the same way that the Intimates are.


You could say that the INSPIRATIONALS provoke us to BE our Best, to SEE the best, and to GIVE the best of us (mentor, beauty, child).


The CLASSMATES QUADRATE = Humor, Anchor, Discipline


HUMOR POSITION is defined by that person who represents or brings laughter to the life. It really is that simple.


It's the person who helps us to remember that things can be funny, that they aren't as tough as they might seem, or can make fun of the absurdities and pains of life.


And if we really let that Position take effect, it helps us to laugh at ourselves.


HUMOR = Expression = Intellect = Attitude


ANCHOR is defined by that person who has been in your life the longest, and that you always know you can contact for most anything, anytime, if you really had to.


That doesn't mean you would, or will, contact that person, but the truth would still be that you COULD.


Martha: I can see servers specializing in Anchor, and sages in Humor


ANCHOR = Inspiration = Emotion = Mode


DISCIPLINE is defined as that person who heightens your own awareness of the impact of your choices, decisions, and actions.


This can sometimes be the obvious forms of discipline, but can also show up as that person who really challenges you to keep your mouth shut, or that it takes a lot not to not fly off the handle when around, or even a stranger who is "pushing your buttons," and you rise above that.


Brian_W smiles


Discipline can be like a teacher providing limitations for focusing, or like an annoying prick who makes you think twice before you do something irrational.


DISCIPLINE = Assimilative - Neutral = Centering


This may not seem Neutral, but for those who push us to think twice, they are often immune to our sense of intensity over the matter.


The SPIRIT GUIDES Quadrate = Healer, Enlightenment, Muse


A HEALER is defined by that person or spirit or experience that brings healing. That's it!


It could be a doctor, and good friend, or a smile that makes your day.


Healing is necessary on long-term and short-term basis, so it will depend on your life experiences as to how much of this you need in your life.


HEALER = Expression = Intellect = Attitude


ENLIGHTENMENT is defined by any person, teaching, theme, philosophy, etc that provides you with a structure or framework for interpreting, navigating, and building your life.


Michael plays the Enlightenment Position for all of us, here.


I should say, they play "AN" Enlightenment Position; you may have others.


Enlightenment Positions provide us with a way to understand the overall contexts of life.


ENLIGHTENMENT = Assimilative - Neutral = Centering


Geraldine: When I wear my tinfoil covered hat, only Michael comes through.


Martha: :)


MUSE POSITION is defined by "pure aspiration." It is a QUALITY against which you measure yourself as bringing meaning, fulfillment, and embodiment to that Quality.


It's the only Position that is NEVER a Person, but can always be represented by a person.


Your Muse can usually be described by a word or a phrase, and that can often be found in those people who inspire you the most in your life.


A Muse can be represented by anything and everything, as long as it embodies that Quality.


So if your Muse is FREEDOM, for instance, you may find Martin Luther King, Jr is an embodiment of your Muse.


Or if you find that CREATIVITY is your Muse, you might find a certain artist embodying your Muse.


MUSE = Inspiration = Emotion = Mode


So that concludes the four Quadrates of the Support Circle of Twelve!


NOTE that the first and third Quadrate of Support are ALWAYS HUMAN, and if not played by Humans/other fragments, then the effects are often lost, and felt.


Geraldine: The one that made an especially loud bingo! was Child position being mode -- I've never been particularly warm and nurturing -- it fits with my mode of observation -- I tended to watch kids like they were bugs


Martha: SO when you ask Michael for personal info on this, what do they give (you'd told me they have a "report" type thing)


CocteauBoy: The second Quadrate uses the most substitutes, and those can work, even if we should try to embrace the people who would best play those Positions.


Martha: AH, and I am passion mode and I have been passionately nurturing


The Fourth Quadrate is up for anything to play the Positions of Support.


Geraldine and Martha, that's exactly what you should be doing! Take the connections and look for patterns in the Support Circle for insight into how you've blocked or accepted or played the Positions!


MAUREEN, yes, I wasn't in trance today, but had Michael here as backup, if I needed them!


MARTHA, I was playing around with the Report idea, but from what I understand, it would require a list of identified people and their suspected positions, and then Michael would validate that, and then expand upon the patterns each have played for each other.


Geraldine, lol, re-read it, you'll see it go in and out... I sometimes turned over only a line or two to them...


Geraldine: I could see a report being developed out of this -- with some effort


Okay, one last thing! YOUR HOMEWORK:


Use your list of people and add as many as you can to each Position as you think they may play it, making the first Quadrate your priority. Then prioritize those people in the order you think they play that Position strongest.


Go through that list then and free some of those people from the Positions you imposed on them vs what they might play naturally.


Go through that list then and try to see those who have been such a pain in the ass may have actually been contributing to your well-being all along...


Give special attention to the Spirit Guide Quadrate and help yourself identify and define those Positions.


And finally, go through and figure out from the first three Quadrates which Positions you enjoy playing the best and most-often.


I'll send each of you the original article about the Support Circles so you can expand on that, but keep in mind it is kind of old and in need of updating.

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Thanks for putting this up @Maureen.  I hadn't seen it before and it fills in a lot from another session on support circle.  I'll have to come back and finish reading it.

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Can't help but doing a self-evaluation here for the positions I specialize in playing:


First Layer of Strength: KNOWLEDGE, MENTOR, HUMOR


Third Layer of Strength (or weakness): LOVE, CHILD, ANCHOR


For the three in INTIMATE quadrate, it's quite easy to see which ones I play more and which ones I have less clue about. To identify the strength in other quadrates needs a bit of imagination.


Reality check: do you think I made a fair assessment based on your interaction with me? I'm aware that the dynamics in this community will be totally different from the dynamics at my work place or at my other social circles. But still, it will be fun to practice some REALIST attitude.

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Have you thought about who plays these support positions for you?  It is an interesting exercise to do. You can probably think of at least one person who fills each support position for you.   

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Oooh this has been thoroughly insightful. I just added these into my descriptions of the Support Positions, now they feel really well-rounded and easier to locate!

I'll look through this later to get a clearer picture of people around me. Here's what I think for myself:

First Layer of Strength: Knowledge, Mentor, Discipline
Second Layer of Strength: Love, Child, Humor
Third Layer of Strength: Compassion, Beauty, Anchor

I dunno, what do you guys think?

I find that more often than not, I'm the one offering feedback and information relative to what the other person is talking about(Knowledge), recently realized through others words that I've surprisingly inspired them to be and do better(Mentor) and often play the position that can be rather annoying and pushy and limiting(Discipline).
Then I'm often not needed by others, no one really turns to me for help(Compassion), but I am often loved unconditionally and don't have as many qualms about most things people do as others around me might(Love). My family is very much a Martial Body Type one, so the "what not to do" is high!
I'm not sure whether people feel they must take care of me more(Child), or find that I embody something beautiful. I draw a lot, but I know that's not a concrete qualification/tie-breaker. XD
I'm a little more certain people see my behaviors as rather funny though, but there have only been a few people whom I've felt see me as an anchor. Again, not sure though.

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to be honest I have no idea what my Layers of Strength would be.

  I have no idea how people can see this so easily.

  I asked about the positions in my 3 person cycle support so far..


  One of her Danny who is my cadence mate... and I would be in love and child positions.

  Mary Lyin I would be in the positions...compassion and child.

  And Bogi I would be in the compassion and humor positions.

  Lately I'm curious about the positions I hold because if I know this maybe I'll have a better idea of what I can offer other people.

  If I base myself on these 3 people most of my positioning was compassion and child. 



But I don't know if I can base this on because 3 people is a very small amount.

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