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20170819 MMW: Making Peace With This Life


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7 hours ago, Bobby said:

In the same way that a screwdriver to the eye is fairly universally unlikable, so are some individuals.


7 hours ago, Bobby said:

you can help the process by learning to like that you are doing it at all. Because when you learn to like AND learn to love at the same time, you are in Agape.


7 hours ago, Bobby said:

You do not have to like everything, and you do not have to love everything, but you can love and like that you are taking on this challenge in life at all.


What a great session! So many gems here to contemplate. Thanks for asking about fuckface, @Maureen. He seems to be the biggest focus and the most difficult to like or love. This gives us a way to understand this.

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5 hours ago, Bobby said:

This is why we see so many students call out for love when faced with catastrophic and disturbing world events.


In my area, adoptable animals are flying out of the shelters. Kittens, adult dogs, and adult cats alike (we don't get many puppies here). I really think that's people calling out for love. I know how much love my own cats give me!

5 hours ago, Bobby said:

You probably do not even realize that you like that the ground does not disappear beneath your feet when you walk outside, or that a chair does not disappear as you sit down, or that you can go back home to the same address as it was when you left.

LOL - unless you live in the Harry Potter-verse! Put that way it does make one appreciate mundanity. I for one would be sleeping in the park an awful lot if my house changed address on me every time I left!

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5 hours ago, PPLD said:

Why are you saddened by this session @KurtisM?

Oh I'm not saddened, that smiley was meant to be about happy tears.

Like "aw this is good helpful info, i'm glad to have it as i navigate the truth of things".

Also I always like things so I wanted to use a diff emoji for once. XD

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