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Mike C's 9th Grand Cycle: Amphibians and Tree Dwellers

Mike Cleverly

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SYNOPSIS of Grand Cycle #9

This is a cycle that most of our students shared together on a planet with only two species; one being large amphibian species and one being small tree-dwelling humanoids. A dynamic environment was in place that developed specific to the symbiotic nature of these two very different species. Because there was no weather system that would bring rain, the trees would suffer without water. The large amphibians would live in cycles that moved in and out of the river beds displacing the bodies of water, pushing the waters above the shores for the land to use more accessibly. In return, the tree-dwelling species would ensure that the ripened fruits were made available from the trees to those amphibians because these fruits did not fall on their own. This Grand Cycle, for many of our students, and including ourselves, was one of the most peaceful and restful Cycles we have ever experienced.



Mike's Notes:


Michael didn't actually say whether I was an Amphibian or a Tree Dweller. Were they the same Sentience? Who knows!

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@Mike Cleverly I was in that cycle too. It was my Grand Cycle #10

SYNOPSIS of Grand Cycle #10


This Grand Cycle would have been through a species of tree-dwelling humanoids who shared a symbiotic relationship with an amphibian species of the planet. The planet was quite small and did not have regular weather cycles that would normally help distribute elements among species in beneficial ways. Instead, the different species learned to work together in cycles that served each other. The design of this planet was odd in that running rivers and bodies of water did not evaporate fast enough to create regular rain and these places where water remained flowing and collected were in beds that were of clay that did not allow for absorption into the larger bodies of land. This lack of weather cycles and lack of water accessible to trees made for an interesting dynamic among life forms of the planet (primarily the trees, tree-dwellers, and amphibians).

The fruits of the trees were too high for the amphibians to reach and these trees did not drop their fruit. Tree-dwellers kept the amphibians fed by dropping fruit for them. In turn, the amphibians would seasonally fill the bodies of water with their own bodies, causing rivers and lakes to overflow onto the land to water the trees and replenish all land-dwelling creatures. 


The planet had a storm in only one region that would cycle to bring torrential rains that had collected over time and this helped replenish the rivers and lakes.


Many of our students lived together in this Grand Cycle and found this fragile and symbiotic relationship to be quite deeply meaningful in ways that were magical, profound, and simple in its effectiveness.


Notes: I understand that I was a tree dweller.

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