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I've been polishing the rad descriptions I have for the Soul Age Levels and have decided to post them now. I decided to delete the other topic discussion I made with the shorter descriptions and leave this one with more intricate summaries for both an individual manifesting each level, and a collective manifesting each level.
These are all my interpretations however, but they're based on as much info I can find for each level.
Each Soul Age will be its own post here so you can just scroll down to find it. :)
I hope it's helpful for everyone!

Remember that you can manifest a wide range of ages and levels so have fun looking at each of these and see how and where you've used them in the past and present. They're good measuring sticks for how you use your range of wisdom. :)

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The 7 Levels of the Infant Soul Age help describe how you learn to DO to LIVE.

Level 1- Budding Survival

This is when SENTIENCE emerges from the world around it.
Personality is very primitive and chaotic here, but innocently curious- just born into a world of possibilities. Life is relatively +Simple, as you gradually move toward learning the +Purpose of surviving.

On Collective levels, newly sentient individuals AWAKEN & DISSOCIATE from their animal hive-mind brethren to seek feelings of home in other sentient individuals & species around them.

This is an incredibly chaotic time, due to the sudden launch into figuring out how to keep the body alive- but the chaos can be organized and tamed by other more advanced sentience if they're present in this awakening.


Level 2- Experimental Survival
Now you experiment within the world, drawn to discover more and gain a sense of SECURITY through touch.

You -Balance the intuitive resonance you have with the planet+life around you & your new awareness of being separate from all that- learning to gain +Stability as you expand into unfamiliarity.
On Collective levels, the constant balancing between living and dying and the physical fears involved as you seek sources of security continue. The species/tribe finds RESOLUTION in learning how to live by constantly assessing environmental threats, communicating with each other through primal variations of language or telepathy, and developing an intimate communion with nature and spiritual energies.



Level 3- Introspective Survival

This is the first time you realize you can influence the world through your ACTIONS.
In -Versatility, you confront a range of threatening challenges to your continued survival- learning to realize what fuels you to avoid pain and seek stimulation, while creating/discovering tools+resources that can aid your life through +Enterprise.
On Collective levels, the DENSITY of physical reality increases now- so life feels even more "real".

The species/tribe grows accustomed to their reality and associates with the fact of being separate bodies in a vast world of challenges. A sense of the daily and nightly cycles in the sky, climate and environment develops as a dependable clock to map time.



Level 4- Absolute Expression of Survival

Now you fully express and expose your perceptions as a survivor.

As you -Achieve and accomplish experiences that secure your survival- a simple, tribal mindset that says

"I/We EITHER live or I/We die." +Consolidates. This is the first true, instinctive realization that you have a choice in what you do with your body.
On Collective levels, all individuals involved are fully identified with the lifestyle, habits, lessons and challenges of the SURVIVAL ECONOMY.

This is a time of primal survival urges that fuel tribes+groups to SECURE food, water, procreation, pleasure, shelter, nurturing etc., while exploring their intimacy with The UNKNOWN, Nature, the Cycles of the Planet+Sky and its Inhabitants/Life Forms.

The Infant Soul lives naturally through Freedom; there are very few rules other than the natural laws of physics. They are simple and unaware of society in general, though can be smart in "getting by"- knowing the basics of common sense and decency in their environment.

All resources are looked at in terms of how they can be used, eaten, touched etc. or not- and all people tend to be seen as different bodies that are not you, but exist in the same place+time that you do.

This awareness builds empathy mostly through classical conditioning from relying on their body's feelings to signal whether or not to trust the other- and love is known to be whatever person/part of you nurtures you, others or events with unquestioned obligation and duty.



Level 5- Unbridled Survival
At some point, you feel an urge to follow your greater IMPULSES and -Adventure out into the world to explore beyond your boundaries- drawn towards bizarre, primal urges, compulsions and interests that help to +Expand your range of personal experience.
On Collective levels, there is now a drastic explosion into unexplored territories of life that invoke new compulsions, impulses, STIMULI and more adventurous experiences for the species/tribe as well.



Level 6- Karmic Survival

As your boundaries expand, you begin to conflict with painful experiences that have been inflicted on you by life or others- so now you REFLECT on all you've lived through to DEFINE deeper concepts that always remained untouched in the background: such as self, wants, needs, life and death.
-Connections form between your memories, and you grow acutely aware of the impact death, conflict and suffering has- growing a greater appreciation for the simple +Harmony found in living, healing and thriving.
On Collective levels, this previous explosion creates a drastic shift in the mindset of the species/tribe, gravitating towards a profound realization that one has a lifetime and has an impact on/is impacted by others lives too.

This is the first realization of JUSTICE and KARMA in terms of how intensity, interference & imbalances in one's choices can be created and/or remedied by the effect of other's choices on you.


Level 7- Exemplified Survival
At this point, your gained understanding & survival skills remain -Eclectic, dispersed, unintegrated and only differentiate you from others. So now you must learn how to model, teach and +Inculcate your skills in yourself and others- to truly know and exemplify how to best survive alone and together.
Perhaps as one who provides and/or understands the inherent value of mutual CARE and shared SANCTUARY.
On Collective levels, the species/tribe learns how to truly master and understand all aspects involved in their survival. Particularly the RESPONSIBILITY involved in RELIANCE and SELF-RELIANCE.
The tribe now finds lands and builds tools that increase stability; creating structures where the species may live in stabler bodies receiving greater freedom in diet, rest, medical care, education etc.

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The 7 Levels of the Baby Soul Age help describe how you learn to DO to STRUCTURE.

Level 1- Budding Social Order

 A glimpse for the necessity of CIVILITY occurs as you explore the -Simplicity of social structures, realizing their +Purpose and contribution. But you're still focused on smoothing out survival issues, and this glimpse remains a passive observation at most.
On Collective levels, the species and its peoples begin to see themselves as belonging to a family unit or group that can help bring LONGER-TERM stability and security than before.


Level 2- Experimental Social Order

As your urge for living in order grows, you feel drawn to willingly ADHERE TO civil rules, while also needing to

-Balance this urge with your more instinctive needs to survive and be free. A sense of +Stability is established when you see how society can help you do both.
On Collective levels, the species/group having lived through many extremes, now desires to live in world with a heightened sense of structure and order. Self-restraint, control, compliance and concessions are emphasized here to bring balance, as life returns to chaos if people cater to their shorter-term impulses.
The Baby Souls desire to discipline+structure the Infant Souls that live in chaotic freedom- and this offers a chance for the Baby Souls to develop PATIENCE & REFINEMENT in NURTURING, and the Infant Souls to receive that care.


Level 3- Introspective Social Order

Now you know inside that order must be kept, built and created; but feel challenged in actively implementing your VALUES outside, confronting a necessity to be -Versatile- scattered in your efforts to civilize.

+Enterprise develops when you feel confident in how your inner desires are realized in the outside world.
On collective levels, the species/group begins to practice what it has understood is orderly. 

Here is where CIVILIZATION is built, resources are allocated, and laws+rules are implemented to keep all in healthy check. Everything has its place and can be put in its place. The world is ordered in accordance to orderly beliefs.


Level 4- Absolute Expression of Social Order

At this stage, you are a fully-functioning member of SOCIETY, working to -Achieve what has been handed down to you from authority- while blindly defending and enforcing your traditions+moral stances. 
As you gain experience and lessons in achieving over your life, you come to feel you can be your ROLE in the social construct and live by it confidently- fully expressing your place in +Consolidation.
On Collective levels, all individuals involved fully identify with the lifestyle, habits, lessons and challenges of the ORDERLY ECONOMY.

Building upon the paradigm of Infant Soul Survival, Freedom and Securing- this is a time for aiming to CIVILIZE, and contribute to your society/tradition as a person who knows and fulfills your role. Familiarity is important. 

A world in this awareness is much simpler, as there is a generally accepted way of life or structured mindset and morality to follow, and an emphasis upon one's position as an empathetic/obedient citizen, empowering authority or an abuser of power. 

Now all sorts of socioeconomic structures are created. Ranging from cities, villages, community, family, schooling, libraries, trading and production- to law, justice, ritual, festival, art, hygiene, formal language etc.

As such, depending on collective choices, the Baby Soul Age will tend to implement Dictatorships where there is a clear, common authority to follow; or a smooth system of Socialism, where everyone works together because there is an order/tradition to uphold.
All resources are looked at in terms of how they can civilize, build confidence and feel familiar- and all people tend to be identified by their social roles+positions, working to smooth the machine of society.

This awareness builds empathy mostly through operant conditioning and in-built trust in an authority guiding you to see others clearer- and love is a matter of knowing your actions led you to specific people, events and parts of self whom you find you share alliances & similarities with, or you exclude for not being equal.

Level 5- Unbridled Social Order

Now is when you STRETCH the limits and boundaries of your social role, or that of others- to encourage all to become BETTER at and more confident in what they believe they do best.

At first this is done in repulsive and pushy ways that ignite -Adventures for your body and mind to endure, though this transforms over time into a charismatic provocation to evolve and +Expand one's strengths.
On Collective levels, the urge for the species/group to expand its proclivities grows, and all participate to help create this in their society. This expansion can cause FRICTION with other groups and nations, which can result in oppression, slavery and warring- or social revitalization, change and evolution on all levels.


Level 6- Karmic Social Order

With all this expansion deterring your confidence in the status quo, you come to understand through

-Connections between people, experiences and memories how you have profoundly AFFECTED, IMPACTED and CONTRIBUTED TO your order/society- in good/right or bad/wrong ways.

This prompts you then, to explore concepts such as suffering and kindness through your actions, musings and philosophies to uncover a sense of +Harmony.
On Collective levels, the species/group returns awareness to its Karmic Choices.

Intense, imbalanced and interfering situations are consciously examined by people as they learn how they affect each other- and the messy work of HARMONIZING & HEALING paths+intentions for the sake of creating greater order, or splitting off into greater chaos+disorder ensues.


Level 7- Exemplified Social Order
As you wrap up your focus on Social Order, you learn how you can be a GUIDE/AUTHORITY for yourself+others by truly teaching and implementing effective social structures, order and civility.
First this knowing and teaching of what's right+wrong is built from the -Eclectic structures you've relied on for comfort and convenience, or from the effects of forcibly converting others to your ways. But as you grow, this knowing and teaching comes from a place of +Inculcated WISDOM and a sense of wholeness through understanding what society means for various people and parts of you.
On collective levels, the species/group learns how to truly master and understand all elements involved in their creation of order and structure. Particularly the RESPONSIBILITY involved in developing CONFIDENCE, and what that means+looks like for each person.

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The 7 Levels of the Young Soul Age help describe how you learn about the Dynamics of ENERGY.

Level 1- Budding Individuality
At this stage, you glimpse the -Simplicity of living beyond the confines of your social order, realizing YOU have the power to CHOOSE INDEPENDENTLY- so this becomes a new +Purpose to ponder and explore. However, this remains observational, as you’re still fearful of expanding beyond tradition, authority and social stigmas.
On Collective levels, the species and its peoples shift into establishing a sense of collective identity and individuality for themselves, REBELLING against their traditions in an almost "chest-beating" fashion.

Several INTERNAL CONFLICTS can arise between the Baby and Young Souls now- over needs, demands, resources and issues of self-identity.


Level 2- Experimental Individuality
A greater desire to be individualistic grows, as you -Balance the safety+security that “other me’s” bring- and your desire to rebel against the newly-determined “not me’s” that pose a threat to, and have greater POWER & SELF-EXPRESSION than you.

Eventually, a sense of +Stability is founded when you realize these worlds are not mutually exclusive and you come to terms with wanting to progress not stagnate your evolution.
On Collective levels, the species/group works to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts; keeping at a precarious balance between the Young Souls who wish to FORGE AHEAD, collect, compete, express, oppress and exploit- and the Baby Souls who wish to apply patience, empathy and compassion through CIVILITY & AUTHORITY.

This can bring about greater war and conflict; or create a cycle of CO-DEPENDENCE where the Baby Souls flock to the Young who create+defend safety and structure- while the Young Souls rule, control, direct and exploit the Baby Souls by being their central authority, to profit from their chaos+uncertainty.


Level 3- Introspective Individuality

Now you come to own being COMPETITIVE or DRIVEN by wanting to have status, fortune and achieve your bigger dreams and accomplishments. But in -Versatility, you feel your ideas of you are being challenged and that you must confront the source of that with great courage to build your desired +Enterprise.
On Collective levels, groups fully become nations that identify as separate communities with their own self-serving agendas and identities, existing harmoniously or competitively with each other. These nations PRACTICE EXERTINGtheir power, strength and extent of control, to come-to-terms with owning this new awareness.


Level 4- Absolute Expression of Individuality

You are now fully SELF-ORIENTED, and everything is seen in terms of how it SERVES YOU to -Achieve.

As your sense of wanting, longing and craving to have what you want is fulfilled, you move this world of pure self-expression, individualism and self-satisfaction into +Consolidation. Your careers, media, possessions and interests all become voices+forms of status for expressing who you are to the world.
On Collective levels, all individuals involved are fully identified with the lifestyle, habits, lessons and challenges of the INDIVIDUALIST ECONOMY.


Building upon the paradigm of Baby Soul Structured Order, Authority and Civilizing- the idea+use of Capital develops, and life becomes a matter of politics, having & material acquisition.

CONSUMERISM and Collecting through hard work, exploitation, entitlement, investment & inheritance become status quo- while tangibility, being special and making your mark on the world are the name of the game. 

This paradigm contains an inherent imbalance as each person tries to take and earn as much as possible- leading to poverty, racism, slavery, theft and violence- or meaning, motivation, satisfaction, craving and longing.

As such, this is a time for seeking personal gain, prosperity, abundance, fame, power, status etc. or it can be about how one can express+sustain their individuality without compromise to harmony. 

Industries here will simply continue to produce products, people & standards that are heavily marketed and unquestionably purchased or bought into for being popular, romanticized and glamorized.

There is also a heavy emphasis on maintaining one's culture, heritage, history and tradition in high esteem.

The two most common forms of government here are Hierarchical and Harmonious.
Hierarchical can be seen in forms of Capitalism; where Individual Progression, individualism, social classes, competition, uneven equality, privacy+private resources, privilege, convenience etc. permeate. The Motto would be: "From each according to his industry, to each according to his earning."
Harmonious can be seen in forms of Socialism or Communism; where Communal Progression, nationalism, shared equality+resources, a status quo of living that is adhered within etc. permeate. The Motto would be: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

Many Monarchies of blood or alliance aiming to retain/seize/progress power will arise as well.
All resources are looked at in terms of how they can protect, defend, collect achievements and be withheld- and all people tend to be identified by a mostly-static set of two-dimensional traits, tropes and talents.

This awareness builds empathy mostly through direct experience, especially "you get what you give" scenarios- and love is a reciprocal circuit of giving and receiving attractive and repulsive experiences with people, events and parts of self; which you continue exploring because there's something gained in doing so.

Level 5- Unbridled Individuality

It's time to PUSH THE BOUNDARIES of power, fortune, accomplishment etc. to have more than what you want- and be more than what you could ever envision of yourself.

You now expand your energy and move through ridiculously pushy and disruptive -Adventures of indulgent stimulation or aggrandized self-importance- which help to +Expand yourself toward new accomplishments, strengths and personal pleasures in charismatic and exciting ways.
On Collective levels, whatever it was that became part of the limitations, boundaries & collective lifestyle instilled by past generations now seems regressive at-worst or stagnant at-best. The species/nation/group breaks the mold by SEEKING new experiences, new competition, greater desires, higher visions etc.

This can range from more materialistic, territorial or philosophical expansions that assert social accomplishment.


Level 6- Karmic Individuality

This is a messy+exhausting but rewarding stage in which you repay KARMIC DEBTS.

Here you begin to explore -Connections between relationships, memories and past experiences that revolve around your personal failures, losses, strengths and successes- thus creating intense conflicts within+around that force you to process your hampered creativity, suffering, grief and repressed strength.

You begin to work hard towards your investments+ambitions to build +Harmony, and in doing so learn how to share, create and experience TRUE PERSONAL POWER.
On Collective levels, the species/nation/group confronts the reality of creating or contributing to KARMA.

So they can be "bit in the butt" with having to ethically manage resources to alleviate past mistakes, issues and injustices; as well as tie-up loose ends that left intense, interfering or imbalanced scenarios within their environment and with other peoples- building greater harmony between all as a way to create TRUE COMMUNITY.

If this is not handled though, they may simply create more cycles of strife, oppression, exploitation etc. until they do.


Level 7- Exemplified Individuality

As you wrap up the awareness of individualism & competitive consumerism, you learn about how to truly teach, exemplify and realize MATERIAL AMBITION, INDIVIDUALITY & ACQUISITION.
At first, this is -Eclectically learned and taught based from notions of superiority/inferiority, complacent disconnection or lack of consideration- but with more experience, you come to +Inculcate in you and others, how to live for oneself from a place of responsible, empowered and empowering wisdom and authority.
On Collective levels, the species/nation/group learns how to truly master and understand all aspects involved in asserting their individuality and courageous pursuit of achievement. Particularly the RESPONSIBILITY involved in the impact of their EXPRESSION.

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The 7 Levels of the Mature Soul Age help describe how you grow your Capacity for LOVING.

Level 1- Budding Sensitivity

This is the first time you glimpse that your relationships aren't just external things or status symbols, but people thatreflect deeper aspects about you- and that living compassionately and empathetically has more strengths than you'd thought.

An uneasy struggle emerges with contemplating and exploring the -Simplicity and +Purpose of these new INNER PERCEPTIONS, but you retain comfort with seeking external achievements and sustaining your individuality.
On Collective levels, the concept of rights and their exploitation- and the DISSOLVING of BOUNDARIES to reach out to minorities & create a smaller, more intimate multicultural world begins.

The addiction to weaponry breaks down as war is no longer seen as a viable option to solve differences- while tangible solutions to global crises are put into motion as the species/community becomes consciously aware of a COMMON THREAT to resolve that is either used to further divide or unify people.


Level 2- Experimental Sensitivity

As your understanding of the feelings of others grows, you try living more harmoniously within your relationships- but you're not quite comfortable with MESSY EMPATHY and struggle in RECONCILING your stronger drive in the outer world with your more fragile+sensitive inner mind and heart.

So it always seems the two extremes conflict with one another- leaving you torn between wants/needs.

As such, you keenly learn how to -Balance your drive to have+achieve with your desire to better love+perceive to come to a place of +Stability in who/how you choose to love. 
On Collective levels, the hierarchical system of government+workforce rooted in competition, defense and privacy is replaced with a CIRCULAR DYNAMIC designed for all individuals, responsibilities and rights to be on equal ground through collective trust, networks of support and shared education.
Here the Mature Soul balances misunderstandings+conflicts by providing a world where both allowing chaos from life (and Infant+Young Souls)- and nurturing order (and Baby Souls) are ACCOMMODATED & EMBRACED for their legitimate perspectives and experiences- but not pushed to extremes or limitations.


Level 3- Introspective Sensitivity
Now you come to fully embrace EMOTIONAL INTIMACY as a path toward loving. But you're challenged by feeling effective+inclusive in how you understand and/or implement the -Versatile range of values and practices you/others believe to be loving ways of living; easily falling into bouts of inner angst and drama over the challenges and fears you face in empathizing.
So you seek to both work on+own your relationships within and around, as part of your efforts to build a foundation- an +Enterprise- that represents and strengthens your capacity to love.
On Collective levels, the species/community immerses into their collective inner world of ideals, values, practices etc. in a struggle to discover what kind of shared world and relationships they wish to effectively work toward.

A DEEPENING STRENGTH is found in all institutions and enterprises built upon love+empathy- and the task of weaving together all differences between everyone into cohesion is taken on.


Level 4- Absolute Expression of Sensitivity

At this point, you're fully confident about living as this awareness- identifying yourself readily in others as a way to learn how you can love more of them+yourself. You -Achieve greater interpersonal and intrapersonal growth then, by working through your projections, compromises and feelings of indignation.

Over time, the parts & pieces in you that have grown to love more +Consolidate, and you reach out to everyone by expressing and sharing your lessons+values- responding to any plights within or around with empathy, compassion and sensitivity toward rights, relief and healing.
On Collective levels, all individuals involved are fully identified with the lifestyle, habits, lessons and challenges of the Resource-based RELATIONSHIP ECONOMY.


Building upon the paradigm of Young Soul Consumerism, Competition and Collecting- this is a time where diversity becomes the foundation of everything from community, entertainment and politics, to spirituality and marketing.

It's a time of multicultural groups living within a Resource-Based Economy that is built upon CITIZENRY, Rights and Well-Being- where all goods+resources come to be available without debt, capital, servitude etc. 
Product and Distribution become far more local+accessible, and are only manufactured as needed- both with the resources available, and with great sensitivity to the environment around.

Each and every individual listens to the wants, needs & boundaries of each and every group and person to come to collective decisions on how to move forward without causing harm; while allowing for everyone to Contribute to and actively, Consciously Participate in that community/relationship in their own way so long as it benefits.

What matters now is the aim to contribute in ways that are valuable & meaningful- such as through philanthropy, charity, mutual benefit, sharing, activism, homogenization, global government and "one world".
This resource-based transition usually begins with pressure to conform because the aim is to benefit each other, but this gradually shifts towards fully discussing changes with, setting clear parameters over, and offering opportunities for any Infant, Baby and Young so that all may feel included.

Life tends to be run Democratically, with more accessible, interactive and ever-evolving governments that are less concerned with majorities, and more so with varying groups within groups. Monarchies aimed to support the well-being of the people can arise as well.

Each person contributes according to their strengths, but learn from one another via Empathy to develop in other areas of life. Authority is only seen as a part of the whole unit, not the defining force of a movement or industry- being drawn upon from those willing as needed.
All resources are looked at in terms of how they can include, be shared and help others- and all people tend to be identified as multi-faceted, three-dimensional beings living just-as-valid lives as you do.

This awareness builds empathy through regularly imagining and perceiving themselves in other's shoes. And love is anything you genuinely appreciate in/from you, others or events; with an allowance for others to have their own definitions of what is+isn't love, for all experiences to become adventures in self-understanding and self-love, and all people to be truly forgiven as people.

Level 5- Unbridled Sensitivity

As you grow your love for everything, you begin to stretch the limits of your empathy and push yourself beyond your boundaries and comfort zones- into many frustrating, disruptive and stimulating -Adventures in experiences or rampant relationships inside+out.
With so much new data to process then, this causes a lot of friction to result- prompting exciting and provocative transformations in who you are, how you love and how far you see beyond yourself: bringing great +Expansion.
On Collective levels, the species/community indulges in all the crazy or eccentric relationships+perceptions

that they've overlooked. An urge to consciously adventure out into the world within+around and share a RIGHT-RELATIONSHIP with all sorts of unfamiliar lifestyles, philosophies and people develops.
The concept of holding all-too strong opinions is realized to be counter to accepting diversity, so collective beliefs on everything are allowed from all angles. Social structures become quite fluid, and the arts and philosophy become mediums for soul-searching and self-examination.


Level 6- Karmic Sensitivity

This is an intense stage wherein you process the -Connections between past experiences and traumas where boundaries were crossed by you and others.
So you come to terms with your resulting IDENTITY and range of SELF-LOVE from those experiences, and choose how you wish to move forward in compassionate +Harmony with your relationships.
On Collective levels, the species/community directly accesses and processes all karmic imbalances, intensities and interference that have ever affected their capacity to love. This is a time in which the greatest fears and loves of the species/community are uncovered and entirely EMBRACED and TRANSFORMED NOW.
A sense of responsibility is assumed for resolving- rather than hiding, tolerating, denying etc.- all boundaries that ever divided people with great empathy.


Level 7- Exemplified Sensitivity
As this awareness culminates, you begin to assess any ways in which your love has been -Eclectic- where you've used your indignation+capacity to love to differentiate yourself from others, or any times you've exchanged and adapted your values to the point you lost sight of what love was.
Working through all that is false love means you begin to +Inculcate all the wisdom you've learned, inspiring a sense of INTERCONNECTION, GUIDANCE and EVOLUTION by exemplifying to yourself+others through your lifestyle- what active love, empathy and compassion are.
On collective levels, there is a shared awareness of the love and humanitarianism that creates the world, and people begin to discover untapped spiritual+psychic gifts arising from within- that they may consciously realize to better the lives of each other and their world. In addition, the fear of species extinction lessens now, and reproduction is no longer seen as a priority.
The species/community learns how to truly master and understand all aspects involved in their growth through relationships. Particularly the RESPONSIBILITY involved in LOVING.

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The 7 Levels of the Old Soul Age help describe how you resolve the Essence of TRUTHS.

Level 1- Budding Holism

Here you begin to glimpse the universal BIGGER PICTURE and threads of truth that connect all together.
Having "come so far" in life, you yearn for a sense of HOME that you know isn't found where you are- exhausted by making any sense of life's complications and reducing it all to -Simplicity.
You now work on exploring & emphasizing the truth of your and everyone else's +Purpose, while tying up loose ends in your life's emotional dramas and relationship intensities.
On Collective levels, a perpetually solution-based bigger picture is gradually introduced by the Old Soul in a way that relieves all the drama, sensitivity, tragedy and intensity of Relationship-based awareness.
Humor becomes ever-more important as a powerful tool to transform perceptions & relations, and the past comes to be looked back upon in shared comical HILARITY because "if we knew then what we know now!"


Level 2- Experimental Holism

As you experiment with, compare and contrast this new context of living, you -Balance the truth that you desire intimacy and emotional intensity with the higher perspective you know now- working to bring +Stability to your life as you understand that everything is part of a UNIVERSAL WHOLE greater than the sum of its parts.
This then becomes a source of wisdom and awe-inspiring beauty for you- as you move past any guilt over moving into a space of non-attachment to concerns that seemed so immediate+urgent.
On Collective levels, the sentience/community works on INCLUDING BOTH the Mature Soul's dramatic immediacy to reach out in times of suffering & the Old Soul's surprisingly hilarious bigger picture- as universally valid truths about all economic, social and spiritual matters. 

This creates a series of realizations that the world is truly created by what one makes of it and believes it to be, and not everything "needs" to be so serious anymore.


Level 3- Introspective Holism

Settling into this awareness, you start to internally struggle with resolving CONFLICTING TRUTHS about life, the cosmos, you, others etc. that are scattered about and collected like isolated concepts, confusing paradoxes, inconsistencies and discrepancies in -Versatility.

But as you internally own your work to comprehend and bring these various truths into cohesion, into a resource that you can use to understand yourself and the world as a whole- your holism and sense of affection grow.

This foundation is +Enterprise.
On Collective levels, the sentience/community begins to see that what has been so important all along is how EVERY EXPERIENCE has been a rich resource, and every resource has contributed a great range of evolution. People now emphasize how this reveals new truths about life, treating the path and discovery of self-actualization and self-transcendence as an art exemplifying one's unique expression of something greater.


Level 4- Absolute Expression of Holism

The context of life turns to accomplishment- bringing emphasis to how you -Achieve, reach and EXPRESS the next step, truth or concept you now believe/accept/know/understand to be true; building these lessons and experiences into an ever-growing bigger picture.
At this stage you come to fully and without apology- embrace, model and express this wholeness of wisdom in +Consolidation- learning and choosing to be externally TRUE TO YOURSELF.
On Collective levels, all individuals involved are fully identified with the lifestyle, habits, lessons and challenges of the HOLISTIC ECONOMY.

Building upon the paradigm of Mature Soul Citizenry, Conscious Participation and Contributing, this is a time where civilization has truly mastered its energy sources+environment or reverted back to a simpler more natural lifestyle.

In any way it comes about, there is a stability in place to create an economy based on holistic WISDOM & COMMUNICATION, as well as imagination, humor and opportunity for Experience.

With so much gained over lifetimes and millennia- privacy, ownership and competition wane in interest and necessity.

 Body image issues now lose all footing; clothing becomes optional; and all resources are used+borrowed as they're available or needed for defense against actual known threats (not speculative threats of paranoia)- without any debt/exploitation and very little attachment to, expectation of or demand for "things".

The Old Soul Age creates True Anarchy, better seen as a form of Tribalism where there's no longer a discernible authority/leader, simply a network of autonomous people & tribal groups in cooperation and mutual understanding- wherein each can choose, ponder and share freely, learning from & communicating with one another.

All resources are looked at in terms of how they can aid experience, invite wisdom and share imagination- and all people come to be seen as multi-dimensional beings who are always learning+evolving together.

This awareness has built so much empathy, that it instead focuses on why it cares so much and how it can care more- and love is comprehended as being a beautiful truth that fuels every aspect of life.

There is an understanding that each being exists "for their own truth/reason" you need not understand- only love- and that all of them experience life in a vastly unique+awesome way.


Level 5- Unbridled Holism

Expanding beyond your limits, you stretch your CAPACITY TO EMBRACE new and provocative truths as they come to the surface in any+every new experience.
You start to live out the -Adventures, wackiness, distractions and stimulation these bring- to build up from that chaos into holistic and unprecedented +Expansions of wisdom and clearer understanding.

On Collective levels, the species/community chooses to continually learn about the mysterious truths of the universe through its dynamics with other species, peoples, lifeforms etc. 

Superficiality, appearances and distractions in everything+everyone come to be stripped away and all is seen in its truth, core and ESSENCE. So there is a tendency here to indulge in the more wacky, crazy and absolutely absurd truths of life and spiritual connectedness that were hard to grasp before.


Level 6- Karmic Holism

You come to terms with the threads and -Connections of truth in your life and the world, generating profound AFFECTION+ACCEPTANCE for yourself and others as you tie up the last loose ends of terror over paradoxical or convoluted+complicated truths that created karmic scenarios within or with others.

This time is busy and intense, but fulfilling, as you come to realize a +Harmony of TRUTH interwoven through all experiences of suffering, grief and devastation- as well as kindness, surrender and resolution.

On Collective levels, the sentience dives deep into whatever still-lingering and unprocessed wounds, traumas, intensities, interference & imbalances they have around the truth of anything and everything- REVISITING ancient memories stored in the collective unconscious.
All exchanges and choices are now seen as collective invitations, rather than entangling impositions- and the species chooses to invariably nurture their planet and all its lifeforms around with profound care.


Level 7- Exemplified Holism

This is a time to look at all -Eclectic/Inconsistent truths in your life & all preconceived ideas of who you are (set by you or others)- discerning whether what you believe is derived from a place of wisdom that truly knows, or from a place of specialness, convenience, comfort or lack of integrity. 
As you repeatedly +Inculcate your truths, you begin take responsibility over your life for modeling, healing and teaching to others the truth and wisdom of SELF-LOVE that you've gained+remembered. 
You simply trust now in where you and others are going, "let everything go" to gleefully surrender to the bliss of life, and ENJOY living it in any way you desire- free of all the pressures that dramatic/painful overthinking, over-feeling and overreaction once brought.

On Collective levels, the sentience/community learns how to truly master and understand all aspects involved in knowing the truth of their part in the bigger picture. Particularly the RESPONSIBILITY involved in CARING.

Life returns to an eden-like state where the species fully and without exclusion, allows for life to be life. This  sentience lives their true agape and unconditional compassion for all parts within and beings around.

Edited by KurtisM
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Nick Sweeney (Babylove)

Wow!!!  The Scholar force is strong in your family?  Thanks for this and your work on the body-types!


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I'm thoroughly exhausted from doing this all day, and should have taken a break from it- but I wanted to look at human history and see where we might have collectively been at certain levels.
So I've written some summaries of certain themes and focuses during each period- and would appreciate it if any of you could help me add to, improve, clarify on it etc. I'll be going from current day backwards as the levels get more and more unclear going back in time due to our muddled history.


Exploring your Budding Sensitivity with a Simple glimpse into Mature Awareness that infuses new Purpose.

(In recorded history, humanity entered this paradigm shift during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 AD- as headed by the Digital Revolution, 9/11 Attack, rise in Economic Globalization+Social Media, and Climate Change Prevention Acts. We are currently here in our evolution.)

Exemplifying Individuality Eclectically to work on Inculcating the Young Awareness.
(In recorded history this stage began in the Early 1900s AD- as headed by the World Wars, Roaring 20s, Great Depression, Cold War, Green Revolution, Baby Boom and Space Exploration.)


Resolving any Karmic efforts at having Individuality by Connecting with this karma and Harmonizing it.
(In recorded history this stage began in the Late 1700s AD- as headed by the Industrial Revolution and its Advances in Technology+Medicine, Published Theory of Evolution, Entrepreneurial Culture, French+American Revolutions and rise of Nationalism.)


Stretching Individuality by embarking on Adventures to Expand Energy.
(In recorded history, this stage began around the 1400s AD- as headed by the "Early Modern Period" that brought the Renaissance, Inca Empire, European Expansion, Age of Discovery and Atlantic Slave Trade.)


Expressing Absolute Individuality through Achievements that Consolidate this Awareness.
(In recorded history, this stage began around the Mid 1000s AD- as headed by the "High Middle Ages" that brought the Crusades+Conquests, Islamic Golden Age, American-Indian Golden Age, Invention of the Compass, Mongol Expansion, Mali Empire, Aztec Civilization, European Manorialism+Feudalism and the Black Death.)


Introspecting Individuality by owning its Versatility to create an Enterprise.
(In recorded history, this stage began around the 500s AD- as headed by the "Middle Ages" that brought the Collapse of the Roman Empire, rise of Islam+Viking Kingdoms, Peak of Mayan Civilization, Invention of Gun Powder and the Chinese Reunification & Golden Age.)


Experimenting with Individuality by Balancing it with Baby Awareness to bring Stability to the extremes.
(In recorded history, this stage began around the 200s AD- as headed by the "Early Middle Ages" that brought the Silk Road Trades, European Migration+Invasion Period, spread of Christianity and Indian Golden Age.)


Exploring your Budding Individuality with a Simple glimpse into Young Awareness that infuses new Purpose.
(In recorded history, humanity entered this paradigm shift around 0 AD- as headed by the collective aim for Progress and Power, rise in Materialism, Jesus' teaching of Love, the Roman Empire's Expansion+Golden Age and Han Dynasty's Decline.)


Exemplifying Social Order Eclectically to work on Inculcating the Baby Awareness.
(In recorded history, this stage was entered around 400 BC- as headed by the ""Classical Period" that brought Alexander's Conquests of Persia, Ancient Greece's Golden Age of Art, Education, Philosophy & Society, the Warring States Period, Han Dynasty's Golden Age and the rise of Confucianism+Taoism.)



Resolving any Karmic efforts at creating Social Order by Connecting with this karma and Harmonizing it.
(In recorded history, this stage was entered somewhere from 2500 to 1000 BC- as headed by the "Iron Age" that brought the destruction of the Bronze Age, a rise in Literature, various Philosophies about Social Structure, the Chinese Spring+Autumn Period, and Buddha's teaching of Non-attachment through Buddhism+Jainism.)


After this point, I have a hard time pinpointing stages. Supposedly, the Ms say a meteor hit the Indian Ocean and caused the myths we have about a great worldwide flood to occur in 3500 BC- and this wiped out most coastal civilizations at the time, including a large portion of mature/old souls.
This gave a foothold for baby and young souls to advance- and thus what we have is a bit of confusion about what soul age+levels were dominant in the human population.
My Essence says that this happened when humans were in a Baby Level 5 Awareness that began at the supposed dawn of Agriculture, Farming and Domestication practices and revolutions. This makes sense to me, considering this level is about expanding structure. However I could be wrong about that.
But I'm not sure if between 10 000 and 1000 BC we would've ever shifted levels, or if our movement through Baby Level 5 remained rather slow because we were in a time of relative peace and low population+urbanization until the meteor hit.

So I have this as a general gist atm:

Stretching Social Order by embarking on Adventures to Expand Structure.
(In recorded history, this stage was entered around 10 000 BC- as headed by sudden Agricultural Revolutions, Pottery-making, Trading and establishing small Hunter-Gatherer Settlements.
This continued all the way through Sumer, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt & the "Bronze Age" that brought the invention of Writing, Organized Absolutism, Indo-Iranian Migrations, rise of the Hittite Empire and developments in Megalithic Architecture, Fashion, Military, Diplomacy and Economic Exchange.)


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Looking at Geraldine's timeline of human history/evolution for the rest now:

Infant 1 was clearly at around 6 million y.a, and Infant 3 is shown to be clearly the norm around 4 million years ago. 

So it's safe to say Infant 2 was at 5 million years ago. XD took us millions of years to move from one level to the next- compared to all the young soul explosion we did in 2 millennia. Damn.
Infant 4 is likely around 4-3 million years ago, as it seems during that period the "non-sirian" humans were fairly comfortable in how they survived in the world.
Infant 5 then fits in with the 2nd intervention that allowed us to walk upright 3 million y.a. This makes sense, as it truly expands and stretches our experience of survival, especially with how we cross-bred with non-human species.
It seems that 2 million y.a, we had our 2nd IS Khro'te of the bigfoot caretaker species- so I think this is a fair time to shift to Infant 6

Somewhere between 2-1.5 Million y.a. probably held the shift into Infant 7 as well. As the events after that date indicate more focus on order and structure than pure freedom of everything.
The 3rd Invention in our Diet around 1.5 million y.a. gave us a push toward nomadism and exploration as creativity- so I think this is fair entry for Baby 1, as we developed a sense of carrying home with us that brought structure to chaos.
The process of establishing coastal cities after that realization was probably when we shifted to Baby 2. Then by 1 million y.a., when we established our supposed Coastal Network Civilization- this would've been an optimal time for Baby 3. I mean what's better for this level than to have a huge, Versatile city be our shared Enterprise?

So that brings us to around 750 000-300 000 y.a as a good entry for Baby 4- as the text written states that time was a baby-soul dominant one. This goes hand in hand with our increased creativity, intellectual/expressive centering and understanding+organizing of music+math at the time from the 4th Intervention and 4th+5th IS. Which again, sounds like a good time to practice Achievement and Consolidation of Order.

And it's also an opportune time for various lines of our sentience to evolve through the soul ages at their own pace. As it seems that's what Lemuria, Atlantis and probably various groups of souls+communities did.

However, it may just be true that the shift from Baby 7 to Young 1 in 0 AD was simply because that was where we already were when the meteor crashed, and we finally caught up to that collective level when Jesus came around.
If that was the case, then we may not have been at Baby 5, but Baby 6 or Baby 7 instead, and my analysis may be incorrect. Dunno.

But I can see the 4th/5th IS as a shift to Baby 5; and the 5th intervention for increasing cranial capacity+6th/7th IS as ushering a shift to Baby 6- due to how much suffering+difficulty there seems to be during that time.

Human History is so messy XD


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Whoa, @KurtisM! I had no idea you'd done this but it's amazing. I've wanted a proper description of soul ages+levels for years. Thank you SO much. Also, hit me up when you want a chat ?


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I had an epiphany just now about how Soul Ages evolve into one another.


For the Infant Soul to evolve into a Baby Soul, there must be some level of DISCIPLINE. For Chaos to become Order, it must be tamed.

This makes sense- this is why we're potty trained, imprinted with cultural values, take on a punishment vs reward system etc.

However it goes both ways, Baby Souls can't simply tame Infant Souls- they must also tame themselves as they go through this process because there is much patience, immaturity & growing pains involved.


For the Baby Soul to evolve into a Young Soul, the Ms have said there must be some form of CODEPENDENCY.

At first glance the total order & the total dive into chaos between these two soul ages don't jive well- and that's why when Young Souls break the rules the Baby Souls establish there is incredible tension and conflict.

As such, the Ms say the only way for Young Souls & Baby Souls to relate is for the Young Soul to be the Authority Figure the Baby Soul seeks. Through this the Young Soul can control & hold power over the Baby Soul, shaping them into whomever they wish so they can do what they want without limitations- and the Baby Soul can find security, law and order through this.

It's called Codependency then because the Baby relies on the Young to feel safe- and the Young relies on the Baby being put in place, to do what they will.


For the Young Soul to evolve into a Mature Soul, I was originally thinking Diversity is required but that never quite felt right.

Now I realize it's CO-CREATION that's required. Both must feel they can add something to the whole or else they're at ends. And both can participate in reconciling, informing & shaping the other so that a Right Relationship is achieved.

Co-creation is what we need today- we need to show how everyone's unique histories, experiences, skills and gifts can be shared to help & contribute to a better self, life and world.


For the Mature Soul to evolve into an Old Soul they require a sense of INTERCONNECTION.

This is the common ground between these soul ages. Mature Souls see the world as a place that must be unified under a common love for one another & Old Souls see the universe as an interconnected whole in and of itself. 

When the Mature Soul reaches the point of the Old Soul, it's terrifying because they've worked so hard on achieving a meaningful state of  equality, intimacy and unity only to find that there's no point anymore. Life goes on forever, they're so small & meaningless, others are so small & meaningless, everything they thought was whole is now empty etc.

That's why the only way this divide can heal is if the Mature Soul can CORRELATE their experiences as being a meaningful contribution to the whole & the Old Soul can CORRELATE the Mature Soul's lessons as a meaningful part of the whole human experience as well.


For the Old Soul to evolve into a Transcendental Soul, I'm pretty sure they require AGAPE.

They must accept everything & everyone. They must embrace the fact that they care about all parts of the whole, and the whole itself that is greater than the sum of its parts. I mean that's what the Ms say this teaching is about.

This means the Old Soul must relinquish all conditions for acceptance, they must become unconditional at the very core of their being.

Edited by KurtisM

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Wow, thank you @KurtisM for this! It must have taken some amount of time and research to accomplish. It’s a wonderful contribution to this community! 

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Thank you @NickF and @Rosario

Look forward to renewed even more interactive descriptions of the Soul Age levels in the future. I'm always improving them.

You probably won't see that until the 2020s though because this year is very busy, and if we're in for paradigm shifting events in 2020 and my area has to deal with a flood or earthquake from all this climate change, it's pushed back further.


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