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Our Geraldine [memorial profile]

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Thank you @Janet

I love learning about Michael and our shared history.


It is a beautiful session, with so many explanations to 'sensed' scenarios. It's very reassuring when their perspective comes with a shiver of recognition.

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Interesting enough. I will store up some questions out of this however.


I have not come across any evidence for an impact 5000 years ago, so this would form the basis of 1.


Others would be based around the recent use of genetics to trace lineages back through time. These include records of interbreeding with Neanderthals up to 30 or 40000 years ago or so, and a species termed Denisovians  up to around 50000 years ago. There is also genetic "evidence" of the 3rd unknown species of human. Now Michael seems to infer that these species were not sentient. However the archaeological record, of at least the Neanderthals, suggests otherwise. 


Lots of questions to be drawn from this. Also some searching through the archives first of course.

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This whole session is packed with fascinating material.

One of the things I have been curious about is how common it is to bond with fragments outside of our Energy Ring as it seems fragments we are close to are often channeled as being of the same Energy Ring. This part is helpful to answer my question and makes sense in that these bonds are needed for integration of Energy Rings in the high planes.

“Though the pool of options are vast from within your own Energy Ring, it makes sense that a great number of fragments from within an Energy Ring would find bonds with those outside of that, for various reasons, both personal and cosmic.
On a personal level, these are forged by the choices of Personality and its attraction to various other fragments and Personalities that it comes across while incarnating.
On a cosmic level, for lack of a better phrase, these relationships are vital for the uniting that will come for Energy Rings with other Energy Rings.”


Then the teaching aspect:


"The students become the teachers, for example.


So your entities will, eventually, be a resource for other fragments in Energy Rings beyond your own."


We would form bonds with other fragments in other Energy Rings across our incarnations so that we can teach ourselves as our Entities transition to the Causal plane.

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I agree @Jeroen. It is fascinating, and I actually would like to know a little more about the interaction between Energy Rings.


A slight digression;

My flatmate, whose Essence is in a Primary Student Agreement with Michael, is a more passive student in this lifetime (much of the MT is provided through my studies). She has however been thinking quite a lot about the Energy Rings and is rather skeptical to e.g. the amount of historic and celebrity figures being from our Energy Ring, considering that in proportion to current incarnated humanity an Energy Ring is but a fraction of the population. I understand that you too @Kerrin have been mentioning this.


So, for my flatmate it is a form of validation and I find it hard to phrase, partly because my knowledge is rather limited in this context, partly because this is not my means of validation.


We differ there - I validate on visceral and instinctive levels that are utterly subjective. She validates on intellectual and mathematical levels, that are more structural. (BTW, isn't it interesting? I'm a Scholar, she's an Artisan. In a way it maybe provides a dimension to you discussion about validation @Christina Lily Pedersen?)


But yes, what is provided in this session makes viscerally and instinctively sense to me. It just does. And I find it both fascinating and beautiful! A glimpse of the awesome structures of the fabric of the Universe!  

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I'm also among the people who are puzzled about the many historical and celebrity figures being from our Energy Ring. And not only that but also them being primarily from Cadre 1 (having the most "VIP" Personalities), with Cadres 2 and 3 coming in next. What about the rest of the Cadres from our own Energy Ring? 


I've also been thinking whether the reason so many famous folks have been channeled  as being in our Energy Ring and in the early Cadres could be because the people here are more likely to feel connected to and therefore ask about famous figures who are mathematically closer to them. So maybe there are plenty of celebrity and historical people out there that aren't from our own Cadres or Energy Ring but no one senses a strong connection with them or isn't aware of them at all and doesn't bother to ask. So maybe it depends at least partly on who asks.


Since, as I already said, the majority of people here are from C1, it doesn't seem like such a coincidence that so many famous Personalities are channeled as being a part of C1 as well. How many people do we have here that are from Cadre 3? Maybe a few ( who are active, not just lurkers). Matt and his wife Amy are the ones that immediately come to mind.  And how many historical and celebrity individuals do we have channeled as being from C3? Much less in comparison to the first two Cadres. Perhaps it would have been different if we had more C3 members participating.


This is, of course, just a theory based on observations but I think that there must be other explanations and factors involved. It's possible that some famous people may have just been channeled wrong. 


I'm also curious to know about the average Soul Ages of the other Energy Rings and just how significant the Soul Age gap is between the first three Cadres in our ER and the rest. I've noticed the conservative and Young Soul politicians that we know of are channeled as being from Cadre 11 (from out ER). But do they represent the average Soul Age of C11 or not?  Considering that the average Soul Age of the world is 1st Level Mature and Cadre 11 are supposed to be the ones who will become the next "Michael" for the following ER, the Soul Age of C11 must be older than its current famous members.


Ugh...I wish there was more information on this.

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46 minutes ago, Marigold said:

also them being primarily from Cadre 1

Pay attention to whether the Cadre was channeled by Troy or not. From my association with Michael channels and students who attend the East Coast Gathering, I know there has been a tendency among some channels to assume Cadre 1 for any Michael student without bothering to check with Michael for the 'facts'. One of the other channels tried to tell me I was Cadre 1 well after I had validated for myself that I am probably C2E6. 


50 minutes ago, Marigold said:

I've also been thinking whether the reason so many famous folks have been chanelled as being in our Energy Ring and in the early Cadres could be because the people here are more likely to feel connected to and therefore ask about famous figures who are mathematically closer to them.

I think you're right about this. We ask about people with whom we feel some affinity. So the celebrities we ask about are probably those Essences that our Essences have known intimately for millions of years. 

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