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NWM - Jan 16, 2016 - How To Create Your Year


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NWM - Jan 16, 2016 - How To Create Your Year

Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.


VIP: Hi Michael

DianeHB: Hello Michael

Liisa: Hi Michael

PeterK: Hello Michael

We have been asked to share insight into "how to create your year."

What we can share today can be applied to any day, year, month, decade, or life.

It is not limited to a year, but because of how the psyche tends to work in terms of time and cycles, a year is a broad enough range of time within cycles to allow you to learn, practice, and sustain ways that will give you more control over your creation of a year.


By "creation of a year" we mean this very differently from "create your reality."


Creating your reality is based in interpretations and how you feel about anything and everything. Creating your year speaks more directly to the process of choice and action that lays out the path in front of you that you can then explore as your reality.


In other words, your reality is the flesh that grows around the bones of choice and action, if you will.


Another way to look at this is that "creating your reality" is what one does with and how one feels about what has happened, while "creating your year" is more about bringing greater consciousness and participation to the choices that then become that reality.

As you move through your 2016, you can use the checklist below to see how much you are participating in the creation of your year, and not just the reality that you experience after-the-fact.

This is a proactive approach to living, and it does not guarantee exemption from struggle and challenge and disappointment, but it does guarantee conscious participation that then allows for those more challenging times to be navigated more effectively.

Some of this may sound familiar as we have covered this subject from different angles, but today we look to bring a comprehensive clarity to the process of creating.

For simplicity and clarity, we will use the terms "reality" and "path" to differentiate between creating your reality and creating your path/year.

With this in mind, one of the key differences is in MAKING CHOICES vs CREATING CHOICES.

Making Choices tends to be a form of navigating a path, while Creating Choices tends to create that path.

Sometimes you must make choices, and sometimes you can create choice.

If you wish to begin a more proactive approach to creating your year, you must then consider when and how you can create your choices. And you can do so far more often than you realize.

Creating Choices is the process of defining your direction and then choosing what best suits that direction.

It is not always an immediate or obvious result, but it is the difference between navigating and creating.

Again, both are necessary in life, but this helps bring some clarity to the range so that you can know what you are doing.


Listen to your impulses, not you compulsions. Listen to the quieter, persistent "voice" that is yours amid the louder and more demanding voices that are either not your own, or are complying to the louder voices of your life.

Your Impulses invite you, while your Compulsions force you.

Compulsion is vital for balancing Karma, so it is not that one should ignore compelling forces, but that is not the same thing as creation.

Compulsions help you to balance the internal and external Karma, but to create your year, you would have to listen to your Impulses, which are connected to ideals, vision, and creation.


If you wish to create your year, you are going to have to take risks. You cannot wait until you know you are in a perfect position of power to then move forward. You will fail. You will succeed. You will fall short. You will overshoot. But you will not truly learn if you do not take the risks that inform you about how better to aim.

When one seeks to learn to play the piano, for example, he does not study music and technique and notes and others and then expect to sit down and play. He must play to learn to play. He will hit the wrong keys and have to learn coordination and new parts of his body will be used. It is no different with creating your path.

Risk, Learn, Calibrate, Risk again.

Next: Building upon the previous note, REACTION/RESPONSE is far more important than results.

If you do not take control over your reactions and responses, then your reality is out of control. When your reality is out of control, your path is returned to a default that is navigated, not created.

Results are never where one should consider his or her fulfillment, but in how healthy one can react and respond to every step along the way.

Despite what it may feel like or seem, you are always in control of your reactions and responses. You are not always in control of results.


Comparing yourself, your path, or even your reality to someone else's is a practice in defeat.

Rather than look for comparisons, look for inspirations.

If someone else seems to be doing better than you, or represents where you would like to be or go, etc, then they are noticed by you for the sake of inspiration, not comparison.

Inspiration is when one sees oneself reflected in another.

They are you, your potential, and it is fair to look to them for inspiration, but when you compare yourself you might be stripping yourself of the inspiration.

Inspiration adds fuel. Comparison drains fuel.

Next: THE BIGGER PICTURE matters more than the details

This is not to say that details do not matter, but the bigger picture is where you want to check in with as you create your path.

For example, your thumb or finger hitting the wrong note in a few places as you play the piano is not the same thing as the overall experience of playing the entire piece and getting better at it because of that.

Aim for the bigger picture because that is the only way for the details to align.

This means you must define the bigger picture in some way.

It will not matter if other directions and ideas come up over the year, or that you have multiple ideas and directions already in mind.

What matters is that you have an idea of what you seek to create in the first place.

Defining that bigger picture must leave room for the details, however.

Defining the bigger picture must consider the details as well.

In other words, if you wish to create a year where you finally learn to play the piano, but you have no piano or hands, these will need to be addressed.

They are still not as important as the bigger picture, but room must be allowed for how one will create access to a piano, and consider how one will play with no hands.

If one cannot gain access to a piano, then the bigger picture must be reconsidered.

The bigger picture may need to shift toward that very thing as the bigger picture.

To gain access to a piano.

The bigger picture can always get bigger.


You are going to need and want help. You are not always going to know what to do, how to do, or why to do.

This does not mean you will get the help or that you will know what to do, etc, but it does mean that you free yourself from an unnecessary self-restriction.

Being open to help and learning can often be enough, in itself, to free the mind to work better toward creating.


Discipline is the structure and foundation necessary for the creation of a path. You cannot create a path without participation. You cannot do without doing. You must continue to do. You cannot toss out intentions and then hope for the best.

Next: building upon this, you must REST.

You cannot continue to do if you do not rest, and you cannot have true rest if you are not continuing to do.

Rest is the process of assessment, slowing down, exploring gratitude, digesting, enjoying, doing something different, meditating, dancing, or anything that brings food to your "soul."

At some point every day, or at least every few days, it is vital that you rest in a way that embraces the process, the enjoyment, the depth of what you are doing and creating.

Next: The reason Rest is so important is because YOU ARE YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF MOTIVATION.

Guilt, shame, lack, relationships, others' successes or failures, life, fear, and even love cannot sustain true motivation without YOU.

Guilt, shame, lack, relationships, others' successes or failures, and fear cannot be sources of motivation.

You are the only source of motivation that can ever truly work. Life, and even love cannot sustain motivation without YOU.

Rest allows you to enjoy YOU more, and when you enjoy you more, you enjoy the process more, and the more you enjoy the process, the more you enjoy the creatiing.


In other words, routine will always tend to be necessary as part of a life, but to fall into routine as a means of evading creating your path is to fall asleep.

If you find yourself falling into routines as a way to avoid or distract from creating new paths, you have a choice, and all of the above contributes to that process of choice.

Next: WATCH YOUR STEP. The bigger picture will always be important, but the path you create along the way is important, too. This is different from "details." In other words, if you step on others to move forward, this is different from mere "details." If you do not watch where you are stepping, but stay fixated on the horizon, you can harm yourself or others. It is always important to check in with where you are.

Again, this builds upon Rest, but is important enough to differentiate from rest.

And, finally: TODAY IS YOUR DAY. It will never be anyone else's. Own it. The same can be said of your month, your year, your life, your body, your relationships, etc. Many parts of a day, month, year, life must be co-created, but even co-creation is yours.

To dismiss your day as created only by powers, people, and forces greater than you, is to relinquish responsibility and ownership of your life.

If your life is interrupted by these forces that are greater than you, that is one thing, but you will know the difference. If there is any question, then you are probably still in some amount of control over your owning your day.

From the "shittiest" to the best days, they are yours. To truly grasp this is life-changing.

We know that many of the above considerations are familiar, and maybe even cliche, but they are valid. They are not original to us as a part of our teaching, but we teach them here as a result of their validity in this context. Many have already shaped and shared these ideas. We learned long ago that they work.


Yes, ViP.

VIP: hi Michael


Let's say that I felt that I didn't know what I wanted to, or should want to create in a given year.


In that case, is it enough, or valid, to say that what I want to create in the year is: to learn how to know what I want to create?


Is this just another way of saying that I want to learn how to listen to my impulses and act on them?

One can always have a clearly-defined path of creation, and this can be anything you wish for it to be. It does not have to be a tangible or even practical direction. If you are uncertain as to what you would like to create, then you would want to create accordingly. For example, I WANT TO CREATE A PATH OF SELF-DISCOVERY THIS YEAR. I WANT TO CREATE A PATH OF TRUST IN MY IMPULSES THIS YEAR TO SEE WHERE THEY LEAD. etc.

Keep in mind the differentiation between REALITY and PATH so that you do not confuse the process of interpretation with the process of creation.

In your case, you might say that you want to create a path of trust because you will need that as you explore the range of possibilities between what you might want to create vs what you realize you do not want to create.

Yes, Bobby

Bobby: Michael, some of us were throwing around earlier that Numerologically, this is a "9" Global Year and for some of us even a "9" Personal Year. Any thoughts generally considering this as far as how to think about creating this year?

In this case it would be more useful to look at your Personal Year Number when considering the path you wish to create.

That Number does not define your path, but does help to describe what patterns and resources might be in place to support or challenge you.

We know Troy has not posted our Energy Report, but this is a year of endings, and preparations for a launch into a large cycle that must consider far more than the satisfaction and conveniences of the self.

It can be helpful, then, to consider what you wish to leave behind, allow yourself to grieve, bring closure to, and heal.

Those are considerations, but not definitions, so they can be considered regardless of what one seeks to create.

We will close with a note that each of you create your years, your paths, and you create your reality. The above information does not change the fact that you already do these in some way, but the above information can help you to be more actively involved and conscious of what you are doing and choosing.

Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.

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  • TeamTLE
On 5/19/2016 at 4:22 PM, Kasia said:

your reality is the flesh that grows around the bones of choice and action,


I agree with you @Ingun, this is a valuable thing to read now. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront ❤️

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