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Please use this thread for double-checking that you are all set for TLEGG 2017 and ask any "last minute" questions! See you soon!!



(may be altered as questions and answers come in):

  1. BREAKFAST FOODS - be prepared to buy locally or to bring with you what you wish to have for breakfast. Coordinate with your roommates for shared items. The Garden House has its own mini kitchen that can be used before coming to the Main House but you will have to make your own coffee, or you are welcome to come down to Main House. Kitchen use is limited for breakfast cooking, so only bring items to toast or bake if cooking is necessary. Coffee, Tea, Non-dairy Cream and Sugar will be provided at the Main House. If you require alternatives to Palm Sugar (low glycemic, coconut sugar) or Organic Cane Sugar, please bring your own alternative.
  2. BRING A PILLOW CASE - if you wear makeup and/or hair products and don't want to remove these before bed, please bring your own pillowcase to help minimize the effects on the bedding provided.
  3. BRING CASH - cash is much easier to handle for grocery and liquor runs and organizing who is paying for what
  4. BRING A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE - do not bring bottled water. Bring a refillable water bottle, or plan to use a water bottle you may have bought during your travel. The water at LifeBridge is naturally ultrafiltered and even infused with Rose Quartz so there is no reason for the wastefulness of a lot of bottled water.
  5. ARRIVAL TIME - if you are arriving at Rosendale before 3 pm, remember that check-in time is after 3 PM to LifeBridge. Please do not arrive at LifeBridge before that. If you do arrive early to Rosendale, most of us will be at Market Market Cafe for casual brunch. Everyone can hang out there and after 3 pm the designated drivers will pick up those who need to be picked up.
  6. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE WELCOME PACKET - make sure you not only download and print (or save to your device) the Welcome Packet, but that you actually read it, please.
  7. ....





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