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Here goes. When I was a little one, whatever middle school age is. I lived with my Nanny Rose (my grandmother's sister above her) so I could attend Washington middle in her neighborhood. I was an introverted quiet child who pretty much had to be forced to go outside and play with area children my age. But I was always excited to go check on and visit the grandparents of other children.


I remember one such occasion where I was sent away (for talking Nanny’s ear off) to check on Porky’s (totally his real name) granny. I was the last to arrive and found most of my “friend” group gathered around her feet. I was just in time for hear one of her neighborhood famous scary stories. The best part of which is the fact that All her stories were true.


This day, she told us of her hatred of cats and how this lead to her being haunted by one. She told us that when she was a younger woman, before she had her children, she was mostly worried about herself. She partied frequently even after she was married and in one such occasion she ran into a dark brown cat with white boot marks on his feet. He sat in front of her car door and made her late for her party as she tried to shoo him away. Finally she got into her car and left. She noticed on her way to the party that a horrible accident was just starting to be cleared out of the road. It did seem like those involved had fared very well. Still she hurried of to her destination and partied the night away. When she finally left it was the early morning hours. As she returned the way she had come she noted the remains of the wreck and started to wonder if the cat had been trying to protect her. As she thought she arrived home and backed into her driveway not paying attention. Carelessly she ended up backing over the very same cat she had been thinking about. She heard it's cry too late and felt the rear tire ride over it. Horrified she got out of her car and rushed to help the poor creature. It was still alive so she jumped back into her car and drove it to the animal hospital. She held him in her lap the whole way and was covered in his blood by time she arrived. She offered to pay any cost if they could heal the cat. But sadly it was too late. She says that the very next morning the cat was sitting next to her bed in her room. She says his eyes were filled with scorn because he had saved her life and she had taken his, even if it was an accident. She followed up with the usual ending about not being careless to good friends or things that bring you luck.


We nodded promised and started to turn and leave when we heard her start to cry and apologize. As we returned our gaze to granny a brown cat came out from under her chair and began twisting itself around her legs. It's purr made the hair on my everything stand straight up. Several of the other children noped out of the house. Porky fainted and I got a horrible headache as I watched the cat turn and walk into the wall.

As I said, all of her stories were true.

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I don't have many solid encounters, but I had what I consider some interesting experiences. Most of them happen while I am half asleep.


I had always had a fascination with fairies since I was very young. I had fairy lamps, fairy wall paper, fairy decor and I used to hang pictures of fairies that I drew myself all over my bedroom walls. I never really thought much about being 'obsessed' with them and for some reason, it never felt like an obsession, rather it was like a preference for anything 'Fae' related. 


I started having strange experiences right around middle school. I hung out with Wiccan friends who seem to like to do spells with questionable intent or had some spiritual devices that the used to try to do fortune telling. My next door neighbor complained about another neighborhood kid who lived across me about how she threw some sort of fortune telling box across her room. It bothered her because that box seemed an item like an ouiji board which supposedly contacts or channels spirits, but does so specifically for fortune telling. I have never seen this box nor heard of any other contraption like it. I didn't really think much of it until the next day because my neighborhood friends typically did things like this and get mad at each other all the time. 


The next day I kept hearing voices. I was freaked out. I may have been under tremendous stress during my early childhood years, but I was never schizophrenic nor has my family ever had any history of schizophrenia. But these voices are as clear as day. They spoke a different language and they giggled. It didn't sound like any language I was exposed to, but I remember finding it to be very beautiful when spoken. Needless to say, I kept freaking out and I only heard them in my room. From what I could hear, there seemed to have been only two of them. I remembered what my neighbor said the previous day. I also remembered what a Wiccan friend told me about the power of note writing to communicate with angry spirits. I wrote a note saying that it wasn't me and that I didn't throw the box and I felt very scared and I that I wanted my homework back. After I finished writing it, I heard an apologetic voice speaking to me and a big (maybe disappointed?) sigh. I didn't hear those voices after that and found my homework in the bathroom floor of all places. I could have placed it there I didn't remember, but I had check the bathroom previously as well and didn't see it there when I was searching for my homework assignment.

As for how this can be fairy related: when I was still living in that same house in Texas, I tried some methods contacting 'fairies' as an experiment. I built a house out of clay that acts like a symbolic gesture or invitation. It is a bit like setting up a shrine for spirits like they do in Japan up to this day. I set out offerings such as honey and milk after reading what kind of offerings were typically given in stories of fairies. During the night, I had a dream I was wandering around my room and I saw two fairies emitting light in different colors. One was shining yellow and the other was emitting a pinkish hue from what I remember. They were inspecting the shrine i built. Then one of them said 'hmm..... there are too many cracks in it'. I don't remember the dream afterwards, but I have a suspicion that these two where probably the same pair I heard giggling in my room that day. 


I also remember that I did see some major cracks on the little house when I was awake to inspect it after that dream. 

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I'm missing the deadline for this to still be in the month of October, but want to share anyway :)


When I was about 10-12 years old, I was at my cottage and had just stepped out of the shower. The bathroom is about 6' x 6' (if that) and feels especially tiny with all bulky fixtures. In the bathroom is the toilet, a solid square porcelain sink and a 3x3 shower with sharp edges on the shower enclosure. As I wrapped up in a towel (with the bathroom door still closed) and stepped out of the shower, I slipped backwards, falling toward the sink, where I 'should' have smashed my neck on the end. As I fell, I felt hands push me hard, throwing me forward in a completely different direction, where I ended up falling forward and landed on my stomach with my head and shoulders in the hall and the bathroom door (which had been closed) open as I laid half on the bathroom floor, half in the hallway. Around that age I was asking myself questions about what exactly I thought was "out there"(if anything) and after that happened, I never questioned the possibility or Spirit or "Divine Intervention" again. 



I have a second one :) This is about Hive Souls and it's a little longer


Just before my dog Paisley died, I asked, "How will I find you again?" and I received the word "Valentine." I didn't know what it meant, but guessed that maybe I would find her around Valentine's Day.


Paisley and I are so connected and she has always been the most loving and beautiful guardian, so I knew our connection wouldn't be lost. After she passed, 1 week to the day, I was visiting my cousin's and their dog got run over and they had to put him down. I had no intentions of getting another dog right away and as I drove home, still raw from Paisley passing, and now sad from witnessing my cousins lose a member of their family, I somehow veered off my regular route and got lost while driving home. As I drove down country roads, with no data plan to find my way, I passed an old street sign and wondered if it said "Valentine." It said "Victoria," but got me thinking about Paisley and whether or not I was ready to get another dog because "What If it did say "Valentine?"" I continued down that road and within 2 minutes while trying to find my way, I pulled into Vallentyne, Ontario. I drove around frantically, searching for signs for puppies or dobermans and found none. Completely beside myself after ugly crying and only gaining enough composure to talk, I called my housemate and asked her to look online to see if there were any dobermans for sale in the area. Somehow she understood my whimpers and confirmed what I already knew, that there were no breeders or puppies in Vallentyne. She did say there was a dog rescue close by, but they didn't have any dobermans. I left the idea there and drove home sobbing and sniffling. 


A month later, on my other dog's first birthday, I went to visit my parents. Jake and Paisley were the best of friends and were inseparable until after she passed (that's another story :) ) As my Mom, Dad and I saw at the table playing cards, we took a break and Mom pulled up a picture of a little dog on Petfinder. My Dad was completely against getting another dog because it was only 1 month since Paisley had passed. I searched for "Doberman" on Petfinder and the only one within 100 miles was a female doberman, 2 years old, who had been delivered to the shelter "yesterday," the day before Jake's birthday. It said that she wouldn't be ready for adoption for at least 2 weeks because she had come from a kill shelter in Dayton, Ohio (where I met my (now ex) wife years earlier. When my ex and I separated, it was on Sept 11th. This is a side note for later in the story.)  and needed to be assessed. I knew Paisley was coming through the minute I saw the picture. I showed my Mom who burst into tears immediately in recognition. When I turned the laptop toward my Dad (who was totally against getting another dog so soon) he said, "When can we pick her up?"


I clicked the link to fill out the adoption form as fast as I could and then I saw it. The rescue this doberman was in, the only doberman for adoption on the site within 100 miles of us, was in the rescue my housemate had told me about a month earlier; the one right near Vallentyne.


The woman who ran the shelter stalled the adoption in hopes that a family  with children would adopt the new doberman. When she finally agreed to let us meet her, the dog who was in a yard full of other rescues and ran right up to my Dad for some love.


On Sept 11th, 2017, 4 years to the day that my ex (who I met in Dayton, Ohio) left, our "new" dog who was rescued from Dayton, Ohio joined our family. One of my favorite parts of the story is that the name she came with is Daisy and when Paisley was little, everyone called her "Daisy" because they misheard me when sharing her name for the first time. In her later years, for short, I called Paisley "Paisy."


Before taking Daisy to their house, my Mom and Dad brought her over to meet me and Jake. She jumped out of the car and came right to me, wagging her whole backside with a great big smile on her face. Instead of coming into the house through the side door, Daisy pulled me on her leash and led the way, walking the entire perimeter of my property (something Paisley use to do before we put a fence up for Jake) before pulling me to a little hill in front of my house, where she sat down and leaned into me and gave me a hug for the first time. It was the exact same spot where Paisley and I use to lay on sunny days. As she leaned into me, pressing her chest against mine and resting her head on my shoulder, tears of relief rolled down my cheeks. We found each other again. 


I use to Joke that Paisley didn't like social media because she would always photobomb my pictures ( as seen on the top picture.)

The bottom picture is my first picture with Daisy, who had been sitting quite comfortably beside me until I tried to take a selfie with her.

(Paisley on top, Daisy on the bottom)




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1 hour ago, DianeHB said:

Such a beautiful and amazing story, @Larissa! So glad you found Paisley again!

Thank you so much Diane ❤️ I’m so grateful she is still able to be in our lives in physical form ❤️

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There is no November challenge? Maybe I missed something. I really like ghost stories. Fun reads.

I have had so many encounters, none so distinct but one sticks with me: The day my grandfather passed away, I lost the ability to speak. My brain "shut down" and things that normally worked kind of wouldn't. I couldn't really think straight, felt confused all day, could not string a phrase . . . 

Then suddenly felt at peace. The warmest peace at 9pm. My brain resumed function and lucidity, though that night, I heard music. Very loud singing and marching or something.

Later I learned that that was the day he passed away. He was gone at 9pm.

Otherwise random things...
--I just moved into a new apartment. Sometimes the kitchen fills with an unexplainable fog/mist. I just say hi to it and carry on.

--Also have heard knocking, music... a lot of pretty music that sounds like the ocean or drums or singing or bells.

-- I go through phases of seeing dark tornados/whirling columns of smoke/vapor out of the corner of my eye.
I like to think they are spirits teleporting away. The biggest one I have seen was "standing" in a hall. I was playing guitar, and put the instrument down very abruptly to cross the hall. This giant thing "up and left". Like it was hanging out to watch/listen. (Apparently ghosts Love It when we play music) Asked the guys living in the apartment if they felt anything. One pointed in the same spot in the hall.

I also see a 6 pointed star at night, but I have no idea if that is ghost related.

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I'm a medium. My paranormal stories are not very scary or dramatic. I have ghost stories everyday, though not much is done outside small talk with my spirit guides, making very average jokes, venting problems, and asking for advice. It seems others I've worked with before had scarier experiences, but only with them, rather than with myself. Often, I just attract very average looking ones, who are perhaps visiting the neighbors across the street, and they might say "How's the weather?" or something like that, then we move on. I guess it's law of attraction working out in my favor. 


As a promise, I'll keep others' stories confidential, but really, me and spirits don't have much in difference of conversation as it is with people who are alive. I keep this a secret to most, but it's very stressful to keep as a secret. So I will confess here.


Sorry, if perhaps that is a bit disappointing. I get that a lot. Just you know. . . talk to them like average living people. They're still people. . . just dead. But oh well. Not sure if it's just me, but most ghosts seem nice. 

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My experience with ghost or ancestors is just hearing them in my minds telepathically or feeling air or things passing threw or next to me, i saw or sensed them in a more vivid way perhaps while high once , most physic experience is not spiritual its like tapping into a different internet or broadband  , its very heady the only time its more uplifting or emotional is if im interacting with  higher sources or godly spirits that speak encouragement , give insight etc. When i was feeling overwhelmed while under the influence i heard voices from within my mind that they loved me , and encourgment , one time i saw them when i was on a trip recently , they were like floating lights .

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