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20171021 MMW: Your Gift From 2017


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5 hours ago, Bobby said:





Every experience, relationship, day, year, has packed within them these 9 Gifts that may or may not rise out of them.


Maureen: When you put it that way I can see how joy can be sprinkled throughout challenges. The Gifts are always "right under our noses".


Insight is a short-term gift of Truth. Wisdom is a lifetime Gift of Truth. Enlightenment is an evolutionary permanence in the infrastructure of Essence.


Healing is a short-term Gift of Love. Acceptance is a lifetime Gift of Love. Trust is an inherent resource of Essence.


Guidance is a short-term Gift of Beauty. Synchronicity is a life-changing Gift of Beauty. Surrender is a manifestation and embodiment of Essence as a Gift of Beauty.


If you look closely, personal awareness tends to bring Gifts of Truth, awareness of others tends to bring Gifts of Love, and paying attention to life tends to bring Gifts of Beauty.


That is one hunk of knowledge/wisdom/enlightenment

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In retrospect:

2013 brought SYNCHRONICITY. (I originally thought insight, but this year changed my life completely in my discovery of TLE upon researching personality & anatomy, and the consequences of that.)

2014 brought ACCEPTANCE, through trying to deal with setbacks in my capacity to express myself.

2015 brought GUIDANCE, through my diligent work on trial and error self-improvement.

2016 brought SURRENDER, through my complete fear of and then release towards my turning point of maturity.

2017 brought ENLIGHTENMENT, through a new understanding about my diet, health, lifestyle and body.

2018 has definitely brought HEALING, through a lot of grief, life review, and realizations about my and the world's potential paths depending on present choices.

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