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Speaking in Tongues

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This material was originally obtained by Geraldine in a TeamTLE session on January 5, 2011.


[Geraldine] Michael, on behalf of another student I'd like you to discuss what "speaking in tongues" is. There is a version where jumbled sounds flow out of the person, and there is a version where words flow out quite similarly -- it's described as being part of a high/emotional feeling with one or two sentences occurring repetitiously. But in both cases, the people claim that it's not happening consciously and happens without control.


"Speaking in Tongues," when it is legitimate, is not much different from "channeling," except that it is more like a radio dial being spun, instead of tuned to a specific station, so to speak.


There are a multitude of sources that can be a part of "speaking in tongues," but most are either from the creative imagination of the fragment's Personality subconscious, or from the quite valid stream of astral communications happening all around like radio waves, albeit like the spinning dial of a radio.


In most cases, it is an act of complete surrender in the Intellectual Center that brings on this state, much like the bliss that can come from a high-powered businessman hiring a dominatrix to induce his complete physical surrender.


[Geraldine] Michael -- can this be focused towards actual channeling?


"Speaking in Tongues" is gibberish, and is not an actual language of any species or sentience, and cannot be translated, any more than the tossing a squeaky ball down a flight of stairs could be translated.


As we said, it is a form of channeling already, and it can be just as "important" to those involved as those who are involved with "actual channeling," but for most who "speak in tongues," the experience of channeling in a discernable language would, ironically, be considered suspect.


In terms of the Intellectual Surrender, it is a means of drawing attention without repercussion or responsibility, much like the fetish of the Physical Surrender.


[Bobby] surrender to Essence?


To channel in formal language would bring about a responsibility that is often not wanted.


We rarely see Essence involved in this beyond the allowance and "stepping aside" as the Personality flails about in its own surrender/bliss.

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