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How does Michael see us?

Our Geraldine [memorial profile]

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This material was originally posted by Geraldine on November 4, 2010. 


Note from Geraldine: The following question was asked on Nov. 3, 2010 during the Live Personal Chat [POF]. It caused a huge reaction from everyone, as you'll see by the comments and questions I left in.


[Question] Since Michael isn't on the physical plane, what senses or abilities do you use to "see" us? How are things like soul ages and Internal Monads made visible on Essence? In turn, you have an awareness of institutions and political systems, which are creations of humans, but lack physical perimeters. Their reality is only in our own minds. How do you visualize them?


We will respond to the first part of your question by sharing two factors: one is that, regardless of the density of the Physical Plane, it is still only a different part of the spectrum that is the medium of Tao within which all Planes exist and resonate.


A crude analogy may be that incarnations are like fish in water, but that water is cupped by earth, which is then cupped by its solar system, which is cupped by its galaxy, which is cupped by its universe.


Once outside of the water, the rest of the Planes, or contexts, are more apparent and more clearly resonant, one within the other.


We have the capacity to see into this water, and even to reach within it, so to speak, even as your incarnations can never truly leave the water.


Even for those "fish" who learn to leap up and out of the water, it is a brief experience, and even for those who learn to look up and beyond the surface of the water, the view is obscured.


So our "view" of your terrain is far greater than your own, but only because your views are limited by your position within that water.


[Comment] It would seem that the water would be limiting to both sides


Continuing the crude analogy, your Sentience is the whole of "fish" but the type of fish reveals to us more detail about you.


The second part of our response must return to the fact of the Planes as being parts of a spectrum.


But first, we will say that it is true that the "water" is limiting from both sides.


In that analogy, we "see" only by proxy.


Our channels may be likened to the cetaceans who must rise beyond the surface to breath, and have agreed to work with us in our limited scuba gear.


We said that this is a crude analogy.


In terms of the Planes as part of a spectrum, we find pathways of communication and resonance in ways that are quite similar to how your own spectrum of radio waves can be used for multiple signals with specific interceptors.


In that respect, we are often like divers in fragile and sensitive spheres/channels beneath the surface of your waters and literally cannot see without them.


For instance, if you were to sit with this channel in person, we could not literally see you unless the channel opened his eyes.


[Question] you don't know what we look like?


[Question] Well, where this is going is . . .how can you do medical diagnoses?


[Question] how do you interpret the individual signals, either in person or on the internet? is it by some sort of energy signature, or by pictures as an exchange?


However, since sight is only a matter of interpretation of specific frequencies, we do not need the eyes of our channel any more than a surgeon might need to see what he needs to see inside the body of a patient.


By proxy, the surgeon can see quite well, and in fact even better, than he could if his treatment were dependent upon only his eyes.


We "see" then by an amalgamation of sensory inputs that come from a multitude of sources.


Any student who has an Agreement with us allows for us to see through his or her eyes, either in the moment, or through the memories.


Therefore, we have millions of eyes, and other senses, through which to explore the Physical Plane, even if by proxy or at-a-distance.


Beyond this, your Essence is in a similar position to us, and exists primarily outside of the densities of the Physical Plane. We have direct contact with your Essences, and your Essences have direct contact with you.


A great deal of our information about you comes directly from your Essences, and the records that are kept up by your Essence or its support for the Personality.


We TEND to focus our attention entirely on The Akashic Records for our information, which is where all of your information is kept, as it is the most accurate and relevant. It is also part of our own lessons to learn how to access, interpret, and convey these Records.


However, these Records are not always up-to-date as relative to your current lifetime, and that is when we must rely upon the proxies of your guides and Essences and our channels.


When we communicate through our channels, WE are not actually present any more than the source of a radio station is actually in your living room when you finally hear it. We are a signal, a frequency, that is being received, interpreted, and conveyed by the channel.


The same could be said of your Body and Personality as it is experienced by us. You are signals, frequencies, that are received, interpreted, and comprehended by us.


[Comment] energy


[MEntity] Correct.


[Comment] Like two people communicating over a CB Radio


[Question] is it the same type of "frequency" that we have for radio waves? ie, could we build a device to "tune into" the frequencies of the astral and causal planes?


This is why we will never diagnose a health condition for a Body or Personality, and why we will never predict, or state in any tone that is conclusive about you or your life, but merely suggest to you, or qualify our statements, because the fact is that we are merely interpreting as best we can.


However, when we do make these suggestions, such as those related to diagnoses or health, we do so by your allowance to "look" into your Body and Personality in a way that is more intimate.


Your asking us for information IS the invitation, so we simply tune to that frequency and read it as best we can back to you.


Yes, much like that, with the radio on your end being our Channels, and on our end, we have our own fragments within the entity who act similarly. Though we have specific ports within the Entity for contact, we still speak as one.


For simplicity's sake, we will say Yes, they are similar, and a device can be built for contact beyond your own Plane. It has already been done by a fragment from your very own entity, known as Albert Einstein.


[Note: This was a major "whoa" for everyone]


If contact between the Planes is valid between Bodies and Non-bodies, if you will, then it can be duplicated using other tools, eventually.


In some parallels of your own Earth, these devices exist, but are limited in the same way that your Channels are rare now. The devices only work when in contact with specific individuals, and they act as our Channels in those parallels. We can be "heard" through these devices, but it is not as simple and as obvious as it sounds in our description here.

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  • TeamTLE

I was surprised to find this article saved away in my Google Drive -- I had never read it before. I found this comment in the saved copy that may be useful: 


Reply by TROY on November 4, 2010 at 12:36pm
CORRECTION: unless Michael knows something that was not historically-recorded, which is of course possible, I think I/they meant to refer to Thomas Edison, not Albert Einstein. Though upon researching this today (I found this fascinating!), it did turn out that Einstein was directly involved with Upton Sinclair, who was profoundly significant in the legitimization of psychic phenomenon (inspired the creation of the entire Parapsychology Dept at Duke University). The entire concept, whatever the details, is so intriguing to me!

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Aha! I knew it! Some time ago I was going to ask about the possibility of a Direct Michael Radio of sorts, but I didn't get to it because it felt like I already knew, I just didn't know how I knew. I apparently attend Michael seminars in my sleep... 

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  • TeamTLE

@Evelin -- From the session Abandoning a Planet, in which Michael interprets a dream that turned out to be about one of my future lives around the year 2450:


Janet: Is she a channel? How are you communicating?



We have greater and clearer means of communication during that time period due to advanced artificial intelligence that can be "tuned" to a mysterious range of frequencies that are quite controversial at the moment.


Regardless of how far into your future this may seem, the fearful idea of demons and possession remain, making for continued rejection of access to other conscious and intelligent realms.


For our students, these portals are taken as seriously as our current human channels, even as these portals are not taken seriously by the masses in the same way channels are not, now.


We speak through what is marketed as the Ouija One Model. Troy and some of our other current channels helped to invent these.

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After a bit of reading, it seems that the Edison device design that is out on the internet can be built for about £10 worth of parts... with my hobbyist experience of making audio electrical gadgets I might give it a try... Edison Device.jpg

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On 10/25/2017 at 2:06 PM, Our Geraldine [memorial profile] said:

Any student who has an Agreement with us allows for us to see through his or her eyes, either in the moment, or through the memories.


On 10/25/2017 at 2:06 PM, Our Geraldine [memorial profile] said:

The same could be said of your Body and Personality as it is experienced by us. You are signals, frequencies, that are received, interpreted, and comprehended by us.


Though I have read this 2010 post by Geraldine before, it has been worthwhile to read again. I’ve posted a couple of Michael quotes here that I’m glad to have reread. I’m always awestruck by statements such as these, no matter how often I’ve read them. 

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On 2/26/2019 at 5:07 PM, Miizle said:

Any updates on this Einstein/Edison machine, anyone?


I've no idea if it's even related, but one of the guilty pleasures tv shows I watch is "Ghost Adventures" on the travel channel. (They are entirely too eager to call certain things 'demonic,' in my opinion; though I would be terrified if confronted by some of the things they seek out.) These guys have a number of devices purported to allow the dead to communicate. They have a tech guy, Bill Chapel, who makes various devices for them, and the ones they find useful, they use a lot. Several of these seem to bring through occasional verbal responses. Perhaps some of them are based on Einstein's or Edison's design.

Yeah, I watch "Dead Files," too. I don't know why I find these shows fascinating.

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  • TeamTLE
On 2/26/2019 at 8:07 PM, Miizle said:

Any updates on this Einstein/Edison

Did we ever find out if Michael meant Edison instead of Einstein?

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